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A64642 Eighteen sermons preached in Oxford 1640 of conversion, unto God. Of redemption, & justification, by Christ. By the Right Reverend James Usher, late Arch-bishop of Armagh in Ireland. Published by Jos: Crabb. Will: Ball. Tho: Lye. ministers of the Gospel, who writ them from his mouth, and compared their copies together. With a preface concerning the life of the pious author, by the Reverend Stanly Gower, sometime chaplain to the said bishop. Ussher, James, 1581-1656.; Gower, Stanley.; Crabb, Joseph, b. 1618 or 19. 1660 (1660) Wing U173; ESTC R217597 234,164 424

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taste_v it_o and_o therefore_o many_o christian_n on_o serious_a consideration_n will_v not_o change_v their_o estate_n for_o the_o estate_n of_o angel_n why_o because_o hereby_o christ_n be_v my_o husband_n i_o be_o wed_v to_o he_o he_o be_v bone_n of_o my_o bone_n and_o flesh_n of_o my_o flesh_n which_o the_o angel_n be_v not_o capable_a of_o our_o nature_n be_v advance_v above_o the_o angelical_a nature_n for_o we_o shall_v sit_v and_o judge_v the_o world_n with_o christ_n judge_v the_o twelve_o tribe_n of_o israel_n and_o what_o a_o high_a preferment_n be_v this_o nay_o observe_v this_o and_o take_v it_o for_o a_o rule_n never_o beg_v of_o god_n pardon_n for_o thy_o sin_n till_o thou_o have_v do_v this_o one_o thing_n namely_o accept_v of_o christ_n from_o god_n hand_n for_o thou_o never_o can_v confident_o ask_v any_o thing_n till_o thou_o have_v he_o for_o all_o the_o promise_n of_o god_n be_v in_o he_o yea_o and_o amen_n this_o may_v serve_v for_o the_o object_n of_o faith_n to_o show_v that_o the_o primary_n object_n be_v christ_n crucify_v and_o god_n by_o he_o we_o come_v now_o to_o declare_v 2._o the_o act_n of_o faith_n what_o they_o be_v and_o there_o be_v some_o intricacy_n in_o that_o too_o there_o be_v much_o ado_n make_v in_o what_o part_n and_o power_n of_o the_o soul_n faith_n be_v we_o must_v not_o proportionate_a the_o act_n of_o faith_n according_a to_o our_o own_o fancy_n for_o it_o be_v no_o faith_n but_o as_o it_o have_v relation_n to_o the_o word_n now_o look_v how_o be_v the_o word_n present_v after_o you_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n the_o gospel_n of_o your_o salvation_n now_o the_o word_n be_v present_v under_o a_o double_a respect_n 1._o it_o be_v present_v sub_fw-la ratione_fw-la very_fw-la after_o you_o have_v hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n and_o there_o come_v in_o the_o understanding_n 2._o then_o sub_fw-la ratione_fw-la boni_fw-la as_o a_o good_a word_n that_o so_o we_o shall_v lay_v hold_n on_o it_o and_o here_o come_v in_o the_o will._n for_o the_o will_n we_o say_v challenge_v that_o which_o be_v good_a for_o its_o object_n now_o the_o gospel_n of_o salvation_n be_v a_o good_a word_n its_o glad_a tiding_n worthy_a of_o all_o acceptation_n that_o christ_n jesus_n come_v into_o the_o world_n to_o save_v sinner_n and_o now_o as_o the_o word_n be_v present_v as_o a_o good_a word_n so_o must_v my_o act_n of_o faith_n be_v answerable_a unto_o it_o see_v in_o heb._n 11.13_o the_o act_n of_o faith_n answer_v hereto_o these_o all_o die_v in_o faith_n not_o have_v receive_v the_o promise_n what_o do_v their_o faith_n to_o they_o it_o make_v they_o see_v the_o promise_n a_o far_o off_o and_o they_o be_v persuade_v of_o they_o and_o embrace_v they_o and_o confess_v that_o they_o be_v stranger_n and_o pilgrim_n in_o the_o earth_n so_o that_o by_o compare_v place_n with_o place_n it_o appear_v that_o first_o this_o gospel_n be_v present_v as_o the_o word_n of_o truth_n they_o be_v persuade_v of_o it_o it_o be_v the_o first_o act_n of_o faith_n to_o persuade_v man_n of_o the_o truth_n of_o the_o word_n and_o then_o as_o it_o be_v a_o good_a word_n they_o embrace_v it_o these_o be_v the_o two_o arm_n of_o faith_n as_o true_a it_o persuade_v i_o as_o good_a i_o embrace_v it_o we_o must_v not_o now_o be_v too_o curious_a in_o bring_v in_o philosophical_a dispute_n whether_o one_o virtue_n may_v proceed_v from_o two_o faculty_n whether_o faith_n may_v proceed_v from_o the_o understanding_n and_o the_o will._n the_o truth_n be_v these_o thing_n be_v not_o yet_o agree_v upon_o and_o shall_v we_o trouble_v ourselves_o with_o thing_n not_o yet_o decide_v in_o the_o school_n as_o whether_o the_o practical_a understanding_n and_o the_o will_v be_v distinct_a faculty_n or_o no_o the_o word_n of_o god_n require_v that_o i_o shall_v believe_v with_o my_o whole_a heart_n act._n 8.37_o as_o philip_n tell_v the_o eunuch_n if_o thou_o believe_v with_o all_o thy_o heart_n thou_o may_v if_o with_o the_o heart_n but_o with_o what_o faculty_n may_v you_o say_v why_o i_o tell_v thou_o believe_v with_o thy_o whole_a heart_n and_o what_o shall_v i_o piece_n and_o divide_v the_o heart_n when_o the_o whole_a be_v require_v now_o to_o come_v to_o these_o two_o the_o word_n be_v present_v 1._o as_o a_o true_a word_n 2._o then_o as_o a_o good_a word_n a_o word_n like_o gospel_n like_o salvation_n 1._o as_o a_o true_a word_n and_o the_o act_n of_o faith_n answer_v thereto_o be_v call_v in_o scripture_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d and_o 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d knowledge_n and_o acknowledgement_n 1_o titus_n 1._o 1_o peter_n 3_o 1_o knowledge_n that_o be_v a_o thing_n requisite_a why_o because_o if_o there_o be_v a_o remedy_n able_a to_o cure_v a_o man_n disease_n if_o he_o do_v not_o know_v it_o what_o be_v he_o the_o better_a for_o it_o knowledge_n be_v so_o essential_a unto_o faith_n that_o without_o it_o there_o can_v be_v no_o faith_n in_o john_n 17.3_o the_o term_n be_v confound_v the_o one_o put_v for_o the_o other_o this_o be_v life_n eternal_a to_o know_v thou_o to_o be_v the_o true_a god_n and_o who_o etc._n etc._n to_o know_v thou_o that_o be_v to_o believe_v in_o thou_o because_o knowledge_n be_v so_o essential_a to_o belief_n as_o one_o can_v be_v without_o the_o other_o thou_o can_v not_o believe_v what_o thou_o have_v never_o hear_v of_o i_o know_v say_v job_n that_o my_o redeemer_n live_v that_o be_v i_o believe_v he_o live_v and_o hereupon_o it_o be_v say_v in_o isa._n 53._o by_o his_o knowledge_n shall_v my_o righteous_a servant_n justify_v many_o knowledge_n be_v a_o act_n primary_o requisite_a to_o faith_n to_o be_v justify_v by_o his_o knowledge_n be_v to_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n in_o his_o blood_n this_o than_o be_v the_o first_o thing_n that_o i_o know_v it_o to_o be_v as_o true_a as_o gospel_n then_o come_v the_o acknowledgement_n 2._o the_o acknowledgement_n joh._n 6.69_o we_o know_v and_o be_v assure_v that_o thou_o be_v that_o christ._n this_o be_v a_o assurance_n i_o say_v not_o the_o assurance_n of_o my_o salvation_n for_o that_o be_v another_o kind_n of_o thing_n but_o a_o assurance_n that_o god_n will_v keep_v touch_n with_o i_o will_v not_o delude_v i_o but_o that_o if_o i_o take_v his_o son_n i_o shall_v have_v life_n i_o shall_v have_v his_o favour_n when_o god_n illuminate_v i_o i_o find_v all_o thing_n in_o he_o when_o i_o have_v he_o i_o be_o make_v when_o the_o understanding_n clear_o apprehend_v this_o then_o come_v the_o next_o word_n it_o be_v the_o gospel_n of_o salvation_n there_o be_v a_o know_v and_o acknowledge_v the_o act_n of_o the_o understanding_n then_o come_v the_o will_n and_o it_o be_v 2._o propound_v as_o a_o good_a word_n then_o follow_v 1._o acceptation_n 2._o affiance_n 1._o acceptation_n which_o receive_v christ._n 1_o john_n 12._o as_o many_o as_o receive_v he_o to_o they_o he_o give_v power_n to_o become_v the_o son_n of_o god_n even_o to_o as_o many_o as_o believe_v on_o his_o name_n then_o a_o man_n resolve_v i_o will_v take_v god_n on_o his_o word_n and_o thereupon_o follow_v a_o rest_v or_o rely_v on_o god_n which_o be_v a_o proper_a act_n of_o faith_n i_o need_v no_o other_o place_n then_o rom._n 10.13_o whosoever_o shall_v call_v on_o the_o name_n of_o the_o lord_n shall_v be_v save_v but_o how_o shall_v they_o call_v on_o he_o on_o who_o they_o have_v not_o believe_v that_o be_v on_o who_o they_o have_v not_o repose_v their_o confidence_n mark_v the_o apostle_n how_o shall_v they_o call_v on_o he_o on_o who_o they_o have_v not_o believe_v that_o faith_n which_o be_v in_o the_o antecedent_n must_v be_v in_o the_o conclusion_n therefore_o our_o faith_n be_v a_o rely_v on_o god_n and_o so_o in_o this_o place_n this_o trust_n be_v make_v the_o same_o with_o faith_n as_o it_o be_v in_o the_o text_n in_o who_o you_o trust_v after_o you_o have_v receive_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n for_o our_o trust_n and_o belief_n there_o be_v the_o selfsame_a word_n nimium_fw-la ne_fw-la crede_fw-la colori_fw-la this_o credo_fw-la be_v to_o have_v a_o great_a confidence_n in_o fleet_a and_o fade_a thing_n and_o so_o it_o be_v in_o justify_v faith_n if_o i_o have_v a_o knowledge_n of_o god_n and_o acknowledgement_n of_o he_o and_o from_o my_o know_v my_o will_n be_v conform_v to_o accept_v christ_n and_o if_o when_o i_o have_v accept_v he_o i_o will_v not_o part_v from_o he_o this_o be_v faith_n and_o if_o thou_o have_v this_o faith_n thou_o will_v never_o perish_v suppose_v thou_o never_o have_v one_o day_n of_o comfort_n all_o thy_o life_n long_o yet_o my_o life_n for_o thou_o thou_o be_v save_v perhaps_o by_o reason_n of_o thy_o
●his_fw-la kingdom_n of_o grace_n before_o you_o come_v to_o the_o k●ngdome_n of_o glory_n first_o here_o ●s_v set_v down_o the_o mother_n and_o radical_a grace_n of_o all_o the_o rest_n and_o ●hat_n be_v justification_n by_o faith_n and_o then_o follow_v the_o blessed_a fruit_n that_o issue_v from_o thence_o 1._o peace_n w●th_v god_n 2._o a_o graci●us_a access_n into_o his_o presence_n 3._o a_o joyful_a hope_n arise_v from_o that_o great_a glory_n that_o we_o shall_v enjoy_v for_o t●e_v time_n to_o come_v 4._o in_o the_o ●orst_a of_o our_o trouble_n and_o midst_n of_o our_o affliction_n this_o ●oy_n be_v so_o great_a that_o it_o can_v be_v abate_v by_o any_o of_o they_o ●ea_o it_o be_v so_o far_o from_o be_v abate_v by_o they_o that_o they_o be_v a_o fuel_n to_o kindle_v it_o we_o rejoice_v in_o affliction_n say_v the_o apostle_n that_o which_o will_v undo_v the_o joy_n of_o a_o carnal_a man_n be_v make_v the_o matter_n of_o this_o man_n joy_n concern_v the_o first_o of_o these_o justification_n that_o be_v the_o ground_n or_o foundation_n of_o all_o the_o rest_n be_v justifify_v by_o faith_n that_o be_v the_o root_n and_o ground_n without_o which_o there_o be_v no_o fruit_n no_o peace_n no_o joy_n no_o hope_n much_o less_o any_o kind_n of_o rejoice_v in_o tribulation_n faith_n be_v that_o which_o season_v all_o we_o must_v first_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n before_o we_o have_v any_o other_o comfort_n for_o that_o be_v the_o first_o ground_n the_o first_o rudiment_n of_o a_o christian_a in_o the_o school_n of_o christ._n therefore_o i_o propose_v unto_o you_o three_o thing_n for_o the_o understanding_n of_o it_o 1._o what_o that_o faith_n be_v that_o justify_v 2._o what_o that_o justification_n be_v that_o be_v ●btained_v by_o faith_n 3._o what_o relation_n the_o one_o of_o these_o hat●_n to_o the_o ot●er_n concern_v the_o first_o of_o these_o i_o sheve_v you_o that_o it_o be_v not_o every_o faith_n that_o justify_v i_o shew'●_n you_o that_o there_o be_v a_o dead_a faith_n whereupon_o the_o apostle_n say_v the_o life_n that_o i_o now_o live_v i_o live_v by_o the_o faith_n of_o the_o son_n of_o god_n a_o dead_a thing_n can_v make_v a_o live_a ma●_n it_o must_v be_v and_o i_o show_v you_o how_o a_o live_a faith_n again_o i_o show_v that_o beside_o the_o tr●e_a faith_n there_o be_v a_o temporary_a faith_n which_o be_v active_a 〈◊〉_d and_o come_v near_o the_o other_o it_o have_v the_o operation_n of_o the_o spirit_n but_o it_o want_v root_n it_o have_v supernatural_a work_n but_o it_o want_v the_o new_a creature_n there_o w●●_n a_o conception_n that_o be_v but_o a_o abortive_a kind_n of_o birth_n it_o come_v not_o to_o maturity_n not_o to_o a_o full_a growth_n it_o do_v not_o continue_v and_o i_o show_v unto_o you_o how_o a_o man_n may_v discern_v one_o of_o these_o from_o the_o other_o for_o herein_o lye●_n the_o wisdom_n of_o a_o christian_a not_o to_o content_v himself_o 〈◊〉_d be_v deceive_v with_o flash_n therefore_o the_o apostle_n exhort_v we_o to_o prove_v and_o try_v and_o examine_v ourselves_o it_o be_v a_o easy_a matter_n to_o be_v deceive_v and_o therefore_o god_n people_n shall_v be_v careful_a to_o examine_v themselves_o to_o have_v their_o sense_n exercise_v herein_o that_o however_o other_o may_v slight_a and_o slubber_v over_o the_o matter_n they_o must_v and_o will_v be_v careful_a in_o it_o and_o then_o they_o will_v not_o only_o do_v it_o themselves_o but_o they_o will_v crave_v the_o aid_n of_o god_n also_o prove_v i_o o_o my_o god_n etc._n etc._n try_v i_o etc._n etc._n then_o for_o the_o second_o thing_n concern_v that_o justification_n that_o be_v obtain_v by_o faith_n i_o show_v you_o that_o the_o word_n justification_n be_v derive_v from_o justice_n or_o righteousness_n and_o as_o many_o way_n as_o justice_n and_o righteousness_n may_v be_v take_v so_o many_o way_n may_v justification_n be_v take_v sometime_o for_o justification_n of_o righteousness_n in_o a_o man_n and_o sometime_o it_o be_v oppose_v to_o condemnation_n so_o it_o be_v take_v in_o saint_n paul_n and_o it_o signify_v a_o acquital_n sometime_o it_o be_v oppose_v to_o hypocrisy_n and_o pollution_n in_o a_o man_n soul_n so_o it_o signify_v sanctification_n whereby_o god_n not_o only_o cover_v our_o sin_n past_a but_o heal_v our_o nature_n the_o first_o be_v perfect_a but_o impute_v the_o second_o inherent_a but_o imperfect_a when_o the_o time_n come_v that_o god_n will_v finish_v his_o cure_n he_o will_v then_o make_v a_o perfect_a cure_n when_o final_a grace_n come_v we_o shall_v not_o need_v to_o think_v of_o a_o popish_a purgatory_n death_n be_v the_o lord_n refine_n pot_n then_o there_o be_v not_o a_o jot_n of_o sin_n shall_v be_v leave_v in_o a_o christian_n now_o when_o god_n have_v take_v away_o our_o dross_n then_o to_o think_v we_o shall_v be_v put_v in_o a_o refine_n fire_n that_o a_o entire_a soul_n that_o have_v no_o blot_n that_o one_o that_o have_v no_o spot_n shall_v be_v purge_v after_o final_a grace_n have_v make_v he_o clear_a and_o whole_a this_o be_v against_o reason_n and_o common_a sense_n they_o may_v have_v learn_v better_a of_o their_o own_o thomas_n all_o the_o fire_n in_o the_o world_n will_v never_o put_v away_o sin_n without_o the_o infusion_n of_o grace_n this_o by_o the_o way_n concern_v they_o i_o show_v beside_o that_o these_o two_o be_v both_o righteousness_n the_o church_n of_o rome_n confound_v they_o both_o together_o saint_n james_n his_o justification_n w●●h_v saint_n paul_n they_o confound_v inherent_a righteousness_n which_o be_v begin_v and_o shall_v be_v perfect_v in_o final_a grace_n with_o the_o other_o so_o that_o the_o point_n be_v not_o between_o we_o and_o rome_n whether_o faith_n justify_v by_o work_n or_o no_o but_o whether_o it_o justify_v at_o all_o in_o truth_n that_o be_v the_o state_n of_o it_o the_o question_n be_v this_o whether_o there_o be_v another_o justification_n that_o be_v distinguish_v from_o sanctification_n or_o whether_o there_o be_v another_o grace_n beside_o justification_n do_v not_o think_v that_o we_o be_v such_o blockhead_n as_o to_o deny_v faith_n and_o sanctification_n yet_o faith_n be_v but_o a_o piece_n or_o part_n of_o that_o train_n of_o virtue_n there_o justification_n be_v take_v for_o sanctification_n we_o acknowledge_v a_o man_n be_v justify_v by_o faith_n and_o work_n but_o the_o question_n be_v between_o we_o and_o they_o whether_o there_o be_v any_o justification_n beside_o sanctification_n i._n e._n whether_o there_o be_v any_o justification_n at_o all_o or_o no_o we_o say_v sanctification_n be_v wrought_v by_o the_o kingly_a office_n of_o christ_n he_o be_v a_o king_n that_o rule_v in_o our_o heart_n subdue_v our_o corruption_n govern_v we_o by_o the_o sceptre_n of_o his_o word_n and_o spirit_n but_o it_o be_v the_o fruit_n of_o his_o priestly_a office_n which_o the_o church_n of_o rome_n strike_v at_o i._n e._n whether_o christ_n have_v reserve_v another_o righteousness_n for_o we_o beside_o that_o which_o as_o a_o king_n he_o work_v in_o our_o heart_n whether_o he_o have_v wrought_v forgiveness_n of_o sin_n for_o we_o we_o say_v he_o have_v and_o so_o say_v all_o the_o church_n till_o the_o new_a spawn_n of_o j●suites_n arise_v they_o distinguish_v not_o remission_n of_o sin_n from_o sanctification_n bellarmine_n say_v remission_n of_o sin_n be_v the_o extinguish_n of_o sin_n in_o the_o soul_n as_o water_n though_o it_o be_v cold_a yet_o the_o bring_n in_o of_o heat_n extinguish_v the_o cold_a and_o so_o remission_n of_o sin_n be_v the_o bring_n in_o of_o inherent_a righteousness_n which_o extinguish_v all_o sin_n which_o be_v before_o a_o strange_a thing_n and_o be_v it_o not_o that_o the_o scripture_n do_v speak_v of_o a_o cup_n in_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o harlot_n of_o rome_n whereby_o she_o make_v drink_v the_o inhabitant_n of_o the_o earth_n with_o the_o wine_n of_o her_o fornication_n except_o man_n be_v drink_v it_o be_v impossible_a that_o a_o learned_a man_n shall_v thus_o shake_v out_o a_o article_n of_o their_o creed_n which_o have_v ever_o be_v believe_v by_o all_o the_o church_n when_o the_o scripture_n speak_v of_o forgiveness_n of_o sin_n see_v how_o it_o express_v it_o ephes._n 4.32_o be_v you_o kind_a one_o to_o another_o brethren_n tender-hearted_a forgive_a one_o another_o even_o as_o god_n for_o christ_n sake_n have_v forgive_v you_o observe_v in_o the_o lord_n prayer_n we_o pray_v that_o the_o lord_n will_v forgive_v we_o our_o trespass_n as_o we_o forgive_v those_o that_o trespass_n against_o we_o let_v he_o that_o have_v common_a understanding_n judge_n do_v we_o forgive_v our_o neighbour_n by_o extinguish_v sin_n in_o the_o subject_n i_o forgive_v you_o i.e._n i_o take_v away_o the_o ill_a office_n you_o do_v i_o do_v he_o
then_o say_v he_o it_o be_v exclude_v by_o what_o law_n by_o the_o law_n of_o work_n no_o but_o by_o the_o law_n of_o faith_n there_o be_v a_o law_n of_o work_n and_o a_o law_n of_o faith_n god_n do_v not_o only_o give_v thou_o leave_v to_o come_v and_o take_v he_o and_o draw_v near_o unto_o he_o but_o he_o command_v thou_o there_o be_v a_o law_n by_o the_o breach_n of_o that_o law_n of_o faith_n thou_o be_v make_v guilty_a of_o a_o high_a sin_n there_o be_v a_o full_a testimony_n of_o this_o 1_o john_n 3.23_o and_o this_o be_v the_o commandment_n that_o we_o shall_v believe_v in_o the_o name_n of_o his_o son_n jesus_n christ._n if_o a_o man_n shall_v ask_v may_v i_o love_v my_o neighbour_n will_v you_o not_o think_v he_o a_o fool_n because_o he_o must_v do_v it_o he_o be_v command_v so_o shall_v a_o poor_a soul_n come_v and_o say_v to_o i_o may_v i_o believe_v thou_o fool_n thou_o must_v believe_v god_n have_v lay_v a_o command_n upon_o thou_o it_o be_v not_o leave_v to_o thy_o choice_n the_o same_o commandment_n that_o bid_v thou_o love_v thy_o brother_n bid_v thou_o to_o believe_v on_o christ._n to_o entreaty_n be_v add_v god_n command_v and_o therefore_o if_o thou_o shall_v argue_v what_o warrant_v have_v i_o to_o believe_v why_o god_n enjoin_v it_o thou_o and_o command_v it_o as_o the_o impotent_a man_n say_v so_o may_v thou_o he_o that_o heal_v i_o say_v unto_o i_o take_v up_o thy_o bed_n and_o walk_v this_o be_v the_o very_a key_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o this_o be_v the_o way_n to_o turn_v it_o right_n when_o be_v thus_o clean_o n●ked_v we_o have_v as_o it_o be_v a_o cable_n put_v into_o our_o hand_n to_o draw_v ourselves_o out_o of_o this_o flesh_n and_o blood_n 5._o the_o last_o thing_n be_v if_o keep_v open_a house_n special_a invitation_n entreaty_n and_o command_n will_v not_o serve_v the_o turn_n than_o christ_n wax_v angry_a what_o to_o be_v scorn_v when_o he_o proffer_a mercy_n and_o as_o it_o be_v invite_v all_o sort_n and_o compel_v they_o to_o come_v in_o by_o his_o preacher_n and_o by_o a_o peremptory_a command_n then_o he_o fall_v a_o threaten_a we_o be_v not_o of_o those_o which_o draw_v back_o unto_o perdition_n if_o thou_o will_v not_o come_v upon_o this_o command_n thou_o shall_v be_v damn_v mar._n 16.16_o he_o that_o believe_v not_o shall_v be_v damn_v christ_n command_v they_o to_o go_v into_o the_o world_n and_o preach_v the_o gospel_n to_o every_o creature_n unto_o every_o soul_n this_o gospel_n which_o i_o speak_v if_o you_o will_v not_o hear_v and_o believe_v if_o you_o will_v not_o take_v god_n at_o his_o word_n you_o shall_v be_v damn_v john_n 3_o he_o that_o believe_v not_o shall_v not_o see_v life_n but_o the_o wrath_n of_o god_n abide_v on_o he_o here_o be_v a_o iron_n scourge_v to_o drive_v thou_o thou_o that_o be_v so_o flow_v of_o heart_n to_o believe_v in_o psalm_n 78._o where_o be_v set_v down_o god_n mercy_n unto_o the_o israelite_n afterward_o come_v one_o plague_n upon_o another_o verse_n 22._o it_o be_v say_v they_o harden_v their_o heart_n as_o in_o the_o day_n of_o provocation_n this_o be_v apply_v in_o heb._n 3.12_o to_o unbeliever_n the_o lord_n hear_v this_o and_o be_v wrath_n a_o fire_n be_v kindle_v against_o jacob_n and_o against_o israel_n why_o be_v this_o because_o they_o believe_v not_o in_o he_o because_o they_o trust_v not_o in_o his_o salvation_n nothing_o will_v more_o provoke_v god_n to_o anger_n then_o when_o he_o be_v liberal_a and_o gracious_a and_o we_o be_v straighten_a in_o ourselves_o hearden_n our_o heart_n and_o not_o trust_v he_o never_o forget_v this_o sermon_n while_o you_o live_v this_o be_v the_o net_n which_o christ_n have_v to_o draw_v you_o out_o of_o the_o world_n i_o shall_v hereafter_o tell_v you_o what_o faith_n be_v which_o be_v to_o receive_v christ_n and_o to_o believe_v in_o his_o name_n but_o that_o will_v require_v a_o more_o particular_a explication_n and_o on_o that_o i_o shall_v enter_v the_o next_o time_n finis_fw-la ephe_n 1.13_o in_o who_o you_o also_o trust_v after_o that_o you_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n the_o gospel_n of_o your_o salvation_n in_o who_o also_o after_o you_o believe_v you_o be_v seal_v with_o the_o holy_a spirit_n of_o promise_n the_o last_o time_n i_o enter_v on_o the_o declaration_n of_o that_o main_a point_n and_o part_n of_o religion_n which_o be_v the_o foundation_n of_o all_o our_o hope_n and_o comfort_n namely_o the_o offering_n of_o christ_n unto_o we_o that_o as_o he_o do_v offer_v himself_o a_o sacrifice_n to_o his_o father_n for_o we_o upon_o the_o cross_n so_o that_o which_o be_v the_o basis_n ground_n and_o foundation_n of_o our_o comfort_n he_o offer_v himself_o unto_o we_o and_o here_o come_v in_o that_o gracious_a gift_n of_o the_o father_n which_o close_v in_o with_o god_n that_o as_o god_n say_v to_o we_o a_o child_n be_v bear_v to_o we_o a_o son_n be_v give_v etc._n etc._n so_o there_o be_v grace_n give_v we_o to_o receive_v he_o and_o as_o the_o great_a gift_n do_v not_o enrich_v a_o man_n unless_o he_o accept_v it_o and_o receive_v it_o so_o this_o be_v our_o case_n god_n offer_v his_o son_n unto_o we_o as_o a_o earnest_n of_o his_o love_n if_o we_o will_v not_o receive_v he_o we_o can_v be_v the_o better_a for_o he_o if_o we_o refuse_v he_o and_o turn_v god_n commodity_n which_o he_o offer_v we_o back_o upon_o his_o hand_n than_o god_n storm_n and_o his_o wrath_n abide_v on_o we_o for_o evermore_o that_o it_o be_v his_o good_a pleasure_n that_o we_o shall_v receive_v christ_n it_o be_v no_o doubt_n we_o have_v his_o word_n for_o it_o all_o the_o point_n be_v how_o we_o may_v receive_v he_o and_o that_o be_v by_o faith_n and_o in_o this_o text_n be_v declare_v how_o faith_n be_v wrought_v and_o that_o be_v by_o the_o word_n of_o truth_n in_o who_o also_o you_o trust_v after_o you_o have_v hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n now_o after_o this_o faith_n there_o come_v a_o seal_n by_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n in_o who_o also_o after_o you_o believe_v you_o be_v seal_v by_o the_o holy_a spirit_n of_o promise_n now_o lest_o a_o man_n shall_v through_o ignorance_n and_o indiscretion_n be_v mislead_v and_o deceive_v there_o be_v faith_n and_o there_o be_v feel_n where_o this_o be_v not_o i_o say_v not_o that_o there_o be_v no_o faith_n no_o for_o feeling_n be_v a_o after_o thing_n and_o come_v after_o faith_n if_o we_o have_v faith_n we_o live_v by_o it_o but_o after_o you_o believe_v you_o be_v seal_v you_o see_v then_o faith_n be_v that_o whereby_o we_o receive_v jesus_n christ_n and_o to_o as_o many_o as_o receive_v he_o to_o they_o he_o give_v power_n to_o become_v the_o son_n of_o god_n to_o as_o many_o as_o believe_v on_o his_o name_n the_o blood_n of_o christ_n be_v that_o which_o cure_v our_o soul_n but_o as_o i_o tell_v you_o it_o be_v by_o application_n a_o medicine_n heal_v not_o by_o be_v prepare_v but_o be_v apply_v so_o the_o blood_n of_o christ_n shed_v for_o we_o unless_o apply_v to_o we_o do_v we_o no_o good_a in_o heb._n 12._o it_o be_v call_v the_o blood_n of_o sprinkle_v and_o that_o in_o the_o 51._o psalm_n have_v relation_n to_o it_o where_o he_o say_v purge_v i_o with_o hyssop_n in_o the_o passover_n there_o be_v blood_n to_o be_v shed_v not_o to_o be_v spill_v but_o to_o be_v shed_v and_o then_o to_o be_v gather_v up_o again_o and_o put_v into_o a_o basin_n and_o when_o they_o have_v so_o do_v they_o be_v to_o take_v a_o bunch_n of_o hyssop_n and_o dip_v and_o sprinkle_v etc._n etc._n faith_n be_v this_o bunch_n of_o hyssop_n that_o dip_v itself_o as_o it_o be_v into_o the_o basin_n of_o christ_n blood_n and_o our_o soul_n be_v purge_v by_o be_v sprinkle_v with_o it_o in_o levit._n 14.6_o there_o be_v a_o bird_n to_o escape_v alive_a but_o see_v the_o preparation_n for_o it_o you_o shall_v take_v it_o and_o the_o scarlet_a and_o the_o cedar_n wood_n and_o the_o hyssop_n and_o shall_v dip_v they_o and_o the_o live_a bird_n in_o the_o blood_n of_o the_o bird_n that_o be_v kill_v etc._n etc._n and_o then_o you_o shall_v sprinkle_v on_o he_o that_o have_v the_o leprosy_n seven_o time_n and_o shall_v pronounce_v he_o clean_o and_o shall_v let_v the_o live_a bird_n loose_a into_o the_o open_a field_n we_o be_v thus_o let_v loose_a cleanse_v and_o free_v but_o how_o unless_o we_o be_v dip_v as_o the_o live_a bird_n be_v in_o the_o blood_n of_o the_o dead_a bird_n there_o be_v no_o escape_v unless_o we_o be_v dip_v in_o the_o blood_n of_o christ_n jesus_n this_o dead_a bird_n and_o sprinkle_v with_o this_o hyssop_n we_o can_v be_v free_v
so_o that_o now_o to_o come_v to_o that_o great_a matter_n without_o which_o christ_n profit_v we_o nothing_o which_o be_v faith_n the_o well_o be_v deep_a and_o this_o be_v the_o bucket_n with_o which_o we_o must_v draw_v this_o be_v the_o hand_n by_o which_o we_o must_v put_v on_o christ_n as_o many_o as_o be_v baptize_v put_v on_o christ_n thus_o must_v we_o be_v make_v ready_a we_o must_v be_v thus_o clothe_v upon_o and_o by_o this_o hand_n attire_v ourselves_o with_o the_o son_n of_o righteousness_n wherefore_o i_o declare_v unto_o you_o that_o this_o faith_n must_v not_o be_v a_o bare_a conceit_n float_v in_o the_o brain_n not_o a_o device_n of_o our_o own_o the_o devil_n take_v hold_n on_o this_o will_v soon_o lead_v a_o man_n into_o a_o fool_n paradise_n to_o say_v i_o be_o god_n child_n and_o sure_o i_o shall_v be_v save_v i_o be_o persuade_v so_o this_o the_o devil_n will_v say_v amen_o to_o and_o will_v be_v glad_a to_o rock_v man_n a_o sleep_n in_o such_o conceit_n such_o be_v like_o the_o foolish_a virgin_n that_o go_v to_o buy_v oil_n for_o their_o lamp_n and_o be_v persuade_v they_o shall_v come_v soon_o enough_o to_o enter_v with_o the_o bridegroom_n but_o their_o persuasion_n be_v groundless_a and_o they_o be_v shut_v out_o so_o such_o groundless_a persuasion_n and_o assurance_n in_o a_o man_n soul_n that_o he_o be_v the_o child_n of_o god_n and_o shall_v go_v to_o heaven_n be_v not_o faith_n thou_o may_v carry_v this_o assurance_n to_o hell_n with_o thou_o this_o faith_n be_v not_o faith_n for_o faith_n come_v by_o hear_v and_o that_o not_o of_o every_o word_n or_o fancy_n but_o by_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n faith_n must_v not_o go_v a_o jot_n further_o than_o the_o word_n of_o god_n go_v if_o thou_o have_v a_o apprehension_n but_o no_o warrant_n for_o it_o out_o of_o the_o word_n of_o god_n it_o be_v not_o faith_n for_o it_o be_v say_v after_o you_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o truth_n you_o believe_v so_o that_o we_o must_v have_v some_o ground_n for_o it_o out_o of_o the_o word_n of_o truth_n otherwise_o it_o be_v presumption_n mere_a conceit_n fancy_n and_o not_o faith_n now_o i_o show_v unto_o you_o the_o last_o time_n how_o this_o may_v be_v for_o while_o a_o man_n be_v a_o unbeliever_n he_o be_v whole_o defile_v with_o sin_n he_o be_v in_o a_o most_o loathsome_a condition_n he_o be_v in_o his_o blood_n filthy_a and_o no_o eye_n pity_v he_o and_o may_v one_o fasten_v comfort_n on_o one_o in_o such_o a_o condition_n on_o a_o dead_a man_n and_o this_o i_o show_v you_o be_v our_o case_n when_o faith_n come_v to_o we_o it_o find_v no_o good_a thing_n in_o we_o it_o find_v we_o stark_o dead_a and_o stark_o nought_o yet_o there_o be_v a_o word_n for_o all_o this_o to_o draw_v we_o unto_o christ_n from_o that_o miserable_a ocean_n in_o which_o we_o be_v swim_v unto_o perdition_n if_o god_n catch_v we_o not_o in_o his_o net_n harken_v we_o therefore_o to_o god_n call_v there_o be_v such_o a_o thing_n as_o this_o call_v god_n call_v thou_o and_o will_v change_v thy_o condition_n and_o therefore_o offer_v thou_o his_o son_n will_v thou_o have_v my_o son_n will_v thou_o yield_v unto_o i_o will_v thou_o be_v reconcile_v unto_o i_o will_v thou_o come_v unto_o i_o and_o this_o may_v be_v preach_v to_o the_o very_a rebel_n that_o be_v it_o be_v the_o only_a word_n whereby_o faith_n be_v wrought_v it_o be_v not_o by_o find_v such_o and_o such_o thing_n in_o we_o beforehand_o no_o god_n find_v we_o as_o bad_a as_o bad_a may_v be_v when_o he_o proffer_v christ_n unto_o we_o he_o find_v we_o ugly_a and_o filthy_a and_o afterward_o wash_v we_o and_o make_v we_o good_a it_o be_v not_o because_o i_o find_v this_o or_o that_o good_a thing_n in_o thou_o that_o i_o give_v thou_o interest_n in_o my_o son_n take_v it_o not_o on_o this_o ground_n no_o he_o love_v we_o first_o and_o when_o we_o be_v defile_v he_o wash_v we_o with_o his_o own_o blood_n rev._n now_o there_o be_v a_o double_a love_n of_o god_n towards_o his_o creature_n 1._o of_o commiseration_n 2._o of_o complacency_n that_o of_o commiseration_n be_v a_o fruit_n of_o love_n which_o tender_v and_o pity_v the_o miserable_a estate_n of_o another_o but_o now_o there_o be_v another_o love_n of_o complacency_n which_o be_v a_o likeness_n between_o the_o quality_n and_o manner_n of_o person_n for_o like_o will_n to_o like_v and_o this_o love_n god_n never_o have_v but_o to_o his_o saint_n after_o conversion_n when_o they_o have_v his_o image_n instamp_v in_o they_o and_o be_v reform_v in_o their_o understanding_n and_o will_n resemble_v he_o in_o both_o then_o and_o not_o till_o then_o bear_v he_o this_o love_n towards_o they_o before_o he_o love_v they_o with_o the_o love_n of_o pity_n and_o so_o god_n love_v the_o world_n that_o be_v with_o the_o love_n of_o commiseration_n that_o he_o send_v his_o only_a son_n that_o whosoever_o believe_v in_o he_o may_v not_o perish_v but_o have_v everlasting_a life_n now_o we_o come_v to_o the_o point_n of_o acceptation_n the_o word_n be_v free_a and_o it_o require_v nothing_o but_o what_o may_v consist_v with_o the_o free_a gift_n that_o may_v be_v give_v although_o here_o be_v something_o that_o a_o man_n may_v startle_v at_o object_n be_v there_o not_o require_v a_o condition_n of_o faith_n and_o a_o condition_n of_o obedience_n sol._n neither_o of_o these_o according_a to_o our_o common_a understanding_n do_v hinder_v the_o fullness_n and_o freedom_n of_o the_o grace_n of_o the_o gospel_n 1._o not_o faith_n because_o faith_n be_v such_o a_o condition_n as_o require_v only_o a_o empty_a hand_n to_o receive_v a_o gift_n free_o give_v now_o do_v that_o hinder_v the_o freeness_n of_o the_o gift_n to_o say_v you_o must_v take_v it_o why_o this_o be_v requisite_a to_o the_o free_a gift_n that_o can_v be_v give_v if_o a_o man_n will_v give_v something_o to_o a_o beggar_n if_o he_o will_v not_o reach_v out_o his_o hand_n and_o take_v it_o let_v he_o go_v without_o it_o it_o be_v a_o free_a gift_n still_o so_o that_o the_o condition_n of_o faith_n require_v nothing_o but_o a_o empty_a hand_n to_o receive_v christ._n 2._o obedience_n hinder_v it_o not_o i_o be_o require_v may_v some_o say_v to_o be_v a_o new_a man_n a_o new_a creature_n to_o lead_v a_o new_a life_n i_o must_v alter_v my_o course_n and_o be_v not_o this_o a_o great_a clog_n and_o burden_n and_o do_v you_o account_v this_o free_a when_o i_o must_v crucify_v lust_n mortify_v passion_n etc._n etc._n be_v this_o free_a when_o a_o man_n must_v renounce_v his_o own_o will_n yes_o it_o be_v as_o free_a as_o free_v may_v be_v as_o i_o show_v you_o the_o last_o time_n the_o very_a touch_v and_o accept_v of_o christ_n imply_v a_o abnegation_n of_o former_a sinfulness_n and_o a_o go_v off_o from_o other_o course_n that_o be_v contrary_a to_o he_o if_o the_o king_n give_v a_o pardon_n to_o a_o notorious_a rebel_n for_o treason_n so_o that_o now_o he_o must_v live_v obedient_a as_o a_o subject_a the_o king_n need_v not_o in_o regard_n of_o himself_o to_o have_v give_v the_o pardon_n if_o he_o give_v it_o it_o take_v not_o from_o its_o freeness_n that_o he_o must_v live_v like_o a_o subject_a afterward_o the_o very_a acceptance_n of_o the_o pardon_n imply_v it_o but_o now_o to_o declare_v faith_n and_o to_o open_v the_o mystery_n thereof_o faith_n be_v a_o great_a thing_n it_o be_v our_o life_n our_o life_n stand_v in_o the_o practice_n of_o it_o that_o as_o in_o the_o offering_n of_o christ_n for_o we_o there_o be_v give_v he_o a_o name_n above_o every_o name_n that_o at_o the_o name_n of_o jes●s_n every_o knee_n shall_v bow_v as_o i_o say_v in_o the_o purchase_n of_o redemption_n so_o in_o the_o point_n of_o acceptation_n god_n have_v give_v unto_o this_o poor_a virtue_n of_o faith_n a_o name_n above_o all_o name_n i'faith_o indeed_o as_o it_o be_v a_o virtue_n be_v poor_a and_o mean_a and_o come_v far_o short_a of_o love_n and_o therefore_o by_o the_o apostle_n love_n be_v many_o degree_n prefer_v before_o faith_n because_o love_n fill_v the_o heart_n and_o faith_n be_v but_o a_o bare_a hand_n it_o let_v all_o thing_n fall_v that_o it_o may_v fill_v itself_o with_o christ._n it_o be_v say_v of_o the_o virgin_n mary_n that_o god_n do_v respect_v the_o low_a estate_n of_o his_o handmaid_n so_o god_n respect_v the_o low_a estate_n of_o faith_n that_o nothing_o be_v require_v but_o a_o bare_a empty_a hand_n which_o have_v nothing_o to_o bring_v with_o it_o though_o it_o be_v never_o so_o weak_a yet_o if_o it_o have_v a_o hand_n to_o receive_v it_o be_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d a_o like_a
ask_v to_o have_v thy_o sin_n pardon_v that_o god_n will_v be_v friend_n with_o thou_o and_o that_o christ_n will_v make_v thou_o love_v he_o and_o that_o god_n will_v be_v thy_o god_n that_o god_n delight_v in_o it_o this_o be_v the_o point_n then_o suppose_v god_n answer_v not_o present_o yet_o knock_v still_o seek_v still_o that_o be_v perseverance_n the_o thing_n whereby_o it_o be_v distinguish_v from_o temporary_a ask_n the_o hypocrite_n will_v pray_v in_o a_o time_n of_o need_n and_o adversity_n but_o his_o prayer_n be_v not_o constant_a job_n 27.10_o will_v the_o hypocrite_n always_o call_v upon_o god_n if_o they_o come_v and_o seek_v god_n and_o he_o will_v not_o answer_v as_o saul_n do_v they_o will_v try_v the_o devil_n god_n will_v not_o answer_v saul_n and_o he_o present_o go_v to_o the_o devil_n it_o be_v not_o so_o with_o god_n child_n they_o pray_v and_o pray_v and_o wait_v still_o they_o pray_v with_o the_o spirit_n and_o with_o perseverance_n god_n deal_v not_o always_o alike_o with_o his_o child_n but_o different_o sometime_o he_o answer_v present_o sometime_o he_o make_v they_o wait_v his_o leisure_n psal._n 32.5_o i_o say_v i_o will_v confess_v my_o sin_n say_v david_n and_o my_o transgression_n and_o thou_o forgave_v the_o iniquity_n of_o my_o sin_n so_o dan._n 9.21_o when_o he_o set_v himself_o to_o seek_v god_n even_o while_o he_o be_v speak_v and_o pray_v the_o man_n gabriel_n appear_v unto_o he_o and_o touch_v he_o about_o the_o time_n of_o the_o evening_n oblation_n before_o the_o word_n be_v out_o of_o his_o mouth_n god_n be_v at_o his_o heart_n and_o present_o send_v he_o a_o dispatch_n the_o like_a we_o see_v in_o isaiah_n 65.24_o mark_v what_o a_o promise_n there_o be_v it_o shall_v come_v to_o pass_v that_o before_o they_o call_v i_o will_v answer_v and_o while_o they_o be_v yet_o speak_v i_o will_v hear_v this_o be_v a_o great_a encouragement_n but_o it_o may_v be_v god_n will_v not_o always_o do_v this_o and_o what_o be_v the_o reason_n why_o he_o have_v a_o wonderful_a great_a delight_n to_o be_v wrestle_v withal_o and_o to_o hear_v the_o word_n of_o his_o own_o spirit_n nothing_o be_v more_o delightful_a to_o he_o than_o this_o when_o the_o spirit_n be_v earnest_a and_o will_v not_o give_v over_o i_o will_v not_o let_v thou_o go_v unless_o thou_o bless_v i_o it_o be_v say_v in_o the_o canticle_n honey_n be_v under_o the_o lip_n of_o the_o church_n why_o so_o its_o because_o there_o be_v no_o honey_n sweet_a to_o the_o palate_n than_o spiritual_a prayer_n to_o god_n and_o therefore_o god_n delay_n to_o answer_v thou_o because_o he_o will_v have_v more_o of_o it_o if_o the_o musician_n come_v and_o play_v at_o our_o door_n or_o window_n if_o we_o delight_v not_o in_o their_o music_n we_o throw_v they_o out_o money_n present_o that_o they_o may_v be_v go_v but_o if_o the_o music_n please_v we_o we_o forbear_v to_o give_v they_o money_n because_o we_o will_v keep_v they_o long_o for_o we_o like_o the_o music_n so_o the_o lord_n love_v and_o delight_n in_o the_o sweet_a word_n of_o his_o child_n and_o therefore_o put_v they_o off_o and_o answer_v they_o not_o present_o now_o god_n child_n let_v he_o deny_v they_o never_o so_o long_o yet_o they_o will_v never_o leave_v knock_v and_o beg_v they_o will_v pray_v and_o they_o will_v wait_v still_o till_o they_o receive_v a_o answer_n many_o will_v pray_v to_o god_n as_o prayer_n be_v a_o duty_n but_o few_o use_n it_o as_o a_o mean_n to_o attain_v a_o blessing_n those_o who_o come_v to_o god_n in_o the_o use_n of_o it_o as_o a_o mean_n to_o attain_v what_o they_o will_v have_v they_o will_v pray_v and_o not_o give_v over_o they_o will_v expect_v a_o answer_n and_o never_o give_v over_o petition_v till_o they_o receive_v it_o rome_n 5.1_o therefore_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n we_o have_v peace_n with_o god_n through_o our_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n etc._n etc._n have_v declare_v unto_o you_o heretofore_o the_o nature_n of_o faith_n and_o that_o point_n which_o concern_v the_o practice_n of_o it_o in_o our_o near_a approach_n unto_o god_n i_o be_o now_o come_v to_o show_v unto_o you_o the_o fruit_n and_o benefit_n christian_n receive_v from_o this_o mother-grace_n and_o that_o the_o apostle_n set_v down_o in_o these_o word_n he_o set_v down_o 1._o the_o mother-grace_n justification_n that_o whereas_o we_o be_v afar_o off_o we_o be_v make_v near_o and_o of_o enemy_n make_v friend_n of_o god_n then_o 2._o there_o be_v the_o daughter_n or_o handmaid_n of_o this_o grace_n for_o when_o we_o be_v justify_v by_o faith_n then_o 1._o we_o have_v peace_n with_o god_n that_o peace_n of_o conscience_n which_o pass_v all_o understanding_n then_o 2._o we_o have_v free_a access_n by_o faith_n unto_o the_o throne_n of_o grace_n so_o that_o we_o need_v not_o look_v for_o any_o other_o mediator_n christ_n have_v make_v way_n for_o we_o to_o god_n so_o that_o we_o may_v go_v bold_o to_o the_o throne_n of_o grace_n and_o find_v help_n at_o any_o time_n of_o need_n 3._o there_o follow_v a_o joyful_a hope_n that_o a_o christian_n have_v by_o it_o a_o taste_n of_o heaven_n before_o he_o come_v to_o enjoy_v it_o we_o rejoice_v in_o hope_n say_v the_o apostle_n hope_v be_v as_o firm_a a_o thing_n as_o faith_n faith_n make_v thing_n absent_a as_o present_v hope_n have_v patience_n with_o it_o and_o will_v have_v we_o wait_v we_o shall_v be_v sure_a of_o it_o but_o yet_o we_o must_v wait_v patient_o 4._o not_o only_o rejoice_v in_o hope_n but_o even_o that_o which_o spoil_v a_o natural_a man_n joy_n as_o cross_n trouble_n affliction_n and_o these_o be_v make_v the_o matter_n of_o this_o man_n joy_n not_o delectable_a object_n only_o not_o in_o time_n to_o come_v after_o affliction_n but_o in_o affliction_n so_o as_o that_o which_o spoil_v the_o joy_n of_o a_o natural_a man_n be_v fuel_n to_o kindle_v this_o man_n joy_n now_o concern_v justification_n by_o faith_n though_o it_o be_v a_o ordinary_a point_n yet_o there_o be_v nothing_o more_o need_v explication_n than_o to_o know_v how_o a_o man_n shall_v be_v justify_v by_o faith_n it_o be_v easy_o speak_v hardly_o explicate_v therefore_o in_o this_o mother-grace_n i_o shall_v show_v you_o 1._o what_o faith_n be_v that_o do_v justify_v and_o 2._o what_o this_o justification_n be_v for_o it_o be_v not_o so_o easy_a a_o matt●●_n neither_o 1._o concern_v the_o nature_n of_o faith_n i_o have_v speak_v sufficient_o already_o wherein_o it_o consist_v but_o yet_o notwithstanding_o there_o be_v a_o certain_a thing_n as_o like_v this_o faith_n as_o may_v be_v and_o yet_o come_v short_a of_o it_o many_o there_o be_v who_o be_v like_o the_o foolish_a virgin_n that_o think_v they_o be_v well_o enough_o and_o think_v they_o shall_v come_v time_n enough_o so_o many_o think_v very_o they_o have_v faith_n yea_o and_o perchance_o go_v with_o such_o a_o persuasion_n to_o their_o very_a grave_n and_o think_v they_o have_v grace_n and_o that_o they_o labour_v after_o christ_n and_o lie_v hold_v on_o he_o and_o be_v free_a from_o worldly_a pollution_n so_o as_o that_o they_o have_v a_o taste_n and_o relish_v of_o the_o joy_n of_o the_o world_n to_o come_v and_o yet_o be_v carry_v all_o this_o while_n in_o a_o fool_n paradise_n and_o think_v there_o be_v no_o fear_n of_o their_o safety_n never_o know_v that_o they_o be_v castaway_n till_o they_o come_v to_o the_o gate_n of_o hell_n and_o find_v themselves_o by_o woeful_a experience_n shut_v out_o of_o heaven_n and_o their_o case_n be_v woeful_a that_o be_v thus_o deceive_v know_v then_o that_o it_o be_v not_o every_o faith_n that_o justify_v a_o man_n a_o man_n may_v have_v faith_n and_o yet_o not_o be_v justify_v the_o faith_n that_o justify_v be_v the_o faith_n of_o god_n elect_n tit._n 1.1_o there_o be_v a_o faith_n that_o may_v belong_v to_o they_o that_o be_v not_o god_n elect_v but_o that_o faith_n do_v not_o justify_v in_o the_o epistle_n to_o timothy_n that_o faith_n which_o justify_v must_v be_v a_o faith_n unfeigned_a 1_o tim._n 1.5_o 2_o tim._n 1.5_o now_o here_o be_v the_o skill_n of_o a_o christian_n to_o try_v what_o that_o faith_n be_v which_o justify_v he_o now_o this_o justify_v faith_n be_v not_o every_o work_n of_o god_n spirit_n in_o a_o man_n heart_n for_o there_o be_v supernatural_a operation_n of_o the_o spirit_n in_o a_o man_n heart_n that_o be_v but_o temporary_a that_o carry_v he_o not_o thorough_a and_o therefore_o be_v ineffectual_a but_o the_o end_n of_o this_o faith_n be_v the_o salvation_n of_o our_o soul_n we_o read_v in_o scripture_n of_o apostasy_n and_o fall_v back_o now_o they_o can_v be_v apostate_n that_o be_v never_o in_o the_o way_n of_o truth_n
of_o a_o candle_n make_v of_o flax_n as_o when_o a_o candle_n burn_v in_o the_o socket_n it_o be_v now_o up_o now_o down_o you_o know_v not_o whether_o it_o be_v alive_a or_o dead_a so_o in_o the_o first_o conversion_n of_o a_o christian_a infidelity_n and_o faith_n hope_n and_o despair_n mount_v up_o and_o down_o there_o be_v a_o conflict_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o conversion_n but_o he_o will_v not_o give_v it_o over_o until_o he_o bring_v forth_o judgement_n until_o he_o get_v the_o victory_n of_o all_o opposition_n from_o the_o flesh_n and_o what_o be_v the_o reason_n because_o the_o god_n of_o this_o world_n be_v judge_v he_o shall_v convince_v the_o world_n of_o a_o inherent_a righteousness_n in_o spite_n of_o the_o devil_n tooth_n because_o he_o be_v condemn_v he_o that_o before_o work_v in_o the_o child_n of_o disobedience_n be_v now_o cast_v down_o the_o strong_a man_n be_v cast_v out_o and_o therefore_o upon_o that_o ground_n you_o have_v the_o three_o point_n beside_o the_o grace_n of_o justification_n follow_v upon_o christ_n death_n there_o be_v another_o the_o devil_n shall_v be_v dispossess_v the_o devil_n be_v strong_a where_o he_o do_v wicked_a thing_n but_o he_o shall_v be_v disarm_v he_o shall_v not_o touch_v thou_o the_o wicked_a one_o shall_v not_o hurt_v thou_o i_o now_o go_v forward_o the_o three_o thing_n i_o note_v beside_o faith_n and_o justification_n be_v that_o we_o must_v observe_v what_o relation_n one_o have_v to_o the_o other_o and_o how_o it_o come_v to_o pass_v that_o justification_n be_v attribute_v to_o faith_n there_o be_v more_o noble_a grace_n in_o we_o than_o faith_n i_o answer_v the_o reason_n be_v because_o faith_n be_v bring_v as_o the_o only_a instrument_n whereby_o we_o receive_v our_o justification_n purchase_v by_o the_o merit_n of_o christ_n death_n when_o we_o say_v faith_n be_v a_o instrument_n we_o must_v understand_v it_o right_o well_o we_o say_v not_o faith_n be_v a_o instrument_n to_o work_v my_o justification_n christ_n alone_o must_v do_v that_o it_o be_v no_o act_n of_o we_o nothing_o be_v in_o we_o faith_n be_v say_v to_o be_v a_o instrument_n whereby_o we_o get_v our_o justification_n in_o respect_n of_o the_o object_n it_o be_v a_o near_v we_o to_o christ_n it_o be_v the_o instrument_n of_o application_n the_o only_a instrument_n whereby_o we_o apply_v the_o medicine_n and_o the_o plaster_n of_o christ_n blood_n whereby_o we_o that_o be_v stranger_n and_o afar_o off_o be_v make_v near_o faith_n be_v the_o only_a hand_n which_o receive_v christ_n when_o the_o hand_n lay_v hold_v on_o a_o thing_n it_o lay_v hold_v on_o a_o thing_n without_o itself_o so_o be_v faith_n a_o naked_a hand_n not_o as_o a_o hand_n that_o get_v a_o man_n live_v but_o like_o a_o beggar_n hand_n that_o receive_v a_o free_a alm_n give_v by_o the_o donor_n as_o the_o apostle_n speak_v rom._n 5.17_o for_o if_o by_o one_o man_n offence_n death_n reign_v over_o all_o by_o one_o much_o more_o they_o which_o receive_v abundance_n of_o grace_n and_o of_o the_o gift_n of_o righteousness_n shall_v reign_v in_o life_n by_o one_o jes●●_n christ._n there_o be_v abundance_n of_o grace_n and_o a_o gift_n of_o righteousness_n faith_n be_v the_o only_a mean_n whereby_o we_o receive_v this_o gift_n whereupon_o i_o infer_v this_o which_o be_v of_o great_a consequence_n see_v faith_n do_v justify_v not_o as_o a_o active_a instrument_n but_o as_o it_o do_v receive_v the_o gift_n of_o grace_n it_o do_v follow_v that_o the_o weak_a faith_n that_o be_v do_v get_v as_o much_o justification_n as_o the_o strong_a faith_n of_o any_o whatsoever_o because_o faith_n justify_v not_o only_o as_o a_o work_n but_o as_o it_o do_v receive_v a_o gift_n therefore_o our_o saviour_n say_v o_o you_o of_o little_a faith_n yet_o as_o little_a as_o it_o be_v it_o be_v build_v upon_o the_o rock_n and_o though_o satan_n desire_v to_o winnow_v they_o and_o sift_v they_o as_o wheat_n yet_o they_o remain_v firm_a as_o our_o saviour_n say_v of_o the_o faith_n of_o miracle_n if_o you_o have_v faith_n as_o much_o as_o a_o grain_n of_o mustardseed_n you_o shall_v say_v to_o this_o mountain_n be_v remove_v and_o it_o will_v obey_v you_o so_o for_o common_a faith_n which_o the_o apostle_n call_v so_o because_o it_o be_v common_a to_o all_o the_o elect_n if_o thou_o have_v so_o much_o faith_n thou_o shall_v be_v able_a to_o remove_v mountain_n of_o corruption_n suppose_v thou_o have_v a_o tremble_a hand_n scarce_o able_a to_o hold_v yet_o have_v the_o persuasion_n of_o the_o woman_n in_o the_o gospel_n if_o i_o may_v but_o touch_v he_o i_o shall_v be_v whole_a i_o shall_v be_v save_v heal_v if_o i_o can_v but_o touch_v he_o and_o mark_v our_o saviour_n the_o people_n throng_v about_o he_o and_o he_o say_v who_o be_v it_o that_o touch_v i_o a_o wonder_n that_o he_o when_o they_o crowd_v he_o shall_v ask_v such_o a_o question_n but_o christ_n know_v that_o some_o body_n touch_v he_o beside_o the_o touch_n of_o the_o multitude_n it_o be_v say_v in_o the_o text_n the_o poor_a woman_n come_v tremble_v and_o tell_v he_o all_o the_o truth_n and_o he_o say_v be_v of_o good_a comfort_n though_o thou_o have_v a_o paralytic_n and_o palsy_n sick-hand_n yet_o the_o touch_n be_v enough_o the_o least_o faith_n bring_v as_o much_o life_n as_o the_o great_a object_n but_o then_o what_o need_v a_o man_n look_v for_o a_o great_a faith_n sol._n yes_o by_o all_o mean_n for_o though_o thou_o have_v much_o comfort_n by_o a_o little_a weak_a faith_n yet_o the_o more_o faith_n the_o more_o comfort_n and_o therefore_o it_o be_v to_o very_a much_o purpose_n to_o labour_v after_o a_o strong_a faith_n abraham_n it_o be_v say_v stagger_v not_o through_o unbelief_n if_o thou_o have_v a_o strong_a faith_n thou_o will_v have_v a_o strong_a consolation_n thou_o may_v by_o thy_o weak_a faith_n be_v heal_v of_o thy_o disease_n yet_o by_o the_o weakness_n of_o thy_o faith_n may_v want_v much_o of_o the_o strength_n of_o thy_o comfort_n therefore_o thou_o must_v go_v from_o faith_n to_o faith_n but_o know_v this_o that_o a_o newborn_a child_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d be_v not_o yet_o so_o strong_a as_o a_o man_n yet_o he_o be_v as_o much_o alive_a as_o the_o strong_a and_o tall_a man_n so_o that_o again_o thus_o thou_o be_v yet_o but_o a_o newborn_a babe_n not_o so_o strong_a or_o so_o lively_a as_o one_o more_o grow_v but_o yet_o thou_o have_v all_o the_o lineament_n of_o the_o new_a creature_n in_o thou_o though_o thou_o be_v not_o so_o strong_a and_o lively_a as_o another_o may_v be_v object_n do_v not_o you_o tell_v i_o that_o it_o be_v not_o every_o faith_n that_o do_v justify_v but_o a_o work_a faith_n how_o then_o do_v faith_n alone_o justify_v sol._n i_o answer_v when_o faith_n justify_v there_o be_v one_o thing_n say_v of_o another_o the_o subject_n and_o the_o predicate_v faith_n justify_v justification_n be_v attribute_v unto_o faith_n look_v on_o the_o word_n only_o whether_o it_o do_v determine_v the_o subject_n or_o the_o predicate_a do_v faith_n which_o be_v alone_o sever_v from_o good_a work_n justify_v so_o the_o proposition_n be_v false_a first_o that_o faith_n which_o be_v alone_o separate_v from_o love_n and_o the_o fruit_n of_o good_a work_n do_v not_o justify_v but_o let_v the_o word_n alone_o be_v put_v to_o the_o predicate_a faith_n justify_v alone_o i._n e._n faith_n be_v the_o only_a virtue_n in_o the_o soul_n whereby_o a_o man_n be_v justify_v that_o be_v true_a as_o if_o a_o man_n shall_v say_v the_o eye_n alone_o see_v it_o be_v true_a if_o we_o put_v it_o thus_o the_o eye_n sever_v from_o the_o member_n of_o the_o body_n see_v its_o self_n if_o the_o eye_n be_v take_v out_o of_o the_o head_n it_o will_v neither_o see_v alone_o nor_o at_o all_o but_o the_o meaning_n be_v this_o the_o live_a eye_n be_v the_o organ_n whereby_o a_o man_n discern_v a_o visible_a object_n so_o faith_n though_o join_v with_o other_o grace_n yet_o take_v not_o other_o with_o it_o for_o help_n of_o justification_n object_n but_o why_o shall_v god_n select_v this_o virtue_n among_o other_o that_o be_v more_o noble_a sol._n i_o say_v as_o before_o god_n have_v respect_n to_o the_o low_a estate_n of_o his_o handmaid_n it_o be_v reason_n that_o god_n shall_v choose_v the_o low_a and_o the_o mean_a god_n select_v this_o poor_a beggar_n hand_n for_o two_o reason_n first_o in_o respect_n of_o god_n i_o say_v 1._o therefore_o it_o be_v of_o faith_n that_o it_o may_v be_v by_o grace_n to_o the_o end_n the_o promise_n may_v be_v sure_a to_o all_o the_o seed_n not_o to_o that_o only_a which_o be_v of_o the_o law_n but_o to_o that_o also_o which_o be_v of_o the_o faith_n