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A78562 A narrative plainly shewing, that the priests of England are as truely Antichrist (who got up since the dayes of the Apostles) as the pope and his clergie denying Christ to be both a king, a priest, and a prophet; : with a serious warning to the Parliament not to uphold and maintain them by a law, under any pretence whatsoever ... / By one who ... hath escaped the snares of sin and deceit, and bin [sic] brought ... into His pure fear, known by the name of John Chandler. Chandler, John, 17th cent. 1659 (1659) Wing C1927B; ESTC R171147 13,008 16

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natural day we see to be but your Market-day wherein ye vent your wares for money and not the true Christian's Rest Thus do ye plainly deny Oh ye Priests Christ Jesus the Son of God to be the onely High-Priest And that he should be a King to reign alone in righteousnesse ye cannot endure yet will ye call Him in your Pulpits King Jesus Judas like giving him a Hail-Master For whereas the Lord God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ hath set this his King upon his holy Hill of Zion in this his day to rule and govern in the hearts of his People in righteousnesse and peace ye endeavor what ye can to pull him down out of his Throne and set up the Laws of man in his place For ye have been endeavouring for divers years and we well know it is your principle still to force all people in the Nation be they never so tender conscienced or never so sensible of God's power working in their hearts a loathing of your dead traditions and idol and carnal Worship and drawing their minds to worship him in Spirit and truth to submit to the same and bow to the King of Babel's Image upon pain of great punishment yea at this day do ye so ride the Beast or tyrannical Magistracy that ye have divers Lawes of theirs against the Saints thereby to constrain them if ye could to yield to your covetous proud and wicked Wills and restrain them from opposing or troubling of you in your evil waies and deceit when as the Saints who are the Lambs followers are constrained by their King Christ the Power of God to cross and stand living Witnesses against you in all your false wicked and deceitful practises whereby ye seek for honour and profits sake to keep His Rule Authority from rising in the hearts of men but He must and shall Reign till He hath put all His enemies within and without under his feet and made every one bow to his name which is his power turning the Beast and false 〈◊〉 Prophet or Whore that is carryed by him into the lake of fire for do ye think that the Lord God is not very jealous for His holy Name who will be the onely Law-giver of his People when as Men-shall by Lawes made in their own wills go about to force them to do that which his pure and holy Law in their hearts and Word which is like fire in their bones contradicteth Is not this for the Beast to make direct War with the Lamb and is it not so in this Nation but the Lamb and the Saints by his blood the word of their testimony and loving not their lives unto death but patiently suffering shall have the Victory and then wo be to all the Rebellious and proud of the Earth saith the Lord of Hosts for a great War is begun neither will the Lamb lay down his two edged sword proceeding out of his mouth which is his word but in righteousnesse will Judge and make War so long as there is but one Nation throughout the World that withstandeth his living Truth and we know him nearer than so that in us he will not suffer one high imagination or evil thought to exalt it self unrevenged Wherefore repent of your opposition against the Lord and his Christ lest ye be slain before his face and cease to infuse falsely into the Magistrates head that he is the keeper of both Tables thereby still to animate him to make Laws about Religion and the Worship of God For it is a lye every way for he that can keep both Tables in his own particular loveth the Lord God with all his heart and his neighbour as himself which I am sure they do not for they have divers Idols which their hearts run after as Pride Riches and Honour c. which draw their hearts from God neither do they to their neighbour as they would be done by being hard hearted implacable unmerciful c. nor much lesse can the Magistrate cause both Tables to be kept by others For can he by his outward sword make men love the Lord God with all their hearts and their neighbour as themselves or can he onely restrain men from doing outward wrong and violence and constrain them outwardly to do justice which is far from keeping of both Tables of the righteous Law as the Saints that are turned to the true light which makes manifest right well know Ye deny Oh ye Priests Christ the Son of God to be a Prophet also by setting up your own manifold Doctrines Inventions and Traditions instead of His pure Teachings who being the true light that lightens every man that cometh into the World is given by the Father of lights to be a Covenant of light to the Nations that whosoever of the Nations that believeth in that which makes manifest his evil deeds and cometh sincerely to the light to have all evil discovered judged down and destroyed might find and feel the light of life quickening him up to God and giving him power and dominion over sin and transgression whereby that which letted being taken out of the way peace and reconciliation with the Lord God of Heaven and Earth he might come to witnesse Thus is Christ the Prophet raised up by Gods power whom every one is to hear lest he be cut off but ye Priests not only not believe in this light your selves but give cautions to your people how they receive it calling it a natural and insufficient light to lead to God or save the soul that so ye may in the room thereof usher in the Scriptures which were but words given forth from the light as the onely rule and guide whereby ye get much money by repeating them to the People in a forme or method for ye know as People come to know and follow the true teacher which is the holy anointing or true light within them they will be taken off from your dead words and teachings and so will no longer put into your mouths giving their money for that which is not Bread for ye are convinced in your own consciences that ye minister not to the People by the pure gift of God or Spirit 's Baptism by which the Apostles and Saints of Old ministred who before they would stir or open their mouths waited for the Fathers promise even the Spirit of Truth And therefore to Salve up the matter have ye most falsly and corruptly distinguished between extraordinary and ordinary Ministers of the Church the Apostles who had prophesie Miracles and Revelation ye say were extraordinary Ministers which gifts ceasing ordinary Ministers God teacheth by to wit Pastors and Teachers who come to be fitted thereto by ordinary meanes as Languages Book-Learning Study Industry c. Oh ye blind guides know ye not that the gift of a Pastor or Teacher in Christ's Church was the effect of the Baptism of the Spirit as well as the gift of an Apostle Prophesie Revelation Miracles or any