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A17478 A briefe and necessarie catechisme, concerning the principall poynts of our Christian religion Written for the good of all such as seeke after consolation in Christ. By R.C. R. C., fl. 1602.; Greenham, Richard, attributed name. aut 1574 (1574) STC 4296; ESTC S115042 20,180 63

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for the better vnderstanding of euery one of the Commaundements Yes there are foure which haue especiall vses 1. In euery commaundement where euill is forbidden the contrarie good is commaunded and where any good is commaunded the contrarie euill is forbidden 2. In euery commaundement manie more euils are forbidden many more good things commaunded then in worde are expressed 3. God is a Spirit and therefore his commaundements require a spirituall obedience 4. In euery Commaundement where euill is forbidden there the occasions of euill are also forbidden and where good is commaunded there also the occasions of good are commaunded What is the first Commaundement Thou shalt haue no other Gods but me What euill is heere generally forbidden Euen that which the words do import What good is commaunded To haue God my onely God and to be alwaies in his presence What is it to haue God to be our only God. To giue him all those things which be proper and peculiar to his maiestie Which be those that properly concerne God and therefore be the especiall things commaunded The summe of them are these I am bound by this Commaundement to bel●●ue in God to loue feare and obey him to praise him and pray vnto him After what sort must you performe these duties With my whole mind and vnderstanding with my whole hart strength Which be the peculiar things forbidden To faile in giuing to God any of these or the like good things in any part or respect What else is particularly forbidden To giue any of these fore-named things to any creature or any other thing whatsoeuer whereby our hart may be in any sort withdrawen from God. What be the occasions of breaking this Commaundement 1. The vaine desire of pleasures riches and glory of this world 2 A negligent and carelesse vse of the meanes to serue God. Are not the contrarie good things to these Commaunded 1 Yes As first a hart contented with any estate and vsing the things of this world as if it vsed them not 2 A reuerent and diligent vse of the means to serue God his prouidence Rehearse the second Commandement Thou shalt not make to thy selfe any grauen Image c. What euill is expresly forbidden heere I am forbidden to make any Image eyther to represent God or worship him by What euill is generally forbidden I must auoid all inuentions and deuises of man in the outward worship of God which be contrarie or beside the word What be the especiall euils forbidden Chiefely all the corruptions in the substance of doctrine Prayer Sacraments and discipline of the Church What occasions of euils be forbidden There be some which we must necessarily auoid vnlesse we will fall into superstition and idolatrie as 1 To ioyne the false parts of worship with the true worship of God. 2 To be present at idolatreas and superstitious seruice 3 The reseruation of some especiall monument of superstition and idolatry Which be the lesser occasions forbidden and yet so that we haue the especiall grounds of Gods worship which must and may tollerate when we cannot helpe them 1 All vaine idle and superstitious ceremonies 2 All keeping companie with false worshippers Is not the euill in hart also forbidden Yes so farre forth as I trust in my hart to haue any of them preuaile or be established What good is commaunded 1 Generally all the outward means of God his worship which be agreeable to his written word 2 Specially doctrine prayer sacraments and discipline of the Church as agree with Gods word in the substance thereof What occasions of good be commanded 1 To haue and vse good bookes of the doctrine and histories of the Church written according to Gods word 2 Erecting maintaining of schooles of learning as nurseries of the ministery 3 Sufficient prouision to be made for the ministers 4 Building maintayning Churches with all things belonging thereto 5 All good ceremonies and orders agreeable to Gods word 6 All familiar company with the true worshippers of God. What good in hart is heere commaunded To vse the meanes of Gods worship not onely outwardly but also in spirit and truth What meane these words For I the Lord thy God am a iealous god c. That God will punish false worship in the false worshipper and vnto the third and fourth generation in their posteritie What is meant by that And will shewe mercie vnto thousands c. That God will blesse his true worship in the true worshippers and their posteritie into the fourth discent What is the vse of these To make false worship more vile and his true worship more pretious in our eyes Rehearse the third Commaundement Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vaine c. What is heere forbidden 1 All periury or false swearing banning or cursing inchanting or coniuring 2 All swearing by false Gods or naming them with reuerence 3 All customable speaking of God or swearing without reuerence 4 Causing Gods Name to be dishonored by false doctrine or an vngodly life in my selfe or other What good is commaunded 1 In matters concerning Gods glory I must sweare by God onely in iustice iudgement and truth 2 I must indeuour from my hart to grow vp in the true knowledge of God and a godly life that God may be glorified therein VVhat meane those words For the Lord will not hold him guiltlesse that taketh c. That God will certainly punish the dishonouring of his name in any sort VVhat is the vse hereof To make vs more fearefull to dishonour God and more carefull to honour him Rehearse the fourth Commandement Remember the saboth day to keepe it holy c. VVhat is heere commaunded Generally to make it my whole delight to sanctifie the holy Saboth of the Lord from morning to night 1 Particularly to vse all the publike meanes of Gods worship in the congregation of Gods people 2 To reioyce to vse all such priuate exercises as may make the publique meanes profitable to my selfe to other VVhat be those priuate exercises 1 The examining of my sinful wants priuate prayer reading the scripture singing of Psalmes conferring with other and applying all things to my selfe with a care to profit other 2 Releeuing the néedie visiting the sicke and them that be in prison comforting them that are in misery reconciling them that be at variance admonishing the vnruly c. 3 The considering the creatures of God thereby to prouoke my selfe and other to prayse him VVhat else is generally commaunded A diligent searching with my hart with the like care to finde out and to reape some profit of the forenamed meanes so that I may be better for and thorow them VVhat is forbidden Generally the vsing of those eyther priuate or publike means in ceremonies without some good fruit in my selfe or care of fruit in other 1 Particularly All such labours and pleasures in thought word or deede as may hinder me or other fron vsing or
profitable conuenient vse of all Gods creatures 4 Though I suffer hurt by sathan or want of his creatures yet all this shall turne to my good in the end How can this be Because God can doe it as an almightie God and will doe it as a most mercifull and louing father True it is that by creation we had this benefit but we haue lost it and are become the children of wrath how then can God become our father and shew vs thys mercy Hee is become my father by faith in Christ the sonne of God What beleeue you of GOD the Sonne First that he is able to worke my saluation 2. That he hath wrought it indeed after the manner that is heere set downe How can you beleeue that he is able to worke your saluation I beléeue it because he is both God and man and hath receiued an office from God the Father to worke my saluation By what words in the Creed do you beleeue that Christ is God. By these His onely sonne I declare that I beleeue in Christ the onely begotten Sonne of God begotten of his Father before all worlds God of God light of light verie God of verie God begotten nor made being of one substance of the father by whom all things were made Why call you him the onely begotten Sonne of God. Because he is the alone Sonne of God by nature How can this be seeing the Angels Adam and we also be the Sonnes of God. Adam was the sonne of God by creation which state we haue lost but now we be the sonnes of GOD by regeneration VVhy was it requisite hee should be God. Because nothing but God was able to abide and ouercome the wrath of God and the punishment due vnto sinne What comfort haue you by this that Christ is God. Héereby I am assured that he is able to saue me by reconciling me to the Father that he may make me the child of God. By what words in the Creede doe you shew that you beleeue that Christ is man. By these words Borne of the Virgine Mary where I shew that he was borne as other men bee and subiect to all infirmities of man sinne onely excepted Why are these words added Conceiued by the holy Ghost To shew that Christ by the holy Ghost was conceiued in the womb of the virgin Mary she continuing still a pure virgin and that he was borne holy and without sinne whereto all other by nature are subiect VVas it needfull that Christ should be without sinne Yea For otherwise the Godhead and manhood could not haue him ioyned together besides if he had béene a sinner hee could not haue satisfied for others sinnes Why was it requisite that he should be man Because the righteousnes of God requireth that the same nature which had sinned should also pay and make amends for sinne What cōfort is in this that Christ is man I am thereby assured that Christ is fit to suffer the punishment of my sinne and beeing man himselfe will be more pittifull and mercifull to me vvhat fruit haue you by his holy conception I am assured that his holy conception hath couered the corruption of my nature and that his pure conception shall be imputed vnto mee vvhat comfort haue you by this that he is both God and man That hee is able to finish most fully my saluation seeing as hee is man hee is fit to suffer for sinnes as hee is GOD hee is able to beare the punishment of sinne and to ouercome in suffering and therefore to be called Iesus vvhat doth Iesus signifie It signifieth a Sauiour which name agreeth to Christ because hee saueth mee from all my sinnes because there is no other meanes whereby I may in part or whole bee deliuered from them vvhat comfort haue you by this Euen the same which I said and the rather because GOD from heauen gaue him this name and the Church on earth hath subscribed thereunto What signifieth Christ. Annoynted for he was annoynted to be a Prophet a Priest and a King for all his people and so for mee How gather you this By the annoynting Prophets Priests and Kinges which were figures of him VVas Christ annoynted with materiall oyle as they were No But with all gifts of the Spirit without measure Why call you him Prophet Because he was is and euer shal be the onely teacher of the Church What were then the Prophets and Apostles They were his disciples and seruants speaking onely by his spirit What comfort haue we by this Héereby I am assured that he will lead me into all truth needful for Gods glory and my saluation Why call you him Priest. Because offering vp himselfe a sacrifice once for all he hath satisfied for all my sinnes and maketh continuall intercession to the father for me What comfort doe wee reape by his Priesthood That I am sure that he is my Mediatour and that I am made a Priest. How is that By him I haue fréedome and boldnes to draw néere and offer vp my selfe and all that I haue to God the Father Why call you him King. Because he doth guide and gouerne me to euerlasting life by his word and spirit What comfort haue you by this Héereby I am assured that by his kingly power I shall finally ouercome the flesh the World Death and Hell. Why call you him Lord. For that not with gold or siluer but with his precious blood he hath purchased ▪ vs to be a peculier people to himselfe VVhat comfort haue you thereby ▪ Séeing hée hath paid so precious a price for me that he will not ▪ suffer me to perish VVhat is the second thing wherein thy faith in Christ consisteth I beleeue that he hath wrought my saluation in deed after that manner that is set downe in the Creed ▪ How is that 1 First by his most painefull sufferings for sinne 2 By his most glorious victorie and triumph ouer sinne In what words are his paineful suffrings expressed In these Suffered vnder Pontius ▪ Pilate was crucified dead and buried c. vvhat is the generall meaning of these words Therein I shew my selfe to beléeue that Christ indured most grieuo●s torments both of bodie and soule vvhat comfort haue you ny this I am fréed from all those punishments of bodie and soule which my sins haue ▪ deserued How then commeth it to passe that we are so often afflicted with grieuous torments of bodie and soule Our sufferings are not by desert any satisfaction for our sinnes in any part but being sanctified in the most holy sufferings of Christ they are medicines against sinne vvhy are those words set downe Suffered vnder Pontius Pilate Not onely for the truth of the story but also to teach that he appeared willingly and of his owne accord before an earthly Iudge of whō he was pronounced innocent yet by the same man condemned vvhat comfort haue you hereof That my Sauiour thus suffering not for his owne sinnes but wholy for