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A08820 The historie of the Bible briefly collected by way of question and ansvver. Read and corrected by the author.; History of the Bible. Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617. 1605 (1605) STC 19106; ESTC S100467 61,308 288

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deliuer them A. The Philistims ca. 13.14 Q. Rehearse Sampsons acts A. He slue a Lyon hee slue 30. Philistims for 30. charge of garmēts he burnt their corn he slue four thousand men with the iaw bone of anasse he carried away the gates of Azzah he slew moe at his death then he did in all his life Q. By what small meanes did God bring these things to passe A. Ehud beeing lame of his right hand slue Eglon the fatte King with a Dagger of a cubit long Shamgar slue fixe hundred Philistims with an Oxe goad Iael a woman killed Sisera with a hammer and a pin Gedeon ouercame an hoast of men with broken Pot-sheardes and Rams hornes There is no mention made of Eli and Samuel in this booke but in the booke of Samuel Finis Iud. Ruth Q. What call you the next booke A Ruth Q. Why is it so called A. Because she is the person that is principally handled there Q. How is it deuided A. Into two parts Naomies and Ruths afflictions and their prosperitie Q. Of what countrie was Ruth chapter 1 A. Of Moab Q. Who was her husband A. Chilion of Bethlem in Iudah Q. How came he into Moab A. There was a famine in Israel and so his father Elimeleck tooke his two sons Mahlon and Chilion and Naomie his wife and went and soiourned in the countrie of Moab where Elimeleck died then his sonnes took them wiues the name of Mahlons wife was Orpah and the name of Chilions wife was Ruth Q. What befell to them in the land of Moab A. Elimeleck and his two sonnes died Q. What did Naomie then A. She returned into the land of Iudah Q. Why did she returne A. Because she heard say that the Lord had visited her people in plentie and giuen them bread Q. What companie had she with her A. Her two daughters in law Orpah and Ruth but Orpah went back againe Q. Why did not Ruth returne with her sister A. Shee would not leaue her mother in law but said Whither thou goest thither wil I go and where thou dwellest there will I dwell thy people shal be my people and thy God my God chapter 5 Q. How did God blesse her A. Shee was married to a rich man named Booz of him came Christ Finis Ruth 1. SAMVEL Q. What doe you call the next booke A. Samuel Q. How many things must we consider in this booke Q. Two the gouernment of the two last Iudges and the two first Kings Q. Which are the Iudges which are mentioned in this booke A. Eli and Samuel Q. How are the acts of Eli deuided A. Into his good and bad acts Q. What were his good acts A. His diligēce in his calling Q. What were his bad acts A. His negligence in not looking to his sonnes and not correcting them chap. 2. Q. How was hee punished for his negligence A. The Arke of God was taken his two sonnes Hophni and Phineas were both slaine in one day he hearing of it fell downe backward and brake his necke chap. 4. Q. What became of his daughter in law A. Shee died in child-birth for shee said the glorie is departed from Israel Q. What became of the Arkthen A. The Philistims brought it to Ashdod and set in the house of Dagon their god Q. How were they plagued A. Dagon fell downe before the arke of God his head and the palmes of his hands were broken and the inhabitants were smittē with emrods Q. What did they with the arke of God A. They carried it to Gath. Q. Did it continue there chapter 6 A. No for the Lord smote them with Emrods and they caried it to Ekron and the Ekronites were smitten with Emrods also Q. How long did the Philistems keepe the arke A. Seauen moneths Q. What did they then with the arke A. They sent it home with gifts Q. What were the gifts which they sent with it A. Fiue golden Emrods fiue golden Mice Q. How did they send the arke home A. They laid it in a new cart they tooke two milch kine and shut their calues at home then they tyed the kine to the cart and they went straight to Bethshemesh and kept one path till they came to the field of Ioshua at Bethshemesh where they stood still Q. What did the inhabitants of Bethshemesh A. They reioyced and the Leuites tooke downe the arke and the chest wherein the iewels of gold were and set them vpon a great stone and claue the wood of the cart and offered the kine for a burnt offering vnto the Lord. Q What befell then A. The Lord slew fifty thousand threescore and ten men of the inhabitants of Bethshemesh because they had looked in the arke of God Q What became of the arke then chapter 7 A. The men of Kiriathiearim came and tooke it Q. What did they with it A. They brought it into the house of Abinadab in the hill and sanctified Eleazar to keepe the arke Q. How long abode the arke in the house of Abinadab A. Twentie yeare Q. When Eli was dead who succeeded him A. Samuel Q. How many things must be considered of him A. His birth education calling and his acts Q. What doth the Holy Ghost set downe concerning his birth A. He was borne of a barren woman who begged him of the Lord by prayer chap. 1. Q. Who was his father A. Elkanah Q. Who was his mother A. Hannah Q. Where was he brought vp A. In the tabernacle Q. Who called him A. God called him thrice in one night chap. 3.4 Q. How many offices hed he A. Three for as he was called thrice so he had three offices a iudge a priest and a prophet Q. VVhat chiefe things are recorded of him A. He annointed Saul cap. 10. he caused him to slay Agag the King of Ameleck c. 15. hee annointed Dauid cap. 16. and these are his acts of peace Q. What were his acts of war A. He ouercame the Philistims chap. 7. Q. What gouernement had the children of Israel after Iudges chapter 8 A. Kings Q. How fell it out that they had kings chapter 10 A. Because Samuels sonnes Ioel and Abiah walked not in their fathers waies but peruerted iudgement therefore they desired a king Q. How many yeares did Samuel iudge Israel A. Twentie yeares Q. How many kings raignes are set downe in this booke A. Two Sauls and Dauids Q. Who was first King A. Saul Q. Who annointed him A. Samuel for thither he wēt to seeke his fathers asses Q. How many signes had he to confirme his annointing A. Three 1. at Rahels sepulcher 2. at the plaine of Tabor 3. at the hill of God where finding a company of Prophets he prophesied cha 9.10 19. chap. Q. Where was he chosen A. At Mispah by lot chap. 10. Q. How many principall things must we consider in Sauls raigne A. Two his good and his bad deedes Q. What were his good deeds chapter 11 A. He fought the Lords bartell he
deliuered the inhabitants of Iabesh frō the Ammonites he ouerthrew the Amalekites and Philistims Q. What were his euill deeds chapter 15 A. He tooke on him the Pricsts office he spared Agag and the best things he persecuted Dauid 18. he slew the Lords priests 21. and he consnlted with witches chap. 28. Q. How was he plagued A. He was reiected and Dauid elected he was vexed with an euill spirit his two sonnes were slaine by the Philistims he slew himselfe chap. 31. Q. Who was high Priest A. Abimeleck the sonne of Ahitub Q. Who succeeded Saul in the kingdome A. Dauid Q. What principall things are to be considered of him A. His calling and his acts Q. How many things must we consider in his calling chapter 16 A. Three 1. who called him God 2. by whom was hee called by Samuel 3. frō whence was he called from keeping his fathers sheepe Q. How are the acts of Dauid deuided A. Into his actes in Sauls time and his acts after Sauls death Q. Whatwere his acts in Sauls time A. He slew a Lyon and a Beare he mitigated Sauls furie with his harpe he slew Gokah chapter 17. he slewe 300. Philistims for 200. fore-skinnes for which he was made the Kings sonne in lawe He was preferred before Saul of the Virgins he was persecuted by Saul 18. chap. He fled to Nob and did eate the shewbread 21. chapt He fled to Gath and there hee did counterfeit himselfe mad 21. c. he cut off the lap of Sauls garment he tooke away the speare and a pot of water that stood at Sauls head chap 26. he destroed the Amalekites chap. 30. Libri primi Samuelis finis II. SAMVEL Q. What must we consider of Dauid after Sauls death A. His acts after he was made king of Israel and his acts when he ruled ouer Iudah onely Q. What were his acts when he ruled ouer Iudah chapter 1 A. He slew the man that said he had slaine Saul he waged warre seauen yeares with Ishbosheth chap. 2. Q. Who was captaine ouer Ishbosheths armie A. Abner Q. What became of him A. He was slaine cowardly by loab because he slew Asacl his brother chap. 3. Q. What did Dauid after the death of Abner A. He lamented for him Q. What befell to Ishbosheth after the death of Abner chapter 4 A. Baanah and Rechab two of his captaines slew him as he slept on his bed and cut off his head and brought it to Dauid in Hebron Q. Who then raigned ouer Israel A. Dauid chap. 5. Q. How many things must we obserue in his gouernement beeing king ouer Israels A. Two things wherin he behaued himselfe well wherin ill Q. VVherein did he behaue himselfe well chapters 6,7,8,9,10 A. He fought the Lords battels he slew Baanah Rechab hee ouercame the Philistims twice he tooke the fort of Sion he restored the arke he prepared for the building of the temple he ouerthrewe the Philistims the Ammorites and all his enemies chap. 8. Q. Who was captam of his hoast A. Ioab the sonne of Zeruiah Q. What were Dauids euill deeds chapter 11 A. He brought the the Arke in a new cart when it should haue beene borne on the Leuites shoulders he committed adulterie with Bethsheba and caused Vriah her husband to bee slaine and caused the people to be numbred chap. 24. Q. How was he plagued for carrying the arke in a cart A. The oxen stumbled the arke shooke Vzzah put vp his hand and was striken dead Q. How for his adulterie A. chapter 13 The child conceiued in adulterie died chapter 15 Amnon defiled Tamar chapter 17 Absalon slue Amnon and lay with his fathers concubines lastly Sheba rebelled chap. 20. Q. What became of Absolon A. He was hanged on an oake by the haire of the head and slaine by Ioab chap. 18. Q. How did the Lord plague him for numbring the people A. God sent a plague for 3. daies whereof died feauentie thousand men chap. 44. Q. How was the plague ceased A. Dauid repenting praying God bad the Augell hold his hand Q. What did Dauid then A. He builded an altar and offered sacrifice vnto the Lord chap. 24. Q. What Prophets were in Dauids time A. Nathan and Gad. Q. Who were high Priests A. A biathar and Zadock Q. Who was Scribe A. Shuah Q. Who was Recorder A. Iehoshaphat Q. Who was ouer the tribute A. Adoram Q. Who was captaine ouer the Cherethites and Perezites A. Benaiah Q. How long raigned Dauid ouer Israel A. Seauen yeares in Hebron 33. yeares ouer all Israel in all 40. yeares Lib. 2. Sam finis KINGS Q. What call you the next booke to Samuel A. Kings Q. How many bookes of Kings are there A. Two Q. How many things are principally to be considered in these two bookes A. Two the rest of the kingdome of Israel before the diuision and after the diuision Q. How many kings were there before the kingdom was diuided A. Three Saul Dauid and Salomon Q. How many of these were mentioned in the first booke A. Two Dauid Salomon Q. What is recorded of Dauid in this booke A. He caused his sonne Salomon to be annointed King the charge that he gaue him at his death Q. What notable things are recorded of Salomon A. He flew Adoniah Ioab and Shemei chapter 1 He prayed for wifedome and obtained it chapter 5 He prepareth for the building of the Temple chapter 7 He builded the Temple in 7. yeares Hee receiued the Queene of Sheba very honorably 1. King 10. Q. What were his sinnes A. Idolatrie and adulterie 1. king 11. Q. How was he punished A. The Lord stirred vp enemies against him Hadad Rezin and Ieroboam chap. 11. Q. How long raigned Salomon A. Fourtie yeares 1. kin 11. Q. Who succeeded him A. Rehoboam 12. chap. Q. How old was Salomon when he begate Rehoboam A. Eleuen yeares for Rehoboam was 40. yeares old when he beganne to raigne 1. King 24. Salomon was 52. yeares olde when he died Hee was but 12. yeares old when he began to raigne 1. King 2. and he raigned onely 40. yeares 1. King 11. Q. What became of the kingdome after the death of Salomon A. It was deuided Q. Why A. Because of Salomons finnes Q. What call you the two kingdomes A. Israel and Iudah Q. How many tribes were in the kingdome of Iudah A. Two Iudah Beniamin Q. How many were in the kingdome of Israel A. Ten Reuben Simeon Issachar Zebulon Dan Gad Asher Neptali Ephraim and Manasses Q. How many kings A. Twentie Rehoboam Abiam Asa Iehosaphat Iehoram Ahasiah Athaliah Ioab Amasiah Azariah Iothan Ahaz Hezekiah Manasses Amon Iosiah Iehoahaz Iehoiakim Iehoiakin Zedekiah Q How many things must we consider in the historie of euery one of these kings A. Two their acts of Peace and their acts of warre Q. How many things must we consider in their acts of peace A. Two what they did for religion and what for the common wealth Q. Who was the first king