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A01695 An easie entrance into the principall points of Christian religion verie short and plaine for the simpler sorte, and may soone be learned of them, if they haue any care (as all ought to haue) of their saluation. By I.G. Gibson, John, fl. 1579-1599. 1579 (1579) STC 11832; ESTC S114026 10,486 26

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¶_o a_o easy_a entrance_n into_o the_o principal_a point_n of_o christian_a re●●●●…_n very_o short_a and_o plain_a for_o the_o 〈◊〉_d ●●●te_n and_o may_v soon_o be_v lee_n 〈…〉_o if_o they_o have_v any_o care_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ●●…ght_v to_o have_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d ●●…wation_n ▪_o by_o i_o g._n hebr._n 5._o 12._o when_o as_o concern_v the_o time_n you_o ought_v to_o be_v teacher_n yet_o have_v you_o need_v again_o that_o we_o teach_v you_o what_o be_v the_o first_o principle_n of_o the_o word_n of_o god_n ▪_o and_o be_v become_v such_o as_o have_v need_n of_o milk_n and_o not_o of_o strong_a meat_n john_n 3._o 12._o if_o when_o i_o tell_v you_o earthly_a thing_n you_o believe_v not_o how_o shall_v you_o believe_v if_o i_o shall_v tell_v you_o of_o heavenly_a thing_n ¶_o imprint_v at_o london_n for_o william_n norton_n 1579._o to_o the_o reader_n i_o have_v endeavour_v gentle_a reader_n to_o set_v down_o the_o principal_a point_n of_o christian_a religion_n in_o as_o plain_a sort_n as_o i_o can_v possible_a for_o their_o sake_n especial_o who_o capacity_n be_v small_a and_o memory_n unable_a to_o contain_v much_o if_o i_o have_v attain_v that_o which_o i_o attempt_v that_o be_v to_o say_v their_o profit_n i_o have_v my_o desire_n if_o otherwise_o ▪_o then_o although_o my_o work_n deserve_v no●_n praise_n which_o if_o it_o do_v be_v due_a only_o to_o god_n yet_o my_o will_n desire_v pardon_n which_o i_o do_v not_o doubt_v to_o obtain_v at_o thy_o hand_n see_v i_o seek_v nothing_o but_o thy_o advantage_n the_o excuse_n that_o be_v daily_o make_v for_o ignorance_n while_o one_o lay_v the_o fault_n in_o his_o want_n of_o time_n a_o other_o in_o his_o simplicity_n and_o want_v of_o capacity_n and_o other_o in_o want_n of_o memory_n etc_n etc_n do_v much_o move_v i_o to_o try_v what_o i_o can_v do_v to_o do_v they_o good_a although_o i_o be_o not_o ignorant_a that_o other_o also_o have_v go_v about_o the_o same_o but_o such_o be_v the_o dullness_n of_o our_o day_n and_o so_o hard_o be_v it_o to_o be_v both_o short_a and_o yet_o plain_a in_o so_o great_a matter_n that_o it_o be_v well_o if_o either_o their_o or_o my_o labour_n or_o all_o that_o we_o all_o can_v do_v may_v bring_v man_n forward_o in_o the_o faith_n if_o we_o miss_v this_o yet_o because_o we_o mean_v it_o he_o that_o be_v not_o uncharitable_o suspicious_a will_v not_o think_v the_o labour_n superfluous_a if_o this_o come_v to_o the_o hand_n of_o such_o as_o be_v already_o past_a such_o a._n b._n cees_z ▪_o let_v it_o not_o offend_v they_o that_o child_n be_v lead_v though_o they_o be_v man_n can_v go_v alone_o and_o let_v they_o leave_v this_o either_o to_o child_n in_o year_n or_o in_o knowledge_n which_o must_v of_o necessity_n be_v train_v up_o in_o this_o or_o such_o short_a and_o plain_a sort_n if_o they_o will_v profit_v as_o i_o pray_v god_n they_o may_v and_o we_o all_o every_o day_n increase_v in_o knowledge_n and_o grow_v in_o the_o grace_n of_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n who_o ever_o preserve_v you_o &_o to_o who_o be_v praise_n in_o the_o church_n through_o all_o generation_n for_o ever_o *_o ⁎_o *_o amen_o the_o law_n minister_n parishioner_n what_o religion_n do_v you_o profess_v p_o the_o religion_n of_o a_o true_a 20._o christian_a m._n wherein_o consist_v chief_o the_o religion_n of_o a_o true_a christian_n p._n in_o the_o true_a understanding_n and_o profitable_a 42._o use_n of_o the_o ten_o commandment_n the_o article_n of_o faith_n the_o sacrament_n and_o prayer_n m._n rehearse_v first_o the_o ten_o commandment_n 5._o p._n the_o same_o which_o god_n speak_v etc_n etc_n m._n what_o do_v god_n chief_o require_v in_o these_o commandment_n p._n that_o i_o shall_v love_v he_o with_o all_o my_o 39_o heart_n with_o all_o my_o soul_n and_o with_o all_o my_o strength_n and_o that_o i_o shall_v love_v my_o neighbour_n as_o myself_o m._n how_o be_v god_n love_v p._n by_o obey_v perfect_o those_o commandment_n 5._o which_o teach_v our_o duty_n towards_o he_o m_o how_o many_o be_v they_o 13._o p._n four_o in_o the_o first_o table_n m._n what_o duty_n teach_v the_o first_o ▪_o p._n that_o i_o shall_v always_o worship_v fear_v and_o love_v this_o true_a and_o live_a god_n 14._o above_o all_o thing_n trust_v in_o he_o only_o pray_v and_o give_v thanks_n to_o he_o alone_o and_o never_o by_o these_o mean_n to_o worship_n or_o serve_v any_o creature_n in_o his_o presence_n m._n the_o second_o exod._n 20._o 4._o 5._o 6._o p._n that_o i_o shall_v not_o imagine_v he_o to_o 24._o be_v like_o any_o thing_n that_o i_o see_v or_o know_v in_o the_o whole_a world_n nor_o worship_v he_o in_o or_o under_o any_o image_n or_o likeness_n of_o any_o thing_n but_o in_o spirit_n and_o truth_n as_o he_o have_v command_v m._n the_o third_o exod._n 20._o 7._o p._n that_o i_o shall_v not_o abuse_v his_o name_n 58._o any_o kind_n of_o way_n much_o less_o by_o false_a or_o vain_a oath_n but_o be_v lawful_o call_v to_o a_o oath_n then_o to_o swear_v true_o by_o he_o only_o and_o at_o no_o time_n by_o any_o creature_n and_o to_o use_v his_o name_n always_o to_o his_o honour_n and_o glory_n m._n the_o four_o exod._n 20._o 8._o 9_o 10._o 11._o p._n that_o i_o and_o all_o i_o cease_v from_o all_o 2._o bodily_a labour_n and_o weekly_o travail_n and_o come_v to_o church_n to_o hear_v the_o word_n 7._o of_o god_n and_o receive_v the_o sacrament_n and_o pray_v together_o with_o the_o whole_a congregation_n 12._o and_o that_o my_o family_n and_o all_o my_o cattle_n may_v by_o the_o same_o rest_n be_v refresh_v m._n and_o how_o shall_v we_o love_v our_o neighbour_n p._n by_o keep_v perfect_o those_o commandment_n 10._o which_o contain_v our_o du●ie_n to_o he_o m._n which_o be_v they_o p._n the_o other_o six_o in_o the_o second_o table_n 15._o m._n what_o mean_v the_o five_o be_v the_o 12._o first_o of_o the_o same_o p._n that_o i_o shall_v love_v reverence_n obey_v 28._o and_o help_v my_o natural_a parent_n and_o all_o my_o superior_n and_o governor_n of_o the_o church_n and_o common_a wealth_n and_o at_o no_o time_n resist_v or_o despise_v their_o authority_n m._n the_o six_o thou_o shall_v do_v no_o murder_n 16._o p_o that_o i_o shall_v not_o kill_v nor_o hate_n in_o my_o heart_n nor_o revile_v any_o with_o my_o tongue_n but_o help_v save_v and_o keep_v their_o life_n as_o much_o as_o i_o be_o able_a m._n the_o seven_o thou_o shall_v not_o commit_v 14._o adultery_n p._n that_o i_o shall_v not_o commit_v the_o deed_n 4._o in_o body_n nor_o lust_n after_o it_o with_o any_o in_o my_o heart_n but_o use_v all_o mean_n to_o keep_v and_o declare_v myself_o sober_a and_o chaste_a 15._o m._n the_o eight_o thou_o shall_v not_o steal_v p._n that_o i_o shall_v not_o take_v away_o the_o 8._o good_n of_o any_o other_o by_o deceit_n or_o violence_n nor_o in_o my_o heart_n desire_v the_o same_o but_o restore_v to_o every_o man_n his_o to_o give_v to_o they_o which_o need_n &_o to_o be_v content_a with_o my_o own_o m._n the_o nine_o thou_o shall_v bear_v no_o false_a witness_n against_o thy_o neighbour_n exodus_fw-la 20._o 15._o p._n that_o i_o shall_v not_o hurt_v any_o with_o 29._o my_o tongue_n by_o false_a witness_n backbite_n slander_n or_o flatter_a nor_o without_o cause_n suspect_v evil_a of_o any_o but_o use_v my_o tongue_n to_o further_o and_o profit_v they_o in_o whatsoever_o i_o be_o able_a m._n the_o ten_o thou_o shall_v not_o covet_v exodus_fw-la 20._o 16._o p._n that_o there_o shall_v not_o be_v in_o i_o any_o 7._o motion_n or_o desire_n to_o any_o sin_n but_o that_o i_o shall_v be_v without_o all_o sin_n and_o holy_a in_o my_o whole_a soul_n and_o body_n m._n be_v you_o able_a then_o thus_o to_o keep_v these_o commandment_n p._n no_o verily_o 3._o m._n where_o be_v the_o fault_n p._n in_o my_o corrupt_a nature_n which_o be_v enemy_n 7._o to_o all_o righteousness_n m._n who_o corrupt_v your_o nature_n p._n adam_n by_o his_o trangression_n forbid_v 31._o create_v it_o good_a m._n see_v then_o we_o can_v choose_v but_o break_v they_o what_o be_v the_o punishment_n of_o 4._o our_o sin_n and_o transgression_n p._n the_o curse_n of_o god_n upon_o body_n and_o 15._o soul_n to_o everlasting_a death_n m._n if_o we_o keep_v some_o will_v he_o not_o bear_v with_o we_o for_o the_o rest_n p._n no_o but_o accurse_v we_o if_o we_o continue_v 26._o not_o in_o all_o thing_n in_o they_o to_o do_v they_o m._n be_v he_o not_o then_o merciful_a p._n yes_o but_o this_o law_n be_v the_o rule_n of_o 13._o his_o justice_n and_o teach_v we_o what_o we_o be_v bind_v to_o do_v and_o not_o what_o he_o will_v forgive_v