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A27126 A faithful testimony and warning concerning the certainty of the great and notable day of the Lord, broken forth in this age after the long night of apostacy, wherein he will accomplish his great and glorious work, determined, of redemption and restauration : with something concerning the sufficency of the grace of God ... : and a few words in reply to such as query, or ask, Whether did you ever hear or read of a people, in all the Scriptures, that were Quakers ... / by William Bayly. Bayly, William, d. 1675. 1672 (1672) Wing B1525; ESTC R13956 19,649 31

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the Gazers and Despisers and VVonderers that perish and the blind Sodomites that cannot find Lot's Door for our Door is Christ Jesus and he is the Truth and the Way to the Father and Kingdom of God which none can see except a man be born again and whoever climbs another Way is a Thief and Robber and will be condemned by him to whom all Judgment is committed which stands at the Door read within for its the foolish Woman that is without And a Witness hath God placed in every mans Conscience according to whose Righteous Judgment he will judge the secrets of all people And this is not another then the Universal Light of the Son of Righteousness Christ Jesus who is come with his Fan in his hand and will throughly purge his Floor and is now setting up his true VVorship again after the Night of Apostacy as he spoke The Hour is coming c. this Hour is now come and the Father is seeking true VVorshippers to worship him in the Spirit and in the Truth which was begun Sixteen Hundred Years ago and these onely are the True VVorshippers John 4.23 24. Though in the Times of Ignorance God is said to VVink the Light closed in or not so manifested but now he calls all men every where who are in Darkness Ignorance and VVickedness to Repent and turn at his Reproofs lest they dye in their sins and so never come to enjoy the Soul's Rest which is prepared for the Obedient of which the outward Sabboth was a Figure as all the other of the Temple-VVorship and Sacrifices and Ceremonies were but Types Figures and Shadows and not the heavenly things themselves no more then the Shadow of a man or an Image drawn of him is the very man himself The Substance or Body is Christ as it is written by whom the VVorld was made though the VVorld knew him not he was in the VVorld before Abraham was or Adam either the VVord of God the Truth the true Bread the true High-Priest Temple and Tabernacle the true Prophet the true VVay and true Rest to the Immortal Soul of which living immortal Substance the Lord God expected and waited to see if the people would perceive something beyond all these Shadows and Figures which made nothing perfect as pertaining to the Conscience but they remaining hardened and in the Blindness of their minds understood not Moses and the Prophets though they had their Writings read every Sabboth day and so not-answering the Mind and Will of God but persevering in Sin and Wickedness and depending on those out-side things commanded and settled on their Lets and Name of Profession the Lord raised up and sent his Servants the Prophets to try against them both Priests Rulers and People as being weary of the multitude of their Sacrifices and Services and their Holy Things became Abominable to him the sacrificing a Lamb as if they cut off a Dog's Neck and Oblations and Incense as if they blessed an Idol and offered Swine's Bleed the Life of a Swine this was their state by reason of their gross Hearts and deaf Ears which were hardened and stopped through the Deceitfulness of sin in which they continued so that none truly seek'd after God but were all out of the Way of Peace and true Attonement gross Darkness covered the People the Ox and Ass-knew their Owner and Master's Crib better then they knew their Maker whose Love and render Care was towards them in visiting them that their souls might live for that was the Cry of his Servants beyond all their Profession and Worship Turn ye turn ye why will ye dye and Perish in your Iniquities for iniquity and sin was their Ruin as God fore-warned them of it For that was the cause of his Anger that was kindled against them and of hiding his Face and with-holding Good Things from them Isa 59.1 And this is the same Partition-Wall at this day among all blind hard-hearted poluted Christendom who are rending and tearing about Shadows and devouring one another about fading perishing Things not minding the Mighty Day of God that is now come and coming wherein your Heavens shall be on Fire and Elements melt with fervent heat for it burns like an Oven and the old Earth and its Works must be burnt up Root and Branch This Work is begun amongst ye though the Blind cannot see who have Eyes and see not and Ears and hear not like the old Jews And now thousands of Rams and Ten Thousand of Rivers of Oyl will do no good as pertaining to the Conscience Nay If I should give the First-born of my Body for the Sin of my Soul it would not be accepted 〈◊〉 it s only the Blood of the Son of God the Life as of 〈◊〉 Lamb without Spot and Blemish that can redeem it out of Transgression and reconcile it unto God who had a Body prepared in the fulness of time to end all the outward Sacrifices under the Law through which the New and Living Way was consecrated through the Vail that is to say his Flesh which Vail all blind Professors and Prophane in Christendom cannot yet see through to this day no more then the blind Jews and blind Guides could see the end of Moses and the Prophets words to the Everlasting Priesthood and Worship in the Spirit and in the Truth within the Vail though they had the Scriptures who cannot see to the Beginning beyond the Visibles to the only wise invisible God before Bread and Water and Wine and Books and Priests Lips that Preach for Money and Hire and Gain from their Quarter which the Prophets saw beyond and cryed against and them that bore rule by their Means which was a filthy and horrible thing And Abraham saw Christ's Day before Moses was born And John the Baptist saw beyond the Water to the Fire and Holy Ghost's plunging to the Christ that was before him and to the Fan in his Hand and preferred before him saying He must Increase but I must Decrease Yet John was born outwardly before him and his Ministry a Fore-runner and Signifier of the Day at hand of through Purging and fanning the Chaff from the Wheat by the unquenchable Fire Hear this ye Professors of Christ Jesus who feed upon Husks Can ye believe this Work is now again begun and that Fire can swallow up Water as in dayes of old and that the Elements shall melt with fervent Heat as was Prophesied of and John Baptist decreasing by degrees till there is no Water left to comfort the Soul but of that sort the man in Hell Torment wanted which the true Believer and Abraham and Lazarus had enough of as Christ said He that believeth in me as the Scripture hath said out of his Belly or inmost parts shall flow a River of Living Water which shall be in him a Well of Water springing up unto Eternal Life And he that eateth my Flesh and drinketh my Blood dwelleth in me and I in him and except
ye eat my Flesh and drink my Blood ye have no Life in you Was not this a hard Saying and many more he had to say to them which they could not bear then nor many cannot bear now though they profess the same in words the Life they are ignorant of that gave them forth which God hath manifested to them that waited for his pure spiritual Appearance and the Day is come where in the true Worship is set up again as I have said after the Apostacy the falling away from the true Life the Power and Spirit of God and from the true Worship in the Spirit and in the Truth as was fore-told by Paul to the Thessalonians 2 2. and seen by John and the Fall of Babylon and Antichrist whom the Lord would consume and destroy by the Brightness of his coming and Babylon should never rise no more at all the great City of Confusion and the Holy City New Jerusalem should come down like a Bride adorned for her Husband which should have no need of the elementary Lights but the Glory of God and the Lamb is the Light thereof if ye have Ears to hear hear And now is Babylon fired at both ends and the Archers are come up against her out of the North Country as Jeremiah saw that should make her desolate chap. 50. whose Bow is bent by the Strength of God and she must fall for strong is the Lord that judgeth her Rocks nor Mountains can't hide her from the Wrath of the Lamb flee whither she can from the Stroke of the Almighty's holy Life that is come forth conquering and to conquer like a Man of War to plead with all flesh by Fire and Sword who is King of kings and Lord of lords whom the Armies in Heaven follow whose Name is call'd the Word of God Him by whom the World was made who hath taught their Hands to War and Fingers to Fight in this Battle of the great God against Principalities and Powers and Spiritual Wickedness in high Places whose Weapons are not Carnal but Spiritual and mighty through God to the pulling down of the Strong Holds of Satan the old Serpent who is King of Babylon Therefore flee out of her for your Lives as Lot out of Sodom for Fire is come down from God that will consume her and he will bring forth his Glorious Work his New Creation which hath been long determin'd and none shall hinder it the Gates of Hell shall not prevail against his VVork now begun in the Earth the Mouth of the Lord hath spoken it ANd now a few words to you in particular that cry out against the Grace of God which hath appeared to all men as Insufficient for Salvation and yet profess the Scriptures to be your Rule that testifieth of the Sufficiency of it as the Lord God said to his Servant Paul in his Trouble and Affliction My Grace is sufficient for thee 2 Cor 12.9 And by Grace are we saved not of our selves it is the Gift of God Eph. 2.8 and God called it his Strength My Strength is made perfect in Weakness Now where did Paul or any other of the Saints in Light leave a Testimony behind them of its Insufficiency Inability or Weakness whose words you that have thus cryed profess to be your Rule Shew me your Rule for this except from the Lyar from the beginning which is your exact Parallel For God said to Adam and his Wife If ye eat of the Tree of Knowledge ye shall surely dye The Serpent said in contradiction Ye shall not surely dye God said to Paul My Grace is sufficient but you have said It is not sufficient like your Father whose work ye do notwithstanding your Profession God calls it His Strength you say Its Weakness and Vnable The Apostle that proved it and knew its effectual Work said It brings Salvation and the engrafted Word was able to save their Souls and they were committed to the Word of his Grace which was able to build them up Mark and to give them an Inheritance among all them which are sanctified Acts 20.32 here ye may read of its Ability And the Spirit of Grace and Supplication was prophesied of to be poured forth and it s the Spirit giveth Life as Christ Jesus said the Flesh prosits nothing So consider these things and see if ye be not in the Opposing and Gainsaying God Christ Jesus and his Apostles like Jannes and Jambres resisting the Truth 2 Tim. 3.8 And let God's Witness in you answer and let all people judge And was not the Fulness which was in Jesus Christ and the Glory John beheld in him Grace and Truth And is not Grace and Truth one Were not they saved by Grace and did not the Truth make them free who received it with Meekness in the love of it Doth not the Scripture testifie these things which you call your Rule or are they false Witnesses that gave them forth consider it well in the Fear of God and in Coolness for that is the beginning of true Wisdom And leave off Lying and learn to speak every one Truth to his Neighbour and do not smite your Fellow-Servants for we profess one God and Christ for Salvation nor eat and drink with the drunken as ye have any more but be sober and watch lest the Lord come upon you unawares and cut you assunder and give you your Portion with Lyars Hypocrites and Persecutors for God is not mocked what you sow shall you reap and this is in true Love to your souls Is not the Grace the Light and the Truth one and is not the Power and Spirit of God one and is not God Light is not the Word the Father and Son one and is not Christ the Light and the Truth and the Life and is not he the Door and the Way to Everlasting Rest is there any Inheritance among the sanctified Ones but by him whose Name is called the Word of God the Alpha and the Omega And if there be a Thousand Names were they not all of one was not the holy Thing in Mary called The Son of God and Immanuel God with us and Jesus for he shall save his People from their Sins Are there not many Names given to the one Saviour or are there any more Saviours of the immortal soul in this case beside this one that can save his People from their sins seeing God who is Light has said Beside me there is no Saviour I know not any Isa 43.11 44.8 Now if you can find out another beside him who is the Word in the beginning you are wiser then the old Serpent made Adam when he beguiled them or else you are Fools and blind in your Imaginations Therefore come to the true Tryal the Light will make you and your Airy Minds Dark Hearts and Vain Thoughts manifest if ye will but bring all to it and teach you to speak and do Truth and to stand in Awe and be still that he may go
before you and lead you in whom there is no occasion of stumbling this was the Saints Walking-place and this Grace of God was their Teacher wherein they witnessed the Blood of Cleansing as ye may read And this Grace of God hath appeared to all men and its the Gift and Talent which he hath given according to measure to every one to profit withal of which he will require an Account how it hath been improved to his Glory your Neighbours Benefit and your own Souls Comfort For this is the Condemnation of the World that Light is come into the World and men loved Darkness rather then Light because their deeds were Evil The Condemnation is not because ye had not a Talent but because it is not improved but hid or buried in the Earth For the Free Gift is come upon all Jew and Gentile through one Grace and Truth came by Jesus Christ who lighteth every man that cometh into the World this is Glad-tidings the Gospel preached to every Creature Therefore deceive not your selves with Lying Vanities neither feed on Husks and that which dyes of it self but remember the Strait Gate and Narrow Way that leads in the Regeneration in the Daily Cross to Life Eternal For your great Notions and Talk of Religion Church and Worship will not save you nor give you an Inheritance with the Saints in Light while you love Darkness and live in it if ye had all the words of holy Men from the beginning to this day and of what Christ did and suffered this is all but crying Lord Lord while the Heart is far off and the True God and his Worship in Spirit and in Truth is not known by you For such the Father is now seeking to worship him who worship him in the Spirit and have no Confidence in the Flesh As a Shepherd seeketh out his Sheep in the day when they are scattered abroad and gathering from the Mouthes of the Idol-Shepherds and from off all the Barren Mountains into the fresh Pastures of Life and Peace unto the Fold of Everlasting Rest where no Ravenous Beast can come Glory to the Lord God for evermore And against this his Work now begun Gog and Magogg shall never prevail The Great Day of the Feast is come wherein he is inviting the Poor in Spirit the Hungry and Thirsty Souls the Year of his Redeemed is come and the Day of Vengeance is in his Heart which Day the Apostle saw and wrote of that should come after the Apostacy or falling away where the Man of Sin should be consumed and destroyed and the Great and Glorious Work of Restauration determined should be accomplished And this is from the Lord God Almighty to all the Inhabitants of the Earth whether they will hear or forbear I have a few words more to all you that Sleight and make a Mock at the Light Within as a Foolish Erronious and Contemptable Thing O Ye brutish among men and Fools that hate Knowledge and ignorant of the Scriptures of Truth of the Prophets Christ and the Apostles which testifie of the True Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the World of which Moses wrote and John bore witness John 1.9 though you profess their words And Abraham saw Christ's Day the True Light did he see it Within or Without Answer me And Enoch walked with God before the Scriptures were given forth And John's Message was That God is Light And God said of his People I will dwell in them and walk in them is not this the Light VVithin or is God changed Did not Isaiah say Isa 26. The Lord was an Everlasting Light and in the Lord Jehovah was Everlasting Strength and bid people trust in him and that he had wrought all their Works in them And did not the Apostle say It is God that worketh in you both to will and to do of his own good Pleasure And do you not make a Mock at God and Christ that dwelleth in his People and at the Scriptures you that mock at the Light VVithin Did not the Light that shined in the Saints give them the true Knowledge of the only true God and his Glory in the Face of Jesus Christ or did ever any know the true God and Jesus Christ which is Life Eternal by a Light VVithout seeing the Scripture saith The things of God knoweth no man but the Spirit of God by which they are revealed 2 Cor. 2.9 10 11. And no man knows the Father but the Son and he to whom the Son will reveal him Mat. 11.27 And the Inspiration of the Almighty giveth man Vnderstanding Job 32.8 Whether this Spirit Inspiration and Revelation be Within or Without And by what did Abel Enoch and Noah and many others know God before the Scriptures were given forth or whether the Invisible God which is a Spirit was ever seen by any carnal or visible Eye seeing Israel saw no Similitude but only heard a Voice Deut. 4.12 15 16. May I not say to such Go to the Beasts and they shall teach thee and to the Fowls and they shall instruct thee Hath not God in his Universal Love and Tender Care ordained a Universal Light and Sun to shine without for the Well-being Comfort and Refreshment of all Creatures Man and Beast even of the Mortal Bodies throughout the Habitable Parts of the Earth who causeth his Sun to shine and Rain to fall on the Just and Unjust And hath he not afforded or ordained a Universal Light and Son of Righteousness for the Immortal Soul the Inner Man for its Help Comfort and Refreshment which is of far greater value in his sight then the Mortal Creatures If he be thus straightened and his Arm and Hand of Love thus shortened when came this to pass seeing his People and Children have found him in all Ages Unchangable the same yesterday to day and forever who taught his Followers To be Merciful as their Heavenly Father is Merciful who would have all men come to the Knowledge of the Truth and be saved 1 Tim. 2.4 O the Blindness that is happened to people professing Christianity to despise and deride so Glorious a Comforter It is no less then the Manifestation of the Spirit of Truth which guides and leads its Children into all Truth and shews them things to come My soul pitties you and I could even mourn in secret for you knowing how miserable your Feet will stumble at the dark Mountains who hate the Light and the Mockers Bands be made strong Jer. 13.16 Isa 28.22 I will ask you this Question and let the whole World answer me if they can What will become of the Immortal Part or Inner Man which must have a Beeing forever when the Body or Outward Man is perished what will be its state when deprived of all visible or outward Light to all eternity and the Light Within wholy rejected and whether that state be not the utter Darkness spoken of Mat. 25. where neither any Glory nor Benefit can be