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A05061 The chariot and horsemen of Israel A discourse of prayer: shewing what it is, as also the meanes to attaine to the practise of it. An exercise so rare in the world, and yet so requisite, as few vse it aright, and none may omit it. By Henry Langley, minister of the Word of God, at Treswell in the county of Nottingham. Langley, Henry, d. 1636. 1616 (1616) STC 15202; ESTC S108258 40,085 136

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d Gen. 31.24 for Iacob Labans hand and e Gen. 32.9.10 c. asswaged Esaus wrath II. It remooueth the euils that we feele When Israel groaned vnder their taske-masters in Egypt the Lord remooued their shoulder from the burthen f Ps 81.6 and their hands were deliuered from the pots Psal 32.4.5 III. It procureth what wee desire Elias saith Iames g Iam. 5.17.18 Was a man subiect to like passions as wee are and hee prayed earnestly that it might not raine and it rained not on the earth by the space of three yeeres and sixe moneths And hee prayed againe and the heauen gaue raine and the earth brought forth her fruite And if any man lack wisdome h Iames 1.5 he biddeth that we aske of God IV. It sanctifieth what we haue Euery creature of God is good saith the Apostle i 1. Tim. 4.4.5 and nothing to be refused if it be receiued with thankesgiuing for it is sanctified by the word of God and prayer To bee short it can doe any thing Phil. 4.6 Quest Whence commeth it that prayer is so powerfull Answ Not from any thing in the work simply But I. As it is that meanes which the Lord hath appoynted to be vsed by his word of commaund II. As he hath pleased to annex gracious promises vnto it III. As it is perfected and hath all the wants supplied by the incense of that Angel of the eternall couenant Christ Iesus and so made the worthie meanes according to Gods commaund whereby hee may conueigh vnto vs thorough Christ the good blessings which he hath promised IV. And as that God to whom wee pray is abundant in goodnesse and truth and rich to all that call vpon him §. 2. Effects considered in regard of 3. Our selues The Effects of Prayer in respect of our selues may bee referred to two heads I. The Commodities II. The Symptomes Touching the good and profitable worke of Prayer in vs. I. It is a most speciall exercise for the stirring vp the graces of God in vs. II. It nourisheth as all the graces of God in vs so especially hope and patience 1. Sam. 1.15,18 III. It fulfilleth our ioy Ioh. 16.24 The Effects of Prayer which as symptomes and signes doe demonstrate true feeling prayer are three I. It causeth a holy heate in our affections Whereby a man findeth himselfe after a while much more heauenlily affected then in the beginning of his prayer II. A weaning from the thoughts of the world for the present immediatly after his prayer As hee that beholdeth the Sunne hath not his eyes instantly fit to looke vpon earthlie things And therefore he that can presently after prayer thinke and speake of worldly affaires with as much ease and delight as if hee had but come from a worldly exercise it is much to be doubted to say no worse that he prayed not heartily III. It giueth a man a heauenlie aspect for the present making him looke like one that hath had conuerse with God CHAP. IV. The Subiect of Prayer THE Subiect of Prayer is twofold I. Receiuing II. Whereabout Prayer is exercised Subiect I. Receiuing 1. Mentall 2. Verball 3. The two former may considered in another relation be called Adiuncts 3. Locall considered in respect of 1. Place 2. Prayer The Subiect receiuing is I. Mentall II. Verball III. Locall First I say it is mentall which consisteth in the cogitations of our mindes For wee may conceiue a prayer though it bee not vttered And those which are vttered in words were first in thought Secondly it consisteth in the words whereby wee expresse the motions and desires of our hearts And they are of great vse in prayer I. That the Lord as hee hath created redeemed regenerated both might also be glorified by both II. They are meanes of Christian communion in prayer when two or three or more are gathered together in the name of God III. They further much him that prayeth though he bee alone For 1. They doe represent more matter still before his mind 2. The vttering and mentioning of the promises and threatnings c. is a means to make the matter worke vpon vs. 3. They keepe the minde more attent And the altring and changing of our words are herein of great vse The last subiect-receiuing is the place The which is to be considered in regard of I. The place it selfe II. Prayer All places as places may serue for prayer Beleeue mee saith our Sauiour to the woman of Samaria a Ioh. 4.21 c. the houre commeth when ye shall neither in this mountaine nor yet at Ierusalem worship the Father But the houre commeth and now is when the true worshippers shall worshippe the Father in spirit and truth for the Father seeketh such to worship him And the Apostle willeth b 1. Tim. 2.8 that men pray euery-where Reas 1. The Lord is euery-where II. All places are Gods and for his glorie III. Respect of place was ceremoniall pointing at Christ our spirituall Temple in whom alone God will accept vs. But yet the Lord is the God of order and so all things are to bee done decently and in order In respect therefore of prayer I. Publike prayer should be in a publike place Reason 1. That all might more cōueniently assemble II. In more fitting manner to make a publike profession of our faith and obedience III. For the more liuely manifestation of the libertie which by Gods blessing wee enioy II. More priuate praier I meane of a familie in euery familie apart As for me and my house saith Iosuah c Ios 24.15 we will serue the Lord. III. Most priuate that is of euery particular person in a secret place When thou prayest saith our Sauiour d Matth. 6.6 enter into thy closet and when thou hast shut thy doore pray to thy Father which is in secret Reas I. To auoide imputations of hypocrisie II. For the more libertie in both word and iesture §. 2. II. Occupying or where about praier is exercised the which is 1. Reall 1. What they are 2. How obiects 3. How farre The subiect whereabout prayer is exercised which is properly the Obiect followeth And it is I. Either Reall II. Or Personall Touching the things which are the obiects of Prayer wee may consider I. What they are II. How they are obiects of our Prayers III. How farre These things are I. Such as concerne either this life or the life to come For 1. All must come from God e Iam. 1.17 2. Righteousnesse hath the promise of both f Heb. 13.5 3. We are commanded to goe to God g Iam. 1.5 Matth. c. for both II. They are simply good or being euill in themselues the considerations respected in Prayer are good For good things we desire The continuance of what we haue and the bestowing of what wee want And of euill things wee desire their preuention profitable vse and remouall and are answerably thankefull III. As all good