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A33967 The improvableness of water-baptism, or, A discourse concerning the gravity and seriousness of the action and the usefulness of the sacred institution of baptism instructing all parents how great a thing they do when they bring their children to that holy ordinance, and all persons, whether young or old, what obligations their baptism hath brought them under, what wrath it hath exposed wicked and impenitent persons to, and what use they may make of their baptism for confirmation of their faith, and quickening them to repentance and an holy life : discoursed from Rom. 6:3,4, by way of sermon / by John Collinges ... Collinges, John, 1623-1690. 1681 (1681) Wing C5321; ESTC R5112 38,449 47

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citizen_n and_o fellow-soldier_n so_o it_o ought_v to_o engage_v we_o to_o endeavour_v unity_n that_o we_o be_v fellow-member_n of_o the_o same_o body_n and_o fellow-citizen_n of_o the_o same_o city_n there_o be_v but_o one_o body_n and_o we_o be_v all_o baptize_v into_o that_o one_o body_n 3._o it_o be_v useful_a to_o quicken_v we_o both_o to_o the_o exercise_n of_o faith_n and_o repentance_n to_o the_o exercise_n of_o faith_n and_o of_o repentance_n repentance_n the_o force_n of_o this_o lie_v in_o the_o solemn_a dedication_n of_o the_o person_n to_o god_n and_o the_o soul_n solemn_a engagement_n in_o it_o to_o be_v the_o lord_n both_o which_o inseparable_o attend_v this_o holy_a institution_n the_o soul_n thus_o reason_v with_o itself_o i_o be_v by_o nature_n a_o child_n of_o wrath_n a_o great_a sinner_n blind_a unbelieving_a when_o i_o be_v baptize_v i_o be_v dedicate_v to_o god_n i_o solemn_o engage_v myself_o to_o the_o service_n of_o god_n i_o can_v be_v the_o lord_n without_o repent_v and_o believe_v his_o word_n and_o also_o a_o receive_n of_o the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n who_o god_n have_v reveal_v to_o be_v the_o saviour_n of_o they_o that_o believe_v have_v i_o be_v a_o heathen_a i_o ought_v not_o to_o have_v be_v baptize_v until_o i_o have_v give_v a_o evidence_n of_o my_o repentance_n my_o hearty_a embrace_v the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o as_o hearty_a close_n with_o the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n as_o my_o hope_n and_o my_o saviour_n now_o though_o i_o be_v baptize_v when_o a_o child_n in_o my_o parent_n right_a yet_o if_o i_o ever_o hope_v to_o be_v save_v this_o can_v excuse_v i_o from_o those_o great_a duty_n of_o repentance_n and_o faith_n which_o god_n have_v make_v inseparable_o necessary_a to_o salvation_n as_o circumcision_n avail_v nothing_o to_o those_o who_o do_v not_o keep_v the_o law_n so_o baptism_n avail_v as_o little_a to_o those_o who_o perform_v not_o the_o term_n of_o the_o gospel_n beside_o when_o i_o be_v baptize_v though_o a_o infant_n i_o can_v not_o indeed_o engage_v for_o myself_o but_o my_o parent_n engage_v for_o i_o that_o so_o far_o as_o lay_v in_o they_o i_o shall_v repent_v and_o believe_v they_o have_v fulfil_v their_o part_n to_o i_o in_o call_v upon_o i_o for_o it_o and_o press_v these_o thing_n upon_o i_o or_o if_o they_o have_v not_o yet_o the_o covenant_n of_o god_n be_v in_o my_o flesh_n and_o i_o be_o engage_v to_o do_v these_o thing_n not_o only_o because_o they_o be_v the_o necessary_a term_n of_o my_o salvation_n but_o in_o regard_n i_o have_v covenant_v in_o baptism_n to_o do_v it_o it_o be_v true_a it_o be_v not_o in_o my_o power_n without_o the_o special_a efficacious_a grace_n of_o god_n to_o repent_v or_o to_o believe_v but_o i_o be_o under_o the_o oath_n of_o god_n to_o do_v what_o in_o i_o lie_v to_o do_v it_o to_o avoid_v those_o gross_a sin_n which_o it_o be_v in_o my_o power_n to_o avoid_v by_o virtue_n of_o the_o common_a grace_n of_o god_n deny_v to_o no_o man_n wherein_o i_o have_v offend_v to_o set_v down_o sad_o to_o reflect_v on_o they_o and_o to_o beg_v of_o god_n a_o break_a heart_n for_o they_o to_o wait_v upon_o all_o holy_a institution_n which_o may_v be_v conducive_a to_o these_o end_n etc._n etc._n 4._o to_o name_v no_o more_o it_o be_v useful_a to_o quicken_v we_o up_o to_o holiness_n and_o that_o part_n of_o it_o especial_o which_o lie_v in_o the_o mortification_n of_o our_o mortification_n to_o the_o exercise_n of_o mortification_n member_n why_o because_o say_v the_o apostle_n we_o be_v baptise_a into_o his_o death_n and_o bury_v with_o he_o by_o baptism_n into_o death_n we_o be_v not_o only_o baptize_v into_o a_o belief_n and_o a_o profession_n of_o a_o belief_n of_o his_o death_n but_o into_o a_o fellowship_n with_o his_o death_n a_o part_n of_o which_o lie_v in_o a_o die_a to_o sin_n as_o he_o die_v for_o sin_n for_o say_v the_o apostle_n peter_n 1_o pet._n 4._o 1._o he_o that_o have_v suffer_v in_o the_o flesh_n have_v cease_v from_o sin_n that_o he_o no_o long_o shall_v live_v the_o rest_n of_o his_o time_n in_o the_o flesh_n to_o the_o lust_n of_o man_n but_o to_o the_o will_n of_o god_n observe_v the_o word_n which_o go_v before_o v._o 2._o for_o as_o much_o therefore_o as_o christ_n have_v suffer_v for_o we_o in_o the_o flesh_n arm_v yourselves_o likewise_o with_o the_o same_o mind_n etc._n etc._n from_o whence_o i_o infer_v that_o our_o fellowship_n with_o christ_n suffering_n in_o the_o flesh_n lie_v in_o our_o cessation_n from_o sin_n now_o i_o have_v show_v you_o that_o in_o baptism_n a_o sacramental_a representation_n of_o christ_n suffering_n in_o the_o flesh_n and_o our_o submission_n to_o that_o holy_a institution_n engage_v we_o to_o a_o conformity_n to_o the_o death_n of_o christ_n and_o to_o a_o fellowship_n with_o it_o that_o be_v to_o a_o cease_n from_o sin_n for_o say_v my_o text_n we_o be_v bury_v with_o he_o by_o baptism_n into_o death_n and_o it_o follow_v that_o like_v as_o christ_n be_v raise_v up_o from_o the_o dead_a by_o the_o glory_n of_o the_o father_n even_o so_o we_o also_o shall_v walk_v in_o newness_n of_o life_n and_o again_o v._o 6._o know_v that_o our_o old_a man_n be_v crucify_v with_o he_o that_o the_o body_n of_o sin_n may_v be_v destroy_v that_o henceforth_o we_o shall_v not_o serve_v sin_n for_o he_o that_o be_v dead_a be_v free_a from_o sin_n the_o meditation_n of_o this_o be_v of_o great_a use_n to_o engage_v we_o to_o holiness_n as_o there_o be_v in_o this_o ordinance_n a_o engagement_n upon_o we_o to_o die_v unto_o sin_n and_o to_o maintain_v that_o as_o well_o as_o other_o part_n of_o the_o spiritual_a fight_n thus_o i_o have_v show_v you_o the_o usefulness_n of_o this_o ordinance_n to_o quicken_v the_o soul_n 3._o it_o be_v useful_a likewise_o to_o corroborate_v and_o strengthen_v the_o soul_n soul_n baptism_n how_o it_o be_v useful_a to_o help_v and_o strengthen_v the_o soul_n and_o that_o both_o in_o the_o exercise_n of_o faith_n and_o of_o holiness_n 1._o in_o the_o exercise_n of_o faith_n i'faith_o either_o respect_v the_o proposition_n of_o the_o word_n which_o faith_n agree_v to_o as_o truth_n or_o 2._o the_o person_n of_o the_o mediator_n who_o alone_o be_v the_o object_n of_o save_v justify_v faith_n the_o primary_n and_o more_o remote_a object_n though_o the_o promise_n of_o the_o gospel_n be_v the_o proximate_n and_o mediate_a object_n in_o and_o by_o which_o the_o soul_n receive_v christ_n and_o by_o mean_n of_o which_o through_o the_o assistance_n of_o the_o spirit_n the_o soul_n commit_v itself_o to_o he_o as_o to_o all_o its_o spiritual_a concern_v respect_v eternal_a life_n and_o salvation_n as_o to_o both_o these_o baptism_n be_v if_o make_v use_v of_o a_o great_a help_n indeed_o all_o sacramental_a sign_n be_v so_o and_o give_v for_o that_o end_n i_o remember_v when_o god_n institute_v the_o jewish_a passover_n after_o the_o describe_v the_o rise_n of_o it_o exod._n 12._o from_o v._o 3._o to_o v._o 26._o he_o add_v v._o 26_o and_o 27._o and_o it_o shall_v come_v to_o pass_v that_o when_o your_o child_n shall_v say_v unto_o you_o what_o mean_v you_o by_o this_o service_n you_o shall_v say_v it_o be_v the_o sacrifice_n of_o the_o lord_n passover_n who_o pass_v over_o the_o house_n of_o the_o child_n of_o israel_n in_o egypt_n when_o he_o smite_v the_o egyptian_n and_o deliver_v our_o house_n god_n foresee_v that_o that_o great_a deliverance_n will_v in_o time_n be_v forget_v or_o not_o believe_v that_o god_n shall_v show_v such_o favour_n to_o a_o small_a oppress_a number_n of_o people_n as_o to_o bring_v they_o out_o of_o slavery_n to_o slay_v one_o in_o every_o family_n of_o the_o egyptian_n may_v be_v question_v especial_o consider_v the_o world_n be_v never_o very_o apt_a to_o believe_v story_n of_o distinguish_a grace_n or_o providence_n therefore_o god_n institute_v the_o passover_n to_o continue_v the_o memory_n and_o revive_v the_o faith_n of_o so_o great_a a_o salvation_n but_o how_o much_o great_a a_o salvation_n be_v here_o for_o god_n to_o send_v forth_o his_o own_o son_n the_o antitype_n to_o that_o paschal_n lamb_n to_o take_v upon_o he_o our_o flesh_n and_o to_o die_v in_o our_o nature_n for_o sinner_n upon_o the_o cross_n to_o agree_v to_o this_o be_v like_a to_o be_v a_o much_o hard_a exercise_n of_o faith_n to_o revive_v the_o memory_n and_o keep_v alive_a the_o exercise_n therefore_o of_o faith_n as_o to_o this_o miracle_n of_o salvation_n god_n institute_v two_o sacrament_n of_o the_o new_a testament_n ordain_v two_o sacred_a action_n to_o be_v do_v that_o when_o our_o child_n shall_v say_v to_o we_o father_n or_o mother_n what_o be_v the_o meaning_n
of_o this_o we_o may_v say_v these_o be_v the_o lord_n sacrament_n that_o you_o may_v believe_v what_o the_o scripture_n tell_v you_o that_o the_o sin_n of_o soul_n be_v only_o wash_v out_o by_o the_o blood_n of_o christ_n here_o signify_v and_o represent_v and_o that_o if_o ever_o you_o will_v be_v save_v you_o must_v as_o you_o submit_v to_o this_o ordinance_n so_o also_o submit_v to_o the_o acceptance_n of_o he_o and_o his_o righteousness_n and_o look_v for_o salvation_n from_o he_o and_o no_o other_o and_o that_o you_o may_v believe_v the_o gospel_n be_v not_o a_o romance_n but_o a_o true_a history_n of_o what_o he_o who_o be_v the_o son_n of_o god_n do_v in_o die_v for_o your_o sin_n that_o you_o may_v not_o die_v eternal_o and_o that_o when_o our_o own_o unbelieving_a heart_n be_v overwhelm_v in_o the_o thought_n of_o these_o thing_n and_o say_v sure_o such_o a_o thing_n can_v not_o be_v the_o mercy_n be_v too_o big_a for_o the_o grasp_n of_o our_o reason_n and_o comprehension_n we_o may_v help_v ourselves_o by_o reflect_v on_o our_o baptism_n and_o our_o frequent_a communicate_v at_o the_o lord_n table_n and_o chide_v down_o those_o rise_n of_o unbelief_n say_v if_o this_o be_v not_o what_o be_v the_o meaning_n of_o sprinkle_v person_n with_o water_n in_o baptism_n or_o our_o so_o often_o meet_v at_o the_o lord_n table_n to_o eat_v bread_n and_o drink_n wine_n signify_v the_o flesh_n and_o blood_n of_o christ_n and_o as_o to_o that_o faith_n which_o be_v save_v and_o justify_v the_o object_n of_o which_o be_v the_o person_n of_o the_o mediator_n the_o soul_n be_v also_o help_v in_o that_o as_o it_o be_v help_v in_o the_o other_o faith_n for_o the_o more_o the_o soul_n be_v confirm_v in_o the_o doctrine_n and_o proposition_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o the_o truth_n of_o that_o the_o more_o ground_n it_o see_v to_o look_v for_o no_o other_o name_n under_o heaven_n by_o which_o it_o shall_v be_v save_v but_o to_o go_v out_o of_o itself_o unto_o he_o as_o one_o who_o because_o he_o be_v god_n be_v able_a to_o save_v to_o the_o utmost_a and_o because_o he_o submit_v to_o be_v make_v man_n to_o die_v upon_o the_o cross_n to_o pay_v a_o price_n for_o lose_a man_n evidence_v his_o unquestionable_a willingness_n to_o seek_v and_o to_o save_v that_o which_o be_v lose_v so_o as_o the_o soul_n have_v no_o long_o any_o pretence_n or_o colour_n to_o doubt_n or_o question_v the_o sufficiency_n or_o willingness_n of_o this_o saviour_n thus_o this_o great_a ordinance_n if_o due_o improve_v be_v of_o exceed_v great_a use_n to_o we_o to_o help_v our_o soul_n in_o their_o exercise_n of_o faith_n the_o soul_n as_o it_o be_v here_o reach_v its_o hand_n to_o put_v into_o the_o hole_n of_o christ_n side_n and_o its_o finger_n to_o lay_v in_o the_o print_n of_o the_o nail_n 2._o nor_o be_v it_o less_o helpful_a to_o the_o soul_n in_o the_o exercise_n of_o holiness_n and_o this_o not_o only_o as_o it_o lay_v the_o soul_n under_o a_o engagement_n to_o it_o of_o which_o i_o speak_v sufficient_o before_o but_o also_o in_o regard_n of_o the_o secret_a blessing_n of_o the_o lord_n attend_v baptism_n where_o a_o christian_a set_v himself_o to_o fulfil_v the_o end_n of_o it_o object_n 1._o but_o some_o will_v say_v we_o have_v be_v baptize_v and_o we_o do_v not_o find_v such_o fruit_n we_o be_v full_a of_o doubt_n and_o fear_n and_o unbelief_n still_o and_o we_o be_v very_o unholy_a still_o we_o find_v no_o such_o fruit_n of_o our_o baptism_n i_o answer_v 1._o possible_o you_o have_v not_o stir_v up_o your_o baptismal-grace_n i_o remember_v st._n paul_n call_v to_o timothy_n to_o stir_v up_o the_o gift_n of_o god_n which_o be_v in_o he_o and_o 1_o tim._n 4._o 14._o not_o to_o neglect_v the_o gift_n of_o god_n which_o be_v in_o he_o by_o prophecy_n with_o the_o lay_n on_o of_o the_o hand_n of_o the_o presbytery_n i_o do_v not_o think_v that_o any_o saving-gift_n be_v give_v to_o any_o by_o baptism_n more_o than_o there_o be_v to_o a_o minister_n by_o set_v he_o apart_o to_o the_o ministry_n but_o there_o be_v doubtless_o a_o gift_n give_v the_o baptise_a person_n conducive_a to_o his_o salvation_n if_o he_o will_v make_v a_o due_a and_o just_a improvement_n of_o it_o he_o have_v a_o new_a character_n put_v upon_o he_o and_o be_v by_o it_o take_v out_o of_o the_o pagan_a world_n he_o have_v a_o new_a vow_n upon_o he_o he_o have_v a_o new_a dedication_n now_o if_o man_n and_o woman_n will_v never_o serious_o consider_v and_o think_v on_o this_o never_o revive_v the_o memory_n of_o it_o or_o whet_v it_o upon_o their_o soul_n it_o be_v no_o wonder_n to_o hear_v they_o complain_v that_o they_o find_v no_o benefit_n fruit_n or_o advantage_n by_o it_o a_o scholar_n may_v be_v at_o a_o loss_n about_o a_o notion_n or_o question_n in_o which_o twenty_o book_n he_o have_v in_o his_o study_n will_v resolve_v he_o but_o if_o he_o know_v not_o how_o to_o use_v his_o book_n to_o that_o end_n or_o will_v never_o take_v down_o a_o book_n to_o look_v for_o any_o help_n from_o it_o he_o may_v complain_v that_o none_o of_o all_o the_o book_n in_o his_o study_n will_v do_v he_o good_a in_o the_o case_n the_o question_n be_v what_o they_o will_v do_v if_o he_o look_v into_o they_o or_o know_v how_o to_o use_v they_o object_n 2._o but_o will_v some_o say_v how_o many_o baptize_v person_n be_v there_o to_o who_o their_o baptism_n be_v no_o help_n nor_o advantage_n they_o notwithstanding_o it_o be_v unbelieving_a unholy_a profane_a person_n to_o this_o i_o answer_v with_o cyprian_a to_o take_v upon_o we_o christ_n name_n cypr._n christi_fw-la nomen_fw-la endure_v &_o non_fw-la per_fw-la christi_fw-la viam_fw-la pergere_fw-la quid_fw-la aliud_fw-la est_fw-la quam_fw-la praevaricatio_fw-la divini_fw-la nominis_fw-la cypr._n and_o not_o to_o walk_v in_o his_o way_n be_v but_o to_o profane_v and_o abuse_v his_o most_o holy_a name_n the_o soldier_n take_v press-money_n or_o be_v list_v help_v he_o if_o he_o run_v from_o his_o colour_n very_o little_a unless_o it_o be_v to_o a_o shameful_a end_n of_o his_o life_n but_o if_o he_o keep_v he_o to_o his_o colour_n it_o help_v he_o to_o his_o pay_n and_o to_o his_o reward_n according_a to_o his_o service_n a_o man_n may_v have_v in_o his_o yard_n several_a piece_n of_o timber_n which_o do_v he_o no_o service_n at_o all_o he_o may_v have_v great_a heap_n of_o stone_n that_o do_v he_o no_o good_a but_o only_o annoy_v and_o trouble_v his_o yard_n but_o if_o this_o man_n begin_v to_o build_v than_o they_o help_v he_o every_o stone_n every_o foot_n of_o timber_n be_v useful_a to_o he_o it_o be_v thus_o with_o our_o baptism_n it_o lie_v by_o we_o of_o little_a use_n till_o we_o begin_v the_o spiritual_a build_n it_o be_v a_o piece_n of_o timber_n a_o stone_n cut_v out_o and_o square_v for_o that_o when_o a_o man_n begin_v this_o work_n than_o his_o baptism_n help_v in_o short_a the_o water_n of_o baptism_n be_v much_o like_o the_o water_n of_o jealousy_n of_o which_o you_o read_v numb_a 5._o 27._o if_o the_o defile_a woman_n adventure_v to_o drink_v of_o it_o it_o become_v bitter_a and_o make_v her_o belly_n to_o swell_v and_o her_o thigh_n to_o rot_v and_o the_o woman_n to_o be_v a_o curse_n among_o her_o people_n but_o if_o she_o be_v clean_o it_o make_v her_o fruitful_a so_o do_v the_o water_n of_o baptism_n in_o a_o more_o spiritual_a sense_n if_o the_o baptize_v person_n after_o it_o live_v a_o unbelieving_a unholy_a life_n it_o cause_v a_o rot_n in_o he_o and_o become_v a_o curse_n to_o he_o but_o if_o a_o person_n adher_v to_o the_o faith_n and_o live_v a_o holy_a life_n in_o conformity_n to_o his_o baptismal-dedication_n and_o vow_n and_o make_v use_v of_o his_o baptism_n it_o make_v he_o fruitful_a and_o help_v he_o in_o every_o good_a work_n 4._o the_o last_o thing_n wherein_o i_o shall_v show_v you_o the_o usefulness_n of_o this_o sacred_a institution_n be_v with_o reference_n to_o its_o confirm_v seal_v to_o and_o assure_v of_o the_o soul_n 1._o it_o seal_v to_o we_o assure_v we_o of_o and_o confirm_v to_o we_o the_o truth_n seal_v baptism_n be_v useful_a to_o assure_v confirm_v and_o seal_v of_o the_o great_a proposition_n of_o the_o gospel_n that_o this_o rite_n be_v use_v in_o the_o apostolical_a church_n that_o it_o have_v be_v use_v ever_o since_o in_o the_o church_n of_o christ_n be_v out_o of_o doubt_n now_o what_o be_v the_o meaning_n of_o it_o what_o do_v it_o signify_v but_o that_o christ_n be_v come_v into_o the_o world_n to_o save_v sinner_n and_o that_o our_o soul_n be_v wash_v clean_o from_o their_o filthiness_n by_o the_o blood_n of_o
the_o house_n to_o the_o congregation_n think_v in_o that_o action_n i_o have_v something_o else_o to_o do_v than_o to_o entertain_v my_o friend_n with_o ordinary_a discourse_n second_o that_o all_o person_n baptize_v may_v from_o hence_o be_v instruct_v how_o useful_a their_o baptism_n may_v be_v to_o they_o if_o the_o fault_n be_v not_o in_o themselves_o though_o it_o do_v not_o actual_o justify_v and_o wash_v away_o original_a sin_n which_o i_o dare_v not_o assert_v by_o this_o short_a discourse_n reader_n thou_o may_v if_o i_o mistake_v not_o easy_o understand_v the_o nature_n of_o baptism_n and_o of_o thy_o engagement_n to_o god_n in_o thy_o baptism_n and_o know_v how_o to_o make_v use_n of_o a_o ordinance_n of_o god_n under_o which_o thou_o have_v be_v bring_v and_o which_o it_o may_v be_v have_v lyen_fw-we dead_a by_o thou_o many_o year_n because_o thou_o know_v not_o how_o to_o make_v a_o spiritual_a use_n of_o it_o such_o as_o the_o discourse_n be_v it_o be_v now_o tender_v to_o thou_o if_o it_o do_v thy_o soul_n any_o good_a pray_v for_o the_o author_n who_o be_v a_o debtor_n to_o thou_o and_o to_o all_o in_o the_o business_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o thy_o most_o affectionate_a friend_n and_o servant_n for_o thy_o soul_n advantage_n john_n collinges_n norwich_n dec._n 13._o 1680._o rom_n vi_o 3_o 4._o know_v you_o not_o that_o so_o many_o of_o we_o as_o be_v baptize_v into_o jesus_n christ_n be_v baptize_v into_o his_o death_n therefore_o we_o be_v bury_v with_o he_o by_o baptism_n into_o death_n etc._n etc._n the_o great_a apostle_n of_o the_o gentile_n in_o this_o epistle_n have_v be_v vindicate_v the_o same_o bless_a doctrine_n concern_v the_o justification_n of_o the_o soul_n before_o god_n by_o the_o righteousness_n of_o christ_n which_o chap._n 4._o v._n 6._o he_o call_v a_o impute_v of_o righteousness_n without_o work_n receive_v by_o faith_n which_o we_o be_v at_o this_o day_n contend_v for_o a_o doctrine_n which_o luther_n be_v wont_a to_o call_v the_o article_n of_o a_o stand_n or_o fall_v church_n a_o church_n keep_v or_o lose_v its_o purity_n and_o integrity_n as_o it_o uphold_v or_o lose_v this_o great_a truth_n of_o which_o we_o may_v say_v as_o one_o of_o the_o ancient_n concern_v that_o text_n 1_o tim._n 1._o 15._o it_o be_v a_o faithful_a say_n and_o worthy_a of_o all_o acceptation_n that_o jesus_n christ_n come_v into_o the_o world_n to_o save_v sinner_n we_o can_v better_o want_v the_o sun_n in_o the_o firmament_n than_o this_o great_a light_n in_o holy_a writ_n or_o as_o david_n say_v of_o the_o sword_n of_o goliath_n 1517._o v._o lutheri_n epist_n ad_fw-la eremitam_fw-la in_fw-la sculteti_fw-la annal_n in_o anno_fw-la 1517._o there_o be_v none_o to_o it_o without_o which_o it_o be_v impossible_a to_o relieve_v a_o soul_n in_o a_o distress_n of_o conscience_n and_o under_o the_o violence_n of_o a_o temptation_n as_o luther_n right_o judge_v upon_o his_o restore_n of_o this_o great_a point_n in_o germany_n in_o the_o begin_n of_o that_o reformation_n of_o which_o god_n make_v he_o so_o bless_v a_o instrument_n this_o be_v that_o great_a doctrine_n which_o make_v st._n paul_n profess_v chap._n 1._o v._n 16._o that_o notwithstanding_o all_o the_o opposition_n the_o jew_n make_v to_o it_o notwithstanding_o all_o their_o scoff_v and_o drollery_n he_o be_v not_o ashamed_a of_o the_o gospel_n of_o christ_n for_o it_o be_v the_o power_n of_o god_n to_o salvation_n to_o every_o one_o that_o believe_v to_o the_o jew_n first_o and_o also_o to_o the_o greek_a for_o v._n 17._o therein_o the_o righteousness_n of_o god_n be_v reveal_v from_o faith_n to_o faith_n and_o conformable_a to_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o old_a testament_n the_o new_a testament_n be_v as_o augustine_n call_v it_o the_o revelation_n of_o the_o old_a as_o the_o old_a be_v occultatio_fw-la novi_fw-la the_o new_a testament_n in_o a_o mystery_n for_o it_o be_v write_v there_o hab._n 2._o 4._o the_o just_a shall_v live_v by_o faith_n that_o text_n rom._n 1._o 17._o luther_n tell_v we_o infinite_o perplex_v he_o he_o be_v miserable_o torture_v to_o understand_v how_o the_o righteousness_n of_o god_n shall_v be_v reveal_v from_o faith_n to_o faith_n for_o still_o he_o dream_v have_v be_v all_o his_o life-time_n before_o a_o papist_n of_o a_o righteousness_n of_o his_o own_o but_o at_o last_o he_o begin_v to_o conceive_v that_o the_o righteousness_n of_o god_n may_v signify_v in_o a_o passive_a sense_n not_o a_o righteousness_n in_o which_o a_o man_n shall_v walk_v before_o and_o towards_o god_n but_o the_o righteousness_n wherein_o a_o man_n shall_v appear_v before_o god_n as_o righteous_a as_o the_o power_n of_o god_n and_o the_o wisdom_n of_o god_n in_o some_o text_n signify_v that_o power_n by_o which_o god_n make_v we_o strong_a and_o that_o wisdom_n by_o which_o god_n make_v we_o wise_a now_o as_o life_n and_o immortality_n so_o this_o righteousness_n be_v not_o first_o discover_v but_o bring_v to_o light_v by_o the_o gospel_n full_o and_o clear_o there_o manifest_v when_o luther_n apprehend_v this_o he_o praefat_fw-la jam_fw-la quanto_fw-la odio_fw-la vocabulum_fw-la justitia_fw-la dei_fw-la oderam_fw-la ante_fw-la tanto_fw-la amore_fw-la dulcissimum_fw-la istud_fw-la vocabulum_fw-la extollebam_fw-la ita_fw-la miki_n iste_fw-la locus_fw-la pauli_n fuit_fw-la veer_fw-la porta_n paradisi_fw-la luth._o jenae_n t._n 1._o open_fw-mi in_o praefat_fw-la tell_v we_o the_o gospel_n look_v upon_o he_o with_o quite_o another_o face_n now_o say_v he_o look_v how_o much_o i_o before_o hate_v that_o word_n the_o righteousness_n of_o god_n so_o much_o now_o i_o love_v that_o most_o sweet_a word_n and_o that_o place_n of_o st._n paul_n be_v to_o i_o the_o very_a gate_n of_o heaven_n this_o doctrine_n be_v but_o dark_o reveal_v in_o the_o old_a testament_n in_o type_n and_o prophecy_n and_o dark_a say_n but_o in_o the_o gospel_n it_o be_v full_o reveal_v viz._n that_o the_o righteousness_n by_o which_o a_o soul_n be_v justify_v and_o by_o which_o it_o must_v stand_v righteous_a before_o god_n be_v not_o a_o righteousness_n of_o work_n neither_o a_o obedience_n of_o the_o law_n contain_v in_o ordinance_n which_o law_n be_v perish_v nor_o yet_o our_o obedience_n to_o the_o moral_a law_n whether_o by_o work_n do_v before_o or_o after_o conversion_n but_o the_o righteousness_n of_o jesus_n christ_n on_o god_n part_n impute_v to_o we_o without_o work_n on_o our_o part_n receive_v by_o faith_n as_o it_o be_v expound_v phil._n 3._o 10._o and_o in_o several_a other_o place_n of_o the_o new_a testament_n the_o apostle_n have_v lay_v down_o this_o proposition_n in_o chap._n 1._o v._n 16_o 17._o he_o confirm_v it_o by_o a_o very_a great_a variety_n of_o argument_n in_o the_o remain_a part_n of_o the_o first_o chapter_n and_o in_o chap._n 2_o 3_o 4_o 5._o in_o the_o first_o and_o second_o chapter_n he_o prove_v it_o by_o a_o induction_n if_o work_n will_v justify_v any_o they_o must_v either_o be_v the_o work_n of_o the_o heathen_n or_o the_o work_n of_o the_o jew_n as_o to_o the_o first_o he_o prove_v that_o the_o work_n of_o the_o heathen_n can_v not_o for_o they_o be_v abominable_a such_o as_o the_o wrath_n of_o god_n be_v reveal_v against_o act_n of_o ungodliness_n and_o unrighteousness_n chap._n 2._o he_o prove_v that_o the_o work_n of_o the_o jew_n can_v not_o for_o they_o be_v imperfect_a and_o they_o rest_v in_o some_o ritual_n and_o external_a privilege_n which_o can_v never_o justify_v a_o soul_n in_o the_o three_o and_o four_o chapter_n he_o prove_v it_o as_o by_o other_o argument_n so_o from_o the_o instance_n of_o abraham_n and_o david_n the_o same_o way_n that_o abraham_n the_o father_n of_o the_o faithful_a be_v justify_v the_o same_o way_n must_v all_o believer_n his_o child_n be_v justify_v and_o the_o same_o way_n that_o david_n be_v justify_v the_o same_o way_n also_o must_v we_o be_v justify_v but_o abraham_n and_o david_n be_v both_o justify_v by_o a_o impute_a righteousness_n in_o the_o five_o chapter_n he_o argue_v from_o the_o sweet_a fruit_n which_o flow_v from_o justification_n by_o faith_n in_o that_o chapter_n v._o 20._o he_o have_v say_v but_o where_o sin_n abound_v grace_n do_v much_o more_o abound_v the_o wise_a apostle_n foresee_v there_o will_v be_v that_o very_o clamorous_a objection_n make_v which_o we_o hear_v now_o make_v against_o this_o excellent_a doctrine_n of_o the_o gospel_n viz._n that_o it_o open_v a_o door_n to_o licentiousness_n destroy_v any_o obligation_n to_o good_a work_n give_v a_o licence_n to_o sin_n etc._n etc._n he_o therefore_o in_o this_o chapter_n obviate_v this_o silly_a or_o malicious_a cavil_n what_o shall_v we_o say_v then_o say_v he_o shall_v we_o continue_v in_o sin_n that_o grace_n may_v bound_v may_v we_o then_o neglect_v any_o good_a work_n because_o we_o
christ_n so_o that_o either_o these_o thing_n must_v be_v true_a undoubted_o true_a or_o the_o whole_a christian_a world_n in_o all_o age_n have_v be_v mistake_v 2._o it_o seat_v and_o confirm_v this_o unto_o we_o that_o if_o we_o true_o repent_v and_o receive_v the_o lord_n jesus_n christ_n our_o sin_n shall_v be_v wash_v away_o with_o his_o blood_n and_o sin_n shall_v not_o have_v dominion_n over_o we_o these_o be_v the_o two_o great_a promise_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o in_o baptism_n there_o be_v a_o mutual_a stipulation_n it_o be_v neither_o a_o single_a promise_n on_o god_n part_n to_o we_o nor_o a_o single_a vow_n on_o our_o part_n to_o god_n but_o it_o be_v a_o covenant_n god_n covenant_n in_o our_o flesh_n as_o god_n himself_o style_v circumcision_n to_o which_o baptism_n succee_v be_v a_o seal_n of_o the_o same_o covenant_n 3._o it_o be_v a_o confirmation_n to_o we_o of_o our_o favour_n with_o god_n liberty_n of_o access_n unto_o god_n in_o baptism_n we_o have_v the_o name_n of_o god_n put_v upon_o we_o the_o baptize_v person_n like_o the_o circumcise_a jew_n be_v call_v by_o god_n name_n in_o populum_fw-la dei_fw-la adoptatur_fw-la he_o be_v adopt_v into_o god_n family_n it_o be_v very_o pleasant_a to_o see_v and_o observe_v what_o use_n the_o servant_n of_o god_n have_v make_v of_o this_o be_v call_v by_o god_n name_n in_o their_o plead_n with_o god_n jer._n 14_o 9_o thou_o o_o lord_n be_v in_o the_o midst_n of_o we_o and_o we_o be_v call_v by_o thy_o name_n leave_v we_o not_o jer._n 15._o 16._o i_o be_o call_v by_o thy_o name_n o_o thou_o lord_n god_n of_o host_n dan._n 9_o 18_o 19_o o_o my_o god_n incline_v thy_o ear_n and_o hear_v and_o behold_v our_o desolation_n and_o the_o city_n which_o be_v call_v by_o thy_o name_n o_o lord_n hear_v o_o lord_n forgive_v o_o lord_n hearken_v and_o do_v for_o thy_o own_o sake_n o_o my_o god_n for_o thy_o city_n and_o thy_o people_n be_v call_v by_o thy_o name_n shall_v not_o a_o christian_n that_o forget_v not_o the_o kindness_n of_o his_o youth_n and_o the_o love_n of_o his_o espousal_n go_v to_o god_n and_o say_v lord_n leave_v i_o not_o i_o be_v baptize_v into_o thy_o name_n or_o lord_n help_v i_o for_o i_o be_v baptize_v into_o thy_o name_n mark_v how_o many_o promise_n be_v make_v to_o those_o that_o be_v call_v by_o the_o lord_n name_n 2_o chron._n 7._o 13_o 14._o if_o i_o shut_v up_o heaven_n that_o there_o be_v no_o rain_n etc._n etc._n if_o my_o people_n which_o be_v call_v by_o my_o name_n shall_v humble_v themselves_o and_o pray_v and_o seek_v my_o face_n and_o turn_v from_o their_o wicked_a way_n then_o will_v i_o hear_v from_o heaven_n and_o will_v forgive_v their_o sin_n and_o will_v heal_v their_o land_n so_o isa_n 46._o 6_o 7._o i_o will_v say_v to_o the_o north_n give_v up_o and_o to_o the_o south_n keep_v not_o back_o bring_v my_o son_n from_o far_o and_o my_o daughter_n from_o the_o end_n of_o the_o earth_n even_o every_o one_o that_o be_v call_v by_o my_o name_n for_o i_o have_v create_v he_o for_o my_o glory_n i_o have_v form_v he_o yea_o i_o have_v make_v he_o admit_v a_o soul_n to_o live_v up_o to_o his_o baptismal-dedication_n and_o covenant_n his_o baptism_n furnish_v he_o with_o a_o great_a argument_n to_o go_v unto_o god_n with_o and_o with_o a_o great_a confidence_n and_o boldness_n in_o his_o address_n to_o the_o throne_n of_o grace_n by_o reason_n of_o the_o promise_n to_o person_n under_o those_o circumstance_n thus_o i_o have_v large_o show_v you_o the_o usefulness_n of_o this_o sacred_a institution_n and_o finish_v this_o my_o first_o branch_n of_o application_n i_o now_o proceed_v to_o further_a branch_n instruct_v 2._o observe_v from_o hence_o how_o great_a the_o duty_n be_v which_o lie_v upon_o all_o baptize_v person_n i_o will_v open_v it_o to_o you_o in_o three_o or_o four_o particular_n 1._o there_o lie_v a_o duty_n upon_o they_o to_o hold_v fast_o the_o profession_n of_o the_o faith_n of_o the_o gospel_n judas_n v._n 3._o exhort_v that_o we_o shall_v contend_v earnest_o for_o the_o faith_n which_o be_v once_o deliver_v to_o the_o saint_n st._n paul_n phil._n 1._o 27._o command_v we_o together_o to_o strive_v for_o the_o faith_n of_o the_o gospel_n the_o apostle_n to_o the_o hebrew_n call_v to_o we_o to_o hold_v fast_o our_o profession_n heb_fw-mi 4._o 14._o the_o profession_n of_o our_o faith_n heb._n 10._o 23._o this_o discourse_n will_v let_v you_o see_v the_o engagement_n which_o we_o have_v to_o do_v it_o we_o be_v baptize_v into_o it_o we_o be_v strive_v for_o needless_a rite_n and_o ceremony_n thing_n of_o no_o value_n and_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n forget_v this_o strive_n for_o the_o fundamental_a truth_n of_o the_o gospel_n these_o be_v the_o thing_n we_o be_v to_o strive_v to_o contend_v for_o to_o be_v tenacious_a of_o our_o baptism_n lay_v a_o engagement_n upon_o we_o as_o to_o this_o for_o we_o be_v not_o baptize_v into_o moses_n but_o into_o christ_n that_o be_v into_o the_o public_a and_o steady_a profession_n of_o the_o truth_n and_o doctrine_n of_o the_o gospel_n and_o whosoever_o apostatize_v from_o that_o profession_n renounce_v his_o baptism_n forget_v both_o his_o own_o dedication_n in_o it_o and_o his_o own_o covenant_n and_o obligation_n by_o it_o baptise_a person_n have_v set_v to_o their_o seal_n that_o god_n be_v true_a and_o the_o doctrine_n of_o his_o gospel_n be_v true_a and_o that_o they_o will_v own_v it_o and_o persevere_v in_o it_o 2._o hence_o it_o appear_v that_o all_o baptize_v person_n be_v by_o their_o baptism_n oblige_v to_o the_o acceptation_n of_o christ_n as_o their_o spiritual_a husband_n i_o have_v say_v the_o apostle_n espouse_v you_o to_o one_o husband_n that_o one_o husband_n be_v christ_n the_o contract_n be_v make_v in_o baptism_n the_o espousal_n be_v upon_o the_o admission_n of_o the_o soul_n into_o the_o fellowship_n of_o the_o church_n upon_o the_o visible_a evidence_n of_o his_o faith_n and_o repentance_n you_o know_v sometime_o there_o be_v contract_n betwixt_o person_n that_o be_v not_o of_o age_n for_o the_o consummation_n of_o marriage_n the_o contract_n be_v in_o verbis_fw-la de_fw-la futuro_fw-la in_o word_n respect_v the_o time_n that_o be_v to_o come_v the_o marriage_n be_v in_o verbis_fw-la de_fw-la praesenti_fw-la in_o word_n oblige_v for_o the_o present_a the_o difference_n be_v in_o those_o word_n i_o will_v take_v which_o be_v the_o word_n of_o a_o contract_n and_o i_o do_v take_v which_o be_v the_o word_n use_v in_o a_o actual_a marriage_n every_o person_n in_o baptism_n be_v contract_v to_o christ_n every_o person_n be_v not_o of_o age_n for_o a_o actual_a marriage_n to_o which_o repentance_n and_o knowledge_n be_v precedaneous_a but_o every_o baptise_a infant_n say_v i_o will_v take_v christ_n for_o my_o wed_a husband_n and_o lord_n the_o act_n in_o infant-baptism_n be_v indeed_o rather_o the_o act_n of_o the_o parent_n than_o the_o child_n which_o be_v not_o yet_o capable_a of_o a_o rational_a act_n but_o be_v it_o so_o the_o parent_n have_v such_o a_o right_a in_o the_o child_n that_o it_o stand_v bind_v to_o abide_v by_o the_o act_n of_o its_o natural_a guardian_n unless_o the_o child_n grow_v up_o can_v show_v a_o sufficient_a reason_n to_o the_o contrary_n it_o be_v thus_o adjudge_v as_o to_o all_o legal_a act_n what_o the_o legal_a guardian_n do_v the_o infant_n and_o person_n in_o nonage_n do_v it_o hold_v much_o more_o in_o thing_n spiritual_a where_o there_o be_v a_o precedaneous_a obligation_n to_o any_o humane_a law_n upon_o every_o child_n to_o confirm_v and_o justify_v its_o parent_n act_v for_o every_o soul_n be_v bind_v to_o this_o and_o the_o parent_n herein_o engage_v the_o child_n no_o further_o than_o be_v its_o precedaneous_a duty_n in_o obedience_n to_o god_n so_o as_o the_o parent_n obligation_n that_o the_o child_n shall_v accept_v of_o jesus_n christ_n as_o its_o saviour_n and_o perform_v what_o god_n require_v of_o it_o in_o order_n to_o its_o salvation_n be_v real_o a_o obligation_n upon_o the_o child_n to_o do_v what_o its_o spiritual_a guardian_n have_v solemn_o oblige_v for_o it_o so_o as_o every_o baptize_v person_n stand_v bind_v to_o believe_v in_o the_o lord_n jesus_n and_o to_o live_v a_o holy_a life_n 3._o it_o follow_v from_o hence_o that_o there_o be_v a_o duty_n incumbent_n upon_o all_o good_a christian_n even_o with_o their_o blood_n to_o maintain_v and_o defend_v the_o truth_n of_o the_o gospel_n i_o will_v be_v right_o understand_v not_o that_o all_o man_n be_v engage_v in_o such_o case_n to_o take_v up_o arm_n in_o the_o defence_n of_o the_o great_a truth_n of_o the_o gospel_n that_o require_v a_o lawful_a authority_n to_o call_v they_o to_o