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A52421 A discourse concerning the pretended religious assembling in private conventicles wherein the unlawfullness and unreasonableness of it is fully evinced by several arguments / by John Norris ... Norris, John, 1657-1711. 1685 (1685) Wing N1251; ESTC R17164 128,825 319

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a_o profane_a contempt_n or_o neglect_n of_o any_o part_n of_o public_a worship_n for_o every_o imperfection_n and_o blemish_n nor_o to_o separate_v from_o a_o church_n though_o never_o so_o corrupt_a so_o long_o as_o the_o word_n sacrament_n and_o doctrine_n of_o salvation_n may_v there_o be_v enjoy_v corruption_n of_o a_o church_n be_v common_o by_o divine_n distinguish_v into_o two_o sort_n they_o be_v either_o such_o as_o concern_v the_o matter_n of_o religion_n which_o the_o apostle_n call_v 2._o demnable_a heresy_n in_o fundamental_a point_n of_o faith_n and_o holiness_n which_o tend_v to_o the_o destroy_n of_o the_o very_o be_v of_o a_o church_n or_o else_o such_o as_o concern_v the_o manner_n of_o religion_n in_o circumstantial_o and_o ceremonial_n which_o be_v matter_n of_o low_a concern_n and_o inferior_a alloy_n such_o as_o to_o use_v the_o word_n of_o learned_a bp._n davenant_n non_fw-la continuo_fw-la ad_fw-la fidem_fw-la fundamentalem_fw-la spectant_fw-la 29._o sed_fw-la ad_fw-la peritiam_fw-la theologicam_fw-la &_o fortasse_fw-la ne_fw-la ad_fw-la hanc_fw-la quidem_fw-la sed_fw-la aliquando_fw-la ad_fw-la curiositatem_fw-la theologorum_fw-la belong_v not_o to_o the_o fundamental_o of_o faith_n but_o skilfulness_n in_o divinity_n and_o not_o to_o that_o neither_o but_o rather_o to_o the_o curiosity_n of_o divine_n now_o error_n even_o in_o fundamental_o may_v be_v in_o a_o church_n upon_o a_o double_a account_n hall_n either_o through_o infirmity_n and_o humane_a frailty_n the_o best_a of_o we_o know_v but_o in_o part_n in_o this_o life_n god_n allow_v no_o separation_n in_o such_o a_o case_n the_o church_n of_o galatia_n through_o infirmity_n be_v quick_o turn_v to_o another_o gospel_n and_o err_v even_o in_o matter_n fundamental_a hold_v justification_n by_o work_n and_o be_v fall_v to_o the_o observation_n of_o jewish_a ceremony_n which_o st._n paul_n call_v beggarly_a element_n their_o apostle_n be_v become_v their_o enemy_n and_o that_o for_o tell_v they_o the_o truth_n he_o be_v afraid_a of_o they_o lest_o all_o the_o labour_n he_o have_v bestow_v among_o they_o be_v in_o vain_a and_o be_v fain_o to_o travel_v in_o birth_n with_o they_o again_o yet_o he_o own_v they_o and_o write_v to_o they_o as_o a_o church_n notwithstanding_o or_o else_o vitioso_fw-la affectu_fw-la immorigeroe_n voluntatis_fw-la out_o of_o malice_n when_o man_n know_v they_o do_v amiss_o and_o yet_o persist_v obstinate_o in_o so_o do_v in_o such_o a_o case_n separation_n may_v be_v with_o a_o good_a conscience_n when_o st._n paul_n have_v preach_v in_o the_o synagogue_n of_o the_o jew_n and_o they_o will_v not_o believe_v but_o begin_v to_o blaspheme_v and_o speak_v evil_a of_o the_o way_n of_o god_n 167._o than_o he_o withdraw_v and_o separate_v from_o they_o so_o that_o it_o must_v be_v no_o small_a matter_n that_o must_v be_v a_o sufficient_a ground_n to_o any_o one_o that_o mean_v to_o keep_v a_o good_a conscience_n to_o warrant_v his_o withdraw_n from_o the_o public_a congregation_n in_o any_o part_n of_o god_n worship_n if_o a_o man_n have_v not_o discretion_n he_o may_v easy_o run_v himself_o into_o a_o great_a evil_n of_o sin_n whilst_o he_o seek_v to_o shun_v a_o light_a inconvenience_n and_o in_o avoid_v that_o which_o he_o think_v to_o be_v superstition_n he_o may_v soon_o become_v real_o schismatical_a and_o profane_a which_o be_v 19_o as_o if_o a_o man_n do_v flee_v from_o a_o lion_n and_o a_o bear_v meet_v he_o or_o go_v into_o the_o house_n and_o lean_v his_o hand_n on_o the_o wall_n and_o a_o serpent_n bite_v he_o suppose_v there_o be_v some_o evil_a mixture_n in_o our_o administration_n of_o church-worship_n yet_o in_o the_o judgement_n of_o the_o presbyterian_a divine_v themselves_o this_o be_v not_o a_o sufficient_a ground_n of_o a_o negative_a much_o less_o of_o a_o positive_a separation_n for_o say_v they_o 117._o the_o learned_a author_n before_o mention_v that_o be_v camero_n tell_v we_o that_o corruption_n in_o manner_n creep_v into_o a_o church_n be_v not_o a_o sufficient_a cause_n of_o separation_n from_o it_o this_o he_o prove_v from_o matt._n 23._o 2_o 3._o and_o he_o also_o give_v this_o reason_n for_o it_o because_o in_o what_o church_n soever_o there_o be_v purity_n of_o doctrine_n there_o god_n have_v his_o church_n though_o overwhelm_v with_o scandal_n and_o therefore_o whosoever_o separate_v from_o such_o a_o assembly_n separate_v from_o that_o place_n where_o god_n have_v his_o church_n which_o be_v rash_a and_o unwarrantable_a and_o in_o the_o next_o page_n they_o say_v he_o that_o will_v never_o communicate_v with_o any_o church_n till_o every_o thing_n that_o offend_v ●e_n remove_v out_o of_o it_o must_v tarry_v till_o the_o great_a day_n of_o judgement_n when_o and_o not_o till_o then_o christ_n will_v send_v forth_o his_o angel_n and_o gather_v out_o of_o his_o kingdom_n every_o thing_n that_o offend_v and_o they_o that_o do_v iniquity_n and_o though_o to_o excuse_v themselves_o from_o the_o guilt_n of_o schism_n they_o that_o do_v separate_v may_v pretend_v that_o they_o make_v not_o a●_n open_a breach_n of_o christian_a love_n wherein_o the_o nature_n of_o that_o great_a sin_n do_v consist_v let_v their_o own_o word_n answer_v themselves_o 118._o we_o grant_v that_o to_o make_v up_o the_o formality_n of_o a_o schismatic_a there_o must_v be_v add_v uncharitableness_n as_o to_o make_v up_o the_o formality_n of_o a_o heretic_n there_o must_v be_v add_v obstinacy_n but_o yet_o as_o he_o that_o deny_v a_o fundamental_a article_n of_o faith_n be_v guilty_a of_o heresy_n though_o he_o add_v not_o obstinacy_n thereunto_o to_o make_v he_o a_o heretic_n so_o he_o that_o do_v unwarrantable_o separate_v from_o a_o true_a church_n be_v true_o guilty_a of_o schism_n though_o he_o add_v not_o uncharitableness_n thereunto_o to_o denominate_v he_o a_o complete_a schismatic_a how_o unjustifiable_a then_o be_v the_o separation_n which_o some_o make_v themselves_o and_o cause_v other_o to_o make_v in_o these_o day_n from_o our_o church_n which_o in_o their_o constitution_n for_o doctrine_n discipline_n and_o worship_n be_v the_o envy_n of_o rome_n and_o the_o admiration_n of_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o christian_a world_n where_o there_o be_v nothing_o idolatrous_a in_o worship_n nothing_o heretical_a in_o doctrine_n nor_o antiscriptural_a in_o discipline_n where_o there_o be_v nothing_o teach_v believe_v or_o do_v but_o what_o be_v agreeable_a with_o the_o word_n of_o god_n or_o not_o contrary_a thereunto_o and_o to_o speak_v in_o the_o word_n of_o the_o learned_a and_o godly_a dr._n henry_n more_n 561._o a_o church_n so_o thorough_o purge_v from_o whatsoever_o can_v proper_o be_v style_v antichristian_a and_o be_v i_o be_o confident_a so_o apostolical_a that_o the_o apostle_n themselves_o if_o they_o be_v alive_a again_o will_v not_o have_v the_o least_o scruple_n of_o join_v in_o public_a worship_n with_o we_o in_o our_o common_a assembly_n separation_n from_o it_o can_v be_v no_o less_o than_o the_o fruit_n of_o pride_n or_o bitter_a zeal_n which_o tend_v to_o strife_n 16._o and_o where_o envy_n and_o strife_n be_v there_o be_v confasion_z and_o every_o evil_a work_n i_o have_v hear_v some_o church-forsakers_a when_o they_o have_v be_v tell_v of_o their_o apostasy_n and_o fall_v off_o from_o the_o church_n whereof_o they_o be_v member_n excuse_n and_o please_v themselves_o in_o this_o that_o they_o be_v not_o apostate_n from_o the_o faith_n they_o hold_v the_o same_o doctrine_n and_o believe_v the_o same_o creed_n we_o do_v though_o in_o that_o they_o do_v no_o more_o than_o papist_n do_v but_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n they_o consider_v not_o that_o 1._o this_o be_v a_o improvement_n and_o aggravation_n of_o their_o sin_n so_o far_o be_v it_o from_o excuse_v the_o fault_n to_o depart_v from_o a_o church_n wherein_o they_o be_v bear_v and_o baptize_v and_o which_o by_o their_o own_o confession_n continue_v sound_a in_o the_o faith_n separation_n be_v allow_v by_o no_o divine_n no_o not_o by_o the_o 496._o presbyterian_o themselves_o but_o either_o in_o case_n of_o cruel_a persecution_n damnable_a heresy_n or_o down_o right_a idolatry_n they_o then_o that_o separate_a from_o a_o church_n where_o there_o be_v neither_o of_o these_o have_v the_o great_a sin_n 2._o that_o the_o heinousness_n of_o the_o sin_n of_o schism_n do_v not_o consist_v in_o renounce_v the_o faith_n but_o in_o the_o breach_n of_o christian_a charity_n without_o which_o 2._o all_o faith_n be_v nothing_o a_o man_n may_v be_v very_a orthodox_n in_o his_o judgement_n and_o yet_o be_v a_o damnable_a schismatic_a if_o he_o break_v that_o union_n which_o ought_v to_o be_v religious_o keep_v among_o christian_n in_o god_n worship_n especial_o and_o because_o this_o breach_n be_v manifest_o perfect_v in_o refuse_v due_a ecclesiastical_a communion_n together_o therefore_o that_o separation_n be_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d call_v schism_n 3._o that_o the_o breach_n
ought_v not_o to_o be_v show_v in_o the_o observation_n of_o the_o law_n of_o our_o church_n now_o as_o have_v be_v to_o the_o like_a law_n and_o canon_n in_o former_a and_o pure_a time_n especial_o if_o we_o inquire_v into_o these_o four_o thing_n 1._o what_o power_n the_o church_n have_v to_o make_v law_n canon_n and_o constitution_n 2._o who_o be_v the_o author_n and_o composer_n of_o these_o of_o our_o church_n 3._o what_o be_v the_o subject_a matter_n of_o they_o 4._o what_o have_v be_v the_o judgement_n of_o divine_n of_o unquestionable_a learning_n judgement_n and_o piety_n concern_v law_n canon_n and_o constitution_n of_o this_o nature_n concern_v the_o first_o that_o the_o church_n have_v a_o maternal_a power_n to_o decree_n and_o make_v law_n to_o bind_v all_o her_o child_n be_v such_o a_o clear_a truth_n as_o no_o sober_a person_n i_o think_v will_v question_v by_o church_n i_o understand_v not_o all_o the_o number_n of_o the_o faithful_a but_o those_o that_o have_v the_o lawful_a rule_n and_o government_n of_o the_o church_n which_o be_v the_o sense_n that_o our_o saviour_n christ_n use_v it_o in_o when_o he_o say_v 17._o dic_fw-la ecclesiae_fw-la tell_v the_o church_n for_o there_o be_v ecclesia_fw-la collectiva_fw-la and_o ecclesia_fw-la representativa_fw-la i_o take_v it_o in_o the_o latter_a sense_n by_o law_n i_o understand_v not_o any_o new_a article_n of_o faith_n 4._o or_o any_o thing_n contrary_a to_o what_o god_n have_v command_v in_o the_o holy_a scripture_n for_o it_o be_v a_o true_a maxim_n whoever_o be_v the_o author_n of_o it_o potestas_fw-la descendit_fw-la non_fw-la ascendit_fw-la none_o have_v power_n in_o those_o thing_n that_o be_v above_o they_o but_o in_o those_o thing_n which_o be_v beneath_o they_o so_o the_o church_n have_v no_o power_n in_o those_o thing_n which_o be_v above_o she_o but_o in_o those_o thing_n which_o be_v below_o she_o now_o all_o doctrine_n of_o faith_n and_o other_o thing_n already_o command_v of_o god_n be_v above_o the_o church_n and_o out_o of_o her_o reach_n so_o that_o the_o can_v meddle_v with_o they_o by_o any_o law_n de_fw-fr novo_fw-la otherwise_o than_o to_o see_v they_o due_o obey_v and_o observe_v but_o as_o for_o thing_n of_o a_o indifferent_a and_o adiaphorous_a nature_n serve_v to_o external_a order_n and_o decency_n in_o these_o she_o have_v power_n to_o ordain_v and_o make_v law_n and_o constitution_n though_o not_o contrary_a to_o yet_o other_o than_o what_o be_v already_o make_v in_o god_n word_n hold_v still_o as_o near_o as_o the_o can_v to_o the_o general_a rule_n of_o scripture_n the_o doctrine_n of_o salvation_n be_v always_o in_o all_o place_n the_o same_o and_o can_v never_o be_v change_v but_o external_a rite_n and_o order_n be_v alterable_a and_o variable_a according_a to_o the_o diversity_n of_o time_n and_o place_n and_o the_o variety_n of_o the_o mind_n and_o manner_n of_o man_n the_o church_n of_o the_o jew_n have_v power_n of_o ordain_v other_o thing_n than_o what_o be_v express_o set_v down_o in_o god_n word_n and_o that_o for_o perpetual_a observation_n she_o ordain_v the_o two_o day_n of_o 21._o purim_n as_o perpetual_a festival_n 59_o moreover_o judas_n and_o his_o brethren_n with_o the_o whole_a congregation_n of_o israel_n ordain_v that_o the_o day_n of_o the_o dedication_n of_o the_o altar_n shall_v be_v keep_v in_o their_o season_n from_o year_n to_o year_n by_o the_o space_n of_o eight_o day_n from_o the_o five_o and_o twenty_o day_n of_o the_o month_n casleu_n with_o mirth_n and_o gladness_n this_o feast_n be_v institute_v by_o judas_n machabeus_n and_o his_o brethren_n when_o antiochus_n epiphanes_n be_v expel_v out_o of_o jerusalem_n the_o worship_n of_o god_n restore_v and_o the_o temple_n profane_v by_o the_o heathen_a again_o consecrate_v which_o be_v about_o 167_o year_n before_o the_o come_v of_o christ._n which_o feast_n be_v yearly_o keep_v ever_o after_o and_o our_o saviour_n christ_n himself_o 22._o honour_v it_o with_o his_o own_o presence_n and_o if_o the_o jewish_a church_n have_v that_o power_n why_o then_o have_v not_o the_o christian_a the_o like_a and_o that_o the_o primitive_a church_n of_o christian_n have_v and_o do_v exercise_v the_o like_a power_n be_v plain_a to_o any_o that_o shall_v read_v act._n 15._o and_o 1_o cor._n 11._o second_o the_o author_n and_o composer_n of_o these_o canon_n and_o constitution_n ecclesiastical_a be_v the_o reverend_a learned_a and_o godly_a bishop_n dean_n and_o arch-deacon_n and_o other_o clergyman_n of_o every_o diocesee_v within_o the_o province_n of_o canterbury_n meet_v together_o 18._o neither_o with_o multitude_n nor_o with_o tumult_n but_o lawful_o and_o due_o call_v and_o summon_v by_o virtue_n of_o the_o king_n majesty_n write_v and_o receive_v legal_a confirmation_n of_o that_o which_o be_v do_v by_o they_o so_o then_o the_o composer_n of_o those_o canon_n be_v such_o person_n as_o be_v ordain_v of_o god_n to_o rule_v the_o church_n and_o to_o order_v what_o in_o their_o wisdom_n shall_v be_v think_v convenient_a to_o who_o in_o all_o thing_n not_o contrary_a to_o god_n will_n reveal_v in_o his_o word_n we_o be_v command_v obedience_n luk._n 12._o 42._o heb._n 13._o 7_o 17_o 24._o 1_o pet._n 2._o 13_o 14._o three_o the_o subject_a matter_n of_o these_o canon_n and_o consitution_n be_v of_o such_o thing_n as_o concern_v external_n order_n decency_n and_o edification_n which_o god_n have_v not_o particular_o determine_v in_o scripture_n but_o have_v leave_v to_o the_o ruler_n and_o governor_n of_o the_o church_n to_o ordain_v and_o appoint_v within_o the_o compass_n of_o that_o general_a rule_n of_o the_o apostle_n 40._o let_v all_o thing_n be_v do_v unto_o edify_v and_o in_o order_n in_o which_o place_n those_o thing_n that_o concern_v the_o external_a polity_n of_o the_o church_n be_v general_o express_v but_o the_o particular_n be_v not_o mention_v but_o leave_v to_o the_o wisdom_n and_o liberty_n of_o the_o church_n four_o what_o have_v be_v the_o judgement_n of_o divine_n of_o who_o learning_n and_o piety_n and_o church_n of_o god_n never_o yet_o since_o their_o time_n make_v the_o least_o doubt_n or_o question_n concern_v law_n canon_n and_o constitution_n of_o this_o nature_n they_o have_v always_o think_v they_o sacred_a and_o venerable_a and_o their_o observation_n a_o act_n of_o religion_n and_o obedience_n to_o the_o general_a command_n of_o god_n instead_o of_o many_o take_v a_o few_o testimony_n of_o divine_n of_o the_o high_a rank_n both_o foreign_a and_o domestic_a two_o i_o shall_v quote_v out_o of_o learned_a zanchy_a 202._o quatenus_fw-la hae_fw-la leges_fw-la consentaneae_fw-la sunt_fw-la cum_fw-la sacris_fw-la literis_fw-la aut_fw-la saltem_fw-la non_fw-la sunt_fw-la dissentaneae_fw-la eatenus_fw-la &_o verae_fw-la sunt_fw-la ecclesiasticae_fw-la eoque_fw-la admittendae_fw-la &_o nos_fw-la illis_fw-la obedientiam_fw-la debemus_fw-la ac_fw-la reverentiam_fw-la so_o far_o forth_o as_o these_o constitution_n be_v agreeable_a with_o the_o scripture_n or_o at_o least_o not_o disagree_v with_o they_o so_o far_o forth_o they_o be_v true_o ecclesiastical_a and_o to_o be_v receive_v and_o we_o owe_v reverence_n and_o obedience_n to_o they_o and_o he_o give_v his_o reason_n in_o these_o word_n si_fw-la consentaneae_fw-la sunt_fw-la hae_fw-la leges_fw-la verbo_fw-la dei_fw-la qui_fw-la illas_fw-la rejicit_fw-la verbum_fw-la dei_fw-la rejicit_fw-la si_fw-mi non_fw-la repugnant_a contemnit_fw-la ecclesiam_fw-la dei_fw-la qui_fw-la illas_fw-la contemnit_fw-la contemptus_fw-la autem_fw-la ecclesiae_fw-la quam_fw-la deo_fw-la ingratus_fw-la sit_fw-la apparet_fw-la cum_fw-la aliis_fw-la ex_fw-la locis_fw-la sacrarum_fw-la literarum_n ubi_fw-la illam_fw-la magnificat_fw-la tum_fw-la maxim_n ex_fw-la evangelio_n mat._n 18._o 17._o if_o those_o law_n be_v agreeable_a with_o the_o word_n of_o god_n he_o that_o reject_v they_o reject_v the_o word_n of_o god_n if_o they_o be_v not_o contrary_a to_o the_o word_n of_o god_n he_o that_o reject_v they_o despise_v the_o church_n of_o god_n and_o how_o odious_a a_o thing_n unto_o the_o almighty_a it_o be_v that_o any_o shall_v despise_v his_o church_n as_o it_o appear_v in_o many_o place_n of_o scripture_n where_o the_o church_n be_v magnify_v so_o especial_o in_o mat._n 18._o 17._o whrere_fw-la god_n have_v command_v that_o that_o person_n shall_v be_v account_v as_o a_o heathen_a man_n and_o a_o publican_n who_o hear_v and_o obey_v not_o the_o church_n hear_v the_o same_o learned_a author_n again_o 11._o credo_fw-la ea_fw-la quae_fw-la a_o piis_fw-la patribus_fw-la in_o nomine_fw-la domini_fw-la congregatis_fw-la communi_fw-la omnium_fw-la consensu_fw-la citra_fw-la ullam_fw-la sacrarum_fw-la literarum_n contradictionem_fw-la definita_fw-la &_o recepta_fw-la fuerunt_fw-la ea_fw-la etiam_fw-la quanquam_fw-la haud_fw-la ejusdem_fw-la cum_fw-la sacris_fw-la literis_fw-la authoritatis_fw-la a_o spiritv_n sancto_fw-la esse_fw-la those_o thing_n say_v he_o which_o have_v be_v conclude_v and_o receive_v by_o the_o holy_a father_n gather_v together_o in_o the_o
in_o that_o regard_n forbid_v we_o to_o minister_v to_o our_o church_n i_o see_v not_o by_o what_o warrant_v in_o god_n word_n we_o shall_v think_v ourselves_o bind_v notwithstanding_o to_o exercise_v our_o ministry_n still_o except_o we_o shall_v think_v such_o a_o law_n of_o ministry_n to_o lie_v upon_o we_o that_o we_o shall_v be_v bind_v to_o run_v upon_o the_o sword_n point_n of_o the_o magistrate_n or_o oppose_v sword_n to_o sword_n which_o i_o be_o sure_a christianity_n abominate_v 2._o yea_o suppose_v the_o magistrate_n shall_v do_v it_o unjust_o and_o against_o the_o will_n of_o the_o church_n and_o shall_v therein_o sin_v yet_o do_v not_o the_o church_n in_o that_o regard_n cease_v to_o be_v a_o church_n nor_o ought_v she_o therein_o resist_v the_o will_n of_o the_o magistrate_n nor_o do_v she_o stand_v bind_v in_o regard_n of_o her_o affection_n to_o her_o minister_n how_o great_a and_o deserve_v soever_o to_o deprive_v herself_o of_o the_o protection_n of_o the_o magistrate_n by_o leave_v her_o public_a stand_n to_o follow_v her_o minister_n in_o private_a and_o in_o the_o dark_a refuse_v the_o benefit_n of_o other_o public_a minister_n which_o with_o the_o good_a leave_n and_o like_n of_o the_o magistrate_n she_o may_v enjoy_v 3._o neither_o do_v i_o know_v what_o warrant_v any_o ordinary_a minister_n have_v by_o god_n word_n in_o such_o a_o case_n so_o to_o draw_v any_o such_o church_n or_o people_n to_o his_o private_a ministry_n that_o thereby_o they_o shall_v hazard_v their_o outward_a estate_n and_o quiet_a in_o the_o commonwealth_n where_o they_o live_v when_o in_o some_o competent_a measure_n they_o may_v public_o with_o the_o grace_n and_o favour_n of_o the_o magistrate_n enjoy_v the_o ordinary_a mean_n of_o salvation_n by_o another_o and_o except_o he_o have_v a_o call_v to_o minister_v in_o some_o other_o church_n he_o be_v to_o be_v content_a to_o live_v as_o a_o private_a member_n until_o it_o shall_v please_v god_n to_o reconcile_v the_o magistrate_n unto_o he_o and_o to_o call_v he_o again_o to_o his_o own_o church_n from_o which_o word_n of_o this_o learned_a nonconformist_a it_o may_v easy_o be_v gather_v that_o those_o person_n who_o be_v now_o by_o the_o unquestionable_a legitimate_a power_n of_o the_o kingdom_n for_o their_o noncompliance_n with_o the_o present_a legal_a establishment_n in_o the_o church_n depose_v from_o their_o ministry_n probetur_fw-la if_o they_o contain_v not_o themselves_o in_o quietness_n and_o silence_n as_o other_o private_a christian_n do_v and_o aught_o but_o will_v without_o a_o call_v of_o authority_n undertake_v still_o to_o preach_v the_o word_n and_o draw_v people_n after_o they_o to_o their_o private_a ministry_n trin._n they_o be_v condemn_v by_o the_o most_o sober_a and_o judicious_a of_o their_o own_o party_n est_fw-la and_o the_o case_n of_o they_o and_o their_o follower_n be_v adjudge_v to_o be_v far_o different_a from_o that_o of_o the_o apostle_n and_o primitive_a christian_n their_o practice_n unwarrantable_a by_o the_o word_n of_o god_n probabilit_fw-la and_o manifest_o tend_v to_o sedition_n and_o schism_n but_o what_o speak_v i_o of_o the_o single_a testimony_n and_o judgement_n of_o one_o man_n of_o that_o way_n and_o persuasion_n though_o a_o learned_a and_o judicious_a one_o whenas_o we_o have_v extant_a to_o the_o world_n the_o like_a verdict_n agree_v upon_o long_a since_o by_o the_o joint_a consent_n of_o sundry_a godly_a and_o learned_a minister_n of_o this_o kingdom_n then_o stand_v out_o and_o suffering_n in_o the_o cause_n of_o inconformity_n and_o publish_v by_o mr._n william_n rathband_n for_o the_o good_a of_o the_o church_n and_o the_o better_a settle_v of_o man_n unstable_a mind_n in_o the_o truth_n against_o the_o subtle_a insinuation_n and_o plausible_a pretence_n of_o that_o pernicious_a evil_n of_o the_o brownist_n or_o separatist_n for_o in_o the_o 4_o the_o page_n of_o that_o book_n first_o they_o justify_v themselves_o against_o the_o objection_n of_o that_o faction_n in_o yield_v to_o the_o suspension_n and_o deprivation_n of_o the_o bishop_n acknowledge_v their_o power_n to_o depose_v who_o do_v ordain_v they_o and_o their_o own_o duty_n to_o acquiesce_v therein_o and_o in_o quietness_n and_o silence_n to_o subject_v themselves_o thereunto_o in_o expression_n so_o full_a to_o my_o present_a purpose_n that_o i_o shall_v have_v transcribe_v they_o for_o the_o reader_n be_v satisfaction_n be_v it_o so_o that_o i_o have_v not_o be_v prevent_v by_o the_o reverend_a and_o worthy_a author_n of_o the_o see_v continuation_n of_o the_o friendly_a debate_n as_o to_o that_o place_n of_o scripture_n act._n 4._o 19_o 20._o which_o they_o acknowledge_v to_o be_v very_o unskilful_o allege_v by_o the_o adversary_n they_o make_v this_o threefold_a answer_n to_o show_v the_o difference_n betwixt_o the_o apostle_n case_n and_o they_o first_o they_o say_v they_o that_o inhibit_v the_o apostle_n be_v know_v and_o profess_a enemy_n of_o the_o gospel_n second_o the_o apostle_n be_v charge_v not_o to_o teach_v in_o the_o name_n of_o christ_n nor_o to_o publish_v any_o part_n of_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o gospel_n which_o commandment_n may_v more_o hardly_o be_v yield_v unto_o than_o this_o of_o our_o bishop_n who_o be_v not_o only_o content_a that_o the_o gospel_n shall_v be_v preach_v but_o be_v also_o preacher_n of_o it_o themselves_o three_o the_o apostle_n receive_v not_o their_o call_v and_o authority_n from_o 1._o man_n nor_o by_o the_o hand_n of_o man_n but_o immediate_o from_o god_n himself_o and_o therefore_o also_o may_v not_o be_v restrain_v nor_o depose_v by_o man_n whereas_o we_o though_o we_o exercise_v as_o function_n whereof_o god_n be_v the_o author_n and_o we_o be_v also_o call_v of_o god_n to_o it_o yet_o be_v we_o also_o call_v and_o ordain_v by_o the_o hand_n and_o ministry_n of_o man_n and_o may_v therefore_o by_o man_n be_v also_o depose_v and_o restrain_v from_o the_o exercise_n of_o our_o ministry_n i_o can_v think_v that_o any_o of_o the_o learned_a sort_n of_o the_o nonconformist_n now_o be_v ignorant_a of_o these_o thing_n nor_o that_o if_o their_o heart_n be_v know_v their_o judgement_n differ_v in_o this_o case_n from_o that_o of_o their_o ancient_a brethren_n but_o i_o fear_v the_o busy_a upholder_n and_o promoter_n of_o conventicle_n in_o our_o age_n notwithstanding_o their_o prohibition_n by_o law_n to_o preach_v at_o all_o sin_n against_o their_o own_o light_n and_o conscience_n in_o so_o do_v but_o i_o proceed_v 4._o now_o law_n be_v thus_o make_v against_o all_o such_o unlawful_a meeting_n and_o all_o such_o his_o majesty_n be_v law_n be_v no_o way_n contrary_a to_o god_n word_n all_o his_o subject_n stand_v bind_v in_o the_o obligation_n of_o obedience_n to_o they_o and_o that_o for_o conscience_n sake_n rom._n 13._o 5._o 1_o pet._n 2._o 13._o tit._n 3._o 1._o and_o under_o pain_n of_o damnation_n if_o they_o wilful_o resist_v and_o disobey_v rom._n 13._o 2._o and_o therefore_o it_o be_v that_o in_o the_o school_n they_o call_v disobedience_n to_o the_o king_n law_n sacrilege_n for_o though_o the_o trespass_n seem_v to_o be_v direct_v but_o against_o a_o man_n yet_o in_o that_o man_n who_o office_n and_o consequent_o his_o person_n be_v sacred_a god_n be_v oppose_v and_o his_o ordinance_n violate_v the_o king_n law_n though_o in_o themselves_o in_o regard_n of_o their_o particular_a constitution_n they_o put_v no_o special_a obligation_n upon_o we_o under_o pein_o of_o sin_n and_o damnation_n yet_o in_o a_o general_a relation_n to_o that_o god_n who_o be_v the_o original_n of_o all_o power_n and_o have_v command_v we_o to_o obey_v authority_n their_o neglect_n or_o disobedience_n involve_v we_o in_o guilt_n and_o expose_v we_o to_o sin_n and_o consequent_o to_o damnation_n 14._o civilibus_fw-la legibus_fw-la quae_fw-la cum_fw-la pielate_fw-la non_fw-la pugnant_fw-la eo_fw-la cuique_fw-la christianus_n paret_fw-la promptius_fw-la quo_fw-la fide_fw-la christi_fw-la est_fw-la imbutus_fw-la plenius_fw-la every_o christian_a by_o how_o much_o the_o more_o he_o have_v of_o the_o grace_n of_o faith_n by_o so_o much_o the_o more_o ready_a he_o be_v to_o conform_v to_o the_o law_n of_o man_n which_o be_v not_o contrary_a to_o the_o law_n of_o god_n all_o power_n be_v of_o god_n that_o therefore_o which_o authority_n enjoin_v we_o god_n enjoin_v we_o by_o it_o the_o command_n be_v mediate_o he_o though_o pass_v through_o the_o hand_n of_o man_n aug._n hoc_fw-la jubent_fw-la imperatores_fw-la quod_fw-la jubet_fw-la &_o christus_fw-la quia_fw-la cum_fw-la bonum_fw-la jubent_fw-la per_fw-la illos_fw-la non_fw-la nisi_fw-la christus_fw-la jubet_fw-la when_o king_n command_v what_o be_v not_o disagreeable_a with_o christ_n command_n christ_n command_v by_o they_o and_o we_o be_v call_v to_o obey_v not_o only_o they_o but_o christ_n in_o they_o but_o be_v not_o suffer_v object_n obedience_n and_o if_o man_n be_v willing_a to_o submit_v
christ_n presence_n and_o blessing_n with_o they_o all_o in_o way_n so_o abominable_a to_o god_n and_o so_o apparent_o destructive_a to_o his_o entire_a body_n the_o church_n which_o he_o have_v purchase_v with_o his_o most_o precious_a blood_n 3._o where_o be_v then_o the_o threaten_n of_o his_o withdraw_n from_o our_o assembly_n upon_o just_a occasion_n god_n have_v say_v 14._o your_o sabbath_n your_o call_v of_o assembly_n i_o can_v away_o with_o it_o be_v iniquity_n even_o your_o solemn_a meeting_n my_o soul_n hate_v they_o they_o be_v a_o trouble_n to_o i_o i_o be_o weary_a to_o bear_v they_o and_o i_o 21._o hate_v i_o despise_v your_o feast-day_n i_o will_v not_o smell_v in_o your_o solemn_a assembly_n i._n e._n i_o will_v not_o accept_v with_o favour_n as_o i_o do_v noah_n 21._o sacrifice_n their_o solemn_a assembly_n in_o another_o place_n the_o holy_a ghost_n use_v the_o same_o expression_n 31._o i_o will_v not_o smell_v the_o savour_n of_o your_o sweet_a odour_n it_o be_v a_o judgement_n say_v ainsworth_n oppose_v to_o that_o blessing_n promise_v in_o v_o 12._o i_o will_v walk_v among_o you_o god_n threaten_v to_o deny_v his_o presence_n to_o their_o assembly_n and_o one_o reason_n be_v give_v by_o a_o divine_a of_o the_o presbyterian_a judgement_n 21._o because_o they_o be_v not_o any_o way_n of_o divine_a institution_n but_o of_o their_o own_o invention_n and_o therefore_o all_o along_o they_o be_v call_v your_o or_o thou_o now_o show_v i_o where_o christ_n in_o all_o the_o old_a or_o new_a testament_n do_v either_o command_n or_o allow_v any_o such_o ministry_n and_o attendance_n on_o it_o as_o be_v in_o question_n and_o then_o i_o shall_v acknowledge_v it_o to_o be_v the_o ordinance_n of_o god_n and_o that_o this_o promise_n belong_v to_o it_o but_o not_o till_o then_o in_o the_o mean_a time_n i_o may_v well_o without_o any_o digression_n retort_v upon_o the_o objectour_n and_o tell_v they_o that_o in_o my_o judgement_n they_o be_v far_o out_o of_o the_o way_n either_o of_o obedience_n to_o christ_n command_n or_o of_o hope_n of_o enjoy_v his_o blessing_n promise_v who_o in_o resort_v to_o such_o kind_n of_o meeting_n for_o which_o they_o have_v neither_o a_o command_n nor_o promise_n separate_a and_o withdraw_v themselves_o from_o the_o public_a assembly_n and_o attendance_n on_o his_o worship_n and_o ordinance_n there_o where_o god_n have_v assure_v we_o of_o his_o presence_n and_o blessing_n and_o whither_o he_o have_v enjoin_v we_o constant_o to_o repair_v for_o as_o that_o minister_n who_o shall_v upon_o any_o pretence_n whatsoever_o of_o his_o own_o forsake_v a_o congregation_n over_o who_o he_o be_v place_v by_o god_n and_o go_v to_o another_o without_o any_o lawful_a call_n be_v like_o jonah_n who_o be_v send_v by_o god_n to_o nineve_n sin_v great_o in_o go_v to_o tarshish_n though_o he_o have_v preach_v never_o so_o due_o and_o diligent_o there_o so_o those_o people_n who_o in_o any_o measure_n neglect_v the_o public_a for_o those_o private_a assembly_n be_v like_o micah_n who_o in_o the_o time_n of_o the_o judge_n when_o there_o be_v a_o public_a ministry_n in_o the_o place_n which_o the_o lord_n have_v choose_v for_o that_o purpose_n institute_v a_o private_a worship_n and_o ministry_n in_o his_o own_o house_n a_o certain_a peculiar_a levite_n be_v call_v and_o set_v apart_o for_o that_o work_n and_o no_o wise_a man_n that_o shall_v read_v his_o story_n will_v think_v it_o safe_a to_o follow_v his_o example_n well_o may_v such_o a_o person_n flatter_v himself_o in_o his_o course_n and_o say_v in_o his_o heart_n as_o he_o 13._o now_o i_o know_v the_o lord_n will_v do_v i_o good_a see_v i_o have_v a_o levite_n to_o my_o priest_n but_o as_o junius_n loc_n hominis_fw-la imperiti_fw-la sermo_fw-la est_fw-la &_o in_o pielate_fw-la parùm_fw-la instituti_fw-la that_o say_v of_o he_o show_v he_o to_o have_v but_o little_a wit_n less_o religion_n and_o that_o he_o be_v but_o in_o a_o golden_a dream_n or_o fool_n be_v paradise_n all_o that_o while_n though_o he_o think_v himself_o wise_a and_o in_o a_o better_a case_n than_o his_o neighbour_n but_o this_o be_v do_v when_o there_o be_v no_o king_n in_o israel_n and_o every_o man_n do_v that_o which_o be_v right_a in_o his_o own_o eye_n otherwise_o so_o abominable_a a_o act_n can_v never_o have_v pass_v so_o clear_o as_o it_o do_v by_o such_o i_o will_v be_v sober_o and_o sound_o resolve_v of_o this_o demand_n be_v the_o people_n of_o england_n in_o their_o present_a state_n and_o condition_n assemble_v themselves_o together_o in_o public_a place_n appoint_v for_o god_n worship_n under_o the_o teach_n and_o ministry_n of_o their_o lawful_a pastor_n that_o be_v set_v over_o they_o by_o authority_n a_o true_a church_n or_o true_a church_n or_o not_o if_o they_o say_v no_o they_o do_v that_o which_o god_n bless_v be_v his_o name_n have_v not_o yet_o do_v unchurch_n we_o and_o lay_v we_o under_o a_o judgement_n which_o he_o have_v not_o yet_o lay_v upon_o we_o viz._n a_o divorce_n from_o jesus_n christ._n 9_o yet_o thou_o o_o lord_n be_v in_o the_o midst_n of_o we_o and_o we_o be_v call_v by_o thy_o name_n leave_v we_o not_o luciferanos_fw-es through_o the_o infinite_a goodness_n of_o the_o most_o high_a we_o have_v wherewithal_o to_o consute_n that_o unchristian_a and_o uncharitable_a judgement_n of_o they_o since_o we_o have_v both_o the_o matter_n and_o the_o form_n of_o a_o true_a church_n the_o matter_n be_v a_o multitude_n of_o rational_a creature_n that_o profess_v save_v truth_n contain_v in_o the_o word_n of_o god_n simon_n magus_n and_o the_o eunuch_n upon_o their_o profession_n be_v admit_v member_n of_o the_o church_n and_o member_n do_v constitute_v the_o body_n the_o form_n of_o a_o true_a church_n be_v a_o gracious_a call_n into_o the_o dignity_n of_o the_o child_n of_o god_n so_o as_o that_o christ_n become_v ●nited_v to_o they_o as_o the_o form_n of_o a_o man_n ●s_v the_o soul_n unite_v to_o the_o body_n so_o the_o ●orm_n of_o a_o church_n which_o be_v his_o body_n 〈◊〉_d christ_n unite_v to_o it_o we_o have_v the_o ●ord_n and_o law_n of_o christ_n and_o those_o he_o ●akes_v effectual_a for_o the_o convince_a of_o ●ll_a and_o conversion_n of_o some_o and_o this_o 〈◊〉_d a_o irrefragable_a argument_n to_o evince_v 〈◊〉_d church_n to_o be_v a_o true_a church_n even_o in_o the_o judgement_n of_o the_o presbyteria●_n divine_v themselves_o for_o to_o those_o of_o the_o independent_a way_n that_o separate_v from_o they_o these_o be_v their_o word_n 122._o we_o beseech_v you_o to_o consider_v whether_o you_o do_v not_o receive_v the_o work_n of_o conversion_n from_o sin_n to_o god_n which_o you_o presume_v to_o be_v wrought_v in_o you_o first_o of_o all_o in_o those_o public_a assembly_n from_o which_o you_o now_o separate_v and_o if_o you_o find_v christ_n walk_v among_o we_o how_o be_v it_o that_o 〈◊〉_d do_v now_o leave_v we_o if_o the_o presence_n 〈◊〉_d christ_n both_o of_o his_o power_n and_o grace_n be_v with_o we_o why_o do_v you_o deny_v your_o presence_n be_v you_o holy_a and_o wise_a than_o christ_n be_v not_o this_o a_o evident_a token_n that_o we_o be_v true_a church_n and_o have_v a_o true_a ministry_n because_o we_o have_v the_o seal_n of_o our_o ministry_n even_o the_o conversion_n of_o many_o son_n and_o daughter_n to_o god_n do_v not_o the_o apostle_n 2._o from_o this_o very_a ground_n argue_v the_o truth_n of_o his_o apostleship_n 〈◊〉_d it_o not_o apparent_a that_o our_o minister_n be_v send_v by_o god_n because_o their_o embassage_n be_v make_v successful_a by_o god_n for_o the_o good_a of_o soul_n do_v you_o ever_o read_v of_o true_a conversion_n ordinary_o in_o false_a church_n will_v the_o lord_n concur_v with_o those_o minister_n he_o send_v not_o do_v not_o the_o prophet_n say_v the_o quite_o contrary_a jer._n 23._o 23._o and_o therefore_o either_o renounce_v your_o conversion_n or_o be_v convert_v from_o that_o great_a sin_n of_o separate_n from_o we_o again_o where_o there_o be_v the_o infallible_a mark_n of_o a_o true_a church_n there_o be_v a_o true_a church_n but_o we_o have_v the_o infallible_a mark_n of_o a_o true_a church_n viz._n the_o word_n of_o christ_n true_o teach_v and_o his_o sacrament_n right_o administer_v first_o for_o the_o word_n of_o christ._n the_o church_n be_v according_a to_o the_o proper_a signification_n of_o the_o word_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d a_o people_n call_v forth_o from_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o world_n 2._o call_v to_o be_v saint_n now_o the_o best_a note_n to_o know_v a_o people_n call_v be_v by_o the_o voice_n call_v this_o be_v ever_o a_o infallible_a mark_n of_o christ_n church_n first_o among_o the_o apostle_n who_o be_v call_v out_o from_o among_o other_o by_o the_o word_n of_o
the_o border_n of_o our_o heart_n that_o so_o meet_v together_o by_o troop_n with_o primitive_a concord_n 39_o in_o the_o public_a place_n of_o our_o assembly_n be_v band_v together_o with_o a_o kind_n of_o holy_a violence_n we_o may_v with_o one_o mind_n and_o one_o mouth_n lay_v siege_n to_o the_o throne_n of_o grace_n and_o give_v god_n no_o rest_n such_o force_n be_v to_o he_o most_o acceptable_a till_o he_o fulfil_v this_o gracious_a promise_n that_o we_o perish_v not_o in_o our_o division_n lord_n grant_v that_o all_o they_o that_o confess_v thy_o holy_a name_n may_v agree_v in_o the_o truth_n of_o thy_o holy_a word_n and_o live_v in_o unity_n and_o godly_a love_n through_o jesus_n christ._n amen_o argument_n iv._o that_o can_v be_v the_o ordinance_n of_o god_n conduce_v to_o the_o salvation_n of_o soul_n which_o be_v not_o only_o contrary_a to_o good_a and_o wholesome_a law_n destructive_a to_o gospel-order_n and_o destitute_a of_o divine_a promise_n but_o be_v also_o contrary_a to_o gospel-commands_a for_o god_n be_v not_o contradictory_n to_o himself_o institute_v or_o ordain_v that_o in_o one_o place_n of_o his_o word_n which_o he_o forbid_v in_o another_o but_o throughout_o the_o whole_a scripture_n he_o reveal_v one_o constant_a and_o one_o uninterrupted_a tenor_n of_o sacred_a truth_n but_o the_o practice_n in_o question_n be_v contrary_a to_o sundry_a gospel-commands_a as_o will_v easy_o be_v make_v out_o by_o instance_v in_o two_o or_o three_o instead_o of_o other_o the_o first_o i_o shall_v mention_v be_v that_o in_o st._n peter_n 15._o let_v none_o of_o you_o suffer_v as_o a_o murderer_n or_o as_o a_o thief_n or_o as_o a_o evil_a doer_n or_o as_o a_o busybody_n in_o other_o man_n matter_n the_o word_n in_o the_o original_a be_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d which_o in_o the_o proper_a and_o genuine_a construction_n of_o it_o signify_v lo_o a_o busy_a bishop_n in_o another_o man_n diocese_n or_o a_o busy_a presbyter_n in_o another_o man_n parish_n that_o take_v upon_o he_o to_o meddle_v in_o another_o man_n cure_n and_o to_o be_v do_v in_o matter_n that_o be_v commit_v to_o another_o man_n charge_n that_o be_v so_o well_o at_o leisure_n and_o have_v so_o little_a to_o do_v of_o his_o own_o that_o according_a to_o the_o proverb_n he_o thrust_v his_o sickle_n into_o another_o man_n harvest_n the_o apostle_n reckon_v such_o a_o one_o among_o murderer_n and_o thief_n and_o other_o evil_a doer_n that_o so_o he_o may_v easy_o be_v know_v what_o he_o be_v by_o such_o as_o the_o holy_a ghost_n sort_v with_o he_o now_o murderer_n and_o thief_n and_o other_o malefactor_n be_v make_v the_o companion_n of_o such_o who_o without_o a_o special_a concession_n or_o commission_n undertake_v to_o meddle_v in_o other_o man_n parish_n with_o the_o soul_n not_o commit_v to_o their_o care_n and_o charge_n and_o the_o apostle_n give_v equal_a caveat_n against_o they_o all_o i_o know_v not_o therefore_o how_o such_o busybody_n can_v acquit_v themselves_o of_o the_o other_o two_o sin_n also_o mention_v in_o this_o black_a roll_n of_o the_o latter_a their_o guilt_n seem_v to_o be_v too_o evident_a in_o take_v up_o wander_a sheep_n from_o their_o fold_n when_o they_o ought_v rather_o to_o send_v they_o home_o to_o their_o own_o shepherd_n in_o set_v their_o mark_n upon_o they_o own_v they_o for_o they_o and_o call_v they_o by_o the_o name_n of_o their_o church_n when_o as_o in_o truth_n they_o have_v no_o more_o property_n or_o interest_n in_o they_o than_o the_o emperor_n of_o utopia_n have_v in_o the_o pleyade_n or_o the_o poor_a athenian_a in_o horace_n have_v in_o the_o ship_n which_o he_o see_v on_o the_o sea_n and_o call_v his_o own_o though_o he_o have_v no_o other_o right_n to_o they_o than_o what_o his_o extravagant_a and_o distemper_a fancy_n do_v create_v for_o what_o warrant_n have_v they_o to_o meddle_v with_o other_o man_n flock_n of_o the_o former_a i_o fear_v also_o they_o will_v scarce_o be_v find_v altogether_o guiltless_a for_o true_o the_o soul_n of_o their_o proselyte_n after_o they_o have_v be_v their_o follower_n a_o while_n seem_v to_o be_v so_o mortal_o poison_v with_o schism_n and_o separation_n profane_a contempt_n and_o neglect_n of_o the_o public_a worship_n and_o ordinance_n of_o god_n with_o despise_v of_o all_o authority_n good_a law_n and_o government_n and_o many_o other_o dangerous_a evil_n and_o so_o metamorphose_v that_o from_o be_v sheep_n as_o before_o they_o seem_v to_o be_v they_o turn_v wolf_n and_o be_v ready_a to_o worry_v their_o own_o shepherd_n as_o be_v find_v true_a by_o too_o sad_a experience_n in_o all_o place_n where_o these_o man_n intrude_v themselves_o the_o apostle_n do_v elsewhere_o reckon_v up_o idleness_n as_o another_o companion_n of_o this_o sin_n 13._o they_o learn_v to_o be_v idle_a wander_v about_o from_o house_n to_o house_n and_o be_v busybody_n again_o 11._o work_v not_o at_o all_o but_o be_v busybody_n and_o indeed_o this_o be_v the_o root_n from_o whence_o this_o vice_n spring_v it_o be_v true_a in_o the_o former_a place_n the_o apostle_n make_v it_o muliebre_fw-la vitium_fw-la the_o woman_n sin_n but_o it_o be_v no_o wonder_n to_o see_v idler_n of_o the_o other_o sex_n also_o to_o become_v esseminate_a and_o meddler_n in_o other_o folk_n matter_n when_o they_o have_v none_o of_o their_o own_o to_o be_v do_v about_o a_o idler_n be_v well_o at_o leisure_n and_o if_o he_o will_v not_o serve_v god_n in_o his_o own_o station_n rather_o than_o he_o shall_v do_v nothing_o satan_n will_v find_v he_o employment_n in_o set_v he_o to_o thrust_v his_o sickle_n into_o his_o neighbour_n corn._n 6._o they_o make_v i_o keeper_n of_o the_o vineyard_n but_o my_o own_o vineyard_n have_v i_o not_o keep_v here_o be_v vineyard_n oppose_v to_o her_o own_o vineyard_n false_a church_n to_o true_a for_o 7._o the_o vineyard_n of_o the_o lord_n of_o host_n be_v the_o house_n of_o israel_n and_o the_o man_n of_o judah_n his_o pleasant_a plant._n when_o man_n keep_v not_o their_o own_o vineyard_n the_o keep_n whereof_o be_v commit_v to_o they_o of_o god_n the_o spirit_n that_o work_v in_o the_o child_n of_o disobedience_n will_v set_v they_o to_o plant_v and_o keep_v vineyard_n of_o he_o 33._o the_o vine_n whereof_o be_v the_o vine_n of_o sodom_n and_o of_o the_o field_n of_o gomorrah_n their_o grape_n be_v grape_n of_o gall_n their_o cluster_n be_v bitter_a what_o account_v these_o husbandman_n will_v make_v hereafter_o to_o he_o that_o be_v the_o lord_n of_o the_o vineyard_n for_o such_o kind_n of_o deal_v i_o wish_v they_o may_v in_o time_n serious_o consider_v ever_o it_o be_v too_o late_o so_o to_o do_v neither_o may_v we_o omit_v to_o observe_v how_o the_o apostle_n in_o the_o afore_o quote_v place_n do_v as_o it_o be_v unchristian_a such_o a_o busy_a person_n and_o seem_v to_o make_v he_o no_o better_o than_o a_o pagan_a or_o infidel_n for_o he_o put_v a_o vast_a difference_n betwixt_o the_o suffering_n of_o a_o busy_a presbyter_n and_o those_o of_o a_o christian._n 16._o if_o a_o christian_a suffer_v let_v he_o not_o be_v ashamed_a but_o let_v he_o glorify_v god_n in_o this_o behalf_n but_o if_o such_o a_o busybody_n suffer_v as_o it_o be_v as_o much_o pity_n he_o shall_v go_v scotfree_a as_o any_o of_o his_o mate_n in_o the_o text_n he_o have_v as_o great_a cause_n to_o be_v ashamed_a as_o a_o thief_n or_o a_o murderer_n the_o second_o gospel-command_a i_o shall_v instance_n in_o be_v that_o of_o st._n paul_n to_o the_o thessalonian_n 11._o study_v to_o be_v quiet_a and_o do_v your_o own_o business_n quietness_n be_v here_o enjoin_v under_o the_o notion_n and_o quality_n of_o a_o art_n or_o science_n for_o we_o be_v command_v to_o study_v it_o loc_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d seek_v with_o a_o holy_a ambition_n think_v it_o a_o honour_n to_o live_v in_o peace_n the_o quietness_n there_o commend_v to_o our_o ambitious_a endeavour_n i_o conceive_v to_o import_v not_o a_o quietness_n from_o motion_n but_o from_o commotion_n or_o trouble_v of_o other_o a_o content_v calm_a conversation_n opposite_a to_o tumultuous_a turbulence_n and_o restless_a intermeddle_v with_o thing_n wherein_o other_o be_v concern_v but_o how_o shall_v we_o attain_v to_o be_v master_n of_o this_o art_n of_o quietness_n the_o mean_v most_o available_a that_o way_n the_o apostle_n prescribe_v in_o the_o next_o word_n 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d to_o do_v our_o own_o business_n let_v other_o man_n matter_n alone_o to_o themselves_o for_o a_o man_n than_o not_o to_o content_v himself_o with_o his_o own_o affair_n but_o to_o mix_v himself_o with_o other_o man_n and_o without_o any_o lawful_a appointment_n or_o allowance_n to_o thrust_v himself_o into_o another_o place_n and_o employment_n be_v contrary_a to_o that_o
quietness_n which_o christian_n be_v to_o study_v a_o manifest_a breach_n of_o this_o great_a gospel-command_a and_o consequent_o inconsistent_a with_o the_o ordinance_n of_o god_n a_o three_o evangelical_n precept_n be_v that_o of_o our_o bless_a saviour_n 12._o whatsoever_o you_o will_v that_o man_n shall_v do_v unto_o you_o do_v you_o even_o so_o to_o they_o 84._o it_o be_v a_o principle_n both_o natural_a and_o divine_a enjoin_v by_o our_o heavenly_a lawgiver_n as_o a_o ground_n and_o rule_v of_o all_o equity_n among_o man_n lactantius_n thus_o comment_v on_o it_o radix_fw-la &_o omnis_fw-la fundamentum_fw-la aequitatis_fw-la est_fw-la illud_fw-la vide_fw-la ut_fw-la ne_fw-la facias_fw-la ulli_fw-la quod_fw-la pati_fw-la nolis_fw-la sed_fw-la alterius_fw-la animum_fw-la de_fw-la tuo_fw-la metieris_fw-la this_o be_v the_o root_n and_o foundation_n of_o all_o equity_n for_o a_o man_n to_o be_v careful_a no_o to_o do_v that_o to_o another_o which_o he_o will_v not_o suffer_v himself_o but_o to_o measure_v another_o man_n mind_n by_o his_o own_o now_o i_o appeal_v to_o the_o heart_n and_o conscience_n of_o those_o minister_n that_o thrust_v themselves_o now_o into_o other_o man_n congregation_n and_o parish_n and_o there_o in_o private_a house_n gather_v together_o a_o company_n of_o disciple_n and_o follower_n of_o the_o more_o giddy_a and_o unstable_a sort_n of_o people_n for_o such_o they_o be_v for_o the_o most_o part_n that_o not_o content_a with_o the_o public_a labour_n of_o their_o own_o pastor_n flock_v to_o private_a conventicle_n and_o set_v up_o a_o course_n of_o preach_v and_o other_o ministerial_a act_n whether_o if_o they_o be_v pastor_n of_o congregation_n as_o sometime_o they_o be_v and_o have_v a_o charge_n of_o a_o flock_n of_o god_n people_n commit_v to_o they_o for_o who_o soul_n they_o and_o none_o else_o must_v be_v accountable_a they_o will_v take_v it_o well_o or_o permit_v it_o if_o they_o can_v otherwise_o help_v it_o that_o a_o stranger_n shall_v thrust_v himself_o into_o their_o parish_n and_o lead_v away_o a_o number_n of_o their_o people_n to_o private_a assembly_n in_o corner_n to_o a_o dependence_n on_o they_o for_o teach_v and_o other_o duty_n which_o they_o obtrude_v upon_o they_o as_o the_o worship_n and_o service_n of_o god_n even_o to_o the_o forsake_v and_o loathe_v of_o that_o which_o be_v public_o establish_v for_o wait_v on_o they_o in_o private_a and_o whither_o when_o those_o man_n be_v in_o their_o pastoral_a charge_n and_o in_o the_o late_a time_n anabaptist_n familist_n and_o other_o sectary_n do_v the_o like_a as_o they_o themselves_o now_o do_v set_v up_o private_a conventicle_n in_o several_a town_n and_o parish_n they_o do_v not_o account_v themselves_o much_o injure_v thereby_o and_o make_v their_o pulpit_n sound_v loud_a against_o it_o nay_o oppose_v it_o by_o all_o mean_v they_o possible_o can_v which_o be_v a_o truth_n sufficient_o know_v to_o all_o that_o have_v be_v hearer_n of_o they_o or_o know_v their_o practice_n neither_o will_v it_o suffice_v they_o to_o say_v those_o who_o they_o then_o oppose_v be_v person_n heterodox_n in_o their_o judgement_n and_o corrupt_v in_o their_o opinion_n for_o 1._o so_o may_v these_o house-creeping_a preacher_n be_v also_o 2._o for_o aught_o any_o one_o know_v if_o it_o be_v sound_a divinity_n they_o preach_v it_o be_v avowable_a and_o publication_n be_v a_o fair_a argument_n of_o truth_n truth_n seek_v no_o corner_n it_o be_v only_o ashamed_a to_o be_v hide_v as_o the_o sun_n to_o be_v cloud_v or_o eclipse_v the_o desire_n of_o secre●ie_n and_o privacy_n render_v their_o doctrine_n suspicious_a of_o falsehood_n and_o error_n in_o the_o dark_a gross_a fault_n be_v not_o perceive_v and_o they_o be_v evil-doer_n only_o that_o be_v say_v by_o our_o saviour_n 20._o to_o hate_v the_o light_n while_o man_n do_v nothing_o but_o well_o they_o need_v not_o conceal_v and_o hide_v their_o do_n the_o very_a heathen_a as_o a_o divine_a of_o we_o observe_v do_v worship_v their_o god_n sub_fw-la dio_fw-mi without_o roof_n or_o cover_n don._n in_o a_o free_a openness_n and_o where_o they_o can_v in_o temple_n make_v with_o specular_a stone_n pudendum_fw-la that_o be_v transparent_a as_o crystal_n so_o as_o that_o they_o that_o walk_v without_o in_o the_o street_n may_v see_v all_o that_o be_v do_v within_o and_o even_o nature_n itself_o teach_v the_o natural_a man_n to_o make_v that_o a_o argument_n of_o a_o man_n true_o religious_a aperto_fw-la vivere_fw-la voto_fw-la that_o he_o dare_v pray_v aloud_o and_o let_v the_o world_n hear_v what_o he_o ask_v at_o god_n hand_n which_o duty_n say_v he_o be_v best_a perform_v when_o we_o join_v with_o the_o congregation_n in_o public_a prayer_n st._n austin_n have_v make_v that_o note_n upon_o the_o donatist_n that_o they_o be_v clanculary_a clandestine_v divine_n divine_n in_o corner_n and_o in_o photius_n we_o have_v such_o a_o note_n almost_o upon_o all_o heretic_n as_o the_o nestorian_a be_v call_v coluber_fw-la a_o snake_n because_o though_o he_o keep_v in_o the_o garden_n in_o the_o church_n he_o lurk_v and_o lie_v hide_v to_o do_v mischief_n and_o true_o so_o long_o as_o the_o preach_a of_o the_o gospel_n be_v not_o persecute_v and_o there_o be_v no_o prohibition_n to_o the_o contrary_a as_o 6._o sometime_o there_o be_v it_o seem_v to_o i_o to_o be_v contrary_a to_o the_o very_a nature_n of_o it_o herein_o differ_v from_o the_o law_n that_o it_o be_v not_o confine_v to_o any_o one_o nation_n or_o place_n nor_o be_v subject_n to_o 9_o bond_n or_o restraint_n to_o be_v shut_v up_o in_o private_a house_n and_o teach_v in_o secret_a and_o not_o rather_o to_o be_v publish_v in_o church_n and_o open_a place_n of_o free_a and_o common_a resort_n the_o command_n to_o the_o apostle_n be_v 20._o go_v stand_v and_o speak_v in_o the_o temple_n to_o the_o people_n all_o the_o word_n of_o this_o life_n and_o according_o be_v their_o practice_n act._n 9_o 20._o act._n 13._o 14._o 44._o it_o be_v true_a the_o godly_a in_o time_n past_a have_v their_o private_a meeting_n in_o desert_n mountain_n den_n and_o cave_n of_o the_o earth_n but_o the_o case_n be_v not_o alike_o with_o we_o as_o with_o they_o the_o time_n than_o be_v of_o most_o bloody_a persecution_n when_o neither_o preacher_n nor_o professor_n escape_v the_o fire_n and_o therefore_o be_v enforce_v to_o conceal_v themselves_o and_o private_o to_o enjoy_v those_o comfort_n and_o discharge_v those_o duty_n and_o exercise_n of_o religion_n which_o they_o can_v not_o public_o be_v suffer_v to_o do_v but_o those_o who_o set_v up_o and_o frequent_v private_a meeting_n now_o may_v enjoy_v the_o preach_n and_o read_v of_o the_o word_n prayer_n to_o god_n confession_n of_o sin_n profession_n of_o faith_n and_o benefit_n of_o the_o sacrament_n in_o the_o public_a assembly_n of_o the_o saint_n yea_o they_o be_v not_o only_o allow_v but_o command_v by_o authority_n so_o to_o do_v but_o they_o will_v not_o those_o teacher_n then_o that_o in_o these_o haltion_n day_n of_o the_o gospel_n creep_v into_o corner_n to_o vent_v their_o doctrine_n discover_v themselves_o to_o be_v either_o first_o seditious_a and_o schismatical_a seek_v to_o make_v party_n and_o division_n in_o the_o church_n or_o second_o proud_a and_o arrogant_a prefer_v their_o own_o opinion_n and_o doctrine_n assembly_n and_o person_n before_o all_o other_o or_o three_o false_a and_o erroneous_a for_o all_o damnable_a heresy_n and_o doctrine_n of_o perdition_n which_o pervert_n and_o destroy_v soul_n be_v thus_o bring_v in_o underhand_a privy_o 1._o by_o such_o as_o creep_v into_o the_o church_n of_o god_n by_o stealth_n at_o least_o they_o be_v destitute_a of_o that_o mean_n of_o justification_n and_o defence_n of_o the_o truth_n which_o our_o saviour_n christ_n have_v and_o which_o all_o christ_n minister_n in_o a_o settle_a church_n ought_v to_o have_v viz._n to_o appeal_v to_o the_o public_a audience_n 21._o that_o which_o be_v public_o preach_v may_v be_v prove_v and_o try_v but_o not_o so_o well_o that_o which_o be_v teach_v in_o obscurity_n 2._o what_o the_o judgement_n and_o opinion_n of_o these_o man_n have_v be_v and_o that_o in_o all_o those_o thing_n wherein_o the_o peace_n of_o the_o church_n and_o the_o salvation_n of_o soul_n of_o christian_n be_v concern_v i_o mean_v the_o doctrine_n discipline_n and_o worship_n as_o it_o stand_v establish_v in_o the_o church_n of_o england_n the_o world_n have_v have_v sufficient_a knowledge_n and_o experience_n by_o the_o late_a bloody_a war_n and_o persecution_n raise_v thereabouts_o 3._o last_o the_o question_n be_v not_o as_o have_v be_v say_v de_fw-la facto_fw-la what_o doctrine_n these_o man_n deliver_v in_o their_o private_a convention_n but_o de_fw-la jure_fw-la what_o right_o they_o have_v to_o preach_v any_o in_o other_o man_n parish_n as_o they_o do_v such_o a_o person_n
some_o of_o the_o brethren_n of_o the_o nonconformist_n have_v be_v of_o the_o same_o judgement_n whatever_o this_o or_o their_o practice_n now_o be_v memorable_a to_o this_o purpose_n be_v that_o say_n of_o mr._n baxter_n to_o his_o people_n of_o kiderminster_n rest._n i_o ever_o love_v say_v he_o a_o godly_a peaceable_a conformist_n better_a than_o a_o turbulent_a nonconformist_n and_o shall_v i_o make_v a_o party_n or_o disturb_v the_o peace_n of_o the_o church_n i_o shall_v fear_v lest_o i_o shall_v prove_v a_o firebrand_n in_o hell_n for_o be_v a_o firebrand_n in_o the_o church_n and_o by_o all_o the_o interest_n i_o have_v in_o your_o judgement_n and_o affection_n i_o here_o charge_v you_o that_o if_o god_n shall_v give_v i_o up_o to_o any_o factious_a church-renting_a course_n against_o which_o i_o daily_o pray_v that_o you_o forsake_v i_o and_o follow_v i_o not_o a_o step_n it_o be_v a_o unhappy_a degree_n of_o wickedness_n to_o be_v a_o ringleader_n in_o any_o schism_n every_o