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A53384 The opinion of the judges upon the clause in the Act of 22 & 23 Car. II. Regis cap. 9. for giving no more costs than damages, delivered at Serjeants-Inn in Chancery-lane, London, in Trinity term. Anno 23. Ejusdem regis Hale, Matthew, Sir, 1609-1676. 1688 (1688) Wing O352A; ESTC R218230 1,203 1 View Text
A83158 2[o] Decembris. 1646. An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the better observation of the monethly fast England and Wales. Parliament. 1646 (1646) Wing E1945; Thomason 669.f.9[73]; ESTC R212313 1,451 1 View Text
B20904 The prologue and epilogue to the city politicks Crown, Mr. (John), 1640?-1712. 1683 (1683) Wing C7398; ESTC R17456 2,200 4 View Text
A52558 The plaintiffs case upon an appeal brought in the House of Lords against Noy, William, Captain.; Fortescue, Peter, Sir, 1620 or 21-1685. 1680 (1680) Wing N1440B; ESTC R222314 2,241 1 View Text
B02613 The case of Sir John Edwards, Knight, appellant from a decree made in the high and honourable Court of Chancery, in a case there depending, wherein Mary Howard, widow, was plaintiff, and the appellant was defendant : humbly offered to the consideration of the right honourable the Lords spiritual and temporal in Parliament assembled. 1680 (1680) Wing C994; ESTC R170980 2,526 1 View Text
A34206 Concerning the priviledge of the vnder clark's in the Court of Chancery as now in clayme and practice 1649 (1649) Wing C5698; ESTC R40861 2,874 7 View Text
A83255 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament: for the repairing of churches and paying of all church-duties whatsoever within the kingdome of England and dominion of Wales; Laws, etc. England and Wales. 1647 (1647) Wing E2032B; ESTC R204570 5,775 13 View Text
A83254 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament, for, the repairing of churches, and paying of all church-duties whatsoever within the Kingdome of England, and Dominion of Wales. Die Mercurii, 9 Februarii. 1647. Ordered by the Lords assembled in Parliament, that this ordinance for repairing of churches, and paying of church-duties, be forthwith printed and published, and sent to all churches and chappels within the Kingdome of England and Dominion of Wales. Joh. Brown, Cler. Parliamentorum. England and Wales. Parliament. 1648 (1648) Wing E2032A; Thomason E426_9; ESTC R204568 5,779 12 View Text
A37993 An ordinance of the Lords and Commons assembled in Parliament for the repairing of churches and paying of all church-duties whatsoever within the Kingdome of England, and Dominion of Wales : die Mercuri, 9. Februarii. 1647. England and Wales. Parliament. 1647 (1647) Wing E2032; ESTC R176137 5,898 14 View Text
B09037 All ordinances and orders for the better observation of the Lords-Day and the fast 9. Decemb. 1646. ordered &c. that the ordinances for the better observation of the publick dayes of fast and humiliation and for the better observation of the Lords-Day be printed together ... England and Wales. Laws, statutes, etc.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1646 (1646) Wing E1199AA; ESTC R210501 6,537 20 View Text
A82520 All ordinances and orders, for the better observation of the Lords-Day, and the fast. 9. Decemb. 1646. Ordered, &c. that the ordinances for the better observation of the publick dayes of fast and humiliation and for the better observation of the Lords-Day be printed together, ... Hen. Elsynge Cler. Parl. Dom. Com.; Laws, etc. England and Wales.; England and Wales. Parliament. 1647 (1647) Wing E1199; Thomason E377_7; ESTC R201359 6,562 15 View Text
A45988 An act for the preventing frivolous, and vexatious law-sutes and giving remedy to the parties grieved, to recover their costs at law, in certain cases, where heretofore no costs were given. Ireland. 1697 (1697) Wing I321; ESTC R39290 7,324 15 View Text
A34565 The course and practise of the Court of Common-pleas at Westminster heretofore written by Thomas Cory, Esq., late chief prothonotary thereof ; and now continued, and fitted to the practise used at this day, with additions by W.B., a clerk of the same court. Cory, Thomas, d. 1656. 1672 (1672) Wing C6294A; ESTC R30273 7,848 52 View Text
A90356 The pedigree from old Andrew Barrett, Esq having seven sons, who made several feofments to several trustees in trust of all his estates to theuse [sic] of his last will, who made the said will in Dublin, July 9. 1613. and thereby intails all his estate upon Sir James Barrett his eldest son, and to his heirs male; and for want thereof, to the 2d, 3d, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th sons, as by inquisitions, deeds and records, may, and will appear. 1685 (1685) Wing P1049B; ESTC R231930 9,516 5 View Text
A77719 Mr. Brunskell's case and proposals Brunskell, Percivall, 17th cent. 1690 (1690) Wing B5236; ESTC R205837 10,341 4 View Text
A52600 Offices and places of trust not to be boucht [sic] or sold, or given to insufficient persons discovered in a sober and peaceable letter. E. N. 1660 (1660) Wing N15; ESTC R9696 11,233 16 View Text
A56774 A warning-peece for England being a discovery of a Jesuiticall design to dismember Wales from England, to the ruine of both : together with undeniable reasons and arguments, proving the indispensable necessity of appeals from Wales to the courts at Westminister ... : humbly tendred to the consideration of His Highness the Lord Protector and his council / by a well-wisher to the peace and tranquility of this nation, P.P. P. P., Well-wisher to the peace and tranquility of this nation. 1655 (1655) Wing P94; ESTC R14189 14,057 36 View Text
A78485 Certaine proposals of divers attorneys of the Court of Common-Pleas, for the regulating the proceedings at law, and remedying some inconveniences: whereby the clyent will be much secured, the processe shortned, the greatest part of the charge of most suits abated, many unnecessary suits in law and equity prevented, and the creditor and purchaser well provided for: and thereby lending, trade and commerce advanced: which is the end and desire of the proposers. / Presented to the honourable committee for the regulating proceedings in law Decemb. 5. 1650. 1651 (1651) Wing C1728; Thomason E622_7; ESTC R206432 18,583 22 View Text
A57415 A whip for the marshalls court and their officers the petition of Robert Robins gent. to the House of Commons against the abuses practised in the marshalls court, and a discovery of the jurisdiction and priviledge of that court, with some of the particular greevances the subjects suffer under the pretended authority threof ... written for the releife and redresse of all that have, or hereafter shall be arrested or wronged there : with directions where to repaire for advice and assistance therein, and how and where to get restitution for the same / by Ro. Robins. Robins, Robert. 1648 (1648) Wing R1646A; ESTC R25102 18,763 31 View Text
A52524 The arguments of the Right Honourable, the late Lord Chancellor Nottingham upon which he made the decree in the cause between the Honourable Charles Howard esq., plaintiff : Henry, late Duke of Norfolk, Henry Lord Mowbrey his son, Henry Marquess of Dorchester and Richard Marriott, esq.: defendants : wherein the several wayes and methods of limiting the trust of a term for years, are fully debated. England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; Nottingham, Heneage Finch, Earl of, 1621-1682.; Howard, Charles, d. 1713.; Norfolk, Henry Howard, Duke of, 1628-1684. 1685 (1685) Wing N1402; ESTC R30748 19,382 38 View Text
A49526 The answer of the chancellor, masters and scholars of the Vniversity of Oxford, to the petition, articles of grievance, and reasons of the city of Oxon presented to the honorable committee for regulating the University of Oxford the 24. of July, 1649. University of Oxford.; Langbaine, Gerard, 1656-1692. 1649 (1649) Wing L363; ESTC R19608 22,313 47 View Text
A59742 A survey of the county judicatures commonly called the county court, hundred court, and court baron wherein the nature and use of them, and the way and order of keeping them is opened for the great ease and profit of all such as have occasion to keep, or use them / by William Sheppard. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1656 (1656) Wing S3213; ESTC R29356 23,078 112 View Text
A33867 A collection of such of the orders heretofore used in Chauncery with such alterations and additions thereunto, as the Right Honourable the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England, by and with the advice and assistance of the Honorable the Master of the Rolls, have thought fit at present (in order to a further reformation now under their Lordships consideration) to ordain and publish for reforming of several abuses in the said Court, preventing multiplicity of suits, motions, and unnecessary charge to the suitors, and for their more expeditious and certain course for relief. England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.; Keble, Richard, fl. 1650. 1652 (1652) Wing C5196; ESTC R1289 24,790 100 View Text
A37282 The humble addresse and remonstrance of Richard Dawson gentleman, now prisoner in the Fleet To the Right Honourable Lords and Commons in Parliament assembled. With all possible submission, representing the sad oppressures under which he groans, his estate being pluckt away from him by injustice, perjury, and subornation thereto, forgery, counterfeiting his hand and seal, and other unjust, illegal unconscionable grievances; by the ... confederacy of Roger Porrington gentleman, Philip Read attorney of the Kings Bench, Edward, and Francis Luttrel, solicitor, and counsellor of law, Sir John Lenthall knight marshall of the Kings Bench, and others, set on, encouraged, and defended by them. Dawson, Richard. 1661 (1661) Wing D459B; ESTC R215262 24,858 36 View Text
A80116 A collection of such of the orders heretofore used in Chauncery, with such alterations & additions thereunto, as the Right Honorable the Lords Commissioners for the Great Seal of England, by and with the advice and assistance of the Honorable the Master of the Rolls, have thought fit at present (in order to a further reformation now under their Lordships consideration) to ordain and publish, for reforming of several abuses in the said court, preventing multiplicity of suits, motions, and unnecessary charge to the suitors, and for their more expeditious and certain course for relief. England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; Lenthall, William, 1591-1662.; Keble, Richard, fl. 1650.; Whitlocke, Bulstrode, 1605-1675 or 6. 1649 (1649) Wing C5195; Thomason E1377_4; ESTC R209283 24,870 102 View Text
A70870 A new discovery of the prelates tyranny in their late prosecutions of Mr. William Pryn, an eminent Lawyer, Dr. Iohn Bastwick, a learned physitian and Mr. Henry Burton, a reverent divine wherein the separate and joynt proceedings against them in the high commission and Star Chamber their petitions, speeches, cariages at the hearing and execution of their last sentences Prynne, William, 1600-1669.; Bastwick, John, 1593-1654.; Burton, Henry, 1578-1648.; England and Wales. Parliament. House of Commons. 1641 (1641) Wing P4018; ESTC R13582 25,214 51 View Text
A11511 The free schoole of vvarre, or, A treatise, vvhether it be lawfull to beare armes for the seruice of a prince that is of a diuers religion; Quaestio quodlibetica. English Sarpi, Paolo, 1552-1623.; Bedell, William, 1571-1642.; Brent, Nathaniel, Sir, 1573?-1652. 1625 (1625) STC 21758; ESTC S116734 27,201 78 View Text
A06372 The true originall edict of Nants as it was enacted by Henry the third, and confirmed by the last French King Henry the fourth of famous memory. And reestablished by Lewis the thirteenth, for the better assurance of those of the reformed religion, as appeareth by the Kings Edict of peace, dated in the campe at Mompellier the nineteenth of October 1622. and proclaimed throughout all his dominions for a finall ending of all ciuill troubles. Cum priuilegio.; Edit de Nantes. English France.; France. Sovereign (1574-1589 : Henry III) 1622 (1622) STC 16843; ESTC S103960 28,148 58 View Text
A26419 The admonisher admonished in, a modest and impartial narrative of the proceedings of the ecclesiastical court, against James Jones citizen of London, of the parish of St. Bartholomew Exchange : being a true account of matter of fact, from his citation to Doctors Commons, to their taking out the writ of excommunicato capiendo against him : and also an account of the several ways made use of for the taking off the said writ : with useful observations upon several particular passages and statutes : dedicated to the worshipful Doctor Pinfold. 1683 (1683) Wing A591; ESTC R11117 28,325 22 View Text
A43105 The English-mans right a dialogue between a barrister at law and a jury-man : plainly setting forth, I. the antiquity of juries : II. the excellent designed use of juries : III. the office and just priviledges of juries, by the law of England. Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. 1680 (1680) Wing H1185; ESTC R14849 29,854 42 View Text
A66659 The exact constable with his original & power in the offices of church wardens, overseers of the poor, surveyors of the highwayes, treasurers of the county stock, and other inferior officers as they are established, both by the common laws and statutes of this realm. By E.W. of Grays-Inn Esq; Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656. 1660 (1660) Wing W3013; ESTC R219589 31,098 183 View Text
A02979 The Kings edict and declaration vpon the former edicts of pacification Published in Paris at the parliament held the xxv. of Februarie. 1599. At Paris, by the printers and stationers ordinary to the King. 1599. Cum priuilegio dictæ Maiestatis.; Proclamations. 1598-04-03 France. Sovereign (1589-1610 : Henry IV); Henry IV, King of France, 1553-1610. 1599 (1599) STC 13120; ESTC S103955 31,848 68 View Text
A02680 Exile exiled Occasioned by a mandat from Rome, procured by Tho. Flemming alias Barnwell, archb. of Dublin, and friar of the Order of S. Francis, from the Congregation of Cardinalls De propagandâ fide, for the banishment of Paul Harris out of the Diocesse of Dublin. By Paul Harris Priest. Harris, Paul, 1573-1635? 1635 (1635) STC 12811; ESTC S119022 32,749 61 View Text
A02254 The proceedings of the Grisons, in the yeere 1618 VVherein are truely and cleerely laid open the lawfull and vrgent causes of calling an assembly of the commons: and of their due proceeding and honourable prosecution of iustice, which they were enforced to vse against some false and perfidious patriots, in a full congregation, and with absolute power met together at Tosana. Imprinted and published by commandement of the lords the heads, the counsailours and commons of the three confederations of the renowned free states of the Grisons: in maintenance of the truth, and romoouing all manner of calumniation.; Grawpündtnerische Handlungen des M.DC.XVII. Jahrs. English Graubünden (Switzerland) 1619 (1619) STC 12390; ESTC S103461 32,839 93 View Text
A08764 Orders and constitutions, partly collected out of his Maiesties letters patents; and partly by authority, and in vertue of the said letters patents: ordained vpon mature deliberation, by the gouernour and company of the city of London, for the plantation of the Summer-Islands: for the better gouerning of the actions and affaires of the said company and plantation. 6. Febr. 1621; Laws, etc. 1621-02-06 Bermuda Islands. 1622 (1622) STC 1905; ESTC S104552 33,149 90 View Text
A49528 A defence of the rights and priviledges of the University of Oxford containing, 1. An answer to the petition of the city of Oxford. 1649. : 2. The case of the University of Oxford, presented to the Honourable House of Commons, Jan. 24. 1689/90. University of Oxford.; Harrington, James, 1664-1693. Case of the University of Oxford.; Langbaine, Gerard, 1609-1658. Answer to the petition of the city of Oxford. 1690 (1690) Wing L366; ESTC R9958 36,771 63 View Text
A75476 The Anti-Levellers antidote against the most venomous of the serpents, the subtillest monopolizers. Collected by divers officers and soldiers of the army, and other honest people of this nation. 1652 (1652) Wing A3501; Thomason E673_10; ESTC R207181 37,344 43 View Text
A74899 Seasonable observations on a late book intitvled A system of the law: as it was contrived and published by the committee appointed for regulation: so far as it relates to the high Court of Chancery, and the fees and proceedings thereof: Wherein several proposals made by the said committee, are held unsafe and inconvenient; some are approved of, and illustrated; and others supplyed wherein the same are conceived defective: With further proposals, for the better regulation of said court, and more speedy and cheap hearing of causes. And an exact table. 1. Containing the fees now paid to the grand officers and patentees. 2. How much will satisfie the true labourers. 3. What wil [sic] be saved thereby to all suiters in the said court. Unto which is likewise annexed, the memorable case put by the late King James, to the then learned judges of the land, touching the power and jurisdiction of the said court, for relieving complainants after judgements given in the Courts of Common-Law; and how far the Statutes of Præmunire do extend to restrain the said court therein: With the reasons and resolutions of the said judges thereupon: Tendered to the consideration of the supreme authority: and published for the general good and information of all practitioners and suiters in the said court. / By Philostratus Philodemius. Philodemius, Philostratus. 1653 (1653) Thomason E705_4 41,217 70 View Text
A61870 A censure upon certaine passages contained in the history of the Royal Society as being destructive to the established religion and Church of England Stubbe, Henry, 1632-1676. 1670 (1670) Wing S6033; ESTC R32736 43,471 70 View Text
A33187 The City law shewing the customes, franchises, liberties, priviledges and immunities of the famous city of London : together with the names, natures, kinds, jurisdictions, powers, and proceedings of the severall courts within the same : as also the titles, qualities, advantages and profits of the severall offices in London and in whose dispose those offices are. 1658 (1658) Wing C4354; ESTC R24831 43,516 135 View Text
A51782 The sollicitor exactly and plainly declaring both as to knowledge and practice how such an undertaker ought to be qualified : as also his parts, qualities, and fitting endowments for such a weighty employment in a more special manner then hath ever seen heretofore published by any hand whatsoever : shewing further the particular of suing a person priviledged, and how the same may by course of court sue any forrainer : being truly useful for all sorts of persons who have any important business in law or equity / Manley, Thomas, 1628-1690. 1663 (1663) Wing M448; ESTC R29479 44,685 116 View Text
A09254 The charge of God and the King to iudges and magistrates, for execution of iustice. In a sermon preached before Sr Henry Hobart Knight and Baronet, Lord Chiefe Iustice of the Common Pleas: and Sr Robert Haughton Knight, one of the iudges of the Kings Bench, at the Assises at Hartford. By William Pemberton B.D. and minister at high-Ongar in Essex. Pemberton, William, d. 1622. 1619 (1619) STC 19568; ESTC S103437 46,028 130 View Text
A34350 Considerations touching the dissolving or taking away the court of chancery and the courts of iustice depending upon it with a vindication or defence of the law from what is unjustly charged upon it, and an answer to certain proposals made for the taking away, or alteration, of it. 1653 (1653) Wing C5918; ESTC R18810 47,697 80 View Text
A55623 An essay on the coin and commerce of the kingdom trade and treasure (which are twins) being the only supporters thereof next to religion and justice. Praed, John. 1695 (1695) Wing P3163A; ESTC R221798 53,333 71 View Text
A19372 Foure sermons whereof two, preached at two assizes, this present yeare, 1638. at Maidestone in Kent, the other two, in his own charge. By Robert Abbot ... Abbot, Robert, 1588?-1662? 1639 (1639) STC 58; ESTC S100378 53,626 193 View Text
A34787 A perfect and exact direction to all those that desire to know the true and just fees of these courts following viz. The fees of all the offices belonging to the Court of Common Pleas, a table of the prothonotaries fees, the fees of the Chancery, according to the table in the office, the ordinance of the Chancery / by Th. Lord Coventry late Lord Keeper of the great seale of England. Coventry, Thomas Coventry, Baron, 1578-1640. 1641 (1641) Wing C6625; ESTC R17316 53,652 158 View Text
A41753 The Grand concern of England explained in several proposals offered to the consideration of the Parliament, (1) for payment of publick debts, (2) for advancement and encouragement of trade, (3) for raising the rents of lands ... / by a lover of his countrey, and well-wisher to the prosperity both of the King and kingdoms. Lover of his countrey and well-wisher to the prosperity both of the king and kingdoms. 1673 (1673) Wing G1491; ESTC R23421 54,704 66 View Text
A34331 The Connexion being choice collections of some principal matters in King James his reign, which may serve to supply the vacancy betwixt Mr. Townsend's and Mr. Rushworth's historical collections. England and Wales. Sovereign (1603-1625 : James I) 1681 (1681) Wing C5882; ESTC R2805 57,942 188 View Text
A36820 The Duke of Norfolk's case, or, The doctrine of perpetuities fully set forth and explain'd 1688 (1688) Wing D2513; ESTC R17683 59,123 72 View Text
A90208 The practice of the Exchequer court, with its severall offices and officers being a short narration of the power and duty of each single person in his severall place. Written at the request of the Lord Buckhurst, sometime Lord Treasurer of England. By Sr. T.F. Whereunto are added the rules and orders of proceedings by English bill. Osborne, Peter, 1521-1592.; Fanshawe, Thomas Fanshawe, Viscount, 1596-1665, attributed name. 1658 (1658) Wing O527; Thomason E1928_1; ESTC R8740 61,106 176 View Text
A38869 An exact account of the trial between Sr. William Pritchard, Kt. and alderman of the city of London, plaintiff, and Thomas Papillon, Esq, defendant in an action upon the case at the sessions of nisi prius holden for the Court of King's Bench at the Guild-Hall in the city of London, on Thursday the 6th of November, 1684, in Michaelmas term, in the 36th year of the reign of King Charles the Second, before Sir George Jefferies, Kt. and Baronet, then Lord Chief Justice of the said Court of King's Bench : to which is added, the matter of fact relating to election of sheriffs, as it was printed in the year 1682. Pritchard, William, Sir, 1632?-1705, complainant.; Papillon, Thomas, 1623-1702, defendant.; England and Wales. Court of King's Bench. 1689 (1689) Wing E3587; ESTC R12402 61,421 42 View Text
A93109 Of corporations, fraternities, and guilds. Or, a discourse, wherein the learning of the law touching bodies-politique is unfolded, shewing the use and necessity of that invention, the antiquity, various kinds, order and government of the same. Necessary to be known not only of all members and dependants of such bodies; but of all the professours of our common law. With forms and presidents, of charters of corporation. / By William Shepheard, serjeant at law. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1659 (1659) Wing S3195; Thomason E1912_2; ESTC R203559 65,245 193 View Text
A26144 The power, jurisdiction and priviledge of Parliament and the antiquity of the House of Commons asserted occasion'd by an information in the Kings Bench by the attorney general against the Speaker of the House of Commons : as also A discourse concerning the ecclesiastical jurisdiction in the realm of England, occasion'd by the late commission in ecclesiastical causes / by Sir Robert Atkins, Knight ... Atkyns, Robert, Sir, 1621-1709. 1689 (1689) Wing A4141; ESTC R16410 69,431 78 View Text
A64757 Practica Walliæ, or, The proceedings in the great sessions of Wales containing the method and practice of an attorney there, from an original to the execution : whereunto is added, the old statute of Wales at large, and an abridgement of all the statutes uniting Wales to England : with tables of the fees, and the matters therein contained / by Rice Vaughan ... Vaughan, Rice. 1672 (1672) Wing V136; ESTC R3656 72,094 234 View Text
A85896 The generall and particular acts and articles of the late national synod of the reformed Churches of France, assembled by the permission of the King at Charenton neare Paris, beginning the 26th of December, 1644. Where by the present estate of those churches, as also their doctrine and discipline may be knowne. With divers other remarkable passages, and letters from the King and Q. Regent of France, to the said synod, and of the synod to their Majesties, and other great personages. Never before printed either in French or English, and now faithfully translated out of a written French copy. Whereunto is added a formulary of baptisme for those who from paganisme, Judaisme, and Mahumetisme, are converted to the Christian faith; as also of those Anabaptists who have not bin baptised before, composed in the nationall synod set forth at Charenton in the yeare 1645. and now faithfully Englished. Eglises réformées de France. Synode national (1644-1645 : Charenton-le-Pont); Anne, Queen, consort of Louis XIII, King of France, 1601-1666.; France. Sovereign (1643-1715 : Louis XIV) 1646 (1646) Wing G488; Thomason E361_5; ESTC R201205 74,805 110 View Text
A49463 The life of faith Wherein is shewed the general use of faith in all the passages of a Christians life. Together with a discourse of right judgment on Joh.7.24. By H. Lukin. Lukin, H. (Henry), 1628-1719. 1660 (1660) Wing L3477; ESTC R213826 80,145 275 View Text
A60878 The Arguments of the Lord-keeper, the two Lords Chief Justices, and Mr. Baron Powell, when they gave judgement for the Earl of Bath Somers, John Somers, Baron, 1651-1716.; Treby, George, Sir, 1644?-1700.; Holt, John, Sir, 1642-1710.; Powell, John, Sir, 1645-1713. 1693 (1693) Wing S4637; Wing A3646_CANCELLED; ESTC R17706 80,573 63 View Text
A26658 Select cases in B.R. 22, 23, & 24 Car. I Regis reported by John Aleyn ... ; with tables of the names of the cases and of the matters therein contained, also of the names of the learned councel who argued the same. England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; Aleyn, John. 1681 (1681) Wing A920; ESTC R19235 80,917 114 View Text
A66798 A description of the grand signour's seraglio or Turkish emperours court [edited] by John Greaves. Bon, Ottaviano, 1552-1623.; Withers, Robert.; Greaves, John, 1602-1652. 1653 (1653) Wing W3214; ESTC R28395 85,011 200 View Text
A04794 Flovvers of epigrammes, out of sundrie the moste singular authours selected, as well auncient as late writers. Pleasant and profitable to the expert readers of quicke capacitie: by Timothe Kendall, late of the Vniuersitie of Oxford: now student of Staple Inne in London Kendall, Timothy, fl. 1577. 1577 (1577) STC 14927; ESTC S107994 86,662 304 View Text
A38733 Tryals per pais, or, The law concerning juries by nisi-prius, &c. methodically composed for the publick good, in the 16th year of the reign of our Soveraign Lord Charls the Second, King of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, &c. by S.E. of the Inner-Temple, Esquire. Euer, Samson. 1665 (1665) Wing E3411; ESTC R42019 90,716 264 View Text
A33627 Certain select cases in law reported by Sir Edward Coke, Knight, late Lord Chief Justice of England ... ; translated out of a manuscript written with his own hand, never before published ; with two exact tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained.; Reports. Part 13. English Coke, Edward, Sir, 1552-1634. 1659 (1659) Wing C4909; ESTC R1290 92,700 80 View Text
A51909 Actions for slaunder, or, A methodicall collection under certain grounds and heads of what words are actionable in the law and what not a treatise of very great use and consequence to all men, especially in these times wherein actions for slaunder are more common and do much more abound then in times past, and when the malice of men so much increases, well may their tongue want a directory : to which is added awards or arbitrements methodified under severall grounds and heads collected out of our year-books and other private authentick authorities ... / by Jo. March. March, John, 1612-1657. 1647 (1647) Wing M571; ESTC R29500 98,473 242 View Text
A43106 Remarks upon the tryals of Edward Fitzharris, Stephen Colledge, Count Coningsmark, the Lord Russel, Collonel Sidney, Henry Cornish, and Charles Bateman as also on the Earl of Shaftsbury's grand jury, Wilmore's Homine replegiando, and the award of execution against Sir Thomas Armstrong / by John Hawles. Hawles, John, Sir, 1645-1716. 1689 (1689) Wing H1188; ESTC R10368 100,698 108 View Text
A14019 Epitaphes, epigrams, songs and sonets with a discourse of the friendly affections of Tymetes to Pyndara his ladie. Newly corrected with additions, and set out by George Turbervile Gentleman. Turberville, George, 1540?-1610? 1567 (1567) STC 24326; ESTC S111456 102,071 323 View Text
A09900 The attourneys academy, or, The manner and forme of proceeding practically vpon any suite, plaint or action whatsoever, in any court of record whatsoever, within this kingdome : especially in the great courts at Westminster, to whose motion all other court of law or equitie ... are diurnally mooued : with the moderne and most vsuall fees of the officers and ministers of such courts / publisht by his Maiesties speciall priuiledge ... [by] Tho. Povvell. Powell, Thomas, 1572?-1635? 1623 (1623) STC 20163.5; ESTC S124370 102,508 306 View Text
A55222 The book of the general laws of the inhabitants of the jurisdiction of New-Plimouth collected out of the records of the General Court, and lately revised : and with some emendations and additions established and disposed into such order as they my readily conduce to general use and benefit by the order and authority of the General Court of New-Plimouth held at Plimouth, June 2d. anno Dom. 1685 reprinted and published, Nathaniel Clerk, secrt'.; Laws, etc. (Book of the general laws : 1685) New Plymouth Colony. 1685 (1685) Wing P2659; ESTC W479534 104,394 101 View Text
A66651 The body of the common law of England as it stood in force before it was altered by statute, or acts of Parliament, or state. Together with an exact collection of such statutes, as have altered, or do otherwise concern the same. Whereunto is also annexed certain tables containing a summary of the whole law, for the help and delight of such students as affect method. By Edm. Wingate of Grayes-Inne Esq; Wingate, Edmund, 1596-1656. 1655 (1655) Wing W3007; ESTC R220028 104,837 228 View Text
A48310 Memoranda : touching the oath ex officio, pretended self-accusation, and canonical purgation together with some notes about the making of some new, and alteration and explanation of some old laws, all most humbly submitted to the consideration of this Parliament / by Edw. Lake ... Lake, Edward, Sir, 1596 or 7-1674. 1662 (1662) Wing L188; ESTC R14261 107,287 162 View Text
A54631 Lex parliamentaria, or, A treatise of the law and custom of the parliaments of England by G.P., Esq. ... ; with an appendix of a case in Parliament between Sir Francis Goodwyn and Sir John Fortescue, for the knights place for the county of Bucks, I Jac. I., from an original French manuscript, translated into English.; Lex parliamentaria. English Petyt, George. 1690 (1690) Wing P1943; ESTC R4908 108,214 341 View Text
A48299 Lex Londinensis, or, The city law shewing the powers, customs, and practice of all the several courts belonging to the famous city of London ... : together with several acts of Common Councel, very useful and necessary to be known by all merchants, citizens, and freemen of the said city : and also, a method for the ministers within the said city to recover their tithes : with a table to the whole book. City of London (England). Court of Common Council. 1680 (1680) Wing L1858; ESTC R2792 111,597 280 View Text
A59729 The offices of constables, church wardens, overseers of the poor, supravisors of the high-wayes, treasurers of the county-stock and some other lesser country officers plainly and lively set forth by William Sheppard. Sheppard, William, d. 1675? 1650 (1650) Wing S3202; ESTC R30564 113,836 230 View Text
A76259 A help to magistrates, and ministers of justice, also a guide to parish and ward-officers. : Containing, 1. Plain directions for justices of the peace ... 2. To their clerks in drawing forms of warrants, and other necessary writings. 3. A help to grand and petty juries. 4. Penalties upon forestallers ... 5. The rates of servants wages ... 6. Some directions to coroners and their inquests ... 7. Customs ... peculiar to the city of London in privileges, law-matters ... 8. The office and duty of a high constable ... 9. The office and duty of churchwardens and sidesmen. 10. The office and duty of the overseers of the poor. 11. The office and duty of toll-keepers and fair-keepers. 12. The office and duty of surveyors of highways, scavengers, &c. P. B., Gent. 1700 (1700) Wing B150A; ESTC R172533 117,286 226 View Text
A53418 Ordines cancellariæ, being orders of the High Court of Chancery, from the first year of King Charles I, to this present Hillary term, 1697 ... to which is added the Rules and orders of the Court of Exchequer. England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; England and Wales. Court of Exchequer. Rules and orders of the Court of Exchequer. 1698 (1698) Wing O415; ESTC R11916 131,267 357 View Text
A47102 An explanation of the laws against recusants, &c. abridged by Joseph Keble ... Keble, Joseph, 1632-1710. 1681 (1681) Wing K115; ESTC R1584 133,989 274 View Text
A28470 The resolutions of the judges upon the several statutes of bankrupts as also, the like resolutions upon 13 Eliz. and 27 Eliz. touching fraudulent conveyances / by T.B., Esq. Blount, Thomas, 1618-1679. 1670 (1670) Wing B3342; ESTC R19029 141,329 238 View Text
A45254 The reports of that reverend and learned judge, Sir Richard Hutton Knight sometimes one of the judges of the common pleas : containing many choice cases, judgments, and resolutions in points of law in the severall raignes of King James and King Charles / being written in French in his owne hand, and now faithfully translated into English according to order. England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.; Hutton, Richard, Sir, 1561?-1639. 1656 (1656) Wing H3843; ESTC R14563 150,299 158 View Text
A40473 The touchstone of precedents, relating to judicial proceedings at common law by G.F. of Grayes-Inn, Esquire. G. F., of Gray's-Inn. 1682 (1682) Wing F22; ESTC R14229 160,878 378 View Text
A28801 Examen legum Angliæ, or, The laws of England examined, by Scripture, antiquity and reason cujus author anagrammat[os] est, A gomoz boa oz̄ bary. Booth, A., 17th cent.; Boon, A. 1656 (1656) Wing B3738; ESTC R38641 162,879 175 View Text
A49745 The Law of ejectments, or, A treatise shewing the nature of ejectione firme the difference between it and trespass, and how to be brought or removed where the lands lie in franchises ... as also who are good witnesses or not in the trial of ejectment ... together with the learning of special verdicts at large ... very necessary for all lawyers, attornies, and other persons, especially at the assizes &c. 1700 (1700) Wing L635; ESTC R31688 163,445 314 View Text
A53751 The reports of that late reverend and learned judge, Thomas Owen Esquire one of the justices of the Common pleas : wherein are many choice cases, most of them throughly argued by the learned serjeants, and after argued and resolved by the grave judges of those times : with many cases wherein the differences in the year-books are reconciled and explained : with two exact alphabeticall tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained. England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; Owen, Thomas, d. 1598.; England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. 1656 (1656) Wing O832; ESTC R13317 170,888 175 View Text
A43221 Maxims and rules of pleading, in actions real, personal and mixt, popular and penal describing the nature of declarations, pleas, replications, rejoynders, and all other parts of pleading, shewing their validity and defects, and in what cases they are amendable by the court, or remediable by the statute-law, or otherwise : likewise, which of the parties in his plea shall first offer the issue, and where special matter may be given in evidence upon the general issue : of demurrers upon evidence, of verdicts, general and special, and of bills of exceptions to the same, of judgments, executions, writs of error and false judgment, and of appeals, indictments, and informations and the pleadings relating thereunto / published from the manuscript of Sir Robert Heath ... ; with additions of new matter to every title, from all the reports since his time. Heath, Robert, Sir, 1575-1649. 1694 (1694) Wing H1340; ESTC R21584 172,855 372 View Text
A94135 The Jesuite the chiefe, if not the onely state-heretique in the world. Or, The Venetian quarrell. Digested into a dialogue. / By Tho: Swadlin, D.D. Swadlin, Thomas, 1600-1670. 1646 (1646) Wing S6218; Thomason E363_8; ESTC R201230 173,078 216 View Text
A29389 Reports of that grave and learned judge, Sir John Bridgman, knight, serjeant at law, sometime chief justice of Chester to which are added two exact tables, the one of the cases, and the other of the principal matters therein contained. Bridgman, John, Sir.; J. H.; England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. 1659 (1659) Wing B4487; ESTC R19935 180,571 158 View Text
A77341 A breviate of a sentence given against Jerome Alexander Esquire, an utter barrester of Lincolns-Inne, in the court of Star-chamber, the 17th day of November, in the second yeer of the raign of our soveraign Lord King Charls, of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, &c. With exceptions taken to the said sentence, to unfold the iniquity thereof. With a short narrative of divers other passages and oppressions, wherewith he hath been also grieved in other times of his life, both before and since. Printed for the satisfaction of his friends, against those many calumnies and aspertions raised thereupon to blemish him in their opinion, and in the opinion of all others with whom he hath to do. 1644 (1644) Wing B4410; Thomason E1066_2; ESTC R211322 183,530 157 View Text
A58990 The second part of Reports of cases taken and adjudged in the court of Chancery, from the 20th year of King Charles II. to the first year of Their present Majesties, King William and Queen Mary Being special cases, and most of them decreed with the assistance of the judges, and all of them referring to the register books, wherein are setled several points of equity, law and practice. To which is added, the late great case between the Dutchess of Albemarle and the Earle of Bathe.; Reports of cases taken and adjudged in the court of Chancery, from the 20th year of King Charles II. to the first year of Their present Majesties, King William and Queen Mary. Part 2. England and Wales. Court of Chancery. 1694 (1694) Wing S2297; ESTC R217071 188,405 430 View Text
A49392 Reports in the Court of Exchequer, beginning in the third, and ending in the ninth year of the raign of the late King James by the Honourable Richard Lane ... ; being the first collections in that court hitherto extant ; containing severall cases of informations upon intrusion, touching the King's prerogative, revenue and government, with divers incident resolutions of publique concernment in points of law ; with two exact alphabeticall tables, the one of the names of the cases, the other of the principall matters contained in this book. Lane, Richard, Sir, 1584-1650.; England and Wales. Court of Exchequer. 1657 (1657) Wing L340; ESTC R6274 190,222 134 View Text
A66613 Reports of that reverend and learned judge, Sir Humphry Winch Knight sometimes one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas : containing many choice cases, and excellent matters touching declarations, pleadings, demurrers, judgements, and resolutions in points of law, in the foure last years of the raign of King James, faithfully translated out of an exact french copie, with two alphabetical, and necessary table, the one of the names of the cases, the other of the principal matters contained in this book. England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.; Winch, Humphrey, Sir, 1555?-1625. 1657 (1657) Wing W2964; ESTC R8405 191,688 144 View Text
A04374 The Christians apparelling by Christ Where is shewed in three parts: 1. The happinesse, honour, aud [sic] confortable estate of all true Christians: with the wretched estate of all others. 2. The duetie it selfe, with particular directions. 3. The triall and examination of our selues by distinctiue notes. By R.I. B.D. Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652. 1625 (1625) STC 14488; ESTC S106591 193,947 568 View Text
A86034 A survey of the law. Containing directions how to prosecute and defend personal actions, usually brought at common law. With the judges opinions in several cases. To which is annexed, the nature of a writ of error, and the general proceedings thereupon. With a plain table for the easy finding out of every particular. / By Wiliam Glisson and Anthony Gulston [brace] Esquires, [brace] baristers at law.; Common law epitomiz'd Glisson, William.; Gulston, Anthony. 1659 (1659) Wing G866; Thomason E1788_1; ESTC R202224 194,278 425 View Text
A68633 An exposition of certaine difficult and obscure words, and termes of the lawes of this realme, newly set foorth and augmented, both in french and English, for the helpe of such younge students as are desirous to attaine the knowledge of ye same. Whereunto are also added the olde Tenures; Expositiones terminorum legum Anglorum. English and Law French Rastell, John, d. 1536.; Rastell, William, 1508?-1565. 1579 (1579) STC 20706.5; ESTC S115758 196,680 894 View Text
A47352 Choice presidents upon all Acts of Parliament relating to the office and duty of a justice of peace. With necessary notes and instructions thereupon taken out of the said Acts of Parliament, and other particular cases in law adjudg'd therein. As also a more useful method of making up Court-Rolls than hath been hitherto known or published in print. By Rich. Kilburne, Esq; late one of His Majestie's Justices of the Peace for the county of Kent, and principal of Staple-Inn. Kilburne, Richard, 1605-1678.; G. F., of Grayes-Inn. 1681 (1681) Wing K429; ESTC R217188 201,245 429 View Text
A38736 Tryals per pais, or, The law concerning juries by nisi-prius &c. by G.D. of the Inner Temple, Esquire. G. D. 1685 (1685) Wing E3413A; ESTC R36204 212,735 464 View Text
A61922 Regestum practicale, or, The practical register consisting of rules, orders, and observations concerning the common-laws, and the practice thereof : but more particularly applicable to the proceedings in the upper-bench, as well in matters criminal as civil ... / by William Style. Style, William, 1603-1679. 1657 (1657) Wing S6102; ESTC R33821 216,034 394 View Text
A65124 A complete collection of all the lavvs of Virginia now in force Carefully copied from the assembly records. To which is annexed an alphabetical table.; Laws, etc. Virginia. 1684 (1684) Wing V636; ESTC R222342 217,004 350 View Text
A50067 The general laws and liberties of the Massachusets colony; Laws, etc. Massachusetts. 1672 (1672) Wing M1003; ESTC R208 224,188 210 View Text
A43467 Reports and cases taken in the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh years of the late King Charles as they were argued by most of the King's sergeants at the Commonpleas barre / collected and reported, by that eminent lawyer, Sir Thomas Hetley Knight, sergeant at law, sometimes of the Honourable Society of Grayes-Inne, and appointed by the king and judges for one of he reporters of the law ; now Englished, and likewise of the cases, both alphabetical. Hetley, Thomas, Sir.; England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas. 1657 (1657) Wing H1627; ESTC R10743 229,000 204 View Text
A34029 Modern reports, or, Select cases adjudged in the Courts of Kings Bench, Chancery, Common-pleas, and Exchequer since the restauration of His Majesty King Charles II collected by a careful hand. Colquitt, Anthony.; England and Wales. Court of Chancery.; England and Wales. Court of King's Bench.; England and Wales. Court of Common Pleas.; England and Wales. Court of Exchequer. 1682 (1682) Wing C5414; ESTC R11074 235,409 350 View Text
A81194 A compendium of the laws and government ecclesiastical, civil and military, of England, Scotland & Ireland and dominions, plantations and territories thereunto belonging, with the maritime power thereof, and jurisdiction of courts therein. Methodically digested under their proper heads. By H.C. sometime of the Inner Temple. Curson, H. (Henry) 1699 (1699) Wing C7686A; ESTC R231895 237,927 672 View Text
A47712 The fourth part of the reports of several cases of law argued and adjudged in the several courts at Westminster, in the time of the late Queen Elizabeths reign collected by a learned professor of the law, William Leonard, Esq. ... published by William Hughes of Grayes-Inn, Esq. ; with tables of the names of the cases, and of the matters contained in this book.; Reports and cases of law argued and adjudged in the courts at Westminster. Part 4 Leonard, William.; Hughes, William, of Gray's Inn. 1687 (1687) Wing L1102; ESTC R19612 240,523 272 View Text