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A40339 A few queries to the teachers of the Episcopal Society (so called) Fox, George, d. 1661. 1660 (1660) Wing F2002A; ESTC R26729 1,685 1

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A few Queries to the Teachers of the Episcopal Society so called VVHo was the first Institutor of a man to be Supream Head of the Church next and Immediate under Christ and of Arch-Bishops and Lord-Bishops and from whence had they their Original Did not these things arise since the Apostacy and have they not been Practised by the Apostatised Christians since the Antichrists went out from the true Apostles Or were these things practised by the true Apostles Or did they confesse any more than one Head of the Church Or that to them there was any more than one Lord And was not that Head and Lord Christ Jesus And whether they that make or confesse other Lords or another Head of the Church than Christ do not walk according to the course of the Gentiles which knows not God and contrary to the command of Christ and the practise of the true Apostles seeing Christ said to his Disciples the Gentiles exercise Lordship one over another but it shall not be so with you mark that for he that will be greatest amongst you let him be servant unto all And where was any of the true Apostles or Ministers of Christ called Lord-Bishops or Arch-Bishops Or where was there any King in their time called the Supream Head of the Church next unto Christ Or where did they prophesie that it should afterwards be so among the Saints Or is not this rather a part of the Cup of Fornication which the Whore of Babylon hath caused the Kings of the Earth to drink in the night of Apostacy yea or nay And who was the first Inventor of Surplices and Tippits as they are called did the true Apostles and Ministers of Christ use any of them in their Worship Or had they Organs and Singing Boys dressed in White going and Singing in their Worship From whom had all these things their Original And are any of these things required of the true Worshippers which the Father seeks who Worship him in the Spirit and in the Truth if they be prove it by Scripture Or are they not come up since the Apostacy and are they not practised amongst the Will Worshippers yea or nay And who first invented this for a Baptisme viz. that a Teacher should Sprinkle a little water on a Childs face and make a Crosse on its forehead with his finger and that there should be God-Fathers and God-Mothers as they are called to name the Child from whom had all these things their Original Did the true Apostles Practise these things Or are they not come up in the night of Apostacy And why do you call those that name the Children God-Fathers and God-Mothers Hath God any Fathers or Mothers Answer to every particular in plain English according to the Scriptures that poor people may see your Ground and Foundation and Rule for all these things And do you believe that any can be free from sin in this life keep Gods holy Will and Commandments If not then how dare you enjoyn those that you call God-Fathers and God-Mothers to promise and vow these things in the Childs name mark that it shall forsake the Devil and all his works mark that the pompes and vanities of this World and all the sinfull lusts of the flesh and that it should keep Gods Holy Will and Commandments now if you say they may forsake all these things and keep Gods holy Will and Commandments then will it not overthrow what you Teach your selves at other times and if people do not or cannot forsake the Devil and all his works the pomps and vanities of this wicked World and the sinful lusts of the flesh and keep Gods holy Will and Commandments then do you not cause them you call God-Fathers and God-Mothers to Promise and Vow lies and impossibilities in Childrens Names Now Answer these things in Plainness and Moderation without fleeing to your carnal weapons and be not like those that instead of answering have raged and persecuted those that have Queried them There are many things more appertaining to your Worship which I cannot own to be Right but I would see how you will get through these things and what satisfaction you are able to give concerning these few and then as the Lord moves you may hear of many things more which are to be Queried The 22 d. of the 4th Month 1660. From a Faithfull Souldier of the Army of the Lamb which must get the Victory for whose Testimony I suffer in Lambeth-House George Fox the Younger LONDON Printed for Robert Wilson and are to be sold at his Shop at the Sign of the Black-spread Eagle and Wind-Mill in Martins Le Grand 1660. Query 1. Coll. 1.18 2 Cor. 8 5 6. Mat. 20.25 26.27 Query 2. Iohn 4.23.24 Query 3.