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A70394 Lacrymæ ecclesiæ Anglicanæ, or, A serious and passionate address of the Church of England, to her sons especially those of the clergy. Ken, Thomas, 1637-1711.; Kerr, Thomas. 1689 (1689) Wing K264C; ESTC R1553 49,273 65

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whole Christian World which either is or would be governed by Bishops as the most Apostolick Primitive and Universal Way Would you have me disown the right succession of the power Ministerial conferred by Episcopal hands unto this day Shall the Jewish Church have the Heads of their Tribes as Bishops and Rulers over their Brethren the Priests and Levites and the Christian Church in imitation of them as in other particulars so in this have their Apostles Evangelists their Pastors and Teachers without reproach and may not I O it is certain that what is once well done in a regular publick way is ever after done as to the permanency of that vertue that is always in a great and good example Shall I lay aside Primitive and right Episcopacy which hath such grounds from Scripture both as to the divine wisdom so ordering his Church among the Jews as also by the example Precept and Direction evident from our Lord Jesus Christ and the holy Apostles in the New Testament who preferred worthy persons for their Piety Zeal and holy Gravity to exercise a Christian authority over Ministers and people for their souls good which might consist with charity and humility for the preservation of the Churches peace and purity in the best and primitive times such grave persons as for their Age were Fathers for their innocency Saints for their industry Labourers for constancy Confessors for zeal Martyrs for charity Brethren for their light Angels and venerable for all Excellencies And I own no other Bishops but such in whom are remarkable the vertues of the most ancient and imitable Bishops the Industry of St. Austin the Courage of St. Ambrose the Devotion of St. Gregory the Learning of Nazianzen the Eloquence of St. Chrysostome the Mildness of St. Cyprian the Love of St. Ignatius the Constancy of St. Polycarp the Nobleness of St. Basil and those come nearest the Apostolical pattern and resemble the most of any Christians or Ministers the Grace and Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ I endeavour that my Bishops may be among Christians the most faithful among Men the most civil among Preachers the most painful among Orators the most perswasive among Governours the most moderate among pious Men the most fervent among Professors the most forward among severe Men the most exact among Sufferers the most patient among Perseverants the most constant the most compleat every way and perfect unto every good work These I take care should be duely chosen should be esteemed with honour and reverenced with love My Rule to them is That they should over-rule with vigilance should rule with joynt counsel neither levelled with younger Preachers and Novices nor exalted too much above the grave and Elder I allow these men an honourable competencie with eminency wherewith they may exercise a large heart and liberal hand which may conciliate a general respect and deserve the common Love. My direction to them is that their vertue and piety may preserve the Authority of their places and this is the order peace and dignity of the Church that they may be the Touchstone of Truth the Loadstone of Love the Standard of Faith the Pattern of Holiness the Pillars of Stability and the Centres of Vnity such as the Erroneous may hate the Factious envy good men may love and bad men may Fear 2. Can ye blame my Doctrine approved by the Reformed and agreeable with the Primitive Church a doctrine according to godliness teaching all men that denying all ungodliness and worldly lust they should live righteously soberly and godly in this present world 3. Do you find fault with my Devotion in the publick worship of God by Confession prayers praises Psalms and other holy Oblations of a Rational and Evangelical service offered up to our God by the joint piety of all my children the 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 the 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 〈◊〉 the Communi Oratio where nothing is expressed as my mind which I thought not agreeable with the mind of Gods spirit in the Scripture nor do I know any part of it to which a judicious Christian might not in Faith say Amen taking the expressions of it in that pious and benign sense which the Church intended and the words may well bear Indeed the whole composure of my Liturgy is in my judgement so wholesome so holy so compleat so discreet so devout so useful so savoury so well-advised that I find nothing in the eighteen Liturgies composed in the Eastern and Western Church that is excellent but is in this of mine and many things which are less clear or necessary in them are better expressed or wisely omitted here the whole being so ordered as might best inform all peoples understandings stir up their affections and quicken their devotions in a wholesome form of sound words such as Moses David the Prophets and the Lord Jesus left behind them solemnly recorded in the Scriptures So that according to the primitive care I first laid down Scripture grounds in the Creeds and Confessions and then I enlarged and fixed my Liturgies and devotions as near as I could to the majesty solemnity and exactness unanimity and fulness of publick Prayers upon all holy publick occasions so plainly that the devout soul knows well what it should desire of God and so affectionately that it earnestly desires in it what it knoweth God alloweth and so uniformly that it peaceably goeth along with the Congregation with one mind and one heart in the unity of the spirit in the bond of peace 4. Is it the Rites and Ceremonies I impose that displease you Alas I find the God of Heaven which we worship in England enjoyning more Ceremonies on his own people and forbidding no holy custom to any Christians in order to advance the decency and order of his service or Christians mutual edification and joint devotion under the Gospel Our blessed Saviour hath by his spirit guiding the pens and practises of the Apostles sufficiently manifested the Power and Liberty given the Church and the Governours of it for the choice and use of such decent customs Rites and Ceremonies not as divine institutions upon the consciences butashumane injunctions upon the practises as agree with godly manners and the truth of the Gospel and may best serve for order decency peace solemnity and mutual edification of Christians agreed upon by publick consent in which every ones vote is personally or vertually included It 's true as the Liturgy so the Ceremonies have something of Rome in them for to deal plainly I did freely and justly assert to my own use and Gods glory whatever upon due tryal I found to have the stamp of Gods truth and grace or the Churches wisdom and charity upon it I would not refuse any good I found amongst them because it was mixed with some evil but trying all things I held fast that which was good being intent upon the great ends of piety devotion and charity It 's true I enjoyn my
of their Brethren Where shall they stand or what will they say when he shall bid them make a strait account this is the practice of Satan he useth all means to snare us and withdraw us from that blessed hope sometimes he letteth the encrease of the Gospel by raising up tumults and disquieting the Church of God and stirring the heart of such as are in Authority to persecute by all means the teachers of the Gospel of Christ Again when God gives peace and quietness to his Church he leadeth the Overseers of the people to a forgetfulness of their duty to seek the pleasures and delight of this life and to have no regard of the work of the Lord such occasion the Devil seeketh to hinder our salvation and to withstand the truth and glory of God. CHAP. VI. The Church of England's resentment of Non-residence OH my Sons I have no pleasure in exposing you yet have I no power to excuse you you know that I have charity for you that suffereth long that is kind that is not easily provoked thinketh no evil beareth all things believeth all things hopeth all things endureth all things Alas what shall I do now my people complain my adversaries reproach my Soveraign is displeased my Nobility and Gentry are incensed and where-ever I turn my self Complaints are made Petitions are drawn up Jealousies are whispered and Fears are murmured If I should hold my peace I should be thought altogether such a one as you are if I should speak my tongue fails me I am in a great strait yet you had better hear your miscarriages faithfully reproved by me to your reformation then maliciously aggravated by others to your destruction My words may be smart yet they are wholsome severe they may be yet kind you hear me with sorrow but not with more then I speak to you with 1. It 's sad that after so many Councils Decrees as Carth. 6. Tol. 6. Chalc. 7. Nic. 15. Sardic 14. after so many Fathers charge as Hier. com 2. p. 111. Aug. 7. 4. in B. 16. Athan. in Jo. 7. Naz. apol p. 16. Cy. Ep. 8. Greg. de cura pastorali passim after so many provisions of Parliaments as 30 H. 8. 4. 32. El. 6. so many complaints from friends and foes as 31 Q. El. 3 K. J. 12. K. Ch. a sin so dishonourable to your profession so dangerous to Church and State so clearly repugnant to your Callings as Nonresidence is should yet be named amongst you As 1. Do you read that in Act. 20. 25. Take heed to your selves and to all the flock over which the holy Ghost hath made you overseers to feed the Church of God which he hath purchased with his own bloud c. Take heed be not absent neglect not Do you consider where you are what you have taken upon you Over which the holy Ghost hath the holy Ghost set you over your flocks and do you forsake them hath Heaven intrusted them to you and do you neglect them Overseers and yet come not neer your flock Bishops and never visit them To feed the Church of God that Church for whose sake the world is upheld Oh what a charge have you undertaken will you be unfaithful to this charge are you Stewards of Gods own Family Oh it 's required of a Steward that he be found faithful 1 Cor. 4. 2. Have you the conduct of those Saints that must live for ever with God in glory and will you neglect them Are the souls of men thought meet to see his face in Glory and are they not worthy of your utmost care and pains Oh if you keep beasts you might say they are scarce worth looking after but do you think so of the souls of men of the Church of God the peculiar people the holy Nation Which he hath purchased with his blood God the Son hath purchased the Church with his bloud and will not you look to it What Sirs will ye dispise the bloud of Christ Shall the price of his bloud be lost Hath Christ died for souls and shall I not sweat Are my people they which Christ came from Heaven to save and shall not I go from the City from the Court c. to save them Oh what do I hear may you say when it may be one of my poor flock perisheth for whom Christ died After my departing saith the Text grievous Wolves shall enter in among you not sparing the flock Oh Sirs do you not know that the Jesuite is busie that the Seducers are many Why do you forsake the flocks are you resolved to ruine me First you displease the people then you leave them open to any seditious or factious persons that will improve their prejudice discontents and weakness to their own advantage It 's true you substitute your Curates but alas poor men they are hardly able to live much less to dispute they are hardly able to furnish themselves for Sermons much less for Controversies besides that they are so contemptible that I may here very pertinently alledge that of Eccles 9. 13. Oh that you should betray his Majesties interest and my cause and leave his subjects and my people to the temptations of those men who with good words and fair speeches deceive the hearts of the simple with feigned words making merchandize of them Can you stay in Court or City and leave poor Neighbours perverted honest men deluded good subjects debauched and a Kingdom almost overturned As Augustus said to Quint. Varus Quintili Vare redde Legiones so his Majesty so I if yet you will hear me say unto you Oh restore us the many souls which by your neglect we have lost Oh restore that peace which by your carelesness we want Oh restore us that purity of Doctrine and Worship which by publick and private diligence you might have secured while you are asleep the enemy soweth his tares while you sleep your ruine slumbers not while you ride to and fro seeking that preferment your ambition may pitch upon your adversary the Devil and his Emissaries goes to fro seeking whom he may devour You compass Sea and Land for Wealth your adversaries compass Sea and Land for Proselites And did not the late times slander you and are you Hirelings indeed He that is an Hireling and not the shepherd whose own the sheep are not seeth the wolf coming and leaveth the sheep and fleeth and the wolf catcheth them and scattereth the sheep The Hireling fleeth because he is an Hireling and careth not for the sheep Joh. 10. Oh of your own selves do men arise speaking perverse things to draw away Disciples after them Therefore watch and remember that in the Primitive times for the space of many years the Ministers ceased not to warne every one night and day with tears and they could say to their Congregations We take you to record that we are pure from the blood of all men for we have not shunned to declare unto you the whole counsel of