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A36424 A voyage to the world of Cartesius written originally in French, and now translated into English.; Voyage du monde de Descartes. English Daniel, Gabriel, 1649-1728.; Taylor, Thomas, 1669 or 70-1735.; Defoe, Daniel, 1661?-1731. 1692 (1692) Wing D201; ESTC R5098 166,321 301

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preserve_v the_o strict_a law_n of_o probability_n in_o my_o history_n will_v persuade_v those_o that_o shall_v read_v it_o that_o i_o envy_v lucian_n more_o than_o once_o this_o his_o so_o happy_a expedient_a nor_o can_v i_o but_o acknowledge_v the_o same_o yet_o i_o must_v add_v that_o a_o second_o consideration_n will_v inevitable_o have_v determine_v i_o to_o a_o different_a choice_n although_o decency_n will_v have_v allow_v i_o to_o make_v use_n of_o the_o former_a i_o be_o a_o philosopher_n and_o the_o profession_n i_o pretend_v to_o bar_v all_o admittance_n unto_o such_o a_o management_n the_o character_n of_o a_o philosopher_n be_v always_o to_o speak_v truth_n or_o to_o think_v he_o do_v at_o least_o endeavour_n to_o be_v think_v to_o speak_v it_o for_o i_o to_o divest_v myself_o of_o all_o gaiety_n of_o humour_n and_o then_o to_o affect_v it_o to_o follow_v the_o example_n of_o the_o great_a enemy_n the_o philosopher_n have_v know_v will_v have_v be_v poor_o to_o support_v a_o quality_n i_o extreme_o value_v myself_o upon_o so_o that_o i_o shall_v be_v cautious_a of_o use_v the_o like_a preamble_n and_o acquaint_v my_o reader_n that_o all_o they_o be_v to_o expect_v of_o i_o shall_v be_v false_a i_o certify_v they_o therefore_o from_o this_o time_n forward_o that_o i_o have_v a_o quite_o contrary_a design_n and_o that_o i_o mean_v to_o set_v off_o my_o history_n with_o a_o air_n of_o truth_n such_o as_o may_v be_v able_a to_o persuade_v the_o most_o incredulous_a do_v they_o lie_v by_o prejudice_n in_o the_o read_n of_o it_o that_o what_o i_o say_v be_v most_o undoubted_o true_a but_o such_o be_v the_o nature_n of_o prejudice_n and_o prepossession_n that_o after_o all_o the_o pain_n i_o have_v take_v to_o appear_v credible_a i_o be_o conscious_a notwithstanding_o i_o shall_v not_o be_v believe_v let_v it_o be_v how_o it_o will_v for_o after_o all_o i_o will_v by_o no_o mean_n offer_v violence_n to_o the_o judgement_n of_o my_o reader_n now_o see_v in_o few_o word_n the_o design_n of_o the_o work_n i_o therein_o relate_v the_o particular_n of_o a_o voyage_n which_o i_o make_v to_o the_o world_n of_o cartesius_n i_o begin_v the_o voyage_n very_o advantageous_o upon_o a_o occasion_n that_o fortune_n present_v i_o and_o which_o seem_v worthy_a to_o be_v relate_v through_o the_o whole_a thread_n of_o the_o history_n as_o i_o fall_v in_o with_o emergency_n i_o explain_v with_o as_o little_a difficulty_n and_o as_o pleasant_o as_o the_o subject_n will_v bear_v the_o most_o principal_a point_n of_o cartesius_n his_o philosophy_n i_o examine_v many_o of_o they_o in_o the_o way_n and_o refute_v the_o great_a part_n of_o they_o in_o a_o manner_n clear_a as_o i_o think_v and_o intelligible_a enough_o and_o which_o common_o have_v in_o it_o something_o new_a and_o unreceive_v i_o have_v make_v it_o my_o business_n to_o diversify_v and_o enliven_v a_o subject_a natural_o dry_a and_o melancholy_a as_o well_o by_o the_o variety_n of_o accident_n which_o give_v i_o occasion_n to_o digress_v upon_o they_o as_o by_o some_o peculiar_a and_o not_o incurious_a instance_n of_o the_o history_n of_o cartesianism_n and_o likewise_o with_o some_o brisk_a and_o warm_a discourse_n of_o such_o gentleman_n as_o no_o one_o will_v be_v uneasy_a to_o hear_v dispute_n to_o conclude_v my_o last_o and_o most_o principal_a business_n to_o the_o examination_n and_o discussion_n of_o the_o general_a system_n of_o cartesius_n his_o world_n and_o his_o managery_n of_o the_o chief_a part_n of_o it_o as_o he_o propose_v it_o in_o his_o book_n of_o principle_n and_o in_o that_o which_o be_v entitle_v a_o treatise_n concern_v light_n or_o the_o world_n of_o m._n descartes_n which_o he_o mention_n so_o often_o in_o his_o letter_n to_o father_n mersennus_n but_o be_v not_o print_v till_o after_o his_o death_n and_o i_o doubt_v not_o in_o that_o discussion_n to_o establish_v this_o one_o proposition_n that_o have_v be_v often_o advance_v but_o still_o repulse_v and_o still_o i_o be_o confident_a will_v be_v as_o a_o paradox_n to_o many_o that_o there_o be_v scarce_o any_o philosophical_a hypothesis_n more_o unjust_a and_o incoherent_a or_o who_o conclusion_n have_v less_o connexion_n with_o its_o principle_n than_o that_o of_o cartesius_n that_o proposition_n i_o say_v have_v always_o seem_v a_o paradox_n because_o it_o thwart_v the_o general_o receive_v opinion_n of_o that_o philosophy_n no_o one_o will_v deny_v but_o that_o some_o of_o his_o principle_n be_v but_o mere_a supposition_n without_o proof_n the_o mind_n can_v find_v that_o satisfaction_n it_o demand_v but_o what_o they_o stand_v upon_o be_v that_o these_o supposition_n be_v once_o receive_v all_o the_o rest_n do_v follow_v in_o so_o direct_v a_o line_n in_o so_o great_a order_n and_o perspicuity_n that_o the_o evidence_n of_o the_o consqevence_n expand_v itself_o as_o i_o may_v say_v upon_o the_o premise_n the_o mind_n begin_v of_o its_o own_o accord_n to_o embrace_v for_o truth_n what_o be_v before_o propose_v as_o bare_a supposition_n this_o may_v be_v true_a of_o some_o part_n of_o his_o philosophy_n and_o particular_o of_o those_o wherein_o he_o treat_v of_o the_o nature_n of_o some_o sensible_a quality_n in_o which_o a_o man_n must_v almost_o be_v force_v to_o acquiesce_v that_o shall_v read_v they_o without_o prepossession_n but_o i_o be_o of_o opinion_n it_o be_v false_a in_o respect_n of_o the_o general_a constructure_n of_o his_o world_n and_o the_o consequence_n he_o draw_v from_o it_o it_o be_v this_o part_n of_o his_o philosophy_n which_o i_o shall_v more_o thorough_o examine_v and_o it_o be_v this_o of_o all_o other_o that_o have_v hitherto_o best_o escape_v the_o censure_n plenty_n of_o objection_n have_v be_v make_v against_o his_o metaphysic_n against_o the_o new_a demonstration_n he_o have_v pretend_v to_o give_v for_o the_o existence_n of_o a_o deity_n his_o distinction_n of_o the_o soul_n and_o body_n his_o system_n of_o light_n his_o rule_n of_o motion_n as_o also_o those_o concern_v reflection_n and_o refraction_n scarce_o any_o yet_o have_v give_v he_o disturbance_n upon_o the_o hypothesis_n of_o his_o vortex_n which_o be_v notwithstanding_o the_o foundation_n of_o all_o he_o say_v touch_v the_o motion_n of_o the_o planet_n the_o ebb_a and_o flow_v of_o the_o sea_n the_o gravity_n and_o levity_n of_o body_n and_o of_o his_o whole_a system_n concern_v light_n of_o which_o he_o himself_o have_v be_v so_o very_o fond_a i_o will_v not_o say_v but_o they_o have_v augment_v the_o difficulty_n upon_o each_o of_o these_o last_o head_n since_o a_o great_a many_o have_v attack_v he_o thereupon_o but_o i_o only_o say_v they_o have_v seldom_o or_o never_o examine_v they_o with_o relation_n to_o his_o general_a hypothesis_n by_o which_o i_o undertake_v to_o show_v that_o common_o what_o he_o write_v of_o particular_a matter_n be_v inconsistent_a with_o the_o whole_a and_o it_o be_v most_o in_o that_o the_o relation_n of_o my_o voyage_n have_v something_o altogether_o new_a for_o what_o remain_v if_o i_o shall_v succeed_v in_o this_o last_o affair_n which_o be_v almost_o the_o only_a occasion_n of_o this_o enterprise_n i_o shall_v glory_v to_o have_v be_v the_o most_o mischievous_a adversary_n cartesius_n ever_o meet_v with_o for_o that_o which_o distinguish_v that_o great_a man_n from_o all_o the_o other_o philosopher_n be_v not_o the_o lucky_a explication_n of_o some_o particular_a phenomena_n in_o nature_n that_o praise_n be_v share_v by_o a_o abundance_n of_o philosopher_n both_o ancient_a and_o modern_a but_o that_o vastness_n of_o capacity_n and_o extent_n of_o genius_n whereby_o he_o can_v frame_v a_o entire_a system_n of_o the_o world_n so_o well_o contrive_v that_o take_v for_o grant_v a_o few_o principle_n most_o simple_a and_o easy_a to_o be_v understand_v he_o can_v give_v a_o reason_n for_o all_o the_o occurrency_n of_o nature_n it_o be_v that_o attempt_v as_o most_o believe_v by_o which_o he_o obtain_v his_o end_n and_o which_o have_v procure_v he_o so_o much_o honour_n and_o reputation_n to_o show_v then_o his_o system_fw-la to_o be_v full_a of_o contradiction_n that_o it_o be_v incoherent_a that_o one_o supposition_n destroy_v another_o be_v to_o undertake_v he_o in_o his_o strong_a hold_n and_o to_o wound_v he_o in_o the_o part_n that_o be_v most_o sensible_a we_o shall_v see_v in_o the_o pursuit_n of_o the_o history_n what_o ought_v to_o be_v our_o thought_n of_o it_o errata_fw-la ph●nomena's_n read_v phaenomena_n wherever_o it_o be_v p._n 2._o l._n 15._o r._n lie_v ib._n l._n 35._o r._n scout_v p._n 18._o l._n 9_o r._n the._n p._n 19_o l._n 8._o r._n humour_n all_o those_o natural_a function_n and_o all_o the_o ib._n l._n 27._o r._n britanny_n l._n 29._o r._n of_o she_o p._n 21._o l._n 9_o r._n lax_v p._n 23._o l._n 15._o r._n vortex_n p._n 29._o l._n
weight_n and_o moment_n can_v we_o apprehend_v a_o great_a idea_n of_o god_n almighty_a than_o that_o which_o m._n descartes_n have_v give_v a_o idea_n that_o he_o derive_v not_o from_o the_o visible_a creature_n that_o sleight_n and_o faint_a ray_n of_o a_o infinite_o perfect_a be_v but_o which_o his_o mind_n find_v impress_v upon_o itself_o and_o which_o leave_v no_o room_n for_o he_o to_o doubt_v of_o the_o existence_n of_o a_o sovereign_n be_v though_o he_o possess_v neither_o heaven_n nor_o earth_n nor_o any_o body_n nor_o indeed_o any_o other_o soul_n than_o he_o can_v the_o omnipotence_n of_o a_o deity_n be_v advance_v to_o a_o more_o transcendent_a degree_n than_o he_o have_v do_v it_o god_n according_a to_o he_o can_v cause_v that_o two_o and_o three_o shall_v not_o make_v five_o that_o four_o side_n shall_v not_o be_v requisite_a to_o make_v a_o square_a that_o the_o whole_a shall_v be_v no_o big_a than_o one_o of_o its_o part_n effect_n that_o other_o philosopher_n never_o scruple_n to_o place_v out_o of_o the_o reach_n of_o the_o god_n head_n but_o have_v not_o a_o author_n of_o a_o little_a piece_n call_v a_o letter_n write_v to_o a_o learned_a jesuite_n clear_o show_v that_o it_o be_v descartes_n world_n that_o be_v describe_v in_o the_o first_o chapter_n of_o genesis_n another_o book_n have_v since_o be_v publish_v in_o holland_n with_o the_o title_n of_o cartesius_n mosaisans_n and_o be_v to_o the_o same_o effect_n the_o author_n of_o the_o treatise_n concern_v the_o influence_n of_o the_o star_n describe_v the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n upon_o descartes_n his_o hypothesis_n mounseur_fw-fr scottanus_fw-la in_o a_o late_a apology_n that_o he_o offer_v for_o m._n descartes_n against_o those_o that_o endeavour_v to_o render_v he_o obnoxious_a to_o the_o suspicion_n of_o atheism_n observe_v to_o we_o the_o respect_n he_o have_v for_o religion_n certify_v we_o that_o one_o of_o his_o reason_n for_o the_o reduce_v his_o meditation_n to_o the_o number_n of_o six_o be_v the_o consideration_n of_o the_o six_o day_n which_o god_n employ_v in_o the_o creation_n of_o the_o world_n if_o we_o may_v credit_v father_n mersennus_n a_o learned_a and_o note_a minim_n and_o a_o intimate_a acquaintance_n of_o descartes_n we_o shall_v find_v nothing_o of_o a_o more_o christian_a temper_n and_o that_o inspire_v we_o more_o ravish_o with_o the_o love_n of_o god_n than_o descartes_n philosophy_n in_o short_a there_o be_v nothing_o more_o edify_v than_o the_o letter_n that_o philosopher_n write_v to_o the_o sorbon_n doctor_n in_o dedicate_a his_o meditation_n to_o they_o which_o be_v so_o true_a that_o not_o long_o since_o a_o friend_n of_o i_o not_o wont_a to_o be_v very_o nice_a in_o those_o matter_n have_v read_v by_o chance_n the_o letter_n at_o my_o house_n which_o touch_v he_o and_o find_v farther_o the_o title_n of_o meditation_n in_o the_o front_n of_o the_o work_n he_o serious_o entreat_v i_o to_o lend_v he_o that_o godly_a book_n to_o entertain_v his_o devotion_n during_o passion_n week_n this_o so_o strange_a variety_n of_o opinion_n and_o relation_n counter_a to_o one_o another_o of_o a_o world_n otherwise_o of_o no_o little_a renown_n provoke_v my_o curiosity_n and_o induce_v i_o to_o be_v convince_v of_o the_o truth_n or_o falsity_n of_o the_o report_n in_o my_o own_o person_n all_o the_o difficulty_n be_v to_o find_v a_o guide_n to_o conduct_v i_o to_o a_o country_n to_o which_o there_o be_v no_o road_n passable_a either_o for_o horse_n or_o foot_n for_o coach_n or_o barge_n by_o land_n or_o sea_n but_o present_o after_o my_o resolve_v i_o be_v happy_o favour_v with_o the_o most_o lucky_a occasion_n that_o can_v be_v wish_v for_o the_o undertake_n my_o voyage_n with_o all_o the_o pleasure_n and_o ease_n imaginable_a have_v sojourn_v some_o month_n in_o a_o country_n town_n i_o strike_v up_o acquaintance_n with_o a_o old_a standard_n of_o about_o eighty_o year_n a_o man_n of_o part_n and_o that_o former_o have_v converse_v much_o with_o m._n descartes_n that_o commerce_n have_v beget_v in_o he_o a_o unaccountable_a zeal_n for_o the_o tenet_n of_o that_o philosopher_n and_o exasperate_v he_o to_o declaim_v against_o the_o method_n and_o opinion_n of_o the_o school_n the_o prejudices_fw-la of_o childhood_n and_o teach_v he_o to_o make_v external_a eulogy_n on_o the_o cartesian_a philosophy_n he_o have_v so_o give_v himself_o up_o to_o this_o opinion_n that_o he_o can_v no_o way_n suffer_v in_o point_n of_o philosophy_n any_o one_o to_o deviate_v never_o so_o little_a from_o it_o in_o a_o conference_n that_o we_o have_v together_o upon_o such_o sort_n of_o thing_n i_o desire_v to_o know_v if_o he_o keep_v up_o his_o correspondence_n with_o any_o car●esians_n of_o worth_n and_o reputation_n no_o say_v he_o i_o have_v break_v with_o all_o sort_n of_o person_n that_o call_v themselves_o by_o that_o name_n i_o can_v no_o long_o find_v among_o they_o that_o zeal_n and_o observance_n the_o first_o cartesian_n without_o reserve_v attribute_v to_o that_o great_a man._n every_o one_o now_o a_o day_n build_v system_n according_a to_o his_o own_o humour_n and_o allow_v himself_o the_o liberty_n of_o add_v or_o retrench_v what_o he_o please_v in_o the_o platform_n m._n descartes_n have_v lay_v which_o be_v a_o concern_v of_o that_o critical_a nature_n as_o can_v be_v once_o touch_v without_o spoil_v the_o whole_a since_o the_o death_n of_o the_o famous_a m._n chersily_o i_o have_v forbear_v write_v to_o any_o single_a person_n for_o i_o be_o persuade_v that_o the_o pure_a and_o unmixed_a cartesianism_n be_v bury_v with_o he_o you_o gentleman_n reply_v i_o be_v of_o a_o strange_a constitution_n all_o the_o preface_n of_o your_o book_n be_v fill_v with_o invective_n and_o raileries_n against_o those_o who_o implicit_o espouse_v the_o sentiment_n of_o a_o author_n and_o profess_v they_o will_v never_o desert_v he_o it_o look_v as_o if_o you_o and_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o new_a philosopher_n have_v band_v together_o in_o a_o offensive_a confederacy_n to_o make_v continual_a war_n upon_o the_o follower_n of_o aristotle_n on_o that_o account_n and_o at_o the_o same_o time_n you_o fall_v into_o the_o same_o error_n for_o which_o you_o reproach_v they_o and_o be_v a_o hundred_o time_n more_o bigoted_a to_o your_o descartes_n than_o they_o to_o aristotle_n for_o my_o part_n i_o know_v not_o how_o to_o blame_v the_o conduct_n of_o those_o that_o be_v somewhat_o moderate_a which_o you_o be_v so_o enrage_v against_o if_o their_o reason_n have_v discover_v to_o they_o another_o path_n than_o what_o m._n descartes_n tread_v in_o why_o be_v you_o angry_a if_o they_o follow_v it_o aristotle_n hold_v possession_n a_o long_a time_n and_o reign_v absolute_a monarch_n in_o philosophy_n the_o prescription_n and_o vassalage_n of_o several_a age_n confirm_v his_o title_n of_o prince_n of_o philosopher_n descartes_n be_v a_o rebel_n who_o dare_v encourage_v a_o party_n against_o his_o prince_n what_o right_o have_v he_o to_o demand_v a_o great_a submission_n unto_o he_o than_o he_o be_v willing_a to_o allow_v to_o aristotle_n because_o answer_v he_o truth_n and_o reason_n be_v manifest_o on_o his_o side_n that_o reply_v i_o be_v exact_o the_o first_o step_n rebellion_n ever_o make_v to_o enforce_v the_o justice_n of_o its_o cause_n and_o proclaim_v the_o public_a welfare_n do_v depend_v upon_o it_o but_o notwithstanding_o sir_n pursue_v i_o i_o be_o more_o incline_v to_o neutrality_n in_o this_o affair_n than_o you_o imagine_v i_o have_v determine_v to_o dive_v to_o the_o bottom_n of_o descartes_n philosophy_n of_o which_o i_o have_v as_o yet_o but_o a_o dark_a and_o confuse_a knowledge_n have_v never_o study_v he_o in_o his_o own_o work_n but_o in_o the_o book_n of_o his_o disciple_n as_o soon_o as_o they_o appear_v and_o that_o irregular_o and_o without_o method_n but_o as_o i_o be_o oblige_v to_o leave_v this_o country_n very_o speedy_o and_o have_v but_o a_o short_a time_n to_o advantage_n myself_o by_o your_o ability_n in_o this_o affair_n therefore_o it_o be_v that_o i_o inquire_v whether_o you_o have_v any_o communication_n of_o letter_n or_o friendship_n with_o any_o good_a cartesian_a of_o paris_n to_o who_o acquaintance_n you_o may_v recommend_v i_o and_o who_o will_v be_v willing_a to_o instruct_v a_o scholar_n so_o apt_a and_o forward_a as_o i_o pretend_v to_o be_v that_o proposal_n extreme_o inspirited_a my_o old_a gentleman_n and_o i_o perceive_v sudden_a joy_n diffuse_v itself_o all_o over_o his_o countenance_n ever_o since_o i_o know_v you_o say_v he_o take_v i_o by_o the_o hand_n i_o have_v observe_v in_o you_o a_o passionate_a concern_v for_o truth_n which_o be_v the_o best_a and_o first_o disposition_n descartes_n require_v to_o attain_v unto_o it_o trouble_v not_o yourself_o you_o have_v still_o two_o month_n good_a which_o you_o
also_o frightning_n some_o to_o who_o lines_n cross_v one_o another_o with_o a._n b._n c._n be_v as_o terrible_a as_o magic_a and_o the_o sight_n thereof_o enough_o to_o make_v they_o shut_v the_o book_n and_o never_o open_v it_o after_o and_o this_o be_v the_o reason_n i_o will_v make_v use_n of_o they_o as_o little_a as_o possible_o i_o can_v he_o will_v not_o for_o any_o thing_n whatever_o have_v forget_v to_o remark_n to_o i_o those_o little_a ●●anneled_a part_n who_o service_n be_v so_o very_o necessary_a to_o he_o nor_o the_o way_n that_o they_o be_v wrought_v among_o the_o part_n of_o the_o first_o element_n which_o be_v make_v of_o the_o file_n of_o the_o second_o there_o be_v some_o that_o by_o reason_n of_o their_o irregular_a figure_n be_v not_o so_o rapid_a as_o the_o other_o those_o of_o this_o nature_n easy_o hook_v themselves_o together_o and_o make_v up_o little_a body_n large_a than_o the_o other_o part_n of_o the_o first_o element_n and_o as_o in_o their_o turn_n about_o they_o be_v often_o oblige_v to_o pass_v betwixt_o the_o ball_n of_o the_o second_o element_n 90._o numb_a 90._o they_o accommodate_v themselves_o for_o that_o passage_n and_o as_o they_o squeeze_v betwixt_o they_o wrythe_o themselves_o into_o the_o shape_n of_o a_o skrew_n or_o become_v like_o little_a pillar_n chamfer_v with_o three_o furrow_n or_o gutterworked_a and_o turn_v as_o you_o see_v the_o shell_n of_o a_o snail_n they_o be_v chief_o to_o be_v find_v towards_o the_o pole_n of_o the_o vortex_n have_v their_o determination_n towards_o the_o centre_n now_o whereas_o some_o of_o they_o enter_v by_o way_n of_o the_o northern_a pole_n other_o by_o the_o southern_a whilst_o the_o vortex_n turn_v upon_o its_o axis_n it_o be_v apparent_a to_o every_o cartesian_a that_o those_o which_o proceed_v from_o the_o north-coast_n must_v be_v turn_v shell-wife_n a_o different_a way_n from_o those_o that_o proceed_v from_o the_o south_n and_o instance_n m._n descartes_n take_v care_n to_o inculcate_v thorough_o in_o i_o for_o it_o be_v principal_o upon_o that_o the_o power_n and_o virtue_n of_o the_o loadstone_n do_v depend_v 91._o numb_a 91._o but_o it_o shall_v not_o be_v long_o say_v he_o before_o you_o see_v some_o particular_a effect_n of_o these_o little_a channel_a part_n take_v notice_n say_v he_o how_o thing_n go_v in_o that_o star_n that_o be_v next_o you_o how_o some_o of_o the_o chamfered_a part_n that_o come_v fromward_o the_o pole_n of_o their_o vortex_n mingle_v themselves_o with_o the_o matter_n of_o that_o star_n and_o not_o be_v able_a to_o keep_v pace_n with_o it_o in_o motion_n be_v throw_v out_o of_o the_o star_n just_a as_o the_o scummy_a part_n of_o a_o boil_a liquor_n be_v separate_v from_o the_o other_o and_o rise_v above_o the_o liquor_n see_v how_o they_o link_v themselves_o to_o one_o another_o and_o by_o that_o union_n lose_v the_o quality_n of_o the_o first_o element_n and_o take_v on_o they_o that_o of_o the_o three_o upon_o their_o gather_n and_o condense_v in_o a_o very_a great_a quantity_n it_o be_v manifest_a they_o must_v hinder_v the_o action_n of_o the_o first_o element_n whereby_o it_o push_v the_o ball_n of_o the_o second_o element_n to_o the_o circumference_n seq_n fig._n seq_n and_o consequent_o must_v interrupt_v that_o motion_n and_o pressure_n in_o which_o light_n consist_v and_o now_o you_o may_v see_v exact_o what_o those_o stain_n be_v which_o you_o sometime_o discover_v on_o the_o face_n of_o the_o sun_n of_o your_o world_n they_o be_v nothing_o else_o but_o the_o drossy_a and_o scummy_a part_n of_o the_o three_o element_n gather_v in_o heap_n and_o expanded_a on_o its_o surface_n now_o the_o wreek_n and_o scatter_n of_o those_o stain_n which_o be_v still_o a_o gather_n and_o as_o easy_o dissipanated_a diffuse_v itself_o far_o and_o near_o throughout_o the_o circumference_n of_o the_o vortex_n will_v constitute_v a_o thin_a and_o ra●ifyed_a body_n like_o the_o air_n about_o your_o earth_n 92._o numb_a 92._o at_o least_o the_o fine_a part_n of_o it_o and_o i_o have_v former_o observe_v that_o that_o of_o the_o vortex_n of_o your_o sun_n be_v extend_v as_o far_o as_o the_o sphere_n of_o mercury_n mean_a time_n of_o these_o occurrence_n the_o old_a gentleman_n in_o haste_n come_v and_o acquaint_v descartes_n that_o on_o that_o coast_n he_o have_v be_v on_o there_o be_v three_o or_o four_o vortex_n that_o begin_v to_o jumble_v and_o fall_v to_o loggerhead_n and_o that_o if_o he_o do_v not_o speedy_o come_v and_o part_v they_o there_o need_v nothing_o more_o to_o tear_v and_o shatter_v all_o his_o world_n in_o piece_n poor_a honest_a old_a gentleman_n say_v m._n descartes_n that_o which_o make_v he_o so_o solicitous_a for_o my_o world_n be_v one_o of_o the_o fine_a phenomena_n that_n can_v possible_o be_v see_v and_o by_o which_o i_o will_v demonstrate_v to_o you_o how_o comet_n be_v beget_v in_o you_o and_o how_o in_o time_n a_o fix_a star_n may_v become_v a_o planet_n let_v we_o go_v and_o cure_v he_o of_o his_o fear_n when_o we_o come_v there_o we_o find_v two_o star_n who_o surface_n be_v almost_o whole_o overgrow_v with_o scurf_n and_o who_o vortex_n begin_v to_o be_v drain_v and_o suck_v up_o by_o those_o round_n about_o they_o if_o you_o have_v read_v my_o book_n of_o principle_n and_o my_o treatise_n concern_v light_n say_v m._n descartes_n to_o i_o you_o will_v easy_o conclude_v in_o what_o this_o little_a bu●tle_n and_o disorder_n ought_v to_o end_v and_o i_o strange_a say_v he_o to_o the_o old_a gentleman_n you_o shall_v be_v fright_v at_o it_o call_v to_o mind_n then_o what_o i_o there_o teach_v how_o that_o which_o preserve_v a_o vortex_n in_o the_o midst_n of_o several_a other_o be_v that_o impulse_n cause_v by_o the_o matter_n of_o the_o star_n in_o its_o attempt_n to_o obtain_v a_o remove_n from_o the_o centre_n towards_o the_o circumference_n for_o the_o star_n by_o that_o impulse_n push_v and_o support_v the_o matter_n of_o its_o vortex_n keep_v the_o other_o vortex_n within_o their_o bound_n and_o lose_v no_o ground_n in_o the_o dimension_n of_o its_o circuit_n for_o we_o must_v consider_v all_o these_o vortex_n as_o so_o many_o antagonist_n that_o dispute_v it_o to_o a_o inch_n and_o so_o long_o as_o their_o force_n be_v equal_o match_v gain_v no_o advantage_n over_o each_o other_o but_o as_o soon_o as_o one_o of_o they_o be_v any_o way_n weaken_v or_o disable_v it_o become_v a_o prey_n to_o all_o the_o rest_n each_o take_n in_o a_o part_n of_o its_o space_n and_o at_o last_o usurp_v it_o all_o now_o when_o a_o star_n begin_v to_o be_v overrun_v with_o this_o scurf_n and_o crust_v with_o a_o mass_n of_o the_o part_n of_o the_o three_o element_n it_o can_v no_o long_o push_v with_o so_o much_o force_n as_o it_o do_v before_o the_o matter_n of_o its_o vortex_n towards_o the_o circumference_n and_o then_o the_o other_o that_o surround_v it_o and_o who_o matter_n be_v endeavour_v to_o get_v as_o far_o as_o possible_a from_o its_o centre_n find_v no_o long_o so_o much_o motion_n nor_o by_o consequence_n so_o much_o resistance_n expatiate_v and_o stretch_v themselves_o out_o and_o oblige_v the_o matter_n of_o that_o impoverish_v vortex_n to_o circuit_n along_o with_o they_o and_o by_o little_a and_o little_a each_o enrich_v themselves_o in_o so_o much_o that_o some_o moment_n hence_o you_o shall_v see_v those_o vortex_n increase_v their_o circumference_n with_o the_o spoil_n of_o this_o poor_a vortex_n till_o at_o last_o they_o come_v to_o the_o star_n itself_o which_o will_v be_v make_v their_o sport_n that_o be_v to_o say_v it_o will_v descend_v towards_o the_o centre_n of_o some_o one_o of_o those_o vortex_n there_o to_o continue_v in_o the_o quality_n of_o a_o pla●et_n to_o turn_v with_o that_o vortex_n and_o to_o observe_v the_o motion_n of_o the_o conquer_a star_n or_o it_o will_v beconstrain_v by_o the_o motion_n that_o shall_v be_v give_v it_o to_o bind_v from_o vortex_n to_o vortex_n and_o to_o make_v a_o long_a pilgrimage_n in_o habit_n of_o a_o comet_n until_o its_o crust_n shall_v break_v and_o then_o perhaps_o it_o will_v recover_v the_o eminency_n of_o a_o star_n and_o will_v take_v its_o revenge_n on_o some_o other_o by_o appropriate_v its_o vortex_n to_o its_o self_n we_o wait_v then_o some_o moment_n and_o see_v happen_v what_o m._n descartes_n have_v foretell_v all_o the_o the_o vortex_n be_v drain_v dry_a the_o matter_n of_o one_o of_o the_o neighbour_a vortex_n surround_v the_o crust_v star_n and_o influence_v it_o with_o a_o violent_a motion_n carry_v it_o clever_v off_o but_o since_o that_o star_n by_o reason_n of_o its_o solidity_n that_o consist_v partly_o in_o its_o figure_n most_o proper_a for_o motion_n partly_o in_o the_o close_a connexion_n of_o the_o
to_o your_o doctrine_n i_o have_v already_o make_v some_o conquest_n among_o the_o peripatetic_n many_o whereof_o appear_v there_o and_o except_v two_o or_o three_o who_o be_v ungovernable_o headstrong_a and_o conceit_a they_o will_v all_o be_v my_o own_o as_o soon_o as_o i_o shall_v have_v answer_v some_o pretty_a substantial_a objection_n they_o have_v propose_v against_o several_a point_n of_o your_o philosophy_n the_o chief_a of_o which_o respect_n the_o general_a construction_n of_o your_o world_n and_o whereas_o in_o that_o affair_n they_o pretend_v to_o destroy_v your_o conclusion_n by_o your_o own_o principle_n and_o some_o among_o they_o be_v man_n of_o part_n that_o give_v a_o specious_a and_o probable_a turn_n to_o their_o argument_n in_o so_o much_o that_o i_o have_v sometime_o be_v put_v to_o it_o to_o find_v the_o fallacy_n i_o think_v myself_o oblige_v to_o have_v recourse_n unto_o the_o oracle_n and_o that_o i_o can_v do_v nothing_o better_a than_o consult_v you_o yourself_o as_o you_o give_v i_o permission_n and_o entreat_v you_o to_o communicate_v your_o thought_n as_o soon_o as_o possible_a thereupon_o a_o voyage_n from_o the_o three_o heaven_n to_o this_o place_n be_v no_o great_a business_n for_o your_o little_a moor._n thus_o then_o these_o gentleman_n to_o my_o best_a remembrance_n fall_v to_o work_n they_o begin_v by_o propose_v two_o or_o three_o trite_a argument_n daily_o make_v use_n of_o in_o the_o desk_n to_o confute_v your_o system_n and_o to_o show_v that_o it_o be_v a_o mere_a chimaera_n and_o not_o to_o be_v suffer_v as_o a_o simple_a hypothesis_n shall_v they_o grant_v the_o principle_n you_o yourself_o lie_v down_o m._n descartes_n say_v they_o suppose_v first_o that_o god_n create_v matter_n second_o that_o he_o divide_v it_o into_o infinite_a little_a cubical_a part_n and_o last_o determine_v several_a great_a portion_n of_o this_o matter_n he_o put_v they_o in_o a_o circular_a motion_n and_o at_o once_o make_v the_o little_a cubical_a part_n of_o which_o the_o great_a portion_n call_v by_o he_o vortex_n be_v compose_v to_o turn_v about_o their_o proper_a centre_n but_o it_o be_v impossible_a they_o adjoyn_v to_o conceive_v the_o division_n and_o motion_n of_o matter_n upon_o his_o principle_n for●_n as_o to_o the_o division_n it_o can_v be_v conceive_v but_o by_o one_o of_o these_o two_o way_n either_o by_o suppose_v betwixt_o the_o part_n divide_v some_o empty_a space_n or_o imagine_v those_o interval_n fill_v up_o with_o some_o body_n or_o matter_n of_o a_o different_a nature_n from_o the_o part_n and_o thus_o though_o nature_n every_o where_o be_v full_a we_o conceive_v four_o die_n lay_v close_o to_o one_o another_o as_o four_o distinct_a cubical_a body_n for_o though_o there_o be_v nothing_o of_o a_o void_a betwixt_o they_o we_o yet_o perceive_v a_o little_a interval_n fill_v with_o air_n that_o hinder_v our_o conception_n of_o they_o as_o of_o one_o single_a body_n but_o by_o the_o principle_n of_o cartesianism_n we_o can_v conceive_v it_o neither_o one_o way_n nor_o the_o other_o for_o we_o must_v not_o suppose_v a_o vacuity_n betwixt_o the_o part_n divide_v since_o a_o vacuum_n be_v utter_o throw_v out_o of_o that_o system_fw-la nor_o be_v it_o easy_a to_o conceive_v a_o body_n of_o a_o different_a nature_n since_o the_o distinction_n of_o body_n according_a to_o the_o author_n of_o the_o system_n be_v not_o to_o be_v conceive_v till_o after_o the_o agitation_n and_o motion_n of_o matter_n that_o division_n therefore_o be_v a_o absurdity_n as_o to_o the_o business_n of_o motion_n that_o be_v in_o a_o worse_a case_n still_o for_o how_o be_v it_o possible_a to_o conceive_v that_o all_o those_o cubical_a part_n that_o be_v universal_o hard_a impenetrable_a and_o incapable_a of_o compression_n shall_v turn_v about_o their_o centre_n and_o break_v in_o piece_n unless_o they_o find_v or_o make_v a_o vacuum_n for_o the_o diminutiveness_n of_o they_o will_v not_o help_v we_o out_o since_o let_v they_o be_v as_o little_a as_o you_o can_v suppose_v they_o they_o be_v still_o hard_a and_o impenetrable_a as_o adamant_n and_o all_o combine_v together_o to_o desist_v the_o motion_n of_o each_o particular_a that_o hypothesis_n therefore_o be_v indefensible_a and_o descartes_n his_o very_a first_o supposition_n be_v deny_v these_o monsieur_n be_v the_o first_o pass_v these_o gentleman_n make_v at_o i_o the_o first_o blow_v i_o be_v to_o ward_v off_o in_o the_o defence_n of_o the_o system_fw-la of_o your_o world_n they_o have_v be_v take_v out_o of_o the_o book_n of_o very_a ingenious_a man_n and_o whereas_o the_o gentleman_n your_o disciple_n as_o if_o it_o be_v their_o maxim_n and_o their_o method_n never_o to_o be_v put_v out_o of_o their_o own_o road_n which_o be_v bare_o to_o give_v a_o exposition_n and_o a_o proof_n of_o their_o doctrine_n trouble_v not_o much_o their_o head_n with_o objection_n that_o be_v make_v they_o since_o they_o be_v not_o oblige_v to_o the_o formal_a answer_n of_o the_o desk_n these_o argument_n pass_v for_o unanswerable_a and_o such_o as_o at_o the_o very_a entrance_n of_o dispute_v baffle_v the_o cartesian_a but_o the_o more_o impregnable_a my_o adversary_n appear_v in_o so_o good_a accoutrement_n and_o arm_n the_o more_o my_o honour_n be_v advance_v in_o disable_n and_o disarm_v they_o as_o i_o have_v diligent_o read_v your_o work_n and_o above_o all_o the_o book_n of_o principle_n and_o that_o entitle_v a_o treatise_n concern_v light_n or_o m._n descartes_n world_n i_o answer_v the_o first_o argument_n by_o plead_v a_o false_a indictment_n charge_v on_o you_o for_o make_v a_o distinction_n of_o instant_n betwixt_o the_o division_n and_o the_o motion_n as_o if_o you_o have_v hold_v that_o god_n divide_v the_o matter_n in_o one_o instant_a and_o move_v it_o another_o i_o say_v you_o never_o suppose_v that_o matter_n be_v divide_v before_o its_o motion_n that_o the_o manner_n of_o propose_v your_o system_fw-la in_o the_o three_o part_n of_o principle_n suppose_v no_o such_o distinction_n and_o that_o in_o the_o treatise_n of_o light_n where_o you_o describe_v the_o formation_n of_o the_o world_n you_o say_v positive_o the_o contrary_a advertise_v your_o reader_n that_o that_o division_n of_o matter_n consist_v not_o in_o god_n separate_n its_o part_n so_o as_o to_o leave_v a_o vacuity_n betwixt_o they_o but_o that_o all_o the_o distinction_n you_o suppose_a god_n make_v in_o they_o consist_v in_o the_o diversity_n of_o motion_n that_o he_o give_v cause_v some_o from_o the_o first_o instant_n of_o their_o creation_n to_o commence_v their_o motion_n one_o way_n some_o another_o so_o that_o in_o this_o instance_n division_n and_o motion_n be_v the_o same_o thing_n or_o at_o far_a one_o can_v not_o be_v without_o the_o other_o that_o you_o will_v be_v as_o forward_o as_o any_o of_o they_o to_o confess_v that_o nothing_o be_v more_o absurd_a in_o reference_n to_o your_o other_o principle_n than_o to_o suppose_v the_o part_n of_o matter_n still_o and_o in_o repose_n and_o yet_o divide_v since_o according_a to_o you_o the_o union_n of_o the_o part_n of_o a_o solid_a body_n such_o as_o matter_n must_v be_v conceive_v before_o its_o motion_n consist_v in_o that_o rest_n they_o enjoy_v by_o one_o another_o and_o far_o that_o it_o be_v full_a as_o easy_a to_o comprehend_v how_o division_n be_v make_v by_o motion_n and_o yet_o cotemporary_a with_o the_o same_o motion_n as_o to_o understand_v how_o i_o can_v tear_v a_o sheet_n of_o paper_n by_o divide_v it_o in_o two_o half_a sheet_n one_o whereof_o i_o hand_n towards_o the_o east_n the_o other_o towards_o the_o west_n i_o hereupon_o produce_v the_o book_n that_o i_o have_v cite_v and_o show_v they_o the_o very_a place_n in_o dispute_n they_o be_v convince_v by_o plain_a matter_n of_o fact_n and_o have_v no_o more_o to_o urge_v against_o it_o but_o we_o have_v not_o so_o soon_o do_v with_o the_o motion_n of_o matter_n we_o must_v necessary_a still_o dispute_v though_o very_o calm_o without_o the_o least_o passion_n or_o wrangle_n since_o the_o generality_n of_o those_o i_o have_v to_o deal_v with_o be_v well_o breed_v honest_a gentleman_n that_o will_v submit_v to_o reason_n the_o question_n be_v to_o explain_v how_o the_o part_n of_o matter_n which_o we_o conceive_v so_o close_o press_v against_o one_o another_o as_o not_o the_o least_o interval_n be_v leave_v betwixt_o they_o throughout_o the_o mass_n and_o which_o we_o also_o suppose_v solid_a from_o a_o settle_v rest_n can_v skip_v into_o motion_n after_o these_o gentleman_n have_v copious_o discourse_v upon_o the_o subject_a i_o ask_v they_o if_o as_o staunch_v peripatetic_n as_o they_o be_v they_o be_v thorough_o convince_v that_o the_o fludity_n of_o water_n for_o instance_n be_v a_o absolute_a quality_n that_o when_o it_o be_v congeal_v it_o become_v solid_a by_o a_o absoute_a
i_o have_v lay_v out_o i_o shall_v make_v twenty_o fix_a star_n but_o at_o these_o fix_a s●ars_n you_o will_v be_v surprise_v and_o will_v have_v the_o pleasure_n of_o observe_v that_o but_o one_o in_o twenty_o will_v continue_v which_o will_v represent_v your_o sun_n all_o the_o rest_n will_v become_v partly_o planet_n partly_o comet_n nor_o will_v there_o of_o those_o twenty_o above_o one_o great_a vortex_n remain_v which_o will_v be_v that_o of_o the_o sun_n in_o which_o will_v be_v form_v two_o little_a new_a one_o to_o represent_v the_o vortex_n of_o your_o earth_n and_o that_o of_o jupiter_n this_o will_v be_v sufficient_a monsieur_n say_v he_o address_v himself_o to_o i_o in_o particular_a to_o qualify_v you_o for_o the_o comprehend_v the_o work_n i_o be_o go_v to_o complete_a for_o the_o rest_n of_o my_o principle_n and_o conclusion_n which_o you_o have_v see_v in_o my_o physics_n i_o shall_v more_o commodious_o explain_v they_o in_o the_o performance_n itself_o as_o occasion_n shall_v be_v offer_v with_o that_o m._n descartes_n father_n mersennus_n and_o my_o old_a gentleman_n betake_v themselves_o to_o three_o different_a station_n in_o the_o space_n and_o begin_v to_o agitate_v and_o churn_v the_o matter_n with_o a_o prodigious_a alacrity_n the_o twenty_o vortex_n be_v come_v in_o a_o instant_a each_o have_v their_o motion_n determine_v on_o every_o side_n and_o be_v so_o order_v that_o the_o pole_n of_o one_o vortex_n be_v terminate_v at_o the_o eclipctic_a of_o a_o other_o and_o hence_o it_o be_v that_o m._n descartes_n call_v the_o circle_n of_o a_o vortex_n p●incip_n part._n 3._o p●incip_n that_o which_o be_v remote_a from_o its_o pole_n whereas_o the_o part_n of_o every_o vortex_n be_v see_v out_o of_o hand_n to_o be_v figure_v angularwise_a for_o the_o generality_n and_o to_o move_v round_o about_o their_o centre_n there_o be_v a_o mighty_a grate_a and_o clash_v occasion_v by_o the_o fraction_n of_o angles_n that_o necessary_o follow_v the_o struggle_v every_o part_n make_v to_o turn_v its_o self_n about_o its_o own_o centre_n and_o that_o be_v the_o first_o reflection_n m._n descartes_n occasion_v i_o to_o make_v for_o the_o explain_n to_o i_o the_o origin_n and_o production_n of_o the_o element_n as_o they_o be_v distinguish_v in_o his_o physics_n you_o see_v say_v he_o how_o from_o the_o agitation_n of_o matter_n necessary_o issue_v the_o element_n at_o which_o the_o philosopher_n of_o your_o world_n have_v blanch_v and_o bogle_v so_o from_o a_o cube_n or_o any_o angular_a body_n whatsoever_o to_o make_v a_o round_a one_o what_o more_o be_v require_v than_o the_o pare_n off_o the_o angles_n and_o inequality_n that_o be_v find_v in_o the_o surface_n of_o it_o and_o what_o but_o this_o be_v do_v in_o the_o motion_n i_o have_v impress_v on_o all_o the_o little_a part_n about_o their_o centre_n be_v it_o possible_a they_o shall_v turn_v thus_o without_o a_o mutual_a unhorning_n one_o another_o and_o can_v that_o continual_a rub_n of_o one_o against_o another_o fail_v to_o polish_v they_o more_o exact_o than_o if_o they_o have_v be_v turn_v in_o a_o lathe_n these_o little_a ball_n constitute_v that_o kind_n of_o matter_n which_o i_o call_v my_o second_o element_n but_o now_o in_o the_o interim_n of_o the_o shiver_a of_o these_o angles_n you_o see_v and_o it_o be_v impossible_a to_o be_v otherwise_o there_o be_v a_o world_n of_o little_a file_n prodigious_o less_o than_o the_o ball_n of_o the_o second_o element_n and_o it_o be_v that_o diminutive_a dust_n which_o i_o call_v the_o matter_n of_o the_o first_o element_n but_o last_o among_o the_o part_n of_o the_o first_o element_n as_o minute_n as_o they_o be_v there_o be_v some_o less_o than_o other_o and_o whereas_o they_o be_v nothing_o but_o the_o scrape_n of_o the_o second_o element_n they_o be_v of_o very_o irregular_a figure_n and_o full_a of_o angle_n which_o be_v the_o reason_n they_o entangle_v and_o fetter_v themselves_o with_o one_o another_o and_o cake_n into_o a_o ragged_a and_o gross_a mass_n which_o i_o call_v the_o matter_n of_o the_o three_o element_n and_o these_o be_v my_o three_o element_n which_o as_o you_o see_v i_o have_v reason_n to_o defy_v the_o world_n to_o find_v a_o fault_n with_o here_o m._n descartes_n be_v some_o moment_n without_o speak_v to_o i_o be_v extraordinary_a busy_a in_o the_o management_n of_o his_o project_n and_o the_o critical_a regulation_n of_o the_o first_o motion_n of_o his_o vortex_n mean_o while_o the_o little_a part_n of_o the_o matter_n of_o every_o vortex_n by_o the_o mean_n of_o their_o turn_n on_o their_o centre_n and_o rub_v against_o each_o other_o even_v and_o polish_a themselves_o by_o little_a and_o little_a and_o still_o as_o they_o become_v perfect_o globular_a they_o lose_v of_o their_o bulk_n and_o decrease_v in_o size_n then_o it_o be_v that_o i_o begin_v to_o see_v the_o consequence_n of_o the_o rule_n of_o motion_n which_o m._n descartes_n have_v ready_o suppose_v for_o see_v these_o little_a ball_n take_v up_o less_o room_n than_o former_o and_o see_v they_o keep_v still_o a_o turn_v round_o and_o their_o figure_n render_v they_o more_o fit_a for_o motion_n i_o perceive_v they_o present_o to_o quit_v the_o centre_n of_o the_o vortex_n and_o to_o gain_v the_o circumference_n by_o that_o effort_n oblige_v the_o matter_n of_o the_o first_o element_n that_o be_v disperse_v through_o all_o the_o vortex_n to_o fall_v down_o to_o the_o centre_n and_o to_o constitute_v a_o mass_n of_o that_o extreme_o fine_a and_o powder_a dust_n that_o still_o whirl_v round_o and_o attempt_v to_o recover_v the_o circumference_n from_o which_o the_o ball_n of_o the_o second_o element_n have_v chase_v it_o but_o all_o in_o vain_a because_o the_o figure_n of_o the_o part_n of_o the_o second_o element_n maintain_v they_o in_o their_o post_n and_o all_o that_o can_v possible_o be_v do_v by_o the_o matter_n of_o the_o first_o be_v upon_o occasion_n to_o slip_v into_o the_o interval_n the_o ball_n in_o the_o circumference_n of_o the_o vortex_n sometime_o leave_v betwixt_o they_o the_o satisfaction_n m._n descartes_n observe_v i_o take_v at_o that_o petty_a play_n and_o the_o facility_n i_o manifest_v in_o perceive_v or_o conceive_v whatever_o he_o command_v i_o high_o please_v he_o and_o engage_v he_o to_o explain_v to_o i_o one_o of_o the_o most_o curious_a mystery_n in_o philosophy_n i_o can_v wish_v say_v he_o you_o have_v your_o body_n here_o you_o will_v let_v in_o those_o admirable_a deduction_n from_o the_o principle_n i_o have_v lay_v with_o a_o great_a gusto_n and_o delight_n now_o you_o only_o see_v in_o the_o centre_n of_o the_o vortex_v a_o heap_n of_o dust_n or_o of_o subtle_a matter_n of_o the_o first_o element_n but_o have_v you_o your_o body_n and_o your_o organ_n with_o you_o capable_a of_o the_o impression_n that_o heap_v of_o dust_n will_v make_v you_o will_v see_v for_o every_o heap_n of_o dust_n a_o sun_n monsieur_n continue_v he_o that_o very_a sun_n who_o splendour_n and_o beauty_n you_o so_o often_o have_v admire_v in_o your_o world_n be_v nothing_o in_o affect_v but_o a_o amass_n of_o that_o same_o dust_n but_o dust_n instigate_v with_o such_o a_o motion_n as_o i_o explain_v in_o my_o philosophy_n and_o you_o at_o present_a see_v to_o give_v you_o a_o clear_a insight_n in_o this_o matter_n i_o need_v only_o suppose_v one_o thing_n which_o i_o be_o sure_a you_o will_v deny_v i_o and_o which_o on_o occasion_n i_o can_v show_v you_o in_o aristotle_n himself_o to_o wit_n that_o vision_n be_v cause_v mere_o by_o the_o vibration_n of_o the_o thread_n wherewith_o the_o optic_a nerve_n be_v wrought_v and_o it_o be_v on_o account_n of_o that_o vibration_n that_o a_o man_n fall_v rude_o on_o his_o head_n or_o who_o walk_v in_o the_o dark_a run_v his_o face_n against_o a_o post_n see_v a_o sudden_a flash_n of_o light_n like_o the_o glare_a of_o a_o candle_n it_o torture_v the_o naturalist_n to_o explain_v the_o manner_n how_o that_o vibration_n cause_v we_o to_o perceive_v all_o luminous_a and_o bright_a object_n upon_o what_o hypothesis_n soever_o they_o proceed_v they_o meet_v with_o inconquerable_a difficulty_n but_o at_o the_o bottom_n and_o in_o earnest_n it_o be_v no_o more_o than_o this_o he_o then_o go_v on_o in_o explain_v to_o i_o all_o the_o property_n of_o light_n and_o the_o demonstration_n he_o have_v give_v concern_v the_o reflection_n and_o refraction_n of_o its_o ray_n he_o be_v very_o large_a and_o copious_a upon_o that_o subject_a for_o that_o piece_n of_o his_o philosophy_n together_o with_o that_o where_o he_o explain_v the_o phaenomena_n of_o the_o loadstone_n be_v his_o darling_n and_o belove_a theme_n i_o shall_v not_o descend_v to_o the_o particular_n of_o that_o discourse_n for_o fear_v of_o weary_v my_o reader_n as_o