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A66601 A seasonable question, in a sermon on Joshua 5.13 preacht on the 18th of June at Kingsnoth ... and on the 27th of July at St. Peters Cornhill, London, by Timothy Wilson ... Wilson, Timothy, 1642-1705. 1690 (1690) Wing W2951; ESTC R38145 11,705 37

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oppressed them and Exod. 3.8 He came down and delivered them out of the Hand of the Egyptians and resolved to bring them up out of that Land unto a good Land and a large unto a Land flowing with Milk and Honey unto the place of the Canaanites c. That is the third Character 4. They defended themselves against their Oppressors The Israelites War was plainly defensive against Pharaoh King of Egypt though he pleaded that they had been his Subjects with the prescription of above four hundred years As soon as Gods time for Deliverance came Moses and the Elders of Israel went to the King of Egypt Exod. 3.18 and demanded leave to sacrifice to the God of Israel They would have Freedom of Religion and Liberty to serve God and live no longer under the oppression of Pharaoh This provoked Pharaoh to wrath and made him Blaspheme the God of Israel Who is the Lord that I should obey his voice to let Israel go I know not the Lord neither will I let Israel go Exod. 5.2 And instead of easing their Grievances he imposed more heavy Burthens requiring Brick and not allowing Straw and punished them for not performing what was impossible to be done They make their complaint as of a thing unreasonable and against the Law of Nature but they could have no redress for Pharaoh was resolved to oppress and suppress them if he could He calls all their pretences but idleness and to Sacrifice to the Lord was but the effect of their laziness Thus are wicked Oppressors whom God hath determined to destroy deaf to all complaints though never so just and reasonable That is the fourth Character 5. They had Gods promise for deliverance and believed in him Gods Promise they had Exod. 6.3 c. where you may see a full and plain Promise of God to deliver Israel to bless them and to settle them in Canaan the Promised Land It is true many of the Children of Israel had not Faith to believe this they hearkened not to Moses for anguish of Spirit and for cruel Bondage v. 9. But no doubt most of the Israelites adhered to Moses in this cause and had Faith to believe that God would perform his Promise and the most unbelieving when they saw Gods mighty Works were forced to confess that the God of Israel was most powerful That is the fifth and last Character 2. I shall consider who our Adversaries are The Adversaries of Joshua and the Israelites were divers people of Canann all Heathens and Idolaters a corrupt Generation whose iniquities were full wicked and prophane and God had decreed to destroy them 1. They were Idolaters 2. They were guilty of heinous Sins 3. They were appointed by God to utter Ruin and Destruction for their Sins 1. The Adversaries were Idolaters they forsook the true God Creator and Possessor of Heaven and Earth and Worshipped Idols the Work of their own Hands They changed the Glory of the uncorruptible God into an Image made like to corruptible Man and changed the Truth of God into a Lie and Worshipped and Served the Creature more than the Creator who is blessed for ever Amen as St. Paul speaks Rom 1.23 25. Hence God forbids his people Israel making Images Levit. 26.1 and nothing provoked the Lord to anger more than when his people Israel revolted to Idolatry either that of the Egyptians or that of the Moabites As for that of the Egyptians we read Exod. 32. that God was incensed by the Worshippers of the Golden Calf the Egyptian Idol and threatned to consume them had not Moses interceeded and prayed earnestly As for that of the Moabites we read Numb 25. that the anger of the Lord was kindled against Israel because they Sacrificed and Bowed down to their Gods God sent a Plague among them in which died four and twenty thousand because they joined themselves to Baal Peor which some say was the Beastly Heathenish God Priapus a most lewd and abominable Idol abhorred by the very Heathens who had any sense of Goodness or sparks of Vertue and Morality left 2. They were guilty of heinous Sins Besides their Idolatry Prophaneness Superstition false Worship blasphemy and the like Sins directly against God and the Duties of the first Table of the Decalogue they abounded with notorious Vices forbidden in the second Table and directly against their Neighbour They stand accused of all Unrighteousness Malice Drunkenness Murder and especially of Whoredom and all manner of Uncleanness even Sodomy it self not excepted They were sinful yea a people laden with iniquity and a Seed of evil doers who sinned against Natural Light and Knowledge But I shall not descant on particulars at this time 3. The Adversaries were appointed by God to utter Ruin and Destruction for their sins Their iniquities were full and God had fully resolved to root them out Thus we read Levit. 18.25 The Land is defiled i.e. by lewdness and wickedness therefore I do visit the iniquity thereof upon it and the Land it self vomits out her Inhabitants Heinous sins defile a Land and as it is at the 28 th verse make a Land spew out the Inhabitants so Levit. 20.22 the same phrase is used and ver 23. God says that he abhors them for their most grievous wickedness Great Sins bring great Plagues and Temporal as well as Eternal Judgments on a Nation It is true God promised Abraham to make a Nation of him that Kings should come out of him Gen. 17.6 and to establish his Covenant with him and his Seed after him in their Generations and to give them all the Land of Canaan for an Everlasting Possession but they were to be Pilgrims and go down into Egypt for four hundred and thirty years till the iniquities of the Amorites were full For Gods Promises and his Judgments are all conditional God destroys not innocent Creatures If the Canaanites had not done evil in his sight and lived in all manner of prophaneness and wickedness they should not have been destroyed If England reforms their evil ways they shall be saved For God decrees misery only to the Impenitent I shall give you the Reasons why all good Men should be for us which is the third particular in the Method propounded The Reasons may be taken 1. From our selves 2. From the Cause it self 3. From God himself 4. From the Examples of the most wise and devout Protestants whom we follow 1. From our selves We desire to live in all good Conscience towards God and Men We desire nothing but what Laws and Liberties our Forefathers left us We invaded no Mans right but studied to live quietly and do our own business Our Actions were good and lawful but our Enemies triumphed and without Law or Reason sought our ruin Our present Sufferings were great and we were threatened with greater and all this without our desert or offence We were enslaved by Jesuits evil councellors and Unreasonable Men. Our Liberties or Religion our Estates were almost gone we scarce
with God and his Servants 4. From the Example of the most wise and devout Protestants whom we follow We imitate the Glorious Company of the Saints and Martyrs ever since the Reformation They all Zealously contended and some even unto death for the same Truth and Cause that we now contend against the Innovations Tyranny and Usurpations of the Pope and all his detestable Adherents Luther Melancthon Bucer Calvin Zuinglius and thousands of our Brethren beyond the Seas in Germany Switzerland Denmark Holland c. And in England the Right Reverend Bishops Cranmer Ridley Hooper and other Ministers of Christ as Mr. Rogers Mr. Bradford Mr. Philpot and many more laid down their Lives for this Truth and were Burnt at the Stake Are you for these Men or are you for their Adversaries Let no Man or true Protestant delude himself for they who Burnt our Forefathers at the Stake as Hereticks will do so to us likewise if they had as much power It is not want of will but want of power I hope all sound Protestants will be wise in this their day and know the things that belong to their Peace before they be hid from their Eyes And blessed be God the most wise Men in Church and State foresee this I am not Zealous about Opinions for the most Learned and Holy Men will differ as long as the World remains but the Truths that I speak of are such as have been Sealed with the Blood of Martyrs have been justified by the most Learned Pens and Disputes of all the Worthies of this Kingdom without interruption for above an hundred and twenty years but of late by a Cunning Ambitious and Corrupt Party we had almost been Cheated of them even of those Truths which ought to be dearer than our Lives Blessed be God who hath given a turn as one speaks and made a stop of their proceedings who were gone as far as Rome Gates in a declining way These were the Doctrines and Practices of the Church of England in its first Reformation 4. I shall consider why all good Men should be against our Adversaries 1. Because they are against the Truth 2. Because they are Oppressors 3. Because they are Enemies to Gods Glory 4. Because they are cruel to Gods people and his Saints 1. Because they are against the Truth The Adversaries of Joshua and the Children of Israel were Heathenish Idolaters as I have shewed they hated the true Worshippers of God yea they were so Barbarous as to suffer their Children to pass through the Fire to Moloch Levit. 18.21 and to prophane the Name of God Moloch was the chief and greatest Idol the God of the Ammonites Some say it was the Heathen Saturn to whom only almost among the Gods they Sacrificed Humane Victims as I find in the Author of the Synopsis Others conjecture otherwise that it was Jupiter or Priapus or Mercurius or Mars whatever it was it is no great matter it was Devil-worship and made the Heathens abhorred and punished by God 2. Because they are Oppressors God saw the Oppression of Israel wherewith the Egyptians oppressed them Exod. 3.9 and he delivered them In all their Affliction he was Afflicted and the Angel of his presence saved them God bates Oppression and will punish all that oppress his People Jer. 30.20 He reproves them that oppress the poor and crush the needy Amos 4.1 He denounces woes against them that covet Fields and take them by Violence and Houses and take them away So they oppress a Man and his House even a Man and his Heritage saith the Prophet Mic. 2.2 and God hath promised that he will be a refuge for the oppressed a refuge in time of trouble Psal 9.9 This is enough to make all oppressours tremble 3. Because they are Enemies to Gods Glory And God will not give his Glory to another nor his Praise to Graven Images Isa 42.8 4. Because they are cruel to Gods People and the Saints Idolaters hate the true Worshipers of God and would root them out of the Earth Their Enemies conspired that the name of Israel might be no more remembred upon Earth first the Egyptians then the Canaanites then the Babylonians would have utterly destroyed them Yea the Children of Edom said of Jerusalem Rase it rase it even to the Foundation thereof Psal 137.7 or Down with it down with it even to the Ground as one translation reads See the desolation of Jerusalem and the cruelty of their Enemies Psal 79.1 c. Thus I have finished the several things proposed for the illustration and exemplification of the Text. Let us conclude with Application The Lesson shall be of Exhortation My Brethren let us be exhorted to take part with God and his true Church against the Synagogue of Satan and his Followers The Text supposes that you must be for us or for our Adversaries Ye must be for Protestants or for Papists for the Ark or for Dagon for God or for Baal for Israelites or for Canaanites for the English or for the Irish and French Therefore do like Wise Men and Good Christians Make a Parallel and compare us and our Adversaries the Protestants and the Papists and choose that side which agrees best with Reason and Scripture the Word of God The Papists teach us to deny our senses and tell us that Bread is turned into a God tho' we see it and taste it to be Bread after the Priest hath said the words This is my Body they Worship it and then Eat it A piece of service that the very Heathens abhorred to Eat the God whom they Worship They teach us to Worship Images and pray to Saints deceased and a multitude of Fopperies of which I make no question you have often heard On the other side the Protestants own all these Sense Reason Revelation to have evidence in their own Sphere not renouncing their Senses nor their Reason tho' they have Faith in God and believe all Divine Revelations Solon as I have read would have all Neuters in a Common-wealth branded with perpetual Infamy and the reason is Neutrality neither helps a Friend nor hinders an Enemy And it was an heinous Crime in the Church of Laodicea to be neither Hot nor Cold but Luke warm for which God threatens to Spew them out of his Mouth Rev. 3.16 In short either the Protestant Religion which we profess against the Papists is the Truth or not If it be the Truth then the Scripture says Buy the Truth and sell it not Prov. 23.23 We cannot give too dear for these Truths The Holy Ghost complains none pleadeth for the Truth Isa 59.4 The Scriptures command us to love the Truth and Peace Zech. 8.19 In order Truth is first And Saint Jude v. 3. exhorts us earnestly to contend for the Faith which was once delivered to the Saints But especially we abhor 1. The Popish Idolatry 2. Their breach of Promise 3. Their Persecution and Cruelty As for their Idolatry in Worshiping their Consecrated Host