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A56501 An Appendix to the catalogue of Mr. James Partridge's books consisting of a choice collection of English books in divinity, history, law, romances, poetry, physick, and chirurgery ... in all volumes : to be sold by auction on Monday the 16th of this instant December ... Partridge, James. 1695 (1695) Wing P613; ESTC R28150 5,286 11 View Text
A66185 An exhortation to mutual charity and union among Protestants in sermon preach'd before the King and Queen at Hampton-Court, May 21. 1689 / by William Wake ... publish'd by His Majesties special command. Wake, William, 1657-1737. 1689 (1689) Wing W242; ESTC R4543 15,773 37 View Text
A46458 A letter from a gentleman in the country to his friend in the city, touching Sir William Petty's posthumous treatise entituled, Verbum sapienti, or, The method of raising taxes in the most equal manner, &c. H. J., Gentleman in the country. 1691 (1691) Wing J15; ESTC R8924 15,963 21 View Text
A66335 A sermon preach'd before the honourable House of Commons, at St. Margaret's Westminster June 5th. 1689 being the fast day appointed by the King and Queen's proclamation, to implore the blessing of Almighty God upon Their Majesties forces by sea and land, and success in the war, now declared, against the French King / by William Wake ... Wake, William, 1657-1737. 1689 (1689) Wing W263; ESTC R4808 16,657 42 View Text
A33222 Several captious queries concerning the English Reformation first proposed by Dean Manby (an Irish convert) in Latin, and afterwards by T.W. in English, briefly and fully answered by Dr. Clagett. Clagett, William, 1646-1688. 1688 (1688) Wing C4399; ESTC R27257 28,726 51 View Text
A36251 Reflexions on a pamphlet entitled, Remarks on the occasional paper, numb. VIII relating to the controversy betwixt Dr. Hody and Mr. Dodwell and on another entitl'd A defence of the vindication of the depriv'd bishops, some time since seiz'd and suppress'd by the Government, and now reprinted : with an answer to a third call'd historical collections concerning church affairs. Dodwell, Henry, 1641-1711.; Hody, Humphrey, 1659-1707. 1698 (1698) Wing D1816; ESTC R9160 29,610 34 View Text
A29789 The reasons of Mr. Joseph Hains the player's conversion & re-conversion being the third and last part to the dialogue of Mr. Bays. Brown, Thomas, 1663-1704. 1690 (1690) Wing B5071; ESTC R7766 34,548 37 View Text
A59939 Prodromos the fore-runner of Christ's peaceable kingdom upon earth. Sherwin, William, 1607-1687? 1665 (1665) Wing S3409; ESTC R34233 46,547 52 View Text
A33141 An Epistle to the authour of the Animadversions upon Fiat lux in excuse and justification of Fiat lux against the said animadversions. 1663 (1663) Wing C428; ESTC R16551 53,082 113 View Text
A33180 To Catholiko Stillingfleeton, or, An account given to a Catholick friend, of Dr. Stillingfleets late book against the Roman Church together with a short postil upon his text, in three letters / by I. V. C. J. V. C. (John Vincent Canes), d. 1672. 1672 (1672) Wing C433; ESTC R21623 122,544 282 View Text
A90369 The history of the French Academy, erected at Paris by the late famous Cardinal de Richelieu, and consisting of the most refined wits of that nation. Wherein is set down its original and establishment, its statutes, daies, places, and manner of assemblies, &c. With the names of its members, a character of their persons, and a catalogue of their works. / Written in French, by Mr. Paul Pellison, counseller and secretary of the King of France.; Relation contenant l'histoire de l'Académie française. English Pellisson-Fontanier, Paul, 1624-1693.; Some, Henry. 1657 (1657) Wing P1110; Thomason E1595_1; ESTC R203126 122,702 275 View Text
A28024 Baconiana, or, Certain genuine remains of Sr. Francis Bacon, Baron of Verulam, and Viscount of St. Albans in arguments civil and moral, natural, medical, theological, and bibliographical now for the first time faithfully published ... Bacon, Francis, 1561-1626.; Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. 1679 (1679) Wing B269; ESTC R9006 137,175 384 View Text
A40406 The history of brutes, or, A description of living creatures wherein the nature and properties of four-footed beasts are at large described / by Wolfgangus Franzius ... ; and now rendred into English by N.W.; Historia animalium sacra. English Franz, Wolfgang, 1564-1628.; N. W. 1670 (1670) Wing F2094; ESTC R20699 139,929 266 View Text
A30350 Four discourses delivered to the clergy of the Diocess of Sarum ... by the Right Reverend Father in God, Gilbert, Lord Bishop of Sarum. Burnet, Gilbert, 1643-1715. 1694 (1694) Wing B5793; ESTC R202023 160,531 125 View Text
A36424 A voyage to the world of Cartesius written originally in French, and now translated into English.; Voyage du monde de Descartes. English Daniel, Gabriel, 1649-1728.; Taylor, Thomas, 1669 or 70-1735.; Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. 1692 (1692) Wing D201; ESTC R5098 166,321 301 View Text
A36433 A voyage to the world of Cartesius written originally in French, translated into English by T. Taylor, of Magdalen Colledge in Oxford.; Voyage du monde de Descartes. English Daniel, Gabriel, 1649-1728.; Taylor, Thomas, 17th cent. 1694 (1694) Wing D202; ESTC R29697 171,956 322 View Text
A33192 Three letters declaring the strange odd preceedings of Protestant divines when they write against Catholicks : by the example of Dr Taylor's Dissuasive against popery, Mr Whitbies Reply in the behalf of Dr Pierce against Cressy, and Dr Owens Animadversions on Fiat lux / written by J.V.C. ; the one of them to a friend, the other to a foe, the third to a person indifferent.; Diaphanta J. V. C. (John Vincent Canes), d. 1672. 1671 (1671) Wing C436; ESTC R3790 195,655 420 View Text
A33129 Diaphanta, or, Three attendants on Fiat lux wherein Catholick religion is further excused against the opposition of severall adversaries ... and by the way an answer is given to Mr. Moulin, Denton, and Stillingfleet.; Diaphanta J. V. C. (John Vincent Canes), d. 1672. 1665 (1665) Wing C427; ESTC R20600 197,726 415 View Text
A36037 The lives, opinions, and remarkable sayings of the most famous ancient philosophers. The first volume written in Greek, by Diogenes Laertius ; made English by several hands ...; De vitis philosophorum. English Diogenes Laertius. 1688 (1688) Wing D1516; ESTC R35548 235,742 604 View Text
A15295 A checke or reproofe of M. Howlets vntimely shreeching in her Maiesties eares with an answeare to the reasons alleadged in a discourse therunto annexed, why Catholikes (as they are called) refuse to goe to church: vvherein (among other things) the papists traiterous and treacherous doctrine and demeanour towardes our Soueraigne and the state, is somewhat at large vpon occasion vnfolded: their diuelish pretended conscience also examined, and the foundation thereof vndermined. And lastly shevved thatit [sic] is the duety of all true Christians and subiectes to haunt publike church assemblies. Wiburn, Perceval, d. 1606. 1581 (1581) STC 25586; ESTC S119887 279,860 366 View Text
A02483 An ansvvere to a treatise vvritten by Dr. Carier, by way of a letter to his Maiestie vvherein he layeth downe sundry politike considerations; by which hee pretendeth himselfe was moued, and endeuoureth to moue others to be reconciled to the Church of Rome, and imbrace that religion, which he calleth catholike. By George Hakewil, Doctour of Diuinity, and chapleine to the Prince his Highnesse. Hakewill, George, 1578-1649.; Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. Treatise written by Mr. Doctour Carier.; Carier, Benjamin, 1566-1614. Copy of a letter, written by M. Doctor Carier beyond seas, to some particular friends in England. 1616 (1616) STC 12610; ESTC S103612 283,628 378 View Text
A56630 A commentary upon the first book of Moses, called Genesis by the Right Reverend Father in God, Symon, Lord Bishop of Ely. Patrick, Simon, 1626-1707. 1695 (1695) Wing P772; ESTC R1251 382,073 668 View Text
A18271 A treasurie or store-house of similies both pleasaunt, delightfull, and profitable, for all estates of men in generall. Newly collected into heades and common places: by Robert Cawdray. Cawdry, Robert. 1600 (1600) STC 4887; ESTC S107929 530,386 880 View Text
A61244 Mathematical collections and translations ... by Thomas Salusbury, Esq. Salusbury, Thomas. 1661 (1661) Wing S517; ESTC R19153 646,791 680 View Text
A67437 The history & vindication of the loyal formulary, or Irish remonstrance ... received by His Majesty anno 1661 ... in several treatises : with a true account and full discussion of the delusory Irish remonstrance and other papers framed and insisted on by the National Congregation at Dublin, anno 1666, and presented to ... the Duke of Ormond, but rejected by His Grace : to which are added three appendixes, whereof the last contains the Marquess of Ormond ... letter of the second of December, 1650 : in answer to both the declaration and excommunication of the bishops, &c. at Jamestown / the author, Father Peter Walsh ... Walsh, Peter, 1618?-1688.; Ormonde, James Butler, Duke of, 1610-1688. Articles of peace.; Rothe, David, 1573-1650. Queries concerning the lawfulnesse of the present cessation. 1673 (1673) Wing W634; ESTC R13539 1,444,938 1,122 View Text
A71277 Athenæ Oxonienses. Vol. 2. an exact history of all the writers and bishops who have had their education in the most ancient and famous University of Oxford, from the fifteenth year of King Henry the Seventh, Dom. 1500, to the end of the year 1690 representing the birth, fortune, preferment, and death of all those authors and prelates, the great accidents of their lives, and the fate and character of their writings : to which are added, the Fasti, or, Annals, of the said university, for the same time ... Wood, Anthony à, 1632-1695. 1692 (1692) Wing W3383A; ESTC R200957 1,495,232 926 View Text
A71177 Symbolon theologikon, or, A collection of polemicall discourses wherein the Church of England, in its worst as well as more flourishing condition, is defended in many material points, against the attempts of the papists on one hand, and the fanaticks on the other : together with some additional pieces addressed to the promotion of practical religion and daily devotion / by Jer. Taylor ... Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1674 (1674) Wing T399; ESTC R17669 1,679,274 1,048 View Text
A69887 A new history of ecclesiastical writers containing an account of the authors of the several books of the Old and New Testament, of the lives and writings of the primitive fathers, an abridgement and catalogue of their works ... also a compendious history of the councils, with chronological tables of the whole / written in French by Lewis Ellies du Pin.; Nouvelle bibliothèque des auteurs ecclésiastiques. English. 1693 Du Pin, Louis Ellies, 1657-1719.; Wotton, William, 1666-1727. 1693 (1693) Wing D2644; ESTC R30987 5,602,793 2,988 View Text
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