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A00793 The answere vnto the nine points of controuersy, proposed by our late soueraygne (of famous memory) vnto M. Fisher of the Society of Iesus And the reioynder vnto the reply of D. Francis VVhite minister. With the picture of the sayd minister, or censure of his writings prefixed. Fisher, John, 1569-1641.; Floyd, John, 1572-1649. 1626 (1626) STC 10911; ESTC S102112 538,202 656

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ad_fw-la come_v philip._n &_o in_o 1._o ad_fw-la corinth_n this_o may_v convince_v our_o minister_n that_o his_o allegation_n be_v of_o no_o credit_n and_o that_o judgement_n of_o the_o sanctity_n of_o a_o church_n be_v not_o to_o be_v make_v by_o the_o report_n of_o zealous_a complaint_n but_o by_o the_o evidence_n of_o sight_n rule_v by_o unpartial_a search_n by_o which_o rule_n one_o may_v find_v in_o the_o catholic_a clergy_n thousand_o and_o thousand_o that_o show_v admirable_a charity_n special_o in_o convert_n infidel_n yea_o that_o win_v the_o glorious_a crown_n of_o angelical_a chastity_n for_o which_o they_o will_v never_o have_v strive_v have_v not_o the_o church_n bind_v they_o thereunto_o so_o that_o if_o human_a infirmity_n by_o occasion_n of_o this_o law_n make_v some_o man_n impure_a that_o otherwise_o perchance_o in_o marriage_n will_v have_v be_v chaste_a so_o the_o grace_n of_o god_n by_o the_o same_o occasion_n work_v in_o innumerable_a angelical_a saint_n who_o have_v never_o be_v such_o but_o for_o the_o church_n exaction_n and_o this_o harvest_n make_v full_a recompense_n for_o that_o loss_n special_o see_v also_o many_o of_o such_o delinquent_n be_v not_o lose_v but_o save_v by_o penance_n yea_o become_v more_o excellent_a saint_n than_o they_o have_v be_v have_v they_o never_o fall_v chastity_n obedience_n charity_n in_o undergo_n labour_v for_o the_o help_n of_o soul_n fortitude_n in_o suffer_v of_o heroical_a martyrdom_n zeal_n and_o patience_n in_o the_o rough_a and_o rigorous_a treaty_n of_o their_o body_n by_o miraculous_a fast_n &_o another_o austeritye_n this_o sanctity_n shine_v not_o in_o all_o child_n of_o the_o church_n but_o in_o she_o more_o eminent_a preacher_n &_o professor_n which_o kind_n of_o sanctity_n together_o with_o miracle_n if_o the_o church_n do_v want_v she_o can_v not_o be_v a_o sufficient_a witness_n of_o the_o truth_n unto_o infidel_n who_o common_o never_o begin_v to_o affect_v &_o admire_v christianity_n but_o upon_o the_o sight_n of_o such_o wonder_n of_o sanctity_n &_o other_o extraordinary_a work_n holy_a for_o doctrine_n in_o regard_n her_o tradition_n be_v divine_a and_o holy_a without_o any_o mixture_n of_o error_n for_o if_o the_o church_n can_v deliver_v by_o consent_n of_o ancestor_n together_o with_o truth_n some_o error_n her_o tradition_n even_o about_o truth_n be_v questionable_a &_o can_v not_o be_v believe_v upon_o the_o warrant_n of_o her_o tradition_n for_o who_o can_v without_o danger_n and_o secure_o feed_v on_o that_o dish_n that_o may_v aswell_o contain_v poison_n as_o wholesome_a sustenance_n and_o whereas_o some_o protestant_n affirm_v that_o the_o church_n can_v err_v in_o fundamental_a point_n but_o only_o in_o thing_n of_o less_o moment_n the_o truth_n be_v that_o in_o perpetual_a tradition_n she_o can_v err_v at_o all_o if_o the_o tradition_n of_o the_o church_n deliver_v a_o small_a thing_n as_o receyve_v from_o the_o apostle_n may_v be_v false_a one_o may_v call_v into_o question_n her_o tradition_n of_o moment_n for_o like_a as_o if_o we_o admit_v in_o the_o scripture_n error_n in_o small_a matter_n we_o can_v be_v sure_a of_o its_o infallibility_n in_o substantial_a matter_n so_o likewise_o if_o we_o grant_v tradition_n perpetual_a to_o be_v false_a in_o thing_n of_o less_o importance_n we_o have_v no_o solid_a ground_n to_o defend_v her_o tradition_n as_o assure_v in_o other_o of_o moment_n wherefore_o as_o he_o that_o shall_v say_v god_n write_v word_n be_v false_a in_o some_o less_o matter_n as_o when_o it_o say_v s._n paul_n leave_v his_o cloak_n at_o troas_n err_v fundamental_o by_o reason_n of_o the_o consequence_n which_o give_v occasion_n to_o doubt_v of_o every_o thing_n in_o scripture_n even_o so_o he_o that_o grant_v that_o some_o part_n of_o tradition_n or_o of_o the_o word_n of_o god_n unwritten_a may_v be_v false_a err_v substantial_o because_o he_o give_v cause_n to_o doubt_v of_o any_o tradition_n which_o yet_o as_o i_o have_v show_v be_v the_o prime_n and_o originalll_v ground_v of_o faith_n more_o tradition_n more_o the_o minister_n here_o rayl_v large_o &_o lusty_o term_v this_o assertion_n impudent_a antichristian_a profane_a bastardly_a etc._n etc._n yet_o the_o assertion_n be_v evident_a truth_n &_o his_o reason_n against_o it_o be_v of_o no_o force_n for_o they_o go_v not_o against_o the_o assertion_n but_o prove_v another_o thing_n to_o wit_n the_o excellency_n of_o scripture_n which_o none_o deny_v for_o tradition_n &_o scripture_n according_a to_o different_a comparison_n be_v equal_a &_o superior_a the_o one_o to_o the_o other_o compare_v they_o in_o respect_n of_o certainty_n of_o truth_n they_o be_v equal_a as_o the_o council_n of_o trent_n define_v sess_v 4._o both_o be_v the_o word_n of_o god_n the_o one_o write_a the_o other_o unwritten_a and_o so_o both_o infinite_o certain_a compare_v they_o in_o respect_n of_o depth_n sublimity_n and_o variety_n of_o doctrine_n the_o scripture_n be_v far_o superior_a unto_o tradition_n tradition_n be_v plain_a and_o easy_a doctrine_n concern_v the_o common_a capital_a and_o practical_a article_n of_o christianity_n whereas_o the_o scripture_n be_v full_a of_o high_a &_o hide_a sense_n and_o furnish_v with_o great_a variety_n of_o example_n discourse_n and_o all_o manner_n of_o erudition_n aug._n epist._n 3._o compare_v they_o in_o respect_n of_o priority_n and_o evidence_n of_o be_v the_o apostle_n the_o scripture_n be_v posteriour_a unto_o tradition_n in_o time_n and_o knowledge_n and_o can_v be_v prove_v direct_o to_o be_v the_o apostle_n &_o therefore_o god_n but_o by_o tradition_n as_o sometime_o not_o only_a father_n but_o even_a protestant_n afffirme_v as_o philosophy_n be_v more_o perfect_a than_o logic_n and_o rhetoric_n than_o grammar_n in_o respect_n of_o high_a &_o excellent_a knowledge_n yet_o logic_n be_v more_o prime_a original_a fundamental_a then_o philosophy_n grammar_n than_o rhetoric_n without_o the_o rule_n and_o principle_n whereof_o they_o can_v be_v learn_v even_o so_o tradition_n be_v more_o prime_a and_o original_a than_o scripture_n though_o scripture_n in_o respect_n of_o depth_n and_o sublimity_n of_o discourse_n be_v more_o excellent_a than_o tradition_n fundamental_a than_o the_o very_a scripture_n which_o be_v not_o know_v to_o be_v apostolical_a but_o by_o tradition_n whereas_o a_o perpetual_a tradition_n be_v know_v to_o come_v from_o the_o apostle_n by_o its_o own_o light_n for_o what_o more_o evident_a they_o that_o that_o be_v from_o the_o apostle_n which_o be_v deliver_v as_o apostolical_a by_o perpetual_a succession_n of_o bishop_n consent_v therein_o the_o propertye_n of_o the_o church_n prove_v by_o matth._n 28.20_o §._o 4._o all_o this_o may_v be_v clear_o prove_v to_o omit_v other_o pregnant_a testimony_n by_o the_o word_n of_o our_o saviour_n in_o the_o last_o of_o s._n matthew_n go_v into_o the_o world_n teach_v all_o nation_n baptise_v they_o in_o the_o name_n of_o the_o father_n of_o the_o son_n and_o of_o the_o holy_a ghost_n teach_v they_o to_o keep_v all_o that_o i_o have_v command_v you_o and_o behold_v i_o be_o with_o you_o all_o day_n even_o to_o the_o consummation_n of_o the_o world_n a_o aright_o a_o the_o minister_n pag._n 195._o lin_v 4._o say_v that_o this_o promise_n be_v conditional_a in_o respect_v of_o pastor_n succeed_v the_o apostle_n to_o wit_n that_o christ_n will_v assist_v they_o conditional_o when_o they_o teach_v and_o baptize_v as_o he_o have_v command_v but_o that_o they_o shall_v so_o still_o teach_v he_o do_v not_o promise_n p._n 24._o lin_v 28._o this_o exposition_n be_v false_a first_o because_o our_o saviour_n here_o promise_v his_o presence_n unto_o the_o apostle_n and_o their_o successor_n to_o baptize_v and_o teach_v until_o the_o world_n end_n by_o one_o and_o the_o same_o form_n of_o speech_n and_o individual_a breath_n so_o that_o the_o promise_n can_v be_v conditional_a in_o respect_n of_o the_o successor_n except_o it_o be_v also_o conditional_a in_o respect_n of_o the_o apostle_n but_o in_o respect_n of_o the_o apostle_n the_o promise_n be_v absolute_a as_o the_o minister_n grant_v pag._n 94._o lin_v 23._o therefore_o it_o be_v also_o absolute_a in_o respect_n of_o their_o successor_n not_o that_o this_o or_o that_o pastor_n may_v not_o be_v deceive_v but_o that_o they_o shall_v never_o deliver_v by_o joint_a consent_n any_o falsehood_n as_o the_o apostle_n doctrine_n second_o if_o the_o promise_n be_v conditional_a than_o the_o sense_n be_v this_o i_o will_v always_o assist_v you_o to_o teach_v &_o christen_v aright_o when_o you_o teach_v &_o christen_v according_a to_o my_o commandment_n as_o the_o minister_n expound_v pag._n 94._o lin_v 22._o but_o this_o sense_n be_v idle_a and_o just_a nothing_o as_o if_o christ_n have_v say_v behold_v i_o will_v assist_v you_o to_o teach_v aright_o when_o you_o teach_v aright_o for_o what_o be_v to_o teach_v christian_a religion_n aright_o but_o to_o
●each_v that_o bless_a mary_n be_v a_o entire_a virgin_n only_o until_o ●er_n childbirth_n but_o according_a to_o the_o catholic_a faith_n he_o come_v forth_o of_o the_o virgin_n womb_n the_o same_o still_o rest_v entire_a and_o as_o a_o bridegroom_n out_o of_o his_o bride-chamber_n now_o you_o may_v crow_v and_o crake_v &_o crown_v your_o book_n as_o you_o do_v in_o your_o picture_n when_o you_o be_v so_o press_v by_o your_o adversary_n that_o you_o be_v force_v to_o defend_v your_o error_n by_o hold_v ancient_a heresye_n and_o by_o lay_v the_o term_n of_o sophistical_a inference_n upon_o the_o catholic_a faith_n of_o the_o creed_n and_o of_o the_o whole_a christian_a church_n in_o answer_v scripture_n you_o contradict_v yourself_o and_o grant_v the_o jesuit_n the_o question_n §._o 4._o the_o vanity_n of_o your_o former_a brag_n that_o the_o jesuit_n have_v prove_v nothing_o by_o scripture_n be_v further_a make_v apparent_a in_o that_o he_o do_v so_o urge_v you_o with_o scripture_n as_o you_o be_v sometime_o force_v to_o contradict_v yourself_o sometime_o to_o grant_v as_o much_o as_o he_o do_v require_v against_o yourself_o the_o jesuit_n pag._n 98._o prove_v that_o the_o church_n of_o christian_a pastor_n succeed_v the_o apostle_n be_v infallible_a in_o her_o tradition_n because_o our_o saviour_n say_v matth._n 28._o behold_v i_o be_o with_o you_o all_o day_n until_o the_o consummation_n of_o the_o world_n you_o answer_v pag._n 100_o that_o which_o be_v promise_v upon_o condition_n be_v not_o absolute_a until_o the_o condition_n be_v fulfil_v the_o presence_n of_o christ_n be_v promise_v to_o the_o apostle_n successor_n conditional_o and_o as_o they_o be_v one_o with_o the_o apostle_n by_o imitation_n &_o subordination_n that_o be_v so_o far_o as_o they_o walk_v in_o their_o step_n &_o conform_v their_o doctrine_n and_o ministry_n to_o the_o pattern_n receive_v from_o they_o thus_o you_o in_o this_o place_n but_o pag._n 174._o lin_v 21._o speak_v of_o the_o absolute_a perpetuity_n and_o duration_n of_o the_o church_n you_o say_v that_o the_o place_n matth._n 28.20_o behold_v i_o be_o with_o you_o all_o day_n until_o the_o end_n of_o the_o world_n prove_v that_o the_o church_n be_v universal_a in_o respect_n of_o time_n and_o that_o it_o continue_v successive_o in_o all_o age_n this_o your_o say_n overthrow_v what_o you_o say_v that_o the_o presence_n of_o christ_n be_v promise_v upon_o condition_n wherein_o the_o successor_n of_o the_o apostle_n may_v fail_v for_o this_o place_n behold_v i_o be_o with_o you_o all_o day_n until_o the_o world_n end_n do_v show_v the_o church_n to_o be_v always_o in_o the_o world_n no_o other_o way_n then_o because_o christ_n according_a to_o his_o promise_n be_v always_o and_o all_o day_n to_o the_o world_n end_n with_o his_o church_n &_o he_o can_v not_o be_v still_o in_o the_o world_n with_o his_o church_n except_o his_o church_n have_v still_o a_o be_v in_o the_o world_n so_o that_o according_a to_o the_o truth_n of_o this_o place_n we_o may_v aswell_o or_o better_o say_v the_o church_n shall_v not_o be_v always_o in_o the_o world_n then_o that_o it_o shall_v be_v in_o the_o world_n without_o christ_n or_o his_o divine_a assistance_n to_o teach_v man_n infallible_o the_o truth_n wherefore_o if_o by_o this_o place_n we_o can_v as_o you_o say_v we_o can_v prove_v that_o the_o church_n shall_v be_v ever_o absolute_o assist_v of_o christ_n much_o less_o do_v this_o place_n convince_v that_o the_o church_n shall_v be_v always_o in_o the_o world_n or_o further_a then_o conditional_o if_o it_o walk_v in_o ●he_n apostles_n doctrine_n contrariwise_o if_o this_o place_n ●rove_v that_o the_o church_n be_v absolute_o always_o in_o the_o world_n until_o the_o consummation_n thereof_o then_o à_fw-la for●iori_fw-la more_o strong_o and_o more_o direct_o do_v it_o prove_v ●hat_n christ_n be_v absolute_o &_o not_o only_o conditional_o present_a with_o his_o church_n all_o day_n to_o the_o world_n end_n ●o_o that_o to_o answer_v the_o jesuit_n proof_n of_o his_o religion_n ●y_a scripture_n you_o contradict_v yourself_o yea_o sometime_o ●rant_v against_o yourself_o as_o much_o as_o he_o will_v prove_v for_o to_o prove_v the_o same_o infallibility_n of_o the_o church_n ●e_n bring_v pag._n 3_o the_o place_n of_o s._n paul_n 3.15_o paul_n 1._o tim._n 3.15_o that_o the_o church_n be_v the_o ground_n &_o pillar_n of_o truth_n but_o the_o ground_n of_o ●ertaine_a &_o infallible_a truth_n such_o as_o the_o christian_a be_v ●ust_z be_v certain_a &_o infallible_a you_o answer_v pag._n 4._o lin_v ●_o if_o by_o the_o church_n we_o understand_v the_o church_n of_o christ_n ●●uing_v af●er_o the_o apostle_n the_o same_o be_v by_o office_n and_o calling_n ●he_v pillar_n and_o ground_n of_o truth_n in_o all_o age_n this_o your_o answer_n allow_v unto_o the_o jesuit_n asmuch_o as_o he_o desire_v 〈◊〉_d can_v desire_v to_o show_v the_o church_n to_o be_v always_o infallible_a for_o that_o which_o be_v by_o office_n and_o divine_a vocation_n the_o ●●llar_n and_o ground_n of_o infallible_a truth_n have_v by_o divine_a ordination_n and_o assistance_n sufficiency_n for_o the_o performance_n of_o that_o office_n as_o be_v most_o evident_a the_o church_n ●hich_v be_v fallible_a &_o may_v err_v be_v not_o a_o sufficient_a pillar_n 〈◊〉_d ground_n that_o be_v have_v not_o sufficiency_n to_o be_v the_o ground_n 〈◊〉_d christian_a truth_n which_o be_v infallible_a for_o how_o can_v 〈◊〉_d building_n sure_a &_o immovable_a stand_n found_v upon_o 〈◊〉_d uncertain_a ruinous_a and_o totter_a foundation_n ●herfore_o see_v you_o grant_v the_o church_n succeed_v the_o apostle_n to_o be_v in_o all_o age_n the_o ground_n of_o truth_n by_o divine_a vocation_n unto_o that_o office_n you_o do_v consequent_o allow_v unto_o the_o jesuit_n as_o much_o as_o he_o will_v prove_v to_o wit_n that_o the_o church_n succeed_v the_o apostle_n be_v i●_n all_o age_n until_o the_o world_n end_n certain_a and_o infallible_a in_o her_o teach_n in_o lieu_n of_o answer_v you_o confirm_v the_o jesuit_n argument_n §._o 5._o the_o jesuit_n pag._n 38._o accuse_v minister_n of_o abuse_v the_o word_n of_o god_n who_o to_o prove_v the_o sole_a sufficiency_n of_o scripture_n in_o respect_n of_o all_o man_n cite_v the_o text_n of_o s._n paul_n 2._o tim._n 3.15_o the_o scripture_n be_v able_a to_o make_v we_o wise_a unto_o salvation_n for_o the_o word_n of_o the_o apostle_n be_v direct_v particular_o to_o timothy_n say_v they_o be_v able_a to_o make_v thou_o wise_a unto_o salvation_n whence_o it_o be_v consequent_a that_o the_o scripture_n be_v sufficient_a for_o timothy_n and_o be_v sufficient_a for_o such_o man_n as_o tymothy_n be_v to_o wit_n for_o man_n learned_a and_o aforehand_o instruct_v by_o word_n of_o mouth_n and_o thereupon_o firm_o believe_v all_o the_o most_o main_a and_o necessary_a point_n of_o christian_a doctrine_n and_o discipline_n that_o the_o scripture_n for_o man_n in_o this_o manner_n teach_v and_o ground_v in_o faith_n be_v abundant_o sufficient_a who_o will_v deny_v thus_o the_o jesuit_n unto_o who_o you_o shape_v this_o answer_n pag._n 39_o although_o sentence_n of_o holy_a scripture_n be_v sometime_o restrain_v to_o the_o personal_a and_o particular_a subject_n of_o which_o they_o be_v first_o speak_v yet_o this_o be_v not_o general_a and_o when_o the_o same_o happen_v it_o must_v be_v prove_v by_o better_a argument_n then_o by_o the_o bare_a emphasis_n of_o a_o word_n for_o god_n say_v 〈◊〉_d josuah_n a_o man_n qualify_v above_o the_o ordinary_a rank_n i_o will_v not_o leave_v nor_o forsake_v thou_o josuah_n 1.5_o yet_o the_o promise_n employ_v in_o this_o text_n be_v general_a and_o common_a to_o all_o 〈◊〉_d person_n hebr._n 13.5_o thus_o you_o confirm_v the_o jesuit●_n ●olution_n in_o lieu_n of_o confute_v thereof_o for_o as_o the_o pro●ise_n i_o will_v not_o leave_v thou_o make_v particular_o unto_o jo●ue_n in_o regard_n he_o be_v a_o just_a man_n do_v not_o agree_v unto_o ●ll_a man_n but_o only_o unto_o such_o as_o josue_n be_v to_o wit_n ●nto_o just_a man_n and_o such_o as_o seek_v god_n as_o he_o do_v so_o the_o ●ext_n of_o s._n paul_n they_o be_v able_a to_o make_v thou_o wise_a unto_o valuation_n speak_v particular_o unto_o timothy_n in_o re●ard_n he_o be_v learn_v judicious_a aforehand_o instruct_v &_o ground_v in_o christian_a tradition_n do_v agree_v only_o to_o timothy_n and_o such_o man_n as_o timothy_n be_v to_o wit_n man_n aforehand_o teach_v and_o ground_v in_o the_o ●ayth_n of_o tradition_n on_o the_o other_o side_n as_o the_o promise_n ●ade_v to_o josue_n in_o regard_n he_o be_v a_o just_a man_n can_v ●e_v challenge_v of_o other_o man_n that_o be_v not_o just_a as_o he_o be_v &_o if_o they_o rely_v thereon_o they_o deceive_v themselves_o ●o_o the_o promise_n the_o scripture_n be_v able_a to_o make_v
because_o he_o be_v a_o minister_n now_o if_o it_o be_v grant_v that_o gift_n and_o oblation_n by_o way_n of_o religion_n may_v be_v make_v unto_o minister_n your_o discourse_n against_o oblation_n unto_o saint_n be_v everuate_v and_o fall_v to_o the_o ground_n for_o thus_o i_o argue_v if_o oblation_n may_v be_v make_v to_o god_n only_o why_o be_v they_o make_v unto_o minister_n if_o they_o may_v be_v make_v unto_o creature_n why_o not_o unto_o saint_n and_o angel_n as_o well_o as_o unto_o minister_n if_o oblation_n be_v proper_a unto_o god_n how_o dare_v minister_n make_v themselves_o fellow_n with_o god_n in_o this_o point_n of_o his_o honour_n if_o they_o be_v not_o proper_a unto_o god_n why_o do_v you_o reproove_v we_o for_o offer_v gift_n and_o vow_n unto_o the_o bless_a virgin_n his_o mother_n here_o you_o be_v so_o take_v that_o you_o can_v shift_v away_o nor_o evade_v four_o and_o principal_o by_o this_o doctrine_n that_o religious_a adoration_n be_v due_a unto_o minister_n you_o overthrow_v all_o you_o say_v in_o the_o three_o point_n against_o give_v worship_n special_o religious_a unto_o bless_a saint_n and_o angel_n for_o if_o minister_n may_v be_v religious_o adore_v with_o reference_n unto_o god_n why_o not_o saint_n why_o not_o angel_n you_o allege_v 10.14_o allege_v matth._n 10.14_o scripture_n that_o affirm_v minister_n to_o be_v the_o messenger_n of_o god_n and_o threaten_v punishment_n unto_o such_o as_o will_v not_o admit_v of_o they_o but_o i_o pray_v you_o be_v not_o angel_n god_n messenger_n as_o much_o as_o minister_n yea_o in_o a_o more_o high_a holy_a &_o excellent_a sort_n be_v all_o minister_a spirit_n send_v in_o service_n for_o they_o that_o partake_v the_o inheritance_n of_o salvation_n hebr._n 1.23_o you_o bring_v matth._n 10.42_o he_o that_o shall_v give_v to_o one_o of_o these_o little_a one_o a_o cup_n of_o cold_a water_n only_o in_o the_o name_n of_o a_o disciple_n very_o i_o say_v he_o shall_v not_o loose_v his_o reward_n how_o can_v you_o hence_o in_o force_n that_o divine_a and_o religious_a worship_n be_v due_a unto_o minister_n rather_o than_o unto_o any_o poor_a christian_a lazar_n or_o beggar_n of_o who_o christ_n say_v 25.40_o say_v matth._n 25.40_o whatsoever_o you_o do_v to_o one_o of_o my_o least_o one_o you_o do_v unto_o i_o if_o saint_n live_v upon_o earth_n that_o be_v the_o lively_a image_n of_o christ_n may_v not_o be_v honour_v with_o religious_a adoration_n though_o what_o be_v do_v to_o they_o christ_n take_v as_o do_v to_o himself_o what_o little_a colour_n and_o pretext_n can_v you_o minister_n allege_v why_o we_o shall_v honour_v you_o with_o religious_a adoration_n you_o produce_v galat._n 4.14_o where_o the_o apostle_n say_v unto_o the_o galathian_o you_o receyve_v i_o as_o a_o angel_n of_o god_n even_o as_o christ_n jesus_n who_o see_v not_o that_o this_o make_v rather_o for_o adoration_n of_o angel_n then_o of_o mynister_n s._n paul_n think_v the_o galathian_o do_v much_o in_o that_o they_o receyve_v he_o as_o a_o angel_n but_o you_o say_v we_o must_v worship_v minister_n more_o than_o angel_n to_o wit_n with_o religious_a adoration_n which_o be_v due_a to_o god_n only_o to_o the_o same_o purpose_n you_o cite_v two_o father_n s._n ambrose_n and_o s._n gregory_n s._n ambrose_n epist_n 26._o say_v domino_fw-la def●rtur_fw-la cùm_fw-la seruulus_fw-la honoratur_fw-la the_o lord_n be_v reverence_v when_o the_o servant_n be_v honour_v s._n ascribatur_fw-la s._n super_fw-la reg._n lib._n 5._o cap._n 1._o quam_fw-la reverendi_fw-la sunt_fw-la optimi_fw-la pastor_n ecclesiae_fw-la sanctae_fw-la liquet_fw-la dum_fw-la enim_fw-la deo_fw-la fideliter_fw-la seruiunt_fw-la tanto_fw-la ei_fw-la amoris_fw-la vinculo_fw-la coniunguntur_fw-la ut_fw-la quidquid_fw-la eye_n ingeritur_fw-la divinae_fw-la iniuriae_fw-la ascribatur_fw-la gregory_n write_v that_o good_a pastor_n who_o serve_v god_n faithful_o be_v so_o conjoin_v with_o he_o in_o the_o bond_n of_o love_n as_o what_o be_v do_v against_o they_o be_v take_v as_o injury_n offer_v unto_o god_n how_o do_v these_o text_n conclude_v religious_a adoration_n to_o be_v due_a to_o your_o ministerial_a worship_n rather_o they_o unto_o angel_n i_o pray_v you_o sir_n be_v not_o saint_n &_o angel_n the_o faithful_a servant_n of_o god_n his_o friend_n be_v they_o not_o conjoin_v with_o he_o in_o love_n as_o much_o as_o any_o minister_n why_o then_o shall_v religious_a worship_n be_v due_a to_o minister_n &_o their_o et_fw-la cetera_fw-la and_o not_o to_o saint_n their_o relic_n &_o image_n that_o saint_n and_o angel_n be_v the_o friend_n and_o faithful_a servant_n of_o god_n we_o certain_o know_v that_o you_o minister_n be_v such_o how_o can_v you_o make_v it_o apparent_a or_o certain_a and_o if_o you_o can_v why_o may_v not_o we_o argue_v against_o your_o worship_n as_o you_o argue_v against_o image_n pag._n 233._o i_o be_o teach_v by_o learned_a vasquez_n that_o the_o devil_n may_v lurk_v in_o image_n and_o our_o adversary_n can_v prove_v that_o christ_n be_v present_a or_o assistant_n unto_o they_o now_o it_o seem_v unreasonable_a to_o worship_v that_o which_o may_v receyve_v the_o devil_n when_o on_o the_o other_o side_n one_o can_v be_v certain_a that_o it_o have_v any_o fellowship_n with_o christ._n this_o your_o argument_n against_o image_n be_v strong_a against_o religious_a adoration_n of_o minister_n for_o of_o the_o image_n we_o be_v certain_a that_o they_o represent_v christ_n crucify_a unto_o we_o &_o we_o feel_v this_o their_o force_n and_o efficacy_n in_o our_o heart_n when_o we_o worship_v christ_n in_o they_o but_o that_o minister_n may_v receyve_v the_o devil_n that_o the_o devil_n may_v lurk_v in_o they_o we_o be_v 3._o be_v luther_n tom_n 2._o je●iensi_fw-la fol._n 68_o say_v of_o carolostadius_fw-la puto_fw-la non_fw-la uno_fw-la diabolo_fw-it obsessum_fw-la fuisse_fw-la miserabilem_fw-la illum_fw-la hominem_fw-la and_o of_o zwinglian_n minister_n he_o say_v that_o the_o devil_n now_o &_o ever_o dwell_v in_o they_o &_o that_o they_o have_v a_o blasphemous_a breast_n insatanize_v supersatanize_v and_o persatanize_v see_v the_o place_n in_o the_o book_n of_o the_o tigurine_a divines_n confess_v tigur_n an._n 1544._o fol._n 3._o teach_v by_o luther_n who_o affirm_v so_o much_o of_o diverse_a minister_n and_o by_o other_o minister_n that_o 478_o that_o the_o tigurine_a divines_n in_o the_o place_n allege_v say_v lutherus_n cum_fw-la suis_fw-la diabolis_fw-la and_o zwinglius_fw-la en_fw-fr ut_fw-la hunc_fw-la hominem_fw-la satan_n totus_fw-la occupare_fw-la conetur_fw-la tom._n 2._o respon_n ad_fw-la confess_v lutheri_n fol._n 478_o aver_v no_o less_o of_o he_o that_o minister_n be_v christ_n fellow_n or_o have_v fellowship_n with_o christ_n that_o christ_n be_v present_a by_o sanctity_n and_o grace_n with_o any_o of_o they_o you_o can_v make_v certain_a yea_o according_o to_o your_o tenet_n christ_n do_v not_o certain_o and_o infallible_o assist_v the_o whole_a church_n much_o less_o be_v it_o certain_a and_o infallible_a that_o he_o be_v present_a and_o assistant_n unto_o every_o minister_n wherefore_o see_v it_o be_v certain_a that_o the_o devil_n may_v lurk_v in_o minister_n and_o it_o be_v not_o certain_a &_o infallible_a that_o christ_n be_v assistant_n unto_o they_o we_o may_v conclude_v by_o your_o principle_n that_o it_o be_v unreasonable_a they_o shall_v be_v worship_v special_o with_o religious_a adoration_n which_o yet_o you_o do_v require_v that_o man_n yield_v unto_o you_o in_o regard_n of_o your_o union_n with_o god_n the_o second_o error_n that_o that_o can_v be_v the_o true_a church_n which_o have_v wicked_a visible_a pastor_n §._o 2._o another_z error_n no_o less_o absurd_a and_o sottish_a they_o this_o you_o maintain_v to_o wit_n that_o that_o can_v be_v the_o true_a church_n who_o visible_a ruler_n be_v or_o have_v be_v wicked_a or_o impious_a thus_o you_o write_v pag._n 100_o wicked_a person_n according_a to_o s._n augustine_n be_v not_o indeed_o and_o very_o the_o body_n of_o christ_n and_o again_o they_o be_v not_o in_o the_o body_n of_o christ_n which_o be_v the_o church_n because_o christ_n can_v have_v damnable_a member_n and_o bernard_n say_v that_o it_o be_v evident_a that_o christ_n be_v not_o the_o head_n of_o a_o hypocrite_n but_o the_o visible_a ruler_n of_o the_o popish_a church_n have_v many_o time_n be_v as_o our_o adversary_n themselves_o report_v not_o only_o hypocrite_n but_o also_o apparent_o monstrous_a and_o damnable_a sinner_n therefore_o the_o popish_a church_n can_v be_v the_o catholic_a church_n out_o of_o which_o no_o salvation_n be_v to_o be_v have_v and_o again_o pag._n 54._o you_o argue_v in_o this_o manner_n they_o which_o be_v not_o of_o the_o body_n of_o christ_n nor_o of_o the_o house_n of_o god_n real_o and_o in_o truth_n do_v not_o constant_o preserve_v or_o faithful_o deliver_v apostolical_a tradition_n nor_o be_v they_o such_o as_o the_o spirit_n of_o god_n infallible_o
〈◊〉_d tradition_n unwritten_a &_o that_o this_o be_v the_o prime_a ground_n of_o ●ayth_n more_o fundamental_a than_o scripture_n you_o most_o large_o labour_v to_o refel_v and_o term_v it_o pag._n 91._o a_o anti-●hristian_a and_o impudent_a assertion_n to_o depress_v the_o write_a ●ord_n of_o god_n &_o exalt_v the_o profane_a bastardly_a apocryphal_a tradition_n of_o the_o pope_n this_o be_v bitter_a enough_o &_o yet_o cer●●ynly_o you_o teach_v that_o there_o be_v tradition_n maintain_v and_o uphold_v the_o scripture_n in_o authority_n or_o 〈◊〉_d you_o speak_v inept_o not_o know_v what_o you_o affirm_v for_o some_o two_o page_n before_o this_o your_o reproachful_a word_n to_o wit_n pag._n 89._o you_o thus_o distinguish_v about_o tradition_n the_o church_n have_v no_o perpetual_a tradition_n but_o such_o as_o be_v either_o contain_v in_o scripture_n or_o which_o be_v subseruient_fw-fr to_o maintain_v the_o faith_n verity_n and_o authority_n of_o the_o scripture_n &_o the_o doctrine_n thereof_o thus_o you_o i_o demand_v of_o you_o these_o subseruient_fw-fr traditious_a about_o faith_n and_o doctrine_n be_v they_o contain_v in_o scripture_n or_o not_o if_o they_o be_v your_o distinction_n be_v senseless_a one_o member_n thereof_o not_o be_v condistinct_a against_o the_o other_o for_o if_o subseruient_fw-fr tradition_n be_v tradition_n contain_v in_o scripture_n what_o more_o inept_v then_o to_o say_v tradition_n either_o contain_v in_o scripture_n or_o subseruient_fw-fr if_o they_o be_v not_o contain_v in_o scripture_n but_o condistinct_a from_o they_o then_o according_a to_o your_o distinction_n there_o be_v some_o tradition_n not_o contain_v in_o scripture_n which_o maintain_v and_o uphold_v the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n and_o the_o verity_n and_o doctrine_n thereof_o if_o you_o grant_v this_o as_o you_o must_v unless_o you_o will_v grant_v your_o distinction_n be_v void_a of_o judgement_n then_o must_v you_o also_o grant_v tradition_n to_o be_v more_o fundamental_a than_o scripture_n for_o thus_o i_o argue_v that_o which_o be_v the_o ground_n of_o the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n be_v more_o fundamental_a than_o scripture_n that_o which_o do_v maintain_v and_o uphold_v the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n be_v the_o ground_n and_o foundation_n of_o the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n ergo_fw-la that_o which_o do_v uphold_v and_o maintain_v the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n be_v more_o fundamental_a than_o scripture_n now_o yourself_o ascribe_v unto_o tradition_n subseruient_fw-fr condistinct_a against_o write_a tradition_n the_o office_n of_o mantayn_v the_o authority_n of_o scripture_n so_o that_o either_o you_o know_v not_o what_o you_o do_v write_v or_o else_o by_o your_o own_o distinction_n you_o be_v convince_v to_o establish_v that_o very_a doctrine_n which_o elsewhere_o you_o so_o sharp_o censure_v as_o antichristian_a impudent_a profane_a bastardly_a certain_o you_o be_v a_o silly_a disputant_n about_o matter_n of_o theodogy_n no_o more_o sense_n or_o judgement_n be_v there_o in_o the_o distinction_n you_o make_v of_o holy_a believer_n into_o triumphant_a &_o militant_a pag._n 49._o the_o term_n church_n say_v you_o be_v take_v in_o the_o holy_a scripture_n for_o the_o universal_a number_n of_o holy_a believer_n in_o all_o age_n and_o more_o strict_o for_o the_o whole_a number_n of_o holy_a believer_n under_o the_o new_a testament_n hebr._n 12.23_o apoc._n 5.9_o ephes._n 5.25.27_o and_o thus_o it_o comprehend_v both_o the_o church_n militant_a &_o triumphant_a thus_o you_o distinguish_v the_o church_n of_o believer_n into_o militant_a and_o triumphant_a whence_o it_o be_v consequent_a that_o the_o triumphant_a saint_n in_o heaven_n be_v believer_n what_o more_o ridiculous_a and_o against_o the_o prime_n and_o know_a notion_n of_o triumphant_a saint_n it_o may_v be_v god_n permit_v you_o to_o stumble_v upon_o this_o gross_a simplicity_n through_o want_n of_o reflection_n that_o you_o may_v thereby_o be_v warn_v to_o reflect_v upon_o the_o foulness_n of_o another_o doctrine_n which_o witting_o &_o wilful_o you_o maintain_v though_o be_v no_o less_o exorbitant_a than_o this_o the_o doctrine_n be_v that_o your_o protestant_a militant_a church_n be_v a_o multitude_n who_o 309._o who_o john_n white_a in_o his_o defence_n pag._n 309._o by_o divine_a illumination_n see_v manifest_o the_o truth_n of_o thing_n believe_v of_o the_o bless_a trinity_n and_o other_o mysterye_n &_o that_o you_o be_v like_v not_o unto_o man_n 108._o man_n francis_n white_a orthodox_n pag._n 108._o which_o see_v a_o far_o off_o a_o certain_a obscure_a glimmer_a of_o the_o light_n but_o unto_o man_n that_o come_n to_o the_o place_n where_o the_o light_n be_v behold_v the_o say_a light_n in_o itself_o very_o to_o term_v the_o church_n militant_a a_o multitude_n of_o beholder_n resolve_v of_o truth_n by_o manifest_a light_n &_o evidence_n be_v as_o exotic_a and_o as_o idle_a gibberish_n in_o christian_a theology_n as_o to_o call_v the_o church_n triumphant_a a_o multitude_n of_o believer_n that_o war_n and_o walk_v by_o faith_n as_o for_o your_o protestant_a triumphant_a church_n if_o they_o do_v not_o former_o believe_v in_o this_o life_n the_o word_n of_o god_n without_o see_v the_o light_n lustre_n and_o resplendent_a verity_n of_o the_o doctrine_n thereof_o as_o you_o pretend_v they_o do_v not_o i_o do_v not_o doubt_v but_o they_o be_v believer_n in_o the_o next_o world_n to_o wit_n in_o the_o number_n of_o they_o of_o who_o the_o apostle_n write_v 2.9_o joan._n 2.9_o credunt_fw-la &_o contremiscunt_fw-la ignorance_n in_o scripture_n sect_n iv_o concern_v holy_a scripture_n you_o brag_v intolerable_o in_o every_o page_n of_o your_o reply_n how_o the_o same_o stand_v clear_o on_o your_o side_n and_o that_o the_o jesuit_n have_v not_o be_v able_a to_o prove_v any_o of_o the_o nine_o point_n by_o scripture_n how_o vain_a this_o your_o vant_n be_v do_v appear_v by_o the_o rejoinder_n wherein_o you_o be_v prove_v almost_o in_o every_o controversy_n to_o forsake_v the_o literal_a and_o plain_a sense_n of_o scripture_n and_o to_o devise_v now_o figurative_a typical_a and_o mystical_a interpretation_n how_o idle_o also_o you_o dispute_v out_o of_o scripture_n for_o matter_n of_o great_a moment_n which_o you_o most_o confident_o maintain_v in_o your_o religion_n be_v make_v evident_a by_o what_o have_v be_v show_v concern_v your_o argue_v for_o the_o pretend_a divine_a ordinance_n bind_v ignorant_a layman_n to_o read_v the_o scripture_n notwithstanding_o that_o your_o ignorance_n herein_o may_v more_o indeniable_o appear_v i_o will_v add_v here_o some_o other_o argument_n and_o token_n of_o the_o same_o to_o wit_n unto_o what_o shameful_a shift_n you_o be_v force_v to_o answer_v scripture_n bring_v by_o your_o adversary_n in_o the_o behalf_n of_o catholic_a doctrine_n you_o deny_v the_o text_n and_o context_n of_o scripture_n §._o 1._o first_o many_o time_n you_o be_v enforce_v by_o your_o adversary_n when_o you_o can_v answer_v to_o deny_v the_o ●ext_n &_o context_n of_o scripture_n whereof_o i_o allege_v two_o example's_n the_o jesuit_n pag._n 480._o to_o prove_v that_o christ_n promise_v eternal_a life_n unto_o the_o worthy_a participant_a ●f_n the_o sacrament_n under_o the_o form_n of_o bread_n bring_v ●he_n word_n of_o our_o saviour_n john_n 6._o qui_fw-la manducat_fw-la hunc_fw-la ●anem_fw-la vivet_fw-la in_o aeternum_fw-la he_o that_o eat_v this_o bread_n shall_v ●ue_v for_o ever_o you_o in_o the_o place_n quote_v answer_n the_o scripture_n john_n 6.51_o say_v not_o whosoever_o eat_v sacramental_a bread_n without_o wine_n shall_v live_v for_o ever_o but_o if_o any_o ●●te_n this_o bread_n which_o come_v down_o from_o heaven_n to_o wit_n christ_n ●●sus_fw-la incarnate_a shall_v live_v for_o ever_o and_o then_o it_o follow_v ●nlesse_a you_o eat_v the_o flesh_n of_o the_o son_n of_o man_n and_o drink_v 〈◊〉_d blood_n you_o shall_v not_o have_v life_n in_o you_o john_n 5.53_o thus_o 〈◊〉_d now_o mark_v unto_o what_o strait_n maugre_o your_o ●●agging_n you_o be_v bring_v by_o the_o jesuite_n first_o you_o be_v not_o acknowledge_v these_o word_n cite_v by_o the_o jesuit_n he_o that_o eat_v this_o bread_n live_v for_o ever_o to_o be_v our_o ●●uiours_n but_o only_o those_o if_o any_o shall_v eat_v etc._n etc._n wher●●_n they_o be_v our_o saviour_n &_o the_o express_a text_n of_o scripture_n in_o so_o many_o word_n &_o syllable_n john_n 6.59_o which_o ●●yth_v he_o that_o eat_v this_o bread_n live_v for_o ever_o se●●ndly_o you_o be_v compel_v to_o answer_v that_o christ_n ●●ter_v he_o have_v say_v he_o that_o eat_v this_o bread_n live_v for_o ●●er_n say_v unless_o you_o eat_v the_o flesh_n and_o drink_v the_o ●●oud_n of_o the_o son_n of_o man_n you_o shall_v not_o have_v life_n in_o ●ou_fw-mi by_o which_o ensue_a sentence_n he_o do_v as_o you_o think_v ●eclare_v the_o former_a if_o any_o eat_v this_o bread_n etc._n etc._n that_o it_o must_v not_o be_v understand_v of_o sacramental_a bread_n without_o wine_n this_o be_v
this_o place_n by_o cog_a in_o your_o own_o conceit_n as_o it_o be_v the_o very_a text_n to_o wit_n that_o our_o saviour_n by_o these_o word_n give_v a_o command_n to_o use_v scripture_n for_o it_o be_v clear_a he_o do_v not_o by_o way_n of_o command_n say_v to_o the_o jew_n search_v the_o scripture_n but_o by_o way_n of_o permission_n in_o respect_n of_o their_o obstinacy_n whereby_o they_o will_v not_o without_o scripture_n believe_v in_o he_o upon_o other_o most_o sufficient_a divine_a testimony_n so_o that_o search_v the_o scripture_n because_o in_o they_o you_o think_v to_o have_v eternal_a life_n have_v this_o sense_n see_v you_o will_v not_o be_v win_v to_o believe_v upon_o the_o testimony_n of_o john_n nor_o of_o my_o miracle_n nor_o of_o my_o father_n voice_n from_o heaven_n but_o appeal_v from_o these_o testimony_n unto_o scripture_n think_v that_o in_o they_o you_o have_v eternal_a life_n search_v the_o scripture_n in_o god_n name_n i_o be_o content_a 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d do_v not_o superficial_o look_v upon_o they_o but_o search_v deep_o into_o they_o for_o be_v thus_o search_v into_o they_o yield_v testimony_n unto_o i_o certain_o if_o our_o saviour_n have_v be_v of_o the_o protestant_n mind_n and_o will_v have_v give_v the_o precept_n they_o pretend_v he_o will_v not_o have_v say_v to_o the_o jew_n search_v the_o scripture_n because_o in_o they_o you_o think_v that_o you_o have_v eternal_a life_n but_o search_v the_o scripture_n because_o in_o they_o only_o eternal_a life_n be_v to_o be_v have_v or_o because_o nothing_o necessary_a unto_o eternal_a life_n be_v to_o be_v believe_v until_o it_o be_v clear_o prove_v by_o they_o this_o he_o do_v not_o say_v but_o rather_o rebuke_v the_o jew_n for_o this_o their_o ministerial_a conceit_n that_o nothing_o be_v to_o be_v believe_v upon_o any_o other_o testimony_n without_o scripture_n he_o do_v not_o therefore_o command_v they_o to_o use_v the_o scripture_n but_o see_v they_o obstinate_o addict_v unto_o only_a scripture_n he_o permit_v they_o to_o proceed_v in_o their_o own_o way_n even_o as_o when_o protestant_n can_v be_v win_v to_o believe_v neither_o the_o testimony_n of_o john_n that_o be_v the_o consent_n of_o father_n nor_o the_o testimony_n of_o christ_n work_n that_o be_v of_o miracle_n do_v daily_o in_o his_o church_n nor_o the_o father_n lively_a voice_n from_o heaven_n that_o be_v god_n word_n unwritten_a we_o at_o last_o say_v unto_o they_o search_v the_o scripture_n for_o even_o they_o give_v testimony_n unto_o the_o catholic_a doctrine_n hence_o two_o thing_n appear_v first_o that_o your_o two_o assertion_n that_o christ_n say_v search_n the_o scripture_n do_v command_v and_o command_v even_o simple_a people_n to_o use_v scripture_n be_v two_o fancy_n of_o your_o own_o foist_v into_o the_o scripture_n not_o by_o way_n of_o interpretation_n but_o by_o way_n of_o historical_a relation_n of_o the_o sacred_a text_n which_o be_v gross_a abuse_n thereof_o second_o that_o if_o we_o search_v deep_o into_o this_o text_n search_v the_o scripture_n the_o same_o do_v clear_o condemn_v the_o protestant_a fancy_n that_o only_a scripture_n be_v the_o rule_n of_o faith_n and_o show_v this_o to_o have_v be_v the_o ground_n and_o principle_n of_o jewish_a infidelity_n the_o text_n matth._n 24.24_o that_o even_o the_o elect_v be_v deceive_v be_v it_o possible_a gross_o apply_v thus_o you_o write_v pag._n 586._o although_o the_o tradition_n and_o teach_v of_o the_o church_n be_v fallible_a yet_o unlearned_a people_n where_o they_o enjoy_v the_o free_a use_n of_o scripture_n as_o in_o ancient_a time_n all_o people_n do_v and_o if_o they_o be_v careful_a of_o their_o salvation_n and_o desire_v to_o know_v the_o truth_n god_n bless_v his_o own_o ordinance_n and_o ordinary_o assi_v they_o by_o grace_n in_o such_o sort_n as_o they_o shall_v not_o be_v seduce_v to_o damnation_n math._n 24.24_o thus_o you_o encourage_v simple_a people_n to_o be_v proud_a and_o obstinate_a in_o their_o private_a fancy_n against_o the_o teach_n and_o tradition_n of_o the_o church_n for_o in_o this_o speech_n you_o assure_v they_o that_o read_v their_o vulgar_a bible_n if_o they_o be_v careful_a of_o their_o salvation_n and_o desire_v to_o know_v the_o truth_n though_o they_o will_v not_o regard_v the_o church_n as_o the_o pillar_n ground_n and_o infallible_a mistress_n of_o truth_n yet_o god_n will_v so_o bless_v and_o assist_v they_o as_o they_o shall_v not_o be_v seduce_v into_o damnable_a error_n now_o what_o be_v the_o bane_n of_o christianity_n but_o this_o false_a and_o proud_a persuasion_n insert_v into_o the_o head_n of_o sot_n trinitarian_n anabaptist_n arian_n brownist_n familian_n do_v they_o not_o desire_v to_o know_v the_o truth_n who_o to_o that_o end_n so_o studious_o peruse_v their_o bible_n be_v they_o not_o careful_a of_o their_o salvation_n that_o go_v so_o ready_o to_o the_o fire_n rather_o than_o abandon_v the_o doctrine_n which_o by_o their_o skill_n in_o the_o vulgar_a bible_n they_o judge_v to_o be_v the_o save_a truth_n in_o these_o wretch_n you_o may_v see_v how_o in_o man_n desirous_a to_o know_v the_o truth_n god_n bless_v the_o ordinance_n of_o read_v the_o vulgar_a bible_n without_o regard_n have_v to_o the_o church_n as_o a_o infallible_a mistress_n and_o as_o your_o doctrine_n be_v the_o seed_n &_o springe_n of_o heresy_n so_o be_v the_o text_n of_o scripture_n matth._n 24.24_o most_o violent_o draw_v to_o confirm_v it_o for_o what_o say_v the_o text_n they_o the_o false_a prophet_n shall_v do_v great_a sign_n &_o wonder_n that_o even_o the_o elect_v be_v induce_v into_o error_n if_o it_o be_v possible_a by_o which_o text_n it_o be_v clear_a that_o the_o elect_a people_n of_o god_n can_v be_v final_o entrap_v in_o damnable_a error_n this_o be_v understand_v as_o divine_v speak_v in_o sensu_fw-la composito_fw-la that_o be_v they_o can_v be_v deceive_v because_o god_n ordain_v and_o foresee_v that_o they_o shall_v use_v the_o mean_n to_o know_v save_v truth_n which_o mean_n be_v to_o cleave_v unto_o the_o tradition_n of_o the_o church_n not_o trust_v their_o own_o skill_n now_o then_o with_o what_o engine_n can_v you_o from_o this_o truth_n wrest_v your_o paradox_n that_o man_n desirous_a of_o the_o truth_n read_v the_o vulgar_a bible_n can_v be_v damn_v be_v all_o man_n desirous_a of_o the_o truth_n that_o read_v the_o bible_n god_n elect_a if_o heretic_n dispute_v in_o this_o manner_n the_o elect_n can_v be_v seduce_v unto_o damnation_n ergo_fw-la if_o they_o presume_v on_o their_o skill_n in_o the_o bible_n not_o respect_v the_o church_n doctrine_n as_o infallible_a they_o shall_v not_o be_v seduce_v unto_o damnation_n why_o may_v not_o murderer_n argue_v in_o like_a sort_n the_o elect_a can_v be_v damn_v therefore_o if_o they_o commit_v murder_v every_o day_n and_o so_o persevere_v until_o the_o end_n they_o can_v be_v damn_v this_o argument_n be_v as_o good_a as_o you_o for_o the_o contemner_n of_o the_o church_n can_v no_o more_o be_v save_v they_o murderer_n if_o our_o saviour_n say_v true_a who_o so_o hear_v not_o the_o church_n let_v he_o to_o thou_o as_o a_o heathen_a and_o publican_n the_o text_n act._n 17.11_o about_o the_o beroean_n abuse_v to_o the_o same_o purpose_n of_o encourage_v simple_a people_n to_o follow_v their_o fancy_n get_v by_o read_v their_o vulgar_a bible_n you_o say_v pag._n ●87_n unlearned_a people_n by_o compare_v the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n with_o the_o scripture_n may_v certain_o know_v whether_o it_o err_v or_o not_o act._n 17.11_o thus_o you_o what_o say_v the_o text_n that_o thence_o you_o may_v make_v such_o deduction_n these_o be_v more_o noble_a than_o those_o of_o thessalonica_n who_o receive_v the_o word_n with_o all_o readiness_n of_o mind_n search_v daily_o whether_o these_o thing_n be_v so_o now_o behold_v your_o manifold_a abuse_n of_o this_o sacred_a narration_n first_o the_o text_n do_v not_o say_v these_o beroean_n be_v unlearned_a how_o then_o can_v you_o hence_o conclude_v any_o thing_n for_o the_o ability_n of_o unlearned_a people_n to_o search_v the_o scripture_n again_o the_o text_n do_v not_o say_v that_o by_o compare_v the_o doctrine_n of_o paul_n with_o scripture_n they_o come_v to_o know_v certain_o that_o the_o doctrine_n of_o paul_n be_v true_a but_o only_o that_o believe_v his_o doctrine_n they_o search_v the_o scripture_n about_o the_o same_o without_o mention_n of_o the_o success_n of_o their_o search_n and_o if_o they_o be_v resolve_v by_o scripture_n this_o be_v only_o in_o one_o point_n to_o wit_n whether_o jesus_n be_v the_o messiah_n about_o which_o the_o scripture_n be_v clear_a and_o express_v how_o they_o can_v you_o hence_o prove_v that_o unlearned_a people_n may_v know_v certain_o whether_o the_o doctrine_n of_o the_o church_n be_v true_a by_o compare_v the_o same_o
sin_n every_o way_n what_o be_v hence_o consequent_a that_o except_o you_o recall_v your_o censure_n you_o must_v censure_v the_o father_n as_o graceless_a damnable_a liar_n frantic_a fool_n so_o great_a be_v your_o passion_n and_o so_o small_a your_o judgement_n in_o rail_v at_o the_o jesuit_n second_o you_o be_v to_o be_v pity_v in_o regard_n your_o passion_n be_v so_o extreme_a as_o you_o can_v join_v together_o the_o part_n of_o your_o discourse_n in_o any_o sensible_a manner_n you_o say_v that_o the_o jesuit_n hold_v the_o bless_a virgin_n be_v immaculate_a and_o pure_a from_o actual_a sin_n be_v like_a to_o acesius_n the_o novatian_a who_o think_v himself_o pure_a and_o innocent_a and_o deny_v possibility_n of_o salvation_n unto_o man_n that_o sin_v after_o baptism_n so_o leave_v no_o ladder_n to_o climb_v up_o to_o heaven_n but_o only_o that_o of_o innocency_n what_o can_v be_v more_o inept_v then_o to_o lay_v this_o censure_n on_o the_o jesuite_n in_o that_o respect_n if_o the_o jesuite_n hold_v the_o bless_a virgin_n to_o have_v be_v ever_o free_a from_o actual_a sin_n do_v it_o follow_v that_o he_o must_v also_o so_o esteem_v of_o himself_o as_o do_v the_o novatian_a may_v he_o not_o judge_v she_o to_o be_v a_o immaculate_a virgin_n and_o yet_o himself_o a_o sinful_a man_n crave_v pardon_n of_o his_o sin_n by_o her_o prayer_n and_o if_o he_o shall_v be_v so_o fond_a also_o as_o to_o think_v himself_o unspotted_a &_o pure_a from_o sin_n do_v it_o follow_v that_o he_o must_v needs_o with_o acesius_n exclude_v from_o salvation_n all_o penitent_a sinner_n &_o allow_v no_o ladder_n unto_o heaven_n but_o only_o that_o of_o purity_n take_v away_o the_o other_o of_o penance_n sure_o you_o can_v but_o see_v this_o your_o inuective_n to_o be_v not_o only_o wrongful_a but_o also_o witless_a the_o same_o distemper_n of_o passion_n cause_v you_o not_o to_o mark_v the_o want_n of_o coherence_n betwixt_o your_o textuall_a assertion_n and_o marginal_a proof_n in_o your_o text_n you_o say_v the_o jesuit_n by_o say_v the_o bless_a virgin_n be_v pure_a from_o sin_n have_v lose_v his_o wit_n by_o the_o fever_n of_o pride_n in_o proof_n hereof_o you_o cite_v in_o your_o margin_n this_o sentence_n of_o s._n cyprian_n quisquis_fw-la se_fw-la inculpatum_fw-la dixerit_fw-la aut_fw-la superbus_fw-la aut_fw-la stultus_fw-la est_fw-la who_o so_o do_v say_v that_o himself_o be_v without_o sin_n be_v either_o proud_a or_o a_o fool_n do_v you_o not_o yet_o perceive_v the_o wonderful_a impertinency_n of_o this_o proof_n let_v the_o same_o be_v put_v into_o form_n &_o then_o you_o will_v perchance_o present_o feel_v it_o whosoever_o say_v that_o himself_o be_v without_o sin_n be_v a_o proud_a fool_n the_o jesuit_n say_v that_o the_o mother_n of_o god_n be_v without_o sin_n ergo_fw-la the_o jesuit_n be_v a_o proud_a fool_n very_o the_o jesuit_n be_v not_o so_o great_a a_o fool_n as_o he_o who_o do_v not_o perceive_v the_o folly_n of_o this_o argue_v which_o be_v just_a as_o good_a as_o this_o who_o so_o think_v himself_o the_o holy_a &_o learn_a divine_a of_o this_o age_n be_v a_o very_a fool_n but_o francis_n white_n think_v john_n caluin_n the_o holy_a and_o learn_a divine_a of_o this_o age_n ergo_fw-la francis_n white_n be_v a_o very_a fool_n suppose_v you_o be_v thus_o conceited_a of_o caluin_n and_o some_o catholic_a divine_a shall_v thus_o come_v upon_o you_o for_o the_o same_o will_v not_o his_o folly_n seem_v prodigious_a unto_o all_o learned_a man_n other_o falsification_n i_o may_v yet_o further_o discover_v as_o pag._n 5._o lin_v 8._o where_n to_o show_v that_o the_o church_n shall_v not_o be_v always_o visible_a 16._o aug._n de_fw-fr unit_fw-la eccles._n c._n 16._o you_o bring_v the_o donatist_n objection_n the_o scripture_n foretell_v a_o large_a revolt_n from_o heavenly_a truth_n 2._o thessaly_n 2.2_o these_o word_n from_o heavenly_a truth_n be_v add_v to_o the_o text_n for_o the_o text_n only_o say_v first_o there_o shall_v come_v the_o defection_n or_o revolt_v which_o most_o expositor_n understand_v from_o the_o roman_a empire_n and_o pag._n 519._o cite_v 1._o john_n 5.18_o he_o that_o be_v beget_v of_o god_n sin_v not_o for_o the_o divine_a generation_n keep_v he_o and_o the_o wicked_a one_o touch_v he_o not_o you_o omit_v sin_v not_o that_o the_o scripture_n may_v not_o seem_v to_o avouch_v what_o you_o so_o bitter_o rail_v against_o that_o the_o saint_n of_o god_n by_o special_a grace_n may_v live_v without_o sin_n likewise_o to_o reprove_v the_o jesuite_n doctrine_n that_o saint_n though_o they_o sin_v venial_o yet_o do_v not_o sin_n against_o the_o divine_a law_n for_o this_o law_n do_v exact_a thing_n of_o man_n no_o further_o than_o they_o be_v necessary_a unto_o eternal_a life_n but_o venial_a sin_n destroy_v or_o oppose_v nothing_o that_o be_v necessary_a to_o eternal_a life_n against_o this_o doctrine_n you_o argue_v pag._n 522._o lin_v 20._o if_o just_a man_n have_v any_o sin_n they_o perform_v not_o all_o the_o divine_a law_n require_v for_o every_o sin_n be_v a_o transgression_n of_o the_o divine_a law_n 1._o john_n 3.4_o here_o to_o the_o text_n of_o your_o english_a bible_n you_o add_v divine_a the_o text_n be_v every_o sin_n be_v a_o transgression_n of_o the_o law_n or_o of_o a_o law_n and_o this_o sentence_n be_v true_a for_o though_o venial_a sin_n be_v not_o against_o the_o divine_a special_a law_n because_o they_o be_v not_o against_o charity_n and_o salvation_n yet_o they_o be_v against_o the_o law_n of_o reason_n which_o bind_v man_n as_o much_o as_o may_v be_v not_o to_o be_v forgetful_a &_o inconsiderate_a even_o in_o small_a matter_n and_o though_o some_o sentence_n of_o scripture_n recommend_v these_o small_a thing_n unto_o we_o it_o be_v only_o to_o put_v we_o in_o mind_n of_o what_o we_o be_v bind_v unto_o by_o the_o law_n of_o reason_n not_o to_o lay_v new_a divine_a obligation_n upon_o we_o many_o such_o other_o trick_n of_o your_o falsehood_n i_o omit_v to_o discover_v for_o brevitye_n sake_n ignorance_n fraud_n and_o falsehood_n in_o allege_v father_n and_o all_o manner_n of_o author_n sect_n v._o in_o this_o subject_n i_o may_v be_v large_a you_o be_v copious_a in_o your_o quotation_n whereof_o scarce_o one_o be_v to_o be_v find_v which_o be_v examine_v to_o the_o original_n be_v not_o either_o impertinent_a or_o wrest_v against_o the_o author_n mind_n or_o falsify_v by_o mistranslation_n in_o the_o very_a text_n which_o to_o discover_v full_o and_o particular_o be_v a_o hugh_o work_n and_o hardly_o worth_a the_o labour_n and_o no_o way_n necessary_a for_o even_o as_o to_o the_o end_n that_o one_o may_v know_v the_o sea_n to_o be_v salt_n it_o be_v not_o needful_a that_o he_o drink_v up_o the_o whole_a main_n two_o or_o three_o taste_n take_v here_o and_o there_o may_v sufficient_o resolve_v he_o of_o this_o truth_n so_o four_o or_o five_o example_n in_o every_o kind_n may_v more_o than_o abundant_o serve_v to_o make_v this_o your_o want_n of_o conscience_n know_v unto_o your_o unwary_a credent_n that_o they_o may_v see_v who_o they_o trust_v in_o a_o business_n that_o do_v so_o high_o import_v these_o your_o falsification_n be_v of_o two_o kind_n some_o crafty_a and_o subtle_a some_o gross_a and_o impudent_a crafty_a falsification_n be_v when_o to_o draw_v author_n to_o your_o purpose_n in_o your_o translation_n of_o their_o text_n you_o either_o add_v to_o it_o or_o detract_v from_o it_o some_o word_n or_o particle_n thereby_o change_v the_o sense_n or_o else_o cite_v their_o word_n true_o but_o contrary_a to_o their_o meaning_n gross_a falsification_n be_v when_o you_o lie_v doctrine_n to_o the_o charge_n of_o author_n which_o they_o reject_v even_o in_o the_o place_n by_o you_o cite_v both_o these_o kind_n of_o falsehood_n s._n paul_n do_v signify_v to_o be_v practise_v by_o heretic_n ephes._n 4_o 8._o where_o he_o say_v that_o christ_n have_v leave_v pastor_n and_o doctor_n to_o his_o church_n to_o the_o end_n that_o we_o be_v not_o carry_v away_o with_o the_o blast_n of_o every_o doctrine_n by_o the_o wiliness_n of_o man_n to_o circumvent_v weakling_n in_o error_n what_o be_v the_o blast_n of_o heretical_a doctrine_n but_o their_o violent_a and_o audacious_a falsifying_n of_o scripture_n and_o father_n what_o their_o wiliness_n to_o circumvent_v in_o error_n but_o crafty_a corruption_n by_o steal_v away_o or_o cog_a in_o word_n in_o their_o produce_v of_o the_o monument_n of_o chistian_n antiquity_n the_o greek_a word_n use_v by_o s._n paul_n be_v 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d 〈◊〉_d which_o signify_v proper_o cog_a of_o the_o dice_n or_o help_v the_o dice_n crafty_o to_o cast_v what_o chance_n they_o please_v even_o so_o heretic_n by_o help_v the_o you_o by_o cog_a word_n in_o &_o out_o of_o the_o text_n make_v
likeness_n and_o similitude_n confound_v ●he_n sight_n not_o to_o discern_v the_o one_o from_o the_o other_o in_o scripture_n it_o be_v not_o so_o the_o doctrine_n propose_v therein_o be_v not_o gold_n mingle_v with_o earth_n but_o pure_a gold_n the_o word_n of_o god_n be_v pure_a silver_n refine_a wilth_z fire_n so_o that_o the_o scripture_n be_v not_o metal_n that_o require_v workman_n to_o sever_v in_o their_o doctrine_n dross_n from_o gold_n they_o offer_v a_o ready_a and_o refine_a treasure_n to_o they_o that_o seek_v the_o riches_n hide_v in_o they_o thus_o s._n chrysostome_n and_o he_o do_v there_o large_o discourse_n how_o every_o thing_n in_o scripture_n even_o the_o chronology_n and_o proper_a name_n of_o man_n do_v afford_v wholesome_a