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A91927 Collections, or brief notes gathered out of Mr Daniel Rogers's practical catechism for private use : and how hereby communicated to som private friends, towards the building of them up in their holie faith. / By R.P. D. R. (Daniel Rogers), 1573-1652.; R. P. 1648 (1648) Wing R1795; Thomason E1138_1; ESTC R210078 131,966 329

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fetch her to bee Isaac's wife hee discoursed of his wealth cattel silver and jewels and for the purpose brought her out his gold bracelets and ornaments which Isaac sent her But what came of it did shee slight the offer No but went with the messenger immediately If God's Spokes-men in bringing forth these benefits of Christ have won us thereby to go with them it is well Trial 2. No man is married to Christ except hee hath his dowrie to shew A Christ without a dowrie is no husband 1 Cor. 1. 30. Hee is our wisdom righteousness c. if wee can shew our marriage-ring set with these jewels wee may bee believed Trial 3. If thou bee justified where is that boldness of a debtor discharged by his Suretie that can say I know the hardest I shall not perish I dare look my creditor in the face Trial 4. If thou bee reconciled where is thy joy and welfare then of heart how shouldest thou be beloved of God and bee such a stranger to this joy Trial 5. Thou saiest thou art redeemed but proov it also for if it bee so then that bondage of thine to sin and the lust thereof and that bondage by sin that keep 's thee from believing is taken away in som measure thy tongue is none of thine own thy eies ears feet members are bought with a price and the Lord's yoak is sweet to thee Vse III. Instruction to all Christians to ponder wisely this article of the difference order and nature of these benefits It would help much to the understanding of the Scriptures with light and profit Vse IV. Exhortation that wee ceas not to adore that most divine depth of wisdom and love in God who when hee might have forsaken us and cast us off quite in our first fall was not onely content to restore us to the same estate and make us as good as wee were but also took occasion by this ruine to set us in a better estate then ever Adam knew not onely in the grace of perseverance but in the gift of eternal life in his heavenly presence Vse V. It is exceeding consolation to all believers For why The benefits which they receiv all at once by faith are a namo scit of price and plentie God in Christ is above all wee can ask or conceiv ARTIC VI. The Church of GOD is the true and onely object of all the former Good things TWo things are considerable in this Article 1. The subject of it the Church herself 2. The proper adjunct of it Communion I. Concerning the Church it is necessarie to open som tearms touching the distinction of names given to the Church viz. 1. A Church Constituted is gathered by the Word professing the same truth doth enjoy the free peaceable setled use administration of all essentials to salvation the Word Sacraments and outward Assemblies established by Christian authoritie And contrarie to this is that Church which consist's onely in toleration and connivence doubtful and unsetled 2. A Church Visible is an Assemblie of such worshippers of God as enjoying the libertie of the Ordinances do partake them visibly audibly and sensibly to the eie and observation of man 3. The Church Invisible is that Communaltie or fellowship of the Elect of God when or wheresoever throughout the world in all ages and times as beeing called to God and given to Christ becom his mystical bodie and are built up unto one habitation by the Spirit Shee is called Invisible not as if shee consisted of such members as may not bee seen and bodily conversed with seeing that they do usually reside in the Church Visible worshipping God with others externally but becaus that by which shee subsist's is an invisible grace of the Spirit not sensible to the eie of man but known to God alone and to others onely by the judgment of charitie more or less 4. The Militant Church is that part of the invisible which here upon earth walketh and warreth with and for God against all his and her enemies according to that vow and oath shee took in her Baptism or prest-money wherein shee covenanted to bee God's faithful Souldier against World Divel or Flesh 5. The Church Triumphant is that invisible which haveing cast off her harness after the victorie obtained abide's in soul with God and triumph's there over all conquered enemie both these although in divers state are the same Church 6. The Church Malignant is that special kinde of Church Visible which although it retain's Baptism and som such truths as are of the Essence yet hath degenerated in the most of her tenets from the truth of the Gospel Now the Church Invisible is the equal and onely subject of Christ and his benefits Onely with this difference that although the whole Church enjoy all yet becaus the Triumphant differ's from the Militant in the fulness and possession the one by sens the other under the assurance of faith and hope therefore here wee especially aim at the Militant as it contain's the whole armie the souldiers the bodie of his members Vse I. Confutation of the usurped and pretended title of the Pseudo-Catholick-Popish-Church who claim to themselvs this priviledg to bee the treasurie of all the benefits of Christ Vse II. Terror to all the malignant enemies of the Church if all this store bee laid in her lap righteousness redemption c. bee affraid to pursue and oppose her Vse IIL Admonition to all God's people to honor even the Church Visible Disdain not her assemblies separate not from her members renounce not her fellowship prize the field highly wherein the pearl is hidden Bless God that make's her a sanctuarie for the distressed a mother of Orphans and desolate ones an Ark for perishing ones Again admonition to all that live in the bosom of the visible Church not to rest there nor give their eye-lids sleep till thereby the Lord hath drawn them to the invisible For out of this Ark is no salvation Vse IV. Consolation to the true Church of Christ for the portion of these benefits given her in Christ Wonder that the Lord should so look upon the lowliness of thy poor despised state as to make thee his jewel-hous of these treasures Vse V. Bee not high-minded learn that of Paul That the root hold's thee not thou it Rom. 10. 18. The bodie hold's the members the Vine the branches not they them Bee not high-minded but humble thy self and be lesser then the meanest of the members The Lord hath bestowed life and blessing upon his Church for ever Psalm 33. ult not upon thee in severall Thy grace is a member's grace as the blood of a finger and the sens thereof and the spirit thereof is from the heart liver and brain carried to the bodie and thence derived to each part Humbly therefore bee glad to receiv thy part see thy wants supplie them by the bodie and disdain not the grace of the meanest for if thou abide in the bodie it