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book_n essential_a part_n want_v 1,769 5 11.2230 5 false
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A56281 Remarks of A. Pulton, master in the Savoy, upon Dr Tho. Tenison's late narrative with a confutation of the doctors rule of faith, and a reply to A. Chresners pretended Vindication. Pulton, A. (Andrew), 1654-1710. 1687 (1687) Wing P4207; ESTC R5578 30,730 54 View Text
A01011 The totall summe. Or No danger of damnation vnto Roman Catholiques for any errour in faith nor any hope of saluation for any sectary vvhatsoeuer that doth knovvingly oppose the doctrine of the Roman Church. This is proued by the confessions, and sayings of M. William Chillingvvorth his booke. Floyd, John, 1572-1649. 1639 (1639) STC 11117; ESTC S118026 62,206 105 View Text
A73761 The epistle congratulatorie of Lysimachus Nicanor of the Societie of Jesu, to the Covenanters in Scotland. VVherin is paralleled our sweet harmony and correspondency in divers materiall points of doctrine and practice. Nicanor, Lysimachus, 1603-1641. 1640 (1640) STC 5752; Thomason E203_7; ESTC R17894 65,738 81 View Text
B00537 An exhortation vnto the gouernours, and people of Hir Maiesties countrie of Wales, to labour earnestly, to haue the preaching of the Gospell planted among them. There is in the ende something that was not in the former impression.. Penry, John, 1559-1593.; Waldegrave, Robert, 1554-1604, printer. 1588 (1588) STC 19605.5; ESTC S94666 73,347 118 View Text
A27380 Tradidi vobis, or, The traditionary conveyance of faith cleer'd in the rational way against the exceptions of a learned opponent / by J.B., Esquire. J. B. (John Belson), fl. 1688. 1662 (1662) Wing B1861; ESTC R4578 124,753 322 View Text
A13773 Positions lately held by the L. Du Perron, Bishop of Eureux, against the sufficiency and perfection of the scriptures maintaning the necessitie and authoritie of vnwritten traditions. Verie learnedly answered and confuted by D. Daniell Tillenus, Professor of Diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Sedan. VVith a defence of the sufficiency and perfection of the holy scriptures by the same author. Faithfully translated. Tilenus, Daniel, 1563-1633.; Du Perron, Jacques Davy, 1556-1618. Discours sur l'autorité.; Tilenus, Daniel, 1563-1633. Defence of the sufficiency and perfection of the holy scripture. aut 1606 (1606) STC 24071; ESTC S101997 143,995 256 View Text
A14907 Exercitations divine Containing diverse questions and solutions for the right understanding of the Scriptures. Proving the necessitie, majestie, integritie, perspicuitie, and sense thereof. As also shewing the singular prerogatiues wherewith the Lord indued those whom he appointed to bee the pen-men of them. Together with the excellencie and use of divinitie above all humane sciences. All which are cleared out of the Hebrew, and Greeke, the two originall languages in which the Scriptures were first written, by comparing them with the Samaritane, Chaldie, and Syriack copies, and with the Greeke interpretors, and vulgar Latine translation. By Iohn Weemse, of Lathocker in Scotland, preacher of Christs Gospell. Weemes, John, 1579?-1636. 1632 (1632) STC 25212; ESTC S119565 155,578 222 View Text
A66525 Infant=baptism asserted & vindicated by Scripture and antiquity in answer to a treatise of baptism lately published by Mr. Henry Danvers : together with a full detection of his misrepresentations of divers councils and authors both ancient and modern : with a just censur of his essay to palliate the horrid actings of the anabaptists in Germany : as also a perswasive to unity among all Christians, though of different judgments about baptism / by Obed Wills ... Wills, Obed. 1674 (1674) Wing W2867; ESTC R31819 255,968 543 View Text
A81842 Forgetfulness of God the great plague of man's heart, and consideration one of the principal means to cure it. By W.D. master of arts, and once fellow of King's Colledge Cambridge Duncombe, William, fl. 1683. 1683 (1683) Wing D2600; ESTC R230969 274,493 513 View Text
A49887 Monsieur Bossu's treatise of the epick poem containing many curious reflexions, very useful and necessary for the right understanding and judging of the excellencies of Homer and Virgil / done into English from the French, with a new original preface upon the same subject, by W.J. ; to which are added, An essay upon satyr, by Monsieur D'Acier ; and A treatise upon pastorals, by Monsieur Fontanelle.; Traité du poème épique. English Le Bossu, René, 1631-1680.; W. J.; Dacier, André, 1651-1722. Essay upon satyr.; Fontenelle, M. de (Bernard Le Bovier), 1657-1757. Of pastorals. 1695 (1695) Wing L804; ESTC R10431 296,769 336 View Text
A51660 Malebranch's Search after the truth, or, A treatise of the nature of the humane mind. Vol. II and of its management, for avoiding error in the sciences : to which is added, the authors defence against the accusations of Monsieur de la Ville : also, the life of Father Malebranch, of the oratory of Paris, with an account of his works, and several particulars of his controversie with Monsieur Arnaud Dr. of Sorbonne, and Monsieur Regis, professor in philosophy at Paris, written by Monsieur Le Vasseur, lately come over from Paris / done out of French from the last edition.; Recherche de la vérité. English Malebranche, Nicolas, 1638-1715.; Sault, Richard, d. 1702. 1695 (1695) Wing M316; ESTC R39697 381,206 555 View Text
A73378 An exposition of the lawes of Moses Viz. Morall. Ceremoniall. Iudiciall. The second volume. Containing an explanation of diverse questions and positions for the right understanding thereof. Wherein also are opened divers ancient rites & customes of the Iewes, and also of the Gentiles, as they haue relation to the Iewish. Together with an explication of sundry difficult texts of Scripture, which depend upon, or belong unto every one of the Commandements, as also upon the ceremoniall and iudiciall lawes. Which texts are set downe in the tables before each particular booke. All which are cleered out of the originall languages, the Hebrew and Greeke, and out of the distinctions of the schoolemen and cases of the casuists. / By Iohn Weemse, of Lathocker in Scotland, preacher of Gods Word.; Works. v. 3 Weemes, John, 1579?-1636. 1632 (1632) STC 25207.5; ESTC S112662 524,931 1,326 View Text
A66580 Infidelity vnmasked, or, The confutation of a booke published by Mr. William Chillingworth vnder this title, The religion of Protestants, a safe way to saluation [i.e. salvation] Knott, Edward, 1582-1656. 1652 (1652) Wing W2929; ESTC R304 877,503 994 View Text
A36910 The Young-students-library containing extracts and abridgments of the most valuable books printed in England, and in the forreign journals, from the year sixty five, to this time : to which is added a new essay upon all sorts of learning ... / by the Athenian Society ; also, a large alphabetical table, comprehending the contents of this volume, and of all the Athenian Mercuries and supplements, etc., printed in the year 1691. Dunton, John, 1659-1733.; Hove, Frederick Hendrick van, 1628?-1698.; Athenian Society (London, England) 1692 (1692) Wing D2635; ESTC R35551 984,688 524 View Text
A27006 Reliquiæ Baxterianæ, or, Mr. Richard Baxters narrative of the most memorable passages of his life and times faithfully publish'd from his own original manuscript by Matthew Sylvester. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691.; Sylvester, Matthew, 1636 or 7-1708. 1696 (1696) Wing B1370; ESTC R16109 1,288,485 824 View Text
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