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A66596 Davids zeale for Zion a sermon preached before sundry of the honourable House of Commons : at St. Margarets at Westminster, April 4 / by Tho. Wilson ... Wilson, Thomas, 1601-1653. 1641 (1641) Wing W2947; ESTC R378 27,474 59

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away her whoredomes out of her sight and her adulteries from betweene her brests Hos. 2. 2. In the substance of worship it is false and corrupt by mingling mens traditions and inventions with Christs commands and institutions which is a vaine worship In vaine do they worship me teaching for doctrine the commandements of men Matth. 15. 9. To frustrate Gods law and put it by by this meanes For laying aside the commandement of God ye hold the tradition of men as the washing of pots and cups and many other such like things ye do Mat. 7. 8. Full well ye reject the commandement of God that yee may keepe your owne tradition Verse 9. It is thus when men by constitutions make their inventions as thresholds without which you cannot enter into a house into the Church to any office or ordinance or as posts which uphold a house without which the Church will fall and go down They have defiled my holy name saith the Lord in their setting of their thresholds by my thresholds and their posts by my posts Ezek. 43. 8. In the externall forme and circumstance many superstitions be to be cast out injunctions not of God not good after the doctrines and commandements of men Col. 2. 22. to which a Christian redeemed by Christ hath no reason to be subject if ye bee 〈◊〉 with Christ from the rudiments of the world Why as though living in the world are yee subject to ordinances Coloss. 2. vers. 20. Many additions gestures now standing now kneeling are not necessary but cumbersome not to be tolerated any more than diminutions or mutations and alterations in Gods worship Whatsoever I command you observe to do it thou shalt not adde thereto nor diminish from it deuteronom. Chap. 12. Vers. 32. Gods Word is perfect to teach us what to know and what to doe and lackes not a jot nor a tittle Matth. Chap. 5. Vers. 18. The least commands to an iota or a tittle are to be religiously observed and the least additions by the same reason are to be rejected Mat. Chap. 5. Vers. 19. Away with all imagery which provokes God to be gone from his Sanctuary Let every image of jealousie be scene as an abomination and cast out as a provocation Ezek. Chap. 8. Vers. 5 6. That as wee justly abhorre the Romish harlet let us not weare her favour but deface and detest all her trumpery as the Lords Prophet told the people of the Lord Ye shall defile the covering of thy graven images of silver and the ornaments of thy molten images of gold thou shalt cast them away as a menstruous cloth thou shalt say unto it Get thee hence Isa. Chap. 30. Vers. 22. Thus the thorowly religious is to be truly zealous in Gods Church to remove purge out and oppose vicious persons erroneous doctrines superstitious worship 2 Zealous in promoting Gods glory with intension of affection and fervency in all good services for the house of the Lord to establish all in it aright This was in an eminent manner and measure in Nehemiah whom the zeale of Gods house did eat upon Remember me O my God concerning this and wipe not out my good deeds or kindnesses that I have done for the house of my God and for the offices thereof Nehem. 13. 14. In persons who are to be in the house of God Ministers to be countenanced and continued to labour in word and doctrine to stand and minister before the Lord When good Hezekiah beheld how the fathers before him had shut up the doores of the porch he opened the doores of the house of the Lord they had put out the lamps he brought in the Priests that religion might be restored heare him telling his purpose of heart Now it is in my heart to make a covenant with the Lord God of Israel that his fierce wrath may turne away from us 2 Chron. 29. 10. He animateth the Priests my sonnes be not now negligent for the Lord hath chosen you to stand before him to serve him and that you should minister unto him and burne incense Verse 10. These must be sent have a good call How shall they preach except they be sent Rom. 10. 15. Well qualified persons apt to teach the Word of God with prudence and utterance 1 Tim. 3. 2. Able well furnished with necessary abilities to instruct others 2 Tim. 2. 2. Vertuous in conversation shewing themselves patternes of good workes Titus 2. 7. Lovers of good men sober just holy temperate 1. 8. Members to be men sanctisied to performe duties and to partake of what is holy Men should be sanctified and that sufficiently for they could not keep the Passeover because they had not sanctified themselves sufficiently 2 Chron. 30. 3. Men upon whom is writ Holinesse to the Lord Zechar. 14. 20. But the Ganaanite is to be no more in the house of the Lord Verse 21. Without shall bee the uncircumcised and the uncleane God is in the assembly of his Saints Psal. 89. 7. God promiseth to dwell in Zion his holy mountaine then shall Ierusalem be holy and there shall no stranger passe through her any more Ioel 3. 17. It is sure men that are to be members are to professe holinesse and it is as true they should be as they professe Saints be calling 1 Cor. 1. 2. Gods way is called a way of holinesse the uncleane shall not passe over it Isay 35. 8. In doctrines zeale contends for truth and strives for the faith of the Gospell Iude v. 3. It was needfull to exhort you that you should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the Saints Pauls care was that the truth of the Gospell might abide with the Church Gal. 2. 5. and would not give place to them the false brethron Verse 4. no not for an houre It is truth is the ornament of mans speech and profession Truth beautifieth mens dealings and is not truth the glory of religion It is a girdle Ephes. 6. 14. In worship The zeale of Elias is as needfull as not able who was jealous for the Lord of hosts to behold what was done in Israel 1 King 19. 10. 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 was in the worship nor peace to the worshippers of God I. In the substance and inward forme that all Gods worship be in spirituall meanes and true manner with all purity They that worship God must worship him in spirit and truth Iohn 4. 24. 1 Preaching the Word of life and salvation It is the way of Gods good pleasure to save men albeit wittals call it foolishnesse 1 Corinth 1. 21. It is Christs institution established by his commission Goe ye into all the world and preach the Gospell to every creature Marke Chap. 16. Verse 15. 2 Reading the Scriptures not omitting them for Apocryphals Is not that order with some disgrace to Gods Spirit which excepts certaine Bookes and Chapters which bee least edifying and might best be spared
was Isaiah touched by the Seraphim Isay 6. 6 7. Thus Ieremy found the Word of the Lord as a fire not to be kept in Ier. 20. 9. 1 In preaching the word of God constantly without looking backe and diligently without wearinesse and sloth out of love to the Church to be as bellowes to stirre up the fire in others to promote grace in them to warme a cold and thaw a frozen people This is Apollos his praise who being fervent in the spirit he spake and taught diligently the things of the Lord Act. 18. 25. 2 In praying for the Church for Gods blessing on their people that they may be setled in the truth and confirmed in the will of God Preachers are to lift up a prayer for the Church by the helpe of Gods spirit King Hezekiah sent to the Prophet Isaiah Not to read out a prayer but to lift up a prayer for the remnant that is left 2 King 19. 4. This zeale in praying is not in being as a boy bound up in a booke nor as a child tied to a forme Paul gives record to the Minister of Colosse that he had a great zeale labouring or striving fervently for the Colossians in prayer this zeale in prayer is Epaphras his praise Col. 4. 12 13. 3 In hating evill with indignation a blessed passion against corruption 1 In doctrine to abhorre lies falsities vanities this was in the Ephesian Angel who could not beare with them which are evill which upon triall were found not Apostles but Apostates deceivers liers Rev. 2. 2. 2 In Worship our spirit should rise against all idolatries superstitions vaine inventions that no man may defile the temple of God Thus Paul his spirit was stirred within him when he saw the city wholly given to idolatry Acts 17. 16. 3 In practice draw out the sword of Gods spirit against all iniquity discover how God doth dislike all lewdnesse in any of their hearers Albeit men be great and bold sinners tell them what is not lawfull for them by a divine law Learne of the Baptist who would venture the liberty of his person rather than neglect the freedome of his Ministery and the delivering of the law of liberty freely and indifferently removing sin in all estates He would rather lose his head than hold his tongue before hypocriticall Herod Mat. 14. 4. 4 In suffering for the Church to confirme it in the truth Herein was Pauls zeale who saith If I be offered upon the sacrifice and service of your faith I joy and rejoyce with you all Phil. 2. 17. Preachers are to let liberties and lives goe for the good of the Church I am ready saith the Apostle not to be bound onely but also to die for the name of the Lord Jesus Acts 21. 13. Yea wee should not onely undergoe the crosse abide the prison but sometimes desire the deferring of our glory for the furtherance of the Church in grace as it is evident in that great strait Paul was in to depart and be with Christ was better for him to live and abide in the flesh was better for them Phil. 1. 23 24. Magistrates Gods Ministers the Ministers of State be ye zealous Feed you this holy fire as Davids zeal eat him up so let zeal of Gods house begin to eat upon you The helpfull friends of afflicted Zion 1 In casting out the filth in Gods house take away the wicked that it may not be a den of theeves stir up your spirits against them that are as the Cretians were alway liers evil beasts slow bellies Let Priests be held as pestilent let Iesuites be as Iebusites reckon false Apostles as withered Apostates Mind ye with all heedfulnesse that of our Saviour Every plant which my heavenly father hath not planted shall be rooted up Mat. 15. 13. Christ intends not topping or lopping of such trees he dislikes the root It is not any cutting or cropping wil be the cure it is the plucking up he intends when your wisdome discovers to you out of Gods Word by divine light What God your father and the father of our Lord Jesus Christ planted not up with that as ill weeds by the root should you shave them with a razor they would grow againe O think it not enough to clip their wings when Christ is against the being of such a body Let your zeale be kindled in your brests against them who have lift up their face against Gods law and by this made themselves contemptible and base before all the people against idolaters that by their fals have caused many to stumble Gird on your sword against cursed swearers prophane Sabbath-breakers the impure persons and those belly-gods drunkards and other of that infamous nature that are a sin and a shame among us Let David be your patterne in your work for the Church I will early destroy all the wicked of the land that I may cut off all wicked doers from the city of the Lord Psal. 101. 8. where he intended diligence constancy and impartiality Let your hearts be incouraged as that princely spirit of Iehoshaphat His heart was lift up in the ways of the Lord and he took away the high places and groves out of Iudah 2 Chro. 17. 6. Be ye baptized with our Saviours spirit when you meet with doctrines not after godlinesse and worship not after God Say by authority take these things hence 10. 2. 16. 2 In building God a house that the Lord God may dwell among us in zeal prepare him an habitation Exo. 15. 2. Baruch the sonne of Zabbai is renowned who repaired the wall of Ierusalem earnestly he was set on fire yea he fired himselfe burst out into heat as angry with himselfe and others so slothfull in the Lords work Nehem. 3. 20. Be ye of an high spirit bold in promoting the things of Gods house that all your best abilities and deepest projects may be with all stirring of heart subservient to Gods Church and subordinate to his glory Let the love of Christ be so warme in your hearts that whatsoever you perceive is wanting in the ministery in our assemblies in doctrine in discipline or any part of the worship of your God it may be repaired according to the law of the Lord and the counsell of the most High who will save Zion and hath his instruments his sanctified ones that ye may be called the repairers of the breach the restorers of the paths to dwell in Isa. 58. 12. 3 In defending the innocent countenancing well-doers you are for the praise of them that do well disgrace your flatterers and their slanderers plead ye the cause of Ieremy charged with revolt the cause of Paul accused of great and grievous things which cannot bee proved remember ye Christs case when he in his is called seditious Men run under your protection who had no comforter You are the shields of the earth let the cause of the poore come before you and let the needy that hath no