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A96867 The method of grace in the justification of sinners. Being a reply to a book written by Mr. William Eyre of Salisbury: entituled, Vindiciæ justificationis gratuitæ, or the free justification of a sinner justified. Wherein the doctrine contained in the said book, is proved to be subversive both of law and Gospel, contrary to the consent of Protestants. And inconsistent with it self. And the ancient apostolick Protestant doctrine of justification by faith asserted. By Benjamin Woodbridge minister of Newbery. Woodbridge, Benjamin, 1622-1684. 1656 (1656) Wing W3426; Thomason E881_4; ESTC R204141 335,019 365

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far_a dispute_v that_o this_o place_n be_v insufficient_a to_o prove_v that_o god_n eternal_a purpose_n of_o not_o punish_v be_v our_o justification_n 3._o but_o i_o be_o out_o of_o doubt_n that_o the_o elect_a here_o be_v not_o so_o call_v in_o reference_n to_o election_n from_o eternity_n but_o rather_o in_o reference_n to_o election_n temporal_a as_o our_o 202._o our_o dr_n twisse_n in_o ●orv_v defence_n arm._n cont._n til._n pag._n 202._o divine_n distinguish_v namely_o in_o respect_n of_o their_o effectual_a separation_n unto_o god_n and_o forsake_v the_o conversation_n of_o the_o world_n and_o their_o admittance_n through_o faith_n into_o a_o state_n of_o favour_n and_o precious_a esteem_n with_o god_n as_o election_n do_v sometime_o signify_v in_o scripture_n see_v 1_o cor._n 1._o 26_o 27_o 28._o james_n 2._o 5._o 1_o pet._n 2._o 4_o 6._o the_o reason_n be_v plain_a because_o such_o elect_n be_v here_o mean_v who_o be_v the_o present_a object_n of_o the_o world_n reproach_n injurious_a sentence_n false_a accusation_n and_o slander_n etc._n etc._n for_o who_o comfort_n in_o this_o their_o suffer_a condition_n the_o apostle_n speak_v these_o word_n to_o assure_v they_o that_o all_o the_o malice_n and_o abuse_n of_o the_o world_n shall_v do_v they_o no_o harm_n so_o long_o as_o god_n justify_v they_o and_o approve_v of_o they_o compare_v for_o 21_o 35_o 37._o and_o this_o also_o be_v the_o intent_n of_o the_o word_n in_o the_o prophet_n who_o speak_v they_o as_o in_o the_o person_n of_o christ_n when_o he_o be_v deliver_v up_o into_o the_o hand_n of_o wicked_a man_n isa_n 50._o 8_o 9_o now_o the_o elect_a themselves_o before_o conversion_n have_v their_o conversation_n according_a to_o the_o course_n of_o the_o world_n and_o be_v not_o the_o object_n of_o persecution_n from_o the_o world_n eph._n 2._o 23._o sect_n iv_o we_o have_v hear_v what_o mr._n eyre_n can_v say_v for_o himself_o before_o i_o 11._o §._o 11._o go_v any_o far_a i_o shall_v set_v down_o a_o few_o argument_n to_o prove_v that_o the_o essence_n of_o justification_n do_v not_o consist_v in_o god_n eternal_a will_n or_o purpose_n of_o not_o punish_v and_o first_o from_o the_o efficient_a cause_n justification_n be_v such_o a_o act_n whereof_o jesus_n christ_n our_o mediator_n as_o lord_n and_o king_n be_v the_o efficient_a cause_n with_o god_n the_o father_n he_o be_v also_o the_o merit_a cause_n as_o priest_n by_o the_o offering_n or_o sacrifice_n of_o himself_o but_o of_o this_o we_o speak_v not_o now_o act_n 5._o 31._o john_n 5._o 19_o 22_o 26_o 27._o luke_n 24._o 47._o and_o other_o place_n before_o quote_v but_o jesus_n christ_n our_o mediator_n as_o lord_n and_o king_n do_v not_o will_n or_o purpose_n with_o god_n from_o eternity_n not_o to_o punish_v sinner_n the_o reason_n be_v plain_a because_o himself_o from_o all_o eternity_n be_v purpose_v of_o god_n to_o be_v lord_n and_o king_n ergo_fw-la justification_n do_v not_o consist_v essential_o in_o the_o will_n or_o purpose_n of_o god_n not_o to_o punish_v 2._o justification_n be_v a_o act_n of_o god_n purpose_v ergo_fw-la it_o can_v consist_v in_o his_o purpose_n the_o reason_n be_v because_o else_o god_n must_v purpose_v to_o purpose_n which_o be_v inconvenient_a the_o antecedent_n be_v almost_o the_o word_n of_o the_o apostle_n gal._n 3._o 8._o the_o scripture_n foresee_v that_o god_n will_v justify_v the_o gentile_n through_o faith_n preach_v before_o the_o gospel_n to_o abraham_n we_o have_v scarce_o more_o evidence_n of_o any_o truth_n upon_o which_o we_o lie_v the_o weight_n of_o our_o salvation_n than_o this_o text_n afford_v we_o of_o the_o point_n in_o hand_n say_v that_o god_n will_v justify_v in_o the_o future_a tense_n make_v justification_n the_o object_n of_o divine_a foresight_n affirm_v the_o gospel_n to_o have_v be_v preach_v to_o abraham_n many_o year_n before_o it_o 3._o if_o there_o be_v no_o such_o act_n in_o god_n at_o least_o that_o we_o may_v conceive_v of_o as_o velle_fw-la non_fw-la punire_fw-la precise_o and_o formal_o than_o our_o justification_n can_v consist_v in_o that_o act_n the_o reason_n be_v plain_a because_o than_o our_o justification_n be_v precise_o nothing_o but_o there_o be_v no_o such_o act_n in_o god_n that_o we_o may_v conceive_v of_o as_o velle_fw-la non_fw-la punire_fw-la precise_o ergo._n for_o proof_n of_o the_o assumption_n reader_n thou_o must_v remember_v that_o the_o forego_n argument_n prove_v that_o there_o be_v in_o god_n from_o eternity_n a_o will_n to_o justify_v believer_n in_o time_n that_o be_v 1._o to_o discharge_v they_o from_o the_o obligation_n of_o the_o law_n by_o which_o that_o punishment_n become_v legal_o undue_a which_o before_o be_v legal_o due_a and_o hence_o it_o follow_v 2._o that_o they_o be_v not_o punish_v de_fw-fr facto_fw-la so_o that_o impunity_n simple_o be_v no_o part_n nor_o effect_n of_o justification_n but_o as_o follow_v upon_o a_o legal_a disobligation_n otherwise_o every_o sinner_n in_o the_o world_n that_o be_v not_o present_o punish_v be_v justify_v the_o impunity_n of_o a_o sinner_n therefore_o that_o it_o may_v be_v a_o effect_n or_o part_n of_o justification_n must_v be_v consider_v with_o its_o modus_fw-la as_o the_o impunity_n of_o a_o person_n discharge_v from_o the_o obligation_n of_o the_o law_n for_o god_n do_v so_o free_v we_o from_o punishment_n as_o may_v be_v without_o the_o least_o prejudice_n to_o the_o truth_n or_o justice_n or_o authority_n of_o his_o law_n according_o i_o affirm_v that_o god_n never_o purpose_v not_o to_o punish_v precise_o praescindendo_fw-la à_fw-la modo_fw-la as_o impunity_n be_v sever_v from_o the_o manner_n in_o which_o it_o be_v give_v but_o he_o purpose_v not_o to_o punish_v modo_fw-la congruo_fw-la in_o a_o congruous_a way_n by_o disoblige_v first_o from_o the_o threaten_n of_o the_o law_n and_o thereby_o give_v they_o a_o legal_a right_o not_o to_o be_v punish_v and_o not_o to_o let_v they_o go_v unpunished_a while_o the_o law_n stand_v in_o full_a force_n against_o they_o 1._o that_o which_o be_v never_o execute_v be_v never_o purpose_v but_o never_o sinner_n go_v unpunished_a while_o the_o law_n stand_v in_o full_a force_n against_o he_o ergo._n the_o proposition_n be_v unquestionable_a in_o the_o assumption_n mr._n eyre_n will_v agree_v with_o i_o for_o he_o contend_v that_o all_o the_o elect_a be_v discharge_v from_o the_o law_n and_o have_v a_o right_n give_v they_o to_o impunity_n in_o the_o death_n of_o christ_n and_o no_o elect_a person_n ever_o have_v or_o shall_v have_v impunity_n in_o any_o other_o way_n ergo_fw-la it_o be_v never_o purpose_v that_o they_o shall_v have_v it_o in_o any_o other_o way_n that_o be_v that_o it_o be_v never_o purpose_v precise_o that_o they_o shall_v not_o be_v punish_v 2._o god_n purpose_n and_o his_o law_n will_v else_o be_v at_o enmity_n one_o with_o another_o for_o if_o he_o purpose_v not_o to_o punish_v precise_o praescindendo_fw-la à_fw-la modo_fw-la and_o yet_o do_v punish_v then_o he_o cross_v his_o purpose_n and_o if_o he_o do_v not_o punish_v the_o law_n be_v suppose_v to_o remain_v in_o full_a force_n he_o be_v unfaithful_a if_o not_o also_o unjust_a as_o some_o vind_z some_o dr._n o●en_o wiatr_n de_fw-fr just_a vind_z learned_a man_n think_v 3._o if_o non-punition_a 4._o non-punition_a vid._n t●oiss_n ●ind_n d●_n pr●dest_a lib._n 1._o par_fw-fr 1._o digr_n 9_o c._n 1_o 2_o 3._o 4._o precise_o tend_v not_o to_o the_o glory_n of_o god_n grace_n than_o do_v he_o not_o will_n precise_o not_o to_o punish_v for_o such_o a_o will_n be_v neither_o of_o the_o end_n nor_o of_o the_o mean_n but_o non-punition_a precise_o be_v no_o congruous_a mean_n to_o glorify_v god_n grace_n ergo._n for_o if_o a_o man_n have_v continue_v obedient_a and_o have_v never_o break_v god_n law_n in_o the_o least_o tittle_n his_o impunity_n have_v not_o be_v of_o grace_n but_o of_o debt_n rom._n 4._o 4._o as_o it_o be_v with_o the_o holy_a angel_n at_o this_o day_n therefore_o we_o can_v conceive_v of_o any_o act_n in_o god_n purpose_v precise_o not_o to_o punish_v in_o which_o yet_o mr._n eyre_n place_v the_o very_a formality_n of_o our_o justification_n 4._o if_o justification_n be_v velle_fw-la n●n_fw-la punire_fw-la then_o condemnation_n be_v u●ll●_n ●●_o §._o ●●_o punire_fw-la for_o oppositorum_fw-la eadem_fw-la ●st_fw-la ratio_fw-la but_o condemnation_n be_v not_o velle_fw-la punire_fw-la shall_v i_o need_v to_o prove_v this_o who_o ever_o say_v that_o god_n eeternal_a purpose_n of_o punish_v man_n for_o sin_n be_v condemnation_n it_o be_v a_o expression_n that_o neither_o god_n nor_o man_n will_v own_v so_o far_o as_o i_o can_v find_v dr._n twisse_n be_v know_v to_o reject_v it_o often_o not_o without_o some_o passion_n and_o detestation_n condemnation_n be_v every_o where_o in_o scripture_n make_v a_o act_n of_o justice_n rom._n
any_o man_n justification_n i_o be_o persuade_v the_o devil_n believe_v it_o and_o it_o can_v be_v deny_v but_o that_o the_o merit_n of_o christ_n be_v a_o price_n of_o themselves_o sufficient_a to_o have_v purchase_v salvation_n for_o they_o yea_o and_o to_o have_v turn_v all_o the_o stone_n in_o the_o street_n into_o man_n and_o to_o have_v glorify_v they_o in_o heaven_n and_o it_o be_v very_o strange_a that_o a_o soul_n shall_v be_v draw_v to_o christ_n upon_o a_o ground_n common_a to_o devil_n with_o himself_o or_o have_v the_o evidence_n of_o his_o justification_n by_o believe_v such_o a_o truth_n in_o which_o the_o devil_n have_v as_o much_o interest_n as_o himself_o sect_n vii_o the_o three_o branch_n of_o my_o argument_n succeed_v namely_o that_o we_o 29._o §._o 29._o can_v be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n in_o reference_n to_o faith_n evidence_v our_o justification_n syllogistical_o two_o reason_n i_o give_v of_o this_o the_o first_o be_v because_o there_o can_v be_v find_v out_o a_o medium_n before_o faith_n itself_o etc._n etc._n the_o far_a explication_n the_o reader_n may_v see_v in_o my_o sermon_n mr._n eyre_n answer_v that_o it_o be_v not_o needful_a it_o be_v sufficient_a that_o faith_n itself_o be_v the_o medium_n as_o thus_o he_o that_o believe_v be_v justify_v before_o faith_n but_o i_o believe_v ergo._n rep._n the_o argument_n remain_v good_a for_o the_o purpose_n for_o which_o i_o advance_v it_o for_o i_o not_o know_v certain_o in_o what_o sense_n mr._n eyre_n will_v maintain_v that_o faith_n do_v evidence_n can_v conjecture_v at_o none_o more_o probable_a then_o that_o he_o place_v the_o nature_n and_o be_v of_o justify_v faith_n in_o the_o evidence_n knowledge_n or_o assurance_n of_o our_o justification_n upon_o which_o presumption_n as_o i_o have_v before_o prove_v that_o it_o be_v not_o assensus_fw-la axiomaticus_fw-la a_o axiomatical_a and_o immediate_a assent_n to_o this_o proposition_n i_o be_o justify_v so_o in_o this_o argument_n my_o intent_n be_v to_o prove_v that_o neither_o be_v it_o assensus_fw-la syllogisticus_fw-la a_o assent_n to_o the_o same_o proposition_n deduce_v by_o way_n of_o conclusion_n out_o of_o premise_n and_o this_o the_o argument_n prove_v invincible_o let_v we_o set_v mr._n eyre_n syllogism_n before_o we_o and_o the_o matter_n will_v be_v plain_a he_o that_o believe_v be_v justify_v before_o faith_n but_o i_o believe_v ergo_fw-la i_o be_v justify_v before_o faith_n hence_o it_o be_v manifest_a that_o the_o faith_n which_o i_o affirm_v of_o myself_o in_o the_o minor_a can_v consist_v essential_o in_o my_o assent_n to_o the_o conclusion_n for_o then_o the_o syllogism_n will_v consist_v but_o of_o two_o proposition_n this_o be_v the_o manifest_a scope_n of_o the_o argument_n which_o now_o i_o know_v mr._n eyre_n mind_n better_o i_o see_v well_o enough_o do_v he_o but_o little_a hurt_n and_o therefore_o i_o insist_v not_o on_o the_o vindication_n of_o it_o nor_o yet_o may_v the_o reader_n charge_v i_o for_o argue_v impertinent_o see_v it_o be_v necessary_a i_o shall_v suppose_v and_o confute_v what_o may_v be_v say_v when_o i_o do_v not_o know_v what_o will_v be_v say_v i_o know_v no_o other_o way_n i_o have_v to_o get_v out_o of_o mr._n eyre_n his_o sense_n of_o faith_n evidence_v yet_o because_o i_o do_v easy_o foresee_v he_o may_v give_v that_o answer_n which_o here_o he_o do_v i_o add_v the_o next_o argument_n which_o meet_v with_o it_o to_o the_o full_a if_o we_o be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n because_o faith_n do_v evidence_n 30._o §._o 30._o justification_n syllogistical_o then_o may_v we_o be_v say_v as_o well_o to_o be_v justify_v by_o sense_n and_o reason_n as_o by_o faith_n because_o sense_n and_o reason_n concur_v with_o faith_n in_o a_o syllogistical_a evidence_n as_o thus_o he_o that_o believe_v be_v justify_v but_o i_o believe_v ergo_fw-la i_o be_o justify_v the_o proposition_n only_o be_v the_o assent_n or_o act_v of_o faith_n the_o assumption_n a_o act_n of_o sense_n or_o spiritual_a experience_n the_o conclusion_n a_o act_n of_o reason_n mr._n eyre_n answer_v that_o the_o conclusion_n be_v of_o faith_n as_o in_o this_o syllogism_n all_o man_n shall_v rise_v from_o the_o dead_a i_o be_o a_o man_n ergo_fw-la i_o shall_v rise_v from_o the_o dead_a rep._n that_o the_o conclusion_n be_v de_fw-fr fide_fw-la be_v say_v not_o prove_v and_o i_o will_v that_o way_n of_o dispute_v be_v less_o frequent_a with_o mr._n eyre_n i_o acknowledge_v the_o conclusion_n to_o be_v partly_o of_o faith_n and_o partly_o of_o reason_n and_o experience_n as_o mr._n fol._n mr._n vindi●_n great_a p●g_v 41._o fol._n pemble_n determine_v it_o and_o that_o the_o school_n determine_v otherwise_o i_o will_v believe_v when_o i_o see_v that_o it_o be_v not_o pure_o of_o faith_n i_o thus_o prove_v the_o assent_n of_o faith_n be_v ground_v in_o the_o verity_n of_o divine_a testimony_n but_o the_o assent_n to_o a_o conclusion_n be_v ground_v in_o the_o necessity_n of_o its_o 2._o its_o vid._n fr●●_n b●ur_fw-fr meneriz_n d●f_n p._n radial_a l._n 2._o c._n 9_o disquis_fw-la 1_o &_o 2._o consequence_n upon_o such_o and_o such_o premise_n which_o force_v the_o understanding_n to_o assent_v to_o it_o whether_o of_o itself_o it_o be_v of_o necessary_a or_o contingent_a truth_n or_o in_o what_o matter_n soever_o it_o be_v whether_o grammatical_a physical_a theological_a or_o the_o like_a so_o that_o a_o conclusion_n be_v say_v to_o be_v de_fw-fr fide_fw-la because_o it_o depend_v upon_o some_o principle_n of_o say_v in_o regard_n of_o its_o supernaturality_n but_o formal_o et_fw-la qu●tenus_fw-la attingitur_fw-la per_fw-la actum_fw-la conclusionis_fw-la reason_n be_v principium_fw-la assentiendi_fw-la proximum_fw-la the_o near_a 47._o near_a de_fw-fr mend●z_n loq_fw-la disp_a 1●_n de_fw-fr demonstr_n sect_n 3._o ●_o 47._o principle_n and_o cause_n of_o my_o assent_n otherwise_o we_o must_v have_v some_o other_o definition_n of_o a_o syllogism_n than_o our_o university_n have_v hitherto_o be_v acquaint_v with_o 2._o in_o the_o present_a case_n the_o matter_n be_v clear_a than_o mr._n eyre_n be_v aware_a of_o we_o will_v suppose_v peter_n to_o be_v the_o man_n that_o make_v the_o syllogism_n he_o that_o believe_v be_v justify_v but_o i_o believe_v ergo_fw-la i_o be_o justify_v when_o he_o faith_n in_o the_o minor_a i_o believe_v he_o be_v suppose_v to_o speak_v not_o only_o of_o that_o faith_n which_o sin_n the_o will_n accept_v and_o embrace_v a_o promise_v good_a but_o of_o that_o ialso_fw-la which_o be_v in_o the_o understanding_n assent_v omni_fw-la credibili_fw-la to_o all_o truth_n propose_v to_o be_v believe_v but_o according_a to_o mr._n eyre_n it_o be_v a_o truth_n propose_v to_o peter_n faith_n that_o himself_o be_v justify_v let_v it_o be_v express_v then_o in_o the_o syllogism_n and_o it_o run_v thus_o he_o that_o believe_v all_o the_o object_n of_o his_o faith_n and_o particular_o that_o himself_o be_v justify_v he_o be_v justify_v but_o say_v peter_n i_o believe_v all_o the_o object_n of_o my_o faith_n and_o particular_o that_o myself_o be_o justify_v ergo_fw-la i_o be_o justify_v if_o the_o conclusion_n be_v here_o the_o side_n than_o peter_n believe_v he_o be_v justify_v because_o he_o believe_v he_o be_v justify_v which_o conclusion_n i_o confess_v be_v no_o act_n of_o reason_n nevertheless_o if_o reason_n be_v yield_v to_o be_v principium_fw-la assentiendi_fw-la the_o principle_n of_o assent_v to_o the_o conclusion_n there_o will_v be_v better_a sense_n in_o his_o argumentation_n namely_o that_o peter_n know_v that_o he_o be_v justify_v or_o be_v persuade_v thereof_o with_o a_o certainty_n of_o reason_n because_o he_o believe_v it_o with_o a_o divine_a faith_n and_o that_o he_o can_v not_o do_v if_o he_o be_v not_o justify_v as_o to_o the_o syllogism_n which_o mr._n eyre_n propose_v for_o illustration_n 31._o §._o 31._o all_o man_n shall_v rise_v again_o i_o be_o a_o man_n ergo_fw-la i_o shall_v rise_v again_o the_o conclusion_n be_v partly_o of_o faith_n and_o partly_o of_o reason_n of_o reason_n formaliter_fw-la &_o elicitiuè_fw-la of_o faith_n fundamentaliter_fw-la &_o imperatiuè_fw-la as_o i_o may_v so_o speak_v it_o be_v a_o particular_a knowledge_n ground_v in_o a_o principle_n of_o faith_n for_o i_o can_v not_o have_v this_o knowledge_n unless_o i_o do_v by_o faith_n assent_n to_o the_o proposition_n but_o that_o it_o be_v not_o pure_o of_o faith_n i_o thus_o prove_v if_o a_o man_n be_v sound_a in_o the_o faith_n of_o the_o resurrection_n that_o believe_v all_o man_n shall_v rise_v though_o he_o do_v not_o believe_v that_o himself_o shall_v rise_v then_o to_o assent_v that_o himself_o shall_v rise_v be_v not_o pure_o a_o act_n of_o faith_n because_o a_o man_n can_v at_o the_o same_o time_n be_v sound_a and_o unsound_a in_o the_o faith_n of_o the_o same_o
may_v be_v justify_v faith_n go_v before_o justification_n here_o as_o work_n before_o it_o there_o and_o this_o be_v plain_o enough_o express_v in_o the_o argument_n to_o any_o one_o but_o mr._n eyre_n as_o to_o all_o the_o argument_n he_o have_v against_o it_o they_o be_v such_o gross_a non-sequitur's_a that_o i_o know_v not_o whether_o it_o will_v be_v worth_a while_n to_o answer_v they_o yet_o out_o of_o civility_n i_o will_v take_v some_o notice_n of_o they_o first_o say_v mr._n eyre_n work_v be_v meritorious_a of_o eternal_a life_n 8._o §._o 8._o faith_n be_v not_o rep._n very_o true_a though_o the_o former_a part_n about_o the_o meritoriousnesse_n of_o work_n mr._n eyre_n himself_o contradict_v in_o terminis_fw-la page_n 190._o but_o that_o be_v common_a and_o therefore_o we_o compare_v not_o faith_n and_o work_v in_o point_n of_o worth_n and_o value_n but_o only_o in_o point_n of_o place_n and_o order_n or_o we_o compare_v they_o in_o the_o general_a nature_n of_o a_o condition_n wherein_o they_o agree_v not_o in_o the_o special_a nature_n or_o in_o what_o be_v accessary_a to_o either_o wherein_o they_o differ_v as_o much_o as_o buy_v with_o money_n rom._n 4._o 4._o and_o buy_v without_o money_n isa_n 55._o 1._o if_o a_o commodity_n may_v be_v have_v for_o take_v or_o buy_v he_o that_o take_v it_o have_v as_o sure_a a_o title_n as_o he_o that_o buy_v it_o yet_o take_v be_v not_o buy_v a_o genere_fw-la ad_fw-la speciem_fw-la non_fw-la valet_fw-la argumentum_fw-la affirmatiuè_fw-la mr._n eyre_n 2._o work_n in_o the_o first_o covenant_n be_v the_o matter_n of_o our_o 9_o §._o 9_o justification_n faith_n be_v not_o answ_n this_o be_v all_o one_o with_o the_o former_a if_o it_o be_v not_o it_o will_v only_o show_v another_o difference_n between_o faith_n and_o work_v notwithstanding_o their_o agreement_n in_o point_n of_o place_n and_o order_n and_o in_o the_o geneneral_a nature_n of_o a_o condition_n in_o their_o respective_a covenant_n work_n be_v such_o a_o condition_n as_o that_o withal_o they_o be_v that_o very_a righteousness_n for_o which_o a_o person_n be_v justify_v but_o faith_n be_v the_o condition_n of_o our_o be_v justify_v by_o the_o righteousness_n of_o a_o mediator_n mr._n eyre_n 3._o if_o faith_n have_v the_o same_o place_n in_o the_o second_o covenant_n as_o work_n in_o the_o first_o then_o must_v god_n account_v say_v to_o be_v perfect_a righteousness_n which_o be_v contrary_a to_o his_o truth_n and_o justice_n ans_fw-fr i_o deny_v the_o consequence_n what_o manner_n of_o reader_n do_v mr._n eyre_n promise_v himself_o when_o he_o put_v down_o such_o say_n as_o these_o without_o one_o word_n or_o pretence_n of_o proof_n that_o which_o make_v work_v man_n perfect_a righteousness_n be_v not_o the_o place_n and_o order_n which_o they_o have_v by_o the_o covenant_n to_o his_o justification_n but_o their_o own_o essential_a natural_a perfection_n as_o be_v a_o punctual_a and_o exact_a conformity_n to_o the_o rule_n of_o his_o creation_n the_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d of_o that_o rule_n of_o divinity_n which_o by_o creation_n be_v implant_v in_o the_o frame_n of_o man_n nature_n that_o it_o be_v the_o condition_n of_o his_o justification_n be_v ex_fw-la accidenti_fw-la by_o virtue_n of_o the_o covenant_n promise_v a_o reward_n of_o life_n upon_o the_o do_n of_o such_o work_n may_v not_o therefore_o faith_n have_v the_o same_o place_n and_o order_n that_o be_v be_v in_o like_a manner_n the_o condition_n of_o the_o justification_n of_o a_o sinner_n because_o it_o be_v not_o man_n natural_a perfect_a righteousness_n titius_n will_v let_v sempronius_n have_v a_o farm_n if_o he_o will_v give_v he_o to_o the_o worth_n of_o it_o he_o let_v maeveus_n have_v another_o if_o he_o will_v ask_v he_o for_o it_o here_o ask_v be_v the_o condition_n there_o the_o payment_n of_o the_o full_a price_n both_o have_v the_o same_o place_n and_o order_n to_o the_o obtain_n of_o the_o farm_n yet_o sure_o beg_v be_v not_o the_o payment_n of_o the_o full_a price_n mr._n eyre_n 4._o then_o be_v the_o second_o covenant_n a_o covenant_n of_o work_n 10._o §._o 10._o see_v faith_n be_v a_o work_n of_o we_o answ_n 1._o we_o have_v already_o show_v at_o large_a that_o the_o grace_n or_o act_v of_o faith_n be_v perpetual_o oppose_v to_o work_n in_o scripture-language_n 2._o however_o this_o argument_n be_v inconsequent_a for_o it_o will_v by_o no_o mean_n follow_v that_o if_o faith_n have_v the_o same_o place_n and_o order_n in_o the_o new_a covenant_n as_o work_n in_o the_o old_a than_o the_o new_a covenant_n be_v a_o covenant_n of_o work_n suppose_v god_n have_v make_v the_o world_n a_o promise_n of_o pardon_n upon_o the_o condition_n of_o the_o existence_n of_o some_o contingent_a event_n v._o g._n that_o if_o paul_n be_v convert_v within_o seven_o year_n after_o christ_n ascension_n all_o the_o world_n shall_v be_v justify_v paul_n conversion_n in_o this_o case_n will_v have_v the_o very_a same_o place_n and_o order_n to_o the_o justification_n of_o the_o world_n as_o work_n have_v in_o the_o old_a covenant_n though_o it_o be_v not_o a_o condition_n of_o the_o same_o nature_n and_o quality_n yet_o sure_o this_o latter_a promise_n can_v not_o therefore_o be_v prove_v to_o be_v a_o covenant_n of_o work_n m._n eyre_n 5._o this_o assertion_n make_v faith_n to_o be_v not_o of_o grace_n because_o not_o from_o the_o covenant_n of_o grace_n see_v the_o covenant_n itself_o depend_v on_o it_o ans_fw-fr 1._o this_o assertion_n suppose_v that_o nothing_o can_v be_v of_o grace_n which_o be_v not_o by_o the_o covenant_n of_o grace_n be_v not_o the_o covenant_n itself_o of_o grace_n 2._o of_o the_o dependence_n of_o faith_n upon_o the_o covenant_n &_o of_o the_o covenant_n upon_o faith_n we_o dispute_v purposely_o below_o here_o we_o speak_v only_o of_o one_o blessing_n of_o the_o covenant_n namely_o justification_n and_o as_o soon_o as_o ever_o mr._n eyre_n have_v prove_v that_o faith_n can_v be_v give_v we_o of_o grace_n if_o it_o be_v the_o condition_n of_o justification_n i_o will_v write_v a_o book_n of_o retractation_n as_o long_o as_o augustine_n if_o i_o live_v to_o it_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n he_o deal_v not_o like_o a_o disputant_n to_o charge_v such_o a_o consequence_n upon_o we_o and_o never_o go_v about_o to_o prove_v it_o and_o whereas_o he_o suggest_v to_o his_o reader_n that_o my_o proposition_n be_v contrary_a to_o all_o protestant_n it_o be_v a_o vain_a and_o empty_a flourish_n to_o speak_v the_o best_a of_o it_o he_o that_o have_v any_o acquaintance_n in_o their_o writing_n can_v but_o know_v it_o to_o be_v so_o of_o all_o protestant_n mr._n eyre_n quote_v two_o in_o his_o margin_n calvin_n and_o pemble_n of_o which_o the_o former_a in_o that_o very_a 2._o very_a instit_fw-la l._n 3_o c._n ●_o sect_n 2._o place_n which_o mr._n eyre_n refer_v to_o speaks_z as_o plain_o to_o the_o overthrow_n of_o what_o he_o be_v bring_v to_o prove_v as_o can_v be_v nam_fw-la quum_fw-la dicit_fw-la apostolus_fw-la etc._n etc._n for_o when_o the_o apostle_n say_v with_o the_o heart_n man_n believe_v unto_o righteousness_n and_o with_o the_o mouth_n confession_n be_v make_v unto_o salvation_n he_o show_v that_o it_o be_v not_o enough_o if_o a_o man_n believe_v implicit_o what_o he_o understand_v n●t_a nor_o make_v any_o search_n into_o sed_fw-la explicitam_fw-la requirit_fw-la divinae_fw-la b●nitatis_fw-la agnitionem_fw-la in_fw-la quâ_fw-la consistit_fw-la nostra_fw-la justitia_fw-la but_o he_o require_v a_o explicit_a acknowledgement_n of_o the_o divine_a goodness_n in_o which_o consist_v our_o righteousness_n this_o be_v somewhat_o more_o than_o be_v any_o where_o say_v in_o my_o sermon_n p●mbl●_n also_o be_v as_o express_o against_o he_o as_o i_o think_v be_v possible_a and_o that_o very_o frequent_o i_o shall_v transcribe_v but_o ●_o but_o of_o just●●_n sect_n 4._o c._n 1._o p_o 1._o 7_o ●_o one_o place_n of_o multitude_n from_o hence_o say_v he_o we_o conclude_v firm_o that_o the_o difference_n between_o the_o law_n and_o the_o gospel_n assign_v by_o our_o divine_n be_v most_o certain_a and_o agreeable_a to_o scripture_n viz._n that_o the_o law_n give_v life_n unto_o the_o just_a upon_o condition_n of_o perfect_a obedience_n in_o all_o thing_n the_o gospel_n give_v life_n unto_o sinner_n upon_o condition_n they_o repent_v and_o believe_v in_o christ_n jesus_n mr._n eyr●_n the_o be_v out_o or_o mr._n pemble_n when_o the_o one_o say_v this_o be_v the_o judgement_n of_o our_o divine_n and_o the_o other_o say_v it_o tread_v antipode_n to_o the_o current_n of_o all_o our_o protestant_a writer_n sect_n iv_o the_o proposition_n namely_o that_o faith_n have_v the_o same_o place_n and_o order_n 10._o §._o 10._o to_o justification_n in_o the_o covenant_n of_o grace_n as_o work_n in_o the_o covenant_n of_o work_n be_v
since_o that_o 6._o that_o de_fw-fr traduct_n peccat_fw-la ad_fw-la vitam_fw-la thes_n 5._o 6._o conditio_fw-la reconciliationis_fw-la a_o part_n nostra_fw-la est_fw-la christi_fw-la receptio_fw-la the_o condition_n of_o reconciliation_n on_o our_o part_n be_v our_o receive_n of_o christ_n which_o must_v first_o be_v do_v cum_fw-la ex_fw-la ea_fw-la tanquam_fw-la medio_fw-la praerequisito_fw-la reconciliatio_fw-la ineatur_fw-la because_o it_o be_v a_o mean_n praerequisite_a to_o our_o reconciliation_n as_o for_o dr._n twisse_n if_o he_o be_v capable_a of_o receive_v any_o addition_n of_o honour_n by_o my_o testimony_n i_o shall_v be_v more_o ambitious_a to_o perform_v it_o then_o mr._n eyre_n can_v be_v desirous_a of_o the_o favour_n of_o his_o dedic_n his_o ep._n dedic_n most_o noble_a senator_n i_o may_v not_o deny_v that_o i_o have_v bestow_v some_o pain_n in_o compare_v the_o doctor_n expression_n in_o several_a place_n but_o it_o please_v god_n to_o stir_v up_o a_o far_o better_a hand_n book_n hand_n in_o his_o preface_n to_o mr._n grail_v book_n mr._n constant_a jessop_n a_o learned_a faithful_a suffer_v servant_n and_o minister_n of_o jesus_n christ_n to_o do_v the_o doctor_n the_o honour_n of_o vindicate_v his_o judgement_n and_o doctrine_n from_o those_o general_a misreport_n and_o misapprehension_n that_o go_v abroad_o of_o he_o something_o i_o shall_v alsospeak_v concern_v mr._n eyre_n marginal_a quotation_n which_o be_v many_o of_o they_o false_a as_o i_o be_v once_o intend_v to_o have_v show_v the_o reader_n in_o a_o list_n but_o consider_v that_o the_o difference_n of_o volume_n or_o edition_n in_o which_o his_o author_n be_v extant_a may_v breed_v a_o mistake_n of_o some_o and_o that_o the_o printer_n tell_v we_o mr._n eyre_n be_v not_o able_a to_o overlook_v the_o press_n and_o so_o through_o the_o error_n of_o that_o other_o may_v be_v mistake_v i_o have_v think_v fit_a to_o forbear_v 3._o as_o for_o this_o my_o reply_n though_o the_o author_n above_o mention_v and_o mr._n eede_v beside_o who_o yet_o have_v misrepresent_v i_o in_o report_v that_o i_o deny_v faith_n to_o be_v a_o evidence_n of_o our_o justification_n come_v all_o out_o so_o long_o before_o i_o may_v seem_v to_o make_v my_o undertake_n needless_a yet_o i_o be_v loath_a to_o deceive_v the_o expectation_n of_o so_o many_o as_o have_v so_o long_o wait_v for_o my_o reply_n the_o truth_n be_v i_o have_v soon_o draw_v up_o the_o sum_n of_o my_o answer_n so_o far_o as_o i_o be_v sure_a that_o i_o understand_v mr._n eyre_n aright_o that_o i_o make_v no_o more_o haste_n to_o the_o press_n the_o reason_n be_v 1._o the_o incessant_a employment_n i_o have_v have_v both_o at_o home_n and_o abroad_o which_o have_v make_v i_o uncapable_a of_o follow_v work_n of_o this_o nature_n so_o close_o as_o they_o shall_v be_v 2._o the_o frequent_a and_o long-continuing_a bodily_a infirmity_n which_o have_v keep_v i_o from_o write_v many_o week_n together_o 3._o while_o the_o controversy_n be_v hot_a i_o be_v willing_a to_o see_v whether_o any_o thing_n will_v come_v out_o pro_fw-la or_o con_v that_o may_v occasion_v any_o new_a inquiry_n i_o hear_v of_o none_o but_o mr._n robertson_n who_o threaten_v we_o with_o a_o few_o pedantic_a scoticisme_n and_o mr._n crandon_n against_o mr._n baxter_n who_o for_o the_o report_n i_o have_v hear_v of_o the_o man_n i_o greedy_o desire_v to_o read_v but_o light_v by_o accident_n upon_o his_o discourse_n about_o the_o affliction_n which_o befall_v the_o godly_a in_o this_o life_n i_o find_v he_o vox_fw-la &_o praeterea_fw-la nihil_fw-la and_o so_o leave_v he_o to_o those_o reader_n who_o can_v be_v edify_v by_o his_o melody_n mr._n eyre_n comment_n upon_o the_o title_n page_n of_o my_o sermon_n i_o pass_v over_o his_o digression_n in_o chap._n 2._o about_o public_a dispute_n with_o the_o minister_n will_v have_v some_o more_o caution_n before_o it_o pass_v for_o canonical_a if_o ever_o it_o be_v his_o lot_n to_o be_v exercise_v in_o that_o way_n as_o much_o as_o some_o worthy_a minister_n have_v be_v in_o some_o church_n which_o i_o have_v know_v in_o my_o reply_n to_o his_o argument_n i_o have_v faithful_o set_v down_o the_o strength_n of_o his_o argument_n though_o not_o every_o word_n in_o every_o place_n and_o so_o reader_n i_o commend_v thou_o and_o this_o my_o writing_n unto_o the_o blessing_n of_o he_o who_o will_v one_o day_n own_v it_o for_o his_o truth_n and_o thou_o for_o a_o child_n of_o truth_n if_o thou_o walk_v in_o it_o benjamin_n woodbridge_n the_o method_n of_o grace._n in_o the_o justification_n of_o sinner_n chap._n i._n a_o answer_n to_o m._n eyre_n 6._o chap._n the_o question_n state_v justification_n what_o justification_n by_o faith_n what_o the_o consent_n of_o protestant_n in_o make_v faith_n the_o condition_n of_o justification_n or_o a_o instrumental_a cause_n thereof_o prove_v also_o by_o the_o confession_n of_o several_a church_n sect_n i._o in_o our_o entrance_n upon_o the_o discussion_n of_o the_o present_a question_n namely_o whether_o a_o sinner_n be_v justify_v in_o 1._o §._o 1._o the_o sight_n of_o god_n before_o he_o believe_v or_o not_o till_o he_o believe_v i_o must_v crave_v leave_n to_o digress_v a_o little_a from_o master_n eyre_n method_n who_o first_o give_v his_o answer_n to_o those_o text_n produce_v in_o my_o sermon_n for_o proof_n of_o our_o justification_n by_o faith_n in_o his_o five_o chapter_n and_o then_o state_n the_o question_n in_o his_o six_o and_o seven_o i_o shall_v therefore_o first_o examine_v those_o two_o chapter_n begin_v here_o with_o the_o former_a and_o so_o proceed_v to_o the_o entire_a vindication_n of_o my_o sermon_n by_o itself_o in_o the_o state_v of_o the_o question_n these_o three_o thing_n be_v to_o be_v dispatch_v 1._o what_o justification_n be_v 2._o what_o it_o be_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n or_o what_o be_v the_o office_n of_o faith_n in_o justification_n 3._o what_o be_v mean_v by_o the_o phrase_n in_o the_o sight_n of_o god_n or_o before_o god_n when_o we_o inquire_v concern_v the_o justification_n of_o a_o sinner_n before_o god_n or_o in_o god_n sight_n for_o the_o first_o when_o we_o inquire_v what_o justification_n be_v it_o be_v suppose_v 2._o §._o 2._o that_o the_o word_n justification_n be_v take_v proper_o &_o in_o sensu_fw-la formali_fw-la not_o in_o a_o diminutive_a comparative_a or_o tropical_a sense_n analogum_fw-la per_fw-la se_fw-la positum_fw-la stat_fw-la pro_fw-la famosiori_fw-la significato_fw-la the_o reason_n why_o i_o observe_v this_o be_v because_o master_n eyre_n pretend_v to_o his_o reader_n that_o i_o have_v no_o less_o than_o yield_v the_o cause_n when_o i_o grant_v a_o justification_n purpose_v of_o god_n and_o merit_v by_o christ_n before_o faith_n so_o then_o say_v he_o pag._n 147._o by_o his_o own_o confession_n justification_n in_o a_o scripture_n sense_n go_v before_o faith_n which_o be_v that_o horrid_a opinion_n he_o have_v all_o this_o while_n so_o eager_o oppose_v &_o pag._n 101._o challenge_v some_o one_o text_n of_o scripture_n to_o prove_v that_o justification_n do_v in_o no_o sense_n precede_v the_o act_n of_o faith_n whereas_o i_o doubt_v not_o but_o the_o world_n may_v be_v say_v to_o be_v from_o eternity_n in_o some_o sense_n namely_o in_o reference_n to_o the_o counsel_n and_o purpose_n of_o god_n and_o he_o that_o be_v never_o justify_v at_o all_o simple_o may_v yet_o notwithstanding_o be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v in_o some_o sense_n that_o be_v comparative_o as_o be_v less_o unjust_a than_o another_o jer._n 3._o 11._o and_o many_o of_o those_o who_o be_v now_o alive_a and_o never_o yet_o taste_v of_o death_n may_v nevertheless_o be_v say_v to_o be_v already_o rise_v from_o the_o dead_a in_o some_o sense_n to_o wit_n in_o christ_n the_o first_o fruit_n of_o they_o that_o sleep_v and_o justification_n itself_o may_v be_v call_v condemnation_n in_o some_o sense_n for_o the_o scot_n say_v a_o man_n be_v justify_v when_o he_o be_v hang_v and_o the_o word_n seem_v to_o be_v use_v in_o a_o sense_n not_o much_o unlike_a rom._n 6._o 7._o he_o that_o be_v dead_a be_v justify_v from_o sin_n if_o master_n eyre_n do_v indeed_o think_v which_o i_o be_o persuade_v he_o do_v not_o that_o the_o question_n between_o he_o and_o i_o be_v whether_o the_o wit_n of_o man_n can_v invent_v some_o sense_n wherein_o justification_n may_v be_v say_v to_o go_v before_o faith_n he_o shall_v have_v acquaint_v his_o reader_n with_o it_o here_o in_o the_o ●stating_v of_o the_o question_n and_o not_o have_v keep_v he_o ignorant_a of_o any_o such_o controversy_n between_o we_o till_o he_o be_v come_v towards_o the_o late_a end_n of_o his_o book_n wherein_o the_o particular_a nature_n and_o formality_n of_o this_o glorious_a blessing_n 3._o §._o 3._o of_o justification_n do_v consist_v be_v more_o particular_o debate_v in_o
else_o for_o than_o shall_v be_v but_o one_o man_n in_o the_o world_n to_o who_o the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n be_v impute_v the_o proposition_n be_v manifest_a because_o the_o faith_n here_o speak_v of_o be_v determine_v to_o the_o person_n of_o the_o believer_n to_o he_o that_o believe_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d his_o faith_n be_v impute_v and_o it_o be_v call_v the_o faith_n which_o abraham_n have_v in_o his_o uncircumcision_n ver_fw-la 11._o and_o the_o truth_n be_v that_o otherwise_o i_o mean_v if_o his_o faith_n be_v his_o christ_n abraham_n faith_n or_o david_n faith_n or_o any_o other_o christian_n faith_n may_v be_v say_v to_o be_v impute_v unto_o we_o with_o the_o very_a same_o propriety_n of_o speech_n as_o it_o be_v say_v to_o be_v impute_v to_o he_o or_o they_o 4._o if_o faith_n be_v here_o put_v for_o christ_n or_o his_o righteousness_n the_o word_n be_v nonsense_n put_v faith_n for_o righteousness_n and_o the_o word_n run_v thus_o but_o unto_o he_o that_o believe_v his_o righteousness_n be_v impute_v to_o he_o for_o righteousness_n what_o sense_n be_v that_o or_o put_v it_o for_o christ_n and_o they_o run_v thus_o but_o unto_o he_o that_o believe_v his_o christ_n be_v impure_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n but_o what_o be_v it_o to_o impute_v christ_n unto_o righteousness_n i_o know_v he_o be_v say_v to_o be_v make_v unto_o we_o righteousness_n 1_o cor._n 1._o even_o as_o he_o be_v make_v unto_o we_o wisdom_n and_o sanctification_n that_o be_v the_o author_n of_o both_o but_o to_o impute_v he_o unto_o righteousness_n be_v a_o barbarism_n to_o say_v nothing_o of_o the_o insolency_n of_o that_o phrase_n his_o christ_n in_o scripture_n and_o of_o make_v christ_n as_o distinct_a from_o his_o righteousness_n the_o object_n of_o justify_v faith_n 3._o we_o have_v already_o prove_v that_o to_o impute_v faith_n unto_o righteousness_n 5._o §._o 5._o be_v to_o reward_v the_o believer_n with_o a_o right_n to_o life_n if_o then_o faith_n be_v put_v for_o christ_n to_o impute_v faith_n unto_o righteousness_n be_v to_o reward_n christ_n with_o righteousness_n and_o if_o for_o righteousness_n it_o be_v to_o reward_v righteousness_n with_o righteousness_n both_o which_o be_v absurd_a 4._o the_o faith_n which_o be_v impute_v to_o abraham_n unto_o righteousness_n be_v the_o faith_n which_o he_o have_v be_v yet_o uncircumcised_a ver_fw-la 10_o 11._o if_o faith_n do_v here_o signify_v christ_n righteousness_n the_o word_n sound_v thus_o the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n which_o he_o have_v in_o his_o uncircumcision_n be_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n and_o because_o he_o can_v not_o have_v it_o but_o by_o imputation_n therefore_o the_o full_a sense_n will_v be_v this_o the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n which_o be_v impute_v to_o he_o in_o his_o uncircumcision_n be_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n spectatum_fw-la admissi_fw-la etc._n etc._n 5._o consider_v we_o also_o what_o be_v say_v ver_fw-la 9_o 10_o 11_o 12._o from_o whence_o 6._o §._o 6._o we_o advance_v three_o argument_n more_o 1._o the_o faith_n from_o which_o abraham_n be_v denominate_v faithful_a and_o the_o father_n of_o the_o faithful_a be_v the_o habit_n or_o grace_n of_o faith_n not_o the_o object_n a_o conjugatis_fw-la even_o as_o it_o be_v the_o habit_n of_o wisdom_n goodness_n temperance_n etc._n etc._n from_o whence_o a_o man_n be_v denominate_v wise_a good_a temperate_a etc._n etc._n but_o the_o faith_n which_o be_v impute_v to_o he_o be_v that_o from_o whence_o he_o be_v denominate_v faithful_a and_o the_o father_n of_o the_o faithful_a for_o faith_n be_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n say_v the_o apostle_n ver_fw-la 9_o and_o that_o in_o his_o uncircumcision_n ver_fw-la 10._o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d that_o he_o may_v become_v the_o father_n of_o all_o the_o faithful_a that_o be_v in_o uncircumcision_n that_o righteousness_n may_v be_v impute_v to_o they_o also_o ver_fw-la 11._o for_o so_o stand_v the_o connexion_n of_o the_o sentence_n and_o the_o beginning_n of_o this_o ver_fw-la 11._o and_o he_o receive_v circumcision_n etc._n etc._n be_v answer_v immediate_o by_o ver_fw-la 12._o and_o the_o father_n of_o circumcision_n etc._n etc._n the_o like_a argument_n do_v this_o apostle_n use_v elsewhere_o gal._n 3._o 9_o they_o which_o be_v of_o the_o faith_n be_v bless_v with_o faithful_a abraham_n 2._o if_o we_o become_v child_n of_o the_o faith_n of_o abraham_n by_o believe_v than_o abraham_n faith_n signify_v his_o believe_v and_o not_o christ_n righteousness_n the_o reason_n be_v because_o to_o be_v a_o child_n of_o abraham_n faith_n be_v to_o follow_v or_o imitate_v he_o in_o that_o which_o be_v call_v his_o faith_n as_o when_o mr._n eyre_n call_v i_o a_o son_n of_o mr._n baxters_n faith_n and_o if_o we_o be_v like_o he_o by_o believe_v then_o believe_v be_v the_o quality_n wherein_o the_o similitude_n consist_v between_o he_o the_o father_n and_o we_o the_o child_n but_o we_o become_v the_o child_n of_o abraham_n faith_n even_o that_o very_a faith_n which_o be_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n by_o believe_v ver_fw-la 10._o the_o father_n of_o all_o they_o that_o believe_v ver_fw-la 11._o that_o walk_n in_o the_o step_n of_o father_n abraham_n faith_n who_o be_v also_o call_v the_o seed_n of_o the_o faith_n of_o abraham_n ver_fw-la 16._o 3._o and_o i_o will_v that_o mr._n eyre_n or_o some_o body_n else_o will_v make_v sense_n of_o the_o apostle_n word_n if_o faith_n be_v put_v for_o christ_n righteousness_n ver_fw-la 12._o abraham_n become_v the_o father_n of_o circumcision_n to_o they_o that_o walk_v in_o the_o step_n of_o his_o faith_n what_o be_v that_o why_o to_o they_o that_o walk_v in_o his_o christ_n righteousness_n i_o be_o even_o sick_a of_o this_o nonsense_n let_v i_o add_v one_o word_n more_o that_o i_o may_v rid_v myself_o of_o this_o nauseous_a work_n 6._o the_o faith_n speak_v of_o throughout_o this_o chapter_n be_v that_o which_o be_v 7._o §._o 7._o describe_v at_o large_a from_o ver_fw-la 18._o to_o the_o end_n where_o it_o be_v say_v that_o abraham_n against_o hope_n believe_v in_o hope_n and_o be_v not_o weak_a in_o faith_n he_o consider_v not_o his_o own_o nor_o sarahs_n age_n ver_fw-la 19_o that_o he_o stagger_v not_o at_o the_o promise_n of_o god_n through_o unbelief_n but_o be_v strong_a in_o faith_n ver_fw-la 20._o and_o be_v full_o persuade_v that_o what_o god_n have_v promise_v he_o be_v able_a also_o to_o perform_v ver_fw-la 21._o and_o that_o this_o be_v the_o faith_n which_o be_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n be_v manifest_a from_o the_o very_a next_o verse_n ver_fw-la 22._o and_o therefore_o it_o ●as_v impute_v to_o he_o unto_o righteousness_n to_o make_v this_o the_o description_n of_o christ_n righteousness_n will_v render_v the_o sense_n so_o beyond_o measure_n ridiculous_a that_o i_o profess_v reader_n i_o be_o afraid_a to_o represent_v it_o to_o thou_o in_o a_o paraphrase_n lest_o some_o profane_a wit_n shall_v take_v occasion_n to_o make_v this_o bless_a word_n of_o god_n the_o object_n of_o their_o derision_n and_o contempt_n i_o may_v add_v that_o by_o the_o same_o reason_n that_o mr._n eyre_n interpret_v faith_n for_o the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n another_o may_v make_v as_o bold_a to_o interpret_v it_o of_o the_o wisdom_n power_n goodness_n faithfulness_n or_o any_o other_o attribute_n of_o god_n for_o these_o also_o be_v the_o object_n of_o faith_n and_o so_o to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n be_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o the_o wisdom_n of_o god_n or_o by_o his_o goodness_n etc._n etc._n every_o line_n in_o scripture_n that_o speak_v of_o justification_n by_o faith_n will_v be_v as_o good_a sense_n thus_o expound_v as_o if_o faith_n be_v put_v for_o christ_n righteousness_n unless_o it_o be_v in_o those_o place_n where_o faith_n be_v particular_o and_o express_o determine_v to_o christ_n as_o its_o object_n and_o in_o all_o such_o place_n mr._n eyre_n himself_o will_v sure_o interpret_v faith_n for_o the_o act_n not_o for_o the_o object_n sect_n iii_o now_o to_o the_o great_a argument_n which_o mr._n eyre_n oppose_v to_o 8._o §._o 8._o prove_v that_o faith_n must_v be_v put_v for_o its_o object_n the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n else_o say_v he_o the_o apostle_n contradict_v himself_o in_o oppose_a justification_n by_o faith_n to_o justification_n by_o work_n because_o faith_n itself_o be_v a_o work_n of_o we_o answ_n but_o by_o his_o favour_n i_o will_v rather_o believe_v that_o he_o contradict_v the_o apostle_n and_o that_o as_o perfect_o as_o if_o he_o have_v study_v to_o do_v it_o on_o purpose_n then_o that_o the_o apostle_n contradict_v himself_o for_o it_o be_v as_o manifest_a as_o light_n can_v make_v it_o that_o it_o be_v the_o act_n of_o believe_v which_o the_o apostle_n oppose_v to_o work_n rom._n 4
note_n reader_n that_o the_o word_n as_o well_o be_v not_o a_o note_n of_o parity_n as_o mr._n eyre_n mistake_v they_o i_o doubt_v not_o unwilling_o but_o of_o similitude_n for_o i_o do_v not_o mean_v that_o work_n do_v evidence_n with_o a_o equal_a degree_n of_o clearness_n or_o certainty_n but_o in_o the_o same_o way_n or_o manner_n or_o that_o they_o be_v a_o evidence_n of_o the_o same_o kind_n and_o nature_n as_o faith_n be_v if_o faith_n evidence_n bare_o as_o a_o effect_n and_o so_o we_o may_v be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o work_n by_o the_o very_a same_o reason_n as_o we_o be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n if_o to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n be_v no_o more_o then_o by_o faith_n as_o a_o effect_n to_o know_v that_o we_o be_v justify_v which_o be_v that_o which_o mr._n eyre_n will_v never_o be_v able_a to_o answer_v while_o he_o live_v but_o let_v we_o see_v what_o he_o say_v for_o his_o denial_n of_o work_n to_o evidence_n as_o well_o as_o faith_n first_o say_v he_o they_o do_v not_o evidence_n so_o clear_o and_o certain_o as_o faith_n do_v because_o work_n may_v proceed_v from_o principle_n of_o natural_a ingenuity_n and_o morality_n 2._o work_n do_v evidence_n in_o the_o judgement_n of_o charity_n and_o before_o man_n but_o not_o in_o the_o judgement_n of_o infallibility_n or_o with_o that_o clearness_n and_o demonstrative_a certainty_n which_o the_o conscience_n require_v rep._n all_o this_o be_v nothing_o majus_n &_o minus_fw-la non_fw-la variant_n speciem_fw-la if_o work_v evidence_n justification_n in_o the_o same_o way_n and_o manner_n as_o faith_n do_v though_o not_o with_o such_o a_o perfect_a degree_n of_o evidence_n as_o faith_n do_v then_o be_v we_o justify_v by_o work_n as_o well_o as_o by_o faith_n if_o to_o be_v justify_v be_v to_o know_v that_o we_o be_v justify_v 2._o the_o scripture_n tell_v we_o that_o work_v christian_n and_o spiritual_a work_n be_v a_o very_a clear_a and_o certain_a evidence_n 1_o john_n 3._o 14._o we_o know_v that_o we_o be_v pass_v from_o death_n to_o life_n because_o we_o love_v the_o brethren_n so_o 2_o pet._n 1._o 5_o 6_o 7._o with_o ver_fw-la 10_o 11._o it_o be_v true_a there_o may_v be_v work_n like_o good_a work_n which_o be_v not_o so_o in_o truth_n and_o there_o may_v be_v faith_n like_o true_a faith_n which_o yet_o be_v not_o faith_n unfeigned_a but_o when_o work_n be_v bring_v to_o the_o light_n and_o manifest_v that_o they_o be_v wrought_v in_o god_n they_o be_v a_o very_a sure_a evidence_n as_o sure_a for_o aught_o i_o know_v as_o faith_n itself_o though_o i_o will_v not_o dispute_v it_o 2_o tim._n 4._o 7_o 8._o i_o have_v fight_v a_o good_a sight_n i_o have_v finish_v my_o course_n i_o have_v keep_v the_o faith_n henceforth_o there_o be_v lay_v up_o for_o i_o a_o crown_n of_o righteousness_n etc._n etc._n 3._o what_o he_o say_v in_o the_o second_o place_n that_o work_n do_v evidence_n before_o man_n but_o not_o with_o that_o clearness_n and_o certainty_n which_o the_o conscience_n require_v be_v point_n blank_a against_o the_o scripture_n 1_o john_n 3._o 18_o 19_o my_o little_a child_n let_v we_o not_o l●ve_v in_o w●rd_n neither_o in_o tongue_n but_o in_o deed_n and_o in_o truth_n and_o hereby_o we_o know_v that_o we_o be_v of_o the_o truth_n and_o shall_v assure_v our_o heart_n before_o he_o 4._o observe_v also_o reader_n that_o mr._n eyre_n do_v here_o as_o also_o in_o other_o place_n distinguish_v between_o faith_n and_o work_v and_o yet_o to_o oppose_v i_o will_v not_o allow_v that_o we_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n because_o faith_n be_v a_o work_n before_o i_o pass_v to_o the_o next_o branch_n of_o this_o argument_n i_o must_v acquaint_v 17._o §._o 17._o thou_o reader_n that_o in_o the_o close_a of_o this_o i_o add_v these_o word_n whether_o work_n be_v the_o first_o effect_n namely_o of_o justification_n or_o the_o second_o and_o by_o consequence_n the_o first_o evidence_n or_o the_o second_o be_v not_o at_o all_o material_a in_o this_o case_n because_o the_o apostle_n when_o he_o deny_v justification_n by_o work_n exclude_v work_n altogether_o rom._n 3._o 28._o and_o 4._o 5._o the_o reason_n why_o i_o add_v this_o be_v because_o when_o mr._n warren_n propose_v this_o argument_n against_o mr._n eyre_n all_o the_o answer_n he_o can_v get_v be_v this_o question_n whether_o work_n be_v the_o first_o evidence_n or_o the_o second_o the_o impertinency_n of_o this_o question_n i_o think_v fit_a to_o discover_v by_o observe_v that_o the_o apostle_n deny_v to_o work_n any_o influence_n at_o all_o into_o that_o justification_n which_o he_o speak_v of_o and_o therefore_o he_o speak_v not_o of_o justification_n by_o way_n of_o evidence_n whether_o first_o or_o second_o but_o the_o principal_a intent_n of_o the_o argument_n be_v to_o prove_v the_o main_a conclusion_n that_o the_o apostle_n when_o he_o dispute_v for_o justification_n by_o faith_n can_v be_v understand_v of_o justification_n declare_v in_o couscience_n for_o work_n have_v a_o efficiency_n in_o produce_v that_o justification_n but_o the_o apostle_n reject_v work_n from_o have_v any_o hand_n at_o all_o in_o that_o justification_n which_o he_o dispute_v for_o therefore_o he_o mean_v not_o justification_n in_o conscience_n to_o this_o mr._n eyre_n have_v hold_v it_o his_o wise_a course_n to_o say_v nothing_o if_o he_o shall_v have_v distinguish_v of_o work_n as_o that_o he_o must_v do_v if_o he_o do_v any_o thing_n he_o know_v well_o enough_o what_o advantage_n he_o have_v put_v into_o my_o hand_n against_o himself_o whether_o this_o be_v a_o argument_n of_o a_o mind_n desirous_a to_o advance_v the_o truth_n the_o day_n will_v make_v manifest_a sect_n v._o i_o come_v now_o to_o the_o second_o branch_n of_o my_o argument_n and_o that_o be_v 18._o §._o 18._o that_o we_o can_v be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n in_o reference_n to_o faith_n evidence_v our_o justification_n immediate_o or_o axiomatical_o which_o before_o i_o prove_v i_o must_v speak_v something_o by_o way_n of_o explication_n by_o a_o axiom_n we_o mean_v a_o sentence_n or_o proposition_n manifest_a by_o its_o own_o light_n &_o worthy_a to_o be_v believe_v for_o its_o own_o sake_n so_o that_o it_o be_v no_o soon_o propose_v but_o the_o mind_n ●_o mind_n in_o intellectione_fw-la perfecta_fw-la reperiuntur_fw-la tria_fw-la primum_fw-la est_fw-la conformitas_fw-la actus_fw-la cum_fw-la objecto_fw-la secundum_fw-la necessitas_fw-la assentiendi_fw-la tertium_fw-la impotentia_fw-la ad_fw-la falsita●em_fw-la p●imum_fw-la voco_fw-la veritas_fw-la secundum_fw-la evidentia_fw-la tertium_fw-la certitudo_fw-la p._n h●rt_n de_fw-fr me●doz_n de_fw-fr anim._n d._n 8._o sect_n 1._o §._o ●_o assent_v to_o it_o present_o that_o it_o be_v true_a as_o in_o natural_a thing_n that_o every_o whole_a be_v more_o than_o its_o part_n that_o man_n be_v a_o reasonable_a creature_n that_o two_o make_v four_o or_o the_o like_a these_o thing_n be_v evident_a to_o our_o reason_n at_o first_o view_n without_o any_o far_a proof_n and_o there_o be_v a_o double_a evidence_n in_o all_o such_o assent_n the_o one_o be_v the_o evidence_n of_o the_o object_n or_o the_o truth_n assent_v to_o which_o must_v be_v clear_o represent_v in_o the_o axiom_n or_o proposition_n the_o other_o of_o the_o subject_n which_o be_v the_o light_n of_o reason_n within_o we_o by_o which_o we_o assent_v to_o a_o proposition_n of_o evident_a truth_n and_o have_v the_o clear_a knowledge_n thereof_o even_o as_o unto_o our_o see_v of_o any_o thing_n there_o must_v concur_v a_o external_a light_n to_o make_v the_o object_n visible_a and_o internal_a sight_n in_o the_o eye_n to_o evidence_n the_o same_o object_n to_o each_o man_n in_o particular_a for_o though_o the_o light_n shine_v never_o so_o clear_o a_o blind_a man_n can_v see_v nothing_o nor_o the_o most_o quick-sighted_a without_o outward_a light_n the_o case_n be_v the_o same_o in_o supernatural_a verity_n as_o that_o jesus_n christ_n be_v the_o son_n of_o god_n that_o he_o be_v come_v into_o the_o world_n to_o save_v sinner_n that_o whosoever_o believe_v on_o he_o shall_v be_v save_v and_o the_o like_a which_o thing_n because_o they_o be_v above_o the_o reach_n and_o comprehension_n of_o natural_a reason_n therefore_o our_o mind_n assent_v not_o to_o they_o nor_o have_v the_o evidence_n of_o they_o till_o they_o be_v inform_v with_o a_o more_o supernatural_a light_n and_o principle_n namely_o faith_n which_o be_v the_o eye_n and_o sight_n of_o the_o soul_n heb._n 11._o 26_o 27._o hence_o the_o apostle_n in_o that_o chapter_n ver_fw-la 1._o describe_v faith_n to_o be_v the_o evidence_n of_o thing_n not_o see_v and_o say_v ver_fw-la 3._o by_o faith_n we_o know_v the_o world_n be_v make_v by_o the_o word_n of_o god_n that_o god_n make_v the_o world_n be_v evidence_v objective_o by_o the_o
word_n which_o say_v that_o god_n make_v the_o heaven_n and_o the_o earth_n gen._n 1._o 1._o but_o it_o be_v not_o evidence_v unto_o we_o unless_o we_o believe_v that_o word_n and_o so_o in_o the_o present_a case_n if_o any_o person_n suppose_v peter_n have_v by_o faith_n the_o evidence_n of_o his_o justification_n immediate_o or_o axiomatical_o it_o must_v be_v by_o assent_v to_o some_o axiom_n or_o proposition_n of_o divine_a revelation_n thou_o peter_n be_v justify_v these_o thing_n be_v premise_v we_o come_v now_o to_o prove_v that_o we_o 19_o §._o 19_o can_v be_v say_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n because_o of_o faith_n evidence_v our_o justification_n axiomatical_o two_o reason_n i_o give_v of_o it_o 1._o because_o