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A35001 Several sermons, or, Declarations of Mr. Stephen Crisp, late of Colchester in Essex, deceased exactly taken in characters, or shorthand, as they were delivered by him at the publick meeting-houses of the people called Quakers, in Grace-Church-Street and Devonshire-House, London / and now faithfully transcribed and published ; together with his prayer at the end of every sermon. Crisp, Stephen, 1628-1692. 1693 (1693) Wing C6941; ESTC R32375 87,023 199

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that_o he_o may_v make_v it_o workman_n like_a he_o will_v say_v if_o i_o let_v my_o rule_n alone_o and_o not_o make_v use_n of_o it_o but_o work_v as_o i_o please_v and_o trust_v to_o my_o eye_n no_o wonder_n if_o i_o make_v bad_a work_n and_o what_o i_o build_v fall_v down_o again_o and_o tumble_v about_o my_o ear_n you_o to_o who_o god_n have_v give_v the_o standard_n of_o truth_n as_o a_o rule_n and_o measure_n to_o govern_v your_o thought_n word_n and_o action_n by_o let_v every_o thing_n be_v try_v with_o it_o before_o you_o die_v and_o leave_v this_o world_n if_o you_o do_v so_o and_o make_v this_o your_o daily_a practice_n then_o ask_v yourselves_o and_o you_o will_v be_v able_a to_o tell_v yourselves_o and_o tell_v i_o and_o say_v i_o have_v now_o obtain_v more_o hope_n of_o god_n favour_n and_o a_o great_a sense_n of_o his_o love_n and_o goodness_n to_o i_o than_o ever_o i_o have_v before_o the_o apostle_n do_v exhort_v we_o to_o walk_v circumspect_o not_o as_o fool_n but_o as_o wise_a redeem_v the_o time_n we_o have_v spend_v a_o great_a deal_n of_o time_n in_o vain_a let_v we_o now_o be_v wise_a and_o improve_v our_o time_n for_o our_o eternal_a advantage_n let_v we_o walk_v circumpect_o that_o be_v look_v round_o about_o we_o consider_v our_o way_n and_o try_v all_o our_o thought_n word_n and_o action_n by_o the_o standard_n of_o truth_n to_o day_n my_o friend_n while_o it_o be_v call_v to_o day_n hear_v the_o voice_n of_o god_n and_o harden_v not_o your_o heart_n and_o receive_v that_o heavenly_a counsel_n that_o be_v tender_v to_o you_o that_o you_o may_v be_v partaker_n of_o the_o inheritance_n among_o the_o saint_n in_o light_n his_o prayer_n after_o sermon_n bless_a and_o eternal_a father_n thou_o have_v bring_v forth_o thy_o glorious_a name_n and_o reveal_v thy_o power_n and_o thy_o mighty_a arm_n and_o thou_o have_v cause_v a_o remnant_n to_o bow_v and_o worship_n at_o thy_o appearance_n thou_o be_v wonderful_a thy_o majesty_n be_v great_a they_o that_o do_v behold_v thou_o will_v with_o reverence_n worship_n before_o thou_o thy_o power_n be_v go_v forth_o and_o have_v reach_v the_o heart_n of_o thy_o people_n thou_o have_v humble_v they_o and_o subject_v they_o to_o thy_o divine_a almighty_a power_n that_o they_o may_v appear_v in_o the_o earth_n to_o the_o praise_n and_o glory_n of_o thy_o great_a name_n and_o o_o lord_n as_o thou_o have_v begin_v a_o great_a work_n in_o the_o earth_n so_o thou_o have_v commit_v this_o work_n to_o thy_o servant_n and_o child_n that_o bear_v thy_o name_n among_o the_o son_n of_o man_n that_o they_o shall_v show_v forth_o thy_o righteousness_n among_o the_o inhabitant_n of_o the_o earth_n and_o our_o soul_n have_v say_v many_o a_o time_n who_o be_v sufficient_a for_o these_o thing_n all_o our_o fitness_n and_o sufficiency_n our_o meetness_n and_o preparation_n be_v from_o thou_o do_v thou_o reveal_v thy_o power_n and_o make_v bare_a thy_o almighty_a arm._n we_o have_v find_v thy_o presence_n from_o day_n to_o day_n and_o thou_o have_v uphold_v they_o that_o know_v thy_o love_n o_o gracious_a god_n of_o life_n herein_o we_o have_v encouragement_n to_o go_v on_o in_o the_o work_n which_o thou_o have_v call_v we_o to_o hereby_o we_o be_v enable_v to_o worship_n before_o thou_o and_o to_o offer_v up_o live_a praise_n unto_o thy_o great_a name_n for_o that_o refreshment_n and_o consolation_n which_o thou_o have_v minister_v unto_o thy_o people_n and_o o_o live_a father_n we_o have_v never_o wait_v on_o the_o in_o vain_a whensoever_o we_o have_v meet_v together_o in_o thy_o name_n we_o have_v find_v thy_o divine_a presence_n and_o the_o open_n of_o the_o treasure_n of_o thy_o love_n of_o thy_o wisdom_n and_o of_o thy_o favour_n to_o thy_o child_n so_o that_o from_o day_n to_o day_n and_o even_o at_o this_o day_n thou_o remembere_v thy_o people_n and_o thou_o give_v they_o fresh_a occasion_n to_o draw_v nigh_o to_o thou_o and_o receive_v their_o daily_a nourishment_n and_o strength_n from_o the_o operation_n of_o thy_o power_n o_o live_v god_n of_o life_n gather_v up_o the_o heart_n of_o thy_o people_n more_o and_o more_o and_o draw_v they_o into_o a_o nearness_n to_o thyself_o that_o their_o understanding_n may_v be_v mo●e_n and_o more_o open_v to_o discern_v thy_o will_n and_o subject_n themselves_o to_o thy_o wisdom_n that_o every_o thought_n that_o be_v exalt_v against_o thy_o divine_a power_n and_o live_a voice_n in_o their_o own_o conscience_n may_v be_v bring_v down_o that_o so_o all_o the_o nation_n of_o the_o earth_n may_v bow_v before_o thou_o that_o so_o thy_o truth_n may_v reign_v and_o thy_o power_n may_v be_v exalt_v and_o the_o righteousness_n which_o thou_o have_v reveal_v may_v shine_v forth_o more_o and_o more_o in_o the_o brightness_n and_o glory_n of_o it_o and_o enlighten_v those_o that_o be_v afar_o off_o that_o they_o may_v be_v bring_v to_o seek_v after_o god_n and_o l●u●ng_v god_n of_o life_n let_v th●se_a that_o be_v bow_v down_o under_o the_o weight_n of_o sin_n be_v support_v and_o raise_v up_o and_o those_o that_o be_v weary_a and_o heavy_a lade_v let_v they_o have_v rest_n to_o their_o soul_n powerful_a god_n of_o life_n keep_v thy_o people_n in_o a_o fresh_a and_o live_a sense_n of_o thy_o love_n and_o of_o thy_o heavenly_a virtue_n by_o which_o thou_o nourish_v thy_o child_n and_o satisfie_v they_o from_o day_n to_o day_n not_o only_a when_o they_o be_v meet_v together_o but_o when_o they_o be_v separate_v from_o one_o another_o let_v thy_o people_n be_v preserve_v from_o the_o evil_a of_o the_o world_n while_o they_o be_v in_o it_o and_o let_v thy_o wisdom_n and_o power_n give_v they_o victory_n over_o it_o that_o thou_o may_v have_v the_o glory_n of_o all_o thy_o mercy_n and_o blessing_n vouchsafe_v to_o they_o for_o thou_o alone_o be_v worthy_a who_o be_v god_n over_o all_o bless_a for_o ever_o and_o ever_o amen_n sermon_n v._o the_o great_a duty_n of_o remember_v our_o creator_n preach_v at_o devonshire-house_n april_n 6._o 1692._o there_o be_v only_o one_o live_v and_o true_a god_n creator_n of_o heaven_n and_o earth_n who_o we_o be_v oblige_v to_o serve_v and_o worship_n i_o have_v so_o much_o charity_n as_o to_o believe_v there_o be_v none_o among_o we_o but_o will_v own_v and_o acknowledge_v this_o and_o my_o soul_n wish_v that_o this_o obligation_n do_v always_o rest_n upon_o every_o one_o mind_n that_o they_o may_v remember_v their_o creator_n that_o have_v give_v we_o all_o life_n and_o breath_n and_o continue_v all_o our_o blessing_n to_o we_o that_o so_o every_o one_o may_v apply_v their_o heart_n unto_o that_o universal_a duty_n that_o we_o be_v all_o convince_v of_o and_o they_o that_o be_v thus_o employ_v and_o exercise_v they_o be_v consider_v how_o and_o after_o what_o manner_n they_o may_v quit_v and_o discharge_v their_o duty_n and_o perform_v the_o obligation_n that_o lie_v upon_o they_o so_o that_o it_o may_v be_v accept_v at_o the_o hand_n of_o god_n i_o speak_v now_o of_o those_o that_o be_v considerate_a not_o of_o those_o that_o go_v on_o in_o a_o form_n of_o religion_n and_o matter_n not_o nor_o regard_v whether_o they_o be_v accept_v of_o god_n or_o no_o but_o all_o that_o be_v conscientious_a towards_o god_n they_o be_v desirous_a to_o serve_v god_n and_o worship_n he_o so_o as_o they_o may_v be_v acceptable_a to_o he_o so_o to_o perform_v duty_n that_o they_o may_v receive_v their_o reward_n and_o that_o encouragement_n that_o god_n in_o all_o age_n have_v discover_v and_o make_v manifest_a to_o be_v in_o his_o purpose_n towards_o they_o that_o true_o serve_v he_o when_o people_n come_v to_o this_o consideration_n how_o they_o may_v serve_v god_n aright_o and_o worship_v he_o acceptable_o the_o lord_n be_v nigh_o unto_o they_o to_o instruct_v they_o to_o teach_v they_o and_o guide_v they_o in_o that_o way_n that_o be_v everlasting_a and_o bless_v be_v his_o holy_a name_n a_o great_a many_o in_o our_o day_n have_v meet_v with_o this_o divine_a teach_v and_o instruction_n and_o be_v teach_v in_o this_o age_n as_o in_o former_a age_n to_o understand_v the_o worship_n of_o god_n that_o he_o require_v that_o be_v in_o spirit_n and_o truth_n and_o do_v find_v that_o the_o father_n do_v seek_v such_o worshipper_n and_o where_o he_o find_v they_o he_o reward_v they_o and_o they_o have_v a_o answer_n of_o peace_n in_o their_o bosom_n and_o they_o be_v encourage_v to_o go_v on_o in_o the_o worship_n and_o service_n of_o god_n to_o the_o end_n of_o their_o day_n and_o it_o be_v a_o great_a mercy_n and_o benefit_n a_o great_a blessing_n that_o god_n have_v bestow_v upon_o a_o remnant_n so_o open_v their_o understanding_n to_o let_v they_o see_v and_o know_v
will_v find_v out_o something_o by_o which_o it_o may_v be_v do_v other_o be_v willing_a enough_o to_o continue_v in_o sin_n and_o drunkeness_n whoredom_n lie_v and_o hypocrisy_n these_o be_v a_o sort_n of_o fool_n that_o make_v a_o mock_n of_o sin_n and_o that_o swim_v in_o the_o stream_n of_o pleasure_n and_o what_o care_n they_o so_o long_o as_o they_o make_v a_o profession_n of_o christianity_n but_o i_o be_o speak_v of_o a_o people_n that_o be_v struggle_v under_o their_o corruption_n that_o will_v mortify_v sin_n and_o serve_v god_n in_o holiness_n and_o righteousness_n and_o do_v god_n will_v on_o earth_n as_o it_o be_v do_v in_o heaven_n and_o do_v it_o not_o in_o form_n but_o will_v have_v power_n to_o do_v it_o and_o they_o try_v several_a way_n to_o have_v it_o do_v &_o it_o be_v not_o do_v &_o many_o have_v be_v at_o this_o work_n till_o grey_a hair_n be_v upon_o their_o head_n and_o it_o be_v not_o do_v now_o god_n have_v give_v christ_n to_o make_v reconciliation_n now_o how_o can_v we_o that_o have_v the_o love_n of_o god_n extend_v to_o we_o but_o extend_v our_o goodwill_n to_o our_o friend_n and_o signify_v to_o they_o that_o all_o the_o travel_n and_o pain_n they_o be_v at_o and_o all_o the_o prayer_n they_o make_v that_o all_o will_v do_v nothing_o till_o they_o have_v their_o faith_n fix_v upon_o jesus_n that_o be_v able_a to_o save_v and_o deliver_v they_o and_o save_v to_o the_o uttermost_a all_o that_o come_v to_o god_n by_o he_o but_o here_o some_o will_v object_v and_o say_v it_o be_v true_a what_o you_o say_v but_o be_v it_o needful_a to_o preach_v such_o doctrine_n to_o we_o for_o we_o all_o believe_v in_o christ_n that_o be_v the_o only_a mediator_n and_o saviour_n we_o know_v that_o christ_n jesus_n be_v the_o only_a mediator_n and_o that_o unless_o he_o commend_v we_o to_o god_n we_o can_v be_v accept_v of_o he_o this_o be_v our_o general_n doctrine_n therefore_o what_o need_v it_o be_v urge_v and_o press_v upon_o we_o that_o be_v come_v into_o the_o the_o faith_n already_o let_v i_o search_v into_o the_o matter_n it_o be_v of_o great_a concernment_n than_o to_o search_v into_o a_o bargain_n of_o worldly_a thing_n man_n will_v fain_o have_v other_o open_a and_o discover_v to_o they_o wherein_o they_o may_v be_v cheat_v to_o prevent_v their_o be_v impose_v on_o in_o a_o worldly_a bargain_n i_o hope_v than_o they_o will_v hearken_v to_o know_v how_o and_o wherein_o they_o may_v be_v deceive_v by_o themselves_o and_o deceive_v by_o other_o in_o matter_n of_o eternal_a concernment_n there_o be_v no_o protestant_n but_o they_o reject_v any_o mediator_n but_o jesus_n christ_n and_o believe_v that_o no_o mediator_n can_v reconcile_v they_o to_o god_n but_o christ_n alone_o and_o they_o say_v he_o be_v the_o object_n of_o their_o faith_n i_o will_v ask_v they_o this_o question_n whether_o they_o believe_v in_o christ_n at_o a_o distance_n or_o as_o present_v real_o present_a with_o they_o if_o their_o faith_n be_v historical_a and_o at_o a_o distance_n that_o they_o believe_v in_o christ_n as_o one_o bear_v of_o the_o virgin_n mary_n and_o be_v crucify_a and_o dead_a before_o they_o be_v bear_v and_o arise_v again_o and_o ascend_v into_o heaven_n and_o be_v set_v at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o god_n if_o the_o reason_n of_o my_o belief_n be_v i_o have_v hear_v of_o this_o relation_n of_o christ_n or_o whether_o the_o reason_n be_v because_o by_o his_o spirit_n he_o have_v visit_v i_o in_o this_o age_n the_o one_o be_v i_o believe_v because_o good_a man_n have_v tell_v i_o so_o but_o the_o other_o be_v i_o believe_v because_o by_o this_o spirit_n he_o have_v promise_v to_o send_v to_o lead_v i_o into_o all_o truth_n he_o have_v visit_v i_o now_o whether_o i_o be_o aware_a of_o such_o a_o spiritual_a visitation_n by_o this_o quicken_a spirit_n which_o be_v the_o lord_n from_o heaven_n and_o not_o only_o the_o lord_n in_o heaven_n whether_o i_o be_o aware_a of_o such_o a_o quicken_a power_n and_o virtue_n which_o i_o have_v receive_v upon_o my_o spirit_n that_o he_o be_v not_o only_o at_o the_o right_a hand_n of_o god_n on_o high_a in_o heaven_n but_o that_o now_o he_o be_v come_v to_o knock_v at_o the_o door_n of_o my_o heart_n and_o have_v raise_v in_o i_o a_o life_n as_o opposite_a to_o sin_n as_o he_o be_v now_o if_o i_o be_v aware_a of_o a_o secret_a touch_n of_o his_o quicken_a virtue_n upon_o my_o soul_n whereby_o he_o have_v beget_v i_o into_o a_o life_n opposite_a to_o sin_n so_o that_o if_o sin_n remain_v it_o remain_v as_o a_o burden_n and_o oppression_n upon_o i_o so_o that_o i_o be_o a_o sufferer_n forasmuch_o as_o i_o be_o quicken_v and_o make_v sensible_a of_o a_o better_a life_n of_o a_o godly_a life_n i_o will_v fain_o be_v at_o it_o and_o live_v in_o it_o but_o iniquity_n lust_n and_o corruption_n lie_v in_o the_o way_n he_o that_o have_v quicken_v i_o so_o far_o as_o to_o bring_v i_o to_o a_o sense_n of_o the_o burden_n of_o sin_n my_o faith_n tell_v i_o he_o will_v take_v the_o burden_n off_o else_o my_o faith_n will_v do_v i_o no_o good_a if_o that_o corruption_n still_o prevail_v upon_o i_o if_o my_o faith_n tell_v i_o this_o it_o will_v tell_v the_o wicked_a man_n in_o the_o world_n as_o much_o but_o if_o my_o faith_n tell_v i_o i_o be_o a_o sinner_n and_o my_o sin_n consist_v of_o this_o and_o the_o other_o evil_a thing_n i_o do_v and_o be_o incline_v to_o do_v it_o tell_v i_o again_o that_o he_o that_o have_v quicken_v i_o and_o bring_v i_o to_o a_o sense_n of_o sin_n he_o can_v take_v the_o burden_n off_o from_o i_o here_o now_o be_v a_o true_a faith_n that_o begin_v in_o conviction_n and_o end_n in_o true_a conversion_n this_o be_v the_o word_n of_o faith_n which_o be_v deliver_v to_o the_o saint_n and_o which_o we_o be_v to_o preach_v they_o say_v of_o o●d_n that_o the_o word_n of_o faith_n which_o they_o have_v to_o preach_v be_v that_o which_o be_v nigh_o in_o their_o mouth_n that_o they_o may_v hea●_n it_o and_o do_v it_o i_o have_v something_o nigh_o that_o reprove_v i_o for_o sin_n if_o i_o be_v obedient_a to_o it_o than_o faith_n give_v i_o victory_n over_o that_o which_o be_v sinful_a for_o which_o the_o word_n reprove_v i_o and_o as_o i_o see_v faith_n give_v i_o victory_n over_o any_o corruption_n which_o i_o have_v be_v struggle_v under_o here_o i_o be_o encourage_v to_o fix_v my_o faith_n upon_o he_o that_o have_v thus_o quicken_v i_o so_o that_o this_o be_v the_o difference_n between_o faith_n in_o christ_n at_o a_o distance_n and_o faith_n that_o quicken_v i_o by_o god_n spirit_n that_o spirit_n which_o have_v be_v so_o much_o slight_v in_o our_o day_n by_o the_o high_a notionist_n in_o our_o age_n they_o have_v suppose_v it_o to_o be_v a_o mere_a fiction_n some_o have_v mock_v and_o deride_v and_o other_o have_v be_v discourage_v to_o speak_v of_o the_o spirit_n of_o christ_n and_o his_o operation_n upon_o the_o soul_n some_o have_v declare_v it_o both_o in_o the_o press_n and_o pulpit_n that_o they_o have_v have_v no_o experience_n of_o the_o touch_n of_o god_n spirit_n upon_o their_o soul_n but_o our_o experience_n have_v bring_v we_o to_o another_o degree_n of_o knowledge_n we_o know_v and_o you_o may_v know_v if_o you_o please_v and_o that_o before_o you_o sleep_v that_o there_o be_v a_o way_n open_v god_n have_v make_v a_o way_n for_o his_o spirit_n to_o reach_v the_o spirit_n of_o man_n to_o signify_v immediate_o to_o their_o spirit_n without_o mean_n herein_o thou_o do_v wrong_a and_o herein_o thou_o may_v have_v life_n and_o seek_v after_o it_o now_o the_o spiritth_n at_o thus_o work_v be_v the_o spirit_n of_o christ_n the_o spirit_n that_o proceed_v from_o the_o father_n and_o the_o son_n that_o voice_n in_o man_n that_o tell_v they_o they_o may_v believe_v and_o be_v save_v when_o he_o come_v say_v christ_n he_o will_v lead_v you_o into_o all_o truth_n how_o shall_v the_o world_n know_v this_o be_v he_o he_o shall_v convince_v they_o of_o sin_n if_o there_o be_v any_o convincement_n that_o arise_v in_o man_n of_o this_o and_o the_o other_o sin_n it_o must_v be_v from_o the_o way_n the_o holy_a spirit_n have_v upon_o their_o spirit_n he_o have_v a_o way_n to_o speak_v to_o man_n and_o every_o one_o that_o be_v a_o lover_n of_o their_o own_o soul_n be_v bind_v to_o hearken_v unto_o that_o voice_n in_o the_o latter_a day_n say_v the_o lord_n when_o i_o shall_v raise_v a_o prophet_n in_o the_o midst_n of_o you_o whosoever_o will_v not_o hear_v that_o prophet_n shall_v be_v cut_v off_o all_o commentator_n agree_v on_o this_o text_n that_o that_o
have_v it_o enter_v into_o the_o heart_n of_o man_n to_o conceive_v the_o thing_n that_o god_n have_v prepare_v for_o those_o that_o love_v he_o that_o wisdom_n and_o knowledge_n that_o joy_n and_o peace_n and_o consolation_n that_o pass_v all_o understanding_n he_o will_v reveal_v and_o communicate_v by_o his_o spirit_n to_o they_o that_o love_v he_o and_o trust_v in_o he_o and_o rely_v upon_o he_o and_o receive_v teach_v from_o he_o he_o will_v feed_v they_o with_o food_n in_o due_a season_n he_o will_v bring_v the_o former_a and_o the_o latter_a rain_n and_o they_o shall_v be_v as_o tree_n plant_v by_o the_o river_n of_o water_n and_o bring_v forth_o fruit_n in_o due_a season_n and_o their_o leaf_n shall_v not_o fade_v or_o wither_v this_o have_v be_v london_n wonder_n and_o england_n wonder_n how_o come_v it_o to_o pass_v that_o such_o a_o people_n leaf_n have_v not_o wither_a nor_o fade_v as_o many_o have_v do_v our_o root_n be_v by_o a_o river_n if_o we_o have_v stand_v in_o ourselves_o if_o our_o dependence_n and_o support_n have_v be_v upon_o doctrine_n tenet_n and_o commandment_n of_o man_n than_o our_o leaf_n will_v have_v be_v upon_o the_o ground_n as_o well_o as_o other_o but_o because_o we_o have_v be_v upon_o our_o root_n christ_n jesus_n that_o be_v always_o green_a both_o in_o summer_n and_o winter_n therefore_o our_o leaf_n have_v not_o wither_v to_o the_o praise_n of_o god_n and_o the_o honour_n of_o his_o name_n be_v it_o speak_v he_o have_v preserve_v we_o for_o we_o have_v no_o power_n of_o ou●_n self_n no_o more_o than_o other_o but_o we_o trust_v in_o god_n and_o have_v receive_v power_n from_o god_n to_o stand_v as_o witness_n for_o he_o we_o have_v trust_v in_o the_o lord_n and_o he_o have_v stand_v by_o we_o and_o deliver_v we_o when_o we_o be_v compass_v about_o with_o danger_n and_o distress_n if_o we_o continue_v to_o trust_v in_o he_o still_o he_o will_v bring_v we_o through_o all_o our_o trial_n and_o trouble_n and_o he_o will_v be_v with_o we_o and_o never_o leave_v we_o nor_o forsake_v we_o if_o we_o take_v he_o for_o our_o god_n we_o shall_v never_o need_v any_o other_o we_o read_v that_o senacherib_n king_n of_o assyria_n send_v rabshekah_n to_o jerusalem_n to_o h●z●kiah_n with_o a_o great_a army_n say_v what_o confidence_n be_v this_o wherein_o thou_o trust_v and_o he_o speak_v also_o to_o the_o people_n and_o cry_v with_o a_o loud_a voice_n hear_v you_o the_o word_n of_o the_o great_a king_n of_o assyria_n let_v not_o hezekiah_n deceive_v you_o for_o he_o shall_v not_o be_v able_a to_o deliver_v you_o neither_o let_v hez●kiah_n make_v you_o trust_v in_o the_o lord_n say_v the_o lord_n will_v deliver_v we_o hezekiah_n he_o go_v and_o pray_v to_o the_o lord_n say_v o_o lord_n of_o host_n god_n of_o israel_n that_o dwell_v between_o the_o cherubim_n thou_o be_v the_o god_n the_o god_n alone_o of_o all_o the_o kingdom_n of_o the_o earth_n thou_o have_v make_v heaven_n and_o earth_n incline_v thy_o ear_n o_o lord_n and_o hear_v open_v thy_o eye_n o_o lord_n and_o see_v and_o hear_v all_o the_o word_n of_o senacherib_n which_o have_v send_v to_o reproach_n the_o live_a god_n etc._n etc._n and_o we_o read_v that_o after_o he_o have_v present_v his_o supplication_n before_o the_o lord_n the_o angel_n of_o the_o lord_n go_v forth_o and_o smite_v in_o the_o camp_n of_o the_o assyrian_n one_o hund●ed_o fourscore_o and_o five_o thousand_o and_o when_o they_o a●ose_v ea●ly_o in_o the_o morning_n behold_v they_o be_v all_o dead_a corpse_n thus_o you_o see_v what_o come_v of_o it_o a●_n last_o and_o thus_o it_o have_v be_v in_o our_o day_n they_o th●t_v trust_v in_o the_o lord_n he_o will_v deliver_v they_o and_o they_o shall_v never_o be_v ashamed_a nor_o confound_v but_o as_o for_o all_o other_o god_n they_o that_o trust_v in_o they_o shall_v be_v confound_v and_o cover_v with_o shame_n and_o they_o and_o their_o god_n will_v perish_v together_o and_o now_o my_o friend_n i_o beseech_v you_o all_o to_o have_v respect_n to_o this_o great_a duty_n of_o put_v your_o whole_a trust_n in_o the_o lord_n who_o be_v the_o live_a god_n and_o he_o will_v be_v always_o present_a with_o you_o and_o work_v in_o you_o both_o to_o will_v and_o to_o do_v of_o his_o good_a pleasure_n he_o will_v support_v and_o preserve_v you_o in_o all_o your_o trial_n and_o suffering_n that_o you_o may_v be_v vessel_n of_o honour_n to_o bear_v his_o name_n in_o the_o earth_n and_o to_o sound_v forth_o his_o praise_n to_o the_o follow_a generation_n his_o prayer_n after_o sermon_n most_o glorious_a infinite_a powerful_a father_n who_o have_v create_v we_o and_o give_v we_o life_n and_o breath_n and_o lengthen_v out_o our_o time_n to_o this_o day_n and_o have_v long_o wait_v to_o be_v gracious_a to_o we_o and_o be_v still_o wait_v upon_o the_o son_n and_o daughter_n of_o man_n hold_v forth_o the_o hand_n of_o thy_o love_n and_o offer_v thy_o grace_n and_o tender_v salvation_n unto_o they_o and_o have_v bring_v a_o day_n of_o visitation_n upon_o the_o inhabitant_n of_o this_o city_n and_o nation_n glory_n praise_n and_o thanksgiving_n be_v to_o thou_o o_o lord_n that_o by_o thy_o power_n have_v incline_v the_o heart_n and_o conscience_n of_o the_o son_n and_o daughter_n of_o man_n to_o submit_v to_o thou_o and_o bow_v their_o neck_n to_o the_o bless_a and_o easy_a yoke_n of_o thy_o son_n jesus_n christ_n that_o they_o may_v do_v thy_o will_n on_o earth_n as_o it_o be_v do_v in_o heaven_n they_o that_o be_v travel_v and_o distress_a and_o afflict_a in_o their_o soul_n because_o of_o their_o bondage_n do_v thou_o arise_v live_a father_n and_o reveal_v and_o discover_v thy_o power_n to_o they_o show_v they_o the_o exceed_a greatness_n of_o thy_o power_n that_o they_o may_v trust_v therein_o and_o be_v safe_a make_v bare_a thy_o arm_n for_o their_o salvation_n those_o that_o be_v slumber_v in_o their_o profession_n let_v they_o be_v awaken_v and_o bring_v to_o thy_o heavenly_a kingdom_n those_o that_o have_v pass_v through_o thy_o refine_v fire_n and_o who_o thou_o have_v cleanse_v and_o sanctify_a powerful_a father_n of_o life_n carry_v on_o thy_o work_n among_o thy_o people_n every_o where_o gather_v they_o that_o be_v scatter_v and_o bring_v back_o to_o thyself_o those_o that_o be_v wander_v and_o out_o of_o the_o way_n and_o seek_v the_o live_n among_o the_o dead_a lord_n teach_v they_o and_o let_v they_o hear_v a_o voice_n behind_o they_o and_o guide_v they_o to_o thy_o holy_a mountain_n that_o they_o may_v be_v bring_v to_o the_o path_n of_o life_n and_o to_o the_o place_n which_o thou_o have_v provide_v for_o thy_o little_a flock_n to_o meet_v and_o feed_v together_o offer_v unanimos_o the_o sacrifice_n of_o praise_n and_o thanksgiving_n which_o thou_o have_v ordain_v and_o appoint_v in_o thy_o house_n bless_a and_o powerful_a father_n all_o thy_o little_a one_o be_v please_v to_o surround_v with_o thy_o almighty_a power_n and_o where_o ever_o they_o be_v let_v they_o feel_v thy_o preserve_a hand_n deliver_v they_o from_o the_o evil_a of_o the_o world_n we_o pray_v not_o that_o thou_o shall_v take_v they_o out_o of_o the_o world_n but_o to_o preserve_v they_o from_o the_o defilement_n and_o pollution_n of_o it_o that_o a_o holy_a people_n may_v serve_v thou_o the_o holy_a god_n and_o bear_v thy_o holy_a name_n upon_o their_o heart_n that_o that_o above_o all_o may_v be_v exalt_v and_o magnify_v and_o humble_a thanksgiving_n and_o praise_n may_v be_v give_v unto_o thou_o through_o jesus_n christ_n for_o all_o thy_o love_n thou_o have_v manifest_v and_o for_o thy_o abound_a mercy_n and_o renew_v favour_n which_o we_o have_v receive_v at_o thy_o hand_n to_o thou_o live_a father_n through_o christ_n jesus_n thy_o well_o belove_a son_n in_o who_o thou_o be_v well_o please_v be_v all_o honour_n praise_v and_o dominion_n render_v by_o we_o and_o all_o thy_o people_n from_o henceforth_o and_o for_o ever_o and_o ever_o amen_n sermon_n iu._n the_o standard_n of_o truth_n preach_v at_o grace-church-street_n may_v 29._o 1692._o there_o be_v a_o universal_a standard_n of_o truth_n that_o god_n have_v set_v up_o over_o all_o the_o son_n and_o daughter_n of_o man_n he_o have_v give_v the_o knowledge_n of_o it_o in_o and_o through_o jesus_n christ_n he_o have_v deal_v it_o out_o to_o they_o that_o they_o may_v be_v capable_a of_o join_v and_o adhere_v to_o the_o truth_n and_o to_o be_v deliver_v from_o eternal_a condemnation_n this_o standard_n and_o measure_v rule_n be_v reveal_v and_o manifest_v in_o every_o man_n and_o woman_n by_o the_o light_n that_o shine_v in_o their_o heart_n by_o which_o they_o be_v able_a to_o discern_v and_o to_o give_v a_o sound_n and_o true_a
they_o will_v give_v more_o reverence_n and_o respect_n to_o it_o it_o be_v this_o that_o bring_v those_o that_o preach_v christ_n to_o preach_v he_o in_o those_o term_n and_o under_o those_o denomination_n that_o he_o be_v nigh_o they_o we_o do_v not_o doubt_v of_o christ_n be_v bear_v of_o a_o virgin_n in_o the_o land_n of_o canaan_n and_o that_o he_o wrought_v miracle_n and_o preach_v many_o godly_a sermon_n and_o that_o he_o be_v crucify_a dead_a and_o bury_v and_o rose_n again_o from_o the_o dead_a for_o these_o thing_n be_v certain_o true_a we_o will_v have_v he_o our_o saviour_n in_o this_o age_n we_o will_v have_v a_o near_a knowledge_n of_o he_o and_o a_o sense_n and_o feel_n of_o the_o virtue_n of_o that_o power_n by_o which_o he_o save_v they_o that_o live_v in_o former_a age_n he_o be_v not_o a_o christ_n and_o a_o saviour_n of_o one_o age_n only_o but_o of_o all_o age_n to_o this_o day_n from_o adam_n to_o the_o last_o man_n that_o shall_v live_v upon_o the_o earth_n that_o age_n and_o generation_n that_o know_v not_o christ_n will_v not_o be_v save_v by_o he_o if_o there_o be_v any_o age_n wherein_o he_o be_v not_o know_v there_o be_v no_o other_o name_n under_o heaven_n by_o which_o you_o can_v be_v save_v if_o you_o ask_v where_o be_v this_o saviour_n say_v not_o in_o thy_o heart_n who_o shall_v ascend_v into_o heaven_n that_o be_v to_o bring_v down_o christ_n from_o above_o or_o who_o shall_v descend_v into_o the_o deep_a that_o be_v to_o bring_v up_o christ_n again_o from_o the_o dead_a the_o word_n be_v nigh_o thou_o even_o in_o thy_o mouth_n and_o in_o thy_o heart_n that_o be_v the_o word_n of_o faith_n which_o we_o preach_v he_o be_v nigh_o thy_o soul_n he_o be_v the_o lord_n of_o life_n and_o a_o quicken_a spirit_n if_o i_o know_v that_o quicken_a spirit_n after_o this_o i_o know_v the_o lord_n christ_n when_o he_o come_v to_o work_v in_o i_o by_o his_o power_n change_v my_o heart_n and_o translate_n i_o from_o death_n to_o life_n then_o i_o know_v the_o true_a christ_n god_n have_v manifest_v in_o all_o age_n that_o it_o be_v the_o duty_n of_o people_n to_o come_v to_o the_o knowledge_n of_o the_o son_n of_o god_n for_o he_o have_v send_v forth_o his_o spirit_n for_o to_o teach_v we_o and_o to_o lead_v we_o into_o all_o truth_n for_o when_o christ_n be_v with_o his_o disciple_n he_o tell_v they_o that_o he_o will_v pray_v the_o father_n and_o he_o shall_v send_v the_o spirit_n the_o comforter_n and_o when_o he_o come_v he_o will_v be_v know_v by_o his_o divine_a and_o inward_a teach_n and_o operation_n guide_v and_o lead_v they_o into_o all_o truth_n that_o be_v his_o work_n to_o they_o but_o what_o shall_v other_o folk_n do_v he_o will_v be_v make_v know_v to_o other_o too_o when_o he_o come_v he_o shall_v convince_v the_o world_n of_o sin_n so_o that_o his_o work_n to_o his_o disciple_n be_v to_o lead_v they_o into_o all_o truth_n and_o his_o work_n to_o the_o wo●ld_n be_v to_o convince_v the_o world_n of_o sin_n who_o will_v deny_v but_o that_o there_o be_v a_o spirit_n in_o our_o age_n as_o well_o as_o in_o other_o age_n that_o will_v convince_v man_n of_o sin_n be_v this_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n that_o convince_v the_o world_n of_o sin_n or_o be_v it_o the_o spirit_n of_o the_o quaker_n only_o when_o people_n come_v to_o consider_v real_o and_o true_o how_o they_o may_v serve_v god_n aright_o they_o will_v find_v there_o be_v no_o serve_v god_n aright_o unless_o they_o come_v to_o christ_n the_o mediator_n that_o in_o and_o by_o he_o they_o may_v put_v up_o suppplication_n to_o god_n and_o through_o he_o they_o may_v expect_v at_o the_o hand_n of_o god_n peace_n and_o comfort_n and_o there_o be_v no_o other_o way_n nor_o never_o will_v be_v the_o jew_n they_o have_v another_o way_n they_o have_v a_o outward_a way_n of_o serve_v god_n this_o stand_v in_o divers_a offering_n sacrifice_n wash_n and_o observation_n this_o be_v a_o way_n of_o worship_n of_o god_n own_o institution_n to_o that_o people_n but_o what_o come_v of_o it_o when_o the_o apostle_n come_v to_o grasp_v it_o he_o say_v the_o comer_n thereunto_o be_v not_o make_v perfect_a what_o be_v the_o transgressor_n of_o it_o then_o they_o that_o will_v sin_v on_o and_o continue_v in_o sin_n and_o not_o bring_v a_o goat_n or_o a_o ram_n or_o other_o oblation_n they_o that_o do_v observe_v it_o and_o come_v up_o to_o the_o point_n of_o the_o law_n they_o do_v bring_v their_o offer_n when_o they_o be_v convince_v of_o their_o sin_n if_o a_o man_n sin_v he_o be_v to_o bring_v a_o he_o goat_n and_o to_o bring_v it_o to_o the_o door_n of_o the_o tabernacle_n but_o when_o he_o sin_v the_o conscience_n of_o sin_n the_o guilt_n of_o sin_n remain_v upon_o he_o for_o it_o be_v impossible_a say_v the_o apostle_n that_o the_o blood_n of_o bull_n and_o goat_n shall_v take_v away_o the_o sin_n for_o if_o the_o blood_n of_o bull_n and_o goat_n and_o the_o ash_n of_o a_o heifer_n sprinkle_v the_o unclean_a sanctifi_v to_o the_o purify_n of_o the_o flesh_n how_o much_o more_o shall_v the_o blood_n of_o christ_n who_o through_o the_o eternal_a spirit_n offer_v himself_o without_o spot_n to_o god_n purge_v your_o conscience_n from_o dead_a work_n to_o serve_v the_o live_a god_n when_o there_o be_v no_o hope_n of_o atonement_n and_o reconciliation_n with_o god_n by_o all_o those_o offering_n under_o the_o law_n he_o tell_v you_o of_o one_o offer_v of_o the_o son_n of_o god_n himself_o through_o the_o eternal_a spirit_n by_o which_o he_o become_v a_o a_o propitiation_n for_o thus_o will_v it_o do_v if_o i_o believe_v that_o christ_n offer_v a_o holy_a offer_v to_o the_o father_n for_o my_o sin_n i_o believe_v he_o offer_v his_o body_n and_o that_o through_o the_o eternal_a spirit_n that_o he_o may_v be_v a_o propitiation_n for_o sin_n and_o take_v away_o sin_n and_o have_v power_n over_o sin_n and_o death_n and_o conquer_v death_n and_o darkness_n the_o apostle_n drive_v the_o matter_n far_o you_o must_v come_v to_o the_o inward_a work_n of_o this_o outward_a offer_n this_o eternal_a offer_v that_o be_v in_o due_a time_n offer_v to_o god_n you_o must_v come_v to_o know_v the_o operation_n of_o it_o by_o the_o sprinkle_n of_o the_o heart_n from_o a_o evil_a conscience_n so_o that_o there_o be_v to_o be_v a_o applicatory_a faith_n for_o the_o offering_n of_o that_o the_o way_n to_o a_o saviour_n be_v not_o make_v by_o man_n no_o more_o than_o the_o way_n of_o salvation_n by_o christ_n be_v find_v out_o by_o man_n no_o more_o than_o the_o application_n of_o the_o benefit_n be_v effect_v by_o man_n where_o it_o please_v god_n to_o call_v a_o people_n by_o his_o grace_n he_o call_v they_o to_o his_o son_n not_o by_o this_o and_o the_o other_o form_n no_o man_n come_v to_o i_o say_v christ_n except_o the_o father_n which_o have_v send_v i_o draw_v he_o the_o first_o thing_n that_o a_o man_n or_o woman_n come_v to_o be_v aware_a of_o be_v the_o secret_a sense_n and_o feel_n of_o the_o lord_n divine_a power_n upon_o the_o heart_n to_o seek_v christ_n jesus_n as_o soon_o as_o they_o feel_v this_o and_o embrace_v it_o this_o will_v be_v a_o token_n of_o the_o love_n of_o god_n i_o hope_v all_o this_o congregation_n will_v acknowledge_v that_o they_o have_v sometime_o feel_v his_o drawing_n and_o that_o they_o have_v not_o embrace_v and_o close_v with_o they_o so_o well_o as_o they_o ought_v when_o the_o people_n be_v aware_a of_o these_o drawing_n inward_o to_o holiness_n and_o righteousness_n and_o be_v sensible_a that_o they_o shall_v with_o care_n and_o intention_n close_o with_o they_o for_o the_o good_a of_o their_o poor_a soul_n and_o that_o it_o concern_v they_o to_o be_v happy_a in_o the_o other_o world_n that_o world_n that_o be_v to_o come_v and_o therefore_o resolve_v to_o be_v lead_v by_o these_o drawing_n of_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n these_o be_v not_o weed_n that_o grow_v in_o the_o field_n naturally_n these_o be_v spark_n of_o divine_a fire_n kindle_v in_o the_o heart_n of_o man_n by_o god_n himself_o no_o man_n come_v unto_o god_n till_o god_n come_v to_o he_o and_o touch_v he_o and_o give_v he_o sense_n and_o motion_n these_o be_v the_o motion_n and_o stir_n of_o god_n holy_a power_n in_o the_o heart_n of_o many_o that_o be_v wicked_a and_o abominable_a yet_o the_o lord_n do_v not_o despise_v the_o work_n of_o his_o own_o hand_n but_o reach_v to_o such_o when_o the_o lord_n meet_v with_o these_o that_o despise_v not_o but_o high_o prize_v this_o wonderful_a grace_n and_o close_o with_o it_o and_o be_v glad_a of_o it_o such_o a_o one_o
his_o neighbour_n the_o party_n lose_v by_o it_o and_o the_o devil_n rejoice_v at_o it_o thus_o we_o know_v the_o life_n of_o righteousness_n be_v bring_v forth_o through_o the_o spirit_n of_o truth_n and_o outshine_v all_o and_o will_v reach_v god_n witness_n in_o they_o that_o be_v afar_o off_o and_o bring_v they_o near_o and_o happy_a and_o bless_a be_v they_o that_o be_v find_v in_o this_o divine_a work_n conform_v their_o life_n and_o conversation_n according_a to_o the_o new_a creature_n peace_n be_v upon_o they_o and_o upon_o the_o whole_a israel_n of_o god_n there_o be_v a_o minister_n that_o abide_v with_o you_o that_o go_v home_o with_o you_o it_o be_v his_o testimony_n that_o you_o must_v stand_v or_o fall_v by_o if_o any_o one_o shall_v be_v a_o false_a professor_n and_o be_v cry_v up_o if_o he_o be_v not_o sincere_a he_o have_v not_o peace_n though_o he_o flutter_v a_o while_n and_o make_v a_o show_n the_o worm_n of_o guilt_n gnaw_v he_o and_o torment_v he_o such_o as_o these_o have_v not_o peace_n with_o god_n nor_o fellowship_n with_o the_o church_n though_o they_o seem_v to_o be_v a_o live_v yet_o they_o be_v dead_a as_o it_o be_v with_o the_o church_n in_o asia_n they_o have_v a_o name_n to_o live_v yet_o they_o be_v dead_a though_o they_o have_v a_o empty_a name_n such_o a_o one_o be_v a_o live_a man_n or_o woman_n be_v esteem_v friend_n to_o the_o church_n but_o though_o they_o be_v commend_v and_o cry_v up_o and_o have_v a_o name_n to_o live_v yet_o they_o be_v dead_a there_o be_v a_o few_o name_n in_o sardis_n which_o have_v not_o defile_v their_o garment_n they_o walk_v with_o i_o in_o white_a say_v christ_n for_o they_o be_v worthy_a i_o know_v thy_o work_n that_o thou_o have_v a_o name_n that_o thou_o live_v and_o be_v dead_a see_v what_o christ_n the_o bright_a morning_n star_n can_v do_v he_o can_v look_v into_o a_o meeting_n and_o see_v whether_o few_o or_o many_o have_v only_o a_o name_n to_o live_v or_o be_v real_o alive_a if_o they_o be_v dead_a as_o to_o sincerity_n and_o truth_n though_o they_o have_v be_v among_o the_o church_n they_o will_v help_v to_o break_v it_o down_o but_o not_o to_o build_v it_o up_o you_o that_o have_v his_o divine_a life_n still_o stir_v in_o you_o and_o feel_v the_o operation_n that_o first_o quicken_v you_o to_o god_n prize_v this_o principle_n of_o the_o divine_a life_n above_o all_o what_o be_v there_o can_v rob_v you_o of_o it_o value_v not_o the_o friendship_n of_o the_o world_n alas_o what_o can_v it_o amount_v to_o count_v it_o as_o dung_n in_o comparison_n of_o christ_n jesus_n look_v upon_o all_o thing_n with_o a_o sound_a eye_n peace_n with_o god_n be_v of_o that_o concerment_n that_o you_o can_v be_v happy_a here_o or_o hereafter_o without_o it_o the_o friendship_n of_o the_o world_n i_o can_v be_v without_o and_o the_o custom_n and_o fashion_n of_o the_o world_n i_o can_v be_v without_o i_o can_v spare_v these_o thing_n but_o the_o favour_n of_o god_n i_o can_v be_v without_o and_o growth_n in_o grace_n and_o the_o knowledge_n of_o our_o lord_n and_o saviour_n jesus_n christ_n and_o a_o sincere_a profession_n of_o the_o gospel_n i_o can_v be_v without_o these_o thing_n my_o friend_n though_o you_o do_v not_o make_v a_o show_n and_o flutter_v in_o the_o world_n as_o some_o other_o do_v yet_o your_o glory_n be_v within_o they_o that_o be_v live_v member_n of_o this_o divine_a body_n the_o glory_n and_o beauty_n and_o brightness_n of_o such_o appear_v in_o the_o sight_n of_o god_n if_o you_o grow_v in_o grace_n you_o will_v be_v a_o comfort_n one_o to_o another_o and_o as_o the_o apostle_n speak_v you_o be_v our_o epistle_n write_v in_o our_o heart_n know_v and_o read_v of_o all_o men._n the_o lord_n preserve_v and_o keep_v you_o simple_a keep_v you_o in_o all_o sincerity_n in_o that_o truth_n that_o have_v wrought_v in_o your_o own_o heart_n that_o you_o may_v have_v acquaintance_n with_o your_o teacher_n that_o he_o may_v not_o be_v drive_v into_o corner_n for_o you_o may_v do_v it_o and_o stop_v his_o mouth_n and_o silence_v he_o too_o if_o you_o let_v your_o perverse_a will_v rule_v you_o may_v slay_v the_o just_a but_o there_o will_v come_v a_o day_n of_o his_o rise_n then_o down_o go_v you_o whatsoever_o man_n may_v get_v by_o it_o at_o present_a when_o truth_n rise_v when_o the_o just_a one_o that_o be_v slay_v have_v a_o resurrection_n in_o they_o then_o most_o certain_a down_o they_o go_v while_o you_o have_v a_o opportunity_n in_o your_o hand_n and_o a_o interest_n in_o the_o covenant_n of_o life_n walk_v with_o god_n according_a to_o the_o counsel_n and_o dictate_v of_o his_o holy_a spirit_n that_o you_o may_v be_v bring_v to_o a_o heavenly_a fellowship_n and_o to_o partake_v of_o the_o good_a thing_n that_o god_n have_v prepare_v for_o his_o child_n my_o friend_n pray_v prize_v your_o season_n let_v no_o day_n slip_v for_o fear_v you_o may_v miss_v a_o day_n at_o last_o wait_v upon_o the_o lord_n and_o let_v his_o fear_n and_o a_o holy_a awe_n be_v always_o upon_o your_o heart_n then_o peace_n will_v be_v upon_o you_o and_o there_o will_v be_v acceptance_n of_o all_o that_o you_o do_v mark_v the_o perfect_a man_n and_o behold_v the_o upright_a for_o the_o end_n of_o that_o man_n be_v peace_n when_o he_o can_v reflect_v upon_o his_o past_a life_n and_o say_v i_o have_v walk_v before_o the_o lord_n with_o a_o perfect_a heart_n and_o do_v that_o which_o be_v good_a and_o well_o please_v in_o his_o sight_n and_o have_v not_o turn_v aside_o to_o the_o right_a hand_n or_o to_o the_o left_a but_o the_o standard_n of_o truth_n have_v be_v the_o guide_n of_o all_o my_o spiritual_a and_o temporal_a action_n if_o truth_n have_v be_v thy_o guide_n here_o than_o truth_n shall_v be_v thy_o portion_n hereafter_o if_o truth_n guide_v thou_o in_o thy_o way_n than_o thou_o shall_v rejoice_v with_o the_o saint_n and_o receive_v a_o inheritance_n with_o the_o people_n of_o god_n and_o enjoy_v that_o glory_n and_o felicity_n which_o god_n have_v prepare_v for_o they_o that_o love_v he_o his_o prayer_n after_o sermon_n everlasting_a glorious_a eternal_a god_n of_o life_n who_o kingdom_n rule_v over_o all_o thy_o kingdom_n be_v a_o everlasting_a kingdom_n a_o glorious_a and_o bless_a day_n have_v dawn_v wherein_o thou_o be_v make_v thyself_o know_v to_o the_o son_n and_o daughter_n of_o man_n and_o thou_o have_v open_v a_o eye_n in_o a_o remnant_n which_o the_o god_n of_o this_o world_n have_v blind_v to_o see_v the_o glory_n of_o it_o for_o though_o we_o have_v live_v without_o god_n in_o the_o world_n yet_o thou_o be_v near_o to_o we_o and_o thou_o have_v call_v we_o to_o repentance_n and_o inspire_v our_o soul_n with_o a_o desire_n to_o thou_o and_o to_o the_o remembrance_n of_o thy_o name_n praise_n and_o everlasting_z thanksgiving_n belong_v unto_o thou_o who_o be_v the_o author_n of_o our_o salvation_n who_o have_v reach_v out_o thy_o hand_n and_o lay_v hold_v upon_o we_o and_o seek_v we_o out_o when_o we_o seek_v thou_o not_o and_o have_v make_v know_v thy_o power_n and_o love_n for_o our_o redemption_n and_o salvation_n and_o thou_o will_v make_v it_o know_v more_o and_o more_o to_o every_o upright_a and_o sincere_a mind_n o_o powerful_a father_n of_o life_n how_o have_v thy_o power_n and_o goodness_n be_v reveal_v on_o our_o behalf_n for_o thy_o own_o name_n sake_n thou_o have_v stand_v by_o we_o in_o all_o our_o trial_n and_o exercise_n and_o we_o have_v ●ound_v thou_o a_o god_n nigh_o at_o hand_n and_o thou_o have_v bring_v a_o remnant_n to_o desire_v nothing_o so_o much_o as_o the_o enjoyment_n of_o thy_o presence_n thou_o have_v bring_v they_o to_o be_v sensible_a that_o without_o thou_o they_o can_v do_v nothing_o therefore_o in_o all_o our_o assembly_n and_o meeting_n we_o desire_v to_o be_v acquaint_v with_o thy_o power_n to_o hear_v thy_o word_n which_o speak_v life_n to_o our_o soul_n by_o which_o we_o may_v live_v and_o dear_a and_o powerful_a father_n the_o continuation_n of_o thy_o goodness_n among_o we_o do_v great_o engage_v the_o heart_n of_o thy_o child_n to_o offer_v up_o praise_n and_o thanksgiving_n to_o thou_o thou_o have_v incline_v the_o mind_n and_o heart_n of_o thy_o people_n to_o wait_v upon_o thou_o and_o have_v open_v their_o understanding_n to_o receive_v thy_o heavenly_a truth_n and_o those_o rich_a and_o heavenly_a treasure_n which_o thou_o offere_v they_o and_o have_v provide_v a_o cup_n of_o salvation_n to_o refresh_v the_o poor_a and_o needy_a soul_n o_o living_n god_n of_o life_n reach_v forth_o thy_o hand_n to_o support_v and_o save_v those_o that_o be_v breathe_v after_o thou_o that_o be_v sensible_a