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A72347 Certayne sermons appoynted by the Quenes Maiestie, to be declared and read, by all persones, vycars, and curates, euery Sondaye and holy daye in theyr churches : and by her Graces aduyse perused & ouer sene, for the better vnderstandyng of the simple people : newly imprinted in partes accordynge as is mencioned in the booke of commune prayers.; Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches. 1559 (1559) STC 13648.5; ESTC S5209 110,375 188

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also teacheth vs a good lesson I this behalf who was many times most cruelly and wrong fullye persecuted of Kynge Saule and manye times also put in ieoperdie and daunger of his life by kinge Saule his people yet he neuer withstode neither vsed any force or violēce against king Saule his mortal or deadly enemy but did euer to his liege lorde and master kinge Saule most true most diligent and most faithful seruice In so much that whē the lord god had geuen kinge Saule into Dauids handes in his owne caue he would not hurte him when he might without al bodely peril easely haue slain hī no he would not suffer any of his seruauntes once to lay their handes vpō king Saul but praied to god in this wise lord kepe me from doing that thing vnto my maister the lordes anointed keepe me that I laie not my hande vpō him seing he is the anoīted of the lord for as truely as the lorde liueth except the lorde smite him or except his day come or that he go down to warre in battaile perishe the lorde be mercifull vnto me that I lay not my hande vpon the lordes anointed And that Dauid might haue killed his enemy king Saule it is euidētly proued in the firste boke of the kinges both by the cutting of the lappe of Saules garment and also by the playne confession of kinge Saule Also an other time as it is mēcioned in the same booke when the most vnmercifull and moste vnkind king Saule did persecute poore Dauid god didde againe geue king Saule into Dauides handes by castinge of kinge Saule and his whole armye into a deade sleepe so that Dauid and one Abisai with him came in the nighte into Saules hoste where Saule laye sleepinge and his speare stacke in the ground at his head Then sa●de Abisai vnto Dauid god hath deliuered thine enemye into thy handes at this time now therfore let me smite him once with my speare to the earth I will not smite him again the second time meaning therby to haue killed him with one stroke and to haue made him sure foreuer And Dauid aunswered and said to Abisai destroy him not for who can laye his handes on the lordes anointed and be giltles And Dauid said furthermore as sure as the lorde liueth the lorde shall smite him or his daye shall come to dy or he shal descende or go doune into bataill there perishe The lord kepe me frō laying my hādes vpon the Lordes anointed But take thou nowe the speare that is at his head the cruse of water let vs go so he did Here is euidently proued that we may not wtstand nor in any wayes hurt an anoynted king which is gods liuetenaunt vice gerent and highest minister in that countrey where he is kinge Obieccion But per aduenture some here would say that Dauid in his owne defence might haue killed king Saule lawfullie with a safe conscience Aunswere But holy Dauid did knowe that he might in no wise wtstande hurt or kil his souereigne lord king he did knowe that he was but king Saules subiecth though he wer ī great fauor with god his enemy kinge Saule out of gods fauor Therfore though he wer neuer so much prouoked yet he refused vtterly to hurt the lordes anoynted He durste not for offending god his own conscience although he had occasion and oportunitie once lay his handes vpon gods high officer the king whō he did know to be a person reserued kept for his office sake only to gods punishmēt iudgemēt Therfore he praieth so oft so eanestlye that he lay not his handes vpon the lordes annointed ●sal .lxxx. ●●d ●●● And by these .ii. exāples s Dauid being named in scripture a man after gods own heart geueth a generall rule lesson to al subiectes in the world not to withstand their liege lord king not to take a sweord by their priuate authoritie against their king gods anoynted who only beareth the sworde by gods auctoritie for the maintenance of the good and for the punishment of the euill who onely by gods lawe hath the vse of the sweord at his commaūdement also hath al power iurisdicciō regimēt coerciō punishemēt as supreme gouernour of all his realmes dominiōs that euen by the auc●oritie of God and by gods ordinaunces Yet an other notable story doctrine is in the secund boke of the kinges that maketh also for this purpose Whē an Amalēchite by kinge Saules own consent cōmaūdemēt had killed kinge Saul he went to Dauid supposing to haue hadde great thāke for his message 〈…〉 that he had killed Dauids deadli enemye and therefore he made great haste to tell to Dauid the chaūce bringing with him kinge Saules Croun that was vpon his head and his bracelet that was vpon his arme to perswade his tidinges to be true But godly Dauid was so far frō reioising at these newes that immediatly forthw t he rēt his clothes of his backe he mourned wept said to the messenger how is it that thou wast not afraid to lay thy handes on the lordes anointed to destroy him And by by Dauid made one of his seruaūtes to kil the messēger saying thy bloude be on thine own head for thy own mouth hath testified wittenessed agaīst the graūting that thou hast slaine the lordes anointed These examples being so manyfest and euident it is an intolerable ignoraunce madnes wickednes for subiectes to make any murmuring rebellion resistence or wtstāding cōmociō or insurrectiō againste their moste dere and most dreade souereinge Lorde king ordeyned and appoynted of Goddes goodnes for their commoditie peace and quietnes Yet let vs beleue vndoubtedli good christiā people that we maye not obey Kinges Magistrates or any other though they be our owne fathers if they woulde commaunde vs to do any thing contrary to gods cōmaundemētes In such a case we oughte to say with the Apostles Actes we must rather obey God then man But neuertheles in that case wee may not in any wise withstande violētly or rebel against rulers or make any insurrecciō sediciō or tumultes either by force of armes or other waies against the annointed of the lord or any of his appointed officers But we muste in such case paciently suffer al wronges iniuries referring the iudgemēt of oure cause onely to god Let vs feare the terrible punishmēt of almightie God against traitors or rebellious persons by the exāple of Chore Dathan Abiron which repugned grudged against gods Magistrates and officers and therfore the earthe opened and swallowed thē vp alyue Other for their wicked murmuring and rebellion were by a sodaine fire sente of god vtterly consumed Other for their frowarde behauioure to their rulers and gouerners Gods ministers were sodainely strycken with a foule leprosy Other were stinged to death with wonderfull strange firie serpentes Other were sore plagued so that