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B04886 No power but of God, and yet a power in every creature, or, A word in season, to all men not void of grace, or deprived of reason wherein is held forth that the Almighty God is not wanting to us in impowering of us, but we are wanting to him, in not improving our talent for him ... / by Robert Purnel. Purnell, Robert, d. 1666. 1651 (1651) Wing P4238A; ESTC R187132 119,586 280

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cold and lukewarm as most be doing●● Lords work by halfs I am zealous for 〈◊〉 Lord I have had my hand in pulling do●● the Images and Crucifixes and Altars t●● the Idolaters had set up nay I have b●● chief in this great Reformation R. So●● Jehu whom the Lord rejected 2 King 〈◊〉 27 28 29. Q. But I do abide in the doctrine of ●…hrist saith a seventh If none of the for●●er yet I am sure I do outstrip them all ●●r I do keep the commands of God and ●●at from my youth A. So did that young man Mat. 19. 20. ●●ll these things have I kept from my youth up ●●hou art not fully in my doctrine saith ●…hrist thou must go sell all that thou hast ●●ou hast abundance of self-righteousnesse ●●at must be sold Q. But I do abide in the doctrine of ●…hrist saith an eighth for I do confesse ●●y sins both unto God and to his people ●●d I do pray for pardon and desire them 〈◊〉 pray for pardon also A. So did Pharaoh whom the Lord was ●…leased to get him honour upon in over●●rowing him and all his host in the midst ●…f the sea Exod. 10. 16 17. Q. But I do abide in the doctrine of ●…hrist saith a ninth for I am mercifull ●…nd pittifull to those in want yea I have ●…elieved the Lords Prophets A. The heathen did as much as this to ●…aul Act. 28. 2. and Ananias and Sapphira did ●●ore then this and yet perished as you may ●●e Act. 5. 1 2 3 4. Q. But I go beyond all that you have mentioned before saith a tenth man Wh●● what hast thou done I have saith he n●● only heard the Lords word but I ha●● heard it with delight and it takes root 〈◊〉 my heart and growes within me both 〈◊〉 knowledge and obedience A. So did those mentioned by Christ 〈◊〉 those parables and yet were cast-awayes Mat. 13. 22. Mark 4. 16. Q. But saith another I abide in th●● doctrine of Christ here and shall dwell in 〈◊〉 holy hill hereafter And that I am assured 〈◊〉 by the testimony of Scripture for I have kep●● mine oaths and promises yea sometime●● although it hath been to my hurt and I fin●● my name registred in the book of life An●● if that fail me then farewell all I say I hav●● kept my vowes oaths and promises thoug●● sometimes to my losse and David tells 〈◊〉 this is a sure mark of a son of Sion see el●● Psal 15. 1 2 3 4. The Psalm begins thus Lord who shall abide in thy tabernacle who sh●● dwell in thy holy hill There is the question Then for answer v. 2. He that walketh uprightly and worketh righteousnesse and speaketh th●● truth in his heart he that backbiteth not with 〈◊〉 tongue nor doth evil to his neighbour nor taket●● up a reproach against him in whose eyes a vi●● person is contemned but he honoureth them th●● ●●re the Lord he that sweareth to his own hurt ●●d changeth not c. See what a Catalogue of Evidences here for Heaven and if I have not more I am ●●re I have the last I have kept my promises ●●d vowes though to mine own hurt Now if ●●u can find in Scripture any man left up●● record that hath gone so far as I have ●●ne and yet a Castaway at last then speak otherwise with silence give your consent this mine Evidence for Heaven A. I could even say to thee O man as ●●ce our Lord Christ said to that learned ●●derate Scribe Mark 12. 34. Thou art not from the Kingdome of God But for keeping oathes and promises ●●ough it be an excellent ornament for a ●●ristian yet let me tell thee it is no in●●lible mark of a true Saint and that will ●●pear if thou a little consider that in Dan. 29. 16. compared together the summe that Chapter is this Belshazar had seen hand-writing on the wall and it troubled ●●m He sends for the Astrologers and ●●uthsayers to give the interpretation to ●●e King They could not do it He hears Daniel by the Queens information he ●●ds for him Daniel comes to the King ●●e King desires two things of Daniel first to read the writing secondly to ma●● known the interpretation which if Da●● could or would do the King promiseth 〈◊〉 three things First that he should be cl●…thed with Scarlet secondly that he shou●● have a Chain of gold about his neck thi●…ly that he should be made the third ruler his Kingdome Well Daniel read the w●●ting and gave the interpretation and to●● the King plainly and boldly it tended his ruine and the ruine of all his hou●● Yet this heathen King kept his oath vow●● promise in every tittle of it as you may●● Dan. 5. 29. Then commanded Belshazzar 〈◊〉 they cloathed Daniel with scarlet and put a 〈◊〉 of gold about his neck made a proclamation 〈◊〉 cerning him that he should be the third ruler in●● kingdome In that night was the King slain v. 3 Oh how may this condemn many a ma●● Shall a Heathen keep promise and a Ch●●stian break his promise What shall we●● outstript by Heathens Doth not the S●●●ptures say Mat. 5. 20. For I say unto you th●● except your righteousnesse shall exceed the righ●…eousnesse of the Scribes and Pharisees you s●● in no case enter into the kingdome of God Is not a great shame for a Christian profess●● godlinesse to be outstript by Heathens Truly I have been at a stand many time when I read of Conversations of heathens c. The Gentiles had a law to themselues and ●●t of God First for Temperance Secondly for Obedience Thirdly for Mercy Fourthly for Justice and upright deal●…ng 1. For Temperance King Ahasuerus a ●●eathen King made a law Hest 1. 8. And ●●e drinking was according to the Law none did ●●mpell for the King had appointed to all the ●●fficers of his house that they should do accord●…g to every mans pleasure 2. For Obedience when King Abimelech ●●ok Abrahams wife although he was a ●●eathen King he obeyed the voice of the ●…ord for no sooner did the Lord com●…and him to deliver Abraham his wife again ●●t he did it Jonah preached at Niniveh a●…ong the Heathen and no sooner did they ●●ar him but the Text saith of them they ●●d believe and repent 3. For Mercy The barbarous heathen●● people were very merciful to Paul and ●●e rest of the company Act. 28. 22. And the ●●rbarous people shewed us no little kindnesse 〈◊〉 they kindled a fire and received us every one ●●ause of the present rain and because of the cold 4. For Justice and upright dealing Th●● King of Sodome a heathen King when Abraham had overcome the foure Kings and brought home the Sodomites the King o●● Sodome said unto him Give me the men and take the goods for thy pains Gen. 14. 21. Oh then were Heathens taught by th●● law of Nature the sweet principles and pr●…ctice of Temperance Mercy Obedience an●… Justice and shall we
make thee ●…d but his absence THe second Quaerie is What is it to abide in the Doctrine of Christ For the Scriture saith 2 ep Joh. 9. He that abideth in the ●…ctrine of Christ hath both the Father and the ●…onne Now there be several discoveries or ●…haracters of one that abideth in the do●…rine of Christ First there be some inward evidences Secondly there be some outward evi●…ences For the inward evidence Call a counsel 〈◊〉 thy own heart silence thy own thoughts ●●ll all the faculties of thy soul and mem●…ers of thy body to the bar examine thy ●●ill thy affections thy judgment and me●…ory Who are you for what are you doing ●…ow are you imployed all day long Search for ●…hat White-stone that hath a Name in it that ●…ne can read but he that hath it See whether ●…e Spirit of God doth witnesse with thy spirit ●…at thou belongest to God Doth the presence ●…f Christ rejoice thee doth his absence grieve thee See whether thou art like un●● Christ in thy desires and in thy endeavou●● whose work it was to doe the will of his F●●ther c. Secondly there be some outward e●●dences I shall name a few 1. He that abideth in the doctrine 〈◊〉 Christ is one that is not easily withdraw●… from the truth that he first received 1 J●● 2. 24. Let that therefore abide in you which y●● have heard from the beginning If that whic●… you have heard from the beginning shall remain 〈◊〉 you you shall continue in the Sonne and in th●● Father 1. Tim. 4. 16. Take heed to thy self 〈◊〉 unto the doctrine continue in them for in 〈…〉 ing this thou shalt both save thy self and such hear thee Be not carried about with every wi●● of doctrine saith Paul Ephes 4. 14. Beware 〈◊〉 you fall from your steadfastnesse saith Peter 2 P●● 3. 17. If you continue in my words then are y●● my Disciples saith Christ Joh. 8. 31. Oh the continue in the faith to be grounded an●… setled rooted and established Be ye stedfo●● and unmoveable alwayes abounding in the wo●● of the Lord. 2. He that abideth in the doctrine 〈◊〉 Christ may be known by this He is a ver●… fruitful Christian What is the reason ther●… is so much barrennesse coldnesse deadness●● ●●lity lukewarmnesse evil furnishings and ●●liperings Why behold the reason ●●y abide not in the doctrine of Christ that abide in that doctrine doe beare ●●ns there is none barren among th●…m ●●y be planted in his house they abide it doctrine therefore they flourish in his ●●urts Joh. 15. 4. The branch cannot beare ●●t except it abide in the vine no more can you ●●ept you abide in me 3. He that abideth in the doctrine of ●●st may be known by this also He stands 〈…〉 nd contends for the faith and obedience 〈…〉 he Gospel against all opposers he envours by sound doctrine to convince all ●…nsayers He doth not so much plead for ●●mane learning as he doth for the mind God in the Spirit he knows the spiri●●l learning can easily foyle the humane ●●rning that wants the spiritual See that ●●ce Jude 3 4. That you should earnestly contend 〈◊〉 the faith that was once delivered to the Saints ●●n he brings the reason of this con●…enti●● v. 4. For there are certain men crept in un●●ares turning the grace of God into lascivious●●se And surely this is one of Englands sins this day There be many men and wo●●n puffed up with a high conceit of their ●●n knowledge and when their principles and practices are a little examin●● they be but as clouds without rain and 〈◊〉 without water as here Jude speaks 4. He that abideth in the doctrine Christ continueth stedfast in the doctr●● of the Apostles Act. 2. 42. And they contin●● stedfastly in the Apostles doctrine and fellows●… and in breaking of bread and prayer Not th●… the Apostles doctrine was one thing a●● the doctrine of Christ another thing 〈◊〉 whosoever abideth in the one could n●● but abide in the other And they abode fr●● fast in the Apostles doctrine that is they co●…tinued stedfastly in the doctrine of Chri●● for they delivered that unto us which th●… received from Christ They continued in 〈◊〉 Apostles doctrine and fellowship and in break●… of bread and prayer Let us examine a litt●● how many men and women that be god●● for I do not speak of others I say ho●… many have we that do walk together Fellowship 2. How many are there that enjoy that Ordinance of the Lords Supp●● here called Breaking of Bread 3. How ma●● have the Spirit of Prayer Are they not fe●● yea very few And yet all be ready to sa●… that they do abide in the doctrine of Chr●● Go from one man to another through●… a whole Shire and ask them one after 〈◊〉 ●●er Do you abide in the doctrine of Christ ●●ou do not you have not God Yea saith the 〈◊〉 I do abide in the doctrine of Christ Q. How prove you that A. I do saith he for I have reformed ●●y things that were amisse in me So did ●●od that enemy of truth Mark 6. 20. For ●●od heard Iohn knowing he was a just man 〈◊〉 when he heard him he did many things Q. Come to a second and ask him Do 〈◊〉 abide in the doctrine of Christ A. I do saith he and I know it by this 〈◊〉 free from many gross sinnes that others ●●my neighbours are guilty of So was ●●t Pharisee Luk. 18. 11 12. O God I thank ●●e that I am not as other men are I fast twice ●…eek and give tithe of all I do possesse Q. Come to a third and ask him Do you ●●de in the doctrine of Christ A. I do saith he and I prove it thus ●●ontinue waiting upon God in the use of Ordinances which others neglect So 〈◊〉 those hypocrites Isa 58. 2 3. Yet you seek daily saith the Lord and delight to know my ●●es as a Nation that did righteousnesse and ●●ook not the ordinances of God And yet for this the Lord rejected them and their ●●ices Q. Come to a fourth Do you abide in the doctrine of Christ If you do not have not God A. I do and I prove it thus I know will of God that many others be ignor●● of and I approve of his wayes Rep. So those cast-awayes Rom. 2. 18. And knowes●● will and approvest the things that be more ex●●●lent c. Yet we see the Lord rejects the upon this ground They did not prac●● themselves that which they knew taug●● to others Q. Come to a fifth Do you abide in 〈◊〉 doctrine of Christ A. I do and I can make it good saith 〈◊〉 by this I have humbled my self for all●● sinnes before the Lord. R. So did wi●● Ahab 1 King 21. 27 28 29. Q. Come to a sixth Do you abide in 〈◊〉 doctrine of Christ A. I do abide in it and I think there but few that do outstrip me for I am 〈◊〉 so