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A94753 The visible porch or known entrance into a church, or Christian fellowship. Tookey, Thomas, d. 1656. 1656 (1656) Wing T1903; Thomason 669.f.20[27]; ESTC R211797 1,300 1 View Text
A13027 A prayer sayd by the lorde Sturton being on his knees before he went up the ladder, and also his confession before his death the vi. day of Marche in the yeare of our lord God M.D.L.vii. Stourton, Charles Stourton, Baron, d. 1557. 1557 (1557) STC 23318.7; ESTC S3004 1,383 1 View Text
A40272 A testimony concerning our dear friend and brother George Watt Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1688 (1688) Wing F1926A; ESTC R220248 1,426 3 View Text
A64807 The last speech and prayer with other passages of Thomas Venner, the chief incourager and promoter of the late horrid rebellion immediately before his execution in Coleman-street on Saturday last being the 19th of Ianuary, 1660 : together with the names of the rest that were condemned for the same fact. Venner, Thomas, d. 1661. 1660 (1660) Wing V194A; ESTC R7065 1,983 10 View Text
A47196 A vision concerning the mischievous seperation [sic] among Friends in Old England Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1692 (1692) Wing K230; ESTC R13532 2,063 8 View Text
A65257 A warning to the inhabitants of the earth But more especially to those who say they believe in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, with al those that in the simplicity of their hearts, and tender desires towards God, are seeking the kingdom of heaven, (in several forms, and divers observations) with their faces thitherwards; the Lord has opened his bowels of love and tender compassion (through me) towards you all; and these are the words that are laid upon me to give forth, that in the name, fear, dread and power of the living God, they may be read amoungst you. He that can receive them let him. Watkinson, George. 1661 (1661) Wing W1078; ESTC R217223 2,171 8 View Text
A47072 This is lights appearance in the truth to all the precious dear lambs of the life dark vanished, light shines forth: set forth by Sarah Iones Jones, Sarah. 1650 (1650) Wing J989; ESTC R215485 2,252 4 View Text
A53254 The declaration of Coll. Okey left at his dying hour, to the Presbyterian congregations, at St. Sepulchres, Christs-Church, Alderman-Bury, and other parts of the city of London : as also, his desires to the Congregational churches of Dr. Homes, Mr. Griffith, Mr. Jessie, and the rest ... Okey, John, d. 1662. 1662 (1662) Wing O195; ESTC R10351 2,715 8 View Text
A40171 An epistle to all Christians to keep to yea, yea, and nay, nay, and to fulfil their words and promises by G.F. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1682 (1682) Wing F1804; ESTC R28648 2,759 10 View Text
A80102 A true alarm in weakness, unto Babel, from God, by his spi-right minde in the soul which liveth in God. By John Cole-venman, a messenger ouf the God ouf truth. Cole-Venman, John. 1654 (1654) Wing C5097; Thomason 669.f.17[85]; ESTC R211909 2,916 1 View Text
B23163 To both Houses of Parliament Friends here is a few things for you to take into consideration. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1660 (1660) Wing F1952 3,139 1 View Text
A39790 A few words in season to all the inhabitants of Earth being a call unto them to leave off their wickedness, and to turn to the Lord before it be too late. Fletcher, Elizabeth, 17th cent. 1660 (1660) Wing F1328; ESTC R6744 3,181 10 View Text
A06055 The letanie and suffrages Church of England. 1558 (1558) STC 16453.7; ESTC S4759 3,464 18 View Text
A24629 An account of severall things that passed between His Sacred Majesty and Richard Hubberthorne Quaker on the fourth of June 1660 After the delivery of George Fox his letter to the King. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing A222A; ESTC R214806 3,466 14 View Text
A96508 To the supream authority the Parliament of the Common-VVealth of England. A remonstrance humbly presented by Thomas Wilkes, on behalfe of all the old distressed officers, souldiers, and other creditors upon the publique faith, within this nation, for satisfaction of all their just debts due before 1647. Shewing the severall lamentable conditions of many of them for want of the same, with a visible way for their satisfaction and reliefe. Wilkes, Thomas, fl. 1652. 1652 (1652) Wing W2174; Thomason E671_10; ESTC R204116 3,637 10 View Text
A44846 Something that lately passed in discourse between the King and R.H. published to prevent the mistakes and errors in a copy lately printed contrary to the knowledge or intention of the party concerned ... therefore it was thought convenient for the removing of errors and mistakes to be reprinted in a more true form and order for the satisfaction of others [by] R. H. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662.; Charles II, King of England, 1630-1685. 1660 (1660) Wing H3235; ESTC R29444 3,714 10 View Text
A35127 An epistle to all that's young in the truth and lately convinced who walk with, and assemble amongst the people of God called Quakers, that they may escape the wiles of Satan and continue and walk in the way of righteousness. Crook, John, 1617-1699.; Greene, Thomas, 1634?-1699. 1672 (1672) Wing C7208; ESTC R19924 4,047 8 View Text
A40511 From our Womens meeting held at York, the 15, and 16th. days of the fourth month, 1692. To every particular womans monthly meeting; within this county Society of Friends. Yorkshire Quarterly Meeting of Women Friends.; Boulbie, Judith. 1692 (1692) Wing F2239B; ESTC R214638 4,300 11 View Text
A60439 Idolatry declared against by a servant of the Living God, a sufferer for the testimony of His Name in the common goal at Winchester, Humphry Smith. Smith, Humphrey, d. 1663. 1658 (1658) Wing S4064; ESTC R10255 4,329 10 View Text
A26274 Several things given forth by the Spirit of the Lord through a vessel prepared to do the fathers will known by the name of John Ansloe. Aynsloe, John, d. 1693. 1685 (1685) Wing A4296; ESTC R28321 4,560 6 View Text
A79529 This was the word of the Lord which Iohn Camm, and Francis Howgill was moved to declare and write to Oliver Cromwell, who is named Lord-Protector: shewing the cause why they came to speak to him: and shewing that they came not to petition him for any thing, but for the welfare of Sion, and for the righteous seeds sake; and that those laws which were given forth by the will of man, may be taken away; that the law may go forth of Sion, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem; and so the kingdoms of the world may become the kingdom of Christ. Camm, John, 1604?-1656.; Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669. 1654 (1654) Wing C392; Thomason E732_22; ESTC R206888 4,606 8 View Text
A09926 A fourme of prayer to be vsed in priuate houses euery mornyng and euenyng 1570 (1570) STC 20188.7; ESTC S486 4,664 9 View Text
B21662 A tender and Christian testimony to young people and others whom it may concern in this present day, who walk with us under the profession of the blessed truth. Elson, Mary, 1623 or 4-1707. 1685 (1685) Wing E642 4,742 10 View Text
A30553 To you that are called Anabaptists in the nation of Ireland teachers and people, who profess your selves to be the Church of Christ; this is the word of the Lord God unto you. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1657 (1657) Wing B6042; ESTC R214915 4,983 7 View Text
A86898 The Kentjsh petjtjon set forth, by that divine spirit which God hath given to mee James Hunt, and dedicated unto all those which do love God and the truth. Hunt, James. 1648 (1648) Wing H3730A; ESTC R178308 5,018 10 View Text
A48759 A living testimony from the power and spirit of our Lord Jesus Christ in our faithful womens meeting and Christian Socity [sic] given forth in the universal union, and approbation thereof, according to our several proportions of faith and life in the same spirit. Forster, Mary, 1619?-1686.; Society of Friends. London Yearly Meeting of Women Friends. 1685 (1685) Wing L2598A; ESTC R21315 5,178 8 View Text
A40155 A Declaration from the harmless & innocent people of God called Quakers against all sedition, plotters & fighters in the world, for the removing of the ground of jealousie and suspition from both magistrates and people in the kingdome concerning wars and fightings. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1684 (1684) Wing F1788; ESTC R36480 5,319 8 View Text
A82315 The doctrine of the Sabbath, as it hath been believed and taught, by ancient and eminent Christians, collected word for word out of their own writings, and now tendred to the consideration of all the godly, especially to direct them to the Parliament, to direct them in their intended Act, for the due and strict observation of the Lords Day. / By a friend to truth, and to the present powers of this Common-wealth, in the way of truth. Dell, William, d. 1664. 1650 (1650) Wing D922; Thomason E597_14; ESTC R206297 5,538 8 View Text
A76048 All the proceedings at the sessions of the peace holden at Westminster, on the 20. day of Iune, 1651. against Thomas Tydford, Elizabeth Sorrell the elder, Margaret Dunlape, Anne Burley, Frances Bedwell, Elizabeth Sorrell the yonger, and Thomas Kearby. Together, with their severall examinations and behaviours before the justices, and the petition of six of them, as also their recantation; with the sentence and punishment of Thomas Kearby, for his blasphemous impiety, and wilfull obstinacy. To which is added a postscript, to deterre all men to avoyd such horrid blasphemies. This is perused (and thought fit to be published) by divers of the justices of the peace within the city and liberty of Westminster, for the satisfaction of the publique. July 22. 1651. E.H. 1651 (1651) Wing A946; Thomason E637_18; ESTC R206618 5,810 14 View Text
A45535 For the magistrates & other officers in Huntingtonshire who have been concern'd in the spoiling the goods of the innocent who meet together in obedience to the requirings of the good spirit of the Lord to worship him in his own way Hardmeat, Tobias, d. 1703. 1676 (1676) Wing H700A; ESTC R28058 5,868 10 View Text
A77748 The dippers plunged in a sea of absurdities, or An ansvver to Doctor Chamberlaine concerning sprinkling the baptized. By Thomas Bakewell. Bakewell, Thomas, b. 1618 or 19. 1650 (1650) Wing B531; Thomason E597_18; Thomason E605_4; ESTC R206299 6,014 9 View Text
A58337 An epistle of the prophet Reeve Written in the year, 1656. Reeve, John, 1608-1658.; Muggleton, Lodowick, 1609-1698. 1670 (1670) Wing R677; ESTC R223718 6,053 9 View Text
A35846 To all the faithful brethern born of the immortal seed of the Father of Life and sent forth in the great commission and power of the King of Eternal Glory, to gather his elect from the winds of the earth, forth of all nations and kindreds where they are scattered : this to you is the Word of God. Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1661 (1661) Wing D1276; ESTC R31323 6,246 8 View Text
A33510 To the bishops and their ministers or any of them to whom this shall come ; Something by way of query which they are desired to answer in plainness and according to the Scriptures of truth Coale, Leonard.; Coale, Benjamin. 1671 (1671) Wing C4761; ESTC R29227 6,340 12 View Text
A35133 Some reasons why the people called Quakers do absent from the publique way of worship and cannot conform thereunto though they are exposd to great sufferings because thereof and also why they cannot swear at all and whether if be out of obstinacy or conscientiousness resolved / presented in the love and fear of the Lord to the serious consideration of all justices and all others who are moderately enquiring into this matter by J.C. Crook, John, 1617-1699. 1665 (1665) Wing C7214; ESTC R37696 6,376 9 View Text
B09874 A representation to King and Parliament, of some of the unparralleld sufferings of the people of the Lord called Quakers, in New England together with the remarkable judgments of God upon sundry of their persecutors. 1669 (1669) Wing R1109A; ESTC R224335 6,543 1 View Text
A92940 A Serious warning and caution unto George Keith and to many others as also a relation of some expressions from George Keith, concerning his reasons which he then gave, for opposing and exposing the Quakers, when at his place at Turner's-hall : the intention of the publication of which, and more that is in this paper contain'd, is proposed for a publick and general good of all. 1700 (1700) Wing S2620; ESTC R43737 6,600 15 View Text
A66858 A general epistle to friends of truth and righteousness in England and Holland or elsewhere with a testimony against that spirit that speaks much of holiness and peace but leads back into the world and its pollutions where the cross of Christ is denyed / by Humphry Wollrich, written in the IIth moneth, anno 1665. Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707.; Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. 1665 (1665) Wing W3293; ESTC R26469 6,669 10 View Text
A54262 The Quakers rejected which was also foretold by a person once eminent among them, taken out of his writings which were published some years ago. Pennyman, John, 1628-1706.; Pennyman, Mary, 1630-1701. 1676 (1676) Wing P1411; ESTC R36663 6,706 10 View Text
A75323 To those that sit in counsel for ordering the affairs of the nation, &c. a visitation, / by one of the Lords servants called a Quaker. Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. 1659 (1659) Wing A3083; ESTC R170303 6,789 8 View Text
A65275 The word of the Lord to the inhabitants of Leeds Watson, Samuel, ca. 1618-1708. 1660 (1660) Wing W1100; ESTC R220888 6,879 8 View Text
A27122 A briefe declaration to all the vvorld from the innocent people of God called Quakers of our principle and beleif [sic] concerning plottings and fightings with carnal weapons against any people, men or nations upon the earth ... and to answer that common objection whether we would not fight if the Spirit moved us. Bayly, William, d. 1675. 1662 (1662) Wing B1520; ESTC R29029 6,977 9 View Text
A75935 A testimony against the false teachers of this generation by one who is come from under them, unto the true teacher and shepherd of the soul Abbott, Margaret. 1659 (1659) Wing A70A; ESTC R231146 7,074 10 View Text
A93687 A spirit moving in the vvomen-preachers: or, Certaine quæres, vented and put forth unto this affronted, brazen-faced, strange, new feminine brood. Wherein they are proved to be rash, ignorant, ambitious, weake, vaine-glorious, prophane and proud, moved onely by the spirit of errour. 1646 (1646) Wing S4990; Thomason E324_10; ESTC R200613 7,121 11 View Text
A35838 A general epistle by William Dewsberry. Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1675 (1675) Wing D1268; ESTC R16196 7,145 12 View Text
A60868 Some testimonies concerning the life and death of Hugh Tickell as also his convincement, travels, sufferings, and service for the Lord and His eternal truth ... 1690 (1690) Wing S4622; ESTC R27143 7,177 12 View Text
A65872 The law and light within the most sure rule or light, which sheweth the right use and end of the Scripture, manifested in opposition to several false principles inserted in a book intitled Scripture light the most sure light, by William Bridge, the great pastor and Reverend Father, so accounted, of the Church at Yarmouth in Norfolk / confuted by George Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1662 (1662) Wing W1940; ESTC R39128 7,236 9 View Text
A78399 The Cavaliers catechisme, and confession of his faith, consisting in foure principall heads, viz. 1. His duty towards God, and confession of the holy Trinity 2. His duty towards his King, and superiours, spirituall and temporall. 3. His duty to his neighbour in generall. 4. His duty to and opinion of the Sacraments. All familiarly explained (by way of question and answer) betweene a zealous minister of the Gospell, and a gentleman who had serv'd his Majesty in the late unhappy warre, being very usefull for all sorts of people to practise. 1647 (1647) Wing C1568; Thomason E1186_7; ESTC R204935 7,318 24 View Text
A27903 The voice of thunder, or, The sound of a trumpet giving a certain sound, saying, Arise ye dead, and come to judgement the light, to guide you to judge out the evil, that righteousnesse you may learn, and so come to have a true discerning betwixt the precious and the vile, betwixt those that in truth serve the Lord, and those that pretend to worship him, a day, when in truth they serve him not, but grieve his spirit : with a few words to them whose faces are Sion-ward, travelling to the good land of rest, whereunto those that believe not in the light cannot enter : with a dear, tender visitation to the holy, meek, suffering seed, which is already entered and entering in, where none can make afraid / by Humphrey Bache. Bache, Humphrey.; D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660. 1659 (1659) Wing B254; ESTC R15086 7,334 9 View Text
A64774 The Roman Catholick converted, or, A testimony against the imagined purgatory with an exhortation to them of the Church of Rome to break off from their idols and images, and to believe in the light of Christ Jesus, who lighteth every man that cometh into the world / by one, who though formerly of them, is now made able through believing in the light of Christ to give testimony against their purgatory, idols, images, and all their dark inventions, John Vaughton. Vaughton, John, 1644-1712. 1676 (1676) Wing V159; ESTC R32918 7,344 12 View Text
A81005 Several letters and passages between His Excellency, the Lord General Cromwel and the governor of Edinburgh Castle, and the ministers there, since His Excellencies entrance into Edinburgh. Published by authority. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658. 1650 (1650) Wing C7166; Thomason E613_6; ESTC R31337 7,514 15 View Text
A35111 Severall letters and passages between His Excellency, the Lord Generall Cromwell, and William Dundas, governour of Edinburgh Castle, and the ministers therein, since His Excellencies entrance into Edinburgh whereunto are annexed some quaeries that were then sent to the said governour and ministers. Cromwell, Oliver, 1599-1658.; Dundas, William, 17th cent. 1650 (1650) Wing C7167; ESTC R18846 7,541 10 View Text
A35851 The word of the Lord to his church and holy assembly regenerated and born again of the righteous seed, which the Lord hath blessed : to whom this is sent to be carefully and distinctly read, in the fear of the Lord, when they are met together, in the light of the convenant of the most high God. Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1666 (1666) Wing D1284; ESTC R36092 7,632 11 View Text
A26639 The searching out the deceit, and bringing the deceivers words and actions to the light, to be proved and tryed with the light, which is just, judging and condemning that which is acted or spoken contrary to the light Aldam, Thomas, d. 1660. 1655 (1655) Wing A894C; ESTC R19042 7,809 9 View Text
A94531 Theavrauiohn high priest to the Ievves, his disputive challenge to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, and the whole hirach. of Roms clargical priests. Tany, Thomas, fl. 1649-1655. 1652 (1652) Wing T152B; Thomason E656_10; ESTC R206604 7,875 8 View Text
A55996 A call in the universal spirit of Christ Jesus to all the wicked and impenitent sinners in the world, but more especially to the inhabitants of England, with the city of London, that they all may repent and turn to God, with all their hearts, before his wrath be more kindled, and his future judgements more appear to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their manifold horrible sins and transgressions : this came upon me to write, at the apprehension I had of that sudden fear which many people were suprised with, at the late earthquake, of what would befall them / [by] J.P. Parke, James, 1636-1696. 1692 (1692) Wing P366; ESTC R32315 7,878 11 View Text
A56570 Living words through a dying man being a melodious song of the mercies and judgments of the Lord, sung by a disciple of Christ on his dying bed, when the pangs of death were upon his outward man. With an arrow shot against Babylon, being a direct prophecy of the downfal of her merchants, the hirelings and false prophets. With sweet exhortations and prophecies also of the spreading of the glorious truth of God, until it shall have covered the face of the whole earth. By one who dyed a prisoner for the testimony of Jesus, Francis Patchet. Patchet, Francis, d. 1677. 1678 (1678) Wing P681; ESTC R221953 8,007 24 View Text
A26132 Breif [sic] and plain discovery of the labourers in mistery, Babilon, generally called by the name of Quakers with a discription [sic] how the subtile serpent deceived them and made them proud boasters, calling the tower of Babel, which they are building in their imaginations, Mount Zion : with a desire of their return to him that hath confounded their language with a few words in love .../ [by] Elizabeth Atkinson. Atkinson, Elizabeth. 1669 (1669) Wing A4129A; ESTC R31567 8,118 13 View Text
A77218 This is for all you the inhabitants of Whitewell to consider, who deny the perfect life of Christ to be brought forth in his people here upon earth, and manifested in their mortal flesh by a ceasing from sin. And to all others whom it may concern. Bradly, Richard, d. 1662. 1660 (1660) Wing B4125A; ESTC R170754 8,208 9 View Text
A91786 A few ingredients against the venom in William Roger's book, stiled, The Christian-Quaker distinguished, &c. Richardson, Richard, 1623?-1689. 1681 (1681) Wing R1394; ESTC R42313 8,214 24 View Text
A29612 The prophet approved by the words of his prophesie coming to passe being a declaration of the message which Daniel Baker received from the Lord to the Parliament ... met together the 6th day of this 8th month in the place falsely called Christ-Church in London, which day was set apart for thanksgiving, but proved a day of persecution and voluptuous feasting to the grief of Gods spirit : also a letter from Daniel Baker to the mayor and recorder of London / published by Thomas Hart. D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660.; Hart, Thomas, 1629-1704. 1659 (1659) Wing B484; ESTC R9326 8,222 8 View Text
A25349 A call to all bishops and others who are zealous for the Book of Common Prayer (for which I have been also sometimes zealous) by way of remembrance : now to come to the way of the Quakers to the grace of God ... / J.A. Anderdon, John, 1624?-1685. 1670 (1670) Wing A3080; ESTC R23632 8,288 16 View Text
B20657 A short accovnt of the vniust proceedings of the Court of Kingstone upon Thames in a tryal between Richard Mayo, priest and E. Burrough, the 31 of the fifth moneth, 1658. Cooke, Edward, fl. 1658-1670. 1658 (1658) Wing C6006 8,379 10 View Text
A65724 A call from God out of Egypt by his Son Christ the light of life, and this from the movings of the holy power, is sent for a visitation unto the seed of God in all professours, teachers and people through this nation and land of England / from a follower of the lamb, D.W. D. W. (Dorothy White) 1662 (1662) Wing W1746; ESTC R16364 8,380 14 View Text
A54071 To such as are not satisfied with a profession without the true life and power but have sincere desires in their hearts after the Lord himself, and a willingness to be acquainted with his pure living truth, and with the souls true guide and leader, this experience is in my heart to express unto you, which we have all-along witnessed in our travels out of the dark corrupt land, into the land of life and purity. Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. 1668 (1668) Wing P1212; ESTC R31104 8,425 12 View Text
A81402 Several letters written to the saints of the Most High, to build them up in the truth, as it is in Jesus. By William Deusbury. James Nayler. George Fox. John Whitehead Dewsbury, William, 1621-1688. 1654 (1654) Wing D1272; ESTC R202145 8,486 22 View Text
A00483 An exhortation vnto prayer thought mete by the kinges maiestie, and his clergy, to be read to the people in euery church afore processyions. Also a letanie with suffrages to be said or song in the tyme of the said processyons. Church of England.; Church of England. Litany. 1544. 1544 (1544) STC 10620; ESTC S109485 8,517 42 View Text
A57804 A glimpse of some truths to be made known in these last times in three particulars / by Thomas Royle. Royle, Thomas. 1648 (1648) Wing R2160; ESTC R24504 8,525 12 View Text
A54433 Immanuel the salvation of Israel the word of the Lord came unto me the twelfth day of the sixth month, in the year accounted, 1657, concerning the Jews and scattered tribes of Israel, as I was waiting upon the Lord in spirit, in Legorne in Italy, which in the name of the Lord I give forth to be copied, and sent throughout the world / written by ... J.P. J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? 1660 (1660) Wing P1620; ESTC R40666 8,533 14 View Text
A89854 Something further in answer to John Jacksons book called Strength in weaknesse. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660. 1655 (1655) Wing N318; Thomason E854_5; ESTC R207473 8,654 12 View Text
A07390 An excellent and a right learned meditacion, compiled in two prayers most frutefull and necessary to be vsed and said of al ttue [sic] English men, in these daungerous daies of affliction, for the comfort and better stay of the christen co[n]science, bewailing the deserued plages of England. Bale, John, 1495-1563, attributed name. 1554 (1554) STC 17773; ESTC S112491 8,672 27 View Text
A33017 A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God to be used throughout the cities of London and Westminster, and elsewhere within the weekly bills of mortality, on Sunday the second day of December next ensuing ... : for the preservation of His Majesty from the dangers to which His Royal Person was exposed during his late expedition : and for his safe return to his people : and for the success of his forces by sea and land. Church of England. 1694 (1694) Wing C4131; ESTC R40830 8,893 20 View Text
A10859 Nevves from Aleppo A letter written to T.V. B. of D. vicar of Cockfield in Southsex· By Charles Robson Master of Artes, fellow of Qu: Col: in Oxford, and preacher to the Company of our English Merchants at Aleppo. Containing many remarkeable occurrences obserued by him in his iourney thither. Robson, Charles, 1598-1638.; Vicars, Thomas, d. 1638. 1628 (1628) STC 21130; ESTC S116103 8,910 22 View Text
A56113 To all ye who be called Baptists who call yourselves saints and church-members Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. 1657 (1657) Wing P387; ESTC R28772 9,000 10 View Text
A40173 An epistle to all professors in New-England, Germany, and other parts of the called Christian vvorld also to the Jews and Turks throughout the world, that they may see who are the true worshippers of God, that He seeks, and in what He is worshipped ... / George Fox. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1673 (1673) Wing F1806; ESTC R16139 9,028 18 View Text
A33019 A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God, to be used throughout the cities of London and Westminster, and elsewhere within the weekly bills of mortality, on Sunday the eighth day of this instant September and in all other places throughout the kingdom of England, dominion of Wales, and town of Berwick upon Tweed, on Sunday the twenty second day of the same month: for granting to the forces of His Majesty, and his allies, so great success in taking the town and castle of Namur; and for protecting His Majesties sacred person from the many dangers to which he was so frequently exposed during that siege. By order of the Lords Justices. Church of England. 1695 (1695) Wing C4133; ESTC R214195 9,172 19 View Text
A95441 Two letters of great concernment, with their answers. The one, from the Scotish Commissioners at London, to the Generall Assembly of the Kirk of Scotland. Together with the answer of the aforesaid Generall Assembly to the said Commissioners. The other, from the synod of Divines in England, to the Generall Assembly of Scotland. Together with the answer also of the aforesaid Generall Assembly in Scotland, to the said synod. Church of Scotland. General Assembly.; Westminster Assembly (1643-1652) 1645 (1645) Wing T3468; Thomason E294_4; ESTC R27032 9,329 16 View Text
A84823 To all the ignorant people, the word of the Lord, who are under the blind guides the priests. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1655 (1655) Wing F1948; Thomason E830_13; ESTC R207440 9,332 12 View Text
A65727 An epistle of love and consolation unto Israel from the pouring forth of the spirit and holy anointing of the father, sent in bowels of tender love unto the chosen and elect seed of life, unto all the gathered church of the first born ... / D.W. D. W. (Dorothy White) 1661 (1661) Wing W1748; ESTC R25734 9,339 17 View Text
A55615 A practical consideration of the saints sonship In a discourse upon the fourth chapter of the Galatians, vers. 6. 1656 (1656) Wing P3149; ESTC R221794 9,366 16 View Text
A77549 A certaine warning from a naked heart before the Lord, to the earthly, wise, great, and honourable men, and inhabitants of the earth, and to all among them, without respect of persons, that know not the rocke of ages, the light, the higher power, the sure foundation, the truth, the way, the life, which is the grace that brings salvation that appeares to all men, as saith the Scripture, Titus 2.11. : With a quick loud thundring alarum, sounded in the holy mountaine, of the Lords house of holinesse that the inhabitants and great men of the earth might be awakened, and tremble, and cease from idolitry, and prepare to meet the mighty God, the everlasting light and life of men, who sheweth to man what is his secret thoughts, Amos 4.12,13. : Given forth from the hand of a freind [sic] to the whole creation, and of precious soules (of the sons and daughters of men without respect of persons) that lyeth under the bondage of corruption, a freind [sic] and servant to him that's arising to smite the earth with the rod of his mouth. / Daniel Baker. D. B. (Daniel Baker), fl. 1650-1660. 1659 (1659) Wing B481; ESTC R39860 9,420 8 View Text
A65955 An epistle to Friends every where to be distinctly read in their meetings, when assembled together in the fear of the Lord / by a friend of truth, and a lover of righteousness, Katharine Whitton. Whitton, Catharine. 1681 (1681) Wing W2050; ESTC R15697 9,423 14 View Text
A26135 The spirits voice concerning himselfe, or, A faithful and clear discovery of the operations of the spirit in the hearts of the saints by Peter Atkinson ... Atkinson, Peter, 17th cent. 1659 (1659) Wing A4130; ESTC R17494 9,440 22 View Text
A85546 A holy lamp of light: discovering the falacious allegorizing of scriptures, to destroy not only the reallity of the person of Christ, but all other truths, from his conception to his exaltation; the generalll [sic] resurrection, and the generall judgment-day, falsly avowing all to be fulfilled here in this present life. Or a defence against Mr. Royle his reply. / By Iohn Graunt. Graunt, John, of Bucklersbury. 1650 (1650) Wing G1593; Thomason E596_9; ESTC R206957 9,446 8 View Text
A33013 A form of prayer and thanksgiving to Almighty God to be used throughout the cities of London and Westminster and elsewhere within the weekly Bill of Mortality on Thursday the 27th day of this instant October and in all other places throughout this kingdom of England, dominion of Wales, and town of Berwick on Tweed, on Thursday the 10th day of November next ensuing. Church of England. 1692 (1692) Wing C4128; ESTC R202217 9,549 19 View Text
A58213 A real demonstration of the true order in the spirit of God and of the ground of all formality & idolatry, with a few words unto such as are concerned in it. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1663 (1663) Wing R456A; ESTC R31776 9,666 13 View Text
A65850 A Christian epistle to Friends in general of weighty concern, for their present and future peace and safety from the soul's adversary's subtill devices and snares of death. To be carefully communicated to the children of light, and professors thereof every where. Being faithfully given forth, and recommended from the spirit of Christ; by his servant George Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1689 (1689) Wing W1906; ESTC R220965 9,717 18 View Text
A44812 A visitation of love, peace, and good will from the spirit of the Lord sent unto the whole flock of God, now in this their day of tryal and hour of temptation, for the refreshing, strengthening, comforting and building of them up in their most precious holy faith, that they may be encouraged to hold fast the profession thereof through all tryals and sufferings, unto the end, that the crown immortal they may come to receive : being two epistles, the one from F.H. and the other from A.P. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669.; Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. Salutation of dear and tender love. 1664 (1664) Wing H3187; ESTC R6656 9,882 16 View Text
A30525 A general epistle to all the saints being a visitation of the Fathers love unto the whole flock of God ... : to be read in all the assemblies, of them, that meet together to worship the Father in the spirit and truth ... / E.B. Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1660 (1660) Wing B6005; ESTC R14865 10,086 14 View Text
A28617 A testimony in that which separates between the pretious [sic] and the vile and is for the friends and brethren who love the Lord Lesus [sic] Christ in sincerity and truth. Bolton, John, 1599-1679.; Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1677 (1677) Wing B3510; ESTC R29046 10,164 14 View Text
A54255 A collection of some passages (touching those called Quakers) which were writ by several that were, or still are, amongst that people whereby the reader may plainly see and perceive what spirit it is that acts their preachers and leaders; and how they have been foretold and faithfully warned of the day of perplexity, reproach, and ignominy, that is come and coming upon them. The second edition. To which is added, a preface, postscript and appendix, &c. by J.P. Pennyman, John, 1628-1706. 1700 (1700) Wing P1405A; ESTC R217517 10,179 21 View Text
A59696 Wine for Gospel wantons, or, Cautions against spirituall drunkenness being the brief notes of a sermon preached at Cambridge in New-England, upon a day of publick fasting and prayer throughout the colony / by that reverend servant of the Lord, Mr. Thomas Shepard, deceased. Shepard, Thomas, 1605-1649. 1668 (1668) Wing S3150; ESTC R38169 10,388 16 View Text
A54193 Plain-dealing with a traducing Anabaptist, or, Three letters writ upon occasion of some slanderous reflections given and promoted against William Penn by one John Morse published for common benefit that all impartial people may be better acquainted with the invective spirit of some so called, and their ungodly sly way of defaming such as dissents from them, especially in their restless indeavours against the poor Quakers / by W.P. Penn, William, 1644-1718.; Morse, John, 17th cent. 1672 (1672) Wing P1339; ESTC R25028 10,409 19 View Text
A39360 Letters to Mr. Hughes of Plymouth, and Mr. Ford of Exeter, concerning the common prayer from Edm. Elis. Elys, Edmund, ca. 1634-ca. 1707.; Ford, Thomas, 1598-1674.; Hughes, Thomas, 1603-1667. 1660 (1660) Wing E680; ESTC R25045 10,521 26 View Text
A54060 Some queries concerning the order and government of the church of Christ Penington, Isaac, 1616-1679. 1663 (1663) Wing P1199; ESTC R23175 10,737 17 View Text
A34988 Charitable advice in a letter to the French Protestants, into whatsoever parts of the world dispers'd, by reason of their present sufferings and persecutions, from the hands of the Roman Catholicks / first written for the use of the French Protestants by Stephen Crisp ... ; and since translated out of the French, for more publick benefit. Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. 1688 (1688) Wing C6926; ESTC R37689 10,838 17 View Text
A93269 The true Christians path way to heaven Wherein is shewed, the great afflictions which God imposeth upon His children in this life, and the assurance of their delivery out of the same. Being very profitable and comfortable for all those who are in any crosses or afflictions. Thereunto is added a prayer for morning and evening, and graces before and after meat. Dedicated to all those that desire to arrive at Mount Sion, the harbour of peace and joy. By William Simons. Simons, William, fl. 1665. 1665 (1665) Wing S3805B; ESTC R231571 10,852 29 View Text
A30729 A sermon preached at the funeral of Mr. James Lordel who was buried at St. Magnus Church March 27, 1694 by Lilly Butler. Butler, Charles, d. 1647. 1694 (1694) Wing B6279; ESTC R30263 10,864 31 View Text
A52181 Sions enemy discovered, or the worker of iniquity rebuked and innocency cleared in a reply to seven sheets of paper published by Jonathan Johnson of Lincoln, and by him entituled, The Quaker quashed, and his quarrel queld, &c. Mason, Martin, fl. 1650-1676. 1659 (1659) Wing M933A; ESTC R221792 10,986 8 View Text
A65829 An epistle for true love, unity, and order in the Church of Christ, against the spirit of discord, disorder and confusion &c. recommended to friends in truth, chiefly for the sake of the weak and unstable minded ... / by Anne Whitehead, Mary Elson. Whitehead, Anne, 1624-1686.; Elson, Mary, 1623 or 4-1707. 1680 (1680) Wing W1882; ESTC R24551 11,014 15 View Text