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A33276 Ill newes from New-England, or, A nar[r]ative of New-Englands persecution wherin is declared that while old England is becoming new, New-England is become old : also four proposals to the Honoured Parliament and Councel of State, touching the way to propagate the Gospel of Christ ... : also four conclusions touching the faith and order of the Gospel of Christ out of his last will and testament, confirmed and justified / by John Clark ... Clarke, John, 1609-1676. 1652 (1652) Wing C4471; ESTC R19361 89,149 98

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who are such worshippers as he seekes for who as a Lord faithfull over his house before his departure gave order thereto commanded his Servants to watch and to hold fast till he come and in his absence being at the right hand of his Father is mindefull to shed abroad of that holy Spirit of Promise whereby the true worshippers shall be led from truth to truth untill they be brought into all truth And if the nature of the commanding and ordering power that suits both with the worship and with the worshippers which the Father of Spirits seeks for be also considered which is not a law of a carnall commandment seconded with carnall weapons or an arm of flesh but a spirituall law or as the Apostle cals it Rom. 8. a law of the Spirit of life from Christ Jesus spoken unto or rather written in the heart of a Christian by the Spirit of Christ by reason whereof he obeyes from the heart readily willingly and cheerfully that form of doctrine which is engraven and laid up therein Heb. 8. 10. 2 Cor. 3. 3. Rom. 6. 17. If this I say be considered that the worship is spirituall such as must begin in spring up and rise from the heart and the spirit and so be directed to the Father of spirits and so the commanding power that suits herewith must speak to the heart and spirit of a man then is there no Lord in this matter to Christ Jesus the Lord who speaks to the heart in the Spirit and his words are as commands from the head to the members which conveigh together spirit and life to obey them by reason of which his commands are not grievous for where the Spirit of this Lord is there is liberty and they by beholding the glory of the Lord are transformed into the same Image from glory unto glory by the Spirit of the Lord 2 Cor. 3. 17 18. And that there is none with him he is the onely Lord and law-giver of this spirituall building and so of the spirits in this sense appears by such scriptures as say One is your Lord and law-giver James 4. 12. Ephes 4. 5. Mat. 23. 8. 10. and by such as say ye are bought with a price be ye not therefore the servants of men and the Apostles that had greater authority in this point than any men living yet they acknowledge they had not Dominion over mens faith and therefore declare this to be the express mind of God that the servants of this Lord must not strive as if they were Lords but be patient in meekness instructing those that oppose themselves or as the word imports that set themselves by covenant in opposition to that living Lord. And whereas it is declared in the testimony that this houshold of faith was purchased by his blood as Priest instructed and nourished by his Spirit as Prophet c. this will all evidently appear to be true Acts 20. 28. John 16. from the 7. to the 16. 1 Cor. 2. 9 10 11 12. Rom. 8. John 1. 2. 26 27. Rev. 2. 11. 17. 29. 2 Thes 14 15. 1 Cor. 11. 2. and 1. 7. And so is the first part of the testimony by the word of God confirmed and justified 2. I testifie that Baptism or dipping in water is one of the commands of this Lord Jesus Christ That this commandment of Jesus is by way of dipping and as it were by drowning overwhelming or burying in water and not by sprinkling with water appears many waies 1. In that although there be frequent mention made of that appointment of Christ in his Last Will and Testament yet is it never expressed by the word that may be rendred rantism or sprinkling but by the word that is rendred baptism or dipping 2. In that the word by which it is so frequently exprest doth in proper English signify to dip to plung under water and as it were to drown but yet so as with safety so that the party as to the manner may be drowned again and again see the instance of Naaman he dipp'd himself seven times in Jordan 2 Kings 5. 14. and to this sense of the word at least in that place both the Greek Latine and English Churches agree 3. In that the phrase in which there is mention made of such an appointment of Christ doth necessarily import such a thing and therefore when mention is made of baptizing there generally followeth that word the preposition 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 which is commonly translated in or into which suits with dipping and not the preposition 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 which signifies with and so suits with sprinkling And therefore it may be as well rendred I baptize you in water and he shall baptize you in the holy Spirit Mar. 1. 8. as it is rendred Iohn did baptize in the wilderness and in the River of Jordan verse 4 5. or that Iohn was in the Spirit on the Lords day Rev. 1. 10. and they were baptized in the cloud and in the Sea 1 Cor. 10. 2. yea it may as well be rendred I baptize or dip you into water as it is rendred they were casting a net into the Sea Mar. 1. 16. for the words are the same and it would be an improper speech to say Iohn did baptise with the wilderness and they were casting a net with the sea 4. That this appointment of Christ is by way of dipping and not sprinkling appears in that for the resemblance and likeness hereunto the Israelites passing under the cloud and through the sea where the Aegyptians that were their Lords and commanders their pursuers and enemies that sought their destruction were drowned left behind and seen no more is by the holy Spirit called a baptism 1 Cor. 10. 1 2. they were baptized in the cloud c. Where observe it is not here rendred with the cloud and with the Sea as in the other place Mark 1. 8. with water because it suits with sprinkling although the word be the same but in the cloud and in the Sea which suits with dipping or overwhelming and so with the appointment of Christ they passing through the midst of the red or bloudy Sea on dry land which stood on both sides as a wall and being under the Cloud were as men in a carnall eie overwhelmed and drowned and yet truly saved and safe from their enemies 5. That this appointment of Christ was not by sprinkling but by dipping or putting the person into or under the water appears by Philips baptizing the Eunuch It is said They went both down into the water both Philip the baptizer and the Eunuch that was the person to be baptized and being there in the water Philip baptized or dipper him in that water as John did Jesus in the river of Jordan and then it is said as they descended or went down into the water so they ascended or went strait way up out of the water see Acts 8. 38 39. Mat. 3. 16. mark the expression And Jesus when he
pre-suppose to have power over his spirit and conscience to cause it to conform likewise or else he cannot attain unto his Religious intent 2. This is but a forcing of servants and worshipers upon the Lord and I say at the best for it is more likely to force worshipers from him And this will cleerly appear because the true worshipers and such as the fathe seeks for are such as worship him in Spirit and in Truth See John 4. 23 24. who having received from Christ the Spirit of life and love have his word stand in their heart as the word of a King so that thereby they become a willing people to do him service and stand not in need of such outward force to compell them thereto they therefore that stand in need to be and therefore are by outward force compelled to the worship of God to the faith and order of the gospel of Christ they I say are such servants and worshipers as are forc'd upon the Lord whom he seeks not for This outward forcing men in the worship of God is the ready way to make men dissemblers and hypocrites before God and men which wise men abhor the truth of this will be thus demonstrated for if they be spirituall true and willing worshipers such as the Father seeks for then what need is there of a constraint or restraint such are a law of life to themselves but if they be not then what make they there before him who calls for the heart and wisheth men to look to their spirits for he is a Spirit and will be sanctified of all those that draw neer unto him See Prov. 23. 26. Mal. 2. 15 Rev. 10. 3 4. Then as they are forced upon the Lord against his will and without any warrant from him so are they also against their own and therefore although their bodies may be present and through fear of the stroke or hope of reward may seem to conform yet their hearts and minds not being changed and the strong holds thereof not being beaten down as by such carnall weapons they are never likely to be they I say are absent and far from the Lord so then while their hearts and confciences still cleave to their Idols and yet their bodies are caused to conform what is this but to make men dissemblers and hypocrites before God and man and that it is the way to put men upon the profaning the name of the Lord is also evident understand by name his attributes word ordinances worship they are all profaned by such a person that stands in need to be forc'd to Religion See Hag. 2. 13 for him to call upon the name of the Lord is to profane the name of the Lord for their prayers are abomination to him Gen. 4. 26. Prov. 28. 9. Isay 1. 13. And a calling the name of God or Christ upon such is counted by him a blaspheming his name See Rev. 2. 9. 13. 1. 5 6. and unto the wicked saith God Psal 50. 16. What hast thou to do to declare my statutes or to take my CoVenant in thy mouth Seeing thou hatest instruction and castest my words behind thee By all which it doth evidently appear that the second proposition doth also stand firm A sixt argument against the forcing of men against their understandings and consciences is taken from the prohibition of Christ and stands thus 6. Arg. If Christ Iesus the Lord hath expresly forbidden his servants by such a force to seek to constrain or restrain another mans conscience or his outward man against his understanding and conscience in things appertaining to God although his understanding and conscience be cleerly discerned to be erronious and evil then can no servant of Christ Jesus have any liberty much less authority from him so to practise This cannot be denied But Christ Jesus the Lord hath expresly forbidden his servants so to practise and for the proof hereof take two or three instances Mat. 15. 14. where Christ speaking to his disciples touching the Pharisees who were blind guides seducers hypocrites strong opposers of Christ yet seemingly full of zeal and devotion and such as brought a vanity upon the worship of God and made his commandements of none effect by their traditions as appears V. 3 4 5 6 7 8 9. of the same chapter yet V 14. saith Christ to his disciples let them alone they are blind leaders of the blind and so leaves them to that sad event which is their falling into the ditch or perishing together See the parable of rhe wheat and the tares Mat. 13. 24. interpreted by Christ himself V. 37 38. And he that soweth the good seed saith Christ is the Son os m●n The field is the world the good seed are the children of the Kingdome which being sown by the son of man must needs be meant faithful land sincere-hearted professors of the truth of the gospell But the tares saith he are the children of the wicked one and the enemy that soweth them is the deVill which being the children of the wicked one and sown by the devill after the children of the Kingdome must needs be meant such as crept in unawars and were sent in as Paul speaketh See Gal. 2. 4. to spie out the Saints liberties that they might bring them into bondage and so were formall Professors of Christ at the first but afterwards discovered to be Hereticks Schismaticks Apostats Blasphemers such as was Hymi●●us Phyle us Alexander Demas and such false teachers as Peter speaks of 2 Pet. 2. 12. That should bring in damnable heresies eVen denying the Lord that bought them and bring upon themselves swift destruction whose pernicious wayes many should follow by reason of whom the way of truth should be evill spoken of but to go on the harVest saith Christ is the end of the world and the reapers are no other than the angels Now the question for our instruction in righteousness being made by the servants unto their Lord when the tares were discovered whether it was his will that they should go and gather them up and take them out of the field his first answer V. 29. is nay and the reason he renders is this lest while ye gather up the tares ye root up also the wheat with them And the next answer V. 30. is an express word of command that they should let both grow together in the field which is the world and untill the time of the harvest which is the end therof and then his purpose is to speak to the reapers which are not men but Angels to gather them up and bind them in bundles to burn them I shall produce but one instanee more to shew that our Lord Jesus forbids such a practice as this among his Disciples or servants 2. Tim. 2. 24 25 26. The serVant of the L Lord saith Paul in the word of the Lord must not strive but be gentle unto all men apt to teach not to strike patient in meekness instructing those that
practise among those that first trusted in him have you for baptizing of infants who are declared to be but flesh and by nature the Children of wrath one as well as another for rantising and sprinkling them and not baptizing or dipping them for accepting such as were sprinkled with superstitious hallowed water and by the hand of as superstitious consecrated a ministery of Antichrist and for receiving of such as are sprinkled by your selves to the ordinance of baptism as you call it but yet to deny them communion in the Apostles doctrine and in breaking of bread And if you cannot find either precept from Christ or his Apostles or example among those that first trusted in Christ for none of these then will you be a● loss for the rest and neither find precept or president for your joining together or for your imitation of those that fi●st trusted in him in their ministery of continuance togegether in the Apostles doctrine and fellow ship and breaking of bread and prayer And touching your way to maintain it what have you a precept and president in the last will and testiment of Christ for such a gathering together with respect to the order of the Gospell of Christ in the name and by the leave of the Magistrate so as to make it a thing unlawful for the servants of Christ to do it without him by the civil sword to correct errour heresies and all false worships to constrain all Church-members and such also as are without and so cannot but by you be looked upon to be without faith without which it is impossible to please God outwardly and hypocritically to conform to your worship or to restrain them in like manner outwardly and hypocritically from enjoying their own when according to that rule to which is annexed the promise of peace to such as walk thereby the greatest Apostacies and Blasphemies that unpardonable fin it self not excepted were but punished with a delivery of the person that was guilty thereof unto Satan the God of this world that he might learn not to blaspheme the God of heaven and so to leave him to the coming of the Lord who shall come in flaming fire to render vengeance upon such and so much is signified by the word anathema Maranatha And I pray consider whether this be not to place the Magistrate too high or too low too high in case you make him the chief and upon the point the only Judge in spiritual things ●uch as appertain to the mystery of godliness that is so great and such as belong to the mystery of the Kingdome of Christ that is so wonderful so as to judge and determine what is truth and what is error and heresie what is the right way of the worship of God who being a spirit hath declared that he will be worshipped in spirit and in truth and what is not who are the worshippers he seeks for and who are such as his soul abhors and again too low in case you make him but the executioner only of other mens judgements which indeed is the ordinary practise And so I have done with the first argument the second stands thus 2. Arg. That order and way to maintain it which is not only different from but contrary unto the precept of Christ in his last will and testament and the practise of Christians that first trusted in him that order cannot be the order of the Gospel of Christ nor that way his way to maintain it But the order which you call the order of the Gospel of Christ and the way which you say is his way to maintain it is not only different from but contrary unto the precept of Christ and the practise of Christians that first trusted in him The first proposition it undeniable and the second will easily appear to be true if your order and that way by which you seek to maintain it be brought to and compared with the precept of Christ and his Apostles and the example of those churches that first trusted in him and first compare but your order with either precept or president and it will evidently appear not only to be differing from but contrary unto the order of the Gospel of Christ for according to the precept of Christ every creature to whom the Gospel was to be preached was by the preaching thereof to be made a disciple before he was to be baptised and then being so made and baptized he was to be taught to observe all things which Christ had commanded which was in reference to a sober righteous and godly conversation in the order of his house according to which precept was the practise of those that first trusted in him for they and they only that gladly received the word of salvation by Jesus Christ were baptized Acts 2 and they and all they that were baptized were joined without the leave of the Magistrate and continued together steadfastly in the Apostles doctrine and in fellowship and breaking of bread and prayer but your joining together not at the command of the Lord but by the leave of the Magistrate and your continuing together in imitation of the first Churches and appointing a ministery before your selves be baptized and so visibly planted into the death of Christ as they were and your administring baptism as you call it to such as are not the true subjects thereof before they are taught or made disciples and after a false manner viz. by sprinkling which no way resembles the death burial or resurrection of Jesus Christ being that which his baptisme is appointed to do and your admitting some unto baptism as you own it which you refuse to admit unto breaking of bread and your receiving such to breaking of bread which yet were never baptized with the baptism appointed by Jesus Christ the Lord and your shutting out the exercise of the gift of prophecying which in the Church of Christ doth admirably tend to edification and your introducing a mixt confused way of singing which fills the ear rather with a loud sound of words than the heart with any thing that is truly edifying all which is not only differing from but contrary unto both precept and president and so cannot be the order of the Gospel of Christ and therefore is no better than disorder confusion and a part of that which in Scripture language is called Babell And compare that way by which you maintain it either with the precept of Christ or with the president of primitive Christians and it will as evidently appear not only to be different from but contrary unto them both for first the precept of Christ was to learn of him who was meek and lowly and to expect trouble and persecution from others and not to persecute neither to force the Jews that would not follow him nor yet to fire the Samaritans that would not receive him yea he expressely commands his Servants to let the rares alone with the wheat and suffers no small inconvenience thereby to
soul it may so shine forth before the sons of men that they seeing thy good works may have cause administred to glorify our father which is in heaven It is not words now Christian although they were spoken with tongues of men and Angels when that worthy name is every where well spoken of but faith that works by love and love by works that will distinguish a heady from a hearty Christian Say not in thine heart that Christs Comands are low and his appointments carnall legal injunctions and at the best but neat for babes least hereby thine heart be declared to be vainly puft ●p in thy carnall or fleshly mind and to have too low and carnall conceits of Christ himself who is the injoyner appointer and commander thereof and shall ere long appear as Judge yea least hereby thou be declared ignorant or at the best forgetful of this one thing that it is the great design of God in Christ as to glorifie himself to admiration in poor sinful flesh so whilest he doth it to hide pride from man and therefore as he hath chosen not many wise mighty nor noble of this world but the foolish weak base despised nothings thereof so hath he suited his commands and appointments thereunto and intends through these foolish things so to cause his wisdome to shine forth as thereby to confound the wise through these weak things so to cause his power to appear as thereby to confound the things that are mighty and through these base dispised things that are not to bring to nought those noble glorious and excellent things of the world that are Thou mayst herein see gentle Reader that I have rather chosen to bear witness to the faith and order of our Lord and to shew unto the world but especially unto thee what is the mind of Christ in this time of his absence as to faith and obedience to shew I say rather what is truth which is but one than to bear witness against the ly which is so various knowing that the truth once established shall discover the falshood and light breaking forth shall scatter the darkness And whilest I lead thee forth to seek him whom thy soul loveth and longeth after who is also thy joy and thy Crown while I lead thee I say by the footsteps of those flocks that first trusted in Christ and were fed by such pastors according to his own heart as he gave them God forbid that thou shouldst be as one that wilt turn aside by the flocks of his companions and shouldst be found remaining either on the left side in a visible way of worship in deed but such as was neither appointed by Christ nor yet practised by them who first trusted in him or on the right in no visible way of worship or order at all either pretending that the outward court is given to the Gentiles and the holy City is by them to be troden under foot that the Church of Christ is now in the wilderness and the time of its recovery is not yet or else pretending that God is a spirit and so will in spirit be worshipped and not in this place or that in this way or that Well if thou beest in these waies misled I can no longer forbear in tenderness of spirit and compassionate bowels of love to stretch forth a helping hand thereby to try whether it be the good pleasure of God at this time to drop down a word of light and life and power into thine heart that thou mayest be there by awakned and quickned to be still saying within thy soul Lord what wilt thou have me to do so shalt thou hear such a saying as this Come out from among them Oh my people and be ye separate from them and touch no unsanctifyed thing and I will receive you and be a father unto you and ye shall be my sons and daughters saith the Lord God Almighty and also such a saying as this Blessed are they that do his commands for they have right to the tree of life and shall enter in through those gates of pearl into that glorious City Rev. 22. 14. and know that these are the commandments of Jesus sci As ye have received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk ye in him and behold I come quickly hold that fast which thou hast yea hold fast till I come And such as may be under the later disceptions let me intreat thee to ponder these words in thine heart sci That prophecies although marvelous plain and easy to be understood cannot warrant a pure conscience to neglect much less to cast off the commandments and oppointments of Jesus neither can the spirit of Christ direct or incourage the heart of a Christian to cast off his lordship no no the spirit of Christ is hereby distinguished from that of Antichrist in that he shall unfainedly confess that Jesus is the Christ and that this Christ Jesus is come in the flesh and when he is come according to promise into the heart of a Christian he shall not speak of himself but as a messenger his office is to gloryfie Christ by taking of him and his and shewing it unto yea writing it in the heart of a Christian so that I dare boldly say there is none for the exaltation of Christ Jesus the lord according to his last will and testament and for the nourishing a lively hope in the heart of a Christian concerning his glorious return I say there is none to that holy spirit of promise who being also the spirit of truth shall guide the souls of the Saints to worship the father as in spirit so likewise in truth and therfore that spirit that speaks of himself and is so far from taking of Christs to exalt and gloryfie him according as he hath foretold and his father intended that he takes from Christ laies him low and diminisheth his glory that spirit cannot be the spirit of Christ or that holy spirit of promise and for asmuch as the spirit speaketh expresly that in these later daies there shall be seducing spirits that shall deceive if it were possible the very elect of God whose incounter will not be so much with flesh and blood but with wicked spirits in high places let me therfore exhort thee in the words of that beloved disciple of Christ beleive not every spirit but try the spirits and that by this rule whether they be of God or no bring them to the wholsome words of the holy Apostles Prophets and son of God ye erre saith Christ not knowing the scriptures and the power of God let it be thy care Christian therfore to search the Scriptures and therein to wait for the power and glory of the spirit of God And look to thy spirit for as immediately before Christs appearing in flesh Satan in a large measure possessed the bodies of men that by his casting them out his power in flesh might appear So before his coming again in glory I have grounds
therein they that cannot interpret it by the other four nor yet by the Commission it self nor by the Commissioners faithful observance thereof in all other instances let them prove if they can these three particulars 1. That Lydia ever had a husband 2. In case she had that ever she had any children by him and if so then in the 3. place that they were not dead or so grown up that they might hear and receive the word gladly as well as their mother 3. A third argument to prove that a visible believer is the person that according to the mind of Christ is to be baptized in water may be taken from the order which the Spirit of Christ laies down faith and baptism in the scriptures of truth putting faith still in the first place witness Mark 16. 15 16. Mat. 28. 19. Heb. 6. Eph. 4. A 4 argument may be taken from the nature of the ordinance and a 5 from Johns Baptism Yea much more might be said to this point but this may suffice And also the only person that is to walk in the visible order of his house and so to wait for his comming the second time in the form of a Lord and King with his glorious Kingdome according to promise That he is the only person that is to enter into and walk in the visible order of his house will evidently appear if the order in which our Lord left his house when he went to his Father to receive his kingdome be duly considered for in his last will and testament we shall find it thus recorded when our Lord was about to be gone he gave order unto his Apostles whom he made stewards in his house of the mysteries of God to make him Disciples of all Nations and that such as were so made should then be baptized and so visibly planted into Christ and put on Christ and having so received him should walk in him observing all things whatsoever he had commanded the first thing wherof as touching order was to be added or joined one to another in the fellowship of the Gospel by a mutual professed subjection to the Scepter of Christ and being a company thus called out of the world from worldly vanities and worldly worships after Christ Jesus the Lord which is the proper English of these words the Church of Christ and is in other terms called the Houshold of faith should steadfastly continue together in the Apostles doctrine sci the consolation reproof and instruction thereof in Fellowship sci mutual support both inward and outward in Breaking of bread thereby remembring the death of our Lord whose soul was made an offering for sin as his flesh is meat indeed and his blood drink indeed by the help of the Spirit to nourish our souls and spirits up unto eternal life and in prayer one with and for another And that this is the absolute order which the Lord hath appointed in his last Will and Testament doth evidently appear both by his own precept and command and by the practice of such as first trusted in him and if so then neither infants of daies nor yet such as profess themselves to be believers in Jesus but refuse as a manifestation thereof according to the practice of such as first trusted in Christ to yield up themselves to be planted into the death burial and resurrection of Christ and so visibly to put Christ on as did the Christians of old I say such have no visible right to enter into or walk in the order of the Gospel of Christ and to conclude the point the argument stands thus They and they only have visible right to enter into and walk in the visible order of Christs house and so to wait for his comming whom Christ Jesus himself being the Lord of the house hath appointed and his Apostles being his stewards have approved of But such as first have been taught and made disciples or Scholars of Jesus and believers in Christ and afterwards have bin baptised or dipped and therby visibly lively planted into the death burial and resurrection of Christ are they and they only whom Christ hath appointed and the Apostles have approved of See his Commission peruse their practice Ergo They and they only have visible right to enter into and walk in the order of Christs house and so to wait for his comming the second time in the form of a King with his glorious Kingdom according to promise See for a farther confirmation of the last clause in the first Epistle to the Corinthians 1. 7. 1 The 1 10. 2. The. 3. 5. But to proceed He is the person that is also to wait for his Lords sending down from the right hand of his father in the time of his absence the holy Ghost or holy Spirit of promise and all this according to the last will and testament of that living Lord That this living Lord did promise when he left this present evil world that is in a great measure subjected to devils and went to his Father not only to return again but in the time of his absence as a testimony of his great love unto such as are called to be his disciples manifest the same by loving him keeping his commandments and as a te●●imony of his loving acceptance at the right hand his Father to send down the holy Spirit which should be in them as a well-spring of living water flowing forth unto eternall life who being a Spirit of truth and sent by Christ who is the truth which God will exalt shall glorifie him take of him and his and shew unto them and so lead them from truth to truth until he hath brought them into all truth as a comforter or Spirit of comfort shall fill their hearts with joy in believing by bearing witness with their spirits that they are the children of God and by revealing unto them the precious things w ch God hath prepared for them that love him which neither eye hath seen nor ear hath heard neither hath it entred into the heart of man to conceive and as a holy Spirit shall set them apart that are justifyed by the blood of his Son unto the holy God and sanctifie them throughout in soul and spirit and body and as a Spirit of supplication shall help them to speak unto God and as a Spirit of prophecy to speak unto men that this Lord I say did promise unto his disciples who love him and keep his commandments in the time of his absence the presence of such a Spirit as this which hath supplies in him beyond what the ●oul lacks and that therfore they are to wait for this promise and for these supplies in his appointments will clearly appear 1. Out of the words of the Lord himself See Iohn 14. 15 16 17. so v. 26. chap. 15. 26. chap. 16. 7 8. so v. 13 14 15. five times in that night in which he was betraied doth he repeat that promise to his Disciples
and powerfull instructing there is none to him in point of instruction for he it is in whose hand is the Key of David and he openeth the heart to understand the scriptures and to shew a lively experiment of his powerfull instructing when he was here upon Earth he past by the wise and learned Rabbies and called the illiterate and foolish Fishermen and to this day doth choose not many wise nor many learned but the poor foolish and despised ones that as a teacher he may shew his abilities thereby giving understanding to the simple speaking words of light and life and spirit to them and by them to confound the wise and learned and mighty yea he indeed is the light of the Gentiles which sate and still in a great measure sit in darkness and is that true light that enlightneth every one that cometh into the World see 24 Luke 45. 1 Corinthians 1. 26 27. Iohn 6. 63. Acts 13. 47. Iohn 1. 9. And as he was the Prophet opening his Fathers Bosome and shewing the things that were past and present so the things also that were to come he tells them how many things he must suffer of the Elders and Chief Priests and Scribes and be killed and raised again the third day and therein foresheweth his Office of Priesthood he also foretells how after he is risen as a Lord he will set his House in order and so depart to his Father to receive his Kingdom and to return and what shall befall his Servants in the time of his absence by the reign and rage of the Beast and Spirit of Antichrist and what will be each ones portion at his return as appears in the book of the Revelation which is surrounded with blessings to him that readeth Chapter 1. 3. and curses to him that addeth to it or taketh from it Chapr last 18. 19. Wherefore seeing there is no Prophet or Teacher to Christ and his Spirit in point of instruction both for excellency of matter and efficacy in teaching it well suites with Christians to be still cleaving close to this Prophet and concluding with the Disciple that first trusted in him Whither shall we go thou hast the Words of Eternall life But to proceed he is The Anointed King who is gone unto his Father for his glorious Kingdom and shall ere long return again That Jesus of Nazareth is the Anointed King could not be hid in the day of his humiliation as appears Luke 23. 2 3. Chapter 19. 38. The Majesty of a King did to appear in that lowly and meek form while he rode upon an Asse that if the multitude of the Disciples had not confest him but had held their p●ace the stones would cry out yea and then his word had a powerfull efficacy like the word of a King among Men and Devils the winds and Seas so that he speaks but the word and the blind see the lame walk the deaf hear the dumb speak the dead are raised the Devills are cast out the poor receive the Gospell when he is at the weakest then is Pilate fore'd to confess that he is King of the Iews and to propagate this confession as far as Latin Greek and Hebrew will cary it this appears more evident since he was raised and sits as Lord at the right hand of the Father at least in the hearts and lives of his Servants by powring forth that Spirit or oyntment received Acts 2. 33 34 35 36. So that the Kings of Israel were but his types and the Kings of the Nations are but his Sword-bearers for he is King of Kings but most lively shall this truth be made manifest when all enemies shall become his footstool and he shall appear indeed in the form of a King with thousands of his Saints and ten thousand times ten thousand of the heavenly Hosts and shall in the powerfull word of a King command the Earth and the Sea to give up their Dead and both wicked men and Devills to go together into torment and they shall be tormented and the Saints to enter into the joy of their Lord and it shall be unspeakably glorious 25 Mat. 31. 32. Luke 9. 26. John 5. 28 29. And that he is gone unto his Father to receive his Kingdom and shall ere long return again will be made manifest by these scriptures Io. 20. 17. Lu. 19. 12 13. Heb. 9. last 2 Tim. 4. 1. Rev. last so that as certainly as he hath had a time for his Propheticall Office and for his Priestly so shall he have a time for his Kingly and as the dream of Nebuchadnezzer hath been found certain and the interpretation of Daniel sure concerning those four Monarchies or Kingdoms of men which should come to pass in the Earth so certain and sure it is that the day is aproaching that the God of Heaven will set up his Kingdom by that despised yet Corner-stone that was cut out without hands Dan. 2. 44. 45. That this Iesus Christ is also the Lord none to or with him c. That he is the Lord appears 2 Cor. 4. 5. We preach Christ Iesus the Lord saith Paul and Acts 10. 36. saith Peter he is Lord of all and hence it is that he is called Lord of Lords Rev. And that there is none to him by way of commanding and ordering with respect to the worship of God the household of Faith will evidently appear if the nature of the household of Faith the worship of God and the commanding and ordering power that suits therewith be considered with respect unto him For the nature of the household of Faith they are a company of faithfull ones that are bought with the price of his blood knit together in one by his Spirit founded wholly upon himself built up by him to be a holy habitation of God and therefore not in the least measure to be defiled with the inventions and commandements of men from whence it is that they are still with their ey fixt upon him whom they look upon to be as well the finisher as the author of their faith still in their hearts calling on him that hath bought them and saying Lord what wilt thou have me to doe and still standing upon their watch to harken what this Lord will speak for the voice of a stranger they will not hear so that by this it evidently appears that there is none that hath so much right unto this household of Faith by way of ordering it not yet freedom in it by way of commanding as hath Christ Iesus the Lord And from the nature of the worship which is spirituall to be performed by a spirituall worshipper and after or in that true manner that the Father of spirits hath appointed it will as evidently appear that there is none to him by way of commanding and ordering in this matter who is the only begotten of the Father came out of and yet is in his bosome and hath declared him the true way of his worship and