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A32801 The divine trinunity of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, or, The blessed doctrine of the three coessentiall subsistents in the eternall Godhead without any confusion or division of the distinct subsistences or multiplication of the most single and entire Godhead acknowledged, beleeved, adored by Christians, in opposition to pagans, Jewes, Mahumetans, blasphemous and antichristian hereticks, who say they are Christians, but are not / declared and published for the edification and satisfaction of all such as worship the only true God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, all three as one and the self same God blessed for ever, by Francis Cheynell ... Cheynell, Francis, 1608-1665. 1650 (1650) Wing C3811; ESTC R34820 306,702 530 View Text
A66966 An historical narration of the life and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ in two parts. R. H., 1609-1678. 1685 (1685) Wing W3448; ESTC R14750 308,709 352 View Text
A60429 A collection of the several writings and faithful testimonies of that suffering servant of God, and patient follower of the Lamb, Humphry Smith who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, in Winchester common-goal the 4th day of the 3d moneth in the year 1663. Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663. 1683 (1683) Wing S4051; ESTC R17136 310,215 464 View Text
A09365 The whole treatise of the cases of conscience distinguished into three bookes: the first whereof is revised and corrected in sundrie places, and the other two annexed. Taught and deliuered by M. W. Perkins in his holy-day lectures, carefully examined by his owne briefes, and now published together for the common good, by T. Pickering Bachelour of Diuinitie. Whereunto is adioyned a twofold table: one of the heads and number of the questions propounded and resolued; another of the principall texts of Scripture vvhich are either explaned, or vindicated from corrupt interpretation.; Cases of conscience Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Pickering, Thomas, d. 1625. 1606 (1606) STC 19669; ESTC S114066 314,224 686 View Text
A38422 England's remembrancer being a collection of farewel-sermons preached by divers non-conformists in the country. 1663 (1663) Wing E3029; ESTC R36570 328,646 530 View Text
A22141 Brotherly reconcilement preached in Oxford for the vnion of some, and now published with larger meditations for the vnitie of all in this Church and common-wealth: with an apologie of the vse of fathers, and secular learning in sermons. By Egeon Askevv of Queens Colledge. Askew, Egeon, b. 1576. 1605 (1605) STC 855; ESTC S100302 331,965 366 View Text
A67209 Anguis flagellatus, or, A switch for the snake being an answer to the third and last edition of The snake in the grass : wherein the author's injustice and falshood, both in quotation and story, are discover'd and obviated, and the truth doctrinally deliver'd by us, stated and maintained in opposition to his misrepresentation and perversion / by Joseph Wyeth ; to which is added a supplement, by George Whitehead. Wyeth, Joseph, 1663-1731.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. Snake in the grass. 1699 (1699) Wing W3757; ESTC R16372 333,418 578 View Text
A15144 The vvay to the celestiall paradise Declaring how a sinner may be saued, and come to life euerlasting. Contained in three bookes.The first second third sheweth that a sinner may be saued, & come to life euerlasting. By faith, apprehending Christ for his iustification, & applying to himselfe the promises of the Gospell made in Iesus Christ. Repentance, hauing his sins washed away in the bloud of the lambe Iesus Christ. Prayer, calling vpon God in the name of Iesus Christ. By Robert Whittell, minister of the Gospell. Whittle, Robert, d. 1638. 1620 (1620) STC 25441; ESTC S120396 338,769 458 View Text
A03549 The second tome of homilees of such matters as were promised, and intituled in the former part of homilees. Set out by the aucthoritie of the Queenes Maiestie: and to be read in euery parishe church agreeably.; Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches. Book 2. Jewel, John, 1522-1571.; Church of England. Homelie against disobedience and wylfull rebellion.; Church of England. 1571 (1571) STC 13669; ESTC S106160 342,286 618 View Text
A07192 Of the consecration of the bishops in the Church of England with their succession, iurisdiction, and other things incident to their calling: as also of the ordination of priests and deacons. Fiue bookes: wherein they are cleared from the slanders and odious imputations of Bellarmine, Sanders, Bristow, Harding, Allen, Stapleton, Parsons, Kellison, Eudemon, Becanus, and other romanists: and iustified to containe nothing contrary to the Scriptures, councels, Fathers, or approued examples of primitiue antiquitie. By Francis Mason, Batchelour of Diuinitie, and sometimes fellow of Merton Colledge in Oxeford. Mason, Francis, 1566?-1621. 1613 (1613) STC 17597; ESTC S114294 344,300 282 View Text
A09998 Master Bezaes sermons vpon the three chapters of the canticle of canticles wherein are handled the chiefest points of religion controversed and debated betweene vs and the aduersarie at this day, especially touching the true Iesus Christ and the true Church, and the certaine & infallible marks both of the one and of the other. Translated out of French into English by Iohn Harmar ...; Sermons sur les trois premiers chapitres du Cantique des cantiques. English Bèze, Théodore de, 1519-1605.; Harmar, John, 1555?-1613. 1587 (1587) STC 2025; ESTC S101752 345,082 450 View Text
A28235 A looking-glass for the times being a tract concerning the original and rise of truth and the original and rise of Antichrist : showing by pregnant instances of Scripture, history, and other writings, that the principles and practices of the people called Quakers in this day and their sufferings are the same as were the principles and practices of Christ and His apostles ... / by George Bishope. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1668 (1668) Wing B2998; ESTC R14705 345,237 250 View Text
A09031 A plaine exposition vpon the whole 8. 9. 10. 11. chapters of the Epistle of Saint Paul to the Romans Wherein the text is diligently and methodically resolued, the sence giuen: and many doctrines thence gathered, are by liuely vses applyed, for the benefit of Gods children performed with much variety, and conuenient breuitie: being the substance of neere foure yeeres weekedayes sermons.: By Elnathan Parr, Bachelor in Diuinity, and preacher of Gods Word. Parr, Elnathan, d. 1622. 1618 (1618) STC 19319; ESTC S114074 348,782 462 View Text
A49911 Memoirs and observations typographical, physical, mathematical, mechanical, natural, civil, and ecclesiastical, made in a late journey through the empire of China, and published in several letters particularly upon the Chinese pottery and varnishing, the silk and other manufactures, the pearl fishing, the history of plants and animals, description of their cities and publick works, number of people, their language, manners and commerce, their habits, oeconomy, and government, the philosophy of Confucius, the state of Christianity : with many other curious and useful remarks / by Louis Le Compte ... ; translated from the Paris edition, and illustrated with figures. Le Comte, Louis, 1655-1728. 1697 (1697) Wing L831; ESTC R15898 355,133 724 View Text
A13159 A briefe replie to a certaine odious and slanderous libel, lately published by a seditious Iesuite, calling himselfe N.D. in defence both of publike enemies, and disloyall subiects, and entitled A temperate wardword, to Sir Francis Hastings turbulent Watchword wherein not only the honest, and religious intention, and zeale of that good knight is defended, but also the cause of true catholike religion, and the iustice of her Maiesties proceedings against popish malcontents and traitors, from diuers malitious imputations and slanders cleered, and our aduersaries glorious declamation answered, and refuted by O.E. defendant in the challenge, and encounters of N.D. Hereunto is also added a certaine new challenge made to N.D. in fiue encounters, concerning the fundamentall pointes of his former whole discourse: together with a briefe refutation of a certaine caluminous relation of the conference of Monsieur Plessis and Monsieur d'Eureux before the French king ... Sutcliffe, Matthew, 1550?-1629. 1600 (1600) STC 23453; ESTC S117866 358,520 534 View Text
A69147 A postill or collection of moste godly doctrine vpon every gospell through the yeare aswell for holye dayes as Sondayes, dygested in suche order, as they bee appoynted and set forthe in the booke of Common Prayer. Uery profitable for all curates, parentes, maysters of housholdes, and other gouerners of youth.; Postilla Anthonii Corvini Corvinus, Antonius, 1501-1553. 1550 (1550) STC 5806; ESTC S109261 359,302 596 View Text
A18981 The true ancient Roman Catholike Being an apology or counterproofe against Doctor Bishops Reproofe of the defence of the Reformed Catholike. The first part. Wherein the name of Catholikes is vindicated from popish abuse, and thence is shewed that the faith of the Church of Rome as now it is, is not the Catholike faith ... By Robert Abbot ... Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. 1611 (1611) STC 54; ESTC S100548 363,303 424 View Text
A22474 The badges of Christianity. Or, A treatise of the sacraments fully declared out of the word of God Wherein the truth it selfe is proued, the doctrine of the reformed churches maintained, and the errors of the churches of Rome are euidently conuinced: by pervsing wherof the discreet reader may easily perceiue, the weak and vnstable grounds of the Roman religion, and the iust causes of our lawfull separation. Diuided into three bookes: 1. Of the sacraments in generall. 2. Of Baptisme. 3. Of the Lords Supper. Hereunto is annexed a corollarie or necessary aduertisement, shewing the intention of this present worke, opening the differences among vs about the question of the supper, discouering the idolatry and diuisions of the popish clergy, ... By William Attersoll, minister of the Word of God. Attersoll, William, d. 1640.; Attersoll, William, d. 1640. Principles of Christian religion. aut 1606 (1606) STC 889; ESTC S115827 366,439 472 View Text
A85387 Cata-baptism: or new baptism, waxing old, and ready to vanish away. In two parts. The former containes LVIII. considerations, (with their respective proofs, and consectaries) pregnant for the healing of the common scruples touching the subject of baptism, and manner of baptizing. The latter, contains an answer to a discours against infant-baptism, published not long since by W.A. under the title of, Some baptismall abuses brielfy discovered, &c. In both, sundry things, not formerly insisted on, are discovered and discussed. / By J.G. a minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Goodwin, John, 1594?-1665. 1655 (1655) Wing G1155; Thomason E849_1; ESTC R207377 373,602 521 View Text
A64266 Truth's innocency and simplicity shining through the conversion, Gospel-ministry, labours, epistles of love, testimonies and warnings to professors and profane (with the long and patient sufferings) of that ancient and faithful minister and servant of Jesus Christ, Thomas Taylor, who finish'd his course in the year MDCLXXXI. Taylor, Thomas, 1618-1682. 1697 (1697) Wing T591; ESTC R3441 376,373 430 View Text
A11591 An exposition with notes vpon the first Epistle to the Thessalonians. By William Sclater D.D. and Minister of the Word of God at Pitmister in Sommerset Sclater, William, 1575-1626. 1619 (1619) STC 21834; ESTC S116799 377,588 577 View Text
A64137 XXVIII sermons preached at Golden Grove being for the summer half-year, beginning on Whit-Sunday, and ending on the xxv Sunday after Trinity, together with A discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness, and separation of the office ministeriall / by Jer. Taylor.; Sermons. Selections Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1651 (1651) Wing T405; ESTC R23463 389,930 394 View Text
A49780 Marriage by the morall law of God vindicated against all ceremonial laws of popes and bishops destructive to filiation aliment and succession and the government of familyes and kingdoms Lawrence, William, 1613 or 14-1681 or 2. 1680 (1680) Wing L690; ESTC R7113 397,315 448 View Text
A62085 An exposition of Ecclesiastes, or, The preacher Sikes, George. 1680 (1680) Wing S6323A; ESTC R221693 399,046 484 View Text
A29256 A course of lectures upon the church catechism in four volumes. Vol. I. Upon the preliminary questions and answers by a divine of the Church of England. Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. 1696 (1696) Wing B4292; ESTC R24221 399,599 326 View Text
A44247 The doctrine of life, or, Of mans redemption, by the seed of Eve, the seed of Abraham, the seed of David, &c. as it was taught in severall periods of time, from Gen. 3. 15. till Christ came in the flesh, to fulfill all typicall prefigurations of him by his death : wherein also sundry other fundamentall points are discussed and cleared from some common mistakes : as Daniels chronologie of seventy sevens, which is cleared from the uncertainty which too many expositors have unadvisedly cast upon it : and about the Jewes calling, that it must not be understand of any return to Canaan, or of their restauration to a perspicuous common wealth any more, but of the calling of a remnant of them to the faith, in the countries where they live dispersed : and with the true nature of our Lords sufferings, with sundry other such like points, as may be seen in the table : propounded by way of question and answer, with annotations thereunto annexed : divided into three parts / by Edward Holyoke of New-England. Holyoke, Edward, d. 1660. 1658 (1658) Wing H2534; ESTC R22353 401,616 468 View Text
A31408 Antiquitates apoitolicæ, or, The history of the lives, acts and martyrdoms of the holy apostles of our Saviour and the two evangelists SS. Mark and Lvke to which is added an introductory discourse concerning the three great dispensations of the church, patriarchal, Mosiacal and evangelical : being a continuation of Antiquitates christianæ or the life and death of the holy Jesus / by William Cave ... Cave, William, 1637-1713.; Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. Dissuasive from popery. 1676 (1676) Wing C1587; ESTC R12963 411,541 341 View Text
A30895 An apology for the true Christian divinity, as the same is held forth, and preached by the people, called, in scorn, Quakers being a full explanation and vindication of their principles and doctrines, by many arguments, deduced from Scripture and right reason, and the testimony of famous authors, both ancient and modern, with a full answer to the strongest objections usually made against them, presented to the King / written and published in Latine, for the information of strangers, by Robert Barclay ; and now put into our own language, for the benefit of his country-men.; Theologiae verè Christianae apologia. English Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. 1678 (1678) Wing B721; ESTC R1740 415,337 436 View Text
A10399 Tvventy nine lectures of the Church very necessary for the consolation and support of Gods Church, especially in these times: wherein is handled, first, in generall concerning first, the name; secondly, the titles; thirdly, the nature, fourthly, the diuision of the true Church: secondly, of the visible Church ... and lastly, the application of it to all Churches in the world so farre as they are knowne to vs. By that learned and faithfull preacher, Master Iohn Randall, Batchelor of Diuinity, pastor of Saint Andrewes Hubbart in little Eastcheape, London, and sometimes fellow of Lincolne Colledge in Oxford. Published by the coppie perfected and giuen by the author in his life time; carefully preserued and adorned with notes in the margent, by the late faithfull minister of Christ, Master William Holbrooke. Randall, John, 1570-1622.; Holbrooke, William. 1631 (1631) STC 20683; ESTC S115641 423,199 550 View Text
A69024 A replie to a relation, of the conference between William Laude and Mr. Fisher the Jesuite. By a witnesse of Jesus Christ Burton, Henry, 1578-1648. 1640 (1640) STC 4154; ESTC S104828 423,261 458 View Text
A51907 A commentarie or exposition upon the prophecie of Habakkuk together with many usefull and very seasonable observations / delivered in sundry sermons preacht in the church of St. James Garlick-hith London, many yeeres since, by Edward Marbury ... Marbury, Edward, 1581-ca. 1655. 1650 (1650) Wing M568; ESTC R36911 431,426 623 View Text
A69533 Five disputations of church-government and worship by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1659 (1659) Wing B1267; ESTC R13446 437,983 583 View Text
A40216 A New-England-fire-brand quenched being something in answer unto a lying, slanderous book, entituled, George Fox digged out of his burrows, &c. printed at Boston in the year 1676, of one Roger Williams of Providence in New-England ... : of a dispute upon XIV, of his proposals held and debated betwixt him, the said Roger Williams, on the one part, and John Stubs, William Edmundson, and John Burnyeat on the other at Providence and Newport in Rode-Island, in the year 1672 where his proposals are turn'd upon his own head, and there and here he was and is sufficiently confuted : in two parts : as also, something in answer to R.W.'s Appendix, &c. with a post-script confuting his blasphemous assertions ... : also, the letters of W. Coddington of Rode-Island, and R. Scot of Providence in New-England concerning R.W. and lastly, some testimonies of ancient & modern authors concerning the light, Scriptures, rule & the soul of men / by George Fox and John Burnyeat. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Burnyeat, John, 1631-1690. 1678 (1678) Wing F1864; ESTC R3637 449,863 526 View Text
A27112 Certamen religiosum, or, A conference between the late King of England and the late Lord Marquesse of Worcester concerning religion together with a vindication of the Protestant cause from the pretences of the Marquesse his last papers which the necessity of the King's affaires denyed him oportunity to answer. Bayly, Thomas, d. 1657? 1651 (1651) Wing B1507; ESTC R23673 451,978 466 View Text
A69095 The third part of the Defence of the Reformed Catholike against Doct. Bishops Second part of the Reformation of a Catholike, as the same was first guilefully published vnder that name, conteining only a large and most malicious preface to the reader, and an answer to M. Perkins his aduertisement to Romane Catholicks, &c. Whereunto is added an aduertisement for the time concerning the said Doct. Bishops reproofe, lately published against a little piece of the answer to his epistle to the King, with an answer to some few exceptions taken against the same, by M. T. Higgons latley become a proselyte of the Church of Rome. By R. Abbot Doctor of Diuinitie.; Defence of the Reformed Catholicke of M. W. Perkins. Part 3 Abbot, Robert, 1560-1618. 1609 (1609) STC 50.5; ESTC S100538 452,861 494 View Text
A32977 Certain sermons or homilies appointed to be read in churches in the time of Queen Elizabeth of famous memory and now reprinted for the use of private families, in two parts. 1687 (1687) Wing C4091I; ESTC R1759 454,358 660 View Text
A15520 A Christian dictionarie Opening the signification of the chiefe words dispersed generally through Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testament, tending to increase Christian knowledge. Whereunto is annexed, a perticular dictionary for the Reuelation of S. Iohn. For the Canticles or Song of Salomon. For the Epistle to the Hebrues. By Tho: Wilson minister of the Word, at Saint Georges in Canterbury. Wilson, Thomas, 1563-1622. 1612 (1612) STC 25786; ESTC S121081 469,452 830 View Text
A06447 The sinners guyde A vvorke contayning the whole regiment of a Christian life, deuided into two bookes: vvherein sinners are reclaimed from the by-path of vice and destruction, and brought vnto the high-way of euerlasting happinesse. Compiled in the Spanish tongue, by the learned and reuerend diuine, F. Lewes of Granada. Since translated into Latine, Italian, and French. And nowe perused, and digested into English, by Francis Meres, Maister of Artes, and student in diuinitie.; Guía de pecadores. English Luis, de Granada, 1504-1588.; Meres, Francis, 1565-1647. 1598 (1598) STC 16918; ESTC S108893 472,071 572 View Text
A33380 An historical defence of the Reformation in answer to a book intituled, Just-prejudices against the Calvinists / written in French by the reverend and learned Monsieur Claude ... ; and now faithfully translated into English by T.B., M.A.; Défense de la Réformation. English Claude, Jean, 1619-1687.; T. B., M.A. 1683 (1683) Wing C4593; ESTC R11147 475,014 686 View Text
A34262 The Confessions of the faith of all the Christian and Reformed churches which purely profess the holy doctrine of the gospel in all the kingdoms, nations, and provinces of Europe, with the order of time when they were written, and an exact table of the principal articles of faith, which in every confession is debated : wherein the obsure and difficult places are explained, and those things which may in shew seem to contradict each other, are plainly and modestly reconciled, and such points as yet hang in suspence, are sincerely pointed at : freely submitted to all Reformed Churches, as a means to knit and unite all the churches of Christ in one bond of love, for the avoiding of hereafter, discords and schismes in these dangerous time. 1656 (1656) Wing C5803; ESTC R16415 482,755 587 View Text
A18640 An harmony of the confessions of the faith of the Christian and Reformed Churches which purelie professe the holy doctrine of the Gospell in all the chiefe kingdomes, nations, and prouinces of Europe: the catologue and order whereof the pages following will declare. There are added in the ende verie shorte notes: in which both the obscure thinges are made plaine, & those thinges which maie in shew seeme to be contrarie each to other, are plainelie and verie modestlie reconciled, and if anie points doe as yet hang in doubt, they are sincerelie pointed at. All which things, in the name of the Churches of Fraunce and Belgia, are submitted to the free and discrete iudgement of all other Churches. Newlie translated out of Latine into English. Also in the end is added the confession of the Church of Scotland. Alowed by publique authoritie.; Harmonia confessionum fidei orthodoxarum & reformatarum ecclesiarum. English Salnar.; Goulart, Simon, 1543-1628. 1586 (1586) STC 5155; ESTC S107818 484,469 636 View Text
A07350 The English catechisme explained. Or, A commentarie on the short catechisme set forth in the Booke of common prayer Wherein diuers necessarie questions touching the Christian faith are inserted, moderne controuersies handled, doubts resolued, and many cases of conscience cleared. Profitable for ministers in their churches, for schoole masters in their schooles, and for housholders in their families. By Iohn Mayer, Bachelour of Diuinitie.; English catechisme Mayer, John, 1583-1664. 1622 (1622) STC 17733; ESTC S100659 485,672 636 View Text
A50253 The figures or types of the Old Testament by which Christ and the heavenly things of the Gospel were preached and shadowed to the people of God of old : explained and improved in sundry sermons / by Mr. Samuel Mather ... Mather, Samuel, 1626-1671.; Mather, Nathanael, 1631-1697. 1683 (1683) Wing M1279; ESTC R7563 489,095 683 View Text
A12211 A friendly advertisement to the pretended Catholickes of Ireland declaring, for their satisfaction; that both the Kings supremacie, and the faith whereof his Majestie is the defender, are consonant to the doctrine delivered in the holy Scriptures, and writings of the ancient fathers. And consequently, that the lawes and statutes enacted in that behalfe, are dutifully to be observed by all his Majesties subjects within that kingdome. By Christopher Sibthorp, Knight, one of his Maiesties iustices of his court of chiefe place in Ireland. In the end whereof, is added an epistle written to the author, by the Reverend Father in God, Iames Vssher Bishop of Meath: wherein it is further manifested, that the religion anciently professed in Ireland is, for substance, the same with that, which at this day is by publick authoritie established therein. Sibthorp, Christopher, Sir, d. 1632.; Ussher, James, 1581-1656. 1622 (1622) STC 22522; ESTC S102408 494,750 610 View Text
A22472 The neuu couenant, or, A treatise of the sacraments whereby the last testament of our Lord and Sauiour Iesus Christ, through the shedding of his pure and precious blood, is ratified and applyed vnto the conscience of euery true beleeuer : diuided into three bookes [brace] 1. Of the sacraments in generall, 2. Of baptisme, 3. Of the Lords Supper : verie necessarie and profitable for these times, wherein we may behold the [brace] truth it selfe plainly prooued, doctrine of the reformed churches clearely maintained, errors of the Church of Rome soundly conuinced, right maner of the receiuing of the[m] comfortably declared, and sundry doubts and difficult questions decided / by William Attersoll ... Attersoll, William, d. 1640. 1614 (1614) STC 889.5; STC 896_INCORRECT; ESTC S120393 495,931 616 View Text
A28890 The light of the world a most true relation of a pilgrimess, M. Antonia Bourignon travelling towards eternity ... : divided into three parts ... / written originally in French, and faithfully translated into English ; to which is added, a preface to the English reader.; Lumiere du monde. English Bourignon, Antoinette, 1616-1680.; Cort, Chrétien de, d. 1669. 1696 (1696) Wing B3842; ESTC R36499 498,584 635 View Text
A30242 The Scripture directory for church-officers and people, or, A practical commentary upon the whole third chapter of the first Epistle of St. Paul to the Corinthians to which is annexed The godly and the natural mans choice, upon Psal. 4, vers. 6, 7, 8 / by Anthony Burgesse ... Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. 1659 (1659) Wing B5656; Wing B5648_CANCELLED; ESTC R3908 509,568 411 View Text
A41801 Graphautarkeia, or, The Scriptures sufficiency practically demonstrated wherein whatsoever is contain'd in Scripture, respecting doctrine, worship or manners is reduced to its proper head, weighty cases resolved, truths confirmed, difficult texts illustrated and explained by others more plain. Locke, John, 1632-1704. 1676 (1676) Wing G1563; ESTC R180052 509,677 542 View Text
A38026 Polpoikilos sophia, a compleat history or survey of all the dispensations and methods of religion, from the beginning of the world to the consummation of all things, as represented in the Old and New Testament shewing the several reasons and designs of those different administrations, and the wisdom and goodness of God in the government of His church, through all the ages of it : in which also, the opinion of Dr. Spencer concerning the Jewish rites and sacrifices is examin'd, and the certainty of the Christian religion demonstrated against the cavils of the Deists, &c. / by John Edwards ... Edwards, John, 1637-1716. 1699 (1699) Wing E210; ESTC R17845 511,766 792 View Text
A42016 The exposition continued upon the nineteen last chapters of the prophet Ezekiel with many useful observations thereupon delivered in several lectures in London / by William Greenhil. Greenhill, William, 1591-1671. 1662 (1662) Wing G1857; ESTC R30318 513,585 860 View Text
A64622 A body of divinitie, or, The summe and substance of Christian religion catechistically propounded, and explained, by way of question and answer : methodically and familiarly handled / composed long since by James Vsher B. of Armagh, and at the earnest desires of divers godly Christians now printed and published ; whereunto is adjoyned a tract, intituled Immanvel, or, The mystery of the incarnation of the Son of God heretofore writen [sic] and published by the same authour.; Body of divinity Ussher, James, 1581-1656.; Downame, John, d. 1652. 1645 (1645) Wing U151; ESTC R19025 516,207 504 View Text
A00753 Comfortable notes vpon the bookes of Exodus and Leuiticus, as before vpon Genesis Gathered and laid downe still in this plaine manner, for the good of them that cannot vse better helpes, and yet are carefull to read the Scriptures, and verie desirous to finde the comfort in them. By the Reuerend Father in God Geruase Babington ... With a table of the principall matters contained in this booke. Babington, Gervase, 1550-1610. 1604 (1604) STC 1088; ESTC S100580 531,878 712 View Text
A42781 Demonologia sacra, or, A treatise of Satan's temptations in three parts / by Richard Gilpin. Gilpin, Richard, 1625-1700. 1677 (1677) Wing G777; ESTC R8221 552,054 651 View Text
A01956 The happines of the church, or, A description of those spirituall prerogatiues vvherewith Christ hath endowed her considered in some contemplations vpon part of the 12. chapter of the Hebrewes : together with certain other meditations and discourses vpon other portions of Holy Scriptures, the titles wherof immediately precede the booke : being the summe of diuerse sermons preached in S. Gregories London / by Thomas Adams ... Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1619 (1619) STC 121; ESTC S100417 558,918 846 View Text
A13971 The true Catholique formed according to the truth of the Scriptures, and the shape of the ancient fathers, and best sort of the latter Catholiques, which seeme to fauour the Church of Rome : the contents vvhereof are to be seene in the page following. Trigge, Francis, 1547?-1606. 1602 (1602) STC 24282; ESTC S536 568,047 636 View Text
A51307 A modest enquiry into the mystery of iniquity by H. More. More, Henry, 1614-1687. 1664 (1664) Wing M2666; ESTC R26204 574,188 543 View Text
A61474 The rise, race, and royalty of the kingdom of God in the soul of man opened in several sermons upon Matthew 18.3 : as also the loveliness & love of Christ set forth in several other sermons upon Psal. 45. v. 1, 2. : together with an account of the state of a saint's soul and body in death / by Peter Sterry ... Sterry, Peter, 1613-1672. 1683 (1683) Wing S5482; ESTC R14809 577,885 544 View Text
A40196 The great mistery of the great whore unfolded, and antichrists kingdom revealed unto destruction in answer to many false doctrines and principles which Babylons merchants have traded with, being held forth by the professed ministers, and teachers, and professors in England, Ireland, and Scotland, taken under their owne hands, and from their owne mouths, sent forth by them from time to time, against the despised people of the Lord called Quakers, who are of the seed of that woman, who hath been long fled into wildernes ... in this answer to the multitude of doctrines held forth by the many false sects, which have lost the key of knowledge, and been on foot since the apostles dayes, called Anabaptists, Independents, Presbyters, Ranters, and many others, who out of their own mouths have manifested themselves not to be of a true descent from the true Christian Churches : but it's discovered that they have been all made drunk with the wine of fornication received from the whore which hath sitten upon the beast, after whom the world hath wondred / by George Fox. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1659 (1659) Wing F1832; ESTC R18020 590,130 408 View Text
A09383 A commentarie or exposition, vpon the fiue first chapters of the Epistle to the Galatians: penned by the godly, learned, and iudiciall diuine, Mr. W. Perkins. Now published for the benefit of the Church, and continued with a supplement vpon the sixt chapter, by Rafe Cudworth Bachelour of Diuinitie Perkins, William, 1558-1602.; Cudworth, Ralph, 1617-1688. 1604 (1604) STC 19680; ESTC S114465 595,047 756 View Text
A61221 Of happiness wherein it is fully and particularly manifested that the great happiness of this life consisteth in the fear of God and keeping his commandments in opposition to the pleasures of sin or the pretended conveniency of disobdience / by Richard Stafford. Stafford, Richard, 1663-1703. 1689 (1689) Wing S5128; ESTC R29533 599,907 686 View Text
A68078 D. Heskins, D. Sanders, and M. Rastel, accounted (among their faction) three pillers and archpatriarches of the popish synagogue (vtter enemies to the truth of Christes Gospell, and all that syncerely professe the same) ouerthrowne, and detected of their seuerall blasphemous heresies. By D. Fulke, Maister of Pembrooke Hall in Cambridge. Done and directed to the Church of England, and all those which loue the trueth. Fulke, William, 1538-1589. 1579 (1579) STC 11433; ESTC S114345 602,455 884 View Text
A08578 An explanation of the generall Epistle of Saint Iude. Delivered in one and forty sermons, by that learned, reverend, and faithfull servant of Christ, Master Samuel Otes, parson of Sowthreps in Norfolke. Preached in the parish church of Northwalsham, in the same county, in a publike lecture. And now published for the benefit of Gods church, by Samuel Otes, his sonne, minister of the Word of God at Marsham Otes, Samuel, 1578 or 9-1658.; Otes, Samuel, d. 1683. 1633 (1633) STC 18896; ESTC S115186 606,924 589 View Text
A48873 A common-place book to the Holy Bible or, The scriptures sufficiency practically demonstrated wherein whatsoever is contain'd in scripture, respecting doctrine, worship, or manners, is reduced to its proper head, weighty cases resolved, truths confirmed, difficult texts illustrated, and explained by others more plain. Locke, John, 1632-1704. 1697 (1697) Wing L2737; ESTC R19113 610,875 458 View Text
A76798 Expositions and sermons upon the ten first chapters of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to Matthew. Written by Christopher Blackwood, preacher to a Church of Christ in the city of Dublin in Ireland. Blackwood, Christopher. 1659 (1659) Wing B3098; ESTC R207680 612,607 923 View Text
A74993 Certain select discourses on those most important subjects, requisite to be well understood by a catechist in laying the foundation of Christian knowledge in the minds of novitiates viz., First discourses on I. The doctrine of the two covenants both legal and evangelical, II. On faith and justification / by William Allen. Secondly, Discourses on I. The covenant of grace, or baptismal covenant, being chatechetical lectures on the preliminary questions and answers of the Church-Catechism : II. Three catechetical lectures on faith and justification / by Thomas Bray, D.D. Allen, William, d. 1686.; Bray, Thomas, 1658-1730. 1699 (1699) Wing A1055A; ESTC R172154 614,412 564 View Text
A89271 An explicite declaration of the testimony of Christ according to the plain sayings of the Gospel: and therein, of the purposes, promises, and covenants of God, as by Gospel declared. With, a consideration of a question stated about faith. By Thomas Moore, Senior. Moore, Thomas, Senior. 1656 (1656) Wing M2593B; ESTC R231372 616,621 754 View Text
A66367 Truth vindicated, against sacriledge, atheism, and prophaneness and likewise against the common invaders of the rights of Kings, and demonstrating the vanity of man in general. By Gryffith Williams now Lord Bishop of Ossory. Williams, Gryffith, 1589?-1672. 1666 (1666) Wing W2674; ESTC R222610 619,498 452 View Text
A66361 The chariot of truth wherein are contained I. a declaration against sacriledge ..., II. the grand rebellion, or, a looking-glass for rebels ..., III. the discovery of mysteries ..., IV. the rights of kings ..., V. the great vanity of every man ... / by Gryffith Williams. Williams, Gryffith, 1589?-1672. 1663 (1663) Wing W2663; ESTC R28391 625,671 469 View Text
A63003 An explication of the Decalogue or Ten Commandments, with reference to the catechism of the Church of England to which are premised by way of introduction several general discourses concerning God's both natural and positive laws / by Gabriel Towerson ... Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697.; Towerson, Gabriel, 1635?-1697. Introduction to the explication of the following commandments. 1676 (1676) Wing T1970; ESTC R21684 636,461 560 View Text
A72143 Certaine sermons, first preached, and after published at severall times, by M. Thomas Gataker B. of D. and pastor at Rotherhith. And now gathered together into one volume: the severall texts and titles whereof are set downe in the leafe following Gataker, Thomas, 1574-1654. 1637 (1637) STC 11652b.5; ESTC S124946 646,708 356 View Text
A47202 Tricoenivm Christi in nocte proditionis suæ The threefold svpper of Christ in the night that he vvas betrayed / explained by Edvvard Kellett. Kellett, Edward, 1583-1641. 1641 (1641) Wing K238; ESTC R30484 652,754 551 View Text
A36185 The nature of the two testaments, or, The disposition of the will and estate of God to mankind for holiness and happiness by Jesus Christ ... in two volumes : the first volume, of the will of God : the second volume, of the estate of God / by Robert Dixon. Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. 1676 (1676) Wing D1748; ESTC R12215 658,778 672 View Text
A08610 The monument of matrones conteining seuen seuerall lamps of virginitie, or distinct treatises; whereof the first fiue concerne praier and meditation: the other two last, precepts and examples, as the woorthie works partlie of men, partlie of women; compiled for the necessarie vse of both sexes out of the sacred Scriptures, and other approoued authors, by Thomas Bentley of Graies Inne student.; Monument of matrones. Part 1-4. Bentley, Thomas, student of Gray's Inn.; Abergavenny, Frances Nevill, Lady, d. 1576.; Marguerite, Queen, consort of Henry II, King of Navarre, 1492-1549. Miroir de l'âme pécheresse. English & French.; Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Lamentacion of a sinner.; Tyrwhit, Elizabeth, Morning and evening prayers.; Catharine Parr, Queen, consort of Henry VIII, King of England, 1512-1548. Prayers or meditacions. 1582 (1582) STC 1892; ESTC S101562 669,543 1,114 View Text
A51302 An explanation of the grand mystery of godliness, or, A true and faithfull representation of the everlasting Gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the onely begotten Son of God and sovereign over men and angels by H. More ... More, Henry, 1614-1687. 1660 (1660) Wing M2658; ESTC R17162 688,133 604 View Text
A03342 CVIII lectures vpon the fourth of Iohn Preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicester-shire. By that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ. Arthur Hildersam.; Lectures upon the fourth of John Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632.; Cotton, John, 1584-1652. 1632 (1632) STC 13462; ESTC S119430 700,546 622 View Text
A43607 Syntagma theologicum, or, A treatise wherein is concisely comprehended, the body of divinity, and the fundamentals of religion orderly discussed whereunto are added certain divine discourses, wherein are handled these following heads, viz. 1. The express character of Christ our redeemer, 2. Gloria in altissimis, or the angelical anthem, 3. The necessity of Christ's passion and resurrection, 4. The blessed ambassador, or, The best sent into the basest, 5. S. Paul's apology, 6. Holy fear, the fence of the soul, 7. Ordini quisque suo, or, The excellent order, 8. The royal remembrancer, or, Promises put in suit, 9. The watchman's watch-word, 10. Scala Jacobi, or, S. James his ladder, 11. Decus sanctorum, or, The saints dignity, 12. Warrantable separation, without breach of union / by Henry Hibbert ... Hibbert, Henry, 1601 or 2-1678.; Hibbert, Henry, 1601 or 2-1678. Exercitationes theologiae. 1662 (1662) Wing H1793; ESTC R2845 709,920 522 View Text
A35753 XLIX sermons upon the whole Epistle of the Apostle St. Paul to the Colossians in three parts / by ... Mr. John Daille ...; Sermons. English. Selections Daillé, Jean, 1594-1670.; F. S. 1672 (1672) Wing D114; ESTC R13556 714,747 490 View Text
A40137 A collection of many select and Christian epistles, letters and testimonies written on sundry occasions, by that ancient, eminent, faithful friend and minister of Christ Jesus, George Fox ; the second volume. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1698 (1698) Wing F1764; ESTC R15883 725,753 580 View Text
A69010 Institutions of Christian religion framed out of Gods word, and the writings of the best diuines, methodically handled by questions and answers, fit for all such as desire to know, or practise the will of God. Written in Latin by William Bucanus Professor of Diuinitie in the Vniuersitie of Lausanna. And published in English by Robert Hill, Bachelor in Diuinitie, and Fellow of Saint Iohns Colledge in Cambridge, for the benefit of our English nation, to which is added in the end the practise of papists against Protestant princes.; Institutiones theologicae. English Bucanus, Guillaume. 1606 (1606) STC 3961; ESTC S106002 729,267 922 View Text
A10345 The summe of the conference betwene Iohn Rainoldes and Iohn Hart touching the head and the faith of the Church. Wherein by the way are handled sundrie points, of the sufficiencie and right expounding of the Scriptures, the ministerie of the Church, the function of priesthood, the sacrifice of the masse, with other controuerises of religion: but chiefly and purposely the point of Church-gouernment ... Penned by Iohn Rainoldes, according to the notes set downe in writing by them both: perused by Iohn Hart, and (after things supplied, & altered, as he thought good) allowed for the faithfull report of that which past in conference betwene them. Whereunto is annexed a treatise intitled, Six conclusions touching the Holie Scripture and the Church, writen by Iohn Rainoldes. With a defence of such thinges as Thomas Stapleton and Gregorie Martin haue carped at therein. Rainolds, John, 1549-1607.; Hart, John, d. 1586. aut; Rainolds, John, 1549-1607. Sex theses de Sacra Scriptura, et Ecclesia. English. aut 1584 (1584) STC 20626; ESTC S115546 763,703 768 View Text
A68449 A catholike and ecclesiasticall exposition of the holy Gospell after S. Iohn. Gathered out of all the singuler and approued deuines (which the Lorde hath giuen vnto his Church) by Augustine Marlorate. And translated out of Latin into Englishe by Thomas Timme minister. Seene and allovved according to the order appoynted; Novi Testamenti catholica expositio ecclesiastica. English. Selections Marlorat, Augustin, 1506-1562.; Tymme, Thomas, d. 1620. 1575 (1575) STC 17406; ESTC S114256 780,235 632 View Text
A63888 Eniautos a course of sermons for all the Sundaies of the year : fitted to the great necessities, and for the supplying the wants of preaching in many parts of this nation : together with a discourse of the divine institution, necessity, sacredness and separation of the office ministeriall / by Jer. Taylor ... Taylor, Jeremy, 1613-1667. 1653 (1653) Wing T329; ESTC R1252 784,674 804 View Text
A56144 Canterburies doome, or, The first part of a compleat history of the commitment, charge, tryall, condemnation, execution of William Laud, late Arch-bishop of Canterbury containing the severall orders, articles, proceedings in Parliament against him, from his first accusation therein, till his tryall : together with the various evidences and proofs produced against him at the Lords Bar ... : wherein this Arch-prelates manifold trayterous artifices to usher in popery by degrees, are cleerly detected, and the ecclesiasticall history of our church-affaires, during his pontificall domination, faithfully presented to the publike view of the world / by William Prynne, of Lincolns Inne, Esquire ... Prynne, William, 1600-1669. 1646 (1646) Wing P3917; ESTC R19620 792,548 593 View Text
A44786 The dawnings of the gospel-day and its light and glory discovered by Francis Howgil. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669.; Hookes, Ellis, d. 1681. 1676 (1676) Wing H3157; ESTC R24063 864,209 776 View Text
A02464 Against Ierome Osorius Byshopp of Siluane in Portingall and against his slaunderous inuectiues An aunswere apologeticall: for the necessary defence of the euangelicall doctrine and veritie. First taken in hand by M. Walter Haddon, then undertaken and continued by M. Iohn Foxe, and now Englished by Iames Bell.; Contra Hieron. Osorium, eiusque odiosas infectationes pro evangelicae veritatis necessaria defensione, responsio apologetica. English Haddon, Walter, 1516-1572.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587. aut; Bell, James, fl. 1551-1596. 1581 (1581) STC 12594; ESTC S103608 892,364 1,076 View Text
A30303 Expository notes with practical observations on the Four Holy Evangelists, viz., St. Matthew, St. Mark, St. Luke, St. John wherein the sacred text is at large recited ... and the instructive example of the holy Jesus to our imitation recommended ; designed for the instruction of private families ... / by William Burkitt. Burkitt, William, 1650-1703. 1700 (1700) Wing B5736; ESTC R29600 900,471 338 View Text
A40209 A journal or historical account of the life, travels, sufferings, Christian experiences and labour of love in the work of the ministry, of ... George Fox, who departed this life in great peace with the Lord, the 13th of the 11th month, 1690, the first volume. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702. 1694 (1694) Wing F1854; ESTC R3344 917,676 824 View Text
A07763 Fovvre bookes, of the institution, vse and doctrine of the holy sacrament of the Eucharist in the old Church As likevvise, hovv, vvhen, and by what degrees the masse is brought in, in place thereof. By my Lord Philip of Mornai, Lord of Plessis-Marli; councellor to the King in his councell of estate, captaine of fiftie men at armes in the Kings paie, gouernour of his towne and castle of Samur, ouerseer of his house and crowne of Nauarre.; De l'institution, usage, et doctrine du sainct sacrement de l'Eucharistie, en l'eglise ancienne. English Mornay, Philippe de, seigneur du Plessis-Marly, 1549-1623.; R.S., l. 1600. 1600 (1600) STC 18142; ESTC S115135 928,225 532 View Text
A45241 An exposition of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, according to John by Geo. Hutcheson. Hutcheson, George, 1615-1674. 1657 (1657) Wing H3826; ESTC R11373 940,105 442 View Text
A25404 The pattern of catechistical doctrine at large, or, A learned and pious exposition of the Ten Commandments with an introduction, containing the use and benefit of catechizing, the generall grounds of religion, and the truth of Christian religion in particular, proved against atheists, pagans, Jews, and Turks / by the Right Reverend Father in God Lancelot Andrews ... ; perfected according to the authors own copy and thereby purged from many thousands of errours, defects, and corruptions, which were in a rude imperfect draught formerly published, as appears in the preface to the reader. Andrewes, Lancelot, 1555-1626. 1650 (1650) Wing A3147; ESTC R7236 963,573 576 View Text
A30241 CXLV expository sermons upon the whole 17th chapter of the Gospel according to St. John, or, Christs prayer before his passion explicated, and both practically and polemically improved by Anthony Burgess ... Burgess, Anthony, d. 1664. 1656 (1656) Wing B5651; ESTC R13734 964,431 860 View Text
A25241 Looking unto Jesus a view of the everlasting gospel, or, the souls eying of Jesus as carrying on the great work of mans salvation from first to last / by Isaac Ambrose ... Ambrose, Isaac, 1604-1664. 1680 (1680) Wing A2957; ESTC R33051 999,188 563 View Text
A26981 A paraphrase on the New Testament with notes, doctrinal and practical, by plainess and brevity fitted to the use of religious families, in their daily reading of the Scriptures : and of the younger and poorer sort of scholars and ministers, who want fuller helps : with an advertisement of difficulties in the Revelations / by Richard Baxter. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1685 (1685) Wing B1338; ESTC R231645 1,057,080 615 View Text
A59035 The bowels of tender mercy sealed in the everlasting covenant wherein is set forth the nature, conditions and excellencies of it, and how a sinner should do to enter into it, and the danger of refusing this covenant-relation : also the treasures of grace, blessings, comforts, promises and priviledges that are comprized in the covenant of Gods free and rich mercy made in Jesus Christ with believers / by that faithful and reverend divine, Mr Obadiah Sedgwick ... ; perfected and intended for the press, therefore corrected and lately revised by himself, and published by his own manuscript ... Sedgwick, Obadiah, 1600?-1658. 1661 (1661) Wing S2366; ESTC R17565 1,095,711 784 View Text
A00593 Clavis mystica a key opening divers difficult and mysterious texts of Holy Scripture; handled in seventy sermons, preached at solemn and most celebrious assemblies, upon speciall occasions, in England and France. By Daniel Featley, D.D. Featley, Daniel, 1582-1645. 1636 (1636) STC 10730; ESTC S121363 1,100,105 949 View Text
A19309 A godly and learned exposition vppon the Prouerbes of Solomon: written in French by Maister Michael Cope, minister of the woorde of God, at Geneua: and translated into English, by M.O.; Sur les Proverbes de Salomon. English Cope, Michael, fl. 1557-1564.; Outred, Marcelline.; Fleming, Abraham, 1552?-1607. 1580 (1580) STC 5723; ESTC S108673 1,131,578 1,352 View Text
A30905 Truth triumphant through the spiritual warfare, Christian labours, and writings of that able and faithful servant of Jesus Christ, Robert Barclay, who deceased at his own house at Urie in the kingdom of Scotland, the 3 day of the 8 month 1690. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. 1692 (1692) Wing B740; ESTC R25857 1,185,716 995 View Text
A14710 An hundred, threescore and fiftene homelyes or sermons, vppon the Actes of the Apostles, written by Saint Luke: made by Radulpe Gualthere Tigurine, and translated out of Latine into our tongue, for the commoditie of the Englishe reader. Seene and allowed, according to the Queenes Maiesties iniunctions; In Acta Apostolorum per Divum Lucam descripta, homiliæ CLXXV. English Gwalther, Rudolf, 1519-1586.; Bridges, John, d. 1618. 1572 (1572) STC 25013; ESTC S118019 1,228,743 968 View Text
A03116 Mischeefes mysterie: or, Treasons master-peece, the Powder-plot Inuented by hellish malice, preuented by heauenly mercy: truely related. And from the Latine of the learned and reuerend Doctour Herring translated, and very much dilated. By Iohn Vicars.; Pietas pontificia. English Herring, Francis, d. 1628.; Vicars, John, 1579 or 80-1652. 1617 (1617) STC 13247; ESTC S104005 1,242,509 130 View Text
A03343 CLII lectures vpon Psalme LI preached at Ashby-Delazouch in Leicester-shire / by that late faithfull and worthy minister of Iesus Christ, Mr. Arthur Hildersam. Hildersam, Arthur, 1563-1632. 1635 (1635) STC 13463; ESTC S122925 1,242,509 854 View Text