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A38895 An exact and true relation of the behaviour of Edmund Kirk, John Bennet, Morgan Keading [i.e. Reading] and Andrew Hill, during their imprisonment, and at the place of execution on Friday the 11th of this instant July 1684 with their last dying words and speeches at Tyburn. 1684 (1684) Wing E3615; ESTC R12401 6,780 6

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leave_v that_o place_n but_o hope_v i_o shall_v be_v more_o at_o ease_n consent_v to_o marry_v she_o which_o i_o do_v within_o five_o or_o six_o day_n and_o then_o go_v to_o mr._n hill_n at_o the_o rose_n in_o pie-corne_a about_o eight_o day_n after_o i_o be_v marry_v she_o be_v then_o in_o service_n at_o a_o gentleman_n house_n in_o fish-street_n on_o sunday_n the_o 25_o of_o may_n i_o call_v upon_o she_o at_o her_o master_n house_n and_o desire_v she_o to_o go_v out_o and_o walk_v with_o i_o and_o when_o we_o come_v into_o a_o field_n near_o paddington_n i_o do_v that_o bloody_a act_n for_o which_o i_o new_a deserve_o suffer_v i_o do_v confess_v to_o all_o the_o world_n it_o have_v be_v the_o great_a trouble_n and_o affliction_n of_o my_o soul_n that_o i_o shall_v be_v so_o barbarous_a and_o cruel_a to_o she_o and_o i_o can_v but_o praise_v the_o infinite_a mercys_n of_o almighty_n god_n who_o be_v be_v please_v to_o give_v i_o time_n to_o repent_v who_o have_v not_o so_o much_o pity_n or_o consideration_n with_o i_o to_o allow_v she_o one_o moment_n respite_n to_o say_v her_o prayer_n in_o i_o first_o give_v she_o a_o knock_n with_o my_o cane_n which_o beat_v she_o back_o and_o fall_v down_o i_o cut_v her_o throat_n with_o a_o small_a knife_n i_o have_v in_o my_o pocket_n without_o give_v she_o the_o liberty_n of_o speak_v one_o word_n of_o mercy_n it_o be_v the_o present_a instigation_n of_o the_o devil_n that_o put_v it_o into_o my_o head_n at_o that_o instant_n nor_o have_v i_o when_o i_o call_v she_o out_o from_o her_o master_n house_n any_o thought_n of_o commit_v that_o horrid_a murder_n upon_o she_o which_o i_o hope_v almighty_a god_n will_v pardon_v i_o for_o whereas_o the_o all-searching_a eye_n of_o god_n in_o who_o presence_n darkness_n be_v light_a have_v by_o the_o send_n of_o his_o vengeance_n upon_o i_o meritorious_o and_o the_o terror_n of_o the_o lord_n which_o shall_v persuade_v all_o man_n to_o true_a repentance_n have_v seize_v my_o very_a soul_n i_o think_v it_o equal_o my_o obligation_n to_o man_n and_o man_n kind_n and_o my_o duty_n to_o my_o almighty_a god_n to_o give_v a_o ●ull_a account_n to_o the_o world_n to_o prevent_v the_o fatal_a entertainment_n of_o those_o sin_n and_o the_o subtlety_n of_o that_o prince_n of_o darkness_n which_o have_v bring_v i_o to_o this_o untimely_a and_o shameful_a death_n in_o order_n that_o virtue_n may_v have_v its_o full_a value_n and_o vice_n be_v paint_v in_o its_o proper_a colour_n i_o have_v be_v guilty_a of_o innumerous_a heinous_a offence_n and_o sin_n of_o the_o great_a magnitude_n and_o those_o learned_a from_o the_o evil_a company_n that_o i_o constant_o frequent_v and_o nourish_v by_o let_v loose_a the_o reign_v to_o my_o own_o ruin_n the_o command_n of_o god_n be_v always_o vile_a and_o cheap_a to_o i_o and_o my_o irregular_a life_n transcendent_o more_o eligible_a and_o preferable_a before_o the_o least_o thought_n of_o eternity_n so_o that_o i_o confess_v before_o god_n and_o the_o world_n that_o the_o break_n of_o the_o sabbath_n be_v the_o fatal_a bane_n to_o my_o prosperity_n and_o live_v christianly_o here_o and_o may_v without_o the_o great_a mercy_n of_o god_n prove_v so_o hereafter_o nor_o be_v this_o the_o period_n of_o my_o wicked_a and_o unchristian_a life_n as_o i_o be_v natural_o incline_v to_o all_o manner_n of_o lewdness_n that_o my_o age_n and_o stature_n be_v capable_a of_o so_o i_o add_v the_o whip_n and_o spur_v to_o my_o inordinate_a affection_n and_o be_v as_o industrious_a to_o find_v out_o suitable_a companion_n as_o eager_a and_o ready_a to_o consent_v to_o their_o wickedness_n hence_o it_o be_v that_o drukenness_n lust_n and_o lie_v have_v have_v the_o sole_a dominion_n and_o rule_n over_o i_o and_o my_o passion_n as_o frequent_o above_o my_o principle_n as_o my_o pride_n be_v exalt_v above_o all_o that_o be_v call_v good_a so_o that_o now_o i_o have_v make_v a_o wooful_a experiment_n how_o fatal_a it_o be_v to_o live_v without_o god_n in_o the_o world_n to_o be_v destitute_a of_o regeneration_n a_o turn_n from_o darkness_n unto_o light_n and_o from_o the_o power_n of_o satan_n unto_o the_o kingdom_n of_o god_n as_o to_o the_o crime_n i_o be_o accuse_v of_o i_o never_o want_v so_o much_o grace_n as_o not_o to_o confess_v it_o and_o be_v i_o to_o gain_v a_o thousand_o world_n to_o transact_v it_o i_o shall_v rather_o refuse_v they_o than_o be_v perpetual_o haunt_v with_o a_o evil_a conscience_n which_o inseparable_o attend_v such_o abominable_a and_o hellish_a crime_n some_o may_v perhaps_o expect_v that_o i_o shall_v mitigate_v and_o lesson_n my_o sin_n by_o allege_v some_o inductive_n that_o may_v be_v proper_a to_o that_o purpose_n but_o as_o the_o fact_n be_v barbarous_a even_o to_o the_o high_a degree_n so_o if_o i_o have_v the_o great_a provocation_n in_o the_o world_n it_o can_v never_o stand_v i_o in_o any_o stead_n or_o excuse_n either_o to_o god_n or_o man_n and_o therefore_o it_o be_v as_o needless_a to_o apoligize_v i_o as_o sinful_a to_o blame_v the_o innocent_a though_o indeed_o my_o wife_n have_v give_v i_o perpetual_a occasion_n to_o be_v passionate_a but_o not_o to_o that_o degree_n as_o to_o be_v guilty_a of_o murder_n o_o lord_n most_o holy_a good_a and_o gracious_a everlasting_a and_o bless_a lord_n god_n how_o glorious_a be_v thou_o lord_n god_n thou_o be_v a_o great_a god_n and_o a_o merciful_a god_n and_o thou_o have_v do_v for_o i_o a_o thousand_o time_n more_o than_o i_o have_v deserve_v i_o must_v confess_v i_o have_v be_v a_o great_a sinner_n i_o have_v do_v those_o thing_n which_o i_o ought_v not_o for_o to_o have_v do_v and_o i_o have_v leave_v undo_v those_o thing_n which_o i_o ought_v for_o to_o have_v do_v lord_n help_v i_o and_o strengthen_v my_o faith_n every_o minute_n more_o and_o more_o those_o few_o minute_n that_o i_o have_v for_o to_o live_v in_o this_o world_n that_o when_o my_o soul_n and_o body_n part_n my_o soul_n may_v ascend_v up_o to_o heaven_n and_o he_o that_o shed_v his_o precious_a blood_n for_o sinner_n if_o it_o be_v his_o bless_a well_n may_v make_v my_o peace_n with_o god_n lord_n let_v my_o sin_n be_v cover_v forsake_v i_o not_o because_o of_o my_o sin_n for_o i_o have_v be_v a_o great_a sinner_n i_o have_v offend_v against_o all_o thy_o holy_a law_n i_o have_v humble_o confess_v they_o all_o lord_n for_o christ_n jesus_n sake_n forgive_v i_o all_o my_o sin_n i_o have_v confess_v they_o upon_o my_o bend_a knee_n grant_v that_o i_o may_v be_v a_o warning_n to_o other_o that_o they_o may_v spend_v their_o sabbath_n better_o walk_v upright_o and_o just_o and_o do_v nothing_o contrary_a to_o god_n law_n lord_n receive_v my_o everlasting_a soul_n jesus_n keep_v i_o from_o the_o torment_n of_o hell_n one_o thing_n more_o i_o beg_v lord_n bless_v my_o poor_a friend_n that_o i_o shall_v leave_v behind_o i_o and_o give_v they_o grace_n to_o undergo_v this_o trouble_n and_o now_o i_o part_v in_o peace_n i_o have_v repent_v i_o of_o all_o my_o sin_n and_o for_o christ_n jesus_n sake_n enable_v i_o with_o all_o thing_n necessary_a this_o day_n conclude_v my_o imperfect_a prayer_n as_o christ_n himself_o have_v teach_v i_o say_v our_o father_n which_o be_v in_o heaven_n oh_o that_o man_n will_v consider_v this_o in_o time_n how_o sin_n will_v one_o day_n change_v their_o countenance_n howe●er_v it_o come_v at_o first_o in_o a_o flatter_a form_n pretend_v nothing_o but_o friendship_n but_o in_o the_o end_n will_v leave_v a_o sting_n behind_o it_o even_o a_o guilty_a conscience_n terror_n of_o mind_n and_o anguish_n of_o spirit_n there_o one_o let_v we_o fly_v from_o sin_n as_o from_o the_o bite_n of_o a_o serpent_n that_o we_o be_v not_o sting_v therewith_o unto_o eternal_a death_n know_v that_o the_o wage_n of_o sin_n be_v death_n o_o most_o merciful_a and_o ever_o bless_a lord_n god_n i_o beseech_v thou_o o_o lord_n look_v down_o upon_o i_o with_o a_o eye_n of_o pity_n if_o it_o be_v thy_o bless_a will_n it_o be_v thy_o infinite_a mercy_n that_o i_o be_o on_o this_o side_n the_o grave_a and_o out_o of_o hell_n o_o lord_n i_o have_v deserve_v to_o be_v cast_v into_o torment_n to_o all_o eternity_n how_o have_v i_o offend_v thou_o and_o run_v into_o sin_n and_o think_v i_o can_v never_o do_v enough_o to_o abuse_v thy_o mercy_n pardon_v the_o sin_n that_o i_o have_v commit_v wash_v that_o blood_n from_o off_o my_o soul_n let_v not_o my_o soul_n perish_v to_o eternity_n it_o be_v a_o horrid_a crime_n to_o shed_v innocent_a blood_n pardon_v that_o sin_n o_o lord_n let_v not_o the_o blood_n of_o that_o creature_n cry_v for_o vengeance_n o_o lord_n thou_o have_v
be_v merciful_a to_o i_o in_o give_v i_o time_n to_o repent_v for_o ought_v i_o know_v her_o soul_n be_v undo_v for_o ever_o lord_n forgive_v i_o i_o new_a not_o what_o i_o do_v forgive_v my_o sabbath_n break_v lie_v curse_v forgive_v my_o drunkenness_n blot_v they_o out_o of_o thy_o book_n of_o remembrance_n turn_v they_o away_o behind_o thou_o o_o lord_n i_o have_v repent_v of_o they_o from_o my_o soul_n that_o ever_o i_o shall_v offend_v a_o god_n so_o good_a and_o so_o merceiful_a and_o gracious_a i_o do_v believe_v on_o thou_o and_o do_v whole_o throw_v myself_o upon_o thou_o i_o acknowledge_v it_o will_v be_v just_a in_o thou_o to_o damn_v my_o soul_n but_o it_o will_v be_v infinite_a mercy_n in_o thou_o to_o save_v i_o and_o what_o free_a grace_n will_v it_o be_v in_o thou_o to_o pardon_v i_o it_o be_v dreadful_a to_o loose_v the_o body_n but_o how_o dreadful_a will_v it_o be_v to_o loose_v the_o soul_n to_o all_o eternity_n lord_n let_v it_o not_o be_v in_o vain_a that_o i_o have_v have_v so_o many_o instruction_n o_o let_v i_o not_o go_v down_o to_o hell_n let_v my_o soul_n bless_v and_o prrise_n thy_o name_v for_o ever_o for_o what_o thou_o have_v do_v for_o i_o thou_o have_v be_v at_o work_n upon_o my_o heart_n and_o thou_o have_v help_v i_o to_o repent_v the_o lord_n be_v praise_v lord_n i_o desire_v to_o be_v more_o and_o more_o humble_a under_o the_o see_v of_o my_o sin_n for_o they_o be_v dreadful_a there_o be_v many_o soul_n that_o have_v not_o commit_v those_o sin_n that_o be_v now_o in_o hell_n o_o what_o mercy_n it_o be_v that_o i_o be_o not_o in_o those_o flame_n in_o those_o devour_a flame_n lord_n as_o thou_o have_v spare_v i_o here_o spare_v i_o to_o eternity_n let_v not_o my_o soul_n perish_v lord_n reveal_v thyself_o unto_o i_o make_v know_v thy_o love_n unto_o i_o tell_v i_o my_o sin_n be_v pardon_v tell_v i_o that_o i_o have_v a_o interest_n in_o christ_n before_o i_o go_v hence_o and_o be_v see_v no_o more_o that_o i_o may_v leave_v some_o testimony_n behind_o i_o that_o i_o may_v tell_v thy_o ministry_n what_o thou_o have_v do_v for_o i_o and_o tell_v thy_o people_n what_o thou_o have_v do_v for_o my_o soul_n lord_n this_o will_v not_o be_v only_o for_o my_o satisfaction_n but_o for_o thy_o glory_n bless_a lord_n pardon_v the_o sin_n that_o i_o be_o guilty_a of_o and_o take_v away_o this_o curse_a base_a heart_n of_o i_o break_v this_o rocky_a stony_a heart_n in_o piece_n the_o sin_n of_o murder_n and_o drunkenness_n be_v in_o my_o heart_n before_o i_o think_v no_o eye_n do_v see_v i_o commit_v those_o sin_n but_o thou_o do_v see_v i_o lord_n turn_v my_o heart_n to_o thou_o and_o take_v away_o this_o heart_n of_o stone_n and_o take_v away_o this_o curse_a nature_n that_o bring_v i_o to_o these_o sin_n and_o to_o this_o end_n and_o i_o be_v in_o danger_n of_o lose_v my_o soul_n to_o all_o eternity_n but_o lord_n than_z i_o be_o a_o great_a sinner_n christ_n be_v a_o great_a saviour_n he_o be_v able_a to_o free_v i_o from_o my_o sin_n though_o they_o be_v never_o so_o great_a i_o do_v believe_v lord_n i_o do_v speak_v free_o from_o my_o heart_n so_o far_o as_o i_o know_v my_o heart_n i_o do_v believe_v it_o be_v my_o grief_n i_o can_v sorrow_n no_o more_o for_o my_o sin_n which_o have_v be_v the_o cause_n of_o my_o offend_v thou_o so_o long_o and_o so_o much_o one_o drop_n of_o thy_o blood_n sprinkle_v upon_o my_o soul_n will_v pardon_v all_o my_o sin_n lord_n across_o the_o black_a line_n of_o my_o sin_n with_o the_o red_a line_n of_o my_o blood_n i_o be_o not_o able_a to_o answer_v for_o one_o vain_a thought_n much_o less_o for_o all_o my_o horrid_a crime_n lord_n save_o my_o immortal_a soul_n that_o i_o may_v sing_v praise_n to_o thou_o to_o all_o eternity_n thou_o have_v pardon_v manass_v that_o be_v a_o great_a sinner_n and_o mary_n magdalen_n and_o ●aul_v that_o be_v great_a sinner_n the_o thief_n upon_o the_o cross_n and_o thy_o mercy_n be_v as_o great_a thy_o mercy_n and_o thy_o love_n to_o repent_v sinner_n be_v not_o shorten_v though_o my_o sin_n be_v great_a yet_o thy_o mercy_n be_v great_a than_o my_o sin_n lord_n be_v with_o i_o in_o my_o death_n then_o let_v i_o have_v some_o comfortable_a assurance_n of_o thy_o love_n unto_o my_o soul_n of_o the_o pardon_n of_o my_o sin_n do_v thou_o be_v my_o god_n and_o my_o guide_n now_o and_o to_o all_o eternity_n amen_n edmund_z kirk_n july_n the_o 11_o 1684._o this_o morning_n between_o nine_o and_o ten_o of_o the_o clock_n they_o be_v put_v into_o two_o cart_n at_o newgate_n kirk_n and_o bennet_n into_o one_o cart_n and_o hill_n and_o read_n into_o the_o other_o the_o cart_n that_o hill_n and_o reading_n be_v in_o go_v foremost_a reading_n have_v a_o book_n in_o his_o hand_n entitle_v friar_n for_o the_o sick_a hill_n appear_v very_o penitent_a call_n upon_o god_n almighty_a for_o mercy_n in_o these_o ejaculation_n lord_n hrve_v mercy_n upon_o i_o christ_n have_v mercy_n upnn_v i_o etc._n etc._n kirk_n have_v a_o bible_n in_o his_o hand_n and_o seem_v yery_a penitent_n but_o with_o a_o cheerful_a countenance_n bennet_n have_v no_o book_n in_o his_o hand_n nor_o say_v any_o thing_n at_o the_o place_n of_o execution_n they_o all_o four_o go_v into_o one_o cart_n where_o mr._n ordinary_a pray_v with_o they_o read_v declare_v he_o die_v a_o roman_n catholic_n hill_n blame_v a_o former_a companion_n of_o his_o own_o richard_n johnson_n who_o have_v bring_v he_o into_o those_o lewd_a course_n and_o pray_v hearty_o but_o appear_v a_o very_a ignorant_a person_n kirk_n make_v no_o confession_n but_o pray_v the_o same_o prayer_n which_o he_o have_v pen_v in_o prison_n and_o be_v mention_v before_o viz._n o_o lord_n most_o holy_a etc._n etc._n he_o give_v his_o bible_n to_o his_o uncle_n who_o be_v in_o the_o cart_n with_o he_o for_o the_o use_n of_o his_o daughter_n elizabeth_n kirk_n the_o cart_n be_v draw_v away_o and_o they_o suffer_v according_a to_o law_n enter_v according_a to_o order_n london_n print_v by_o elizabeth_n mallet_n in_o blackhorse-alley_n near_o fleet-briegd_a