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A66185 An exhortation to mutual charity and union among Protestants in sermon preach'd before the King and Queen at Hampton-Court, May 21. 1689 / by William Wake ... publish'd by His Majesties special command. Wake, William, 1657-1737. 1689 (1689) Wing W242; ESTC R4543 15,773 37

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and_o offence_n contrary_a to_o the_o doctrine_n which_o we_o have_v learn_v and_o avoid_v they_o with_o what_o a_o scrupulous_a care_n do_v st._n paul_n manage_v himself_o between_o the_o dissent_v party_n in_o my_o text_n what_o admirable_a rule_n do_v he_o lie_v down_o for_o they_o to_o walk_v by_o and_o with_o what_o a_o affectionate_a earnestness_n do_v he_o enforce_v they_o if_o there_o be_v any_o consolation_n in_o christ_n two_o if_o any_o comfort_n of_o love_n if_o any_o fellowship_n of_o the_o spirit_n 1._o if_o any_o bowel_n and_o mercy_n fulfil_v you_o my_o joy_n 2._o that_o you_o be_v likeminded_a have_v the_o same_o love_n be_v of_o one_o accord_n of_o one_o mind_n and_o may_v i_o not_o beg_v leave_n though_o not_o with_o the_o authority_n yet_o with_o the_o charity_n of_o st._n paul_n to_o apply_v all_o this_o to_o those_o unhappy_a division_n that_o at_o this_o day_n rend_v in_o piece_n the_o church_n of_o christ_n among_o we_o and_o beseech_v you_o by_o all_o these_o endear_n consideration_n to_o pursue_v those_o thing_n which_o may_v make_v for_o our_o peace_n and_o for_o the_o close_n of_o those_o breach_n which_o the_o malice_n of_o our_o enemy_n too_o successful_o begin_v and_o our_o own_o weakness_n have_v too_o fatal_o keep_v up_o among_o we_o never_o certain_o be_v there_o a_o time_n since_o our_o division_n first_o begin_v in_o which_o we_o have_v great_a reason_n to_o consider_v of_o such_o a_o union_n or_o i_o hope_v a_o fair_a opportunity_n to_o promise_v ourselves_o a_o accomplishment_n of_o it_o only_o let_v we_o all_o be_v as_o careful_a to_o improve_v it_o as_o i_o be_o persuade_v we_o have_v all_o of_o we_o not_o only_o seem_v to_o desire_v but_o have_v indeed_o earnest_o long_v for_o it_o let_v we_o show_v the_o sense_n we_o have_v of_o that_o wonderful_a deliverance_n god_n have_v give_v we_o out_o of_o the_o hand_n of_o our_o enemy_n by_o unite_n ourselves_o in_o the_o strict_a league_n of_o friendship_n with_o one_o another_o hitherto_o we_o have_v defend_v our_o church_n by_o our_o argument_n let_v we_o now_o by_o our_o charity_n settle_v and_o establish_v it_o against_o the_o like_a danger_n for_o the_o time_n to_o come_v this_o will_v indeed_o render_v both_o our_o self_n and_o our_o religion_n glorious_a to_o the_o world_n and_o may_v be_v a_o happy_a augury_n that_o the_o bless_a time_n so_o long_o wrap_v up_o in_o sacred_a prophecy_n be_v indeed_o now_o ready_a to_o be_v reveal_v when_o the_o church_n of_o christ_n be_v purge_v from_o those_o corruption_n that_o have_v so_o long_o deface_v its_o beauty_n shall_v again_o appear_v in_o its_o primitive_a purity_n when_o all_o heresy_n and_o schism_n be_v every_o where_o abolish_v and_o the_o mystery_n of_o iniquity_n lay_v full_o open_a and_o the_o man_n of_o sin_n destroy_v true_a religion_n and_o sincere_a piety_n shall_v again_o reign_v throughout_o the_o world_n god_n himself_o shall_v pitch_v his_o tabernacle_n among_o we_o 3._o and_o dwell_v with_o we_o and_o we_o shall_v be_v his_o people_n and_o he_o shall_v be_v our_o god._n o_o bless_a state_n of_o the_o church_n militant_a here_o on_o earth_n the_o glorious_a antipast_n of_o that_o peace_n and_o piety_n which_o god_n have_v prepare_v for_o his_o church_n triumphant_a in_o heaven_n who_o will_v not_o wish_v to_o see_v those_o day_n when_o a_o general_a reformation_n and_o a_o true_a zeal_n and_o a_o perfect_a charity_n pass_v through_o the_o world_n we_o shall_v all_o be_v unite_v in_o the_o same_o faith_n the_o same_o worship_n the_o same_o communion_n and_o fellowship_n one_o with_o another_o when_o all_o pride_n and_o prejudice_n all_o interest_n and_o design_n be_v submit_v to_o the_o honour_n of_o god_n and_o the_o discharge_n of_o our_o duty_n the_o holy_a scripture_n shall_v again_o triumph_v over_o the_o vain_a tradition_n of_o man_n and_o religion_n no_o long_o take_v its_o denomination_n from_o little_a sect_n and_o faction_n but_o we_o shall_v all_o be_v content_a with_o the_o same_o common_a primitive_a name_n of_o christian_n and_o brethren_n and_o live_v together_o as_o become_v our_o character_n in_o brotherly_a love_n and_o christian_a charity_n with_o one_o another_o and_o who_o can_v tell_v but_o such_o a_o change_n as_o this_o and_o which_o we_o have_v otherwise_o some_o reason_n to_o believe_v be_v nigh_o at_o hand_n may_v even_o now_o break_v forth_o from_o the_o midst_n of_o we_o will_v we_o but_o all_o serious_o labour_n to_o perfect_v the_o great_a work_n which_o the_o providence_n of_o god_n have_v so_o glorious_o begin_v among_o we_o and_o establish_v that_o love_n and_o unity_n among_o ourselves_o which_o may_v afterward_o diffuse_v itself_o from_o we_o into_o all_o the_o other_o part_n of_o the_o christian_a world_n beside_o but_o however_o whether_o we_o shall_v ever_o see_v i_o do_v not_o say_v such_o a_o bless_a effect_n as_o this_o but_o even_o any_o good_a effect_n at_o all_o of_o our_o endeavour_n here_o on_o earth_n or_o no_o yet_o this_o we_o be_v sure_a we_o shall_v not_o lose_v our_o reward_n in_o heaven_n when_o to_o have_v contribute_v though_o in_o the_o least_o degree_n to_o the_o heal_n of_o those_o division_n we_o so_o unhappy_o labour_v under_o shall_v be_v esteem_v a_o great_a honour_n than_o to_o have_v silence_v all_o the_o cavil_n of_o our_o enemy_n and_o even_o to_o have_v pray_v and_o wish_v for_o it_o and_o where_o we_o can_v not_o any_o otherwise_o have_v contribute_v ourselves_o but_o to_o have_v exhort_v other_o to_o it_o shall_v be_v reward_v with_o blessing_n more_o than_o all_o the_o star_n in_o the_o firmament_n for_o number_n now_o the_o god_n of_o patience_n and_o consolation_n grant_v you_o to_o be_v likeminded_a one_o towards_o another_o according_a to_o christ_n jesus_n that_o you_o may_v with_o one_o mind_n and_o one_o mouth_n glorify_v god_n even_o the_o father_n of_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ._n to_o he_o be_v honour_n and_o praise_n for_o ever_o and_o ever_o amen_n finis_fw-la book_n publish_v by_o the_o reverend_n mr._n wa●●_n print_a for_o richard_n chiswell_n a_o exposition_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n in_o the_o several_a article_n propose_v by_o the_o late_a bishop_n of_o condom_n in_o his_o exposition_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o catholic_n church_n 4_o o_o a_o defence_n of_o the_o exposition_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n against_o the_o exception_n of_o mons._n de_fw-fr meaux_n late_a b_o of_o condom_n and_o his_o vindicator_n a_o second_o defence_n of_o the_o exposition_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n against_o the_o new_a exception_n of_o mounseur_fw-fr de_fw-fr meaux_n late_a bishop_n of_o condom_n and_o his_o vindicator_n the_o first_o part_n in_o which_o the_o account_n that_o have_v be_v give_v of_o the_o bishop_n of_o meaux_n exposition_n be_v full_o vindicated_n the_o distinction_n of_o old_a and_o new_a popery_n historical_o assert_v and_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n in_o point_n of_o image_n worship_n more_o particular_o consider_v second_o defence_n of_o the_o exposition_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n of_o england_n against_o mounseur_fw-fr de_fw-fr meaux_n and_o his_o vindicator_n the_o second_o part_n a_o discourse_n of_o the_o holy_a eucharist_n in_o the_o two_o great_a point_n of_o the_o real_a presence_n and_o the_o adoration_n of_o the_o host_n in_o answer_n to_o the_o two_o discourse_n late_o print_v at_o oxford_n on_o this_o subject_a to_o which_o be_v prefix_v a_o large_a historical_a preface_n relate_v to_o the_o same_o argument_n two_o discourse_n of_o purgatory_n and_o prayer_n for_o the_o dead_a 4_o o_z a_o continuation_n of_o the_o controversy_n between_o the_o church_n of_o england_n and_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n be_v a_o full_a account_n of_o the_o book_n that_o have_v be_v of_o late_o write_v on_o both_o side_n a_o historical_a treatise_n of_o transubstantiation_n write_v by_o a_o author_n of_o the_o communion_n of_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n render_v into_o english._n with_o a_o preface_n preparation_n for_o death_n be_v a_o letter_n send_v to_o a_o young_a gentlewoman_n in_o france_n in_o a_o distemper_n of_o which_o she_o die_v print_a for_o william_n rogers_n a_o discourse_n concern_v the_o nature_n of_o idolatry_n in_o which_o a_o late_a author_n viz_o the_o bp._n of_o oxford_n true_a and_o only_a notion_n of_o idolatry_n be_v consider_v and_o confute_v 4_o o_z the_o sum_n of_o a_o conference_n between_o dr._n clagett_n and_o f._n p._n gooden_o about_o transubstantiation_n publish_a by_o this_o author_n and_o to_o be_v add_v to_o dr._n clagett_n sermon_n now_o in_o the_o press_n which_o will_v be_v publish_a this_o term._n print_a for_o richard_n chiswell_n and_o william_n r●gers_n a_o exhortation_n to_o mutual_a charity_n and_o union_n among_o protestant_n in_o a_o sermon_n preach_v before_o the_o king_n and_o queen_n at_o hampton_n court_n may_v 26_o 1689._o in_o the_o press_n a_o sermon_n preach_v before_o the_o honourable_a house_n of_o commons_o at_o st._n margaret_n westminster_n june_n 5._o 1689._o be_v the_o fa●t_a day_n appoint_v by_o the_o king_n and_o queen_n proclamation_n to_o implore_v the_o blessing_n of_o almighty_n god_n upon_o their_o majesty_n force_n by_o sea_n and_o land_n and_o success_n in_o the_o war_n now_o declare_v against_o the_o french_a king._n other_o tract_n by_o the_o same_o author_n a_o sermon_n preach_v at_o paris_n on_o the_o 30_o the_o of_o january_n s._n v._o 1684_o 5._o the_o present_a state_n of_o the_o controversy_n sure_o and_o honest_a mean_n for_o conversion_n of_o all_o heretic_n and_o wholesome_a advice_n and_o expedient_n for_o the_o reformation_n of_o the_o church_n translate_v and_o publish_v with_o a_o preface_n a_o letter_n from_o several_a french_a minister_n flee_v into_o germany_n upon_o the_o account_n of_o the_o persecution_n in_o france_n to_o such_o of_o their_o brethren_n in_o england_n as_o approve_v the_o king_n declaration_n touch_v liberty_n of_o conscience_n translate_v from_o the_o original_a french._n see_v ch_n fourteen_o 1._o act_n xv_o 1._o xxi_o 20._o act_n xv_o 19_o 28._o gal._n v._n 1._o etc._n etc._n gal._n v._n 1._o rom._n xi_o 18_o etc._n etc._n rom._n xv_o 1._o ibid._n verse_n 2._o see_v theodoret_n chrysost._n theophylact_fw-mi etc._n etc._n in_o loc_n prop._n 1._o act_n xv_o 28._o gal._n v._n 2._o rom._n fourteen_o 6._o h●st●ire_n des_fw-fr variation_n des_fw-fr eglise_n protestant_n par_fw-fr mr._n l'_fw-fr evesque_fw-la de_fw-fr meaux_n the_o design_n of_o which_o may_v be_v see_v in_o the_o summary_n of_o his_o preface_n les_fw-fr variation_n dans_fw-fr la_fw-fr foy_fw-fr preuve_fw-fr certain_a de_fw-fr faucet_n é._fw-la charactere_fw-la des_fw-fr heresy_n d'estre_fw-fr variable_n ce_fw-fr charactere_fw-la reconnu_fw-fr dans_fw-fr tous_fw-fr les_fw-fr age_n de_fw-fr l'_fw-fr eglise_fw-fr charactere_fw-la d'immutabilitè_fw-fr dans_fw-fr lay_n foy_fw-fr de_fw-fr l'_fw-fr eglise_fw-fr catholic_n que_fw-fr les_fw-fr variation_n de_fw-fr l'_fw-fr un_fw-fr des_fw-fr partis_fw-la de_fw-la protestans_fw-la est_fw-la une_fw-fr preuve_fw-fr contre_fw-fr l'_fw-fr autre_fw-fr etc._n etc._n praef._n ad_fw-la lib._n de_fw-fr summ._n p._n t._n 1._o p._n 592._o ingoldstad_n a._n 1586._o bellarm_n to_o 1._o p._n 1377._o de_fw-fr not._n eccl._n a._n see_v mr._n chillingworth_n p._n 99_o 100_o bellarm._n ib._n p._n 1378._o b._n prop._n 2._o john_n c._n xuj_o 2._o verse_n 3._o joh._n 13.35_o verse_n 1._o 7._o prop._n 3._o rom._n xv_o 1._o 1._o see_v the_o petition_n of_o the_o archbishop_n and_o bishop_n to_o king_n james_n for_o which_o they_o be_v commit_v to_o the_o tower._n phil._n two_o 6_o 7._o 1_o joh._n four_o 11._o rom._n fourteen_o 19_o joh._n xiii_o 35._o rom._n twelve_o 18._o rom._n xuj_o 17._o phil._n two_o 1._o 2._o rev._n xxi_o 3._o