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A95311 The temples foundation laid: or, a way for setlement of religion. Humbly presented unto the Parliament. By M.T. M. T. 1653 (1653) Wing T31; Thomason E724_13; ESTC R207271 5,747 18 View Text
B01109 A court of guard for the heart. Taylor, Joseph. 1626 (1626) STC 5876.5; ESTC S124214 16,679 82 View Text
A63729 A copy of a letter written to a gentlewoman newly seduced to the Church of Rome by the Reverend J.T. D.D. late Bishop of Down and Connor. Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1687 (1687) Wing T306; ESTC R77 16,694 24 View Text
A77729 An answer to those questions propounded by the Parliament to the Assembly of Divines, touching jus divinum in matter of church-government. Wherein is clearly proved from Scripture, that the Presbyterial government is jure devino, of divine institution, and according to the will and appointment of Jesus Christ. Licensed, and published according to order. Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. 1646 (1646) Wing B526A; Thomason E340_29; ESTC R38569 17,260 20 View Text
A63474 An epistle of caution to Friends to take heed of that treacherous spirit that is entred into W.R. and his abettors (as appears in his malicious book, falsly called The Christian-Quaker, &c.) ... : with wholsome advice and counsel, by way of information, that the simple-minded may not be ensnared by the crafts and wiles of Satan through faith fallen antichristian instruments is W.R. and such as are encred into the same malicious spirit with him / C.T. Taylor, Christopher, ca. 1615-1686. 1681 (1681) Wing T262; ESTC R20258 17,842 24 View Text
A40709 The general assembly, or, The necessity of receiving the communion in our publick congregations evinced from the nature of the church, the Word of God, and presbyterian principles, in a sermon / lately preached in the Cathedral Church of Exeter by Francis Fullwood. Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693. 1667 (1667) Wing F2504; ESTC R35476 18,644 34 View Text
A93878 The spirits conviction of sinne. Opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament upon the solemne day of their monethly fast, Novemb. 26, 1645. / By Peter Sterry, sometimes fellow of Emanuel Colledge in Cambridge. And now preacher of the Gospel in London. Published by order of the House of Commons. Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. 1645 (1645) Wing S5485; Thomason E310_4; ESTC R200442 20,427 47 View Text
A61475 The spirit convincing of sinne opened in a sermon before the Honorable House of Commons, assembled in Parliament upon the solemne day of their monethly fast, Novemb. 26, 1645 / by Peter Sterry ... Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. 1645 (1645) Wing S5483; ESTC R34606 20,614 44 View Text
A18126 A sermon of the nature and end of repentance shadowed in the ministerie of Iohn the Baptist. Preached the Sunday afore Lent. 1613. Case, William, 1584 or 5-1634. 1616 (1616) STC 4767; ESTC S107898 20,795 36 View Text
A14657 The svmme of a dispvtation betweene Mr. VValker, pastor of St. Iohn Euanglists [sic] in Watling-street London, and a popish priest calling himselfe Mr. Smith, but indeed Norrice assisted by other priests and papists : held in the presence of some worthy knights, with other gentlemen of both religions. Walker, George, 1581?-1651.; S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630. 1624 (1624) STC 24960.5; ESTC S2955 22,486 46 View Text
A42414 A resolution of three important questions (premis'd as a foundation to an intended exposition of the fourth and fifth chapters of the apocalypse) in answer to the late reverend and learned Dr. H. M. Wherein is shewed, I. That the fourth and fifth chapters of the Revelation, are properly a prophecy of things to come to pass after St. John's receiving of the vision of them. II. That by opening of the book, Rev. v. is meant, of prefigured the explaining of it. III. That by the throne in both the said chapters, is meant a throne of God on Earth, and not in the highest heaven. By W. G. V. T. Garrett, Walter. 1688 (1688) Wing G271A; ESTC R200685 23,074 29 View Text
A51177 The coppy of a letter sent from France by Mr. Walter Mountagu to his father the Lord Privie Seale, with his answere thereunto also a second answere to the same letter by the Faukland. Montagu, Walter, 1603?-1677.; Falkland, Lucius Cary, Viscount, 1610?-1643.; Manchester, Henry Montagu, Earl of, 1563?-1642. 1641 (1641) Wing M2472; ESTC R6266 23,462 40 View Text
A39313 Hereticks, sectaries, and schismaticks, discovered to be the Antichrist yet remaining and the great enemies of the peace of this kingdome the question rightly stated and debated ... : with a hint about ordination and the covenant. Ellyson, John. 1647 (1647) Wing E631; ESTC R23279 25,773 37 View Text
A64357 A Discourse concerning a guide in matters of faith with respect especially to the Romish pretence of the necessity of such a one as is infallible. Tenison, Thomas, 1636-1715. 1683 (1683) Wing T695; ESTC R37882 33,059 50 View Text
A86681 The essence and unitie of the Church Catholike visible, and the prioritie thereof in regard of particular churches discussed. / By Samuel Hudson minister of the Gospell. Hudson, Samuel, 17th cent. 1645 (1645) Wing H3265; Thomason E271_19; ESTC R212195 42,476 56 View Text
A36449 The stable trveths of the Kirk reqvire a svtable behaviour holden forth by way of sermon upon I. Tim. 3. vers. 14. 15., delivered by Mr. William Dowglas ... before the provinciall Synod of Aberdene, April 18. 1659. Dowglas, William. 1660 (1660) Wing D2044; ESTC R36099 43,682 51 View Text
A90808 The holy scripture clearing it self of scandals: or, An answer to a book written by Richard Farnworth, who is commonly called a Quaker, bearing this title, Truth cleared of scandals. In this answer, you have the substance of a dispute at Harliston in Staffordshire, between Richard Faruworth [sic] and the author, in the yeer 1654. Written by Tho. Pollard, a member of the Church of Christ, gathered in, and about, Leichfield. Whereunto is added, Certain considerations and queries concerning those people called the Quakers; with desire of an answer. As also, a postscript, manifesting their folly in pretending a necessity of using the terms thee and thou to a single person. / By Henry Haggar, a servant of Jesus Christ, and of the congregation of his saints. Pollard, Thomas, fl. 1655.; Haggar, Henry. 1655 (1655) Wing P2775; Thomason E857_8; Thomason E842_10; ESTC R206619 43,888 64 View Text
A00791 An answer to a pamphlet, intituled: The Fisher catched in his owne net In vvhich, by the vvay, is shevved, that the Protestant Church was not so visible, in al ages, as the true Church ought to be: and consequently, is not the true Church. Of which, men may learne infallible faith, necessarie to saluation. By A.C. A. C.; Champney, Anthony, 1569?-1643?, attributed name.; Sweet, John, 1570-1632, attributed name.; Floyd, John, 1572-1649, attributed name.; Fisher, John, 1569-1641, attributed name. 1623 (1623) STC 10910.4; ESTC S107710 44,806 106 View Text
A63784 A discourse of the nature, offices, and measures of friendship with rules of conducting it / written in answer to a letter from the most ingenious and vertuous M.K.P. by J.T. Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. Two letters written to persons newly changed in their religion. 1657 (1657) Wing T317; ESTC R27531 49,680 181 View Text
A64030 The measures and offices of friendship with rules of conducting it : to which are added, two letters written to persons newly changed in their religion / by Jer. Taylor, D.D.; Discourse of the nature, offices and measures of friendship Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1657 (1657) Wing T350; ESTC R41495 50,636 214 View Text
A65264 A fuller answer to Elimas the sorcerer or to the most material part (of a feign'd memoriall) toward the discovery of the Popish Plot, with modest reflections upon a pretended declaration (of the late Dutchess) for charging her religion : prelates ... in a letter addressed to Mr. Thomas Jones by Richard Watson ... / published by Monsieur Maimburg ... Watson, Richard, 1612-1685. 1683 (1683) Wing W1090; ESTC R34094 54,514 31 View Text
A41212 A compendious discourse upon the case, as it stands between the Church of England and of Rome on the one hand, and again between the same Church of England and those congregations which have divided from it on the other hand together with the treatise of the division of the English church and the Romish, upon the Reformation / enlarged with some explicatory additionalls by H.F. ... Ferne, H. (Henry), 1602-1662. 1655 (1655) Wing F790; ESTC R5674 55,518 166 View Text
A62340 Separation yet no schisme, or, Non-conformists no schismaticks being a full and sober vindication of the non-conformists from the charge and imputation of schisme, in answer to a sermon lately preached before the Lord Mayor by J.S. J. S. 1675 (1675) Wing S86; ESTC R24503 61,039 79 View Text
A86096 Doctor Hill's funeral-sermon. Or a nevv-yeers-gift to all the clergie. Daynus, the reviving feet fo the witnesses past and to come, to shew the day and yeer of the Lord, and his time accepted. Hesselwood, Henry. 1655 (1655) Wing H1134; Thomason E821_19; ESTC R207661 62,538 65 View Text
A90287 A review of the true nature of schisme, with a vindication of the Congregationall churches in England, from the imputation thereof unjustly charged on them by Mr D. Cawdrey, preacher of the Word at Billing in Northampton-shire. / By John Owen D.D. Owen, John, 1616-1683. 1657 (1657) Wing O803; Thomason E1664_1; ESTC R203102 68,239 187 View Text
A96167 An answer to W.R. his narration of the opinions and practises of the churches lately erected in Nevv-England. Vindicating those Godly and orthodoxall churches, from more then an hundred imputations fathered on them and their church way, by the said W.R. in his booke. Wherein is plainely proved, 1. That the grounds of his narration are sandie and insufficient. 2. That the maner of his handling it, unloving and irregular. 3. That the matter of it, ful of grosse mistakes & divers contradictions. 4. That the quotations extremely wrested, and out of measure abused. 5. That his marginall notes impertinent and injurious. / By Thomas Welde, Pastour of the Church of Roxborough in Nevv-England. This is licensed and entred according to order. Weld, Thomas, 1590?-1662. 1644 (1644) Wing W1262; Thomason E3_18; ESTC R2769 70,175 76 View Text
A81815 The fulness and freeness of Gods grace in Jesus Christ, declared in two general points: first, that personal election is no ground of the saints perseverance in the grace of God by Jesus Christ. Secondly, in what sense the scriptures speake the saints perseverance in that grace. The third part. / By Francis Duke.; Fulnesse and freenesse of Gods grace in Jesus Christ. Part 3 Duke, Francis. 1656 (1656) Wing D2503; Thomason E892_9; ESTC R205568 71,363 121 View Text
A62452 A discourse of the forbearance or the penalties which a due reformation requires by H. Thorndike ... Thorndike, Herbert, 1598-1672. 1670 (1670) Wing T1044; ESTC R1719 71,571 188 View Text
A23636 The principles of the Protestant religion maintained, and churches of New-England, in the profession and exercise thereof defended against all the calumnies of one George Keith, a Quaker, in a book lately published at Pensilvania, to undermine them both / by the ministers of the Gospel in Boston. Mather, Cotton, 1663-1728.; Allen, James, 1632-1710. 1690 (1690) Wing A1029; ESTC W19401 72,664 176 View Text
A18914 A chronological discourse touching, 1 The Church. 2 Christ. 3 Anti-Christ. 4 Gog & Magog. &c. The substaunce whereof, was collected about some 10. or 11. yeares since (as may be gathered by an epistle prefixed before a tractate, called, The visible Christian) but now digested into better order; and first published, by the author himselfe, H. Cl. Clapham, Henoch. 1609 (1609) STC 5336; ESTC S108005 72,787 116 View Text
A85043 The churches and ministery of England, true churches and true ministery. Cleared, and proved, in a sermon / preach'd the 4th of May at Wiviliscombe; before a numerous congregation assembled together to hear the opposition, which had been long threatned to be made that day, by Mr Collier and others of his party, who, with the greatest strength the West would afford them, were present at the sermon. Wherein were these five things undeniably proved: 1. That a mixture of prophane and scandalous persons with reall saints, is not inconsistent with the Church of God or a true church. ... 5. And then, they also must needs be guilty, who forsake true churches and a lawfull ministry, to follow and hear unsent preachers. By Francis Fullwood minister of the Gospel at Staple Fitzpane in the county of Somerset. Before it there is an epistle and preface, shewing the manner, and a narrative subjoyned shewing the substance of the dispute after the sermon, (both which lasted nine hours.) Set forth by the ministers that were at the dispute, and attested under their hands. Fullwood, Francis, d. 1693.; Darby, Charls.; Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. 1652 (1652) Wing F2498; Thomason E671_2; ESTC R202166 72,915 100 View Text
A00428 The conuiction of noueltie, and defense of antiquitie. Or demonstratiue arguments of the falsitie of the newe religion of England: and trueth of the Catholike Roman faith Deliuered in twelve principal sylogismes, and directed to the more scholasticall wits of the realme of great Britanie, especially to the ingenious students of the two most renowned vniuersities of Oxford & Cambrige [sic]. Author R.B. Roman Catholike, and one of the English clergie and mission. Broughton, Richard.; Broughton, Richard, attributed name.; Lascelles, Richard, attributed name. 1632 (1632) STC 1056; ESTC S116769 74,624 170 View Text
A36614 A defence of the papers written by the late king of blessed memory, and Duchess of York, against the answer made to them Dryden, John, 1631-1700. 1686 (1686) Wing D2261; ESTC R22072 76,147 138 View Text
A01336 An ansvver of a true Christian to the proude challenge of a counterset Catholike. By VVilliam Fulke Doctor in diuinitie; Two treatises written against the papistes. Part 1 Fulke, William, 1538-1589.; Albin de Valsergues, Jean d', d. 1566. Notable discourse. 1577 (1577) STC 11459; ESTC S122230 76,157 126 View Text
A36729 Reflections on the Council of Trent in three discourses / by H.C. de Luzancy. De Luzancy, H. C. (Hippolyte du Chastelet), d. 1713. 1679 (1679) Wing D2419; ESTC R27310 76,793 222 View Text
A75492 A consideration of certaine controversies at this time agitated in the kingdome of England, concerning the government of the church of God. / Written at the command and appointment of the Walachrian classis, by Guilielmus Apollonii, minister of the Word of God at Middleburgh. And sent from the Walachrian churches, to declare the sense and consent of their churches, to the Synod at London. Octob. 16. 1644. Stilo novo. Translated out of Latine accorning to the printed copy. Apollonius, Willem, 1602 or 3-1657. 1645 (1645) Wing A3535; Thomason E1155_2; ESTC R208676 76,829 175 View Text
A64062 B. Taylor's Opuscula the measures of friendship : with additional tracts : to which is now added his moral demonstration proving that the religion of Jesus Christ is from God : never before printed in this volume.; Selections. 1678 Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1678 (1678) Wing T355; ESTC R11770 78,709 214 View Text
A45125 The axe laid to the root of separation, or, The churches cause against it by the author who wrote in the late Times for free admission to the Lord's Supper. Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. 1685 (1685) Wing H3670; ESTC R225063 79,856 182 View Text
B02310 An answer, to a little book call'd Protestancy to be embrac'd or, A new and infallible method to reduce Romanists from popery to Protestancy Con, Alexander. 1686 (1686) Wing C5682; ESTC R171481 80,364 170 View Text
B23015 The confirming worke of religion ..., or, The true and infallible way for attaining a confirmed state in religion ... with a short and confirming prospect of the work of the Lord about his church in these last times / by R. Fleming ... Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694. 1685 (1685) Wing F1263A 80,672 168 View Text
A10173 Protestants demonstrations, for Catholiks recusance All taken from such English Protestant bishops, doctors, ministers, parlaments, lawes, decrees, and proceedings, as haue beene printed, published, or allowed among them in England; since the cominge of our king Iames into this kingdome: and for the most parte within the first six or seuen yeares thereof. And euidentlie prouinge by their owne writings, that english Catholiks may not vnder damnable syn, co[m]municate with English Protestants, in their seruice, sermons, or matters of religion: and soe conuincinge by the[m]selues, their religio[n] to be most damnable, & among other things, their ministery to bee voide, false & vsurped. Broughton, Richard, attributed name. 1615 (1615) STC 20450; ESTC S112509 81,861 158 View Text
A34613 The history of popish transubstantiation to which is premised and opposed the catholic doctrin of Holy Scripture, the antient fathers and the reformed churches about the sacred elements, and presence of Christ in the blessed sacrament of the Eucharist / written in Latine by John, late Lord Bishop of Durham, and allowed by him to be published a little before his death at the earnest request of his friends. Cosin, John, 1594-1672.; Beaulieu, Luke, 1644 or 5-1723.; Durel, John, 1625-1683. 1679 (1679) Wing C6359A; ESTC R24782 82,162 188 View Text
A34612 The history of Popish transubstantiation to which is premised and opposed, the Catholick doctrin of Holy Scripture, the ancient fathers and the Reformed churches, about the sacred elements, and presence of Christ in the blessed sacrament of the eucharist / written nineteen years ago in Latine, by the Right Reverend Father in God, John, late Lord Bishop of Durham, and allowed by him to be published a little before his death, at the earnest request of his friends.; Historia transubstantiationis papalis. English Cosin, John, 1594-1672. 1676 (1676) Wing C6359; ESTC R2241 82,193 184 View Text
A02353 Moses vnuailed: or Those figures which serued vnto the patterne and shaddow of heauenly things, pointing out the Messiah Christ Iesus, briefly explained Wherevnto is added the harmony of all the prophets, breathing with one mouth the mysterie of his comming, and of that redemption which by his death he was to accomplish ... By William Guild, minister of Gods Word at King-Edward in Scotland. Guild, William, 1586-1657. 1620 (1620) STC 12485; ESTC S103525 82,830 313 View Text
A09101 A discouerie of I. Nicols minister, misreported a Iesuite, latelye recanted in the Tower of London Wherin besides the declaration of the man, is contayned a ful answere to his recantation, with a confutation of his slaunders, and proofe of the contraries, in the Pope, cardinals, clergie, students, and priuate men of Rome. There is also added a reproofe of an oratiuon and sermon, falsely presented by the sayd Nicols to be made in Rome, and presented to the Pope in his consistorye. Wherto is annexed a late information from Rome touchng [sic] the aute[n]tical copie of Nicols recantation. Parsons, Robert, 1546-1610. 1581 (1581) STC 19402; ESTC S120349 83,096 196 View Text
A39770 The confirming work of religion, or, its great things made plain, by their primary evidences and demonstrations whereby the meanest in the church may soon be made to render a solid and rational account of their faith / written by R. Fleming ... ; now published by Daniel Burgess. Fleming, Robert, 1630-1694.; Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. 1693 (1693) Wing F1279; ESTC R6736 83,701 146 View Text
A12552 The character of the beast, or, The false constitution of the church discovered in certayne passages betwixt Mr. R. Clifton & Iohn Smyth, concerning true Christian baptisme of new creatures, or new borne babes in Christ, &nd false baptisme of infants borne after the flesh : referred to two propositions, 1. That infants are not to bee baptized, 2. That antichristians converted are to bee admitted into the true church by baptisme. Smyth, John, d. 1612. 1609 (1609) STC 22875; ESTC S991 85,221 80 View Text
A64560 An apology for the Church of England in point of separation from it by ... William Lord Bishop of St. Davids. Thomas, William, 1613-1689. 1679 (1679) Wing T975; ESTC R33829 87,104 244 View Text
A66577 Cultus evangelicus, or, A brief discourse concerning the spirituality and simplicity of New-Testament worship Wilson, John, M.A. 1667 (1667) Wing W2926D; Wing W2901; ESTC R9767 88,978 144 View Text
B20526 The font-guard routed, or, A brief answer to a book written by Thomas Hall superscribed with this title, The font guarded with 20 arguments therein endeavouring to prove the lawfulness of infant baptism wherein his arguments are examined and being weighed in the ballance of the sanctuary are found too light : the most considerble of Mr. Baxters arguments for infant-baptism being produced by Tho. Hall are here answered likewise / written by Tho. Collier ; to which is added A word of reply to Tho. Halls word to Collier and another to John Feriby's [ap]pendix called The pulpit-guard relieved ; with An answer to Richard Sanders's pretended Balm to heal religious wounds, in answer to The pulpit-guard routed : with an humble representation of some few proposals to the honorable committee appointed by the Parliament for propagation of the Gospel. Collier, Thomas, fl. 1691. 1652 (1652) Wing C5285; ESTC R5188 90,512 112 View Text
A92204 The fiery change: or, Almighty God, his melting and refining of his people, purging out their drosse and drossy metals, making them like unto himself and to his Son who is the pure Word. Wherein is discovered, by the comparison of metals, how the visible church is corrupted, consisting of men of all degrees and conditions and how God hath begun to refine them: which have past in the world a long time for good metal: but now is discovering by fire. / By Robert Read. Read, Robert, fl. 1653-1656. 1656 (1656) Wing R440; Thomason E899_3; ESTC R206741 92,260 122 View Text
A01041 A defence of the lavvful calling of the ministers of reformed churches, against the cavillations of Romanists Whereto is subioined, an epistle to a recusant, for clearing and maintaining some points of the former treatise of defence, challenged by a Roman Elymas Bar-Iesus-it. With a short discovery of the adversarie his dottage in his impertinent and rediculously deceitfull demands. By Patrik Forbes, of Coirse. Forbes, Patrick, 1564-1635. 1614 (1614) STC 11146; ESTC S114324 93,515 180 View Text
A91721 The Racovian catechisme vvherein you have the substance of the confession of those churches, which in the kingdom of Poland, and great dukedome of Lithuania, and other provinces appertaining to that kingdom, do affirm, that no other save the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, is that one God of Israel, and that the man Jesus of Nazareth, who was born of the Virgin, and no other besides, or before him, is the onely begotten Sonne of God.; Racovian catechism. English. 1652. Smalcius, Valentin, 1572-1622.; Socinus, Faustus, 1539-1604. 1652 (1652) Wing R121; Thomason E1320_1; ESTC R200387 94,429 183 View Text
A13767 A triple antidote, against certaine very common scandals of this time which, like infections and epidemicall diseases, haue generally annoyed most sorts of people amongst vs, poisoned also not a few, and diuers waies plagued and afflicted the whole state. / By Iohn Tichborne, Doctor of Diuinity, and sometimes fellow of Trinity Colledge in Cambridge.. Tichborne, John, d. 1638. 1609 (1609) STC 24064; ESTC S118413 94,709 132 View Text
A45419 Of fundamentals in a notion referring to practise by H. Hammond. Hammond, Henry, 1605-1660. 1654 (1654) Wing H554; ESTC R18462 96,424 252 View Text
A18357 Six sermons now first published, preached by that learned and worthy divine Edward Chaloner lately deceas'd, Dr in Divinity, sometimes Chaplaine in Ordinary to our soveraigne K. Iames, and to his Maiesty that now is: and late Principall of Alban Hall in Oxford. Printed according to the author's coppies, written with his owne hand Chaloner, Edward, 1590 or 91-1625.; Sherman, Abraham, 1601 or 2-1654. 1629 (1629) STC 4937; ESTC S107649 98,854 158 View Text
A01042 Eubulus, or A dialogue, where-in a rugged Romish rhyme, (inscrybed, Catholicke questions, to the Protestaut [sic]) is confuted, and the questions there-of answered. By P.A. Forbes, Patrick, 1564-1635. 1627 (1627) STC 11147; ESTC S102413 101,942 162 View Text
A41439 A full survey of Sion and Babylon, and a clear vindication of the parish-churches and parochial-ministers of England ..., or, A Scripture disproof, and syllogistical conviction of M. Charles Nichols, of Kent ... delivered in three Sabbath-dayes sermons in the parish church of Deal in Kent, after a publick dispute in the same church with the said Mr. Charles Nichols, upon the 20. day of October 1653 / by Thomas Gage ... Gage, Thomas, 1603?-1656. 1654 (1654) Wing G111; ESTC R5895 105,515 104 View Text
A51837 Christs eternal existence, and the dignity of his person asserted and proved in opposition to the doctrine of the Socinians : in several sermons on Col. I, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21 verses / by the Reverend Tho. Manton. Manton, Thomas, 1620-1677. 1685 (1685) Wing M520; ESTC R33496 105,834 258 View Text
A42386 A brief examination of the present Roman Catholick faith contained in Pope Pius his new creed, by the Scriptures, antient fathers and their own modern writers, in answer to a letter desiring satisfaction concerning the visibility of the protestant church and religion in all ages, especially before Luther's time. Gardiner, Samuel, 1619 or 20-1686. 1689 (1689) Wing G244; ESTC R29489 119,057 129 View Text
A40084 The principles and practices of certain moderate divines of the Church of England (greatly mis-understood), truly represented and defended wherein ... some controversies, of no mean importance, are succinctly discussed : in a free discourse between two intimate friends : in three parts. Fowler, Edward, 1632-1714. 1670 (1670) Wing F1711; ESTC R17783 120,188 376 View Text
A86191 The key of Scripture-prophecies: or, A glass of some new discoveries. Being an answer to a book published by Mr John Elmestone. Wherein is resolved, 1. Whether a true constituted church, with true office and visible membership, together with the ordinances proper to such a Gospel-stating, continued true by a line of succession from the primitive time downward to our times: or whether it were not interrupted by the apostacie. 2. If they did there intermit, when they return again to their first glory, whether now, or hereafter; and what is the dispensation now approved by the Spirit. / By Simon Henden. Henden, Simon. 1652 (1652) Wing H1430; Thomason E668_11; ESTC R202520 120,810 124 View Text
A01005 The Church conquerant ouer humane wit. Or The Churches authority demonstrated by M. VVilliam Chillingvvorth (the proctour for vvit against her) his perpetual contradictions, in his booke entituled, The religion of Protestants a safe vvay to saluation Floyd, John, 1572-1649.; Lacey, William, 1584-1673, attributed name. 1638 (1638) STC 11110; ESTC S102366 121,226 198 View Text
A91927 Collections, or brief notes gathered out of Mr Daniel Rogers's practical catechism for private use : and how hereby communicated to som private friends, towards the building of them up in their holie faith. / By R.P. D. R. (Daniel Rogers), 1573-1652.; R. P. 1648 (1648) Wing R1795; Thomason E1138_1; ESTC R210078 131,966 329 View Text
A23658 Catholicism, or, Several enquiries touching visible church-membership, church-communion, the nature of schism, and the usefulness of natural constitutions for the furtherance of religion by W.A. Allen, William, d. 1686. 1683 (1683) Wing A1055; ESTC R502 134,503 424 View Text
A94733 An apology or plea for the Two treatises, and appendix to them concerning infant-baptisme; published Decemb. 15. 1645. Against the unjust charges, complaints, and censures of Doctor Nathanael Homes, Mr Iohn Geree, Mr Stephen Marshall, Mr John Ley, and Mr William Hussey; together with a postscript by way of reply to Mr Blakes answer to Mr Tombes his letter, and Mr Edmund Calamy, and Mr Richard Vines preface to it. Wherein the principall heads of the dispute concerning infant-baptism are handled, and the insufficiency of the writings opposed to the two treatises manifested. / By Iohn Tombes, B.D. Tombes, John, 1603?-1676. 1646 (1646) Wing T1801; Thomason E352_1; ESTC R201072 143,666 170 View Text
A04542 A treatise of the ministery of the Church of England Wherein is handled this question, whether it be to be separated from, or joyned vnto. Which is discussed in two letters, the one written for it, the other against it. Wherevnto is annexed, after the preface, A brief declaration of the ordinary officers of the Church of Christ. And, a few positions. Also in the end of the treatise, some notes touching the Lordes prayer. Seuen questions. A table of some principal thinges conteyned in this treatise. Johnson, Francis, 1562-1618.; Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632. aut 1595 (1595) STC 14663.5; ESTC S117234 146,027 152 View Text
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A01466 An explicatio[n] and assertion of the true Catholique fayth, touchyng the moost blessed sacrament of the aulter with confutacion of a booke written agaynst the same / made by Steuen Byshop of Wynchester ; and exhibited by his owne hande for his defence to the Kynges Maiesties commissioners at Lambeth. Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555. 1551 (1551) STC 11592; ESTC S102829 149,442 308 View Text
A86890 A rejoynder to Mr. Drake or a reply unto his book entituled, A boundary to the holy Mount. VVhich being approach'd, is found so dreadfull, that the people do exceedingly quake and fear, lest they be consumed. By John Humfrey Master of Arts, and minister of Froome in Somerset-shire. Humfrey, John, 1621-1719. 1654 (1654) Wing H3705; Thomason E1466_2; ESTC R208675 155,461 285 View Text
A51689 A treatise of nature and grace to which is added, the author's idæa of providence, and his answers to several objections against the foregoing discourse / by the author of The search after truth ; translated from the last edition, enlarged by many explications.; Traité de la nature et de la grace. English Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715. 1695 (1695) Wing M320; ESTC R9953 159,228 290 View Text
A01262 Certaine fruitfull instructions and necessary doctrines meete to edify in the feare of God faithfully gathered together by Iohn Frewen ... ; whereunto is added a table, wherein the reader may easily find out the principall matters conteined in this booke. Frewen, John, 1558-1628. 1587 (1587) STC 11379.5; ESTC S4308 159,556 432 View Text
A57545 The good Samaritan; or an exposition on that parable Luke X. ver. XXX----XXXVIII. A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell amongst theeves, &c. By Nehemiah Rogers, preacher of the gospel.; Mirrour of mercy, and that on Gods part and mans. Part II Rogers, Nehemiah, 1593-1660. 1658 (1658) Wing R1823A; ESTC R222130 165,186 261 View Text
A00602 The Romish Fisher caught and held in his owne net. Or, A true relation of the Protestant conference and popish difference A iustification of the one, and refutation of the other. In matter of fact. faith. By Daniel Featly, Doctor in Diuinity. Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645.; Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. Fisher catched in his owne net. aut 1624 (1624) STC 10738; ESTC S101879 166,325 348 View Text
A07781 A notable treatise of the church in vvhich are handled all the principall questions, that haue bene moued in our time concerning that matter. By Philip of Mornay, Lord of Plessis Marlyn, gentleman of Fraunce. And translated out of French into English by Io. Feilde.; Traicté de l'église. English Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.; Fielde, John, d. 1588. 1579 (1579) STC 18159; ESTC S107520 167,479 400 View Text
A12557 Paralleles, censures, observations Aperteyning: to three several writinges, 1. A lettre written to Mr. Ric. Bernard, by Iohn Smyth. 2. A book intituled, the Seperatists schisme published by Mr. Bernard. 3. An answer made to that book called the Sep. Schisme by Mr. H. Ainsworth. Whereunto also are adioyned. 1. The said lettre written to Mr. Ric. Bernard divided into 19. sections. 2. Another lettre written to Mr. A.S. 3. A third letter written to certayne bretheren of the seperation. By Iohn Smyth. Smyth, John, d. 1612. 1609 (1609) STC 22877; ESTC S103006 171,681 180 View Text
A93091 A treatise of liturgies, power of the keyes, and of matter of the visible church. In answer to the reverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball. By Thomas Shephard, sometimes fellow of Emanuel-Colledge in Cambridge, and late pastour of Cambridge in New-England. Shepard, Thomas, 1605-1649. 1652 (1652) Wing S3148; Thomason E681_17; ESTC R206794 175,099 213 View Text
A23641 A defence of the answer made unto the nine questions or positions sent from New-England, against the reply thereto by that reverend servant of Christ, Mr. John Ball, entituled, A tryall of the new church-way in New-England and in old wherin, beside a more full opening of sundry particulars concerning liturgies, power of the keys, matter of the visible church, &c., is more largely handled that controversie concerning the catholick, visible church : tending to cleare up the old-way of Christ in New-England churches / by Iohn Allin [and] Tho. Shepard ... Allin, John, 1596-1671.; Shepard, Thomas, 1605-1649. 1648 (1648) Wing A1036; ESTC R8238 175,377 216 View Text
A08562 A manuell or briefe volume of controuersies of religion betweene the Protestants and the Papists wherein the arguments of both sides are briefely set downe, and the aduersaries sophismes are plainely refuted. Written in Latine in a briefe and perspicuous method by Lucas Osiander, and now Englished with some additions and corrections.; Enchiridion controversiarum. English Osiander, Lucas, 1571-1638. 1606 (1606) STC 18880; ESTC S101908 177,466 558 View Text
A65197 A lost sheep returned home, or, The motives of the conversion to the Catholike faith of Thomas Vane ... Vane, Thomas, fl. 1652. 1648 (1648) Wing V84; ESTC R37184 182,330 460 View Text
A13952 A briefe institution of the common places of sacred divinitie Wherein, the truth of every place is proved, and the sophismes of Bellarmine are reprooved. Written in Latine, by Lucas Trelcatius, and Englished by Iohn Gawen, minister of Gods word.; Scholastica, et methodica, locorum communium s. theologiæ institutio. English Trelcatius, Lucas.; Gawen, John, minister of Gods word. 1610 (1610) STC 24261; ESTC S103024 183,328 620 View Text
A20217 The ruine of Rome: or An exposition vpon the whole Reuelation Wherein is plainly shewed and proued, that the popish religion, together with all the power and authoritie of Rome, shall ebbe and decay still more and more throughout all the churches of Europe, and come to an vtter ouerthrow euen in this life before the end of the world. Written especially for the comfort of Protestants, and the daunting of papists, seminary priests, Iesuites, and all that cursed rabble. Published by Arthur Dent, preacher of the word of God at South-Shoobery in Essex. Dent, Arthur, d. 1607.; Culverwell, Ezekiel, 1553 or 4-1631. 1603 (1603) STC 6640; ESTC S117456 184,102 332 View Text
A77397 Anabaptism, the true fountaine of Independency, Brownisme, [double brace] Antinomy, Familisme, and the most of the other errours, which for the time doe trouble the Church of England, unsealed. Also the questions of pædobaptisme and dipping handled from Scripture. In a second part of the Disswasive from the errors of the time. / By Robert Baillie minister at Glasgow. Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662.; Baillie, Robert, 1599-1662. Dissuasive from the errours of the time. 1647 (1647) Wing B452A; Thomason E369_9; ESTC R38567 187,930 235 View Text
A47306 Of Christian prudence, or, Religious wisdom not degenerating into irreligious craftiness in trying times Kettlewell, John, 1653-1695. 1691 (1691) Wing K378; ESTC R28756 189,905 358 View Text
A35689 The ruine of Rome, or, An exposition upon the whole Revelation wherein is plainly shewed and proved that the popish religion, together with all the power and authority of Rome, shall ebbe and decay ... written especially for the comfort of Protestants and the danting of papists ... / published by Authur Dent ; to which is added an epitome of Reverend Mr. Brightman his Exposition upon the Revelation. Dent, Arthur, d. 1607.; Brightman, Thomas, 1562-1607. Exposition upon the Revelation. 1644 (1644) Wing D1057; ESTC R29350 192,764 462 View Text
A08327 The guide of faith, or, A third part of the antidote against the pestiferous writings of all English sectaries and in particuler, agaynst D. Bilson, D. Fulke, D. Reynoldes, D. Whitaker, D. Field, D. Sparkes, D. White, and M. Mason, the chiefe vpholders, some of Protestancy, and some of Puritanisme : wherein the truth, and perpetuall visible succession of the Catholique Roman Church, is cleerly demonstrated / by S.N. ... S. N. (Sylvester Norris), 1572-1630. 1621 (1621) STC 18659; ESTC S1596 198,144 242 View Text
A79524 Catholike history, collected and gathered out of Scripture, councels, ancient Fathers, and modern authentick writers, both ecclesiastical and civil; for the satisfaction of such as doubt, and the confirmation of such as believe, the Reformed Church of England. Occasioned by a book written by Dr. Thomas Vane, intituled, The lost sheep returned home. / By Edward Chisenhale, Esquire. Chisenhale, Edward, d. 1654. 1653 (1653) Wing C3899; Thomason E1273_1; ESTC R210487 201,728 571 View Text
A70263 Several sermons upon the fifth of St. Matthew .... [vol. 1] being part of Christ's Sermon on the mount / by Anthony Horneck ... ; to which is added, the life of the author, by Richard Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells. Horneck, Anthony, 1641-1697. 1698 (1698) Wing H2851; ESTC R40468 201,926 515 View Text
A69143 Miscellania or a treatise Contayning two hundred controuersiall animaduersions, conducing to the study of English controuersies in fayth, and religion. VVritten by N.N.P. and dedicated to the yonger sort of Catholike priests, and other students in the English seminaries beyond the seas. With a pareneticall conclusion vnto the said men. Anderton, Lawrence, attributed name. 1640 (1640) STC 576; ESTC S115142 202,826 416 View Text
A94296 Of religious assemblies, and the publick service of God a discourse according to apostolicall rule and practice. / By Herbert Thorndike. Thorndike, Herbert, 1598-1672. 1642 (1642) Wing T1054; Thomason E1098_1; ESTC R22419 207,469 444 View Text
A00980 The way to blessednes a treatise or commentary, on the first Psalme. By Phinees Fletcher, B. in D. and minister of Gods Word at Hilgay, in Norfolke. Fletcher, Phineas, 1582-1650. 1632 (1632) STC 11085; ESTC S102384 208,041 304 View Text
A15061 An answere to a certeine booke, written by Maister William Rainolds student of diuinitie in the English colledge at Rhemes, and entituled, A refutation of sundrie reprehensions, cauils, etc. by William Whitaker ... Whitaker, William, 1548-1595. 1585 (1585) STC 25364A; ESTC S4474 210,264 485 View Text
A89563 A defence of infant-baptism: in answer to two treatises, and an appendix to them concerning it; lately published by Mr. Jo. Tombes. Wherein that controversie is fully discussed, the ancient and generally received use of it from the apostles dayes, untill the Anabaptists sprung up in Germany, manifested. The arguments for it from the holy Scriptures maintained, and the objections against it answered. / By Steven Marshall B.D. minister of the Gospell, at Finchingfield in Essex. Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655. 1646 (1646) Wing M751; Thomason E332_5; ESTC R200739 211,040 270 View Text
A19033 The plea for infants and elder people, concerning their baptisme, or, A processe of the passages between M. Iohn Smyth and Richard Clyfton wherein, first is proved, that the baptising of infants of beleevers, is an ordinance of God, secondly, that the rebaptising of such, as have been formerly baptised in the apostate churches of Christians, is utterly unlawful, also, the reasons and objects to the contrarie, answered : divided into two principal heads, I. Of the first position, concerning the baptising of infants, II. Of the second position, concerning the rebaptising of elder people. Clyfton, Richard, d. 1616. 1610 (1610) STC 5450; ESTC S1572 214,939 244 View Text
A44434 An exposition on the Lord's prayer with a catechistical explication thereof, by way of question and answer for the instructing of youth : to which is added some sermons on providence, and the excellent advantages of reading and studying the Holy Scriptures / by Ezekiel Hopkins ... Hopkins, Ezekiel, 1634-1690. 1692 (1692) Wing H2730; ESTC R17498 215,674 332 View Text
A91437 The late Assembly of Divines Confession of faith examined. As it was presented by them unto the Parliament. Wherein many of their excesses and defects, of their confusions and disorders, of their errors and contradictions are presented, both to themselves and others. Parker, William, fl. 1651-1658. 1651 (1651) Wing P486; Thomason E1229_1; ESTC R203140 216,319 371 View Text
A44866 A vindication of the essence and unity of the church catholike visible, and the priority thereof in regard of particular churches in answer to the objections made against it, both by Mr. John Ellis, Junior, and by that reverend and worthy divine, Mr. Hooker, in his Survey of church discipline / by Samuel Hudson ... Hudson, Samuel, 17th cent. 1650 (1650) Wing H3266; ESTC R11558 216,698 296 View Text
A13707 The trying out of the truth begunn and prosequuted in certayn letters and passages between Iohn Aynsworth and Henry Aynsworth; the one pleading for, the other against the present religion of the Church of Rome. The chief things to be handled, are. 1. Of Gods word and Scriptures, whither they be a sufficient rule of our faith. 2. Of the Scriptures expounded by the Church; and of unwritten traditions. 3. Of the Church of Rome, whither it be the true Catholike Church, and her sentence to be received, as the certayn truth. Ainsworth, John, fl. 1609-1613.; Ainsworth, Henry, 1571-1622? aut 1615 (1615) STC 240; ESTC S100498 226,493 192 View Text
A19858 A treatise of the Church VVritten against them of the separation, commonly called Brownists. Wherein the true doctrine of a visible Church is taught, and the Church of England, proued to be a true Church. The Brownists false doctrine of the visible Church is conuinced; their shamefull peruerting of the holy Scriptures discouered, their arguments to proue the Church of England a false Church answered. Darrel, John, b. ca. 1562. 1617 (1617) STC 6286; ESTC S117495 230,202 407 View Text
A01472 Great Brittans little calendar: or, Triple diarie, in remembrance of three daies Diuided into three treatises. 1. Britanniæ vota: or God saue the King: for the 24. day of March, the day of his Maiesties happy proclamation. 2. Cæsaris hostes: or, the tragedy of traytors: for the fift of August: the day of the bloudy Gowries treason, and of his Highnes blessed preseruation. 3. Amphitheatrum scelerum: or, the transcendent of treason: the day of a most admirable deliuerance of our King ... from that most horrible and hellish proiect of the Gun-Powder Treason Nouemb. 5. Whereunto is annexed a short disswasiue from poperie. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods Word at Wynfarthing in Norff. Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. 1618 (1618) STC 11597; ESTC S102859 234,099 298 View Text