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A29447 A brief discovery of a threshold estate of Antichrist now extant in the world viz., a description of 1. the true and false temple, 2. the false ministery, and 3. the false churches : whereunto is added the trial of one George Fox in Lancashire, with his answer to eight articles exhibited against him, being sent in a letter from Keller to some friends in York-shire : also, certain queries upon a petition lately presented to the Parliament from divers gentlemen and others in Worcester-shire : necessary to be answered by the petitioners who are said to be 6000 in number. Buttivant, Samuel. 1653 (1653) Wing B4585; ESTC R29903 15,599 25

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arising out of the first nature and every man by nature is worse then a beast then your worships in the first nature must needs be heathenish beastial and brutish all guided by their owne wills and worship you know not what John the fourth saith See what reformation is wrought in you and what you are changed from the Lord doth require your hearts but see when you are here that your hearts be not in your chests and coffers and amongst your cattle and in your fields among your corn and herds ' and flocks of sheep and your thoughts roving abroad and then you are serving the Devil and not the Lord and your Priests do bewitch you with those things God never commanded as to hold up these Idoll-Temples and tell you it is a house of God There was a Temple built God commanded Solomon to build him one but it was but one and it was but to serve for a time a figure for the time then present and likewise that was outward was but to serve for its time till Christ came which was the substance and then the shadow was to be done away afterwards they who were made the Temple of the living God denyed all outward Temples and said that God did not dwell in them as Steven did witness Act. 7.27 28.29 and he that professeth to be sent of God and holdeth up those things that God doth forbid he is a lyer and lying is of the Devil he is the Father of lies likewise Paul witnesseth the same saith God did neither dwell there neither was he worshipped there Act. 17.24 15. Paul after calleth it an Idols Temple 1 Cor. 8.10 and Amos said that the songs of the Temple should be turned into howling and Jesus said to the woman of Samaria that they should neither worship at Jerusalem nor at the Mount which had been the chiefest places of worship but said he ye shall worship at neither of them but said he they that worship the Father shall worship him in Spirit and truth but see what you worship even the works of your hands afterward Jesus said that there should not be one stone left upon another that should not be thrown down of the Temple Matth. 24. That was commanded to be built and there was never any other commanded to be built but these were set up in the time of darkness by the Papists and are now upheld but come out of them lest ye be partakers of the wrath of God for Gods dwelling is in the Saints the Corinthians were made the Temple of the living God 1 Cor. 16.17 c. Come out of the Idolls Temple and cease from all your Idol shepherds that feed themselves with the fat and clothe themselves with the wool but the Lord will feed them with judgement read the 34 of Ezekiel and Jeremiah 23. they bear rule by their means and preach for hire A filthy abominable thing Jer. 5. toward the latter end as these false teachers of Israel did so do they and they look for gaine from their quarter now as they did then Mic. 3.11 And they are hirelings that Christ spoke of John 10. and they act in the same state as the Scribes and Pharisees did which were enemies to Jesus Christ they have the chiefest seats in the Assemblies as they had and the upermost rooms at feasts and greetings in the Markets as the Scribes and Pharisees had which were enemies to Jesus Christ and they are called of men Masters as they were Mat. 23. But Christ did forbid his to be called Masters and there was no Masters Peter no Master Paul no Master and he that professeth Jesus Christ and acts contrary to Christ he shews himself to be an Antichrist there is not a word in the Scriptures of sprinkling Infants and these Deceivers call it an Ordinance of Christ when it is but a Mark of the Beast There is not a word that speaketh of a Sacrament nor to put Davids condition into time and meeter to sing them to the dishonour of God not understanding what you do they are deceivers and blind guides cease from them all and hold them not up There is not a word in the Scripture to put Davids condition into rime and meeter sometimes he quaked and trembled and lay roaring all the day long that he watered his bed with his tears and how can you sing these conditions but dishonour the Lord and say all your bones quake and your flesh trembles and that you water your bed with your teares when you live in pride and hautiness and pleasure and wantonness hold not up these abominations for shame as to sing his prayings praisings and prophesyings in a meeter and to sing lyes in hypocrisie and say O Lord I am not puft up in minde I have no scornful eye when thou art puft up in scorn and derision that you can scarse one look at another with any love in reality but dissimulation for you profess love to day and if your will be crost you will envy and hate to morrow for shame give over deceiving and dissembling God will not be mocked he is of purer eyes then to behold iniquity cease from all your false Teachers they deceive you and you will never be profited by them and minde your Teacher within Ier. 31.34 all shall be taught of God and Isa. 54.13 Io. 6.46 1 Iohn 2.27 all the children of the Lord are taught of the Lord in righteousness and they are established in righteousness and free from oppression mind the light within that shews you sin and evil and the vanity of your minde and your roving thoughts and wandring desires and cheks you when you lye or swear or do any wrong to any and it will not suffer you to do amiss if ye love that and yeild obedience to it it will turn your mindes within and set a watch over all your thoughts words and actions and it will cross your wills and being led by that light it will lead you out of all the wayes of the world and out of all the worlds vanities and worships and delights and being obedient to the light within that doth discover darkness it will lead you up to purity to holiness to uprightness without which none shall see the Lord profess what you will and there is your Teacher present with you that light obeying is your salvation and disobeying that light is your condemnation Houle you proud Priests the Lord is coming to beat up your quarters you must all be called to an account the son of Thunder is coming abroad to sound Trumpets to call to battel against the great day of the Lord it is coming on a pace your Kingdome must be taken from you the Lord is coming to plead with all flesh in the valley of Iehosaphat by his sword and by fire and great shall be the slaine of the Lord Repent repent and give over deceiving of the people and make
restitution to whom you have robbed in taking tythes gifts and rewards contrary to the minde and will of the Lord Alas alas poor poor Priests your downfal is near at hand Published by Thomas Aldam Benjamin Nicholson John Harwood The Idols Temple where the Beast is Worshipped THis is the Idols Temple where the worship of the Beast is upheld and all the beasts they meet here to the dishonour of the onely true God that dwelleth in Temples made without hands who is worshipped in his Temple at new Ierusalem the City of the living God by those who have their Fathers name written in their foreheads Rev. 14.1 ver. to worship him in Spirit and in truth for he seeketh such to worship him Ioh. 4.23.24 vers. Rev. 15.1 2 3 4 5. verses Cease from this hireling that standeth up to deceive you all by his imaginations Isa. 2.22 Ioh. 10. The Lord is coming to beat up your quarters all ye proud Priests God that made the world dwelleth not in Temples made with hands neither is worshipped with mens hands Act. 17.24 25. verses and all the children of the Lord are taught of the Lord and shall be taught of the Lord Isa. 54.13 Jer. 31.34 Heb. 8.10 1 Iohn 2.27 verses Down with this Idols Temple the Saints are made the true Temples of the living God 1 Cor. 3.16 Down with this Deceiver Tythe-monger and Robber stealing the words of the Prophets and the Apostles to sell them for money to uphold them in pride and covetousness lusts and excess Away with them for shame come down thou Deceiver and give over deceiving the people and God and make restitution to whom thou hast robbed by taking gifts and rewards and tythes and confess thy faults to the people the Lord doth require it sit down and lament in dust and ashes All people that meet here live in pride and hautiness covetousness and oppression lying and swearing scoffing and mocking and drunkenness hypocrisie and dissimulation pleasures and wantonness gameing and sporting and all manner of unrighteousness these are the fruits of the Devil and his servants ye are to whom ye do obey Repent and amend your lives and forsake the evil of your doings the great day of the Lord is near he is coming to plead with all flesh by his sword and by fire sit down in dust and ashes and lament for the misery that is coming know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the Kingdome of heaven worship not the Beast fear the Lord God and lay aside pride and covetousness and drunkenness lying and swearing sports and pastimes lay aside your hoods and vails ye careless daughters that are at ease wo is to you lay aside your silks and velvets and your rings and gawdy attire and feed the hungry cloath the naked and let the oppressed go free sit down and lament the Lord hath sent to forwarn you of his judgements that are to come upon you except you repent and turn to him with speed the Lord is coming to judgement the glittering sword is drawn it is furbished and made fit for the slaughter to cut down to the ground all fruitless Trees he is coming to plead with all flesh by his sword and by fire upon all the Children of disobedience the wrath of God is to be revealed from heaven in flames of fire upon all the children of disobedience Now the Scriptures is to be fulfilled iniquity is grown to the height awake awake and stand up to the judgement let the time past of your lives seem sufficient that you have wrought evil and now forsake the evil of your doings pride is abomination to the Lord away with it for shame lay aside your bare necks and bracelets your tricks and toys and changeable suits of Apparel that you make to make your selves appear beautiful in the eyes of the world and fear the Lord God Almighty Rev. 18.20 21 22. Rev. 19.11 12 13 14 15 16. Isa. 3.18 19 20 21 22. Lay aside your curious mindes that feedeth upon novelties and dainty dishes Dives-like forget the poor that are in wants seek them out and feed them and cloath them suffer them not to want the earth is the Lords and the fulness thereof lay aside hauking and hunting and seek the Lord while he may be found wo to the crown of Pride saith the Lord God wo to all drunkards wo to the swearer and vain talkers wo vnto them that draw iniquity as with cart-ropes adding sin unto sin lying to swearing swearing to foolish talking adding foolish talking to drunkenness and revenge pevishness and perversness gameing and sporting pleasure and wantonness nourishing your hearts as in a day of slaughter repent repent and hast to meet the Lord by yeelding obedience to him least his judgements come upon you at unawares and destroy you all at once take heed of makeing a scoff at this as you will answer it before the great Judge of heaven and earth Written from the Spirit of the Lord Of the false Ministery THe Priests of the world are 1. Conjurers raising dead Doctrines dead Reasons dead Uses dead Motives dead tryals out of the Letter which is death raising death out of death not able Conjurers speaking a divination of their owne brain Heb. 7.16 2 Cor. 3.6 7. Ier. 14.14 Ezek. 13.6 7 8.9 Mic. 3.11 2. Theeves and Robbers Iohn 10.1 He that enters not through the door into the sheepfold but climeth up another way the same is a thief and a robber such as never came through sufferings in the flesh through the death of Serpentine power within to life viz. Ier. 28.30 32. Rom. 10.8 9 10 11. 3. Antichrists 1 Ioh. 4.3 such as in words profess the Scriptures to be their rule and walk contrary to the Scriptures A declaration of the eternal word are Antichrists but the Priests of Baal cannot shew any Scripture-command or example for their heathenish wayes and beastial worships 4. Witches such as draw poor creatures from dwelling in waiting upon the pure light within them to follow the dreams and fancies of blind guides without them bewitch and beguile poor creatures Gal. 3.1 5. Devils such as abide not in the doctrine of Christ are Devils the Serpent is head in them but where light is manifested it doth discover the Priests of the world that turne their backs from the pure doctrine of Christ not living in the life and power of the Scripture as they did that gave them forth Iohn 8.24 Rev. 2.10 6. Lyers such as seemingly preach the truth not having the faithful witness ruling in them are lyers he that saith he is sent and is not called internally by the Lord is a lyer The commission and call of Baals Priests come from Oxford and Cambridge which they call the Well-head of Divinity but I am sure many corrupt streams issue from thence and then the fountain cannot be good that I can witness fetching the same commodities drinking a