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A10073 The beauty of holines: or The consecration of a house of prayer, by the example of our Sauiour A sermon preached in the chappell at the free-schoole in Shrewsbury. the 10. day of September, Anno Dom. 1617. At the consecration of the chappell, by the Right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of Couentrey and Lichfield. By Sampson Price, Doctor in Diuinity, and chapleine in ordinary to his Maiesty. Price, Sampson, 1585 or 6-1630. 1618 (1618) STC 20328; ESTC S100873 24,384 42

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THE BEAVTY OF HOLINES OR THE CONSECRATION of a House of Prayer by the Example of our Sauiour A Sermon Preached in the Chappell at the Free Schoole in Shrewsbury the 10. day of September Anno Dom. 1617. At the Consecration of the Chappell by the Right Reuerend Father in God the Lord Bishop of Couentrey and Lichfield BY SAMPSON PRICE Doctor in Diuinity and Chapleine in Ordinary to his Maiesty LONDON Imprinted by B A for Richard Meighen and are to be solde at his Shop neere S. Clements Church without Temple-Barre 1618. TO THE RIGHT Worshipfull the Bailiues of Shrewsbury the 12. Aldermen the 24. Counsellours together with the other Members of that flourishing Corporation Grace Mercy and Peace bee multiplied vnto you from GOD. KIng Solomon began to build his temple in the moneth April or Zif Vatablus and the Chaldee Paraphrase when flowres open and finished it in the moneth Bul when hearbes beginne to close vp and wither answerable to our December This Sermon was preached among you in the beginning of Winter and since hath been shut vp yet now vpon the importunity of some friends commeth to life againe with the beginning of the Spring My warning for it was short and being then in the Country with you to tender my labours among you according to my promise vppon your free grant of a worthy fauour vnto mee I was constrained to vse onely the helpe of my deare and Reuerend Fathers Library Your former acceptance of my paines assure me that I shall not be misconstrued in this labour which I vndertooke out of that loue I owe vnto you all and yours Many things in themselues of no moment Plinie haue beene highly prized because they haue beene dedicated to Temples This sudden Sermon I hope shal finde acceptance because it was dedicated at the Consecration of your little Temple Your Schoole founded by gracious King Edward a Prince of blessed memorie and confirmed by Q. Elizabeth a Princesse worthy neuer to be forgotten for loue to the Gospel still flourisheth and long may it yet neuer was consecrated till now Continue your care of it your loue to the church and respect of those who are instruments to instruct you in the way to Heauen So shall you continue those many blessings which already you enioy and multiplie them for your posterity which I shall pray for and endeauour by all Christian respects which I may performe vnto you From my Study in London April 5. 1617. Yours in the Lord in all faithfull obseruance SAMPSON PRICE THE BEAVTY OF HOLINESSE Lord Iesu begin and end IOHN X. XXII XXIII And it was at Hierusalem the Feast of the Dedication and it was winter and Iesus walked in the Temple in Salomons Porch WHEN King Salomon that mirrour of Wisedome Vnderstanding Riches and Honour so that there was None like him before him neither after him shall any arise like vnto him 1. King 3 had raysed a leuie out of all Israel 1. King 3.12 of thirty thousand men to fetch Cedars from Lebanon threescore and ten thousand to beare burthens fourescore thousand hewers in the mountaines and three thousand and three hundred which ruled ouer the people that wrought in the worke 1. King 5. 1. King 5.16.1 1. Ring 6. 2. Chr. 3 1. In the foure hundreth fourescorth yeere after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt hee beganne to build the house of the Lord at Ierusalem in Mount Moriah Aquila of ●oorth Light Mo● Myrrhe Raah to see where the Lord appeared vnto Dauid his Father a place so called sayth Aquila of shining because there was the Oracle of God or of the aboundance of myrrhe which was there as Oleaster deriueth it or more fitly it was so called of seeing because there the Lord was seene of Abraham when the Ramme was offered by him in stead of his Son Gen. 22.13 Gen. 22.13 and the Lord foresaw that there his Temple should bee built Damast l. 2. defi●e Ortho. l c. 14 Gen. 8.4 Vpon a Mountaine Paradise was situated the Arke rested vpon the mountains of Ararat Gen. 8. Lot was commanded to escape to the mountaine lest he should be consumed Gen. 10. Vpon a Mount the Law was giuen Gen. 19.17 Exod. 19 2● Exod. 19. Christ is described by the Church to come leaping vpon the mountaines Chap. 2. He was tempted vpon a mountaine Chap. 2.8 Math. 4. Preached vpon a mountaine Math. 5.1 wrought Miracles vpon a mountaine Mat 4.1 Mat. 15.29 Ordained the twelue vpon a mountaine Mat. 3.13.14 Departed to a mountaine when by force they would haue made him a King Iohn 6.15 Conferde with the woman on a mountaine Ioh. 4.20 Prayed on a mountaine all night Luc. 6.12 Celebrated h s last Supper in a large vpper roome Luc. 22.12 which Ambrose placeth on a mountaine Amb. l. 10. 〈…〉 Was crucified on mount Caluarie Luc. 23 3● Appeared to his Disciples after his resurrection vpon a Mount Math. 28.16 Ascended into heauen from a mount Act. 19.12 and therefore appointed his Temple to be built vpon a mount His Foundation is in the holy mountaines Psal 87.1 The first ground of his Temple Hee will bee worshipped at his holy hill Psal 99.9 A hill which hee desireth to dwell in yea the Lord will dwell in it for euer Psalm 68 which Salomon truely acknowledged at the feast of the dedication of the Temple where were the Elders of Israel and all the heads of the Tribes the chiefe of the Fathers of the children of Israel and all the Congregation sacrificing sheepe and oxen that could not be numbred the glory of the Lord filled the house in a cloud He had made a brazen Scaffold and set it in the midst of the Court and kneeling downe vpon his knees before all the Congregation hee spreade forth his hands towards heauen and sayde Haue respect to the prayer of thy seruant that thine eyes may be open vpon this house day and night vpon the place whereof thou hast sayd that thou wouldst put thy name there Arise O Lord God into thy resting place 2. Chr. 6. For howsoeuer as Prosper speaketh 2. Chr. 6 13 20.41 Prosper ex Aug. Volens in templo orare in te ora ita semper age vt Dei templum sis Art thou willing to pray in a Temple pray within thy selfe and so still carry thy selfe that thou mayest bee a Temple Howsoeuer Heauen and the Heauen of Heauens cannot containe him much lesse such a house Howbeit the most High dwelleth not in temples made with hands 2. Ch 16.18 Act. 7.48 Act. 7. and that prophecie is fulfilled which Christ deliuered to the woman of Samaria when he was a fruitfull bough by a well Yee shal neyther in this mountaine Gen. 49 22 Ioseph in Ant. 41. c. 7. nor yet in Hierusalem worship the Father that is neyther in Gerizim where the Samaritanes built a Temple out of a proud aemulation of the Iewes neyther at Hierusalem the glory of the World For God is a Spirit and they that worshippe him must worshippe him in Spirit and Truth Iohn
it was solemnized Winter the Honourablest personage of the Feast though the Iews would haue stoned him Iesus his abode there for he walked Ver. 31. His publike walking in the Temple His method in walking in that part which was most fitte for him In Salomons Porch I obserue onely two circumstances as the body and soule of these words 1 The lawfulnesse of Churches their dedication or consecration the remembrance whereof Christ abhorred not but frequented the annuall commemoration of a Temples Dedication euen in Winter And it was at Hierusalem the Feast of the Dedication and it was Winter 2 The honor of Christs presentation of himselfe especially in Temples thē in Churches now And Iesus walked in the Temple in Salomons Porch The 1 is for building repayring and dedicating of a Church The second is for the establishing continuing and felicity of a Church In the first we haue Gods house prepared in a place of vnity In the second we haue it frequented by the Author of Grace and Peace and Mercy In the 1. we haue Salomons temple beautified and re-edefied In the 2. we haue a greater then Salomon in it whereby it is exalted and honoured Of which while I shall speake as my sudden summons shall suffer me scarse hauing so many houres warning for this burthen as there are words in my Text Let me request you all to remember that speech of Sa nt Augustine Qui in al●●s habitat humilibus appropinquat Aug. He that dwelleth on high discendeth down to the lowly Descenae vt ascendas Let vs with meekenesse affoorde our best attention that we may ascend to the true vnderstanding of this Text. Let vs cast away all bitter censures and by-thoughts for the place whereon wee stand is holy ground Let mee desire you to assist me with your prayers that what I speake may bee to the glory of his name and winning of soules vnto Christ who for this cause at the feast of the Dedication went vnto Hierusalem as my first part leadeth me in order Hierusalem was the holy City Ia. Mat. 4. the Temple Mat. 4 5. a place which the Lord chose that his name might bee there Hee sanctified it that his eyes and heart might be there perpetually 2. Chr. 7. Dauid could not forget Hierusalem Isai badde her put on her beautifull garments 2 Chr. 7.16 Isa 52. Isai 52.1 Promised that the so●nes of them that afflicted her should come bending vnto her all they that despised her should bowe themselues downe at the soles of her feet and call her the City of the Lord Isai 60. Isa 60.14 So did Zacharie that the Lord of hostes would dwell in the midst of Ierusalem and Ierusalem should be called a City of truth and the Mountaine of the Lord of hostes the holy mountaine Zech. 8. Zech. 8.3 In Hierusalem the Prophets preached there it was fit that the Apostles should beginne to preach repentance and remission of sinnes Luc. 24. Luc. 24.47 So it was foretold that the Word of the Lord should goe forth from Ierusalem Isa 2.3 Isai 2. Christ was promised to be sent to the Iewes to be borne of Dauid Psal 89. ver ●32 of Abraham Psa 89 4. Psal 132.11 Gen. 22 18. Gal ● 16 Amb. l 1. de Ab●ac 18. Gen. 22. as Saint Paul expoundeth that place Gal. 3.16 Christ was there crucified dead buried and thence he ascended His vertue was to bee diffused throughout the whole world and therefore in the midst and nauill of the habitable world hee shewed himselfe most conspicuously It was fitte for his humility as to suffer the shamefullest death In medio terrae ●●e●atus est 〈…〉 Psal ●5 ●2 〈…〉 3 〈…〉 so not to be ashamed of the most eminent place He tooke vpon him the forme of a seruant and therefore as he chose Bethlehem for his birth so hee chose Ierusalem for his passion He that would not suffer a Prophet to perish out of Ierusalem c. 13.33 would suffer there himselfe being the Prince of Prophets He charged his Apostles not to depart from Hierusalem Act 1.4 Chrys but waite for the promise of the Father Act. 1. confirming them lest they should faint liuing amongst the crucifiers of their Lord or fastning them there a while least departing thence suddenly others might haue thought they had despayred of their Lords resurrection Oecumen I●st Ant. l. 7. c. ● Some call it Ierusalem because Dauid compassed it with a wall Masius because the Lord especially looked towards it Ierch Salem Salem Alta. Salmecon because it was exceeding high Eusebius of Salomons Temple Sydonius Apollinaris noteth that when it is read Ierusalem 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 Others of Raah Salem Visio Pacis it may signifie Heauen but when Ierosolymae it must be taken for an earthly Citie Beza reades it heere Hierosolymis It was famous for Herods Hall the Sepulchres of Dauid Steuen Nichodemus Gamaliel Zacharie Mount Syon Mount Oliuet the brooke Cedron Ieremyes caue the Virgins house but more famous for Salomons Temple which being repayred was solemnized with a dedication Famous for The many names of it mentioned by Tostatus-Solyma In Mat. 4 q 32 Luza Bethel Ierosolyma Iebus Elia Vrbs sacra Ierusalem dicitur atque Salem Famous for the safety of it which was secure as Dauid told old Barzillai Come thou ouer with me and I will feede thee with mee in Ierusalem 2. Sam. 19 33 2. Sam. 19. yet all these and the aboundance of wealth siluer being there as stones and Cedars as the Sycomore trees that are in the vale for aboundance 1. King 10. made it not so famous as the Temple and the Feasts 1. King 10.27 the Iewes had a Feast of the Sabbath the Passeouer first Fruites of Pentecost of Trumpets of Attonement of Tabernacles Leu. 23. Leu. 23. Salomon had his feast of Dedication of the Temple and all Israel with him a great Congregation from the entring in of Hamath vnto the riuer of Egypt 1. King 8.65 seuen daies and seuen dayes euen foureteene dayes 1. King 8. So hath our Church solemne Feastes in stead of the Passeouer which was instituted in remembrance of the deliuerance from Egypts bondage of pentecost a remembrance of the Law giuen at Mount Sinai of the Feast of Tabernacles a remembrance of Israels dwelling in Tents forty yeares in the wildernesse Wee haue Christmas in honour of Christs Incarnation which Chrysostome calleth the Metropolis of all other Feasts Chrys Easter in honour of Christs Resurrection which Ignatius calleth the Kings day and the eminentst of all others Leo the Feast of feasts Nazianzen holds it as farre excelling the rest Leo. 1. as the Sunne doth other Planets Whitsontide Tertul. l de Corona militis Orig. l. 8. contra Celsum Act. 20.16 Question in honour of Christs confirmation of the Gospell by sending vnto vs the Holy Ghost a Feast which caused Paul to hasten