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A36946 Arcana aulica, or, Walsingham's manual of prudential maxims for the states-man and courtier : to which is added Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on Queen Elizabeth, her times and favorites / by Sir Robert Naunton.; Traicté de la cour. English. 1694 Refuge, Eustache de, d. 1617.; Walsingham, Edward, d. 1663.; Walsingham, Francis, Sir, 1530?-1590.; Naunton, Robert, Sir, 1563-1635. Fragmenta regalia, or, Observations on Queen Elizabeth. 1694 (1694) Wing D2686; ESTC R33418 106,428 275

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diego_n death_n be_v a_o mere_a surprise_n a_o very_a snare_n to_o he_o that_o make_v it_o his_o life_n great_a care_n to_o be_v a_o public_a pageant_n know_v to_o all_o but_o unacquainted_a with_o himself_o do_v fall_v person_n characterise_a observation_n on_o queen_n elizabeth_n and_o her_o time_n page_n 159_o on_o leicester_n p._n 179_o on_o sussex_n p._n 184_o on_o lord_n burleigh_n p._n 186_o on_o sir_n philip_n sidney_n p._n 192_o on_o sir_n francis_n walsingham_n p._n 194_o on_o willoughby_n p._n 197_o on_o sir_n nic._n bacon_n p._n 198_o on_o lord_n norris_n p._n 200_o on_o knowl_n p._n 201_o on_o sir_n john_n perrot_n p._n 203_o on_o hatton_n p._n 209_o on_o lord_n effingham_n p._n 210_o on_o sir_n john_n packington_n p._n 213_o on_o lord_n hunsden_n p._n 214_o on_o sir_n walter_n raleigh_n p._n 215_o on_o grevil_n p._n 220_o on_o essex_n p._n 221_o on_o buckhurst_n p._n 228_o on_o mountjoy_n p._n 231_o on_o cecil_n p._n 236_o on_o vere_n p._n 242_o on_o worcester_n p._n 244_o fragmenta_fw-la regalia_z or_o observation_n on_o the_o late_a queen_n elizabeth_z her_o time_n and_o favourite_n write_a by_o sir_n robert_n naunton_n master_n of_o the_o court_n of_o ward_n london_n print_v for_o matthew_n gillyflower_n at_o the_o spread-eagle_n in_o westminster-hall_n m_n dc_o xciv_o fragmenta_fw-la regalia_z or_o observation_n on_o the_o late_a queen_n elizabeth_z her_o time_n and_o favourite_n to_o take_v she_o in_o the_o original_a she_o be_v daughter_n to_o henry_n the_o eight_o by_o anne_n bullen_n the_o second_o of_o six_o wife_n which_o he_o have_v and_o one_o of_o the_o maid_n of_o honour_n to_o the_o divorce_v queen_n katherine_n of_o austria_n or_o as_o they_o style_v it_o infanta_n of_o spain_n and_o from_o thence_o take_v into_o the_o royal_a bed_n that_o she_o be_v 〈◊〉_d of_o a_o most_o noble_a and_o royal_a extract_n by_o her_o father_n will_v not_o fall_v into_o question_n for_o on_o that_o side_n there_o be_v disimbogue_v into_o her_o vein_n by_o a_o confluence_n of_o blood_n the_o very_a abstract_n of_o all_o the_o great_a house_n in_o christendom_n and_o remarkable_a it_o be_v concern_v that_o violent_a desertion_n of_o the_o royal_a house_n of_o the_o britain_n by_o the_o invasion_n of_o the_o saxon_n and_o afterward_o by_o the_o conquest_n of_o the_o norman_n that_o by_o the_o vicissitude_n of_o time_n and_o through_o a_o discontinuance_n almost_o a_o thousand_o year_n the_o royal_a sceptre_n shall_v fall_v back_o into_o the_o current_n of_o the_o old_a british_a blood_n in_o the_o person_n of_o her_o renown_a grandfather_n henry_n the_o seven_o together_o with_o whatsoever_o the_o german_a norman_a burgundian_n castalian_a and_o erench_a achievement_n with_o the_o intermarriaage_n which_o eight_o hundred_o year_n have_v acquire_v incorporate_v and_o bring_v back_o into_o the_o old_a royal_a line_n by_o her_o mother_n she_o be_v of_o no_o sovereign_a descent_n yet_o noble_a and_o very_o ancient_a in_o the_o name_n and_o family_n of_o bullen_n though_o some_o erroneous_o brand_v it_o with_o a_o citizen_n rise_v or_o original_n which_o be_v yet_o but_o of_o a_o second_o brother_n who_o as_o it_o be_v divine_a the_o greatness_n and_o lustre_n to_o come_v to_o his_o house_n be_v send_v into_o the_o city_n to_o acquire_v wealth_n ad_fw-la aedificandum_fw-la antiquam_fw-la domum_fw-la unto_o who_o achievement_n for_o he_o be_v lord_n mayor_n of_o london_n fall_v in_o as_o it_o be_v aver_v both_o the_o blood_n and_o inheritance_n of_o the_o elder_a brother_n for_o want_v of_o issue_n male_a by_o which_o accumulation_n the_o house_n within_o a_o few_o descent_n mount_v in_o culmen_fw-la honoris_fw-la and_o be_v sudden_o elate_a into_o the_o best_a family_n of_o england_n and_o ireland_n as_o howard_n ormund_n sackvile_n and_o divers_a other_o have_v thus_o touch_v and_o now_o leave_v she_o stirp_v i_o come_v to_o her_o person_n and_o as_o she_o come_v to_o the_o crown_n by_o the_o decease_n of_o her_o brother_n and_o sister_n under_o edward_n she_o be_v his_o and_o one_o of_o the_o darling_n of_o fortune_n for_o beside_o the_o consideration_n of_o blood_n there_o be_v between_o these_o two_o prince_n a_o concurrency_n and_o symphathy_n in_o their_o nature_n and_o affection_n together_o with_o the_o celestial_a bond_n conformity_n in_o religion_n which_o make_v they_o one_o and_o friend_n for_o the_o king_n ever_o call_v she_o his_o sweet_a and_o dear_a sister_n and_o be_v scarce_o his_o own_o man_n she_o be_v absent_a which_o be_v not_o so_o between_o he_o and_o the_o lady_n mary_n under_o his_o sister_n she_o find_v her_o condition_n much_o alter_v for_o it_o be_v resolve_v and_o her_o destiny_n have_v decree_v to_o set_v she_o a_o apprentice_n in_o the_o school_n of_o affliction_n and_o to_o draw_v she_o through_o the_o ordeal_o fire_n of_o trial_n the_o better_a to_o mould_n and_o fashion_v she_o to_o rule_n and_o sovereignity_n which_o finish_v and_o fortune_n call_v to_o mind_n that_o the_o time_n of_o her_o servitude_n be_v expire_v give_v up_o her_o indenture_n and_o therewith_o deliver_v up_o into_o her_o custody_n a_o sceptre_n as_o a_o reward_n for_o her_o patience_n which_o be_v about_o the_o twenty_o six_o year_n of_o her_o age_n a_o time_n in_o which_o as_o for_o external_n she_o be_v full_o blow_v so_o be_v she_o for_o her_o internal_o grow_v ripe_a and_o season_v with_o adversity_n and_o in_o the_o exercise_n of_o her_o virtue_n for_o it_o seem_v fortune_n mean_v no_o more_o than_o to_o show_v she_o a_o piece_n of_o her_o variety_n and_o changeableness_n of_o her_o nature_n and_o so_o to_o conduct_v she_o to_o her_o destine_a felicity_n she_o be_v of_o personage_n tall_n of_o hair_n and_o complexion_n fair_a and_o therewith_o well_o favour_v but_o high_a nose_a of_o limb_n and_o feature_n neat_a and_o which_o add_v to_o the_o lustre_n of_o those_o exterior_a grace_n of_o stately_a and_o majestic_a comportment_n participate_v in_o this_o more_o of_o her_o father_n than_o mother_n who_o be_v of_o a_o inferior_a alloy_n plausible_a or_o as_o the_o french_a have_v it_o more_o debonair_a and_o affable_a virtue_n which_o may_v well_o suit_v with_o majesty_n and_o which_o descend_v as_o hereditary_a to_o the_o daughter_n do_v render_v she_o of_o a_o more_o sweet_a temper_n and_o endear_v she_o more_o to_o the_o love_n and_o like_n of_o the_o people_n who_o give_v she_o the_o name_n and_o fame_n of_o a_o most_o gracious_a and_o popular_a princess_n the_o atrocity_n of_o her_o father_n nature_n be_v rebate_v in_o she_o by_o the_o mother_n sweet_a inclination_n for_o to_o take_v and_o that_o no_o more_o than_o the_o character_n out_o of_o his_o own_o mouth_n he_o never_o spare_v man_n in_o his_o anger_n nor_o woman_n in_o his_o lust_n if_o we_o search_v further_o into_o her_o intellectual_n and_o ability_n the_o whole_a course_n of_o government_n decipher_v they_o to_o the_o admiration_n of_o posterity_n for_o it_o be_v full_a of_o magnanimity_n temper_v with_o justice_n and_o piety_n and_o to_o speak_v true_o note_v but_o with_o one_o act_n or_o taint_v all_o her_o deprivation_n either_o of_o life_n or_o liberty_n be_v legal_a and_o necessitate_v she_o be_v learn_v her_o sex_n and_o the_o time_n consider_v beyond_o common_a belief_n for_o letter_n about_o this_o time_n and_o somewhat_o before_o begin_v to_o be_v of_o esteem_n and_o in_o fashion_n the_o former_a age_n be_v overcast_v with_o the_o mist_n and_o fog_n of_o the_o roman_a ignorance_n and_o it_o be_v the_o maxim_n that_o overrule_v the_o forego_n time_n that_o ignorance_n be_v the_o mother_n of_o devotion_n her_o war_n be_v a_o long_a time_n more_o in_o the_o auxiliary_a part_n in_o assistance_n of_o foreign_a prince_n and_o state_n than_o by_o invasion_n of_o any_o till_o common_a policy_n advise_v it_o for_o a_o safe_a way_n to_o strike_v first_o abroad_o than_o at_o home_n to_o expect_v the_o ware_n in_o all_o which_o she_o be_v happy_a &_o victorious_a the_o change_n and_o alteration_n of_o religion_n upon_o the_o instant_a of_o her_o accession_n the_o smoke_n and_o fire_n of_o her_o sister_n matyrdome_n scarce_o quench_v be_v none_o of_o her_o least_o remarkable_a account_n but_o the_o support_n and_o establishment_n thereof_o with_o the_o mean_n of_o her_o subsistence_n amid_o so_o powerful_a enemy_n abroad_o and_o those_o many_o domestic_a practice_n be_v methinks_v work_v of_o inspiration_n and_o of_o no_o humane_a providence_n which_o on_o her_o sister_n departure_n she_o most_o religious_o acknowledge_v ascribe_v the_o glory_n of_o her_o deliverance_n to_o god_n alone_o for_o she_o receive_v the_o news_n both_o of_o the_o queen_n death_n and_o her_o proclamation_n by_o the_o general_a consent_n of_o the_o house_n and_o the_o public_a suffrage_n of_o the_o people_n whereat_o fall_v on_o her_o knee_n after_o a_o good_a time_n of_o
where_o you_o may_v follow_v your_o book_n read_v and_o discourse_n of_o the_o war_n but_o to_o our_o purpose_n it_o fall_v out_o happy_o to_o those_o and_o as_o i_o may_v say_v to_o those_o time_n that_o the_o queen_n during_o the_o calm_a of_o her_o reign_n be_v not_o idle_a nor_o rock_v asleep_a with_o security_n for_o she_o have_v be_v very_o provident_a in_o the_o reparation_n and_o augmentation_n of_o her_o ship_n and_o ammunition_n and_o i_o know_v not_o whether_o by_o a_o foresight_n of_o policy_n or_o a_o instinct_n it_o come_v about_o or_o whether_o it_o be_v a_o act_n of_o her_o compassion_n but_o it_o be_v most_o certain_a that_o she_o send_v levy_n and_o no_o small_a troop_n to_o the_o assistance_n of_o the_o revolt_a state_n of_o holland_n before_o she_o have_v receive_v any_o affront_n from_o the_o king_n of_o spain_n that_o may_v deserve_v or_o tend_v to_o a_o breach_n in_o hostility_n which_o the_o papist_n to_o this_o day_n maintain_v be_v the_o provocation_n and_o cause_n of_o the_o afterward_n but_o omit_v what_o may_v be_v say_v to_o this_o point_n those_o netherlands_n war_n be_v the_o king_n seminary_n and_o the_o nursery_n of_o very_a many_o brave_a soldier_n and_o so_o be_v likewise_o the_o civil_a war_n of_o france_n whither_o she_o send_v five_o several_a army_n the_o french-school_n that_o enure_v the_o youth_n and_o gallantry_n of_o the_o kingdom_n and_o it_o be_v a_o militia_n wherein_o they_o be_v daily_o in_o acquaintance_n with_o the_o discipline_n of_o the_o spaniard_n who_o be_v then_o turn_v the_o queen_n inveterate_a enemy_n and_o this_o have_v i_o take_v into_o observation_n of_o her_o dies_fw-la halcyonii_fw-la those_o year_n of_o she_o which_o be_v more_o serene_a and_o quiet_a than_o those_o that_o follow_v which_o though_o they_o be_v not_o less_o propitious_a as_o be_v touch_v more_o with_o the_o point_n of_o honour_n and_o victory_n yet_o be_v they_o trouble_v and_o ever_o cloud_v over_o both_o with_o domestic_a and_o foreign_a machination_n and_o it_o be_v already_o quote_v they_o be_v such_o as_o awaken_v her_o spirit_n and_o make_v she_o cast_v about_o how_o to_o defend_v rather_o by_o offend_a and_o by_o the_o way_n of_o divert_v to_o prevent_v all_o invasion_n than_o to_o expect_v they_o which_o be_v a_o piece_n of_o policy_n of_o the_o time_n and_o with_o this_o i_o have_v note_v the_o cause_n or_o principia_fw-la of_o the_o war_n follow_v and_o likewise_o point_v to_o the_o seed-plot_n from_o whence_o she_o take_v up_o those_o brave_a man_n and_o plant_n of_o honour_n which_o act_v on_o the_o theatre_n of_o mars_n and_o on_o who_o she_o disperse_v the_o ray_n of_o her_o grace_n which_o be_v person_n in_o their_o kind_n of_o rare_a virtue_n and_o such_o as_o may_v out_o of_o height_n of_o merit_n pretend_v interest_n to_o her_o favour_n of_o which_o rank_n the_o number_n will_v equal_v if_o not_o exceed_v that_o of_o the_o gownsman_n in_o recount_v of_o who_o i_o proceed_v with_o sir_n philip_n sidney_n sir_n philip_n sidney_n he_o be_v son_n to_o sir_n henry_n sidney_n lord_n deputy_n of_o ireland_n and_o precedent_n of_o wales_n a_o person_n of_o great_a part_n and_o in_o no_o mean_a grace_n with_o the_o queen_n his_o mother_n be_v sister_n to_o my_o lord_n of_o leicester_n from_o whence_o we_o may_v conjecture_v how_o the_o father_n stand_v up_o in_o the_o place_n of_o honour_n and_o employment_n so_o that_o his_o descent_n be_v apparent_o noble_a on_o both_o side_n for_o his_o education_n it_o be_v such_o as_o travel_v and_o the_o university_n can_v afford_v or_o his_o tutor_n infuse_v for_o after_o a_o incredible_a proficiency_n in_o all_o the_o species_n of_o learning_n he_o leave_v the_o academical_a life_n for_o that_o of_o the_o court_n whither_o he_o come_v by_o his_o uncle_n invitation_n fame_v aforehand_o by_o a_o noble_a report_n of_o his_o accomplishment_n which_o together_o with_o the_o state_n of_o his_o person_n frame_v by_o a_o natural_a propension_n to_o arm_n he_o soon_o attract_v the_o good_a opinion_n of_o all_o man_n and_o be_v so_o high_o prize_v in_o the_o good_a opinion_n of_o the_o queen_n that_o she_o think_v the_o court_n deficient_a without_o he_o and_o whereas_o through_o the_o fame_n of_o his_o desert_n he_o be_v in_o the_o election_n for_o the_o kingdom_n of_o poland_n she_o refuse_v to_o further_a his_o advancement_n not_o out_o of_o emulation_n but_o out_o of_o fear_n to_o lose_v the_o jewel_n of_o her_o time_n he_o marry_v the_o daughter_n and_o sole_a heir_n of_o sir_n francis_n walsingham_n than_o secretary_n of_o state_n a_o lady_n destinate_a to_o the_o bed_n of_o honour_n who_o after_o his_o deplorable_a death_n at_o zutphen_n in_o the_o netherlands_o where_o he_o be_v governor_n of_o vitish_v at_o the_o time_n of_o his_o uncle_n be_v there_o be_v marry_v to_o my_o lord_n of_o essex_n and_o since_o his_o death_n to_o my_o lord_n of_o saint_n alban_n all_o person_n of_o the_o sword_n and_o otherwise_o of_o great_a honour_n and_o virtue_n they_o have_v a_o very_a quaint_a and_o facetious_a figment_n of_o he_o that_o mars_n and_o mercury_n fall_v at_o variance_n who_o servant_n he_o shoul_v be_v and_o there_o be_v a_o epigrammist_n that_o say_v that_o art_n and_o nature_n have_v spend_v their_o excellency_n in_o his_o fashion_v and_o fear_v they_o shall_v not_o end_v what_o they_o begin_v they_o bestow_v he_o on_o fortune_n and_o nature_n stand_v muse_v and_o amaze_v to_o behold_v she_o own_o work_n but_o these_o be_v the_o fiction_n of_o poet_n certain_a it_o be_v he_o be_v a_o noble_a and_o matchless_a gentleman_n and_o it_o may_v be_v just_o say_v without_o hyperbole_n of_o fiction_n as_o it_o be_v of_o cato_n vticensis_n that_o he_o seem_v to_o be_v bear_v to_o that_o only_a which_o he_o go_v about_o versatilis_fw-la ingenii_fw-la as_o plutarch_n have_v it_o but_o to_o speak_v more_o of_o he_o be_v to_o make_v he_o less_o sir_n fra._n walsingham_n sir_n francis_n walsingham_n as_o we_o have_v say_v have_v the_o honour_n to_o be_v sir_n philip_n sidney_n father_n in_o law_n he_o be_v a_o gentleman_n at_o first_o of_o a_o good_a house_n but_o of_o better_a education_n and_o from_o the_o university_n travel_v for_o the_o rest_n of_o his_o learning_n he_o be_v doubtless_o the_o best_a linguist_n of_o the_o time_n but_o know_v best_o how_o to_o use_v his_o own_o tongue_n whereby_o he_o come_v to_o be_v employ_v in_o the_o chief_a affair_n of_o state_n he_o be_v send_v ambassador_n into_o france_n and_o stay_v there_o a_o leaguer_n long_o in_o the_o heat_n of_o the_o civil_a war_n and_o at_o the_o same_o time_n that_o mounsieur_fw-fr be_v here_o a_o suitor_n to_o the_o queen_n and_o if_o i_o be_v not_o mistake_v he_o play_v the_o very_a same_o part_n there_o as_o since_o gundamore_n do_v here_o at_o his_o return_n he_o be_v take_v principal_a secretary_n and_o be_v one_o of_o the_o great_a engine_n of_o state_n and_o of_o the_o time_n high_a in_o the_o queen_n favour_n and_o a_o watchful_a servant_n over_o the_o safety_n of_o his_o mistress_n they_o note_v he_o to_o have_v have_v certain_a curiosity_n and_o secret_a way_n of_o intelligence_n above_o the_o rest_n but_o i_o must_v confess_v i_o be_o to_o seek_v wherefore_o he_o suffer_v parry_n to_o play_v so_o long_o on_o the_o hook_n before_o he_o hoist_v he_o up_o and_o i_o have_v be_v a_o little_a curious_a in_o the_o search_n thereof_o though_o i_o have_v not_o to_o do_v with_o the_o arcana_fw-la imperii_fw-la for_o to_o know_v be_v sometime_o a_o burden_n and_o i_o remember_v that_o it_o be_v ovid_n crimen_fw-la aut_fw-la error_n that_o he_o see_v too_o much_o but_o i_o hope_v these_o be_v collateral_n of_o no_o danger_n but_o that_o parry_n intend_v to_o kill_v the_o queen_n make_v the_o way_n of_o his_o access_n by_o betray_v of_o other_o and_o impeach_v of_o the_o priest_n of_o his_o own_o correspondency_n and_o thereby_o have_v access_n and_o conference_n with_o the_o queen_n and_o also_o oftentimes_o familiar_a and_o private_a conference_n with_o walsingham_n will_v not_o be_v the_o quaere_fw-la of_o the_o mystery_n for_o the_o secretary_n may_v have_v have_v his_o end_n of_o discovery_n on_o a_o further_a maturity_n of_o the_o treason_n but_o that_o after_o the_o queen_n know_v parry_n intent_n why_o she_o shall_v then_o admit_v he_o to_o private_a discourse_n and_o walsingham_n to_o suffer_v it_o consider_v the_o condition_n of_o all_o assailing_n and_o permit_v he_o to_o go_v where_o and_o whither_o he_o list_v and_o only_o on_o the_o security_n of_o a_o dark_a sentinel_n set_v over_o he_o be_v a_o piece_n of_o reach_n and_o hazard_v beyond_o my_o apprehension_n i_o must_v again_o profess_v that_o have_v read_v many_o of_o his_o letter_n for_o they_o be_v common_o send_v to_o
my_o lord_n of_o leicester_n and_o burleigh_n out_o of_o france_n contain_v many_o fine_a passage_n and_o secret_n yet_o if_o i_o may_v have_v be_v behold_v to_o his_o cipher_n whereof_o they_o be_v full_a they_o will_v have_v tell_v pretty_a tale_n of_o the_o time_n but_o i_o must_v now_o close_o up_o and_o rank_v he_o among_o the_o togati_fw-la yet_o chief_a of_o those_o that_o lay_v the_o foundation_n of_o the_o dutch_a and_o french_a war_n which_o be_v another_o piece_n of_o his_o fineness_n and_o of_o the_o time_n with_o one_o observation_n more_o that_o he_o be_v one_o of_o the_o great_a ally_n of_o the_o austrian_a embracement_n for_o both_o himself_o and_z stafford_z that_o precede_v he_o may_v well_o have_v be_v compare_v to_o the_o fiend_n in_o the_o gospel_n that_o sow_v his_o tare_n in_o the_o night_n so_o do_v they_o their_o seed_n of_o division_n in_o the_o dark_a and_o it_o be_v a_o likely_a report_n that_o they_o father_n on_o he_o at_o his_o return_n that_o he_o say_v unto_o the_o queen_n with_o some_o sensibility_n of_o the_o spanish_a design_n on_o france_n madam_n 〈◊〉_d beseech_v you_o be_v content_a not_o to_o fear_v the_o spaniard_n have_v a_o great_a appetite_n and_o a_o excellent_a digestion_n but_o i_o have_v fit_v he_o with_o a_o bone_n for_o this_o twenty_o year_n that_o your_o majesty_n shall_v have_v no_o cause_n to_o doubt_v he_o provide_v that_o if_o the_o fire_n chance_n to_o slack_v which_o i_o have_v kindle_v you_o will_v be_v rule_v by_o i_o and_o now_o and_o then_o cast_v in_o some_o english_a fuel_n which_o will_v revive_v the_o flame_n willoughby_n my_o lord_n willoughby_n be_v one_o of_o the_o queen_n first_o swordman_n he_o be_v of_o the_o ancient_n extract_n of_o the_o bartue_n but_o more_o ennoble_v by_o his_o mother_n who_o be_v duchess_n of_o suffolk_n he_o be_v a_o great_a master_n of_o the_o art_n military_a and_o be_v send_v general_n into_o france_n and_o command_v the_o second_o of_o five_o army_n that_o the_o queen_n send_v thither_o in_o aid_n of_o the_o french_a i_o have_v hear_v it_o speak_v that_o have_v he_o not_o slight_v the_o court_n but_o apply_v himself_o to_o the_o queen_n he_o may_v have_v enjoy_v a_o plentiful_a portion_n of_o her_o grace_n and_o it_o be_v his_o say_n and_o it_o do_v he_o no_o good_a that_o he_o be_v none_o of_o the_o reptilia_fw-la intimate_v that_o he_o can_v not_o creep_v on_o the_o ground_n and_o that_o the_o court_n be_v not_o in_o his_o element_n for_o indeed_o as_o he_o be_v a_o great_a soldier_n so_o be_v he_o of_o a_o suitable_a magnanimity_n and_o can_v not_o brook_v the_o obsequiousness_n and_o assiduity_n of_o the_o court_n and_o as_o he_o then_o be_v somewhat_o descend_v from_o youth_n happy_o he_o have_v a_o animam_fw-la revertendi_fw-la and_o to_o make_v a_o safe_a retreat_n sir_n nicholas_n bacon_n i_o come_v to_o another_o of_o the_o togati_fw-la sir_n nicholas_n bacon_n a_o arch-piece_n of_o wit_n and_o wisdom_n he_o be_v a_o gentleman_n and_o a_o man_n of_o law_n and_o of_o great_a knowledge_n therein_o whereby_o together_o with_o his_o other_o part_n of_o learning_n and_o dexterity_n he_o be_v promote_v to_o be_v keeper_n of_o the_o great_a seal_n and_o be_v of_o kin_n to_o the_o treasurer_n burleigh_n have_v also_o the_o help_n of_o his_o hand_n to_o bring_v he_o into_o the_o queen_n favour_n for_o he_o be_v abundant_o factious_a which_o take_v much_o with_o the_o queen_n when_o it_o be_v suit_v with_o the_o season_n as_o he_o be_v well_o able_a to_o judge_v of_o his_o time_n he_o have_v a_o very_a quaint_a say_n and_o he_o use_v it_o often_o to_o good_a purpose_n that_o he_o love_v the_o jest_n well_o but_o not_o the_o loss_n of_o his_o friend_n he_o will_v say_v that_o though_o he_o know_v vnusquisque_fw-la suae_fw-la fortunae_fw-la faber_n be_v a_o true_a and_o good_a principle_n yet_o the_o most_o in_o number_n be_v those_o that_o mar_v themselves_o but_o i_o will_v never_o forgive_v that_o man_n that_o lose_v himself_o to_o be_v rid_v of_o his_o jest_n he_o be_v father_n to_o that_o refine_a wit_n which_o since_o have_v act_v a_o disastrous_a part_n on_o the_o public_a stage_n and_o of_o late_o sit_v in_o his_o father_n room_n as_o lord_n chancellor_n those_o that_o live_v in_o his_o age_n and_o from_o whence_o i_o have_v take_v this_o little_a model_n of_o he_o give_v he_o a_o lively_a character_n and_o they_o decipher_v he_o for_o another_o solon_n and_o the_o sinon_n of_o those_o time_n such_o a_o one_o as_o oedipus_n be_v in_o dissolve_v of_o riddle_n doubtless_o he_o be_v as_o able_a a_o instrument_n and_o it_o be_v his_o commendation_n that_o his_o head_n be_v the_o mawl_v for_o it_o be_v a_o great_a one_o and_o therein_o he_o keep_v the_o wedge_n that_o enter_v the_o knotty_a piece_n that_o come_v to_o the_o table_n and_o now_o i_o must_v again_o fall_v back_o to_o smooth_a and_o plain_a a_o way_n to_o the_o rest_n that_o be_v behind_o but_o not_o from_o the_o purpose_n there_o be_v about_o these_o time_n two_o rival_n in_o the_o queen_n favour_n old_a sir_n francis_n knowl_v comptroller_n of_o the_o house_n and_o sir_n henry_n norris_n who_o she_o call_v up_o at_o a_o parliament_n to_o sit_v with_o the_o peer_n in_o the_o high_a house_n as_o lord_n norris_n of_o ricot_n who_o have_v marry_v the_o daughter_n and_o heir_n of_o the_o old_a lord_n williams_n of_o tame_a a_o noble_a person_n and_o to_o who_o in_o the_o queen_n adversity_n she_o have_v be_v commit_v to_o safe_a custody_n and_o from_o he_o have_v receive_v more_o than_o ordinary_a observance_n now_o such_o be_v the_o goodness_n of_o the_o queen_n nature_n that_o she_o neither_o forget_v good_a turn_v receive_v from_o the_o lord_n williams_n neither_o be_v she_o unmindful_a of_o this_o lord_n norris_n who_o father_n in_o her_o father_n time_n and_o in_o the_o business_n of_o her_o mother_n die_v in_o a_o noble_a cause_n and_o in_o the_o justification_n of_o her_o innocency_n lord_n norris_n my_o lord_n norris_n have_v by_o this_o lady_n a_o ample_a issue_n which_o the_o queen_n high_o respect_v for_o he_o have_v six_o son_n and_o all_o martial_a brave_a man_n the_o first_o be_v william_n his_o elder_a and_o father_n to_o the_o late_a earl_n of_o berkshire_n sir_n john_n vulgar_o call_v general_n norris_n sir_n edward_n sir_n thomas_n sir_n henry_n and_o maximilian_n man_n of_o a_o haughty_a courage_n and_o of_o great_a experience_n in_o the_o conduct_n of_o military_a affair_n and_o to_o speak_v in_o the_o character_n of_o their_o merit_n they_o be_v person_n of_o such_o renown_n and_o worth_n as_o future_a time_n must_v out_o of_o duty_n owe_v they_o the_o debt_n of_o a_o honourable_a memory_n knowl_n sir_n francis_n knowl_n be_v somewhat_o of_o the_o queen_n affinity_n and_o have_v likewise_o no_o incompetent_a issue_n for_o he_o have_v also_o william_n his_o elder_a and_o since_o earl_n of_o banbury_n sir_n thomas_n sir_n robert_n and_o sir_n francis_n if_o i_o be_v not_o a_o little_a mistake_v in_o their_o name_n and_o martial_v and_o there_o be_v also_o the_o lady_n lettuce_n a_o sister_n of_o these_o who_o be_v first_o countess_n of_o essex_n and_o after_o of_o leicester_n and_o these_o be_v also_o brave_a man_n in_o their_o time_n and_o place_n but_o they_o be_v of_o the_o court_n and_o carpet_n not_o lead_v by_o the_o genius_n of_o the_o camp_n between_o these_o two_o family_n there_o be_v as_o it_o fall_v out_o among_o great_a one_o and_o competitor_n for_o favour_n no_o great_a correspondency_n and_o there_o be_v some_o seed_n either_o of_o emulation_n or_o distrust_n cast_v between_o they_o which_o have_v they_o not_o be_v disjoin_v in_o the_o residence_n of_o their_o person_n as_o it_o be_v the_o fortune_n of_o their_o employment_n the_o one_o side_n attend_v the_o court_n the_o other_o the_o pavilion_n sure_o they_o will_v have_v break_v out_o into_o some_o kind_n of_o hostility_n or_o at_o least_o they_o will_v have_v wrestle_v one_o in_o the_o other_o like_a tree_n encircle_v with_o ivy_n for_o there_o be_v a_o time_n when_o both_o these_o fraternity_n be_v meet_v at_o court_n there_o pass_v a_o challenge_n between_o they_o at_o certain_a exercise_n the_o queen_n and_o the_o old_a man_n be_v spectator_n which_o end_v in_o a_o flat_a quarrel_n among_o they_o all_o and_o i_o be_o persuade_v though_o i_o ought_v not_o to_o judge_v that_o there_o be_v some_o relic_n of_o this_o feud_n that_o be_v long_o after_o the_o cause_n of_o the_o one_o family_n almost_o utter_a extirpation_n and_o of_o the_o other_o improsperity_n for_o it_o be_v a_o know_a truth_n that_o so_o long_o as_o my_o lord_n of_o leicester_n live_v who_o be_v the_o main_a pillar_n of_o the_o one_o side_n as_o