Useful Links

Linguistic DNA is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Browse Early English Books Online (Proquest; EEBO-TCP). More information about EEBO-TCP is available from the Text Creation Partnership.

View Eighteenth Century Collections Online (Gale Cengage; ECCO-TCP).

A useful catalogue of the Text Creation Parnership‘s work is provided by the University of Oxford.

The Historical Thesaurus of English is hosted by the University of Glasgow.  Parts can also be accessed through the online Oxford English Dictionary web pages.

The Linguistic DNA project has benefited from the work of Martin Mueller, Philip Burns, and others in the Mellon-funded Early Print collaboration, particularly with regard to the latest iteration of the MorphAdorner pipeline (an advance on the last public release MorphAdorner 2.0).

The option to explore concepts from the “SuperScience” materials from EEBO-TCP was made possible by metadata preparation work carried out by Dr Alan Hogarth in the Strathclyde branch of the Mellon-funded project Visualizing English Print and the VEP Metadata builder.

The catalogue information we provide for items in EEBO-TCP is based on the Oxford TCP metadata released by the late Sebastian Rahtz and available to download from GitHub.

Prior to joining Linguistic DNA, our Glasgow team led the related research project Semantic Annotation and Mark-Up for Enhancing Lexical Searches (alias SAMUELS).

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