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A27130 Iacob is become a flame and the house of Esav stubble, or, The battail betwixt Michael and the dragon in which the seed of the woman is bruising the serpents head, and Cain the first birth ... is found the vagabond, and Abel and Abraham ... the friends of God : being a true discovery of the two seeds or births between which the enmity is put, the time and day being come in which the elder must serve the younger : with a few words to the priests, Bishops, Episcopal-men, and professors of this last age, and a short warning to the rulars and inhabitants of the earth. Bayly, William, d. 1675. 1662 (1662) Wing B1530; ESTC R27128 18,671 21

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though he might rage storme and persecute or promise all the Glory Kingdoms and pleasures of this world to be bowed unto or worshiped yet the Royal seed cannot give glory to another therefore would the Devil like his son Haman have him destroyed out of the world in which he himself hath been worshiped as God blinding and vailing the minde of mankind from the true knowledge and understanding of the noble seed the heir whose right it is alone to Reigne and he must Reigne now till all his enemies are trampled under his feet the Lord hath spoken it to whom be all Honour Worship Glory Dominion Praise Thanks-giving and Eternal songs of deliverance and Redemptions over all Heaven and Earth Halelujah Amen ALL you Bishops Prelates Preists Episcopal men or any other that are professing God Christ and Scriptures and are offering Sacrifice in your own wills and time and places out of the fear and counsel and wisdome of God This is the word of the Lord God you and your Sacrifices are not accepted in his sight but are Abomination unto him even iniquity and Idolatry and all your prayers singings preachings fastings feastings and roarings enters not into the ears of the Lord God of Sabboths but is a smoak in his nostrils all the day long and all your Sacrifices and Sacraments as you call them are not better in the sight of the pure living God of Heaven then if you cut off a Dogs neck or offered Swines blood for it is so you offer Swines blood and not the blood of the Lamb without spot the acceptable seed and the broth of Abominable things which the Lord abhors is in your Vessels if you have ears to hear hear you offer Swines blood the life of the Swine the greedy devourer that lives in your dwellings in which the Devils is entered and you are running violently down the steep place and you will perish among the waters if you Repent not and turn speedily the Lord hath spoken it Therefore hear hear you that are offering Sacrifice and prayers called Common and are in your will Worships and feigned humility never commanded of God though you make a great noyse with your Organs and Sacraments and Surplices and Tippits and Girdles and tables and fingings and pipings and ringings and the like it s all but as the hidious howling of a Dog at midnight whilst you live in lusts envy pride coveteousness coveteousness and unrighteousness and no more accepted of the Righteous holy just God then Cains was the Vagabond who slew his brother being in the same nature and ground of malice and wickedness and God hath set a mark upon you as upon Cain which shall never be blotted out unless you turn and be converted from that root and sink down in your minds to the righteous suffering seed in you which never had fellowship in these things in which you are thus excercised but reproves you in secret for sin and lets you see the evil and vanity of your ways For while you do evil sin lyeth at your door and your prayers and Sacrifices do not enter into the acceptance of the holy God for God heareth not sinners but if any man be a Worshiper of God and doth his will him he heareth but none worships God but them 〈◊〉 worship him in spirit and in truth even in that spirit which you dayly greive and provoke with your abominations and Sacrifices and Oblations sinning and superstitions which he is weary to bear of which he will shortly ease himself and of you also if you proceed in these things which never came into his mind to commend or require at your hands Therefore hear and consider and fear and tremble before the just God of power who is arisen to plead with you about these things and will reprove you for your words worships and Sacrifices feigned imitations which are without the true knowledge darkening the Counsel of God in your own selves and others whereby his pure way of life and truth is not heeded but evil spoken of and his Eternal Counsel by you is not understood which is to stand still in the Light of Christ Jesus the Saviour and not will nor run but as led and guided by it which leads out of all unrighteousness into soberness goodness equity all truth it will let you see if you are quiet in your minds that the jealous God of holiness hath no fellowship nor delight in your ways of superstition and wickedness but secretly saith Returne returne this is not your rest for it is poluted but and if you will not hear and come into the still waters of Shiloah which run saftly but will still ride upon Horses even go on in the strength of your wills in your great noyse of false worships ways Sacrifices and ungodliness then they that persue you even the Judgements of God shall be very swift against you faith the Lord God of Hosts This is your warning and visitation as shall be witnessed whether you hear or forbear Some occasional Queries concerning a Vagabond 1. Qu. VVHether the ground of being a Vagabond be the want of an outward Inheritance Habitation or earthly riches or certain dwelling place in the Earth as some have said yea or nay if yea then how was Cain as a Vagabond seeing he was a Rich man and had an Inheritance and certain dwelling place in the Earth who builded a City and called it after the name of his son Gen. 4. 2. Qu. And if the want of an outward Inheritance or certain dwelling place in the Earth be the only ground of being a Vagabond then whether Abraham was a Vagabond when he went out of his own Country not knowing whether he went having not so much ground as to set his foot on of whom it is written he is called the freind of God Acts 7. Heb. 11. For there hath been a great noise in the World amongst the Rich and great men and professors thereof in these latter days saying if you cannot give an account of your certain dwelling place habitation or place of aboad in the earth we account you as Vagabonds and wanderers and Rogues and you must be prosecuted against as such by our Law Ordinace or Act of Parliament or the like which if they have such a Law that doth Iudge conclude such to be Vagabonds as have no certain dwelling place in the earth that this in their account is the ground of being a Vagabond then marke how far this Law will reach 3. Qu. Whether it will not reach as far in this case as did the Scribs and Pharisees the Jews Law to the son of God who said we have a Law and by our Law he ought to dye for said Christ the Foxes have holes such as Herod and the fowles of the Aire have nests of whome the Devil is Ruler but the son of man hath no where to lay his head Now this Law taks hold of him and of Abraham his freind
and laid low the haughtiness and hewed down the tree of wickedness and unrighteousness in us from whence these evil fruits before mentioned proceeded and hath redeemed us from our vain conversation in which we were as other Gentiles walking in the vanitys of our minds in the Lusts of Ignorance and hath raised up by the same power a seed of his own begetting in us having cast out the heathen in us that knew not God and prepared roome for his own Life and power and wisdome which is foolishness to the world to take possession of our hearts and consciences for ever to which our souls are subject knowing him to be the higher power who hath put down all Rule and all Authority in us which was contrary to him who is now become our King and our Law-giver Teacher and Saviour which no man can remove from us into a corner and we are led and guided by his spirit who is the wonderful Counsellour the mighty God the Prince of peace and are not Rebellious wilful or stubborn neither to God nor man in what is manifest to be his will concerning us And as for Magistrates and such as are in the Authority and power of God as was Moses and such men fearing God hating covetousness injustice and unrighteousness we dearly own and honour in the Lord even such as are punishers of evil doers favourers and encouragers of them that do well these are Magistrats in Gods behalfe bearing the Sword of Justice and true Judgement and not in vain being in the power and wisdome of God a terrour to evil doers and a praise to them that do well these are worthy of honour these rule well these answer the witness of God in all people these Judge Righteously equally and justly without partiallity in the fear and dread and domion of God having respect to him and his honour only in what they do not seeking their own honour which would perish but in meekness soberness and soundness of minde and Judgement without respect of persons judging between man and man being able to discerne the ground of all causes and controversies in the Light and Counsel of God whose servants they are mark that these are Magistrats not every one that beareth that name no more then all that profess Christ in words are Christians who can say Lord Lord and we are Christians and we love God when they hate the light his own witness in them and walk in darkness being Lyers and Hypocrits for none are Christians really and in Gods sight but they that follow Christ in the Regeneration being borne again through the strength and power and vertue of his own life and spirit being guided by it out of all unrighteousness into holiness righteousness and truth for they that say they are Christians and are not are Lyers and of the Synagoge of Satan whose will and works they do even they it is that bear the name of Magistrates and are not really so Now Magistrates are not a terrour to good works but to the evil mark that but such as have been and yet are so called in England New and Old have been and yet are a terrour to good works contrary to the end and will of God government on Earth and the very word Magistrate so that such are but like them that said they were Jews and were not but of the Synagogue and generation of him who hath been a lyer from the beginning for this I testifie in the Lord without respect of persons that such are not Magistrates ordained by him that are out of his fear and those good properties and qualities before mentioned though they may be rich and great men in the earth as Cain Esau and Haman were yet are like the Preists that bear rule by their means and not by the power wisdome and mercy of God who will rage and fume and storme like a wild Bull in a net before they have heard the causes and controversies of such as are brought before them because the spirit of Pride and Ambition which is of the Devil is not bowed unto and will imprison people right or wrong without breach of any just Law of God or man these are not Magistrates but evil doers and Magistrates are for the punishing of evil doers neither is that a just Law but an unrighteous decree which is made to be a terrour to good works and an encouragement to evil doers this is turning Judgment into Gall and Righteousness into Hemlock and the Sword backwards Consider these things for with them God is not pleased who beholds the prey that is made on them that depart from iniquity in the Land For such do well and are not evil doers who meet together in the fear of the true God to wait upon him in the light of his counsel by it to be guided into all truth through the knowledge of his will concerning them and their salvation that so they may serve God in his holy way acceptably all the daies of their life with reverence and godly fear for our God is a consuming fire and he or she that bears witness in the spirit of truth and power of righteousness against Pride Idolaty Popery or superstition or any other ungodly lusts deceit or hypocricy as preaching for money or Judging for rewards and such like Injustice Oppression and cruelty or any of the fruits of the corrupt tree which God is hewing down for the fire I say that man or woman boy or girle of the streets of Ierusalem that so doth as afore mentioned in the name of the Lord doth well and they that abuse them for so doing doth evil and God shall require it at their hands for he or she that stands a witness in the power and wisdome of God which is the higher power against the fleshly lusts which warr against the soul is in so doing the souls freind he that can hear let him him hear for to the higher power which was before the lusts and wills of men or the powers of darkness Death Hell and transgression the lower condemned power was are we subject and this seed or life which God hath raised in us who at this day are called Quakers cannot bow down to the Devil the lower power nor worship that spirit of Pride enmity ambition and wickedness which God hath determined to destroy root and branch and them that live in and worship it for it is the Image of the old Serpent the Devil and destroyer of mankind to which the pure Image or son of the living God could never bow but was always a sufferer for a season under its enmity and cruelty as may be seen throughout all ages to this day for it is no new thing to see him that is born after the flesh oppress and persecute him that is born after the spirit for it began at Abel even about sacrifice and is the same at this day for whatsoever you may say and profess in words Cain could also talk