For those who value some additional insight on the backdrop to Linguistic DNA’s work, this page is intended as a resource list.  It includes posts from members of the project team on external websites, as well as sign-posting reading from other key thinkers across a range of networks and facilitating researchers in locating useful information elsewhere on the web.  We expect the list to grow as we stumble upon other suitable items for inclusion.


Michael Pidd on Imprisoning our data: the problem with open data in the humanities

Laura Mandell and Elizabeth Grumbach on The Business of Digital Humanities: Capitalism and Enlightenment

Heather Froehlich on Ways of accessing EEBO (including EEBO-TCP)

Michael Pidd on Re-using bad data in the humanities

Susan Fitzmaurice et al, Linguistic DNA: investigating conceptual change in early modern English discourse (open access journal article).

Iona Hine on Tools for EEBO-TCP & the challenge of reproducibility.