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A60665 The wisdom of the earthly wife confounded, or, A manifestation of the spirits of some envious professors who are ready to prefer the hireling priests works of darkness, whose works are against the revelation and coming of Christ in spirit, as their fore-fathers works of cruelty and murder were against him in the dayes of his flesh, as may be seen at large in the scriptures of truth ... this was chiefly occasioned by some nonconformists promoting the works of darkness of a conformist (or chief priest of Warsick-shire, called, Thomas Willson, in his book, ... who slanderously charges the people called Quakers to be false interpreters of the Holy Scriptures) wherein is something of answer to such as have any true tenderness left in them, and would receive the truth if they knew it, but its like to the hard-hearted, stubborn and rebellious (like those, Matth. 27.25. who said, his blood be upon us and upon our children) it will be foolishness, as is the preaching of the cross to them that perish ... / by William Smith. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1679 (1679) Wing S4345; ESTC R9981 10,614 16

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visitation_n to_o all_o mankind_n and_o that_o by_o his_o secret_a reproof_n at_o time_n in_o their_o conscience_n for_o self-righteousness_n as_o well_o as_o their_o other_o ungodliness_n that_o they_o may_v turn_v to_o his_o grace_n which_o have_v appear_v to_o all_o man_n light_a or_o witness_v within_o they_o and_o live_v and_o all_o you_o confuse_a builder_n of_o babel_n with_o your_o many_o lo_o here_o be_v and_o lo_n there_o be_v you_o have_v reject_v the_o head_n or_o chief_a cornerstone_n and_o true_a foundation_n and_o if_o you_o will_v be_v true_o wise_a that_o you_o may_v know_v he_o you_o must_v first_o become_v fool_n that_o you_o may_v be_v wise_a and_o then_o you_o will_v throw_v down_o and_o lay_v waste_v all_o your_o lofty_a building_n of_o self_n righteousness_n and_o dig_v deep_o than_o ever_o you_o have_v do_v yet_o to_o the_o true_a rock_n and_o foundation_n and_o whoso_o bui'd_n true_o thereupon_o shall_v be_v safe_a but_o all_o you_o talkative_a letterwise_a people_n and_o professor_n of_o all_o sort_n that_o have_v no_o other_o ru'e_v to_o try_v spirit_n and_o doctrine_n but_o the_o scripture_n in_o your_o natural_a carnal_a reason_n and_o fall_v degenerate_v wisdom_n though_o you_o neither_o know_v they_o nor_o the_o power_n of_o god_n but_o be_v put_v darkness_n for_o light_n and_o light_n for_o darkness_n justify_v the_o wicked_a and_o condemn_v the_o righteous_a as_o do_v they_o who_o step_n you_o follow_v what!_o do_v you_o never_o read_v or_o take_v notice_n of_o the_o fruit_n of_o try_v spirit_n and_o doctrine_n by_o the_o scripture_n in_o their_o carnal_a reason_n &_o degenerate_a wisdom_n be_v out_o of_o the_o spirit_n which_o give_v a_o right_a understanding_n of_o they_o be_v it_o not_o to_o condemn_v the_o saviour_n of_o the_o world_n and_o his_o bless_a follower_n to_o death_n oh_o outside_o literal_a professor_n of_o this_o generation_n take_v heed_n you_o be_v not_o find_v spiritual_o in_o the_o same_o step_n the_o holy_a scripture_n we_o more_o dear_o &_o true_o own_o in_o their_o place_n than_o you_o do_v and_o do_v esteem_v they_o above_o all_o other_o outward_a write_n because_o of_o the_o great_a plenty_n and_o variety_n of_o sweet_a sound_a heavenly_a say_n utter_v by_o god_n in_o and_o through_o christ_n jesus_n who_o be_v fill_v with_o the_o spirit_n without_o measure_n and_o anoint_v with_o the_o oil_n of_o gladness_n above_o his_o fellow_n as_o it_o be_v write_v of_o he_o and_o also_o utter_v through_o moses_n and_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o holy_a prophet_n &_o apostle_n but_o we_o can_v set_v they_o above_o the_o spirit_n we_o say_v they_o be_v a_o testimony_n or_o declaration_n of_o what_o the_o primitive_a saint_n be_v make_v live_v witness_n of_o by_o the_o work_n of_o the_o mighty_a power_n of_o god_n in_o they_o whereby_o they_o come_v to_o put_v off_o the_o old_a man_n with_o his_o deed_n and_o put_v no_o that_o new_a man_n christ_n jesus_n which_o be_v after_o god_n create_v in_o righteousness_n and_o true_a holiness_n in_o who_o only_a be_v and_o be_v the_o perfection_n of_o saint_n and_o without_o witness_v of_o more_o or_o less_o of_o this_o spirit_n that_o wrought_v in_o they_o that_o give_v forth_o the_o scripture_n there_o be_v no_o save_v benefit_n nor_o comfort_n to_o be_v have_v from_o they_o for_o they_o viz._n the_o scripture_n do_v answer_v to_o the_o witness_n of_o god_n or_o light_n within_o people_n and_o they_o be_v give_v forth_o to_o be_v read_v and_o believe_v and_o only_o can_v be_v right_o understand_v in_o a_o measure_n of_o the_o same_o spirit_n that_o give_v they_o forth_o and_o they_o testify_v how_o where_o and_o by_o what_o mean_v people_n may_v attain_v to_o that_o infallible_a spirit_n that_o always_o be_v &_o be_v the_o saint_n chief_a rule_n guide_n &_o leader_n who_o lead_v in_o the_o same_o path_n they_o be_v in_o that_o give_v they_o forth_o and_o these_o only_o be_v the_o true_o learn_v that_o can_v read_v they_o without_o wrest_v and_o to_o such_o they_o be_v profitable_a for_o doctrine_n for_o reproof_n etc._n etc._n but_o they_o be_v not_o give_v forth_o to_o be_v set_v above_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n they_o be_v not_o give_v forth_o to_o be_v wrest_v by_o covetous_a carnal-minded_n man_n to_o uphold_v their_o carnal_a sect_n opinion_n judgement_n and_o religion_n to_o war_n against_o the_o true_a spiritual_a worshipper_n who_o the_o father_n seek_v to_o worship_v he_o in_o the_o spirit_n &_o in_o the_o truth_n and_o inasmuch_o as_o the_o invisible_a wise_a god_n creator_n of_o all_o thing_n be_v to_o be_v honour_v and_o esteem_v above_o any_o visible_a create_a thing_n so_o be_v his_o holy_a invisible_a spirit_n to_o be_v honour_v and_o esteem_v above_o the_o scripture_n be_v not_o all_o holy_a declaration_n make_v by_o the_o holy_a spirit_n of_o truth_n and_o who_o dare_v say_v that_o the_o maker_n be_v not_o great_a and_o more_o to_o be_v look_v at_o and_o esteem_v than_o the_o thing_n make_v how_o now_o porfessor_n that_o in_o your_o natural_a reason_n set_v yourselves_o as_o judge_n both_o of_o scripture_n and_o the_o spirit_n that_o give_v they_o forth_o and_o in_o set_v the_o scripture_n above_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n your_o darkness_n be_v large_o manifest_a and_o may_v you_o not_o be_v just_o compare_v to_o those_o that_o build_v the_o tomb_n of_o the_o prophet_n and_o garnish_v the_o sepulcher_n of_o the_o righteous_a and_o be_v the_o child_n of_o they_o that_o kill_v they_o the_o scripture_n say_v believe_v not_o every_o spirit_n but_o try_v the_o spirit_n whether_o they_o be_v of_o god_n because_o many_o false_a prophet_n be_v go_v out_o into_o the_o world_n 1_o john_n 4._o 1._o i_o say_v the_o infallible_a spirit_n of_o god_n must_v try_v all_o spirit_n and_o without_o that_o none_o can_v try_v they_o come_v professor_n what_o say_v you_o have_v you_o that_o infallible_a spirit_n to_o try_v the_o fallible_a with_o if_o you_o say_v nay_o but_o we_o have_v the_o scripture_n to_o try_v they_o by_o i_o never_o yet_o hear_v any_o of_o you_o say_v otherwise_o i_o hope_v you_o will_v not_o deny_v but_o that_o the_o spirit_n of_o christ_n be_v infallible_a and_o the_o scripture_n say_v he_o that_o have_v not_o the_o spirit_n of_o christ_n be_v none_o of_o he_o rom._n 8._o 9_o and_o he_o that_o be_v spiritual_a judge_v all_o thing_n 1_o cor._n 2._o 15._o so_o you_o fallible-spirited_n natural_a man_n what_o have_v you_o to_o do_v with_o the_o scripture_n you_o be_v the_o unlearned_a man_n who_o have_v not_o learn_v of_o christ_n you_o do_v but_o wrest_v they_o to_o your_o own_o destruction_n because_o you_o have_v no_o true_a judgement_n in_o your_o go_n and_o make_v to_o yourselves_o crooked_a path_n lo_o here_o lo_o there_o and_o in_o your_o own_o private_a spirit_n give_v your_o corrupt_a meaning_n to_o the_o scripture_n &_o oppose_v the_o spirit_n that_o give_v they_o forth_o the_o apostle_n say_v he_o that_o keep_v his_o commandment_n dwell_v in_o he_o and_o he_o in_o he_o and_o hereby_o we_o know_v that_o he_o dwell_v in_o we_o by_o the_o spirit_n which_o he_o have_v give_v we_o 1_o john_n 3._o 24._o the_o lord_n god_n say_v by_o the_o true_a prophet_n concern_v the_o false_a woe_n unto_o the_o foolish-prophet_n who_o follow_v their_o own_o spirit_n and_o have_v see_v nothing_o ezek._n 13._o 3._o and_o these_o be_v the_o true_a confessor_n of_o christ_n come_v in_o the_o flesh_n and_o in_o the_o spirit_n whatever_o fallible-spirited_n man_n that_o be_v rend_n and_o wrest_v the_o scripture_n may_v judge_v of_o they_o and_o whereas_o some_o envious_a dark_a spirit_n see_v their_o glory_v in_o their_o literal_a knowledge_n so_o hard_o beset_v may_v suggest_v that_o i_o design_v to_o possess_v people_n against_o or_o will_v beget_v they_o into_o a_o low_a esteem_n of_o the_o scripture_n god_n know_v if_o any_o such_o there_o be_v they_o great_o wrong_v themselves_o and_o i_o and_o all_o those_o who_o believe_v their_o false_a suggestion_n for_o my_o only_a end_n be_v that_o people_n may_v be_v possess_v with_o the_o spirit_n of_o truth_n that_o lead_v into_o all_o truth_n and_o teach_v the_o true_a knowledge_n of_o scripture_n and_o to_o set_v they_o in_o their_o place_n and_o not_o to_o be_v ever_o learn_v and_o never_o able_a to_o come_v to_o the_o knowledge_n of_o the_o truth_n so_o that_o you_o all_o may_v come_v to_o christ_n and_o learn_v of_o he_o that_o you_o may_v have_v life_n be_v the_o desire_n of_o your_o friend_n write_v in_o the_o 10_o month_n from_o market-harborough_n 1678._o william_n smith_n postscript_n have_v consider_v that_o some_o dark_a spirit_n like_o this_o priest_n may_v take_v occasion_n at_o my_o so_o much_o judge_v his_o work_n to_o be_v work_n of_o darkness_n without_o any_o
the_o wisdom_n of_o the_o earthly_a wise_a confound_v or_o a_o manifestation_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o some_o envious_a professor_n who_o be_v ready_a to_o prefer_v the_o hireling_n priest_n work_v of_o darkness_n who_o work_n be_v against_o the_o revelation_n and_o come_v of_o christ_n in_o spirit_n as_o their_o forefather_n work_v of_o cruelty_n and_o murder_n be_v against_o he_o in_o the_o day_n of_o his_o flesh_n as_o may_v be_v see_v at_o large_a in_o the_o scripture_n of_o truth_n this_o be_v chief_o occasion_v by_o some_o nonconformist_n promote_a the_o work_n of_o darkness_n of_o a_o conformist_n or_o chief_a priest_n of_o warwickeshire_n call_v thomas_n willson_n in_o his_o book_n who_o slanderous_o charge_v the_o people_n call_v quaker_n to_o be_v false_a interpreter_n of_o the_o holy_a scripture_n wherein_o be_v something_o of_o answer_n to_o such_o as_o have_v any_o true_a tenderness_n leave_v in_o they_o and_o will_v receive_v the_o truth_n if_o they_o know_v it_o but_o its_o like_a to_o the_o hard-hearted_a stubborn_a and_o rebellious_a like_o those_o matth._n 27._o 25._o who_o say_v his_o blood_n be_v upon_o we_o and_o upon_o our_o child_n it_o will_v be_v foolishness_n as_o be_v the_o preach_v of_o the_o cross_n to_o they_o that_o perish_v by_o william_n smith_z print_a in_o the_o year_n 1679._o the_o wisdom_n of_o the_o earthly_a wise_a confound_v etc._n etc._n we_o who_o the_o heavenly_a dayspring_n of_o god_n from_o on_o high_a have_v visit_v who_o be_v once_o in_o darkness_n and_o the_o shadow_n of_o death_n as_o well_o as_o other_o i_o say_v we_o do_v not_o marvel_v to_o see_v the_o literal_a outside_o professor_n of_o this_o generation_n of_o all_o sort_n and_o persuasion_n out_o of_o the_o truth_n as_o well_o as_o chief-priest_n the_o old_a enemy_n of_o christ_n though_o they_o so_o much_o differ_v and_o disagree_v among_o themselves_o how_o ready_o they_o be_v to_o join_v hand_n in_o hand_n against_o the_o lord_n and_o his_o bless_a heritage_n who_o he_o have_v bless_v and_o will_v bless_v above_o all_o the_o family_n of_o the_o earth_n yea_o how_o ready_a be_v you_o to_o catch_v up_o and_o embrace_v any_o piece_n of_o darkness_n and_o confusion_n that_o arise_v out_o of_o the_o bottomless_a pit_n of_o the_o deceive_v envious_a and_o babylonish_n heart_n of_o such_o as_o hate_v the_o witness_n or_o light_n of_o christ_n in_o their_o own_o conscience_n and_o also_o envy_v such_o who_o by_o believe_v in_o the_o light_n of_o christ_n within_o be_v witness_n of_o his_o spiritual_a appearance_n so_o all_o you_o malicious_a papist_n chief-priest_n presbyterian_o independent_o and_o baptist_n of_o all_o sort_n etc._n etc._n that_o do_v not_o believe_v in_o christ_n the_o true_a light_n who_o light_v every_o one_o that_o come_v into_o the_o world_n according_a to_o john_n 1._o 9_o &_o 8._o 12._o &_o 9_o 5._o be_v all_o wrong_n in_o the_o ground_n and_o you_o be_v all_o against_o we_o and_o we_o be_v against_o you_o all_o till_o you_o come_v out_o of_o deceit_n envy_n and_o unbelief_n we_o know_v your_o spirit_n will_v concur_v against_o we_o as_o do_v your_o progenitor_n the_o chief-priest_n the_o hard-hearted_a jew_n scribe_n pharisee_n saducee_n etc._n etc._n against_o christ_n and_o his_o follower_n in_o the_o day_n of_o his_o come_v in_o the_o flesh_n who_o as_o christ_n tell_v they_o they_o do_v err_v not_o know_v the_o scripture_n nor_o the_o power_n of_o god_n mat._n 22._o 29._o and_o even_o so_o do_v you_o who_o will_v not_o abide_v his_o spiritual_a appearance_n in_o yourselves_o nor_o in_o such_o as_o be_v witness_n of_o it_o so_o in_o this_o state_n you_o be_v all_o from_o the_o high_a to_o the_o low_a of_o all_o sort_n both_o priest_n teacher_n and_o people_n far_o from_o the_o true_a interpretation_n of_o holy_a scripture_n and_o if_o ever_o you_o come_v true_o to_o it_o you_o must_v come_v down_o from_o climb_v up_o another_o way_n to_o christ_n the_o door_n and_o light_n of_o the_o world_n who_o light_v every_o man_n that_o come_v into_o the_o world_n and_o also_o if_o you_o will_v be_v true_a follower_n of_o he_o that_o you_o may_v have_v life_n and_o treasure_n in_o heaven_n you_o must_v with_o the_o young_a man_n matth._n 19_o which_o i_o believe_v will_v be_v as_o hard_o for_o many_o of_o you_o rich_a one_o in_o your_o natural_a wisdom_n as_o for_o he_o sell_v all_o your_o great_a possession_n of_o that_o wisdom_n which_o be_v from_o below_o which_o be_v earthly_a sensual_a and_o devilish_a in_o which_o you_o have_v give_v false_a interpretation_n upon_o the_o holy_a scripture_n and_o thereby_o woeful_o wrest_v they_o to_o justify_v or_o indulge_v yourselves_o in_o a_o continuance_n in_o sin_n to_o the_o end_n of_o your_o day_n the_o wage_n of_o which_o be_v death_n as_o faith_n the_o apostle_n but_o the_o spirit_n give_v life_n and_o lead_v to_o true_a interpretation_n of_o holy_a scripture_n though_o contrary_a to_o your_o natural_a dark_a conception_n and_o imagination_n the_o natural_a man_n receive_v not_o the_o thing_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n they_o be_v foolishness_n unto_o he_o neither_o can_v he_o know_v they_o because_o they_o be_v spiritual_o discern_v see_v 1_o cor._n 2._o now_o i_o will_v have_v all_o you_o outside_o literal_a imitater_n of_o all_o sort_n that_o be_v not_o too_o high_a &_o too_o swell_v with_o your_o vain_a notion_n and_o imagination_n to_o lay_v they_o by_o a_o while_n and_o consider_v serious_o since_o there_o be_v but_o one_o ●ay_n to_o god_n and_o one_o truth_n one_o lord_n one_o faith_n one_o baptism_n which_o be_v spiritual_a and_o only_o know_v to_o the_o true_a spiritual_a worshipper_n mark_v one_o god_n and_o father_n of_o all_o who_o be_v above_o all_o and_o through_o all_o and_o in_o you_o all_o ephes._n 4._o 5._o and_o a_o mystery_n to_o you_o all_o and_o ever_o will_v be_v while_o stranger_n to_o the_o light_n of_o christ_n within_o which_o will_v give_v a_o right_a understanding_n of_o scripture_n to_o they_o that_o believe_v in_o it_o and_o follow_v it_o and_o will_v lead_v to_o a_o right_a use_n of_o they_o etc._n etc._n but_o how_o many_o way_n worship_n faith_n baptism_n etc._n etc._n be_v there_o among_o you_o every_o one_o cry_v up_o his_o own_o way_n and_o form_n pretend_v to_o the_o scripture_n for_o it_o oh_o what_o distraction_n and_o confusion_n be_v here_o and_o where_o must_v they_o be_v charge_v upon_o the_o scripture_n or_o upon_o you_o with_o your_o many_o lo_o here_o be_v and_o lo_n there_o be_v every_o one_o for_o his_o own_o way_n in_o opposition_n to_o the_o way_n of_o god_n which_o be_v but_o one_o and_o his_o people_n one_o in_o it_o now_o look_v upon_o yourselves_o and_o among_o yourselves_o and_o behold_v the_o fruit_n of_o your_o interpret_n scripture_n be_v it_o not_o to_o make_v the_o world_n or_o people_n like_o a_o wilderness_n lo_o here_o lo_o there_o see_v here_o see_v there_o but_o what_o say_v christ_n believe_v they_o not_o go_v not_o after_o they_o nor_o follow_v they_o for_o behold_v the_o kingdom_n of_o god_n be_v within_o you_o luke_n 17._o 21._o thus_o say_v our_o lord_n christ_n jesus_n and_o we_o have_v believe_v he_o and_o in_o our_o measure_n have_v infallible_o find_v it_o so_o and_o if_o this_o shall_v seem_v strange_a doctrine_n to_o any_o to_o who_o hand_n these_o may_v come_v though_o of_o the_o many_o way_n form_n and_o persuasion_n since_o you_o all_o profess_v the_o scripture_n to_o be_v your_o rule_n i_o will_v know_v how_o you_o interpret_v these_o follow_a scripture_n god_n be_v a_o spirit_n as_o christ_n say_v and_o be_v to_o be_v worship_v in_o the_o spirit_n and_o in_o the_o truth_n god_n be_v light_a and_o in_o he_o there_o be_v no_o darkness_n at_o all_o if_o we_o say_v that_o we_o have_v fellowship_n with_o he_o and_o walk_v in_o darkness_n we_o lie_v and_o do_v not_o the_o truth_n but_o if_o we_o walk_v in_o the_o light_n as_o he_o be_v in_o the_o light_n then_o have_v we_o fellowship_n one_o with_o another_o and_o the_o blood_n of_o jesus_n christ_n his_o son_n cleanse_v we_o from_o all_o sin_n christ_n say_v i_o be_o the_o light_n of_o the_o world_n he_o that_o follow_v i_o shall_v not_o walk_v in_o darkness_n but_o he_o shall_v have_v the_o light_n of_o life_n and_o say_v believe_v in_o the_o light_n that_o you_o may_v be_v the_o child_n of_o the_o light_n the_o grace_n of_o god_n which_o bring_v salvation_n have_v appear_v to_o all_o man_n teach_v we_o that_o deny_v ungodliness_n &_o worldly_a lust_n we_o shall_v live_v godly_a righteous_o etc._n etc._n in_o this_o present_a world_n this_o grace_n appear_v unto_o all_o be_v that_o all_o may_v believe_v therein_o and_o obey_v it_o and_o be_v save_v but_o some_o of_o old_a do_v despite_n
plain_a proof_n make_v thereof_o to_o answer_v my_o present_a business_n at_o this_o time_n be_v not_o so_o much_o to_o concern_v myself_o with_o his_o darkness_n it_o be_v so_o palpable_o gross_a to_o all_o that_o have_v the_o least_o spiritual_a discern_a as_o to_o show_v the_o confusion_n and_o darkness_n of_o such_o professor_n that_o separate_v from_o such_o priest_n as_o not_o own_v they_o to_o be_v minister_n of_o christ_n and_o yet_o in_o envy_n prefer_v and_o promote_v their_o work_n in_o opposition_n to_o the_o truth_n of_o god_n now_o since_o his_o work_n viz._n the_o priest_n seem_v to_o be_v chief_o about_o true_a and_o false_a interpretation_n of_o scripture_n i_o may_v compare_v they_o and_o see_v which_o he_o most_o resemble_v the_o true_a interpreter_n do_v it_o by_o the_o spiritual_a understanding_n receive_v by_o the_o inspiration_n of_o the_o almighty_a the_o false_a interpreter_n do_v it_o by_o natural_a reason_n or_o earthly_a wisdom_n of_o fallen_n degenerate_a man._n i_o may_v touch_v at_o a_o passage_n or_o two_o in_o his_o book_n pass_v by_o many_o such_o like_a with_o the_o ground_n of_o his_o matter_n in_o general_n with_o as_o much_o brevity_n as_o i_o can_v because_o i_o will_v not_o be_v tedious_a to_o the_o reader_n from_o which_o i_o can_v prove_v his_o whole_a heap_n of_o confusion_n and_o darkness_n of_o one_o hundred_o sixty_o and_o six_o page_n to_o be_v found_v upon_o a_o shadow_n and_o down_o must_v it_o tumble_v and_o vanish_v away_o like_a smoke_n before_o the_o wind._n so_o have_v peruse_v his_o tedious_a tautology_n or_o rather_o bundle_n of_o dark_a impertenent_n cavil_v against_o god_n truth_n and_o people_n i_o find_v the_o scope_n and_o drift_n of_o his_o matter_n be_v to_o make_v void_a or_o cry_v down_o as_o now_o cease_v immediate_a revelation_n inspiration_n vision_n and_o the_o truth_n in_o the_o inward_a part_n or_o the_o spiritual_a in-being_a of_o christ_n in_o the_o heart_n and_o soul_n of_o his_o people_n there_o to_o work_v their_o salvation_n all_o which_o be_v still_o continue_a and_o true_o witness_v by_o the_o true_a spiritual_a worshipper_n without_o which_o we_o affirm_v there_o be_v no_o true_a interpretation_n of_o holy_a scripture_n oh_o all_o people_n that_o have_v the_o least_o spiritual_a understanding_n behold_v the_o darkness_n of_o such_o priest_n and_o professor_n where_o there_o be_v no_o revelation_n there_o be_v no_o true_a save_v knowledge_n of_o god_n see_v mat._n 11._o 27._o object_n but_o we_o have_v it_o by_o the_o scripture_n answ._n i_o prove_v by_o the_o scripture_n that_o it_o must_v be_v immediate_a from_o the_o son_n christ_n jesus_n or_o you_o have_v no_o life_n search_v the_o scripture_n for_o in_o they_o you_o think_v you_o have_v eternal_a life_n they_o testify_v of_o i_o but_o you_o will_v not_o come_v unto_o i_o that_o you_o may_v have_v life_n john_n 5._o 39_o see_v page_n 74_o &_o 75._o of_o this_o priest_n book_n we_o say_v he_o like_o honest_a man_n have_v no_o vision_n pretend_v none_o if_o we_o be_v knave_n we_o may_v pretend_v inspiration_n as_o well_o as_o other_o ah_o poor_a blind_a guide_n indeed_o then_o you_o perish_v and_o have_v no_o heavenly_a understanding_n where_o there_o be_v no_o vision_n the_o people_n perish_v prov._n 29._o 18._o there_o be_v a_o spirit_n in_o man_n and_o the_o inspiration_n of_o the_o almighty_a give_v they_o understanding_n job_n 32._o 8._o when_o it_o please_v god_n to_o reveal_v his_o son_n in_o i_o etc._n etc._n gal._n 1._o 15._o i_o be_v not_o disobedient_a to_o the_o heavenly_a vision_n act_v 26._o 19_o i_o will_v come_v to_o vision_n and_o revelation_n of_o the_o lord_n 2_o cor._n 12._o 1._o and_o also_o paul_n pray_v that_o the_o people_n may_v receive_v the_o spirit_n of_o wisdom_n and_o revelation_n what_o be_v paul_n a_o knave_n for_o this_o and_o how_o often_o do_v paul_n say_v be_v you_o follower_n of_o i_o even_o as_o i_o also_o be_o of_o christ_n and_o if_o we_o do_v so_o and_o in_o our_o measure_n witness_v the_o same_o spirit_n of_o wisdom_n revelation_n inspiration_n and_o vision_n must_v we_o therefore_o be_v knave_n for_o that_o oh_o darkness_n who_o be_v so_o blind_a that_o they_o can_v see_v it_o we_o say_v all_o holy_a scripture_n be_v give_v by_o the_o inspiration_n of_o god_n and_o can_v never_o be_v right_o know_v nor_o understand_v but_o by_o the_o inspiration_n of_o the_o almighty_a which_o give_v a_o understanding_n to_o know_v they_o without_o which_o they_o can_v never_o be_v true_o know_v nor_o interpret_v and_o in_o the_o latter_a day_n say_v god_n i_o will_v pour_v out_o my_o spirit_n upon_o all_o flesh_n son_n and_o daughter_n shall_v prophesy_v young_a man_n shall_v see_v vision_n and_o old_a man_n shall_v dream_v dream_n joel_n 2._o 28._o act_n 2._o 17._o many_o more_o scripture_n may_v have_v be_v instance_a as_o full_a and_o pertinent_a to_o this_o purpose_n but_o these_o be_v sufficient_a to_o manifest_a the_o ignorance_n darkness_n and_o blindness_n of_o such_o priest_n and_o professor_n and_o who_o have_v believe_v in_o christ_n as_o a_o light_n within_o they_o know_v he_o to_o be_v the_o same_o to_o his_o people_n yesterday_o to_o day_n and_o forever_o so_o all_o honour_n praise_n and_o thanks_o forever_o be_v give_v to_o he_o who_o have_v hide_v these_o thing_n from_o the_o wise_a and_o prudent_a of_o this_o world_n and_o reveal_v they_o to_o babe_n and_o suckling_n and_o as_o to_o christ_n spiritual_a be_v within_o it_o be_v before_o sufficient_o prove_v but_o i_o perceive_v such_o priest_n and_o professor_n do_v only_o or_o chief_o talk_v of_o christ_n without_o they_o which_o be_v well-pleasing_a to_o the_o devil_n that_o so_o he_o may_v do_v his_o work_n within_o they_o without_o disturbance_n while_o he_o that_o be_v strong_a than_o he_o may_v not_o be_v receive_v to_o cast_v he_o out_o and_o spoil_v his_o work_n and_o such_o minister_n or_o teacher_n of_o what_o sort_n soever_o be_v not_o of_o christ_n but_o of_o anti-christ_n as_o well_o as_o the_o pope_n now_o i_o charge_v all_o or_o any_o one_o of_o the_o blind_a guide_n of_o all_o sort_n in_o the_o whole_a world_n to_o who_o the_o spirit_n of_o true_a wisdom_n revelation_n inspiration_n and_o vision_n be_v cease_v to_o give_v one_o plain_a scripture_n that_o it_o ever_o be_v be_v or_o ever_o will_v be_v cease_v to_o the_o people_n of_o god_n who_o do_v and_o do_v fear_n and_o obey_v he_o while_o upon_o earth_n why_o do_v the_o chief_a priest_n and_o outward_a professor_n of_o the_o letter_n in_o day_n past_o slight_a and_o set_v at_o nought_o christ_n jesus_n in_o his_o outward_a appearance_n to_o they_o because_o he_o reprove_v their_o self-righteousness_n and_o say_v he_o be_v the_o son_n of_o god_n and_o light_n of_o the_o world_n and_o say_v his_o kingdom_n be_v not_o of_o this_o world_n neither_o be_v it_o to_o be_v find_v in_o observation_n where_o they_o be_v seek_v it_o but_o it_o be_v to_o be_v find_v within_o in_o the_o spirit_n so_o make_v clean_o the_o outside_n of_o cup_n and_o platter_n will_v not_o serve_v they_o then_o neither_o will_v it_o now_o and_o why_o do_v the_o chief_a priest_n and_o outward_a professor_n of_o the_o letter_n in_o this_o day_n slight_a and_o reject_v he_o in_o his_o inward_a appearance_n as_o light_v within_o in_o their_o conscience_n because_o he_o condemn_v their_o self-righteousness_n which_o they_o be_v also_o get_v in_o the_o outward_a observation_n and_o many_o of_o they_o see_v that_o if_o they_o shall_v hearken_v or_o lend_v a_o ear_n to_o he_o or_o his_o light_n within_o he_o will_v break_v their_o false_a peace_n and_o bring_v spiritual_a war_n division_n and_o a_o sword_n within_o to_o spoil_v and_o cut_v down_o their_o self-righteousness_n as_o well_o as_o the_o rest_n of_o their_o ungodliness_n and_o that_o which_o will_v not_o that_o he_o shall_v reign_v in_o his_o kingdom_n within_o to_o subject_a man_n and_o woman_n to_o himself_o who_o will_v admit_v of_o no_o righteousness_n but_o his_o own_o and_o therefore_o the_o hypocrite_n and_o formal_a professor_n will_v not_o abide_v he_o but_o love_v the_o darkness_n rather_o than_o light_n and_o in_o their_o darkness_n judge_v his_o light_n within_o to_o be_v a_o spirit_n of_o delusion_n and_o what_o not_o as_o their_o forefather_n do_v of_o old_a yet_o he_o that_o be_v the_o searcher_n of_o heart_n and_o tryer_n of_o reins_o have_v not_o leave_v himself_o without_o a_o witness_n in_o you_o to_o which_o i_o now_o appeal_v what_o any_o of_o you_o from_o the_o high_a to_o the_o low_a know_v more_o by_o your_o long_a profess_v of_o the_o true_a god_n mark_n who_o to_o know_v be_v life_n eternal_a john_n 17._o 3_o than_o you_o do_v at_o your_o first_o beginning_n to_o profess_v he_o o_o friend_n and_o people_n that_o have_v any_o regard_n to_o your_o immortal_a soul_n this_o be_v of_o great_a weight_n for_o you_o all_o deep_o to_o ponder_v and_o let_v god_n witness_v speak_v in_o you_o that_o will_v deal_v plain_o with_o you_o and_o tell_v you_o the_o truth_n and_o since_o the_o life_n of_o man_n and_o woman_n here_o be_v full_a of_o trouble_n short_a and_o uncertain_a attend_v with_o temptation_n oh_o how_o do_v it_o concern_v all_o that_o true_o desire_v a_o better_o and_o more_o durable_a inheritance_n to_o weigh_v &_o consider_v that_o great_a and_o double_a caution_n of_o christ_n &_o his_o apostle_n take_v heed_n that_o no_o man_n deceive_v you_o and_o let_v no_o man_n deceive_v himself_o in_o which_o deceit_n all_o man_n be_v how_o conceit_v and_o confident_a soever_o they_o may_v be_v till_o they_o come_v out_o of_o their_o vain_a and_o dead_a faith_n into_o the_o live_a faith_n in_o god_n &_o christ_n which_o be_v to_o believe_v in_o as_o sufficient_a for_o the_o salvation_n of_o man_n his_o spirit_n grace_n talent_n light_n or_o kingdom_n within_o which_o be_v likeed_o to_o a_o grain_n of_o mustardseed_n indeed_o too_o low_a and_o too_o small_a a_o thing_n for_o the_o lofty_a professor_n of_o this_o generation_n to_o find_v or_o receive_v as_o be_v his_o outward_a appearance_n to_o your_o forefather_n when_o he_o be_v find_v in_o the_o manger_n i_o know_v your_o inn_n be_v take_v up_o with_o other_o guest_n and_o there_o be_v yet_o no_o room_n for_o he_o so_o full_a of_o vain_a imagination_n and_o high_a conceit_n be_v you_o that_o you_o will_v not_o bow_v down_o so_o low_a as_o to_o receive_v &_o own_v he_o as_o a_o reprover_n in_o your_o conscience_n for_o whoso_o do_v come_v to_o have_v their_o understanding_n open_v and_o to_o be_v enlighten_v with_o the_o light_n of_o life_n so_o that_o they_o come_v to_o see_v the_o blind_a guide_n of_o all_o sort_n that_o be_v boast_v in_o other_o man_n line_n of_o thing_n make_v ready_a to_o their_o hand_n and_o how_o they_o strive_v to_o keep_v people_n from_o believe_v in_o this_o heavenly_a principle_n within_o lest_o they_o with_o their_o chargeable_a unprofitable_a preach_v shall_v be_v discover_v and_o their_o run_v unsent_a speak_v of_o themselves_o seek_v their_o own_o glory_n the_o praise_n of_o man_n self-interest_n their_o gain_n from_o their_o quarter_n etc._n etc._n all_o which_o with_o much_o more_o the_o light_n within_o do_v discover_v judge_n and_o condemn_v and_o that_o make_v such_o hireling_n teacher_n of_o all_o sort_n to_o hate_v it_o and_o prejudice_v their_o people_n against_o it_o oh_o people_n of_o all_o sort_n beware_v of_o such_o teacher_n for_o they_o make_v a_o prey_n upon_o you_o &_o deceive_v you_o therefore_o no_o long_o spend_v your_o money_n for_o that_o which_o be_v not_o bread_n nor_o your_o labour_n for_o that_o which_o satisfy_v not_o your_o hungry_a pine_a soul_n but_o come_v home_o to_o your_o teacher_n within_o to_o the_o law_n testimony_n commandment_n or_o light_n within_o you_o which_o make_v david_n wise_a than_o all_o his_o teacher_n and_o so_o it_o will_v you_o if_o you_o can_v receive_v it_o believe_v in_o it_o and_o follow_v it_o w._n s._n the_o end_n