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A43333 A vindication of kings and nobles against that ungodly paper called The alarum to the head quarters by T.H. T. H. 1647 (1647) Wing H146; ESTC R5923 3,689 10 View Text
A64271 Obedience and submission to the present government, demonstrated from Bishop Overall's convocation-book Taylor, Zachary, 1653-1705. 1690 (1690) Wing T597; ESTC R2448 6,580 24 View Text
A61858 David and Saul a sermon preached on the day of national thanksgiving for God's gracious deliverance of the King's Majesty from an assassination and the kingdom from a French invasion / by John Strype ... Strype, John, 1643-1737. 1696 (1696) Wing S6021; ESTC R900 9,047 30 View Text
A53967 A sermon preached at St. Mary Le Bow, Novemb. 27, 1682 being the day of the Wiltshire-feast / by Edward Pelling ... Pelling, Edward, d. 1718. 1683 (1683) Wing P1093; ESTC R23222 13,489 37 View Text
A54465 A sermon preached on the 16th day of April 1696 in the parish church of St. Michael in New-Malton, being the thanksgiving day appointed for the discovery and disappointment of the horrible and barbarous conspiracy &c. / by William Perse. Perse, William, 1640 or 41-1707. 1696 (1696) Wing P1656; ESTC R25780 18,110 33 View Text
A63012 Disloyalty of language questioned and censured, or, A sermon preached aginst the licencious loosenesse of seditious tongues by Rich. Towgood ... ; with a brief corollarie now added, questioning and censuring rebellious actions. Towgood, Richard, 1595?-1683. 1643 (1643) Wing T1976; ESTC R204856 20,207 68 View Text
A91010 A bundle of myrrhe. Or Several sweet truths spiritually unfolded under these following heads. 1. Mercy magnified. 2. Practical graces. 3. Christs humiliation. 4. Certainty of salvation. Published by H.P. minister of the Gospel. Prime, H. 1653 (1653) Wing P3458; Thomason E1476_1; ESTC R209523 20,540 61 View Text
A66471 The valorous warrior's welfare, in God's victorious warfare A sermon preach'd in His Majesty's English camp, near the city of Ghendt in Flanders; before the battalion of His Royal Highness George Prince of Denmark, under the command of the right honourable Colonel Charles Churchill, major-general of His Majesty's forces in the Netherlands. By William Williams, minister of the Gospel, and a son of the Church of England. Williams, William, Inferior Brother to the venerable and orthodox clergy. 1696 (1696) Wing W2791; ESTC R219571 20,595 33 View Text
A44096 The principles of Christian religion in twenty questions and answers whereunto is added, a compendious history of the most memorable passages of Holy Scripture by way of questions and answers, for the use and benefot of the inhabitants of the parish of Wotton in Oxford shire. By John Hoffman B.D. minister of Gods Word. Hoffman, John, b. 1601 or 2. 1653 (1653) Wing H2348; ESTC R215272 23,157 80 View Text
A66928 Monarchys unconquerable champion being undeniable, strong, and powerful collections, gathered out of the sacred word of God, intended for convincing of those sinful wretches, (hated by God himself, and all good men) who dares deny their duty and allegiance to their gracious soveraign, seeing we be all so expressly commanded and taught by the holy prophets and apostles, that excellent principle of loyalty and true obedience, (as also by our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ himself,) who not only commands us to give Cesar his due, but leaves us his blessed example, (least we should offend) to obey his voice-gerent, but our dread soveraign / dilgently collected and written by one or His Majesties loyal, dutiful, most humble, and obedient subjects, Geo. Wood ... Wood, George, Gent. 1685 (1685) Wing W3391; ESTC R20772 24,137 108 View Text
A43456 A sermon preached before the Right Honorable Lord Mayor and aldermen of the city of London at Guild-Hall Chappel, on January 30th, 1677/78 by Henry Hesketh. Hesketh, Henry, 1637?-1710. 1678 (1678) Wing H1615; ESTC R10690 24,525 53 View Text
A71208 A discovery of the rebels by J.V., prisoner. Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652.; Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. Great antichrist. 1643 (1643) Wing V301; ESTC R20945 28,284 50 View Text
A81982 Davids three mighties: or Sovereignties three champions: being the three prime reformers of the Protestant religion, Luther, Calvin, Tindal. Faithfully cited, and affectionately presented to all the misled people of England, for their instruction and direction, how to deport themselves in the unhappy division betwixt the King and them. That yet at the last by the light of these three glorious professors of the Gospel, they may the better discern both their owne errors, and the impostures of their false teachers. Other renowned worthies since the Reformation have done honourably in the defence of sovereignty, howbeit they attained not unto the first three, 2 Sam. 23. v.18.23. 1644 (1644) Wing D378; Thomason E42_1; ESTC R11742 28,856 41 View Text
A50102 The case of allegiance in our present circumstances consider'd in a letter from a minister in the city to a minister in the country. Masters, Samuel, 1645 or 6-1693. 1689 (1689) Wing M1067; ESTC R7622 29,404 42 View Text
A15453 Great Britains Salomon A sermon preached at the magnificent funerall, of the most high and mighty king, Iames, the late King of Great Britaine, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c. At the Collegiat Church of Saint Peter at Westminster, the seuenth of May 1625. By the Right Honorable, and Right Reuerend Father in God, Iohn, Lord Bishop of Lincolne, Lord Keeper of the Great Seale of England, &c. Williams, John, 1582-1650. 1625 (1625) STC 25723; ESTC S120058 36,498 80 View Text
B22970 An appeale to thy conscience as thou wilt answere it at the great and dreadfull day of Christ Iesus. Fisher, Edward, fl. 1627-1655. 1643 (1643) Wing F987 36,794 40 View Text
A85584 Great Britans [sic] vote: or, God save King Charles. A treatise seasonably published this 27th. day of March, the happy inauguration of his sacred (though now despised and imprisoned) Maiesty. Wherein is proved by many plaine texts of Scripture, that the resisting, imprisoning, or deposing our King, under what specious pretences soever couched, is not onely unlawfull but damnable. 1648 (1648) Wing G1670; Thomason E431_26; ESTC R202345 36,900 55 View Text
A97180 The devilish conspiracy, hellish treason, heathenish condemnation, and damnable murder committed and executed by the Iewes against ... Christ their king ... As it was delivered in a sermon on the 4 Feb. 1648 ... out of some part of the gospel appointed by the Church of England to be read on that day. Warner, John, 1581-1666. 1648 (1648) Wing W902; Thomason E550_16 37,074 47 View Text
A30060 An exhortation to trust in God, and not to despair of His help and fall from Him, in this dark time of popery that is coming upon the church written by Digby Bull. Bull, Digby. 1695 (1695) Wing B5411; ESTC R6962 37,239 44 View Text
A10716 A path-vvay to military practise Containinge offices, lawes, disciplines and orders to be obserued in an army, with sundry stratagems very beneficiall for young gentlemen, or any other that is desirous to haue knowledge in martiall exercises. Whereunto is annexed a kalender of the imbattelinge of men: newlie written by Barnabe Rich souldiour, seruaunt to the right honorable Sir Christopher Hatton Knight. Perused and allowed. Rich, Barnabe, 1540?-1617. 1587 (1587) STC 20995; ESTC S115957 39,416 89 View Text
A16120 An exposition touching al the bokes of holie Scripture, and their excellencie 1553 (1553) STC 3033.5; ESTC S120619 39,647 110 View Text
A03887 A briefe chronologie of the holie scriptures as plaine and easie as may be, according to the extent of the seuerall historicall bookes thereof. Comprised first in a few verses to a short vievve for some helpe of memorie: and afterward more particularly layd forth and explaned, for a further light to the course and proceeding of the holy sorte. With a catalogue of the holy prophets of God, as touching the times wherein they prophesied. Aylett, Robert, 1583-1655?, attributed name. 1600 (1600) STC 14; ESTC S490817 39,775 88 View Text
A43676 No King but Jesus, or, The Walls of tyrannie razed and the foundations of unjust monarchy discovered to the view of all that desire to see it wherein is undeniably proved that no king is the Lords anointed but Jesus ... / by Henry Haggar. Haggar, Henry. 1652 (1652) Wing H187; ESTC R31087 42,037 60 View Text
A18673 The Christen rule or state of all the worlde from the hyghest to the lowest and how euery man shulde lyue to please God in hys callynge. Item, the Christian state of matrimony: and how ma[n] and wife shuld kepe house together with loue. Item, the maner oe [sic] saynge grace after the holy scrypture. Tyndale, William, d. 1536. Obedience of a Christen man and how Christen rulers ought to governe. aut; Bullinger, Heinrich, 1504-1575. Christlich Eestand. aut; Coverdale, Miles, 1488-1568. Christen exhortacion unto customable swearers. aut; Bale, John, 1495-1563, attributed name. aut 1548 (1548) STC 5189.7; ESTC S109287 42,177 90 View Text
A67229 An anti-christian conspiracy detected, and Satan's champion defeated being a reply to an envious & scurrilous libel without any name to it, called, Work for a cooper : being also a vindication of my book, entituled, The antiquity of the Quakers ... / by me Thomas Wynne. Wynne, Thomas. 1679 (1679) Wing W3781; ESTC R34103 42,818 59 View Text
A16641 Abdias the prophet, interpreted by T.B. fellovv of Magdalene College in Oxforde. Seene and allowed according to the order appoynted Brasbridge, Thomas, fl. 1590. 1574 (1574) STC 3548; ESTC S109671 43,473 114 View Text
A55721 Hadadrimmon, sive, Threnodia anglicana ob regicidium a sermon on Davids humiliation for cutting off the royal robe, and detestation of cutting off the royal head of the Lords anointed : preached Jan. 30, 1660, being a solemn fast for the horrid murther of King Charles I of glorious memory, at Westbury, in the county of Wilts. / by John Paradise ... Paradise, John. 1661 (1661) Wing P327; ESTC R13634 47,214 58 View Text
A33491 A plain and rational vindication of the liturgy of the Church of England collected out of the discourses of some of the reverend bishops and doctors of the same church, by way of question and answer / by J. Clvtterbvck, Gent. Clutterbuck, J. (John) 1699 (1699) Wing C4743; ESTC R35618 52,978 73 View Text
A70765 Anti-Paræus, or, A treatise in the defence of the royall right of kings against Paræus and the rest of the anti-monarchians, whether Presbyterians or Jesuits. Wherein is maintained the unlawfulnesse of opposing and taking up arms against the Prince, either by any private subject, inferiour magistrate, the states of the Kingdom, or the Pope of Rome. Confirm'd from the dictate of nature, the law of nations, the civill and canon law, the sacred scriptures, ancient fathers, and Protestant divines. Delivered formerly in a determination in the divinity schooles in Cambridge, April the 9th. 1619. And afterwards enlarged for the presse by learned Dr. Owen. Now translated and published to confirme men in their loyalty to their king, by R.M. Master in Arts. Owen, David, d. 1623.; Mossom, Robert, d. 1679. 1642 (1642) Wing O703; ESTC R6219 56,080 108 View Text
A09449 The arte of prophecying, or, A treatise concerning the sacred and onely true manner and methode of preaching first written in Latine by Master William Perkins ; and now faithfully translated into English (for that it containeth many worthie things fit for the knowledge of men of all degrees) by Thomas Tuke.; Prophetica, sive, De sacra et vnica ratione concionandi tractatus. English Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Tuke, Thomas, d. 1657. 1607 (1607) STC 19735.4; ESTC S4414 56,791 166 View Text
A15494 A loyal subiects looking-glasse, or A good subiects direction necessary and requisite for euery good Christian, liuing within any ciuill regiment or politique state, to view, behold, and examine himselfe in, that he may the better frame the course of his life, according to the true grounds of the duties of an honest and obedient subiect to his king, and to arme himselfe against all future syren songs, and alluring intisements of subtill, disloyall, dissembling, and vnnaturall conspirators, traitors, and rebels. Collected for the most part out of both olde and later writers, whose names are in the next page set downe. Wherevnto are brieflie added sixe speciall causes of vndutifull subiects disloyaltie. By William Willymat. Willymat, William, d. 1615. 1604 (1604) STC 25761; ESTC S120179 57,436 78 View Text
A08820 The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.; History of the Bible. Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. 1605 (1605) STC 19106; ESTC S100467 61,308 288 View Text
A14282 Ten introductions how to read, and in reading, how to vnderstand; and in vnderstanding, how to beare in mind all the bookes, chapters, and verses, contained in the holie Bible. With an answer for lawyers. Physitions. Ministers. Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. 1594 (1594) STC 24599; ESTC S119031 61,414 222 View Text
A20794 Two sermons preached the one at S. Maries Spittle on Tuesday in Easter weeke. 1570. and the other at the Court at Windsor the Sonday after twelfth day, being the viij. of Ianuary, before in the yeare. 1569. by Thomas Drant Bacheler in Diuinitie. Drant, Thomas, d. 1578? 1570 (1570) STC 7171; ESTC S116118 66,054 168 View Text
A19657 The confutation of the. xiii. articles, wherunto Nicolas Shaxton, late byshop of Salilburye [sic] subscribed and caused to be set forth in print the yere of our Lorde. M.C.xlvi. [sic] whe[n] he recanted in Smithfielde at London at the burning of mestres Anne Askue, which is liuely set forth in the figure folowynge. In the nexte page shalt thou finde the contentes of thys little boke. Crowley, Robert, 1518?-1588.; Shaxton, Nicholas, 1485?-1556. 1548 (1548) STC 6083; ESTC S105139 70,962 161 View Text
A08870 An introduction into the bookes of the prophets and apostles Written by Peter Palladius, Doctor of Diuinity and Byshop of Rochil. Faithfully translated out of Latin into English. By Edw. Vaughan.; Isagoge ad libros propheticos et apostolicos. English Palladius, Peder, 1503-1560.; Melanchthon, Philipp, 1497-1560.; Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. 1598 (1598) STC 19153; ESTC S113915 75,737 224 View Text
A86428 The holy lives of God's prophets. By J.H. Hoddesdon, John, fl. 1650. 1653 (1653) Wing H2294; Thomason E1493_1; ESTC R208521 77,735 134 View Text
A14284 A plaine and perfect method, for the easie vnderstanding of the whole Bible containing seauen obseruations, dialoguewise, betweene the parishioner, and the pastor.; Plaine and perfect method, for understanding the Bible Vaughan, Edward, preacher at St. Mary Woolnoth. 1617 (1617) STC 24600; ESTC S102671 80,065 286 View Text
A11230 A diuine dictionarie, or, The Bible abreuiated Containing the whole Scripture. Being most necessarie for the present finding out of any part thereof. By T.S. [sic] H. S., fl. 1616. 1615 (1615) STC 21493.5; ESTC S120477 80,435 148 View Text
A26586 Medulla Bibliorum, The marrow of the Bible, or, A logico-theological analysis of every several book of the Holy Scripture together with so many English poems ... : whereunto is added a chronological (marginal) annotation of the times and seasons, wherein divers acts and occurrences in the Holy Scripture hapned: partly translated out of an anonymous Latine authour, and partly amplified and enlarged ... / by William Ainsworth ... Ainsworth, William, d. 1671. 1652 (1652) Wing A818; ESTC R22312 82,051 222 View Text
A53499 An answer to the challenge of Mr. Henry Jennings (Protestant Arch-Deacon of Dromore) which evidently makes-out the present Church of Romes doctrine to have been maintain'd in the first five ages, & the adversarys principles to be only a heap of heresies lawfully condemn'd by the primitive Church. To which is annexed An answer to one Whealy. Set forth by James O Shiell reader of Divinity. O'Sheill, James. 1699 (1699) Wing O530A; ESTC R214539 82,791 345 View Text
A67836 An apology for Congregational divines against the charge of ... : under which head are published amicable letters between the author and a conformist / by a Presbyterian : also a speech delivered at Turners-Hall, April 29 : where Mr. Keith, a reformed Quaker ... required Mr. Penn, Mr. Elwood ... to appear ... by Trepidantium Malleus ... Trepidantium Malleus. 1698 (1698) Wing Y76; ESTC R34116 83,935 218 View Text
A85885 An exercitation concerning usurped powers: wherein the difference betwixt civill authority and usurpation is stated. That the obedience due to lawfull magistrates, is not owing, or payable, to usurped powers, is maintained. The obligation of oaths, and other sanctions to the former, notwithstanding the antipolitie of the latter is asserted. And the arguments urged on the contrary part in divers late printed discourses are answered. Being modestly, and inoffensively managed: by one studious of truth and peace both in Church and state. Hollingworth, Richard, 1607-1656.; Gee, Edward, 1613-1660, attributed name. 1650 (1650) Wing G449; Thomason E585_2 84,100 90 View Text
A12567 Certain discourses, vvritten by Sir Iohn Smythe, Knight: concerning the formes and effects of diuers sorts of weapons, and other verie important matters militarie, greatlie mistaken by diuers of our men of warre in these daies; and chiefly, of the mosquet, the caliuer and the long-bow; as also, of the great sufficiencie, excellencie, and wonderful effects of archers: with many notable examples and other particularities, by him presented to the nobilitie of this realme, & published for the benefite of this his natiue countrie of England Smythe, John, Sir, ca. 1534-1607. 1590 (1590) STC 22883; ESTC S117657 85,512 138 View Text
A05251 [Here begynneth the table of a book entytled the book of good maners.]; Livre de bonnes moeurs. English Legrand, Jacques, ca. 1365-1415.; Caxton, William, ca. 1422-1491. 1487 (1487) STC 15394; ESTC S101027 88,438 130 View Text
A08269 A theatre wherein be represented as wel the miseries & calamities that follow the voluptuous worldlings as also the greate ioyes and plesures which the faithfull do enioy. An argument both profitable and delectable, to all that sincerely loue the word of God. Deuised by S. Iohn van-der Noodt. Seene and allowed according to the order appointed.; Theatre oft Toon-neel. English Noot, Jan van der, ca. 1538-ca. 1596.; Spenser, Edmund, 1552?-1599.; Roest, Theodore.; Petrarca, Francesco, 1304-1374. Rime. English. Selections.; Du Bellay, Joachim, 1525 (ca.)-1560. Visions. English. Selections. 1569 (1569) STC 18602; ESTC S110162 92,217 282 View Text
A94178 A loyall subjects beliefe, expressed in a letter to Master Stephen Marshall, Minister of Finchingfield in Essex, from Edward Symmons a neighbour minister, occasioned by a conference betwixt them. With the answer to his objections for resisting the Kings personall will by force of armes. And, the allegation of some reasons why the authors conscience cannot concurre in this way of resistance with some of his brethren. Symmons, Edward. 1643 (1643) Wing S6345; Thomason E103_6; ESTC R212787 94,533 112 View Text
A06112 A very fruitful & godly exposition vpo[n] the. xv. Psalme of Dauid called Lord, who shall dwell in thy tabernacle. Made by M. Ihon Epinus, preacher to the churche of Hamborough: and translated oute of Latin into English by N.L. Aepinus, Johann, 1499-1553.; Lesse, Nicholas. 1548 (1548) STC 166.5; ESTC S101644 95,234 320 View Text
A68694 An abridgeme[n]t of all the canonical books of the olde Testament written in Sternholds meter by VV. Samuel minister. The names of the books are in the next leaf following. Samuel, William, fl. 1551-1569. 1569 (1569) STC 21690; ESTC S110818 97,894 378 View Text
A14048 The rescuynge of the romishe fox other vvyse called the examination of the hunter deuised by steuen gardiner The seconde course of the hunter at the romishe fox & hys aduocate, & sworne patrone steuen gardiner doctor & defender of the popis canonlaw and hys ungodly ceremonies. Rede in the last lefe the xij articles of Bisshop Steuens neuu popish credo. Turner, William, d. 1568.; Gardiner, Stephen, 1483?-1555. 1545 (1545) STC 24355; ESTC S118747 102,679 202 View Text
A78070 The little Bible of the man or the Book of God opened in man by the power of the Lamb. Wherein God is the spirit or inside of the book, and man the letter or out-side of it. In whom, as in a glass, you may both behold the spirit and letter of the holy Scriptures in the new man; fulfilled and explained from Genesis to Jeremiah. This is the first volume of Gods Book in man. Written by a weak instrument of the Lords, Capt. T. Butler. Butler, Thomas, Captain. 1649 (1649) Wing B6339; Thomason E1260_2; ESTC R208898 105,337 331 View Text
A18910 A briefe of the Bible drawne first into English poësy, and then illustrated by apte annotations: togither vvith some other necessary appendices. By Henoch Clapham. Clapham, Henoch. 1596 (1596) STC 5332; ESTC S108001 105,612 254 View Text
A03851 A view of the Romish hydra and monster, traison, against the Lords annointed: condemned by Dauid, I. Sam. 26. and nowe confuted in seuen sermons to perswade obedience to princes, concord among our selues, and a generall reformation and repentaunce in all states: by L.H.; View of the Romish hydra and monster, traison, against the Lords annointed: condemned by David, I. Sam. 26. and nowe confuted in seven sermons. Humphrey, Laurence, 1525 or 6-1589. 1588 (1588) STC 13966; ESTC S118809 105,796 218 View Text
A03519 Certayne sermons, or homelies appoynted by the kynges Maiestie, to be declared and redde, by all persones, vicars, or curates, euery Sondaye in their churches, where they haue cure. Anno 1547.; Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches. Book 1. Cranmer, Thomas, 1489-1556.; Church of England. 1547 (1547) STC 13640; ESTC S110029 106,479 184 View Text
A16241 Theatrum mundi the theatre or rule of the world, wherein may be sene the running race and course of euerye mans life, as touching miserie and felicity, wherin be contained wonderfull examples, learned deuises, to the ouerthrowe of vice, and exalting of vertue. wherevnto is added a learned, and maruellous worke of the excellencie of mankinde. Written in the Frenche & Latin tongues by Peter Boaystuau, and translated into English by Iohn Alday.; Theatre du monde. English Boaistuau, Pierre, d. 1566.; Alday, John. 1566 (1566) STC 3168; ESTC S102736 106,769 288 View Text
A72347 Certayne sermons appoynted by the Quenes Maiestie, to be declared and read, by all persones, vycars, and curates, euery Sondaye and holy daye in theyr churches : and by her Graces aduyse perused & ouer sene, for the better vnderstandyng of the simple people : newly imprinted in partes accordynge as is mencioned in the booke of commune prayers.; Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches. 1559 (1559) STC 13648.5; ESTC S5209 110,375 188 View Text
A43545 Observations on the historie of The reign of King Charles published by H.L. Esq., for illustration of the story, and rectifying some mistakes and errors in the course thereof. Heylyn, Peter, 1600-1662. 1656 (1656) Wing H1727; ESTC R5347 112,100 274 View Text
A13398 The Psalter of Dauid in Englyshe, purely and faythfully tra[n]slated after the texte of Felyne: euery Psalme hauynge his argument before, declarynge brefely thentente [and] substance of the hole Psalme; Bible. O.T. Psalms. English. Joye. Joye, George, d. 1553. 1534 (1534) STC 2371; ESTC S111715 113,039 258 View Text
A19303 A godly meditacion vpon. xx. select and chosen Psalmes of the prophet Dauid as wel necessary to al them that are desirous to haue ye darke wordes of the prophet declared and made playn: as also fruitfull to suche as delyte in the contemplatio[n] of the spiritual meanyng of them. Compiled and set furth by Sir Anthony Cope knight. Cope, Anthony, Sir, d. 1551. 1547 (1547) STC 5717; ESTC S109096 127,918 198 View Text
A06832 The gouernaunce of vertue teaching all faythful christia[n]s, how they oughte daily to leade their lyfe, & fruitfully to spend their time vnto the glorye of God & the health of their owne soules. Newlye corrected & augme[n]ted by Thomas Becon. 1566 Becon, Thomas, 1512-1567. 1566 (1566) STC 1727; ESTC S101289 136,978 330 View Text
A57377 Clavis Bibliorum The key of the Bible, unlocking the richest treasury of the Holy Scriptures : whereby the 1 order, 2 names, 3 times, 4 penmen, 5 occasion, 6 scope, and 7 principall parts, containing the subject-matter of every book of Old and New Testament, are familiarly and briefly opened : for the help of the weakest capacity in the understanding of the whole Bible / by Francis Roberts ... Roberts, Francis, 1609-1675.; Calamy, Edmund, 1600-1666. 1648 (1648) Wing R1583; ESTC R20707 139,238 403 View Text
A88696 Vindiciæ contra tyrannos: a defence of liberty against tyrants. Or, of the lawfull power of the prince over the people, and of the people over the prince. Being a treatise written in Latin and French by Junius Brutus, and translated out of both into English. Questions discussed in this treatise. I. Whether subjects are bound, and ought to obey princes, if they command that which is against the law of God. II. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth infringe the law of God, or ruine the Church, by whom, how, and how farre it is lawfull. III. Whether it be lawfull to resist a prince which doth oppresse or ruine a publique state, and how farre such resistance may be extended, by whome, how, and by what right, or law it is permitted. IV. Whether neighbour princes or states may be, or are bound by law, to give succours to the subjects of other princes, afflicted to the cause of true religion, or oppressed by manifest tyranny.; Vindiciae contra tyrannos. English Languet, Hubert, 1518-1581.; Walker, William, 17th cent. 1648 (1648) Wing L415; Thomason E430_2; ESTC R34504 141,416 156 View Text
A33980 Thirteen sermons upon several useful subjects two of them being funeral dicourses, occasioned by the death of the Reverend Mr. Nathaniel Mitchel, Minister of the Gospel ... / by John Collinges ...; Sermons. Selections Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1684 (1684) Wing C5344; ESTC R16837 141,524 284 View Text
A10877 A short and sure way to heauen, and present happines Taught in a treatise of our conformity with the will of God. Written by the Reuerend Father Alfonsus Rodriguez of the Society of Iesus, in his worke intituled, The exercise of perfection and Christian vertue. Translated out of Spanish.; Ejercicio de perfección y virtudes cristianas. Part 1. Treatise 8. English Rodríguez, Alfonso, 1526-1616.; I. C., fl. 1630. 1630 (1630) STC 21144; ESTC S102292 144,041 352 View Text
A02621 The apology of Iohan Bale agaynste a ranke papyst anuswering both hym and hys doctours, that neyther their vowes nor yet their priesthode areof the Gospell, but of Antichrist. Anno Do. M.CCCCC.L. A brefe exposycyon also upo[n] the .xxx chaptre of Numerii, which was the first occasion of thys present varyaunce. Cum priuilegio ad imprimendum solum. Bale, John, 1495-1563. 1550 (1550) STC 1275; ESTC S100596 145,229 320 View Text
A13064 Part of the harmony of King Dauids harp Conteining the first XXI. Psalmes of King Dauid. Briefly & learnedly expounded by the Reuerend D. Victorinus Strigelius Professor of Diuinitie in the Vniuersity of Lypsia in Germanie. Newly translated into English by Rich. Robinson. Briefe contentes of these 21. Psalmes. ...; Hypomnēmata in omnes Psalmos Davidis. Psalm 1-21. English Strigel, Victorinus, 1524-1569.; Robinson, Richard, citizen of London. 1582 (1582) STC 23358; ESTC S117923 149,499 260 View Text
A14293 The golden-groue moralized in three bookes: a worke very necessary for all such, as would know how to gouerne themselues, their houses, or their countrey. Made by W. Vaughan, Master of Artes, and student in the ciuill law, Vaughan, William, 1577-1641. 1600 (1600) STC 24610; ESTC S111527 151,476 422 View Text
A95681 The reconciler of the Bible: wherein above two thousand seeming contradictions throughout the Old and New Testament, are fully and plainly reconciled. Being necessary for all those that desire to understand the sacred scriptures aright unto salvation. / By J.T. minister of the Gospel. Thaddaeus, Joannes, fl. 1630. 1655 (1655) Wing T831; Thomason E1605_1; ESTC R208447 167,285 363 View Text
A38818 Gymnasiarchon, or, The schoole of potentates wherein is shewn, the mutability of worldly honour / written in Latine by Acatius Evenkellius ; Englished, with some illustrations and observations, by T. N. ...; Sejanus, seu, De praepotentibus regum ac principum ministris, commonefactio. English Ennenckel, Georgius Acacius, b. 1573.; Nash, Thomas, 1567-1601. 1648 (1648) Wing E3526A; ESTC R39517 168,645 466 View Text
A73373 Christs kingdome Described in seuen fruitfull sermons vpon the second Psalme. By Richard Web preacher of Gods word. The contents whereof follows after the epistles. Webb, Richard, preacher of God's word. 1611 (1611) STC 25150A; ESTC S123316 169,960 226 View Text
A16763 A treatise of christian beneficence, and of that like christian thankefulnese which is due to the same The which, as they are duties of singular account with God, so are they of as necessarie vse to all christians, for the keeping of faith and a good conscience, as are fire and water for common vse and comfort to the naturall life of all men. Allen, Robert, fl. 1596-1612. 1600 (1600) STC 367; ESTC S112321 178,520 256 View Text
B02482 Christ alone exalted in the perfection and encouragements of the saints, notwithstanding sins and trials. Volume III. / Being laid open in severall sermons by the late spirituall and faithfull preacher of the Gospel, Tobias Crispe, D.D. Crisp, Tobias, 1600-1643.; Cokayn, George, 1619-1691.; Pinnell, Henry. 1648 (1648) Wing C6959; ESTC R233167 185,508 400 View Text
A41303 The free-holders grand inquest touching our Sovereign Lord the King and his Parliament to which are added observations upon forms of government : together with directions for obedience to governours in dangerous and doubtful times / by the learned Sir Robert Filmer, Knight. Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. 1679 (1679) Wing F914; ESTC R36445 191,118 384 View Text
A09183 The piththy [sic] and moost notable sayinges of al scripture, gathered by Thomas Paynell: after the manner of common places, very necessary for al those that delite in the consolacions of the scriptures Paynell, Thomas. 1550 (1550) STC 19494.3; ESTC S122454 195,516 370 View Text
A55473 A sovereign balson to cure the languishing diseases of this corrupt age By C. Pora a well-wisher to all persons. Pora, Charles. 1678 (1678) Wing P2966A; ESTC R233075 195,614 671 View Text
A66875 The reasonablenes of scripture-beleif a discourse giving some account of those rational grounds upon which the Bible is received as the word of God / written by Sir Charles Wolseley ... Wolseley, Charles, Sir, 1630?-1714. 1672 (1672) Wing W3313; ESTC R235829 198,284 556 View Text
A08276 A commentarie or exposition vpon the first chapter of the prophecy of Amos delivered in xxi. sermons in the parish church of Meisey Hampton in the diocesse of Gloucester, by Sebastian Benefield ... Hereunto is added a sermon vpon 1. Cor. 9.19. wherein is touched the lawfull vse of things indifferent. Benefield, Sebastian, 1559-1630. 1613 (1613) STC 1861; ESTC S101601 198,690 274 View Text
A02841 The times, places, and persons of the holie Scripture. Otherwise entituled, The generall vievv of the Holy Scriptures Hayne, Thomas, 1582-1645. 1607 (1607) STC 12981; ESTC S103905 206,164 246 View Text
A72064 The Christian knight compiled by Sir VVilliam VViseman Knight, for the pvblike weale and happinesse of England, Scotland, and Ireland. Wiseman, William, Sir, d. 1643. 1619 (1619) STC 10926; ESTC S122637 208,326 271 View Text
A60956 Twelve sermons upon several subjects and occasions. The third volume by Robert South. South, Robert, 1634-1716. 1698 (1698) Wing S4749; ESTC R27493 210,733 615 View Text
A86417 Philosophicall rudiments concerning government and society. Or, A dissertation concerning man in his severall habitudes and respects, as the member of a society, first secular, and then sacred. Containing the elements of civill politie in the agreement which it hath both with naturall and divine lawes. In which is demonstrated, both what the origine of justice is, and wherein the essence of Christian religion doth consist. Together with the nature, limits, and qualifications both of regiment and subjection. / By Tho: Hobbes.; De cive. English Hobbes, Thomas, 1588-1679.; Vaughan, Robert, engraver. 1651 (1651) Wing H2253; Thomason E1262_1; ESTC R202404 220,568 406 View Text
A78099 A brief explication of the Office of The Blessed Virgin Marie Mother Of God together with a small treatise concerning the institution thereof &c. / composed by the R.F.E.VV. Priest and Monke of the Order of S. Benedict. Byfleet, John Edward, b. 1607. 1652 (1652) Wing B6401A; ESTC R203969 220,898 605 View Text
A15403 An harmonie vpon the second booke of Samuel wherein according to the methode and order obserued vpon the first booke, these speciall things are obserued vpon euerie chapter. The diuers readings compared, doubtfull questions explaned, places of Scripture reconciled, controversies briefly touched, and morall collections applyed. VVherein neere fowre hundred theologicall questions are handled, with great breuitie, and much varietie, by the former author of Hexapla on Genesis and Exodus. Willet, Andrew, 1562-1621. 1614 (1614) STC 25680; ESTC S118200 222,462 162 View Text
A05303 A treatise of specters or straunge sights, visions and apparitions appearing sensibly vnto men Wherein is delivered, the nature of spirites, angels, and divels: their power and properties: as also of witches, sorcerers, enchanters, and such like. With a table of the contents of the several chapters annexed in the end of the booke. Newly done out of French into English.; Discours des spectres, ou visions et apparitions d'esprits, comme anges, demons, at ames, se monstrans visibles aux hommes. English Loyer, Pierre le, 1550-1634.; Jones, Zachary. 1605 (1605) STC 15448; ESTC S108473 230,994 324 View Text
A01472 Great Brittans little calendar: or, Triple diarie, in remembrance of three daies Diuided into three treatises. 1. Britanniæ vota: or God saue the King: for the 24. day of March, the day of his Maiesties happy proclamation. 2. Cæsaris hostes: or, the tragedy of traytors: for the fift of August: the day of the bloudy Gowries treason, and of his Highnes blessed preseruation. 3. Amphitheatrum scelerum: or, the transcendent of treason: the day of a most admirable deliuerance of our King ... from that most horrible and hellish proiect of the Gun-Powder Treason Nouemb. 5. Whereunto is annexed a short disswasiue from poperie. By Samuel Garey, preacher of Gods Word at Wynfarthing in Norff. Garey, Samuel, 1582 or 3-1646. 1618 (1618) STC 11597; ESTC S102859 234,099 298 View Text
A60244 Critical enquiries into the various editions of the Bible printed in divers places and at several times together with Animadversions upon a small treatise of Dr. Isaac Vossivs, concerning the Oracles of the sibylls, and an answer to the objections of the late Critica sacra / written originally in Latin, by Father Simon of the Oratory ; translated into English, by N.S.; Disquisitiones criticae de variis per diversa loca et tempora Bibliorum editionibus. English Simon, Richard, 1638-1712.; N. S.; M. R. 1684 (1684) Wing S3800; ESTC R12782 236,819 292 View Text
A68283 Foure bookes of offices enabling privat persons for the speciall seruice of all good princes and policies. Made and deuised by Barnabe Barnes. Barnes, Barnabe, 1569?-1609. 1606 (1606) STC 1468; ESTC S106957 238,357 234 View Text
A52022 The lives of the prophets, patriarchs, apostles, &c. With the interpretation of their names: collected into an alphabetical order, for the benefit of the reader. R. M. 1695 (1695) Wing M72B; ESTC R217713 239,005 339 View Text
A13071 The anatomie of mortalitie deuided into these eight heads: viz. 1 The certaitie of death. 2 The meditation on death. 3 The preparation for death. 4 The right behauiour in death. 5 The comfort at our owne death. 6 The comfort against the death of friends. 7 The cases wherein it is vnlawful, and wherin lawfull to desire death. 8 The glorious estate of the saints after this life. Written by George Strode vtter-barister of the middle Temple, for his owne priuate comfort: and now published at the request of his friends for the vse of others. Strode, George, utter-barister of the Middle Temple. 1618 (1618) STC 23364; ESTC S101243 244,731 328 View Text
A13823 The revvard of religion Deliuered in sundrie lectures vpon the booke of Ruth, wherein the godly may see their daily and outwarde tryals, with the presence of God to assist them, and his mercies to recompence them: verie profitable for this present time of dearth, wherein manye are most pittifully tormented with want; and also worthie to bee considered in this golden age of the preaching of the word, when some vomit vp the loathsomnes therof, and others fall away to damnable securitie. Topsell, Edward, 1572-1625? 1596 (1596) STC 24127; ESTC S105980 250,925 363 View Text
A41307 Observations concerning the original and various forms of government as described, viz. 1st. Upon Aristotles politiques. 2d. Mr. Hobbs's Laviathan. 3d. Mr. Milton against Salmatius. 4th. Hugo Grotius De jure bello. 5th. Mr. Hunton's Treatise of monarchy, or the nature of a limited or mixed monarchy / by the learned Sir R. Filmer, Barronet ; to which is added the power of kings ; with directions for obedience to government in dangerous and doubtful times. Filmer, Robert, Sir, d. 1653. 1696 (1696) Wing F920; ESTC R32803 252,891 546 View Text
A91363 A little cabinet richly stored with all sorts of heavenly varieties, and soul-reviving influences. Wherein there is a remedy for every malady, viz. milk for babes, and meat for strong men, and the ready way for both to obtain and retain assurance of salvation: being an abridgement of the sum and substance of the true Christian religion; wherein the cause of our salvation, the way, the guide, the rule, the evidence, the seals, &c. and the connection of these points together, and dependancy of them one upon another: this I have endeavoured to do orderly, exactly, methodically, with much plainness and clearness. / By Robert Purnell. Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. 1657 (1657) Wing P4237; Thomason E1575_1; ESTC R209217 254,040 517 View Text
A51725 Discourses upon Cornelius Tacitus written in Italian by the learned Marquesse Virgilio Malvezzi ; dedicated to the Serenissimo Ferdinand the Second, Great Duke of Thuscany ; and translated into English by Sir Richard Baker, Knight.; Discorsi sopra Cornelio Tacito. English Malvezzi, Virgilio, marchese, 1595-1653.; Baker, Richard, Sir, 1568-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing M359; ESTC R13322 256,112 410 View Text
A44824 Examen de ingenios, or, The tryal of wits discovering the great difference of wits among men, and what sort of learning suits best with each genius / published originally in Spanish by Doctor Juan Huartes ; and made English from the most correct edition by Mr. Bellamy.; Examen de ingenios. English Huarte, Juan, 1529?-1588.; Bellamy, Mr. (Edward) 1698 (1698) Wing H3205; ESTC R5885 263,860 544 View Text
A85769 The throne of David, or An exposition of the second of Samuell wherein is set downe the pattern of a pious and prudent Prince, and a clear type of of [sic] the Prince of Princes Christ Iesus the sonne of David and his spirituall kingdome by William Guild D.D. and minister of Gods word at King-Edward in Scotland. Guild, William, 1586-1657. 1659 (1659) Wing G2212; Thomason E984_8; ESTC R207805 271,425 357 View Text
A10557 The Christian divinitie, contained in the divine service of the Church of England summarily, and for the most part in order, according as point on point dependeth, composed; and with the holy Scriptures plainly and plentifully confirmed: written for the furtherance of the peoples understanding in the true religion established by publike authoritie, and for the increase of vnitie in that godly truth eternall. By Edmund Reeve Bachelour in Divinitie, and vicar of the parish of Hayes in Middlesex. Reeve, Edmund, d. 1660. 1631 (1631) STC 20829; ESTC S115773 277,054 457 View Text
A00658 A forme of Christian pollicie drawne out of French by Geffray Fenton. A worke very necessary to al sorts of people generally, as wherein is contayned doctrine, both vniuersall, and special touching the institution of al Christian profession: and also conuenient perticularly for all magistrates and gouernours of common weales, for their more happy regiment according to God; Police chrestienne. English Talpin, Jean.; Fenton, Geoffrey, Sir, 1539?-1608. 1574 (1574) STC 10793A; ESTC S101953 277,133 426 View Text
A85884 The divine right and original of the civill magistrate from God, (as it is drawn by the Apostle S. Paul in those words, Rom. 13.1. There is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God) illustrated and vindicated in a treatise (chiefly) upon that text. Wherein the procedure of political dominion from God, by his ordination; ... is endevored truly and plainly to be laid open. / Written for the service of that eminent truth, order, justice, and peace which the said text, in its genuine sense, holdeth forth, and supporteth: and for the dissolving of sundry important doubts, and mistakes about it. By Edward Gee minister of the Gospel at Eccleston in the county palatine of Lancaster. Gee, Edward, 1613-1660. 1658 (1658) Wing G448; Thomason E1774_1; ESTC R202104 279,674 430 View Text
A43199 Ductor historicus, or, A short system of universal history and an introduction to the study of that science containing a chronology of the most celebrated persons and actions from the creation to this time, a compendious history of ... transactions ... of the ancient monarchies and governments of the world, an account of the writings of the most noted historians ... together with definitions and explications of terms used in history and chronology, and general instructions for the reading of history / partly translated from the French of M. de Vallemont, but chiefly composed anew by W.J., M.A. Hearne, Thomas, 1678-1735.; Vallemont, abbé de (Pierre Le Lorrain), 1649-1721. Elémens de l'histoire. 1698 (1698) Wing H1309; ESTC R15760 279,844 444 View Text
A54682 The antiquity, legality, reason, duty and necessity of præ-emption and prourveyance, for the King, or, Compositions for his pourveyance as they were used and taken for the provisions of the Kings household, the small charge and burthen thereof to the people, and the many for the author, great mischiefs and inconveniences which will inevitably follow the taking of them away / by Fabian Philipps. Philipps, Fabian, 1601-1690. 1663 (1663) Wing P2004; ESTC R10010 306,442 558 View Text