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A30159 Instruction for the ignorant being a salve to cure that great want of knowledg which so much reigns both in young and old / prepared and presented to them in a plain and easie dialogue, fitted to the capacity of the weakest, by John Bunyan. Bunyan, John, 1628-1688. 1675 (1675) Wing B5544; ESTC R36061 26,724 65

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best begin to serve God A. Just now Remember now thy Creator now thou hast the Gospel before thee now thy heart is tender and will be soonest broken Q. But if I follow my play and sports a little longer may I not come time enough A. I cannot promise thee that for there be little Graves in the Church-yard and who can tell but that thy young life is short or if thou dost live perhaps thy day of Grace may be as short as was Ishmael's of old read also Prov. 1.24 25 26. Q. But if I stay a little longer before I turn I may have more wit to serve God than now I have 〈…〉 A. If thou stayest longer thou wilt have more sin and perhaps less wit for the bigger sinner the bigger fool Prov. 1.22 Q. If I serve God sometimes and my sins sometimes how then A. No Man can serve two Masters Thou canst not serve God and thy Sins God saith My Son give me thy heart Also thy Soul and Body are his but the double minded Man is forbidden to think that he shall receive any thing of the Lord Mat. 6.24 Prov. 23.26 1 Cor. 6.20 Jam. 1.7 8. Q. Do you find many such little Children as I am serve God A. Not many yet some I do Samuel served him being a Child when Josias was young he began to seek after the God of his Father David And how kindly did our Lord Jesus take it to see the little Children run tripping before him and crying Hosannah to the Son of David 1 Sam. 3.1 2 Chron. 34.3 Mat. 21.15 16. Q. Then I am not like to have many Companions if I thus young begin to serve God am I A. Strait is the gate and narrow is the way that leadeth unto life and few there be that find it Yet some Companions thou wilt have David counted himself a Companion of all them that love God's Testimonies all the Godly though Gray-headed will be thy Companions yea and thou shalt have either one or more of the Angels of God in Heaven to attend on and minister for thee Mat. 7.13 14. Psal 119.63 Mat. 18.10 Q. But I am like to be slighted and despised by other little Children if I begin already to serve God am I not A. If Children be so rude as to mock the Prophets and Ministers of God no marvel if they also mock thee but it is a poor Heaven that is not worth enduring worse things than to be mocked for the seeking and obtaining of 2 Kings 2.23 24. Q. But how should I serve God I do not know how to worship him A. The true Worshippers worship God in Spirit and Truth Joh. 4.24 Phil. 3.3 Q. What is meant by worshipping him in the Spirit A. To worship him in God's Spirit and in mine own that is to worship him being wrought over in my very heart by the good Spirit of God to an hearty Compliance with his will Rom. 1.9 Chap. 6.17 Psal 101.3 Q. What is it to worship him in truth A. To do all that we do in his Worship according to his Word for his Word is truth and to do it without dissimulation Heb. 8.5 Joh. 17.17 Psal 26.6 Psal 118.19 20. You may take the whole thus Then do you worship God a-right when in heart and life 〈…〉 Q. How must I do to worship him with my spirit and heart A. Thou must first get the good knowledg of him And thou Solomon my Son said David Know thou the God of thy Fathers and serve him with a perfect heart Mind you he first bids know him and then serve him with a perfect heart 1 Chron. 28.9 Q. Is it easie to get a true knowledg of God A. No Thou must cry after Knowledg and lift up thy voice for Understanding If thou seekest for her as Silver and searchest for her as for hid treasure then shalt thou understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledg of God Pro. 2.1 2 3 4 5. Q. How comes it to be so difficult a thing to attain the true Knowledg of God A. By reason of the pride and ignorance that is in us as also by reason of our wicked ways Psal 10.4 Eph. 4 18 19. Tit. 1.16 Q. But do not every one profess they know God A. Yes But their supposed knowledg of him varieth as much as doth their faces or complexions some thinking he is this and some that Q. Will you shew me a little how they vary in their thoughts about him A. Yes Some count him a kind of an heartless God that will neither do evil nor good some count him a kind of an ignorant and blind God that can neither know nor see through the Clouds some again count him an inconsiderable God not worth the injoying if it must not be but with the loss of this World and their Lusts Moreover some think him to be altogether such an one as themselves one that hath as little hatred to sin as themselves and as little love to holiness as themselves Zeph. 1.12 Job 22.12 13. chap. 21.9 10 11 12 13 14 15. Psal 50.21 Q. Are there any more false Opinions of God A. Yes There are three other false opinions of God 1. Some think he is all Mercy and no Justice and that therefore they may live as they list 2. Others think he is all Justice and no Mercy and that therefore they had as good go on in their sins and be damned as turn and be never the better 3. Others think he is both Justice and Mercy but yet think also that his Justice is such as they can pacifie with their own good works and save themselves with their own right hand Rom. 3.8 Jer. 2.25 Job 40.14 contrary to these Scriptures Hab. 1.13 Isa 45.21 Q. How then shall I know when I have the true Knowledg of God A. When thy Knowledg of him and the holy Scriptures agree Q. The Scriptures do not all false Opinions of him flow from the Scriptures A. No in no wise 't is true Men father their errors upon the Scriptures when indeed they flow from the ignorance of their hearts Ephes 4.18 Q. But how if I do not understand the holy Bible must I then go without the true knowledg of God A. His Name is manifested by his World the Scriptures are they that testifie of him and they are able to make the Man of God perfect in all things and wise unto Salvation through Faith in Jesus Christ John 17.6 7 8. John 5.39 2 Tim. 3.15 16. Q. But what must one that knoweth not God do to get the knowledg of God A. Let him apply his heart unto the Scriptures as unto a light that shineth in a dark place even this World until the day dawn and the day-Star arise in his heart E●● 22.7 chap. 23.12 2 Pet. 1.19 20. Q But how shall I know when I have found by the Scriptures the true knowledg of God A. When thou hast also found the true knowledg of thy self Isa 6.5 Job