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A39790 A few words in season to all the inhabitants of Earth being a call unto them to leave off their wickedness, and to turn to the Lord before it be too late. Fletcher, Elizabeth, 17th cent. 1660 (1660) Wing F1328; ESTC R6744 3,181 10 View Text
A93309 The unskillful skirmisher rebuked for blasphemy being a brief answer to to a pamphlet entituled, A skirmish made upon Quakerism. Sixmith, Bryan, d. 1679. 1676 (1676) Wing S3924; ESTC R229399 3,659 7 View Text
A41059 A paper concerning such as are made ministers by the will of man Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702.; Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1659 (1659) Wing F634A; ESTC R27978 4,189 4 View Text
A91923 Love to the captives: or, The love of God to the world; who so loved the world, that he gave his onely begotten son, to be the light of the world, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have eternal life, and no man cometh to the father, but by him, (who is the redeemer of the captives.) Given forth for their sakes, who desire to turn to the Lord, or to see a return out of captivity, declaring the way to God, and where power against sin may be received, that your souls may no longer be held under the snare of the Divel, nor you be made a prey upon by deceivers, but come away to the light, which is the power of God unto salvation; and he that believes shall be saved, and he that believes not shall be damned. Rofe, George, d. 1664. 1657 (1657) Wing R1786; Thomason E903_1; ESTC R207415 6,715 8 View Text
A49853 A looking-glass for the episcopal people shewing them how they walk contrary to the common-prayer they profess and teach / written in true love that might come to know the truth as it is in Jesus, by a lover and friend of truth, though by the world reproachfully called a Quaker, Francis Lea. Lea, Francis. 1674 (1674) Wing L765; ESTC R34963 6,730 13 View Text
B17247 The true light owned and vindicated, and the believers in it defended and blasphemy and blasphemers justly detected Ashby, Richard, 1663?-1734.; Fiddeman, John.; Cade, John. 1699 (1699) Wing A3943; ESTC R35834 6,902 15 View Text
A60660 To the present authority or heads of the nation of England this among others is my testimony which for the Lord is given, as well to them that were in authority as to the suffering seed which hath layen under and suffered hitherto by both those powers. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1660 (1660) Wing S4338; ESTC R8809 6,938 10 View Text
A89784 The nutcracker crackt by the Nutt, and the backers cake starke dow: being the vindication of honest men, from the scandalous aspersions of Thomas Bakewell the baker in hanging-sword court neere Fleetestreete Conduite. ... in his learned book called the confutation of the Anabaptists, with a nut-cracker. The which is crackt by the nut against whom it was made, who admonisheth Bakewell to turne to his old trade of bakinge again; and mend his manners therein: ... Thus in this following discourse you shall see the slanderous lyer found out: the fool answered according to his foolishnesse, and the bakers cake starke dow: / by Thomas Nutt. Nutt, Thomas, 17th cent. 1644 (1644) Wing N1476; Thomason E254_11; ESTC R210056 7,691 8 View Text
A84831 The unmasking and discovering of Anti-Christ, with all the false prophets, by the true light which comes from Christ Jesus, written forth to convince the seducers, and for the undeceiving of the seduced. / By George Fox. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1653 (1653) Wing F1974; Thomason E829_9; ESTC R30385 8,813 8 View Text
A78119 A declaration and vindication of the carriage of Edward Barber, at the parish meeting house of Benetfinck London Fryday the 14. of July 1648. after the morning exercise of Mr Callamy was ended, wherein the pride of the ministers, and Babylonish or confused carriage of the hearers is laid down. As also the false aspersions cast npon [sic] him, he doing nothing but what was according to the primitive institution, and is & ought to be in the best reformed churches according to the protestation and covenant. By E.B. freeman of England, and citizen and marchant-Taylor of London. Barber, Edward, d. 1674? 1648 (1648) Wing B693; Thomason E458_8; ESTC R205029 8,814 8 View Text
A87227 Confidence questioned: or, A brief examination of some doctrines delivered by M. Thomas Willes of Bottolphs Billings-Gate, in a sermon preached by him at Margrets New-Fish-Street, the 7th of Decemb. 1657. Also, some questions touching his pretended call and authority to preach the Gospel. By Jeremiah Ives. Ives, Jeremiah, fl. 1653-1674. 1657 (1657) Wing I1095; Thomason E932_2; ESTC R207665 8,815 18 View Text
A86912 Truth cleared from reproaches and scandals, laid upon it by those, who goes by the name of judges, and who went the northern circuit. Also some examinations of those whom the world calls Quakers. Hunter, Cuthbert. 1654 (1654) Wing H3765; Thomason E821_7; ESTC R207367 9,854 16 View Text
A49812 A serious remembrancer to live well written primarily to children and young people, secondarily to parents, useful (I hope) for all : lastly, compendious remarks of the death of Jonah Lawson who finished his course upon earth the 23d day of the month called February, 1683, in the 14th year of his age / [by] Tho. Lawson. Lawson, Thomas, 1630-1691. 1684 (1684) Wing L727; ESTC R34960 10,152 32 View Text
A60665 The wisdom of the earthly wife confounded, or, A manifestation of the spirits of some envious professors who are ready to prefer the hireling priests works of darkness, whose works are against the revelation and coming of Christ in spirit, as their fore-fathers works of cruelty and murder were against him in the dayes of his flesh, as may be seen at large in the scriptures of truth ... this was chiefly occasioned by some nonconformists promoting the works of darkness of a conformist (or chief priest of Warsick-shire, called, Thomas Willson, in his book, ... who slanderously charges the people called Quakers to be false interpreters of the Holy Scriptures) wherein is something of answer to such as have any true tenderness left in them, and would receive the truth if they knew it, but its like to the hard-hearted, stubborn and rebellious (like those, Matth. 27.25. who said, his blood be upon us and upon our children) it will be foolishness, as is the preaching of the cross to them that perish ... / by William Smith. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1679 (1679) Wing S4345; ESTC R9981 10,614 16 View Text
A84135 The deeds of Dr. Denison a little more manifested. By his ansvver to the defence of John Etherington. VVhich he published in Anno Dom. 1641. against his false accusations and the depositions of his false witnesses. Whereupon he was censured by the high commission court. And his reply to the doctors answer. Which answer he hath added to his Woolfe-sermon booke. Etherington, John, fl. 1641-1645. 1642 (1642) Wing E3383; Thomason E147_9; ESTC R22317 10,645 17 View Text
A92015 The sins of a gainsaying and rebellious people laid before them ... Also a word to foolish merchants ... / Written at the command of the Lord, by one of his servants called, John Rous. Rous, John, d. 1695.; Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1659 (1659) Wing R2044; ESTC R182860 10,953 8 View Text
A40350 A visition [sic] of love unto all people (in whose hearts there are any true, honest tender desires begotten towards God and his righteousness) in what sect or opinion or profession soever theybe [sic] in which is not in the light ... / by a labourer in the power of truth (which doth make free) for the deliverance and freedom of the righteous seed, George Fox the younger. Fox, George, d. 1661. 1659 (1659) Wing F2017; ESTC R29859 10,993 14 View Text
A40351 A visitation of love unto all people (in whose hearts there are any true honest tender desires begotten towards God and his righteousness) in what sect or opinion or profession soever they be ... / by a labourer in the power of truth (which doth make free) for the deliverance and freedom of the righteous seed, George Fox the younger. Fox, George, d. 1661. 1659 (1659) Wing F2018; ESTC R28243 10,997 17 View Text
A88239 The prisoners mournfull cry, against the Iudges of the Kings Bench. Or an epistle writ by lieut. col. John Lilburne, prisoner in the tower of London, unto Mr. Iustice Roll : declaring the illegall dealing of himself, and Mr. Justice Bacon with him, in reference to his habeas corpus. Vnto which is annexed his two petitions to the said Iudges, and the petitions of Mr. William Thompson, and Mr. Woodward &c. in which are contained a lash for Mr. Oliver Cromwell and other his spaniolised creatures. With divers other remarkable things worth publique view. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1648 (1648) Wing L2164; Thomason E441_17; ESTC R204903 11,084 8 View Text
A34431 Episcopacie asserted, as it now stands established in our church and common-wealth with the titles of honours, the dignity of authority, the endowments of revenues : by these following argumnts taken 1 from the Word of God, 2 from the light of nature, 3 from the rights of His Majesty, 4 from the lawes of the kingdome, 5 from the lawes of civility and common humanity / by Thomas Cooke ... Cooke, Thomas, d. 1669. 1641 (1641) Wing C6039; ESTC R11518 12,655 27 View Text
A56017 A general epistle to friends everywhere who have received, believe and know the truth of God as it is in Jesus.; General epistle to friends every where. Parke, James, 1636-1696. 1687 (1687) Wing P370; ESTC R216935 12,984 17 View Text
A89249 The true light hath made manifest darknesse: or, Sion builded up, and Babylon cast downe. With a true answer of what the Baptist teachers objected against the servant of the Lord who in scorn is called a Quaker, and known to the world by the name of Iohn Moon, in several places in VVales, both in Radnorshire, and Breck-nockshire, whose names are these. Hugh Evans, John Price, Daniel Penry, Reese Davies, John Prosser, Evans Oliver, and Vavasor Powel, who are called ministers of the gospel, but are found to be enemies to it. Some of Vavasor Powel's doctrine tryed, and made manifest by the light. And also some queries given forth, and are to be answered by them that lives in observations. This is given forth by me who is a lover of the truth, and known to the world by this name, John Moone. Moon, John, fl. 1657-1685. 1657 (1657) Wing M2526; Thomason E909_4; ESTC R207461 13,726 23 View Text
A01235 The priuiledges of the vpright in heart Expressed in brief meditations upon the 84 Psalme: and more particularly vpon the 11 verse thereof. Studied for the vse of the right worshipfull Company of Drapers London By W.F. Freake, William. 1639 (1639) STC 11347.5; ESTC S120859 14,597 40 View Text
A67913 The free-born English mans plea for justice: or, A cry against post-fact laws. Being a survey of the controversies touching the late purchased titles through the true perspective of justice. By William Jackson, one who hath lived to see the famine of justice removed, and hopes to see it continue as plentifully amongst us; as food in Samaria; after the flight of these Assirians: 2 Kings, 7. Jackson, William, 1636 or 7-1680. 1660 (1660) Wing J93; ESTC R207910 14,659 20 View Text
A09576 Gods generall summons to his last parliament. By George Phillips Phillips, George, fl. 1597. 1595 (1595) STC 19859; ESTC S114702 14,661 50 View Text
A13540 A good husband and a good wife layd open in a sermon, preached by Mr Thomas Taylor ... ; and published by Iohn Sedguuicke. Taylor, Thomas, 1576-1632.; Sedgwick, John, 1600 or 1601-1643. 1625 (1625) STC 23829; ESTC S1374 15,209 29 View Text
A66395 The divine authority of the scriptures a sermon peached at St. Martin's in the Fields, May 4. 1695 : being the fifth of the lecture for this present year, founded by the honourable Robert Boyle, Esquire / by John Williams ... Williams, John, 1636?-1709.; Boyle, Robert, 1627-1691. 1695 (1695) Wing W2703; ESTC R1958 15,579 40 View Text
A40298 To the Great Turk and his King at Argiers together with a postscript of George Pattison's taking the Turks and setting them on their own shoar. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Lurting, Thomas. 1632-1713. Of George Pattisons taking the Turks about the 8 month, 1663. 1680 (1680) Wing F1956; ESTC R28611 16,203 24 View Text
A41001 Universal redemption offered in Jesus Christ in opposition to that pernicious and destructive doctrine of election and reprobation of persons from everlasting. By Jane Fearon. Fearon, Jane, 1654 or 5-1737. 1693 (1693) Wing F576A; ESTC R218275 16,377 57 View Text
A60650 A second relation from Hertford containing the unjust proceedings of some called justice there at the general quarter sessions, upon the tryal of one and twenty innocent persons called Quakers for a pretended breach of the late act, with an account of the most material passages between the prisoners and the court, the 3d, 4th, and 5th dayes of the 8th moneth, 1664 : whereby it appears that meeting to worship God in spirit and truth is the great crime for which they are under so grievous a sentence, and that whatever is pretended by those that love the title of justice, yet in very deed they hate justice it self, as by their proceedings appears / by W.S. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1664 (1664) Wing S4326; ESTC R32690 16,865 24 View Text
A62596 A sermon preached at White-hall, April the 4th, 1679 by John Tillotson ... Tillotson, John, 1630-1694. 1679 (1679) Wing T1233; ESTC R10423 16,980 46 View Text
A28234 A little treatise concerning things indifferent in relation unto worship directed to the King and his council and all others who are concerned (or do think themselves so to be) in matters of religion : for them to weigh well, mind, and consider (if they please) ere any determination be had in things of that nature / by one that loves the truth and peace, George Bishope. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1663 (1663) Wing B2997; ESTC R23090 17,476 24 View Text
A52300 The standard of the Lord lifted up in New-England, in opposition to the man of sin, or, The trumpet of the Lord sounding there with a visitation to the suffering seed of God in New-England or elsewhere with a warning from the Lord to the rulers and magistrates, priests, and people of New-England, but more especially to the rulers and magistrates of the bloody town of Boston, who have put the servants of the living God to death / written (in the prison at Boston in New-England in America) by ... Joseph Nicholson. Nicholson, Joseph, 17th cent. 1660 (1660) Wing N1109; ESTC R4235 17,642 26 View Text
A44811 Truth lifting up its head above slander in an answer to Thomas Jackson, late priest of Stoke in Sussex, his lying paper which he left in the north of England / by Francis Howgill ; whereunto is added something by way of letter from another hand to the said T.J. shewing the reasons why it is meet to publish the same at this time ... ; likewise a brief rehearsal of some remarkable passages out of E.B. his book called Satan's design defeated. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669.; Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. Satans designe defeated. 1663 (1663) Wing H3186; ESTC R178363 18,130 24 View Text
A40739 A testimony to the true light which is the vvay of life and righteousness, to all that obey it, and are subject to its requirings : being a serious admonition to all people to turn to the Lord, but more especially intended for the inhabitants of the town of Colchester and parts adjacent / by John Furly ; also, a true relation how the Lord made manifest strength in weakness, and raised up a living testimony to his eternal truth, in a child of his, (named, Elizabeth, who deceased the 16th of the twelf moneth, called February 1669) to the admiration of all that were about her. Furly, John, 1618-1686. 1670 (1670) Wing F2541A; ESTC R40428 18,251 31 View Text
A41057 False prophets, antichrists, deceivers which are in the world, which John prophesied of, which hath long been hid and covered, but now is unmasked in these last dayes with the eternal light which is risen ... ; also a word to the heads and governors of this nation, who have put forth a declaration for the keeping of a day of humiliation for the persecution (as they say) of the poor inhabitants in the valley of Lucerna, Angrona, and others professing the reformed religion which hath been transmitted unto them from their ancestors / by M. Fell ; and also James Milners condemnation upon that which erred from the light. Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702.; Millner, James.; Millner, Elizabeth. 1655 (1655) Wing F631; ESTC R36427 18,386 25 View Text
B06790 The blemish of government, the shame of religion, the disgrace of mankinde; or, A charge drawn up against drunkards, and presented to His Highness the Lord Protector, in the name of all the sober partie in the three nations. Humbly craving, that they may be kept alone by themselves from infecting others; compelled to work and earn what they consume : and that none may be suffered to sell drink, who shall either swear, or be drunk themselves, or suffer others within their walls. / By R. Younge of Roxwell in Essex. Younge, Richard. 1656 (1656) Wing Y139; ESTC R229124 20,070 16 View Text
A67741 The blemish of government, the shame of religion, the disgrace of mankind, or, A charge drawn up against drunkards and presented to His Highness the Lord Protector, in the name of all the Sober Party in the three nations, humbly craving that they may be kept alone by themselves from infecting others ... / by R. Younge of Roxwell in Essex. Younge, Richard. 1658 (1658) Wing Y140; ESTC R41270 20,083 18 View Text
A41823 The prisoners vindication with a sober expostulation and reprehension of persecutors / by John Gratton. Gratton, John, 1641-1712. 1683 (1683) Wing G1585B; ESTC R28044 20,540 36 View Text
B11278 The principle of all principles concerning religion. Or The summe of certaine sermons prooving the scriptures to be the very VVord of God. Byfield, Adoniram, d. 1660. 1624 (1624) STC 1021.5; ESTC S115754 21,438 69 View Text
A79861 A description of the prophets, apostles, and ministers of Christ, and also of those called ministers of England, by men which say they are ministers of Christ, but are found to be blasphemers and lyars, and none of the ministers of Christ Iesus; and wherein the difference plainly appears, and they made manifest. With an exhortation to the people of England; to forsake them, their blind-guides, and to follow Christ Iesus, the shepard of their souls; the way, the truth, and life, who faith, come learn of me, for I am meek and lowly, ... / Given forth to undeceive the simple hearted; by him whose name in the flesh, is, Henry Clark. Clark, Henry, 17th cent. 1655 (1655) Wing C4453; Thomason E861_8; ESTC R206653 22,790 31 View Text
A70039 Apokrypta apokalypta velata quædam revelata : some certain, hidden, or vailed spiritual verities revealed : upon occasion of various very prying and critical queries concerning God, the devil, and man, as to his body, soul, and spirit, Heaven, Hell, Judgement &c : propounded to George Fox, John Perrot, Samuel Fisher : and after that (with a complaint for want of, and stricter urgency for an answer) re-propounded to Edward Burroughs : by two persons, choosing to notifie themselves to us no other way then by these two unwonted (if not self-assumed) titles, viz. Livinus Theodorus, and Sabina Neriah : which truths (as there inspired by the spirit of God) are here expired in love to the souls of men / from ... Samuel Fisher. Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665.; Fox, George, 1624-1691.; J. P. (John Perrot), d. 1671? 1661 (1661) Wing F1047; ESTC R31513 23,491 32 View Text
A27365 Essays about the poor, manufactures, trade, plantations, & immorality and of the excellency and divinity of inward light, demonstrated from the attributes of God and the nature of mans soul, as well as from the testimony of the Holy Scriptures / by John Bellers. Bellers, John, 1654-1725. 1699 (1699) Wing B1828; ESTC R19644 23,851 33 View Text
A91118 A testimony of God, and his way, and worship against all the false wayes and worships of the vvorld. Also an answer to some of the false doctrines held forth, by a professed minister, in VVales; shewing the unsoundness of his former actions, and is found to be one, in the nature of the vvorld; which sometime he hath spoken against. With an answer to some queries; propounded by one, who is called an Anabaptist. / Given forth for no other end, but in love to the truth, as it is in Iesus: by Alex: Parker. Parker, Alexander, 1628-1689. 1656 (1656) Wing P383; Thomason E883_6; ESTC R207301 24,030 31 View Text
B23147 Several plain truths manifested and declared from the spirit of God and born testimony to by Christ, the Apostles and Scriptures of truth. I. Concerning Mount-Sion. II. A distinction betwixt wars and armour in the Old Testament and the New. III. Concerning Cain. IV. Concerning uniformity and conformity. V. The authority of the Church of Christ. VI. Concerning exhorting and admonishing. VII. Concerning such as cry against orders, &c. By G.F. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1684 (1684) Wing F1904A 24,305 29 View Text
A54942 Oppression under the colour of law, or, My Lord Hercarse, his new new praticks as a way for peaceable subjects to be ware of pleying [sic] with a hot spirited Lord of the Session so far as is possible when arbitrarie government is in the dominion / published by Mr. Robert Pittilloh. Pittilloh, Robert, 1621?-1698. 1689 (1689) Wing P2311; ESTC R28443 24,849 33 View Text
A42138 Gospel truths scripturally asserted in answer to Joseph Hallett's twenty seven queries by John Gannacliff and Joseph Nott. Gannacliff, John.; Nott, Joseph, d. 1699. 1692 (1692) Wing G199; ESTC R30399 24,916 51 View Text
A56313 A modest account from Pensylvania of the principal differences in point of doctrine, between George Keith, and those of the people called Quakers, from whom he separated : shewing his great declension, and inconsistency with himself therein : recommended to the serious consideration of those who are turned aside, aud [sic] joyned in his schism. Pusey, Caleb, 1650?-1727. 1696 (1696) Wing P4248; ESTC R40087 25,043 138 View Text
A43226 Tythes no maintenance for gospel-ministers, or, A seasonable discourse concerning tythes wherein it is fully proved that those that urge the payment thereof for their maintenance are no true gospel ministers, but antichristian, and do concur with priests of the Leviticall order and institution ... / by T.H. and T.R. Heath, Thomas.; Rosewell, Thomas, 1630-1692. 1652 (1652) Wing H1344; ESTC R32342 26,306 36 View Text
A52034 The way of life revealed and the way of death discovered wherein is declared man's happy estate before the fall, his miserable estate in the fall, and the way of restauration out of the fall into the image of God again ... : also the by-pathes, crooked wayes, wiles, snares, and temptations of the enemy of man's soul discover'd ... the utter end and final destruction of all false professions prophesied ... : also a call in the tender bowels of the love of God shed abroad in this day, age, and generation to all the scatterrd sheep upon the barren mountains of profession to return to the true shepherd Christ Jesus ... / Charles Marshall. Marshall, Charles, 1637-1698. 1674 (1674) Wing M746; ESTC R26188 27,827 35 View Text
A17028 A sermon preached at the assises holden at Winchester the 24. day of Februarie last, before Sir Laurence Tanfeild knight, Lord Chiefe Barron of the Exchequer, and Sir Richard Hutton knight, one of the iustices of the Court of Common-pleas. By Abraham Browne prebend: of the Cathedrall Church of Winton. Browne, Abraham, d. ca. 1625. 1623 (1623) STC 3906; ESTC S119312 28,509 46 View Text
A64822 The new command renew'd, or, Love one another being an endeavour after the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace, by several uniting principles, among which there are ten rules for a right understanding of scripture, very useful for these divided times / by Ralph Venning. Venning, Ralph, 1621?-1674. 1652 (1652) Wing V214; ESTC R3161 28,675 54 View Text
A54245 Urim and thummim, or, The apostolical doctrines of light and perfection maintained against the opposite plea of Samuel Grevill (a pretended minister of the Gospel) in his ungospel-like discourse against a book entituled A testimony of the light within, anciently writ by Alexander Parker / by W.P. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1674 (1674) Wing P1393; ESTC R27610 28,857 34 View Text
A96887 A conference of some Christians in church-fellow-ship, about the way of Christ with his people, and the result therefrom. This serveth only by way of introduction to take off the reproaches, that are cast upon pastour and people, whose earnest care and endeavour is to walke with a right foote in that holy way. Which is held forth here by the light of the sacred Scripture, as it appeares unto them, and how curious and circumspect their walke should be, who pretend to it, and to walke therein. The scandalls in and against the way are removed as they could be. Woodward, Ezekias, 1590-1675. 1656 (1656) Wing W3485; Thomason E868_4; ESTC R207653 29,701 36 View Text
A41061 A testimonie of the touch-stone, for all professions, and all forms, and gathered churches (as they call them), of what sort soever to try their ground and foundation by and a tryal by the Scriptures, who the false prophets are, which are in the world, which John said should be in the last times / by Margret Fell ; also, some of the ranters principles answered. Fox, Margaret Askew Fell, 1614-1702. 1656 (1656) Wing F636; ESTC R13179 30,378 40 View Text
A81931 A summary discourse concerning the work of peace ecclesiasticall, how it may concurre with the aim of a civill confederation amongst Protestants: presented to the consideration of my Lord Ambassadour Sr. Thomas Rovv, &c. at Hamburg in the yeare MDCXXXIX. By Mr. John Dury, a faithfull and indefatigable solicitour of the gospel of peace amongst Protestants: now put to the presse for the information of such as are able to countenance, and willing to help forward the negotiation of some issue. Dury, John, 1596-1680. 1641 (1641) Wing D2889; Thomason E167_13; ESTC R4299 30,514 57 View Text
A31442 A late great shipwrack of faith occasioned by a fearful wrack of conscience discovered in a sermon preached at Pauls the first day of July, 1655 / by Dan. Cawdrey. Cawdrey, Daniel, 1588-1664. 1655 (1655) Wing C1632; ESTC R23918 31,017 42 View Text
A20605 A sermon preached in Italian, by the most Reuerend father, Marc' Antony de Dominis, Archb. of Spalato, the first Sunday in Aduent, anno 1617. In the Mercers Chappel in London, to the Italians in that city, and many other honorable auditors then assembled. Vpon the 12. verse of the 13. chapter to the Romanes, being part of the Epistle for that day. First published in Italian by the author, and thereout translated into English; Predica fatta da Monsr. Marc' Antonio de Dominis, Arcivo. di Spalato. English De Dominis, Marco Antonio, 1560-1624. 1617 (1617) STC 7004; ESTC S109795 31,116 84 View Text
A78010 Advice, sent in a letter from an elder brother, to a younger. Which he missed of by being abscent, since occasionally printed, it relating to remedying and reforming severall abuses in the Common Wealth, by severall practisers pretending equitie and conscience in the High Court of Chancery, and that unsetled, irregular unlimmited Court of Probates, who also act against the law of God, and the law of England, as in the reading thereof may be observed and bewayled, and it is hoped, may be of publick concernment, and profit; wherefore the author hath been at this charge of printing it. Burt, Nathaniel, fl. 1644-1655. 1655 (1655) Wing B6140; Thomason E838_8; ESTC R207429 31,328 44 View Text
A84597 The scorned Quakers true and honest account, both why and what he should have spoken (as to the sum and substance thereof) by commission from God, but that he had not permission from men, in the Painted Chamber on the 17th. day of the 7th. month 1656. before the Protector and the Parliament then, and there met together, with many more of no mean account, who were not of them, yet were then crowded in among them. Fisher, Samuel, 1605-1665. 1656 (1656) Wing F1057; Thomason E889_10; ESTC R202114 32,531 40 View Text
A65864 Enthusiasm above atheism, or, Divine inspiration and immediate illumination (by God Himself) asserted and the children of light vindicated : in answer to a book entituled, The danger of enthusiasm discovered / by George Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1674 (1674) Wing W1926; ESTC R24552 32,776 82 View Text
A62901 A word of information to them that need it briefly opening some most weighty passages of God dispensations among the sons of men, from the beginning, and insisting a little upon the state and condition of the nations, wherein they now stand, and particularly of England : for this end, that men may remember themselves, and turn unto the Lord, and seek to be delivered from the mysteries of iniquity, to walk with God in fellowship and communion : to which (as pertinent hereunto) is annexed, An addition concerning Lord-Bishops, and Common-prayer-book : with a tender admonition to those called priests, or ministers : and also, a loving exhortation to those that have separated from their superstitions / by W.T. Tomlinson, William. 1660 (1660) Wing T1854; ESTC R16928 33,341 46 View Text
A81577 A short essay of modern divinity, by Robert Dixon. D.D. Dixon, Robert, d. 1688. 1681 (1681) Wing D1748A; ESTC R231408 33,711 62 View Text
A84817 A testimony of the true Light of the world· Which is given to every man that comes into the world, and of the true measure of the gift of God, given to every one to profit withal. And a true witness, and faithful: ... / Given forth for the good of all people, in pity to all souls, by him who is not known to the world, but a stranger in it, Geo. Fox. Fox, George, 1624-1691.; Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1657 (1657) Wing F1929; Thomason E902_1; ESTC R204824 33,765 50 View Text
A85149 The Scriptures vindication against the Scotish contradictors. By one John Stalham, and as he saith, preacher of the Gospel at Edenborough in Scotland. And the other tiled [sic], A serious review of some principles of the Quakers; wherein error is discovered, and truth defended; by P.E. and written with a pen at Edenborough, printed in the year 1655, and a written name, as if it were the printer called Peter English, but no printed name; and thus they shuffle, but laid open to their shame, and truth in this short answer is defended and cleared, and their errour is discovered, and they ensnared. Who both have manifested their contradictions both to the Scriptures, and their own writings, and so have not the people which they call Quakers. / Published by a servant of the Lord Jesus, in Yorkeshire in England, known to the world by the name of Richard Farneworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1655 (1655) Wing F503; Thomason E854_9; ESTC R202120 34,303 40 View Text
A88993 A sermon preached to the Honorable House of Commons, at their late solemne fast, Wednesday, Feb. 26. 1644. / By John Maynard, minister of the Word of God at Mayfield in Sussex, and a member of the Assembly of Divines. Maynard, John, 1600-1665. 1645 (1645) Wing M1452; Thomason E277_2; ESTC R200000 34,511 39 View Text
A47156 The light of truth triumphing over darkness and ignorance, error and envy manifested in Robert Gordoun's late pretended testimony to the true Saviour : wherein every one whose eye is open may see his seat, and who have salt in themselves may favour his words, work and spirit and discern his deceitful dealing by smitting the innocent in secret, yet not with that subtilty which is able to cover in this day wherein light is manifesting the works of darkness : so, the Devil was here deficient but envy slays the foolish man : given forth in the 2 moneth 1670 / by George Keith, & G. White-head. Keith, George, 1639?-1716.; Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723.; Gordon, Robert, fl. 1669-1675. Testimony to the true Saviour. 1670 (1670) Wing K179; ESTC R2048 34,830 44 View Text
A65867 The glory of Christ's light within expelling darkness being the sum of the controversie between the people called Quakers, and some of the non-conformist priests, as manifest at two publick disputes in Essex : between George Whitehead (called a Quaker) and Stephen Scandret (Presbyter) being at the latter dispute assisted with five more of his brethren, the priests, to wit, Nathaniel Barnard, Henry Havers, Henry Coleman, Nath. Ball, and Robert Billoes : wherein are several. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1669 (1669) Wing W1930; ESTC R39125 35,191 47 View Text
A05464 [Come out of her my people] or an ansvver to the questions of a gentlevvoman (a professour in the Antichristian Church of England) about hearing the publicke ministers vvhere it is largely discussed and proved to be sinfull and unlavvfull. Also a iust apologie for the way of total separation (commonly but falsely called Brownisme) that it is the truth of God, though lightly esteemed in the eyes of the blinde world. With a challenge to dispute with them publickly before King & Counsell: to prove whatsoever I said at the pillery against them. Viz. that the calling of them all is jure diabolo: even from the divell himselfe. By mee John Lilburne. Close prisoner in the Fleete for the cause of Christ.; Come out of her my people. Lilburne, John, 1614?-1657. 1639 (1639) STC 15596; ESTC S107364 35,511 36 View Text
A42064 The triall of religions with cautions to the members of the Reformed Church against defection to the Roman / by Fran. Gregory ... Gregory, Francis, 1625?-1707. 1674 (1674) Wing G1907; ESTC R20206 37,229 70 View Text
A90622 A discovery of the priests, that say they are sent off by the Lord, but upon trial are found out of the commands of Christ, the prophets, and Apostles, and to be those that are not sent of the Lord, but to be such that the sent ones of the Lord did cry wo against, and to be such that are false apostles, deceitful, wicked, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ: and no marvail, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light; therefore it is no great thing, if his ministers be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, ... With a few words to such professors and prophane, that together joyn to persecute the righteous: and to the ranters that do commit all manner of sins with greediness. Darkness denied by the children of Light, and the babe of Christ growing up to a perfect man. / Written from one who is known to the world by the name of John Pain, who accounts it great riches to suffer reproaches, and afflictions with the people of the Lord, who scornfully by the world are called Quakers, ... Written from Starford in Hartford-shire the 7. day of the 4. month. 1655. Pain, John, shoemaker. 1655 (1655) Wing P188; Thomason E848_22; ESTC R203094 39,396 39 View Text
A09971 Grace to the humble· As preparations to receive the Sacrament. Preached by the late famous preacher Iohn Preston, Doctor of Divinity, and chaplen in ordinary to his Mtie. Master of Immanuel Colledge, and sometimes preacher in Lincolnes-Inne. Preston, John, 1587-1628. 1639 (1639) STC 20228; ESTC S106423 39,427 175 View Text
A86663 The cause of stumbling removed from all that will receive the truth; and from before the eyes of the wise men of London: in a treatise shewing the difference between the spirit of a man which is the candle of the Lord, and the light which hath enlightned every man that cometh into the world. Also shewing ... there is not diversity of lights and spirits, by which they are ministred ... Herein also is a false hosanna, and a false testimony reproved ... the name of him which hath so long travell'd to bring forth wind and confusion, is one known in the city of London by the name of Iohn Iackson ... that so ... understanding and knowledge of the truth may be increased, in those that follow on to know the Lord. Given forth from the Lords servant, Richard Hubberthorne. Hubberthorn, Richard, 1628-1662.; Burrough, Edward, 1634-1662. 1657 (1657) Wing H3222; Thomason E929_5; ESTC R202544 39,439 35 View Text
A03243 A modest reply to certaine answeres, which Mr. Gataker B.D. in his treatise of the nature, & vse of lotts, giveth to arguments in a dialogue concerning the vnlawfulnes of games consisting in chance And aunsweres to his reasons allowing lusorious lotts, as not evill in themselves. By Iames Balmford, minister of Iesus Christ. Balmford, James, b. 1556.; Balmford, James, b. 1556. Short and plaine dialogue concerning the unlawfulnes of playing at cards or tables, or any other game consisting in chance. 1623 (1623) STC 1336; ESTC S100662 39,722 144 View Text
A94746 Innovations of popery in the Church of Rome, calling for repentance and reformation; being as a wall of separation between Christians and Christians. : Wherein is shewed, that the mystery of iniquity, Sodom and Egypt spiritual ... are all founded in innovations. : Given forth partly to stir up our thankfulness to God for his former mercies to this nation ... / By one that loves all that fear the Lord ... W.T. Tomlinson, William. 1689 (1689) Wing T1848; ESTC R185373 39,994 146 View Text
A65885 The rector examined about his book scandalously stiled, An antidote against the venom of Quakerism, by John Meriton, who calls himself A.M. rector of Boughton in Norfolk : and his observations remarked, and the Christianity of the people commonly called Quakers, re-asserted and vindicated, from his perversions and aspersions / by George Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1699 (1699) Wing W1953; ESTC R20277 40,584 48 View Text
A89853 Several petitions answered, that were put up by the priests of Westmorland, against James Nayler and Geo. Fox, servants of the most high God, persecuted by the priests of the world, as Jesus Christ and the apostles were persecuted by the Jewish high priests for the witnessing of the truth, and testifying against the deceits of the world. With the answer to an order given forth by the justices at Appleby sessions, contrary to the law of God, and the laws of the land. Also, an exhortation to the people, to mind the light of God in them, the teachings and leadings of the spirit of truth; the which if it be obeyed, will lead and guide them into all truth. Naylor, James, 1617?-1660.; R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666.; Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1653 (1653) Wing N316A; Thomason E703_4; ESTC R3636 42,778 72 View Text
A54196 Primitive Christianity revived in the faith and practice of the people called Quakers written, in testimony to the present dispensation of God, through them, to the world, that prejudices may be removed, the simple informed, the well-enclined encouraged, and the truth and its innocent Friends, rightly represented / by William Penn. Penn, William, 1644-1718. 1696 (1696) Wing P1342; ESTC R15209 43,826 145 View Text
A65249 Lamentation over England from a true sight, and suffering sense, of the lamentable wickedness of such rulers, priests, and people, that are erred, and strayed from the way of God, and follow too much the devices and desires of their own hearts, offending against his holy laws ... : whereby all persecutors may (in pity to their souls) truly consider what way they are in, and whether it leads, and whose work they are doing, and what the Scripture saith will be the reward of oppression and cruelty / by M.W. Watkins, Morgan, fl. 1653-1670. 1664 (1664) Wing W1066; ESTC R38958 45,267 54 View Text
A85130 The brazen serpent lifted up on high, or truth cleared and above the deceit exalted, and as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wildernesse: even so must the son of man be lifted up, that whosoever believeth in him, should not perish but have eternall life. Joh. 3. 14. 15. Here is also laid down in this treatise something, concerning election and and [sic] predestination, which is so much spoken of, and how they may know their election, something concerning Christ being the way to the Father; and how, and concerning Christ, the mediatour of the new covenants, and the end of the old, and tythes are ended. ... Lastly, here is part of a dispute, held between two chief priests, and two men that came and met with them, and the people at Chadwitch in Worcestershire; ... to clear the truth form accusations, held forth by those men that the world scornfully calleth Quakers. Written in Worcestershire, the beginning of the first moneth called March. 1655. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1655 (1655) Wing F471; Thomason E831_10; ESTC R207464 47,825 63 View Text
A41026 An alarum of truth sounded forth to the nations, or, The way of truth from the way of errour, plainly manifested and declared and the true worship of God (which is in the spirit) from the false worships of the world, distinguished, whereby people may come to know which way they are in, and what worship they are in, and what spirit they are of, and led by ... : also an invitation (of love) to all people, and professors of all sorts and sects, to turn in their minds to the light of Christ Jesus in them ... / written by a friend to truth, called Henry Fell. H. F. (Henry Fell) 1660 (1660) Wing F603; ESTC R38863 48,671 52 View Text
A62900 The principles of the Papists by which their leaders put them upon bloody and treacherous practices, plainly demonstrated by the Scriptures to be most erroneous and wicked. And a few better principles briefly laid down, for them (or others) to meditate on, tending to a peaceable life among men, &c. And also a few quæries left them last of all, to satisfie their consciences in. Partly for the sakes of those among them whose consciences have some tenderness in them, and are not quite feared: partly also for those who through ignorance are too much inclining to them. Also there may be some service of these things to others. By a lover of truth, mercifulness, plain-heartedness, humility and fidelity, W. T. Tomlinson, William. 1679 (1679) Wing T1850; ESTC R221759 49,364 105 View Text
A65849 Christ ascended above the clouds his [brace] divinity--light in man, his being [brace] the Word in saints the only way and rule [brace] vindicated [brace] from the cloudy, erroneous, heretical, and blasphemous conceits of John Newman and his brethren : and the only rule of faith demonstrated for the general information of professours (and people) of all sorts, and the said J.N. his book stiled The light within &c. (with his manifest contradictions) both scripturally, historically, and rationally examined / by a servant of Christ, G. Whitehead. Whitehead, George, 1636?-1723. 1669 (1669) Wing W1904; ESTC R38309 50,991 74 View Text
A41771 The nonconformists vindication, or, A testimony given against the indulged assembly of separatists wherein the false calumnies and aspersions cast upon the suffering Presbyterians, are answered and confuted : also, the heads and causes of separation are opened and explained, together with an illustration of the Erastian state of the present church. Grant, Patrick, 17th/18th cent. 1700 (1700) Wing G1522; ESTC R12655 52,064 65 View Text
A63045 The soul's communion with her savior. Or, The history of our Lord Jesus Christ, written by the four evangelists digested into devotional meditations. The first part. Traherne, Philip, d. ca. 1725. 1685 (1685) Wing T2019A; ESTC R220906 52,296 223 View Text
A01004 God and the king. Or a dialogue wherein is treated of allegiance due to our most gracious Lord, King Iames, within his dominions Which (by remouing all controuersies, and causes of dissentions and suspitions) bindeth subiects, by an inuiolable band of loue and duty, to their soueraigne. Translated out of Latin into English.; Deus et rex. English Floyd, John, 1572-1649.; More, Thomas, 1565-1625, attributed name. 1620 (1620) STC 11110.7; ESTC S107002 53,200 142 View Text
A97271 A touch-stone to try (by our knowledge, belief, and life) whether we be Christians in name onely, or Christians in deed. Or, The character of a true beleever, that walks in some measure answerable to the gospell, his Christian profession, and the millions of mercies he hath received. / By R.Y. of Roxwell in Essex. Younge, Richard. 1648 (1648) Wing Y193B; Thomason E1150_4; ESTC R208624 54,772 52 View Text
A30916 A letter to a lady furnishing her with Scripture testimonies against the principal points and doctrines of popery Barecroft, Charles. 1688 (1688) Wing B757; ESTC R20623 57,234 84 View Text
A91474 The watcher: or, The stone cut out of the mountains without hands, striking at the feet of the image, whose head is gold, and brest of silver, and thighs of brass, and legs of iron, and feet part iron and part clay, Dan. 2. 31, 32, 33, 34, 35. Or, A discovery of the ground and end of all forms, professions, sects and opinions, and also how they now are made as friends, and joyn hand in hand against the substance, the life and power of God, which is now made manifest in his sons and daughters (according to his promise) as hath been plainly manifest in several meetings betwixt the people called Quakers, and the people called Baptists, which is here describ'd. And also a description of the true Church, ... / VVritten by a friend to all tender hearted ones, who hunger and thirst after God, who are hoping and seeking in forms for life, to the directing of their mindes, where and how to finde the true light which leads into the true life and power of Godliness, the end of all forms, where I rest with all who in spirit read me, who am known to them who are without, by the name, Iames Parnell. Parnell, James, 1637?-1656. 1655 (1655) Wing P541; Thomason E845_18; ESTC R621 62,535 56 View Text
A44035 The one good way of God contrary to the many different ways of mens making : with loving warnings, exhortations & cautions to all sorts of men, concerning their souls, and to be at peace amongst themselves / by Richard Hodden. Hodden, Richard. 1661 (1661) Wing H2283; ESTC R28665 62,810 78 View Text
A42712 The everlasting rule born witness unto, vvhich is to try all people that do profess God and Christ in words, or, I. A tender salutation to all people in what nation soever, and under what form soever, who do profess God and Christ in words ... II. Also an exhortation unto all people to come to that which will give them victory over sin and the devil ... III. A distinction between the ministers of Christ and the ministers of Antichrist ... / by a lover of truth and righteousness, who seeks the well-being of all mankind, William Gibson. Gibson, William, 1629-1684. 1667 (1667) Wing G682; ESTC R38756 64,130 72 View Text
A03104 The mirror of pure devotion: or, The discovery of hypocrisie Delivered in sixe severall sermons, in the Cathedrall Church of Chichester, by way of an exposition of the parable of the Pharises and the publican. By R.B. preacher of the word, at Chidham in the county of Sussex. Ball, Robert, fl. 1635. 1635 (1635) STC 1323; ESTC S113587 64,577 210 View Text
A15826 The saints sufferings, and sinners sorrowes. Or, The evident tokens of the salvation of the one, and the perdition of the other Phil. I.28, 2 Thes. I.6,7 Yates, John, d. ca. 1660. 1631 (1631) STC 26087; ESTC S101332 67,289 372 View Text
A81924 A model of church-government: or, The grounds of the spirituall frame and government of the house of God. Shewing, what the holy Scriptures have therein delivered; what the best Reformed Churches do practise; what the tender consciences may rest in. For the better satisfaction of such as scruple at the work of reformation, declared and appointed by severall ordinances of Parliament. / By John Dury, one of the Assembly of Divines; who hath travelled heretofore in the work of peace among the churches. Dury, John, 1596-1680. 1647 (1647) Wing D2873; Thomason E383_26; ESTC R21589 67,352 88 View Text
A47662 Lemmata meditationum, or, The contents of a few religious meditations given as directive and incentive to that invaluable duty / by Philo-Jesus Philo-Carolus. Philo-Carolus, Philo-Jesus. 1672 (1672) Wing L1043; ESTC R41777 67,493 199 View Text
A67782 The whole duty of a Christian, or, The character of a true beleever, that walks in some measure answerable to the Gospel, his Christian profession, and the millions of mercies he hath received ... by R.Y. of Roxwell in Essex. Younge, Richard. 1653 (1653) Wing Y195; ESTC R6055 69,319 64 View Text
A69670 A catechism and confession of faith approved of and agreed unto by the general assembly of the patriarchs, prophets, and apostles, Christ himself being chief speaker in and among them : which containeth a true and faithful account of the principles and doctrines which are most surely believed by the churches of Christ in Great Brittain and Ireland who are reproachfully called by the name of Quakers ... : to which is added An expostulation with and appeal to all other professors / by R.B. Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690.; Barclay, Robert, 1648-1690. An expostulation with and appeal to all professors. 1673 (1673) Wing B725; ESTC R26677 71,924 193 View Text
A91883 Liberty of conscience: or The sole means to obtaine peace and truth. Not onely reconciling His Majesty with His subjects, but all Christian states and princes to one another, with the freest passage for the gospel. Very seasonable and necessary in these distracted times, when most men are weary of war, and cannot finde the way to peace. Robinson, Henry, 1605?-1664?; Walwyn, William, 1600-1681, attributed name. 1643 (1643) Wing R1675; Thomason E39_1; ESTC R20544 74,273 74 View Text
A54652 A caveat against covetousness occasioned by some scandalous and pernicious fruit of it, in one amongst us, whose heart went after it / written for admonition to others, by Charles Phelpes. Phelpes, Charles. 1668 (1668) Wing P1974; ESTC R13348 74,727 85 View Text
A34114 A reformation of schooles designed in two excellent treatises, the first whereof summarily sheweth, the great necessity of a generall reformation of common learning : what grounds of hope there are for such a reformation : how it may be brought to passe : the second answers certain objections ordinarily made against such undertakings, and describes the severall parts and titles of workes which are shortly to follow / written ... in Latine by ... John Amos Comenius ... ; and now ... translated into English ... by Samuel Hartlib ...; Pansophiae prodromus. English Comenius, Johann Amos, 1592-1670.; Hartlib, Samuel, d. 1662. 1642 (1642) Wing C5529; ESTC R9161 78,056 98 View Text