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A42468 The churche[s] publick order argued and opened by a second confere[nce] betweene Silvanus and Himeneu[s] ... wherein the ordinances of the Church of Engla[nd for] Gods publick worship are proved to beagreeable to Gods sacred word / by L.G. [i.e. I.G.], a continuall friend and lover ofthe tr[uth]. J. G. 1643 (1643) Wing G33; ESTC R42041 23,389 47

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of most or all reformed Churches p. 473 and pag. 499. And it is an Act and Statute Law in our Church of England Anno 5. 6. of Edw 6th Chap. the third in these very words Neither is it to be thought that there is any certaine time or definite number of days prescribed in holy Scripture but that the appointment both of the time and also of the number of days is left by the authority of Gods Word to the liberty of Christs Church to be determined and assigned orderly in every Country by the discretion of the Ministers and Rulers thereof or as they shall judge most expedient in the true setting forth of Gods glory and the edification of the people And it followes be it therfore enacted by the King our Soveraign Lord with the assēt of the Lords c. and the Commons in this present Parliament assembled and by the authority of the same that all the dayes hereafter mentioned shall bee kept and commanded to be kept Holy-dayes and none other that is to say all Sundaies in the yeare c. and so nameth all the rest particularly Hym. But you have not a Scripture for this day nor any of the rest Sil. For the first day of the weeke called Sunday wee have Apostolicall and Primitive example for it Acts 24.7 Hym. You know examples without precepts binde not in Divine things Sil. Therefore I have shewed you before the Act of Parliament the command of the Church And where Mans Ordinance is not against Gods command there St. Peter commends subjection in these words Submit your selves to every Ordinance of man for the Lords sike 1 Peter 2.13 There is no word in Scripture to command you to fast the last Wednesday of every moneth yet your practice sh●wes you thinke you ought so to doe it being commanded Hym. You have fully satisfied mee by Scripture And the Churches Ordinance for the time and times commanded for Gods publick worship Now pray resolve my next question and shew me what warrant there is for commanding a place where to meet Sil. Authority commanding one for the publick doth not forbid any for the private And therefore there 's much cause and reason for it for if there be no place there can be no meeting Hym. I thinke the Scripture speakes against the appointment of a place Iohn 4.21 You shall neither in this mountaine nor at Ierusalem worship the Father Sil. Although our Lord did know and fore-tell to the woman the destruction of Ierusalem and the dispersion of both Iewes and Samaritants and that it should be done by Gods enemies and Idoll worshippers so that there should be no true worshippers to worship in those places which were the usuall places of their publick worship intimated in these words verse 21. Woman beleeve me the houre commeth when yee shall neither in this mountaine nor yet at Ierusalem worship the Father Yet it doth not follow but that in other places the true worshippers might and should worship God in spirit and in truth for so much our Lord saith ver 23. The houre commeth and now is when the true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth for the Father seeketh such to worship him we reade that Our Lord came often to the Temple daily teaching the people often worshipping in the Mount of Olives Hee appointed an upper roome for the celebration of the Passeover with his Disciples so it is said when the Eleven were together Christ cmae amongst them And also that they were altogether in the Mount of Olives at our Lords Assension into Heaven and they were not to depart from Ierusalem but there to waite for the promise of the Father And when the day of Pentecost was fully come they were all with one accord in one place Peter Iohn went up together into the Temple at the houre of prayer wee finde Paul often in the Synagogue and abundance more instances to prove the publick places that Gods people met into worship Hym. But wee have no command for any in the New Testament Sil. No more you have for the time as before is shewed nor for the Femall Sex or Children of either Sex to be baptized it is warrant sufficient that authority commands them all Hym. I pray what reason is there to call the place appointed for publick worship the Church for you have proved before in our fir●●●nference Peter 5. That the Elect of God called and sanctified are the Church of God And I am sure that is true but that wood and stone should be so called it seems strange to me Silv. It is strange ●mee that you should be such a stranger to the Scriptures ●r the Scriptures often give the name of the thing signified to the signification of it so our Lord calls the signification of his body His body it selfe in the words Take eate this is my body Matth. 26.21 So Moses and Abraham both call the signe of the Covenant Circumcision the Covenant it selfe Genesis 17.10 11. this is my covenant c. Salomon also calls the house hee built for Gods publick worship the Temple 2 King 11. And the Temple of the Lord 2 Chro. 26.16 when it is not so properly but by way of allusion and resemblance only For the regenerated ones the truly faithful men are Gods house his habitation and dwelling place as the Scripture speakes Yee are the Temple of God 1 Cor. 3.16 and againe for the Temple of God is holy which Temple yee are ver 17. So likewise the materiall house is called the Church or the Temple of God also because it is appoynted and set apart onely for the holy services of this spirituall Temple there to converse with God in his holy Ordinances of praying and preaching and all other his holy services and in this respect hath beene and may be called a holy place And such Vessells and Vestments holy in regard of the holy use they are sanctified or set apart for Not that stones wood mettalls or cloathes are capable of holinesse but they are in Scripture called holy in regard they are assigned to serve about Gods holy worship Now as the Temple and all Vessells and Vestments are called holy in regard of their holy imployment so also they are called holy in regard of Gods holy presence who is more manifested present in the place of the administration of his Ordinances than in any other place and so the place is called holy Exodus 31. 1. and Vestments likewise And so is the ground also Exodus 3.5 The place where thou standest is holy ground And therefore we ought to have them in a reverent esteeme and respect Pull off thy shoes saith the Angel to Moses Those places and things therefore are not to be common as other things and places wherefore our Ministers are to be blamed that they doe not informe the people with the truth of this Doctrine our Lords owne practice that onely and alone act of corporall punishment