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A65734 A visitation of love, sent unto all: that those that do not see, may see, and return out of the fall. By Dorothy White D. W. (Dorothy White) 1684 (1684) Wing W1760; ESTC R222573 8,107 12

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rejoyce with unspeakable Joy full of Glory He filleth the Hungry with good things He hath made a Feast for his Priests and Kings Yea a Feast of Fat Things A Feast within his holy Mountain I have glad-tydings to declare I 'm fill'd with more than I can bear To you I must glad-tidings bring for now 's the pleasant time of Spring I hear such pleasant Melody I tell you now that Summer 's nigh The Turtle 's Voice is heard within our Land His Voice I hear I do it understand I hear him now to sing at home Where Lov 's Fountain's overstown And when the Winter 's gone and past The Redeem'd shall sing Hallelujah at last And to him that overcometh I will give a new Name in the white Stone And none shall know it but him that 't is his own And he shall reign as King and sit upon the Throne And to him that overcometh I will give unto him the Key of David that openeth and none can shut and shutteth and none can open He will give unto them his spirit The Spirit searcherb all Things even the deep Things of God His Spirit speaketh expresly therefore He that hath an Ear to hear let him hear what the Spirit faith and the Bridegroom saith unto the Churches and more especially in the Church of the First Born whose Names are written in Heaven who are come to the Word of God written in their Hearts these must speak as the Spirit gives Utterance there is no limit nor tye to them The Children of the Kingdom are free being born of the Free Spirit and as the Wind bloweth where it listeth and on whom it listeth even so is the Spirit descending as lightuing upon whom he pleaseth there is no time nor place appointed for him how or when or where he shall appear and in whom or by whom he shall speak or he shall not speak seeing the Holy Men of God ought to speak as the Holy Ghost moveth in them and as the Spirit gave them utterance each one particularly as they had received so they ministred of the Manifold Graces of God None is to be tyed up from this for this is the Worshipping God in Spirit neither at this Mountain nor at Jerusalem is the Father worship't but at all times and at all Places the Father of all Spirits is worship't where the Spirit draws and leads them thereto and you have an Ointing which is in you which is able to teach you all things which is Truth the Spirit of Truth the holy anointing of the Father the Son from Heaven whom all are commanded to hear and the Voice that was heard out of the excellent Glory faith on this wise This is my well beloved Son in whom I am well pleased hear ye him in all Things He is King and Law-giver High-Priest and Prophet and all that shall refuse to hear him whereever he speaketh they shall be c●● off the Mouth of the Lord of Hosts hath spoken it He is a Spirit and all must bow and worship him in Spirit yea Angels and Spirits Pincipalities and Powers Dominions and Kingdoms he will rule by the Word of his Eternal Power and when he bringeth his First Begotten into the World he saith Let all the Holy Angels worship Him So there is nothing to be bowed unto but him alone who sitteth upon the Throne so all the Israelites who are so indeed who are born of the holy right Seed they are to follow the Lord fully and the Lamb that leadeth them as Caleb and Joshua did who were the valiant hearted of Israel against whom the Evil Spies cast their Stones Numb 14. They could not enter themselves for the Gyants and the Anakins and the many things that lied in the way but the Faithful full of Faith followed the Lord fully he led them by the right hand he rebuked the Waters and made them at a stand these through Faith became more than Conquerours and conquered Death and obtained the Crown and R●surrection and holy Life Say to the Righteous It shall go well with them but wo to the wicked the proud and the Oppressors it shall go ill with them wo unto them that are at ease in Sion this day who are stretching themselves upon their Beds of Ivory and Ease who are drinking their Wine in Bowls these have not considered the Afflictions of Joseph and have not been acquainted with the day of Jacob's Trouble but now their Beds shall be too short to stretch themselves at ease upon their Covering shall be too narrow to hide them under Behold ●h●s saith the Lord of Hosts the God of Israel I will kindle a Fire in Si●n I will plow Zion as a Field and search Jerusalem as with Candles And blessed are all the wise Virgins who have Oyl in their Lamps whose Lights are burning those who took not only their Lamps the outside Profession but took Oyl with them who were gathered by the Lord into and under the Profession and Form of Christ Jesus not the Out-side Form or Out si●e Court but in Spirit and in Life were drawn to the Lord no man can call Jesus Lord but by the Spirit he is the Lord of all the Spiri●ual-Worship but not of all the Forms so many Forms many have been making and decking for the Son of God and graving and im●gi●g out but he hath hitherto worked beyond them all he ascended above all Heavens above all the Comprehensions of men and at last shin'd in his Glory and he will ag●in be lifted up and draw all men after him though the Gazers and Wonder●rs do not see his ascending into-the Clouds of Heaven but the single hearted sees it whose Eyes are single to God but those that were garnishing the Sepulchres of the Prophets and the Tombs of the Prophets in the days past they did not know the coming of Christ the Lord neither did they receive him when he cam● and therefore he saith Blessed are they that shall not be offended in me Behold I lay in Zion for a Stone of Stumbling and a Rock of Offence for the Rising and Falling of many in Israel but a sure Foundation for all that have built upon it an unmoveable Rock which the Persecutors of all sorts shall never be able to move or lift him out of the way That which I have seen and tasted and heard with my ears and my hands have handled of the good Word of God on which all the sincere hearted feed on that grow alive unto God and of the Milk thereof and by it they are nourished as lively Branches growing in the Vine growing in Christ Jesus according to their degree and measure of the Spirit of Grace which they have received such speak as the Spirit gives utterance they speak with the Spirit and with the Understanding they pray with the Spirit and with the Understanding they sing with the Spirit and with the Understanding also as it pleaseth the Spirit to reveal unto them and to