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A94457 To the Honorable Houses of Commons now assembled in the high Court of Parliament. The most humble petition of the nobility, gentry, clergie and commons, within the county of Nottingham. 1641 (1641) Wing T1416; Thomason 669.f.4[36]; ESTC R210675 424 1 View Text
A49080 London ff. ad generalem session' pacis dom' regis, tent' pro civit' London' per adjornament' apud Justice-Hall in le Old-Baily, London', die Mercurii, scil. Octavo die Maii anno regni domini nostri Willielmi Tertii, nunc regis Angl', &c. septimo coram Thoma Lane, milite, majore civitat' Lond', Roberto Clayton, mil', Patien' Ward, mil', Roberto Jeffery, mil', Thoma Stampe, mil', & Willielmo Ashhurst, milit', aldermannis civitat' prædict', & Salathiel Lovell, mil' servien' ad legem ac recordatore ejusdem civit', ac al' sociis suis justic' dicti dom' regis ad pacem in civitat' præd' conservand'; necnon ad diversas felon', transgr' & al' malefact' infro eandem civitat' perpertrat' audiend' & terminand' assign'. City of London (England). Court of Aldermen.; Lane, Thomas, Sir, 1652-1709. 1695 (1695) Wing L2887P; ESTC R41475 697 1 View Text
A46155 Whereas information is given unto us the Lords Justices and Council, that divers great summes of money have been of late secretly conveyed, and transported out of this kingdom, contrary to the laws and statutes now in force prohibiting the same, to the great impoverishing of the realm, and final consumption to the treasure thereof, if not speedily prevented ... by the Lords Justices and Council, Mich. Dublin, c., Art. Forbese. Ireland. Lords Justices and Council.; Boyle, Michael, 1609?-1702.; Granard, Arthur Forbes, Earl of, 1623-1696. 1675 (1675) Wing I835; ESTC R226926 968 1 View Text
A85874 To the right honorable the Lords assembled in Parliament the humble petition of Sir John Gayer knight and alderman of London; sheweth, ... Gayer, John, Sir, d. 1649. 1648 (1648) Wing G405; Thomason 669.f.12[7]; ESTC R210739 1,018 1 View Text
A22026 By the King a proclamation touching passengers. England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1606 (1606) STC 8395; ESTC S123058 1,053 1 View Text
A46098 Whereas a most barbarous and outragious murder and robbery was committed, on Sunday the seventh day of this instant October in the evening, in the town of Radrom in the county of Wicklow ... by the Lord Lieutenant and Council, Ormond. Ireland. Lord Lieutenant (1677-1685 : Ormonde); Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688. 1677 (1677) Wing I702; ESTC R36817 1,185 1 View Text
A69345 By the King. A proclamation against pirats; Proclamations. 1609-01-08 England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1609 (1609) STC 8426; ESTC S116759 1,311 1 View Text
A60512 Mr. Smith's speech in Parliament made in the House of Commons on VVednesday the 29 of December, 1641 concerning the late tumultuous assemblies about the Parliament Houses.; Speech in Parliament made in the House of Commons on Wednesday the 29 of December, 1641 Smith, Philip, d. 1664. 1641 (1641) Wing S4145; ESTC R12950 1,801 8 View Text
A50077 Several laws and orders made at the General Court holden at Boston the twenty seventh of May, 1674; Laws, etc. Massachusetts. 1674 (1674) Wing M1022A; ESTC W7847 1,911 4 View Text
A35108 By the Protector, a proclamation for appointing of a certain day and place for the meeting of the commissioners named in an act of the late Parliament, entituled, an act for the security of His Highness the Lord Protector His Person, and continuance of the nation in peace and safety England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell); Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1658 (1658) Wing C7147; ESTC R41081 2,575 3 View Text
A77915 A digest of government: together with certain additional proposals. Tendered to the consideration of all peaceable patriots. By William Ball, Esq Ball, William. 1659 (1659) Wing B588A; ESTC R231631 2,860 9 View Text
A75869 The humble petition of the worshipful Thomas Adams, John Langham, and James Bunce, aldermen of London, presented to the Lords at their bar on Tuesday April 25. 1648. Wherein is declared their firm resolution to stand for the defence of the established laws of the land. Also their protestation against the lords jurisdiction over them or any other commoners in criminal cases. With their appeal from the Lords to their proper and competent judges (a jury of their equals) and judges sworn to proceed according to the known law of England. Together with a salva libertate by them sent to the lieutenant of the Tower, April 23. 1648. Adams, Thomas, Sir, 1586-1668.; Langham, John, Sir, 1584-1671.; Bunce, James, Sir, d. 1670. 1648 (1648) Wing A496; Thomason E435_31; ESTC R206259 3,203 8 View Text
A39459 A collection of such statutes as are now in force and made in the reigns of K. Ed. 6, Queen Eliz., K. James 1st, & K. Charles the 1st which enjoyn the observation of Lent, and other fish days throughout the year, with the reasons for enjoyning the same.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; T. H. 1685 (1685) Wing E895; ESTC R10188 3,260 9 View Text
A71164 The speech of Sr. Edw. Turnor, Kt., speaker of the honourable House of Commons, to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty delivered on Tuesday the thirtieth day of July, 1661 at the adjournment of the Parliament. Turnor, Edward, Sir, 1617-1676.; England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1661 (1661) Wing T3352; ESTC R1593 3,278 11 View Text
A80984 Orders of His Highnes the Lord Protector, made and published by and with the advice and consent of his council, for putting in speedy and due execution the laws, statutes and ordinances, made and provided against printing unlicensed and scandalous books and panphlets, and for the further regulating of printing. Published by His Highness special command. England and Wales. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell); England and Wales. Council of State. 1655 (1655) Wing C7151; Thomason E1064_58; ESTC R210551 3,351 10 View Text
A36379 Two speeches spoken at Oxford by the Right Honovrable, Edward, Earle of Dorset before His Majesty and the lords of his Privy-councell the one at his receiving the office of Lord privy-seal : the other at his being made president of His Majesties Councell : shewing his good affection to the Parliament and the whole state of this kingdome. Dorset, Edward Sackville, Earl of, 1591-1652. 1643 (1643) Wing D1952; ESTC R22239 3,537 8 View Text
A84522 A collection of such statutes as do enjoyn the observation of Lent, and other fish dayes throughout the year, with the reasons for enjoyning the same. 1661 (1661) Wing E894; Thomason 669.f.26[66]; ESTC R210941 3,602 1 View Text
B08651 The case of the Earl of Macclesfield, against Mr. John Starkey, who while be served as a jury-man, published a malicious libel against the said Earl and others, contrary to law, and all pretence of colours from the office of jury-man. 1685 (1685) Wing C1066A; ESTC R173444 3,983 4 View Text
A79224 His Majesties gracious speech to both Houses of Parliament, on Tuesday, July 30. 1661. The day of their adjournment. : Together with the speech of Sir Edward Turnor, Knight, speaker of the honorable House of Commons, to the Kings Most Excellent Majesty. Delivered on Tuesday the thirtieth day of Juy, 1661 at the adjournment of the Parliament. England and Wales. Sovereign (1660-1685 : Charles II); Turnor, Edward, Sir, 1617-1676.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1661 (1661) Wing C3044A; ESTC R223297 4,526 14 View Text
A44970 An humble address with some proposals for the future preventing of the decrease of the inhabitants of this realm With allowance. Ro. L'Estrange. 1677 (1677) Wing H3392; ESTC R221332 4,916 16 View Text
A89920 A strong motive to the passing of a generall pardon, and Act of oblivion found in a Parcell of problemes, selected out of a greater bundle lately published by P.D. For the present use of all the Members of both Houses of Parliament, but more especially of those in city, countrey, and Army, and in Parliament too (if there be any) that have lately expressed their fiercenesse in pressing for justice against delinquents. Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659. 1648 (1648) Wing N499; Thomason E469_8**; ESTC R203006 5,077 8 View Text
A51022 Mr. Fitz-Harris (now prisoner in the Tower) his case truly stated; humbly offered to the free-holders of England, why he ought to be tried by a jury of his neighbours, and not by the House of Peers; in a letter to Mr. C.L.C F.S. and B.H. greeting. 1681 (1681) Wing M2265; ESTC R214197 5,093 4 View Text
A22023 By the King. A proclamation for preuention of future abuses in purueyance; Proclamations. 1606-04-23 England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I); James I, King of England, 1566-1625. 1606 (1606) STC 8392; ESTC S115721 5,406 3 View Text
A82361 An act for constituting commissioners for ordering and managing the affairs of the Admiralty and Navie. Thursday, February 2. 1659. Ordered by the Parliament, that this act be forthwith printed and published. Thomas St Nicholas, clerk of the Parliament. England and Wales. 1660 (1660) Wing E1010; Thomason E1074_28; ESTC R208382 5,553 14 View Text
A74361 An act for removing all papists, and all officers and soldiers of fortune, and divers other delinquents from London and Westminster, and confining them within five miles of their dwellings; and for encouragement of such as discover priests and jesuits, their recievers and abettors. Die Martis, 26⁰ Februarii, 1649. Ordered by the Parliament, that this act be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliamenti. England and Wales. 1650 (1650) Thomason E1060_83; ESTC R208812 5,813 12 View Text
A69328 Articles for the due execution of the statutes of apparell, and for the reformation of the outragious excesse thereof, growen of late time within the realme: deuysed vpon the Quenes Maiesties commaundement, by aduise of her counsell, the .vi. of May. Anno.M D LXII.; Proclamations. 1562-05-06 England and Wales. Privy Council. 1564 (1564) STC 7947.3; ESTC S117029 5,937 3 View Text
A88449 An Act of Common-Councell made the eleventh day of September, in the yeare of our Lord 1655. For the better avoiding and prevention of annoyances within the city of London, and liberties of the same. City of London (England). Court of Common Council. 1655 (1655) Wing L2852G; Thomason E856_4 6,001 13 View Text
A82354 An act for constituting commissioners for ordering and managing the affairs of the admiralty and navy. Ordered by the Parliament, that this Act be forthwith printed and published. Passed May 31. 1659. Tho. St Nicholas Clerk of the Parliament. England and Wales. 1659 (1659) Wing E1009; Thomason E1074_3; ESTC R208261 6,098 14 View Text
A45991 An act to prevent frauds by clandestine mortgages ; An act for the more easy obtaining partitions of lands in coparcenary joyn-tenancy, and tenancy in common, and bounding and mearing of lands Ireland. 1697 (1697) Wing I325; ESTC R39292 6,771 15 View Text
A81335 A brief discourse proving independency, in church-government, destructive to the positive lawes of this kingdome, and inconsistent therewith. By Robert Derham, of Grayes Inne, Barrister. Published according to order. Derham, Robert. 1646 (1646) Wing D1096; Thomason E344_10; ESTC R200959 7,105 16 View Text
A90169 Orders establisht in the popish generall assembly, held (under the specious pretence of supreme authority, and being his Majesties good subjects) at the city of Kilkenny in Ireland. Wherein both root and branches of the English nation, as also the very essence of Protestant religion are wholly struck at. Ireland. General Assembly at Kilkenny. 1643 (1643) Wing O398; Thomason E60_19; Thomason E91_9; ESTC R353 7,751 16 View Text
A46045 Orders made and established by the Lords spirituall and temporall, and the rest of the general assembly of the Kingdome of Ireland met at the citty of Kilkenny, the foure & tvventith day of October Anno Domini 1642 and in the 18 yeare of the raigne of our Soueraigne Lord King Charles, by the grace of God King of Great Brittaine, France, and Ireland &c. Ireland. Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing I426A; ESTC R16395 7,839 24 View Text
A67702 A declaration of the Right Honourable Robert, Earle of Warwick, Lord High Admirall of England, and of all the plantions [sic] belonging to any His Majesties, the King of Englands subjects upon the coasts of America, Governour of the Company of London for the plantation, of the Summer Islands, and of the said company to the colony and plantation there : as the happinesse of a Christian people is ever best advanced, by their constant progresse in the waies of peace and holiness. Warwick, Robert Rich, Earl of, 1587-1658. 1644 (1644) Wing W994; ESTC R212401 8,153 10 View Text
A22830 Lawes and ordinances of vvarre, for the better government of His Maiesties Army Royall, in the present expedition for the northern parts, and safety of the kingdome Under the conduct of his Excellence, the Right Honourable Thomas Earl of Arundel and Surrey, Earl Marshall of England, &c. and Generall of His Majesties forces.; Regulations. 1639 England and Wales. Army.; Arundel, Thomas Howard, Earl of, 1585-1646. 1639 (1639) STC 9335; ESTC S101120 10,462 30 View Text
A74298 An act declaring the grounds and causes of making prize the ships and goods that shall be taken from time to time by the Parliaments ships at sea, and for the encouragement of officers, mariners and seamen. Die Martis, 17 April, 1649. Ordered by the Commons assembled in Parliament, that this act be forthwith printed and published. Hen: Scobell, Cleric. Parliament'.; Laws, etc. England and Wales. 1649 (1649) Thomason E1060_21; ESTC R208579 10,653 20 View Text
B03316 The several statutes in force for the observation of Lent: and fish-dayes, at all other times of the year With full and ready notes in the margent, shewing the effect in brief. / Published by a well-wisher to peace, for the information of all persons subject to the violation of the said laws. England and Wales. Parliament. 1661 (1661) Wing E923C; ESTC R207986 10,809 15 View Text
A76471 A true and impartial narrative of the most material debates and passages in the late Parliament. Together with the rise and disolution of it, published for the satisfaction of those that desire to know how they spent their time. By a Member of that Parliament, who is none of the present Parliament. Bethel, Slingsby, 1617-1697. 1659 (1659) Wing B2077; Thomason E985_25; ESTC R207870 10,858 16 View Text
A62721 To the high & honourable the legal earthly supreame povver of England, the representive body thereof, the Commons elective in Parliament assembled with authority only for the weale, but not for the woe of the people. The just petition of the free-borne commoners of the county of [blank] whose names are hereunto subscribed, earnestly desiring, the prosperity of the gospell, the removall of bad, the setlement of just lawes, the freedome of this nation, and the peace and tranquilety of all men. 1659 (1659) Wing T1397A; ESTC R219762 10,952 10 View Text
A88239 The prisoners mournfull cry, against the Iudges of the Kings Bench. Or an epistle writ by lieut. col. John Lilburne, prisoner in the tower of London, unto Mr. Iustice Roll : declaring the illegall dealing of himself, and Mr. Justice Bacon with him, in reference to his habeas corpus. Vnto which is annexed his two petitions to the said Iudges, and the petitions of Mr. William Thompson, and Mr. Woodward &c. in which are contained a lash for Mr. Oliver Cromwell and other his spaniolised creatures. With divers other remarkable things worth publique view. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1648 (1648) Wing L2164; Thomason E441_17; ESTC R204903 11,084 8 View Text
A00183 Articles to be enquired of, within the archdeaconry of Glocester, in the ge[ne]rall visitation of the right wor. M. Samuel Burton, Archdeacon of the dioces of Glocester holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1618, in the 16. yeere of the raigne of our most gracious soueraigne Lord James, by the grace of God, King of Great Britaine, France & Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. Church of England. Diocese of Gloucester. 1618 (1618) STC 10213.3; ESTC S4279 11,476 15 View Text
A41722 The government op [sic] the Common-wealth of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereto belonging as it was publickly declared at Westminster, the 16. day of December 1653. In the presence of the Lords Commissioners of the Great Seal of England, the Lord Major and aldermen of the City of London, divers of the judges of the land, the officers of state and army, and many other persons of quality. At which time and place his Highness Oliver, Lord Protector of the said Common-wealth, took a solemn oath for observing the same. Published by His Highness the Lord Protector's special commandment. Scotland. Lord Protector (1653-1658 : O. Cromwell); Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. aut 1654 (1654) Wing G1457; ESTC R218845 12,043 21 View Text
A90360 Englands monarchy asserted, and proved to be the freest state, and the best common-wealth throughout the world. With a word to the present authority, and His Excellency General Monck. Peirce, Edmund, Sir, d. 1667. 1660 (1660) Wing P1061; Thomason E1016_16; ESTC R203179 12,318 16 View Text
A00177 Articles to be enquired of, within the archdeaconry of Essexx, by the church-wardens & sworne-men in euery parish, and presentment to be made thereof to the Arch-deacon with partciular [sic] answeres vnto euery article. Church of England. Archdeaconry of Essex. 1615 (1615) STC 10198.5; ESTC S860 12,470 18 View Text
A40936 The liberty of the subject by Magna Charta, or, Several weighty things to be considered of by the jurors and judges, seeing the law of England is said to be a law of mercy and doth take care jurors be of the next neighbourhood ... R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1664 (1664) Wing F489; ESTC R14907 12,991 26 View Text
A00220 Articles to be enquired of, within the Archdeaconry of Midlesex, by the church-wardens & swornemen in euery parish and presentment to be made thereof to the arch-deacon, with partciular [sic] answeres vnto euery article. Church of England. Archdeaconry of Middlesex. 1615 (1615) STC 10275.3; ESTC S2098 13,178 18 View Text
A00256 Articles to be enquired of, vvithin the Diocesse of Sarisbury, in the first visitation of the right reuerend father in God, Martin, by the prouidence of God, Lord Bishoppe of Sarum holden in the yeere of our Lord God, 1619. Church of England. Diocese of Salisbury. Bishop (1618-1619 : Fotherby); Fotherby, Martin, Bishop of Salisbury, 1559-1619. 1619 (1619) STC 10329.3; ESTC S2106 13,680 20 View Text
A62266 A sermon preached at the assizes in St. Maries Church in request of George Ashby Esq., High-Sheriff of the said county by Thomas Sawbridge, Vicar of Harstone, July the 25th, 1689. Sawbridge, Thomas, Vicar of Harstone. 1689 (1689) Wing S782; ESTC R37193 14,262 37 View Text
A94042 Secret reasons of state in reference to the affairs of these nations, at the interruption of this present Parliament: anno 1653. discovered. Also, the power of parliaments, touching imprisonment, debated. With other matters worthy of observation, in Jo: Streater's case: this being a narrative of his two years troubles at the beginning of the late monarchie, erected by General Cromwel. Streater, John, fl. 1650-1670. 1659 (1659) Wing S5949; Thomason E983_24; ESTC R203671 14,755 20 View Text
A58921 A seasonable corrective to the one project for the good of England intended for God's glory and the good of souls, and dedicated to the King and his great Council. 1680 (1680) Wing S2226; ESTC R13156 15,035 12 View Text
A32848 The Petition of the most substantiall inhabitants of the citty of London, and the liberties thereof, to the Lords and Commons for peace together with the answer to the same, and the replye of the petitioners. Chillingworth, William, 1602-1644. Reply of the London petitioners to the late answer to their petition for peace.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing C3881; ESTC R383 15,057 24 View Text
A63146 The tryal and condemnation of Mervin, Lord Audley Earl of Castle-Haven At Westminster, April the 5th 1631. For abetting a rape upon his Countess, committing sodomy with his servants, and commanding and countenancing the debauching his daughter. With the learned speeches of the Lord High-Steward, the arguments of the King's-Councel upon that occasion, and the Lord Audley's speech at the place of execution. Castlehaven, Mervyn Touchet, Earl of, 1592?-1631. 1699 (1699) Wing T2144; ESTC R219718 15,249 39 View Text
A89552 The just measure of a personall treatie between the Kings Majesty, and both Houses of Parliament. Grounded on divinity, reason, history, divine and humane, common and civill lawes; with many other authentick authors. By R.M. of the middle Temple, Esquire. R. M., of the Middle Temple, Esquire. 1648 (1648) Wing M72; Thomason E451_40; ESTC R202844 16,371 20 View Text
A30857 A sermon preach'd at St. Trinity's in Kingston, upon Hull To a society there for the reformation of manners, September 20. 1699. By Robert Banks, A.M. Vicar of St. Trinity's in Hull, and prebendary of York. Banks, R. R. (Richard R.) 1700 (1700) Wing B672A; ESTC R217213 16,591 54 View Text
B06366 Unto his Grace their Majesties High Commissioner and the right honourable the Estates of Parliament information for Alexander Monro of Bear-Crofts. Monroe, Alexander, fl. 1691. 1691 (1691) Wing U100E; ESTC R185883 16,879 12 View Text
A89918 Problemes necessary to be determined by all that have, or have not taken part on either side in the late unnaturall warre. For the making of their peace with God and disposing them to a hearty peace one with another. By reflecting upon what they have done, before they engage in a new more dangerous and doubtfull warre: dedicated to the Lord Major, aldermen and Common-Councel of the Honorable City of London. / By P.D. Nethersole, Francis, Sir, 1587-1659. 1648 (1648) Wing N497; Thomason E458_20; ESTC R203004 17,363 31 View Text
A81709 A discoverie of the false grounds the Bavarian party have layd, to settle their owne faction, and shake the peace of the empire. Considered, in the case of the deteinure of the prince elector palatine his dignities and dominions. With a discourse upon the interest of England in that cause. By Calybute Downing, LL. D. pastor of Hackney. Seene, and allowed. Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644.; Downing, Calybute, 1606-1644. Discourse upon the interest of England: considered. 1641 (1641) Wing D2104; Wing D2102; Thomason E160_8; Thomason E160_9; ESTC R7047 17,489 52 View Text
A89426 A fourth word to the wise, or A plaine discovery of Englands misery, and how the same may be redressed; set forth in a letter written by a prisoner in the Fleete to Commissary Generall Ireton, and published by a friend of his and lover of his country for Englands good. Musgrave, John, fl. 1654. 1647 (1647) Wing M3148; Thomason E391_9; ESTC R201553 18,152 23 View Text
A85356 Good news from Nevv-England: with an exact relation of the first planting that countrey : a description of the profits accruing by the worke. Together with a briefe, but true discovery of their order both in church and common-wealth, and maintenance allowed the painfull labourers in that vineyard of the Lord. With the names of the severall towns, and who be preachers to them. Winslow, Edward, 1595-1655. 1648 (1648) Wing G1062; Thomason E431_21; ESTC R8856 18,639 29 View Text
A47398 Of obedience for conscience-sake a sermon preach'd at the assizes held at Warwick, August the 7th, 1683 / by Jonathan Kimberley ... Kimberley, Jonathan, 1650 or 51-1720. 1683 (1683) Wing K479; ESTC R8434 18,646 34 View Text
A38520 Epistola Medio-Saxonica, or, Middlesex first letter to His Excellency, the Lord General Cromwell together with their petition concerning tithes and copy-holds of inheritance, presented to the supreme authority, the Parliament of England : wherein the tortious and illegal usurpation of tithes, contrary to Magna Charta, is discovered, the blemished dignity of copy-holders revived, and how lords of manors have formerly incroached upon their liberties, by imposing arbitrary fines, and multiplying of heriots : whereunto is annexed two additional cases concerning the unreasonable exactions of fines and heriots, contrary to law, in these latter times ... Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658.; Wingfield, Augustus. Vindiciae Medico-Saxonicae. 1653 (1653) Wing E3170; ESTC R5296 18,776 30 View Text
A25494 Another word to the wise, shewing that the delay of justice is great injustice by displaying heavier grievances in petitions from severall counties to the House of Commons and letters to Parl[i]ament men, from Mr. John Musgrave, Gentleman, one of the commissioners from Cumberland and Westmerland, for presenting their grievances to the Parliament, who, instead either of redressing those two counties grievances, or prosecuting the charge given in by him against Mr. Richard Barwis, a Parliament man ... did illegally commit the said Mr. John Musgrave to the Fleet, where he hath lain these 4. moneths without any justice on tryall of his businesse ... Musgrave, John, fl. 1654. 1646 (1646) Wing A3274A; ESTC R17785 19,085 18 View Text
A07402 A ciuile nosgay wherin is contayned not onelye the offyce and dewty of all magestrates and iudges but also of of [sic] all subiectes with a preface concernynge the lyberty of iustice in this our tyme newly collected and gethered out of latyn and so translated in to the Inglyshe tonge by I.G. Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.; Goodale, John. 1550 (1550) STC 17788; ESTC S120081 19,086 72 View Text
A89423 Another word to the wise, shewing that the delay of justice, is great injustice. By displaying heavier grievances in petitions from severall counties to the House of Commons and letters to Parlament men, from Mr. John Musgrave Gentleman, one of the commissioners from Cumberland and Westmerland, for presenting their grievances to the Parliament. Who instead either of redressing those two counties grievances, or prosecuting the charge given in by him against Mr. Richard Barwis, a Parliament man, ... did illegally commit the said Mr John Musgrave to the Fleet, where he hath lain these 4. moneths, without any justice, on tryall of his businesse. ... Musgrave, John, fl. 1654.; England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1646 (1646) Wing M3144; Thomason E323_6; ESTC R17785 19,091 16 View Text
A18989 An epitome of certaine late aspersions cast at ciuilians, the ciuil and ecclesistical lawes, the courts Christian; and at bishops and their chancellors Wherein the authors thereof are refuted, and refelled. With an appendix, wherein the ciuill and canon lawes, with the causes of the cognisance or cognition of either of them in the Church or commou-wealth [sic] in the Kings dominions, (what they are), are opened. By VVilliam Clerk, Bach. of the Ciuill Law. The aspersions follow in the next fol.; Epitome of certaine late aspersions cast at civilians Clerk, William. 1631 (1631) STC 5406; ESTC S108076 19,221 54 View Text
B11858 An apology of an appeale Also an epistle to the true-hearted nobility. By Henry Burton, pastor of St. Mathewes Friday-Street. Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1636 (1636) STC 4135; ESTC S106955 19,673 40 View Text
A70858 Christos dikaiosynē, or, Jesus Christ given of God the Father for our justification explained, confirmed, and applyed (very briefly) in one sermon to the satisfaction of some judicious hearers, for whose sake chiefly and at whose earnest request, it is made publick. Pichard, Thomas.; Pritchard, Thomas, M.A. 1667 (1667) Wing P3525; ESTC R14899 19,708 36 View Text
A26935 Gods goodness vindicated for the help of such (especially in melancholy) as are tempted to deny it, and think him cruel, because of the present and future misery of mankind, with respect to the doctrine of reprobation and damnation / by Richard Baxter ... ; published and prefaced by a friend at whose desire it was written, and to whom it was committed. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1671 (1671) Wing B1278; ESTC R5256 19,834 110 View Text
A68527 A godlye, and pithie exhortation, made to the iud[ges of Sussex ...] By William Ouerton, Doctor of Diuinitie, and one of the Queenes Maiesties iustices appoynted for the peace vvithin the same countie Overton, William, 1525?-1609. 1579 (1579) STC 18925; ESTC S107302 20,693 63 View Text
A46904 The judge's authority or constitution a sermon preached in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York, upon Monday the 7th day of March 1669/70, at the assizes holden for that county before the Right Honourable Baron Littleton, the Right WOrshipfull Sr. Philip Monckton, Knight, being High-sheriff of Yorkshire / by James Johnson ... Johnson, James, 1639 or 40-1704. 1670 (1670) Wing J777; ESTC R3892 21,460 41 View Text
A79999 Englands compleat law-judge, and lawyer. Declared in these ensuing heads; 1. Whether that law and those judges and practizers owned time out of minde by the supreme authority of the nation, be not the laws, judges, and lawyers of this Common-wealth, &c. 2. Whether courts so constituted are not records of the nation. 3. Whether each court hath not power, as such, to enforce its owne decrees. 4. That the decrees and usages of such a court are as valid as of any court. 5. Whether it be not against reason, that when divers courts in the same nation act by divers lawes, one of the courts should have power to prohibit the other to proceed to bring the matters in difference before it self. 6. Concerning judges of appeale. Cock, Charles George.; Paget, Thomas, d. 1660. 1655 (1655) Wing C4788; Thomason E860_3; ESTC R206642 21,704 41 View Text
A30533 A message for instruction to all the rulers, judges, and magistrates to whom the law is committed shewing what just government is, and how far the magisrates power reacheth, and what the sword of justice is to cut down, and what it is to defend ... / E.B. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1658 (1658) Wing B6013; ESTC R25317 21,754 32 View Text
A42733 An assize sermon preached before the Right Honourable the Lord Chief Justice Glyn and Mr. Serjeant Earle, judges of Assize at Bridgnorth in Shropshire, July the 2d, 1657 / by Thomas Gilbert ... Gilbert, Thomas, 1613-1694. 1657 (1657) Wing G719; ESTC R18734 21,943 35 View Text
A25484 Another cry of the innocent & oppressed for justice, or, A second relation of the unjust proceedings at the sessions held at Hicks's Hall for the county of Middlesex, and at the Old Baily, London, the 6th and the 14th dayes of the 10th month or December, 1664, with and against 32 more of the people called Quakers ... together with an account of the most material passages between the prisoners and the aforesaid courts ... : unto which also is now added, a brief, short summary of the sentencing of 36 more of the aforesaid people ... where they were all sentenced for to be transposed to the island of Jamaica. 1664 (1664) Wing A3255; ESTC R12642 22,154 31 View Text
B07159 A most humble supplication of many the Kings Maiesties loyall subiects, ready to testifie all civill obedience, by the oath, as the law of this realme requireth, and that of conscience; who are persecuted, onely for differing in religion, contrary to divine and humane testimonies as followeth.. Murton, John. 1621 (1621) STC 563.7; ESTC S95969 22,236 39 View Text
A86310 Queen Esthers resolves: or, A princely pattern of heaven-born resolution, for all the lovers of God and their country: opened in a sermon preached before the Honourable House of Commons, at the monethly fast, May 27, 1646. / By Richard Heyricke, Warden of Christs Colledge in Manchester in Lancashire, and one of the Assembly of Divines. Heyrick, Richard, 1600-1667. 1646 (1646) Wing H1748; Thomason E338_11; ESTC R200845 22,360 35 View Text
A62171 The infancy of elders a short treatise composed for vindication of the Christian liberty of freeborne denizens of England, or A refutation of the tyrannicall unlawfull mis-government of our church by lay-elders / written by J.S. minister of the Word in Lancashire. J. S., Minister of the Word in Lancashire. 1647 (1647) Wing S68; ESTC R8376 22,428 29 View Text
A01338 The argument of Master Nicholas Fuller, in the case of Thomas Lad, and Richard Maunsell, his clients Wherein it is plainely proved, that the Ecclesiasticall Commissioners haue no power, by vertue of their commission, to imprison, to put to the Oath ex officio, or to fine any of his Maiesties subiects. Fuller, Nicholas, 1543-1620. 1607 (1607) STC 11460; ESTC S102744 22,550 38 View Text
A40767 A faithfull and conscientious account for subscribing the engagement discussed in four sections : I. Motives for just expediency of giving such account, 2. The account truely stated and explained, 3. Reasons justifying the faithfulness of it, 4. Objections against it, satisfactorily answered. Paget, Thomas, d. 1660. 1650 (1650) Wing F265; ESTC R25205 22,683 38 View Text
A61526 An answer to some papers lately printed concerning the authority of the Catholick Church in matters of faith, and the reformation of the Church of England Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. 1686 (1686) Wing S5562; ESTC R14199 24,213 73 View Text
A91212 The Long Parliament tvvice defunct: or, An answer to a seditious pamphlet, intituled, The Long Parliament revived. Wherein the authors undeniable arguments are denied, examined, confuted: and the authority of this present Parliament asserted, vindicated. By a zealous yet moderate oppugner of the enemies of his prince and country. Prynne, William, 1600-1669, attributed name. 1660 (1660) Wing P4003; Thomason E1053_2; ESTC R203196 25,482 48 View Text
A63255 The triumphs of justice over unjust judges exhibiting, I. the names and crimes of four and forty judges hang'd in one year in England, as murderers for their corrupt judgments, II. the case of the Lord Chief Justice Trefilian, hang'd at Tyburn, and all the rest of the judges of England (save one) banisht in K. Rich. the 2ds time, III. the crimes of Empson and Dudley, executed in K. Henry the 8th's days, IV. the proceedings of the ship-money-judges in the reign of K. Charles the first, V. diverse other presidents both antient and modern : to which is added VI. the judges oath, and some observations thereupon, humbly dedicated to the Lord Chief Justice Scroggs. Philo-Dicaios. 1681 (1681) Wing T2297; ESTC R3571 28,282 42 View Text
A60656 The standing truth in which may be seen how every ones house is ordered and how their families are provided and what peace they have in their dwellings and whether they be Christians or infidels ... also a narrative of the some unjust and cruel dealings by William Pocklington of North Collington ... against William Smith of Besthorp ... / which are published in love to all people by William Smith. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1663 (1663) Wing S4334; ESTC R23653 28,425 37 View Text
A58432 A relation of the barbarous and bloody massacre of about an hundred thousand Protestants, begun at Paris, and carried on over all France, by the Papists, in the year 1572 collected out of Mezeray Thuanus, and other approved authors. Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1678 (1678) Wing R814; ESTC R4018 28,718 48 View Text
A32204 Copies of two papers written by the late King Charles II together with a copy of a paper written by the late Duchess of York : to which is added an answer to the aforesaid papers all printed together. Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685.; Stillingfleet, Edward, 1635-1699. Answer to some papers lately printed concerning the authority of the Catholick Church.; York, Anne Hyde, Duchess of, 1637-1671. 1686 (1686) Wing C2946; ESTC R29952 29,168 42 View Text
A94265 Syllogologia; or, An historical discourse of parliaments in their originall before the Conquest, and continuance since. Together with the originall growth, and continuance, of these courts following, viz. [brace] High Court of Chancery, Upper Bench, Common-Pleas, Exchequer, Dutchy, and other inferiour courts now in use in this Commonwealth. J. S. 1656 (1656) Wing S93; Thomason E1646_1; ESTC R203463 29,703 88 View Text
A25519 An Answer to a late pamphlet intituled, The judgement and doctrine of the clergy of the Church of England concerning one special branch of the King's prerogative, viz, in dispensing with the penal-laws shewing that this is not affected by the Most Reverend Fathers in God, the Lords Arch-Bishops, Bancroft, Laud and Usher ... the Lord Bishop Sanderson ... the Reverend Doctors, Dr. Hevlin, Dr. Barrow, Dr. Sherlock ... Dr. Hicks, Dr. Nalson, Dr. Puller, so far as appears from their words cited in this pamphlet : in a letter to a friend. 1687 (1687) Wing A3309; ESTC R15256 30,429 41 View Text
A26103 A collection of svndry petitions presented to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie as also to the two most honourable houses, now assembled in Parliament, and others, already signed, by most of the gentry, ministers, and free-holders of severall counties, in behalfe of episcopacie, liturgie, and supportation of church-revenues, and suppression of schismaticks / collected by a faithful lover of the church, for the comfort of the dejected clergy, and all moderately affected Protestants. Aston, Thomas, Sir, 1600-1645.; Charles I, King of England, 1600-1649.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1642 (1642) Wing A4073; ESTC R208748 30,703 48 View Text
A67871 A just vindication of the questioned part of the reading of Edward Bagshaw, Esq; an apprentice of the common law. Had in the Middle Temple Hall the 24th day of February, being Munday, anno Dom. 1639. upon the statute of 25 E.3. called, Statutum pro clero, from all scandalous aspersions whatsoever. With a true narrative of the cause of silencing the reader by the then Archbishop of Canterbury: with the arguments at large of those points in his reading, for which he was questioned at the Council-Board. Bagshaw, Edward, d. 1662. 1660 (1660) Wing B396; ESTC R208288 31,311 44 View Text
A78010 Advice, sent in a letter from an elder brother, to a younger. Which he missed of by being abscent, since occasionally printed, it relating to remedying and reforming severall abuses in the Common Wealth, by severall practisers pretending equitie and conscience in the High Court of Chancery, and that unsetled, irregular unlimmited Court of Probates, who also act against the law of God, and the law of England, as in the reading thereof may be observed and bewayled, and it is hoped, may be of publick concernment, and profit; wherefore the author hath been at this charge of printing it. Burt, Nathaniel, fl. 1644-1655. 1655 (1655) Wing B6140; Thomason E838_8; ESTC R207429 31,328 44 View Text
A12674 A proclamation for reformation, published and commanded (to be obserued as law) by the high and mighty Philip the fourth, King of Spaine, for the gouernment of his kingdomes. Containing 23. seuerall chapters, wherein his Maiesty with the aduise of his councels hath ordered, and reformed many notorious abuses in the commonwealth. Faithfully translated out of the originall Spanish coppy printed by his Maiesties command; Proclamations. 1623 Feb. 10. English Spain. Sovereign (1621-1665 : Philip IV); Philip IV, King of Spain, 1605-1665. 1623 (1623) STC 22992.9; ESTC S126332 31,941 96 View Text
A96759 Opobalsamum Anglicanum: = An English balme, lately pressed out of a shrub, and spread upon these papers, for the cure of some scabs, gangreeves and cancers indangering the bodie of this common-wealth; and, to whom it is now tendred, by the vvell-affected English, in a double-speech, disjunctively delivered, by one of their fellow-ship, both to the faithfull, and malignant members of the representative-body of this Kingdome. / Penned, by the author of Britaines remembrancer Geo: Wither Esquire. Wither, George, 1588-1667. 1646 (1646) Wing W3175; Thomason E513_6; ESTC R205629 32,213 27 View Text
A41625 A reply to the Answer of the Amicable accommodation being a fourth vindication of the Papist misrepresented and represented : in which are more particularly laid open some of the principal methods by which the papists are misrepresented by Protestants in their books and sermons. Gother, John, d. 1704. 1686 (1686) Wing G1349; ESTC R18660 32,565 50 View Text
A08764 Orders and constitutions, partly collected out of his Maiesties letters patents; and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said letters patents: ordained vpon mature deliberation, by the gouernour and company of the city of London, for the plantation of the Summer-Islands: for the better gouerning of the actions and affaires of the said company and plantation. 6. Febr. 1621; Laws, etc. 1621-02-06 Bermuda Islands. 1622 (1622) STC 1905; ESTC S104552 33,149 90 View Text
A35082 A copy of the letter from His Excellency the Lord Generall Cromwell, sent to the members of Parliament called to take upon them the trust of the government of this common-vvealth : which began on Munday the fourth of June, 1653, the day appointed by the letters of summons from his Excellency the Lord Gen. Cromwell for the meeting of these gentlemen : with severall transactions since that time. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1656 (1656) Wing C7054; ESTC R5464 33,160 60 View Text
A63217 The Tryals of Joseph Dawson, Edward Forseith, William May, [brace] William Bishop, James Lewis, and John Sparkes for several piracies and robberies by them committed in the company of Every the grand pirate, near the coasts of the East-Indies, and several other places on the seas : giving an account of their villainous robberies and barbarities : at the Admiralty sessions, begun at the Old-Baily on the 29th of October, 1696, and ended on the 6th of November. England and Wales. High Court of Admiralty. 1696 (1696) Wing T2252; ESTC R38357 34,055 29 View Text
A88233 A plea at large, for John Lilburn gentleman, now a prisoner in Newgate. Penned for his use and benefit, by a faithful and true well-wisher to the fundamental laws, liberties, and freedoms of the antient free people of England; and exposed to publick view, and the censure of the unbyassed and learned men in the laws of England, Aug. 6. 1653. Faithful and true well-wisher to the fundamental laws, liberties, and freedoms of the antient free people of England.; Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1653 (1653) Wing L2158; Thomason E710_3; ESTC R207176 34,122 24 View Text
A93888 An ansvver to a letter vvritten at Oxford, and superscribed to Dr. Samuel Turner, concerning the Church, and the revenues thereof. Wherein is shewed, how impossible it is for the King with a good conscience to yeeld to the change of church-government by bishops, or to the alienating the lands of the Church. Steward, Richard, 1593?-1651.; J. T.; Turner, Samuel, D.D. 1647 (1647) Wing S5516; Thomason E385_4; ESTC R201455 34,185 56 View Text
A25740 An apology for a yovnger brother, or, A discovrse proving that parents may dispose of their estates to which of their children they please by I. A. J. A. (John Ap Robert) 1641 (1641) Wing A3592; ESTC R9194 34,253 68 View Text
B02743 The rarities of Turkey, gathered by one that was sold seven times a slave in the Turkish Empire, and now exposed to view for the benefit of his native countrey:. Georgijević, Bartolomej, d. ca. 1566. 1661 (1661) Wing D1921A; ESTC R175972 34,635 147 View Text
A17593 The relation betweene the lord of a mannor and the coppy-holder his tenant. Delivered in the learned readings of the late excellent and famous lawyer, Char. Calthrope of the Honorable Society of Lincolnes-Inne Esq; whereby it doth appeare for what causes a coppy-holder may forfeite his coppy-hold estate, and for what not; and like wise what lord can grant a coppy, and to whom. Published for the good of the lords of mannors, and their tenants Calthrope, Charles, Sir, d. 1616. 1635 (1635) STC 4369; ESTC S107474 36,082 104 View Text