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A89677 A blast from the Lord, or A vvarning to England, by way of exhortation to take heed, and not run upon their own destruction; which will be speedily, without true repentance. By a lover of the truth, and a prisoner for declaring truth abroad Ben: Nicholson. Nicholson, Benjamin. 1653 (1653) Wing N1104; Thomason E689_19; ESTC R203018 15,970 22

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to hear let him hear Ier. 51.6 to 14 and he that readeth let him consider for the words hereof are true Mal. 3.1 and the time short Repent repent for the Kingdom of God is at hand and ye that fear the Lord rejoyce for he is risen and wil come speedily to his Temple All you Town Clarks in England Ier 50.28 or parish ing prophets your downfall is at hand Isa 5.20 read all the chap. and God hath bid me forewarn you and cry out against your ungodly and wicked practices blasphemous and beastly worship you put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter you call evil good and good evil which God abhors you put light for darkness darkness is by you called light and thus you deceive and delude poor souls into error by your vain immaginary minds and by the fansie and brats of your brain you draw away three parts of England after you the stars to the earth you have nothing of God in you but what you preach Io 4.5 to 28. you like the woman of Samaria have a rope and water-pots to draw out water of wels which others digged your rope is the learning you get at Oxford and Cambridg and your water-pots is your wisdom with which you draw water out of wels which others digged is not this so do you not tel all who have received the testimony of Jesus Christ in the spirit of truth that they have nothing to draw with and the well is deep that is you want Learning and the Scriptures are deep mysteries but let one tel you the waters that they drink is a well-spring of life living in them Io. 4.7 to 27. and to all that daink thereof then you say What art thou greater then our fore-fathers who gave us the Scriptures and they were made partakers of the blessings spoken in them Whence hast thou this new light and thoughts O ye false worshipers stand con●ending against Iesus Christ by telling him of outward worships but never considers the words of Iesus Christ which saith the true worshippers shal worship the Father in spirit and truth for he seeketh such to worship him and no outward worship was accepted by him nor the Temple at Jerusalem which was far better then the Idol Temples of our days Thus you cover your selves with fair words as with fig-leaves Mic. 7.2 3 4. glorious outsides but within full of filthiness no fruit nor performances is found in or among you you commit evil with both hands but how to do wel you know not O you blind guides how dare you profess your selves to be the Ministers of Iesus Christ and never yet knew him neither dare you trust him for your wages is he so little credited by you that you dare not believe him he saith cast your care upon me and I will care for you Do you take him to be your Master and will you not trust him for your Wages for shame give over pretending serving of him 1 Pet. 5.7 Mat. 20.10 Isa 56 9 to end for he hath Servants whole thousands which dare trust him and will labour in his vineyard and ask him nothing but freely be content with his Penny O you greedy Dogs idle Dogs and dumb Dogs which will not bark without one put into your mouths and lies down to bark in your Parishes where every one looks for gain from your Quarters how doe you conjure up your dead Doctrines dead Reasons and dead Uses nay and more then that 1 Sam. 28.15 you like the Witch of Endor conjure up the dead bodies of the Prophets and Apostles out of the Letter which is Death making the Letter to stand before a many deceitfull Sauls whom the Spirit of the Lord ruleth not in not knowing the living power of them who gave them forth nor have you the Spirit to administer by but death in you raiseth up death to speak to death all is Death and to death you shall speedily be brought by the Spirit of the Lord who shall by the Breath of his mouth 2 Thef 2.3 10 11 and the brightness of his comming destroy all which opposeth the true light of God as you Parish ing Ministers doe by your seeking to put to silence all who have not the mark of the Beast in their Right hands or in their Foreheads none but themselves must buy or sell Trade in Spirituall things But take warning God is coming to burn that great Whore whereof you Priests of England are members and shall one member be burnt and not the other suffer Howle and weep you proud ones of the Earth Rev. 16.19 ch 17.16 17 18. ch 18. for your Mother Babylon is falling is falling and all her Children shall taste of her plagues and great is the fall thereof for God hath put it into the hearts of the Powers of the Earth to hate the Whore and to burn her with Fire the Battell of the Lord of Hosts goeth on apace Rev. 19.11 to end and he will cut down every son of Babylon and dash all her Brats against the stones every Truth of God is a stone which dashes in pieces all Babylons children both Bond and free Male and female Yong and old that stands up in opposition against the great God shall be cut off Rev. 12.12 Chap. 18.5 6. 20. ver Rejoyce O ye holy Apostles and Prophets for the Lord is comming to avenge the blood of his Saints upon that great Whore which hath made her self drunk with the blood of Saints not by might nor power of men but by my Spirit saith the Lord God shall ye be redeemed from out of the hands of them that hate you O you Just and upright Ones lift up your Heads your Redemption is at hand even at the Dore. All people in England take warning Rev. 17.18 19. ch the Lord is comming to pour out the Vials of his wrath upon the Whore that prostrates her self to all that pass by as the Ministers of England doe and to plague the Beast the Majesty which she rideth upon and which she is upheld by Yea and all the people which are at one with her without a speedy departing out of her shall taste of her plagues Come out of 〈…〉 for my people saith the Lord God separate you●se●ves from among them touch no one 〈◊〉 thing and I will receive you It is nothing to be s●parate from the inwar● Worship of Babylon and yet inwardly be full of uncleanness Therefore all you which live in sinne High and low Rich and poor Bond and free Male and female take warning and repent speedily and turn every one of you from your evill wayes lest the Lord come upon you at unawares and cast you into utter darkness f●●… behold the Lord is risen he is good fo●th Conquering and to Conquer all his Enemies and happy are all those who trust in him for how his wrath is kindled in his breast and it