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A66185 An exhortation to mutual charity and union among Protestants in sermon preach'd before the King and Queen at Hampton-Court, May 21. 1689 / by William Wake ... publish'd by His Majesties special command. Wake, William, 1657-1737. 1689 (1689) Wing W242; ESTC R4543 15,773 37

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and offences contrary to the Doctrine which we have learnt and avoid them With what a scrupulous care did St. Paul manage himself between the dissenting parties in my Text What admirable Rules did he lay down for them to walk by and with what an affectionate earnestness did he enforce them If there be any consolation in Christ if any comfort of Love if any fellowship of the Spirit if any Bowels and Mercies fulfil ye my joy that ye be like-minded having the same Love being of one Accord of one Mind And may I not beg leave tho not with the Authority yet with the Charity of St. Paul to apply all this to those unhappy Divisions that at this day rend in pieces the Church of Christ among us and beseech you by all these endearing Considerations to pursue those things which may make for our Peace and for the closing of those breaches which the malice of our Enemies too successfully begun and our own weaknesse has too fatally kept up among us Never certainly was there a time since our Divisions first began in which we had greater reason to consider of such a Union or I hope a fairer opportunity to promise our selves an Accomplishment of it Only let us all be as careful to improve it as I am perswaded we have all of us not only seem'd to desire but have indeed earnestly long'd for it Let us shew the sense we have of that wonderful Deliverance God has given us out of the hand of our Enemies by uniting our selves in the strictest League of Friendship with one another Hitherto we have defended our Church by our Arguments let us now by our Charity settle and establish it against the like Dangers for the time to come This will indeed render both our selves and our Religion Glorious to the World and may be a Happy Augury that the blessed time so long wrapped up in sacred Prophecy is indeed now ready to be revealed When the Church of Christ being purged from those Corruptions that have so long defaced its Beauty shall again appear in its primitive Purity When all Heresie and Schism being every where abolished and the Mystery of Iniquity laid fully open and the Man of Sin destroy'd true Religion and sincere Piety shall again reign throughout the World God himself shall pitch his Tabernacle among us and dwell with us and we shall be his People and he shall be our God. O Blessed State of the Church Militant here on Earth the glorious Antipast of that Peace and Piety which God has prepared for his Church Triumphant in Heaven Who would not wish to see those days when a general Reformation and a true Zeal and a perfect Charity passing through the World we should All be united in the same Faith the same Worship the same Communion and Fellowship one with another When all Pride and Prejudice all Interests and Designs being submitted to the Honour of God and the discharge of our Duty the Holy Scriptures shall again triumph over the vain Traditions of Men and Religion no longer take its denomination from little Sects and Factions but we shall all be content with the same common primitive Names of Christians and Brethren and live together as becomes our Character in Brotherly Love and Christian Charity with one another And who can tell but such a Change as this and which we have otherwise some reason to believe is nigh at hand may even now break forth from the midst of us would we but all seriously labour to perfect the Great Work which the Providence of God has so gloriously begun amongst us and establish that Love and Unity among our selves which may afterwards diffuse it self from us into all the other parts of the Christian World besides But however whether we shall ever see I do not say such a Blessed Effect as this but even any good Effect at all of our Endeavours here on Earth or no yet this we are sure we shall not lose our Reward in Heaven When to have contributed tho in the least degree to the healing of those divisions we so unhappily labour under shall be esteemed a greater Honour than to have silenced all the Cavils of our Enemies and even to have pray'd and wish'd for it and where we could not any otherwise have contributed our selves but to have exhorted others to it shall be rewarded with Blessings more than all the Stars in the Firmament for number Now the God of patience and consolation grant you to be like-minded one towards another according to Christ Jesus That ye may with one mind and one mouth glorifie God even the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ. To Him be Honour and Praise for ever and ever Amen FINIS BOOKS Published by the Reverend Mr. WA●● Printed for RICHARD CHISWELL AN Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England in the several Articles proposed by the late BISHOP of CONDOM in his Exposition of the Doctrine of the Catholick Church 4 o. A Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England against the Exceptions of Mons. de Meaux late B of Condom and his Vindicator A Second Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England against the new Exceptions of Monsieur de Meaux late Bishop of Condom and his Vindicator The FIRST PART in which the Account that has been given of the Bishop of Meaux's Exposition is fully Vindicated the Distinction of Old and New Popery Historically asserted and the Doctrine of the Church of Rome in point of Image Worship more particularly considered Second Defence of the Exposition of the Doctrine of the Church of England against Monsieur de Meaux and his Vindicator the SECOND PART A Discourse of the Holy Eucharist in the two great Points of the Real Presence and the Adoration of the Host In Answer to the Two Discourses lately Printed at Oxford on this Subject To which is prefixed a Large Historical P●eface relating to the same Argument Two Discourses of Purgatory and Prayers for the Dead 4 o. A Continuation of the Controversie between the Church of England and the Church of Rome being a full account of the Books that have been of late written on Both sides An Historical Treatise of Transubstantiation Written by an Author of the Communion of the Church of Rome rendred into English. With a Preface Preparation for Death being a Letter sent to a Young Gentlewoman in France in a distemper of which she died Printed for WILLIAM ROGERS A Discourse concerning the Nature of Idolatry in which a Late Author viz the Bp. of Oxford's true and only Notion of Idolatry is considered and confuted 4 o. The Sum of a Conference between Dr. Clagett and F. P. Gooden ab●ut Transubstantiation Publish'd by this Author And to be added to Dr. Clagett's Sermons now in the Press which will be Publish'd this Term. Printed for Richard Chiswell and William R●gers AN Exhortation to Mutual Charity and Union among Protestants In a Sermon Preach'd before the King and Queen at Hampton Court May 26 1689. In the Press A Sermon Preach'd before the Honou●ab●e House of Commons at St. Margaret's Westminster June 5. 1689. Being the Fa●t Day appointed by the King and Queens Proclamation to Implore the Blessing of Almighty God upon their M●jesties Forces by Sea and Land and Success in the War now declared against the French King. Other Tracts by the same AVTHOR A Sermon Preached at Paris on the 30 th of January S. V. 1684 5. The Present State of the Controversie Sure and Honest Means for Conversion of all Hereticks and wholsom Advice and Expedients for the Reformation of the Church Translated and Published with a Preface A Letter from several French Ministers fled into Germany upon the account of the Persecution in France to such of their Brethren in England as approved the King's Declaration touching Liberty of Conscience Translated from the Original French. See ch xiv 1. Acts xv 1. xxi 20. Acts xv 19 28. Gal. v. 1. c. Gal. v. 1. Rom. xi 18 c. Rom. xv 1. Ibid. Verse 2. See Theoderet Chrysost. Theophylact c. in loc Prop. 1. Acts xv 28. Gal. v. 2. Rom. xiv 6. H●st●ire des variations des Eglises Protestantes par Mr. l' Evesque de MEAUX The design of which may be seen in the Summary of his Preface Les Variations dans la foy preuve certaine de fausset é. Charactere des heresies d'estre variables Ce Charactere reconnu dans tous les Ages de l' Eglise Charactere d'immutabilitè dans lay foy de l' Eglise Catholique Que les variations de l' un des partis de Protestans est une preuve contre l' Autre c. Praef. ad lib. de Summ. P. T. 1. p. 592. Ingoldstad A. 1586. Bellarm to 1. p. 1377. de Not. Eccl. A. See Mr. Chillingworth p. 99 100. Bellarm. ib. p. 1378. B. Prop. 2. John c. xvi 2. Verse 3. Joh. 13.35 Verse 1. 7. Prop. 3. Rom. xv 1. * See the Petition of the Archbishop and Bishops to King James for which they were committed to the Tower. Phil. ii 6 7. 1 Joh. iv 11. Rom. xiv 19. Joh. xiii 35. Rom. xii 18. Rom. xvi 17. Phil. ii 1. 2. Rev. xxi 3.