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B23048 A testimony concerning George Russel who dyed a prisoner upon truth's account for bearing his testimouy [sic] against tythes. Ford, Robert, of Devonshire.; Batt, Jasper, d. 1702. aut 1680 (1680) Wing F1474 8,610 13

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son_n of_o god_n then_o say_v the_o high_a priest_n he_o have_v speak_v blasphemy_n what_o further_a need_n have_v we_o of_o witness_n behold_v now_o you_o have_v hear_v his_o blasphemy_n what_o think_v you_o they_o answer_v and_o say_v he_o be_v guilty_a of_o death_n so_o in_o some_o sense_n it_o be_v with_o many_o in_o this_o nation_n who_o cry_v out_o and_o say_v tithe_n that_o unjust_a oppression_n under_o which_o the_o nation_n groan_v be_v our_o due_a we_o have_v a_o law_n for_o it_o and_o though_o there_o be_v a_o people_n that_o for_o conscience_n sake_n refuse_v to_o pay_v it_o and_o say_v it_o be_v not_o our_o due_a by_o the_o law_n of_o god_n and_o christ_n though_o you_o claim_v it_o by_o the_o law_n of_o man_n yet_o say_v we_o priest_n and_o impropriator_n by_o our_o law_n they_o ought_v to_o pay_v if_o not_o they_o shall_v sure_o suffer_v we_o will_v prosecute_v the_o law_n and_o as_o for_o the_o judgement_n of_o god_n that_o may_v ensue_v therefore_o either_o here_o or_o hereafter_o we_o will_v venture_v it_o let_v they_o fall_v on_o we_o and_o as_o to_o the_o curse_n that_o may_v follow_v for_o our_o cruelty_n if_o any_o be_v let_v that_o rest_n upon_o our_o posterity_n well_o if_o of_o such_o a_o mind_n who_o ever_o thou_o be_v mind_v a_o little_a further_o and_o consider_v the_o sad_a state_n afterward_o of_o those_o persecute_v muder_a jew_n of_o who_o christ_n say_v it_o be_v almost_o impossible_a for_o a_o prophet_n or_o a_o man_n of_o god_n to_o perish_v but_o among_o they_o of_o who_o once_a tithe_n under_o the_o law_n be_v require_v and_o free_o without_o any_o carnal_a compulsion_n be_v it_o then_o to_o be_v bring_v into_o the_o place_n appoint_v and_o it_o be_v for_o such_o use_n and_o purpose_n as_o god_n by_o his_o servant_n moses_n have_v ordain_v it_o in_o that_o day_n which_o tithe_n and_o offering_n under_o that_o levitical_a dispensation_n priesthood_n and_o ministry_n when_o thus_o bring_v into_o the_o storehouse_n be_v allot_v for_o the_o tribe_n of_o levi_n who_o have_v no_o inheritance_n or_o share_n of_o land_n among_o their_o brethren_n and_o who_o serve_v the_o tabernacle_n and_o who_o wait_v on_o the_o altar_n and_o also_o for_o the_o relief_n of_o the_o poor_a the_o stranger_n the_o fatherless_a and_o the_o widow_n that_o be_v within_o their_o gate_n so_o than_o not_o only_o for_o the_o priest_n to_o enrich_v themselves_o thereby_o nor_o to_o feed_v and_o clothe_v themselves_o only_o with_o the_o profit_v thereof_o nay_o nay_o nor_o yet_o for_o greedy_a impropriator_n who_o through_o covetousness_n and_o for_o the_o love_n of_o money_n which_o be_v the_o root_n of_o all_o evil_a that_o they_o may_v build_v their_o nest_n high_a and_o be_v great_a in_o the_o earth_n by_o join_v house_n to_o house_n and_o by_o add_v field_n to_o field_n purchase_v to_o themselves_o meet_v with_o a_o cheap_a bargain_n as_o their_o inheritance_n that_o which_o be_v other_o man_n right_n and_o now_o such_o live_v upon_o as_o may_v be_v say_v the_o labour_n and_o and_o sweat_n of_o other_o man_n brow_n which_o purchase_v they_o never_o have_v from_o god_n truth_n and_o equity_n any_o just_a right_n unto_o nor_o by_o the_o law_n of_o moses_n can_v demand_v or_o recover_v it_o for_o at_o that_o time_n these_o thing_n be_v account_v holy_a thing_n and_o as_o offering_n be_v to_o be_v dedicate_v to_o the_o lord_n not_o to_o be_v buy_v not_o to_o be_v sell_v not_o to_o be_v set_a or_o let_v after_o such_o a_o manner_n unto_o impropriator_n tythe-monger_n or_o farmer_n there_o be_v no_o such_o do_n then_o neither_o do_v moses_n ordain_v a_o prison_n to_o cast_v man_n body_n in_o if_o they_o bring_v not_o in_o their_o tithe_n according_a to_o appointment_n nor_o do_v he_o or_o the_o magistrate_n than_o issue_n forth_o writ_n warrant_n and_o execution_n as_o the_o man_n of_o our_o nation_n have_v do_v that_o wicked_a profane_a bailiff_n and_o such_o like_a shall_v take_v man_n good_n away_o by_o force_n who_o be_v many_o of_o they_o of_o the_o vile_a of_o man_n who_o matter_n not_o to_o make_v what_o havoc_n and_o spoil_n they_o can_v of_o what_o man_n have_v honest_o and_o industrious_o labour_v for_o and_o many_o time_n they_o will_v take_v three_o time_n more_o than_o what_o they_o can_v demand_v see_v see_v o_o people_n see_v how_o far_o short_a of_o the_o jewish_a religion_n ●o_o these_o man_n come_v and_o on_o the_o other_o hand_n may_v it_o not_o be_v say_v how_o ●ar_a wo●se_n and_o more_o cruel_a than_o the_o jew_n do_v the_o practice_n of_o these_o pretend_a christian_n herein_o exceed_v and_o yet_o all_o this_o be_v do_v and_o suffer_v to_o be_v do_v in_o this_o nation_n under_o a_o profession_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o of_o christianity_n and_o under_o pretence_n of_o law_n make_v by_o christian-magistrate_n who_o think_v to_o uphold_v their_o christian-minister_n as_o they_o suppose_v thereby_o and_o so_o hereby_o they_o have_v much_o strengthen_v the_o hand_n of_o all_o cruel_a persecute_v priest_n and_o impropriator_n who_o be_v ready_a enough_o to_o take_v the_o utmost_a advantage_n that_o the_o law_n will_v give_v they_o herein_o against_o such_o honest_a sober_a people_n all_o which_o do_n be_v very_o contrary_a unto_o the_o mind_n of_o god_n who_o hate_v oppression_n and_o to_o the_o command_n of_o christ_n jesus_n who_o come_v to_o set_v free_a from_o the_o yoke_n of_o bondage_n and_o to_o the_o scripture_n of_o truth_n which_o do_v not_o at_o all_o justify_v they_o &_o also_o to_o that_o very_a law_n and_o dispensation_n that_o come_v by_o moses_n which_o never_o do_v allow_v of_o such_o practice_n as_o these_o who_o in_o that_o very_a day_n as_o on_o this_o account_n annex_v no_o corporal_a penalty_n thereunto_o but_o leave_v the_o people_n under_o the_o sense_n of_o the_o severity_n of_o that_o judgement_n curse_n or_o punishment_n that_o god_n himself_o may_v inflict_v upon_o they_o i●_n they_o be_v disobedient_a herein_o and_o do_v not_o answer_v to_o do_v what_o god_n thu●_n require_v of_o they_o in_o the_o time_n of_o that_o dispensation_n which_o if_o they_o do_v then_o on_o the_o other_o hand_n the_o blessing_n of_o the_o lord_n god_n of_o heau●n_n and_o earth_n be_v to_o come_v upon_o they_o as_o it_o be_v write_v deut._n 8._o and_o it_o shall_v come_v to_o pass_v if_o thou_o shall_v hearken_v diligent_o unto_o the_o voice_n of_o the_o lord_n thy_o god_n to_o observe_v and_o to_o do_v all_o his_o command_n which_o i_o command_v thou_o this_o day_n that_o the_o lord_n thy_o god_n will_v set_v thou_o on_o high_a above_o all_o the_o nation_n of_o the_o earth_n and_o all_o these_o blessing_n shall_v come_v upon_o the●_n and_o overtake_v thou_o if_o thou_o shall_v hearken_v unto_o the_o voice_n of_o the_o lord_n thy_o god_n blessed_n shall_v thou_o be_v in_o the_o city_n and_o bless_v shall_v thou_o be_v in_o the_o field_n in_o the_o fruit_n of_o thy_o body_n and_o in_o the_o fruit_n of_o thy_o ground_n etc._n etc._n bless_v shall_v be_v thy_o basket_n and_o thy_o store_n blessed_n shall_v thou_o be_v when_o thou_o go_v out_o and_o when_o thou_o come_v in_o etc._n etc._n but_o a_o little_a further_o consider_v as_o have_v be_v hint_v ●o_o the_o sad_a state_n of_o that_o people_n and_o nation_n the_o jew_n in_o and_o soon_o after_o the_o day_n of_o christ_n who_o come_v to_o fulfil_v the_o law_n and_o to_o put_v a_o end_n to_o tithe_n oblation_n and_o offering_n and_o to_o abolish_v that_o levitical_a priesthood_n and_o worship_n and_o to_o set_v up_o and_o establish_v a_o better_a to_o bring_v people_n to_o worship_n and_o serve_v god_n in_o spirit_n and_o in_o truth_n for_o such_o worship_n and_o worshipper_n the_o father_n seek_v and_o be_v well-pleased_a with_o concern_v which_o much_o may_v be_v write_v oh_o that_o all_o sort_n of_o persecutor_n whatsoever_o will_v but_o consider_v what_o judgement_n and_o calamity_n soon_o after_o come_v upon_o they_o for_o their_o evil_a work_n in_o that_o they_o despise_v resist_v oppose_v and_o reject_v christ_n hale_v before_o magistrate_n abuse_v imprison_v and_o put_v to_o death_n they_o that_o be_v his_o disciple_n and_o as_o the_o scripture_n testify_v crucify_a he_o their_o lord_n and_o master_n the_o prince_n of_o life_n and_o peace_n who_o the_o world_n know_v not_o nor_o the_o prince_n of_o it_o for_o if_o they_o have_v as_o it_o be_v write_v they_o will_v not_o have_v crucify_a the_o lord_n of_o glory_n and_o that_o after_o the_o most_o vile_a manner_n deliver_v he_o up_o to_o be_v buffet_v and_o his_o person_n to_o be_v abuse_v they_o clothe_v he_o in_o purple_a and_o crown_v he_o with_o thorn_n mock_v at_o he_o with_o a_o salutation_n hale_v king_n of_o the_o jew_n spit_v in_o
a_o testimony_n concern_v george_n russel_n who_o die_v a_o prisoner_n upon_o truth_n be_v account_v for_o bear_v his_o testimony_n against_o tithe_n together_o with_o a_o few_o line_n once_o more_o after_o many_o by_o way_n of_o information_n caution_n and_o warn_v unto_o all_o persecutor_n from_o the_o example_n of_o the_o jew_n to_o beware_v what_o they_o do_v how_o they_o persist_v and_o go_v on_o in_o such_o practice_n lest_o the_o judgement_n of_o the_o just_a god_n take_v hold_v on_o they_o and_o there_o be_v none_o to_o deliver_v out_o of_o his_o hand_n for_o certain_o he_o will_v arise_v ere_o long_o in_o his_o anger_n and_o plead_v his_o own_o cause_n in_o the_o earth_n and_o then_o he_o will_v ease_v himself_o of_o his_o adversary_n and_o be_v avenge_v upon_o his_o enemy_n these_o to_o all_o people_n may_v inform_v that_o george_n russel_n of_o the_o parish_n of_o burliscombe_n in_o the_o county_n of_o devon_n be_v age_v about_o eighty_o three_o year_n who_o body_n be_v now_o rescue_v by_o the_o god_n of_o heaven_n and_o earth_n from_o the_o envy_n and_o rage_n of_o his_o cruel_a persecutor_n and_o as_o concern_v he_o that_o testimony_n be_v now_o finish_v his_o soul_n be_v gather_v unto_o god_n and_o to_o the_o spirit_n of_o just_a man_n who_o former_o suffer_v he_o now_o sleep_v and_o be_v at_o rest_n with_o they_o where_o the_o wicked_a cease_v from_o trouble_v and_o where_o the_o weary_a be_v at_o rest_n where_o the_o prisoner_n rest_v together_o they_o hear_v not_o the_o voice_n of_o the_o oppressor_n he_o for_o conscience_n sake_n in_o obedience_n to_o the_o command_v of_o christ_n refuse_v to_o pay_v tithe_n to_o one_o william_n chamberline_n alias_o lucky_o of_o the_o same_o parish_n tythemenger_n for_o about_o one_o acre_n and_o of_o wheat_n the_o tithe_n of_o which_o be_v value_v to_o be_v worth_a about_o 7_o s._n be_v subpaen_v into_o the_o exchequer_n and_o for_o not_o appear_v a_o writ_n be_v take_v out_o against_o he_o to_o attach_v and_o imprison_v his_o body_n in_o the_o name_n of_o one_o anne_n jones_n widow_n of_o greencham_n in_o the_o parish_n of_o ashbritle_n and_o county_n of_o somerset_n impropriator_n of_o the_o tithe_n of_o burliscombe_n aforesaid_a and_o about_o the_o 17_o day_n of_o the_o four_o month_n 1679._o his_o body_n be_v attach_v and_o commit_v unto_o prison_n in_o thomas_n parish_n in_o exon_n where_o he_o remain_v a_o prisoner_n about_o seven_o or_o eight_o week_n in_o which_o time_n of_o his_o be_v there_o some_o friend_n of_o his_o consider_v his_o age_n and_o perceive_v the_o weakness_n of_o his_o body_n in_o tender_a love_n and_o respect_n to_o he_o he_o be_v several_a miles_n distant_a from_o his_o child_n who_o shall_v take_v care_n of_o he_o as_o age_n and_o weakness_n do_v require_v think_v good_a to_o seek_v his_o releasement_n which_o be_v according_o obtain_v but_o the_o adversary_n not_o regard_v his_o age_n weakness_n nor_o the_o ground_n of_o his_o detain_v tithe_n which_o be_v only_o for_o conscience_n sake_n nor_o the_o smallness_n of_o the_o sum_n demand_v to_o be_v due_a which_o if_o g._n r._n have_v pay_v he_o must_v make_v shipwreck_n of_o a_o good_a conscience_n and_o peace_n with_o god_n in_o much_o hardness_n of_o heart_n by_o this_o adversary_n the_o action_n be_v again_o revive_v and_o another_o attachment_n come_v forth_o and_o his_o body_n be_v apprehend_v and_o carry_v unto_o prison_n upon_o the_o 11_o of_o the_o 12_o month_n 1679._o and_o there_o he_o remain_v prisoner_n about_o eleven_o week_n have_v some_o liberty_n from_o the_o keeper_n to_o be_v without_o the_o key_n until_o the_o second_o day_n of_o the_o 3d_o month_n 1680._o and_o then_o it_o be_v the_o first_o day_n of_o the_o week_n in_o the_o morning_n weakness_n come_v on_o much_o upon_o he_o so_o that_o before_o any_o can_v send_v for_o his_o child_n to_o come_v unto_o he_o he_o give_v up_o the_o ghost_n and_o peaceable_o dye_v as_o many_o heart_n be_v persuade_v in_o the_o love_n and_o favour_n of_o god_n yield_v up_o his_o spirit_n unto_o he_o that_o give_v it_o there_o be_v present_a with_o he_o at_o that_o time_n another_o friend_n by_o name_n robert_n welch_n who_o have_v be_v also_o in_o the_o sheriff_n custody_n a_o prisoner_n several_a year_n and_o still_o remain_v there_o upon_o the_o account_n of_o tithe_n and_o now_o his_o body_n be_v remove_v from_o off_o the_o earth_n and_o his_o bed_n make_v in_o the_o dust_n his_o life_n shall_v reign_v in_o dominion_n over_o the_o heart_n of_o his_o adversary_n and_o by_o death_n he_o have_v overcome_v and_o get_v victory_n over_o they_o all_o through_o christ_n who_o have_v strengthen_v he_o and_o have_v thus_o suffer_v for_o he_o shall_v undoubted_o reign_v with_o he_o in_o that_o glory_n at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o god_n where_o with_o the_o son_n be_v glorify_v with_o the_o father_n from_o the_o beginning_n where_o the_o destroy_a persecute_v spirit_n shall_v never_o come_v and_o his_o testimony_n to_o the_o truth_n against_o tithe_n he_o have_v thus_o suffer_v in_o prison_n till_o death_n for_o it_o have_v as_o it_o be_v in_o some_o sense_n seal_v it_o with_o his_o blood_n and_o it_o shall_v stand_v as_o a_o memorial_n and_o stand_a testimony_n record_v to_o age_n and_o generation_n to_o come_v against_o and_o over_o all_o the_o head_n of_o such_o persecute_v priest_n impropriator_n and_o tythemonger_n whatsoever_o who_o endeavour_n to_o make_v void_a the_o law_n of_o christ_n and_o the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n and_o who_o walk_v contrary_a to_o he_o and_o be_v not_o find_v tread_v in_o his_o footstep_n nor_o in_o the_o footstep_n of_o the_o flock_n viz._n his_o disciple_n and_o the_o primitive_a christian_n who_o receive_v not_o tithe_n neither_o sue_v any_o man_n at_o the_o law_n nor_o cast_v any_o in_o prison_n for_o the_o not_o payment_n thereof_o but_o otherwise_o their_o lord_n and_o master_n christ_n command_v they_o say_v as_o you_o go_v preach_v say_v the_o kingdom_n of_o heaven_n be_v at_o hand_n etc._n etc._n mat._n 3.2_o free_o you_o have_v receive_v free_o give_v free_o minister_v of_o the_o ability_n god_n have_v give_v to_o you_o whether_o thing_n spiritual_a or_o temporal_a as_o also_o say_v the_o apostle_n and_o further_o say_v christ_n into_o whatsoever_o city_n town_n or_o house_n you_o come_v inquire_v who_o be_v worthy_a and_o if_o they_o receive_v you_o well_o let_v your_o peace_n then_o rest_v upon_o it_o and_o in_o the_o same_o house_n remain_v eat_v and_o drink_v such_o thing_n as_o they_o give_v for_o the_o labourer_n be_v worthy_a of_o his_o hire_n go_v not_o from_o house_n to_o house_n but_o if_o they_o receive_v you_o not_o what_o then_o shake_v off_o the_o dust_n of_o your_o shoe_n that_o cleave_v to_o your_o foot_n as_o a_o testimony_n against_o they_o and_o it_o shall_v be_v say_v christ_n more_o tolerable_a for_o sodom_n and_o gomorrah_n in_o the_o day_n of_o judgement_n than_o for_o that_o city_n luke_n 10.8_o 9_o 10_o 11_o 12._o as_o more_o large_o in_o the_o scripture_n may_v be_v read_v so_o all_o may_v see_v how_o contrary_a such_o be_v in_o life_n and_o conversation_n in_o work_n and_o practice_n to_o the_o doctrine_n of_o christ_n and_o to_o the_o practice_n of_o the_o primitive_a christian_n though_o they_o pretend_v themselves_o to_o be_v christian_n who_o take_v and_o plunder_v away_o by_o a_o law_n the_o good_n of_o innocent_a sober_a people_n and_o who_o cast_v in_o prison_n their_o body_n and_o many_o time_n detain_v they_o there_o till_o death_n but_o certain_o this_o will_v not_o serve_v their_o turn_n in_o the_o day_n of_o account_n when_o god_n shall_v judge_v the_o secret_n of_o all_o heart_n their_o law_n then_o will_v not_o stand_v they_o by_o in_o any_o stead_n to_o appease_v or_o pacify_v the_o anger_n and_o wrath_n of_o god_n that_o will_v break_v forth_o upon_o such_o if_o they_o repent_v not_o neither_o will_v it_o excuse_v they_o for_o their_o cruelty_n in_o the_o sight_n of_o god_n no_o more_o than_o do_v that_o law_n which_o the_o wicked_a jew_n make_v use_v of_o to_o crucify_v christ_n by_o who_o think_v they_o do_v well_o in_o put_v he_o to_o death_n cry_v out_o and_o say_v we_o have_v a_o law_n and_o by_o our_o law_n he_o ought_v to_o die_v crucify_v he_o crucify_v he_o let_v his_o blood_n be_v upon_o we_o and_o upon_o our_o child_n but_o some_o may_v say_v what_o law_n have_v they_o a_o law_n give_v by_o moses_n the_o servant_n of_o god_n leu._n 24.16_o and_o he_o that_o blaspheme_v the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n shall_v sure_o be_v put_v to_o death_n now_o the_o chief_a priest_n and_o elder_n false_o accuse_v christ_n say_v he_o be_v a_o blasphemer_n why_o because_o say_v they_o he_o have_v make_v himself_o the_o