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A95903 Vicissitudes progress, with its convoy through the counties of Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, and Middlesex, to Westminster and to London. By way of premonstration. 1648 (1648) Wing V336; Thomason E452_5; ESTC R203899 14,716 16

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king_n at_o all_o vote_v no_o more_o address_n to_o be_v make_v to_o he_o but_o have_v keep_v up_o a_o army_n to_o over_o rule_v the_o kingdom_n etc._n etc._n to_o this_o i_o answer_v they_o have_v sit_v long_o and_o with_o great_a difficulty_n they_o have_v endure_v much_o take_v great_a pain_n yet_o can_v effect_v that_o which_o we_o desire_v the_o reason_n be_v because_o there_o be_v some_o join_v with_o they_o in_o the_o work_n like_o sheba_n son_n of_o bichri_fw-la 20.1_o 2_o sam._n 20.1_o that_o will_v not_o have_v a_o king_n nor_o peace_n other_o like_o the_o revolt_a promiscuous_a samaritan_n of_o sanballats_n confederacy_n adversary_n to_o reformation_n who_o under_o pretence_n of_o building_n god_n house_n pull_v down_o what_o other_o endeavour_v to_o build_v as_o in_o ezra_n and_o nehemiahs_n time_n beside_o the_o people_n of_o the_o land_n the_o great_a complainer_n have_v as_o then_o they_o do_v weaken_v their_o hand_n trouble_v they_o yea_o 4._o ezr._n 4._o hire_a counsellor_n against_o they_o to_o frustrate_v their_o purpose_n so_o that_o this_o parliament_n have_v be_v force_v to_o tread_v unknown_a path_n and_o meet_v with_o unheard_a of_o opposition_n as_o no_o parliament_n of_o england_n ever_o do_v before_o they_o then_o no_o marvel_n if_o the_o work_n be_v long_o but_o to_o say_v that_o thing_n be_v worse_o than_o they_o be_v be_v a_o scandal_n it_o be_v true_a thing_n be_v very_o ill_a and_o much_o the_o worse_o by_o the_o complainer_n calumny_n and_o seditious_a petition_n thwart_v one_o another_o and_o whereas_o you_o say_v they_o have_v seek_v themselves_o you_o must_v distinguish_v between_o the_o parliament_n and_o particular_a man_n that_o some_o man_n in_o parliament_n have_v be_v mere_a self-seekers_a i_o with_o sorrow_n of_o heart_n acknowledge_v but_o the_o people_n send_v they_o thither_o therefore_o the_o people_n that_o make_v no_o better_a choice_n be_v in_o fault_n not_o the_o parliament_n but_o why_o be_v the_o good_a despise_v one_o man_n fault_n do_v not_o make_v another_o to_o be_v guilty_a no_o more_o than_o peter_n and_o the_o rest_n of_o the_o eleven_o apostle_n be_v to_o be_v condemn_v because_o judas_n be_v also_o a_o apostle_n yet_o a_o thief_n a_o traitor_n and_o a_o devil_n you_o say_v they_o intend_v to_o have_v no_o king_n that_o be_v clear_o false_a and_o injurious_a why_o then_o do_v the_o parliament_n offer_v proposal_n to_o the_o king_n so_o often_o from_o time_n to_o time_n and_o real_o promise_v to_o make_v his_o majesty_n great_a than_o his_o progenitor_n if_o they_o intend_v not_o to_o establish_v their_o king_n let_v but_o his_o majesty_n yet_o secure_a the_o kingdom_n and_o i_o shall_v not_o need_v to_o say_v this_o objection_n be_v false_a that_o a_o vote_n past_o the_o house_n to_o make_v no_o more_o address_n to_o the_o king_n be_v true_a because_o he_o may_v see_v he_o refuse_v their_o proposal_n they_o intend_v to_o settle_v the_o kingdom_n without_o he_o but_o that_o vote_n be_v only_o restrictive_a no_o more_o address_n without_o consent_n of_o parliament_n yet_o as_o parliament_n shall_v see_v cause_n they_o may_v notwithstanding_o that_o vote_n make_v as_o many_o address_n as_o they_o will_v but_o not_o perpetual_o there_o must_v be_v a_o end_n of_o offer_v in_o a_o word_n whatever_o fail_v have_v be_v in_o action_n or_o success_n it_o be_v not_o to_o be_v lay_v upon_o parliament_n but_o particular_a man_n and_o faction_n private_a design_n and_o self-interest_n there_o have_v be_v faction_n and_o factious_a man_n and_o that_o have_v add_v to_o the_o kingdom_n misery_n be_v it_o not_o so_o in_o all_o society_n what_o city_n town_n or_o county_n in_o this_o kingdom_n be_v free_a and_o be_v the_o thing_n that_o threaten_v desolation_n pride_n and_o covetousness_n be_v the_o cause_n of_o it_o beside_o romanist_n episcopalists_n and_o libertine_n have_v broach_v strange_a opinion_n and_o old_a heresy_n such_o as_o have_v be_v condemn_v by_o the_o pure_a primative_a church_n and_o be_v contrary_a to_o scripture_n sound_a doctrine_n and_o the_o power_n of_o godliness_n these_o have_v strengthen_v faction_n and_o faction_n have_v breed_v quarrel_n and_o siding_n by_o which_o we_o have_v weaken_v ourselves_o and_o strengthen_v the_o enemy_n and_o act_v their_o design_n all_o along_o so_o as_o we_o may_v true_o say_v if_o god_n give_v we_o to_o destruction_n our_o destruction_n be_v of_o ourselves_o and_o all_o this_o be_v god_n just_a judgement_n upon_o the_o nation_n because_o we_o receive_v not_o the_o love_n of_o the_o truth_n 19.14_o 2_o the._n 2._o isa_n 19.14_o but_o have_v pleasure_n in_o unrighteousness_n therefore_o god_n send_v we_o strong_a delusion_n that_o we_o may_v believe_v a_o lie_n and_o mix_v a_o perverse_a spirit_n in_o the_o midst_n of_o we_o cause_v we_o to_o err_v and_o for_o your_o objection_n as_o to_o the_o keep_n up_o the_o army_n i_o say_v it_o be_v god_n great_a mercy_n that_o there_o be_v such_o a_o army_n on_o foot_n in_o the_o kingdom_n at_o this_o day_n they_o be_v the_o mean_n under_o god_n by_o which_o we_o or_o any_o thing_n that_o be_v we_o be_v preserve_v yet_o i_o will_v not_o justify_v any_o thing_n not_o just_a in_o any_o evil_a must_v not_o be_v do_v that_o good_a may_v come_v of_o it_o yet_o god_n in_o his_o wise_a providence_n turn_v evil_a to_o good_a as_o the_o sell_n of_o joseph_n into_o egypt_n be_v a_o wicked_a act_n in_o his_o brethren_n but_o be_v the_o mean_n by_o god_n providence_n of_o preserve_v they_o and_o their_o old_a father_n from_o death_n surely_n no_o army_n in_o all_o the_o christian_a world_n have_v be_v more_o prosperous_a sucessful_a and_o faithful_a as_o to_o a_o army_n they_o have_v prevail_v in_o all_o their_o attempt_n against_o the_o enemy_n like_o joshua_n and_o caleb_n and_o deserve_v honour_n and_o reward_n above_o ordinary_a soldier_n notwithstanding_o they_o be_v man_n of_o infirmity_n as_o other_o man_n in_o many_o thing_n we_o offend_v all_o how_o shall_v we_o look_v to_o be_v forgive_v if_o we_o will_v not_o forgive_v or_o how_o can_v we_o forgive_v a_o enemy_n if_o we_o will_v not_o forgive_v a_o friend_n one_o trespass_n especial_o such_o a_o friend_n as_o have_v deliver_v we_o and_o do_v deliver_v we_o from_o the_o wrath_n of_o a_o cruel_a enemy_n i_o have_v a_o word_n or_o two_o by_o your_o patience_n to_o whisper_v to_o the_o famous_a city_n london_n i_o say_v famous_a city_n for_o so_o you_o once_o be_v for_o your_o zeal_n to_o god_n bounty_n to_o your_o friend_n and_o gallantry_n against_o your_o enemy_n you_o be_v a_o terror_n to_o the_o enemy_n a_o comforter_n to_o your_o friend_n a_o supporter_n to_o the_o kingdom_n and_o a_o refuge_n to_o the_o distress_a that_o flee_v to_o you_o for_o shelter_n yourselves_o like_o zebulun_n and_o nepthtali_n be_v a_o people_n that_o jeopard_v their_o life_n in_o the_o high_a place_n of_o the_o field_n to_o the_o help_n of_o the_o lord_n against_o the_o mighty_a 5_o judg._n 5_o give_v i_o leave_v by_o way_n of_o complaint_n to_o ask_v you_o how_o come_v it_o to_o pass_v that_o you_o be_v fall_v back_o revolt_v lose_v your_o first_o love_n violate_v your_o covenant_n i_o speak_v not_o to_o the_o magistratical_a part_n of_o the_o city_n who_o still_o hold_v to_o their_o first_o principle_n but_o to_o the_o generality_n of_o the_o inhabitant_n especial_o to_o the_o young_a sort_n who_o of_o friend_n be_v become_v enemy_n i_o have_v observe_v but_o few_o take_v notice_n that_o of_o late_a very_a many_o delinquent_n have_v put_v their_o son_n apprentice_n in_o this_o city_n you_o may_v see_v their_o end_n by_o their_o practice_n consider_v i_o pray_v 9.62_o luke_n 9.62_o the_o say_n of_o our_o saviour_n christ_n no_o man_n have_v put_v his_o hand_n to_o the_o plough_n and_o look_v back_o be_v fit_a for_o the_o kingbom_n of_o god_n do_v not_o you_o light_o esteem_v the_o rock_n of_o your_o salvation_n you_o begin_v well_o why_o suffer_v you_o yourselves_o to_o be_v seduce_v by_o the_o enemy_n you_o do_v believe_v the_o cause_n to_o be_v just_a and_o so_o indeed_o it_o be_v as_o ever_o any_o war_n as_o to_o the_o defensive_a part_n error_n in_o the_o manage_n alter_v not_o the_o cause_n nor_o can_v warrant_v your_o fall_n off_o the_o quarrel_n be_v the_o same_o the_o enemy_n be_v the_o same_o and_o your_o interest_n be_v the_o same_o that_o they_o be_v at_o the_o first_o how_o come_v it_o then_o that_o you_o be_v change_v sure_o this_o be_v a_o evil_a change_n you_o now_o make_v league_n with_o the_o same_o enemy_n against_o who_o you_o so_o late_o be_v engage_v notwithstanding_o the_o enemy_n still_o hate_v you_o and_o seek_v to_o destroy_v you_o nay_o you_o know_v the_o enemy_n be_v god_n enemy_n and_o a_o enemy_n to_o the_o truth_n and_o