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A66858 A general epistle to friends of truth and righteousness in England and Holland or elsewhere with a testimony against that spirit that speaks much of holiness and peace but leads back into the world and its pollutions where the cross of Christ is denyed / by Humphry Wollrich, written in the IIth moneth, anno 1665. Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707.; Cater, Samuel, d. 1711. 1665 (1665) Wing W3293; ESTC R26469 6,669 10

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no more but the cause of this he came to see was mistrust therefore crys he why art thou disquieted O my soul and why art thou cast down within me hope thou in God for I shall yet praise him for the health of his Countenance and I had fainted unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the Living I say let not these things enter you but keep down out of them all to the holy root with whom all things are possible as saith the holy Apostle when I am weak then am I strong and in the weakness is the power manifested and we can do nothing as of our selves but our sufficiency is of the Lord and I can do all things through Christ that strengtheneth me therefore good is it to live out of self in the true poverty before him where self is humbled crucified and made of no reputation quiet and still but as the Lord moves and makes the way plain and perfect so doth the rest remain and the inner gate of the Lords house open and the pure spring ishueth out and the stream thereof makes glad the City of God and then is the tree of life known and seen as John witnessed whose Leaves are for the healing of the Nations O blessed Nation O happy people whose feet stand within thy Gate O Jerusalem thou City of the Living God the Tabernacle which thou hast pitched to dwell in with the Children of the eternal day O my Soul bless thou the Lord for ever in thy Church world without end who hath caused thy glory to shine out of Sion clear as the Sun fair as the Morning and terrible as an Army with banners Oh thy beautiful Garment art thou cloathing thy Children withal and with the fruit of this tree of life art thou feeding them withal so that her Inhabitants may not say I am sick the people that dwell therein are forgiven their iniquities so the eternal day of the Lord our God that hath enlightened the Earth from his holy Habitation be amongst you all in and over you all Amen Lord Jesus Christ H. W. Let this be sent amongst Friends of Truth every where to be read amongst them as truth in the inner parts shall move Another Epistle to Friends Dear Friends WHom the Lord have called from amongst an evil and sinful Generation of Men and Women whose words ways and actions pleases not the Lord but they are a grief unto his good spirit that he hath given them a measure of to instruct them which they have often yet do rebel against for the which cause the Lord the righteous God of Heaven and Earth is revealing and making manifest his righteous judgments in the Earth that them that shall be left may hear and fear the living and true God that made Heaven and Earth and cease from the fear of Men whose breath is in their nostrils for strong is the Lord which is now risen to judg the Whore and to lay wast Zions Oppressors for this is the message which I have received from the Lord to declare and publish and proclaim in thy eares oh thou true Israel that hast waited for the Lord the Bridegroom of thy Soul even as for the Morning and desireth nothing so much as to be joyned weded and married unto Christ the Souls rest and that thou uprightly walkest and patiently waitest upon God for power to do his will oh you dear Children that labours to exercise a good conscience towards God and Men and have no end to self nor any carnal interest whatsoever nor envy unto your Persecutors nor nothing in your hearts but love and good will unto all Men upon the Earth that desire nothing that is theirs but are made willing to offer up freely unto the Lord all that you possess in this World that so you may glorify God with your Soules and Bodies so that you feel such a right spirit in you that you dare not offer a sacrifice unto to the Lord at another Mans cost but all that you desire of the Men of this World is but liberty to worship the Lord your God according as you are perswaded by him and as he hath and doth reveale and manifest and make known himself by Christ the Light unto you which is the way to God I say unto you that thus feeles the effectual work of the Lords precious truth in your inward parts in the name and power of the Lord God be patient in continuing in well doing and the Lord will give you the desire of your hearts for the Lord is risen to comfort his afflicted people and to consider Zion whom no Man regards and to deliver his true Israel from under all their Egiptian Task-masters which oppresses them with their hard Taskes and refuses to let you worship the Lord your God in that spirit that you have received of him which the Lord hath in these latter days according unto his promise poured forth upon you his sons and daughters that thus feels and knows your hearts and minds brought back unto God and redeemed by his power unto him out of sin and iniquity that once separated you from the Lord so that the day and hour you now know and witness is come that Christ spoke of to the Woman of Samaria should come that the true Worshippers should worship the Father in spirit and truth which truth you that thus are obedient unto it you witness Christs words fulfilled that he declared that he declared if the truth shall make you free then are you free indeed which freedom through mercy blessed be the Lord many have obtained in this the day of his power which you now witness is come that God promised by his Prophets should come in the which day you are made willing to do the will of God although it be a cross unto your own wills and to the wills of them that are enemies unto the appearance of God in you his people in this the day of his power and labours with all their strength and might wisdom and policy to suppress Banish and exile this way of worshipping of God in spirit out of the Earth or from amongst men that so they might set up their own traditions and carnal Ordinances and beggerly out-side performances which have not profited them that have been exercised therein But oh you dear Children of the Lord that are redeemed unto God by his power and are come beyond carnal Ordinances have shook off them ragged robes of your own Righteousness and out-side performances and are come to feel the power of the endless life and the vertue of the tree of Life you now feel to nourish your souls up to Eternal life I say unto you dear Brethren and Sisters prise this unspeakable love and mercy of the Lord God unto your Souls and walk humbly before the Lord and feel his holy dread and pure fear in your hearts that so you may be preserved and never more
to depart from the Lord then shall you never more be terrified with the fear of man whose breath is in his Nostrils is but as dust before the God of your lives so in the Light dwell and all Friends that make mention of the Lords precious Truth and that names the Name of Christ keep out of iniquity and all bow unto the appearance of Christ in your inward parts that so you may know him to take his Government in your hearts that so you may witness your change wrought and may walk in the Light and know your passage from death to life for Friends this is the one thing most needful for all people upon the face of the Earth But more especially you that have receiv'd the Lords pretious Truth that you all wait upon the Lord with a true purpose of heart for an enterance more abundantly into the Eternal Inheritance that so you may come to know that life to be raised that shall never die that by it your souls may live when this body shall be no more and all Friends I warn and charge you all in the presence of Almighty God to take heed of negligence and carelesness and of being indifferent in those things that doth concern your Everlasting peace and Salvation of your Souls and all strive to lay hold on Eternal Life and none to take up a rest below or short of the enjoyment of the peace of God which passes the understanding of all them that are out of it which the Lord God is revealing making known unto the simple hearted that more desires the knowledge of his ways then any thing this world can afford And all Friends labour to keep your minds within unto Gods pretious truth that so you may feel your bodies prepared and your hearts enlarged to run the ways of Gods Commandements and know the will that sanctifies in soul body and spirit then shall your hearts rejoyce in God your Saviour who is now saving his people and delivering them from the fears of death and the bondage of Corruption So dear Friends mind your way to pass which is Christ Jesus the Light and look not out nor wander nor gaze abroad for they that do will stumble and be taken in the Enemy's snares and none be discouraged at what hath or may befall the Lords own people in this day in which the Lord is revealing his Righteous Judgments in the Earth by the which he is rebukeing the wicked for their rebellion against the Truth the light of Christ in their Consciences and for their despiteful using and persecuting his people which the Lord hath sent in his Name and Power to forewarn them of the evil that is now come upon them but they have been like the deafe Adder which have altogether refused to hear the voice of the Charmer charme he never so wisely but the Lords love is unto his seed and bodily exercise profits little but Godliness is the only gain so that it is certainly so that when the wrath of the Lord is kindled yea but a little blessed are all they that puts their trust in him for they that put their trust in the Lord they are saved by his power so that unto us to live is Christ and to die is gain so that the Righteous and the Godly receives gain by their death but it is not so with them that forgets God and persecutes his People for their reward will be according unto their work and therefore for the wicked it shall go ill with them But I say unto you dear people of the most high God that are come unto the Righteous Principle of God in your own hearts it shall go well with you that feel that life raised that Paul blessed and praised the Lord for in his day when he said Oh Death where is thy sting O Grave where is thy victory the sting of Death is sin and the strength of sin is the Law But thanks be to God which giveth us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ in the injoyment of the same life my soul even praises and magnifies the Lord with all the redeemed whom the Lord has saved and delivered from the fears of death and brought to know that love that is stronger then death In the which powerful love and life I dearly salute you all that in truth desires peace with the Lord unto whose power I commit you with my self Given forth in obedience unto the motion of the Lords Spirit in the universal love of God that I feel in my heart unto all that have received the Lords precious Truth through which God is reconciling Man unto himself SAMUEL CATUR The 19th of 8th Moneth 1665. THE END