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A44786 The dawnings of the gospel-day and its light and glory discovered by Francis Howgil. Howgill, Francis, 1618-1669.; Hookes, Ellis, d. 1681. 1676 (1676) Wing H3157; ESTC R24063 864,209 776

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Ishmael Judas and all the Seed of Evil-doers as well as the Image of Christ or Peter Paul or Mary for any thing that they know which they have but received by Story and is but as Old Wives Fables which Paul to Timothy reproved And hath the Church of Rome no better Thing to put them in Mind of the Saints Life then a dead Picture or Image made by the Hand of the Crafts-man upon a Wall or a Board or Parchment or Paper this is Idolatry for Christ promised to his Disciples and to the true Church That he would send his Spirit to lead them into all Truth which is an invisible Thing and to bring to Remembrance whatever Christ had spoken and whatsoever was necessary as to Salvation whether the Saints Life and holy Practices which they lived in or whatsoever else as conduced to their Peace and Justification with God and what Images did God make Use of to shew his Miracles by This is but an old Fable formed by the Apostate Christians whose Minds are turned after Shadows and vain Shews and are erred from the invisible Life and worship the Works of mens Hands 2. Though Mo●es did put off his Shoe 's according to the command of the Lord where God appeared in Power and Glory to him What is this to your purpose as to Create and form places and Consecrate them as Holy and then command Reverence and Honour unto them this is but to Worship the work of your own Hands and though David say in the 99 Psal. 5 vers Exalt the Lord God and worship at his foot-Stool for he is Holy What of all this doth God call Reliques or Images his Foot-stool And if the Author do judge that it was spoken of Zion and Jerusalem outward where Aaron and the rest of the Priests Worshipped doth not Christ say It ●s not at Jerusalem c. But they that ●orship God Worship him in spirit and Truth What! doth not the Church of Rome profess Christianity and Apostolick Doctrine and will now turn Jews or ●mitaters of them What is Rome Jerusalem or Zion And must Pictures invented and dead Pieces of Bones and Wood be recommended unto the Nations as holy things This is contrary to the Apostolick Church and with the Life of God is judged and the Life of the Saints whom you honour in Words and make Pictures of and worship the Works of your own Hands and Crucifie the Life where-ever it appears that they lived in and teach a contrary Doctrine 3. Confession may be made in Words of the true God and talk may be of his wonderous Works and yet People Idol●ters the church of the Jews who acknowledge the true God and had seen and heard of his wonderous works they eat and drank and rose up to Play and these were Idolaters and such is the church of Rome who take Peoples minds up with Garments and Vestments with Altars and Canales with Crucifixes and Agnus Dei with Images formed by Painters with a piece of Bread called a Holy Host and Eucharist an Unbloody Sacr●fice who neglect the Life and him that is the Head of the Body and his witness in their Hearts and consciences and lead them to worship and honour visible and carnal things and to busie their minds in the exercise of outward things which profit little or nothing at all and so are Idolaters Worshipping the works of your own Hands which Christ and the Apostolick church bore Testimony against for that which the creature's mind goes out after besides or without that which may be known of God in the Heart is made an Idol of and the true God is not minded and them that Honour God's Friends and Saints walk in their Foot steps live their Life and honour their sayings but your church is contrary who would Kill and have killed about these invented Fopperies which is contrary to the Apostles Doctrine God accepts not Prayers by number or tale nor for multitude of Words which are without understanding and without the Spirit this Christ counted as Evil and reprehended the Pharisees and said It was like the vain repetitions of the Heathen who thought to be heard for their much babling and the Salutation which the Angel gave to Mary is no prayer And that which is called the Apostles Creed is no prayer and them that are unconverted unto God may prattle and prate over the Words in the unbelief and never have any acceptance of God And though the Prophet did pray seven times a day it was according to the motion of God's Spirit in his own Heart which shewed him his State and necessity and what is this to imitators when they pray not with the same Spirit neither in the same words And what if Mary lived threescore and three Years who gave commandment that Hail Mary should be said threescore and three times over The rest of the Saints are like to have but small shares of worship and honour if she go with all this in a day And what five wounds is that which the Church of Rome dreams of that five Pater Nosters must be said for the honour of With Deceit and Ignorance you wound him every day and your Pater-Nosters do not honor him at all pattred 〈◊〉 over with your polluted Lips who are given to speak Lyes and yo●r Tongues to speak Mischief which Christ accepteth not What are you all new creatures that say Our Father which art in Heaven Are you born again Are your Natures changed Sin you not Do you hallow his Name who do not love that which shews your Evil deeds Would you see his Kingdom come which stands in Righteousness Where will you appear Or how will you stand when he appears in his Power and Glory to take Vengeance on all them that will not that he should rule in their Hearts who is the true Light that lighteth every man that cometh into the World Would you see his will done on Earth as it is in Heaven when you walk contrary to his Doctrine which the Apostolick Church walked in and set up a numberless number of Traditions and Inventions of Men instead thereof which the Lord accepteth not and you pray not with Understanding 5. As for your Beads which are neither Jewish nor Christian but meer Heathenish as to reckon the number or tale of that which you call your Prayers by and though Kings Popes Cardinals and Bishops do the same this is but a small proof as for Authority Kings have drunk of the Whore's Cup and Popes and Cardinals have usurped Power that Christ never gave as to exercise Lord-ship and be Law-givers unto others for the Lord is the Saints Law-giver and the Saints Life and Judge and he will not give his Glory to another for Kings have drunk of the Whore's Cup of Fornication and Popes have usurped Authority and Cardinals have exercised Lord-ship over mens Consciences yea and over great Kingdoms and States too And if they pray by Beads as others do set
whence Streams of Refreshment flow which make the Heart glad and the Soul to rejoyce in the Land of the living Oh my dear Ones who are anointed with the holy and living Oyl which he was and is anointed withal who is the Life you have received into your Hearts which teacheth you all things and is the Truth which abides forever and as you abide in him and he in you you are made Partakers of Eternal Life and because he lives you live also Now dear Ones having set your Faces towards Sion and towards the holy Tabernacle where he dwells look not back but all mind your Leader and Captain who hath chosen you to follow him in the War and to be Partakers of his Glory and Crown as they are faithful to his Commands which are not grievous to them who deny themselves therefore you all have known the Terrours of the Lord and the Indignation of the Almighty while you were in the disobedient Nature and in time past when you were in the Alienation and without the Knowledge of the true God in the World and worshipping dumb Idols even as you were led by the Enemy of God who ruled in you and seeing while you were in that Nature captivated unto divers Lusts which the Wrath of God hath come upon and you having tasted of the Cup of Wrath and that with the living God nothing that defiles can have Fellowship but with Doubting and Trouble and with Fear and Condemnation in you and not true Peace nor Assurance you did witness then but now being changed in your Minds by hearkning to his living Word which killed you while Sin ruled which brought Wrath and works Death now to the disobedient but now hath he changed your Minds and brought you sub●ect and hath subjected the Adversaries under your Feet who have believed in him and have given up all to the Death of the Cross Oh my dear Ones stand all in that pure Freedom and your Measure which hath been obtained through the Death of the Cross and which Peace and true Liberty you have already obtained hath been purchased at a dear Rate and therefore dwell every one in that Measure and be diligent in the VVork of the Lord and press on that all may be subject by him who is the Light and Guide that he alone may have the Preeminence who is the Head of all Principalities and Powers in whom you have believed and received the VVord of his Power which is eternal to whom be Glory and Praise f●r evermore which VVord after it had judged and condemned Sin in the Flesh now gives pure Peace and Life to all who believe in it and are judged by it and it seals you and is the Spirit of Promise and bears witness in your Spirits as you act according to its VVill and therefore now all de●r Friends being all sensible of your Guide and Teacher shut him not up in a Corner but wait that his Word may be preached for a Testimony to all the World and the Nations of the World that so the End of it you may come to see in you and the utmost Part of it may be given in Possession to the Son that he may alone be glorified And all DEAR FRIENDS wait in Patience and be circumspect every one over your own Hearts that there be no fainting nor looking back amongst you but that you may all keep out that which would lead you into the Rebellion and it may be cut off that so you may come to the End of your Hope the Salvation of your Souls and watch one over another in the living and not with the Evil but cover one another and bear one another and if any fall by Temptation admonish and restore them in Love and let not Strife nor Contention be among you but all be low meek and gentle one to another that so no Pride nor Presumption nor fleshly Exaltation may be amongst you but that you may every one walk as Ministers of Righteousness in your Place and so preach Righteousness in the Earth that the Lord alone may be glorified who is enlarging his Kingdom in this the Day of his Power and in his Strength we run and are not weary fulfil our Joy and grow up as living Branches of Righteousness and bring forth Fruit in him who hath called you and begotten you by the Word of his Power to a lively Hope by the Resurrection of the dead incorruptible which hath changed you from Death to Life my Desire is to you and my Heart is enlarged when I think upon you and my Prayers are to the living God whom I know hears for you that you may all walk to the Praise and Glory of his Grace which hath saved you from Sin and will save you as you abide in it and will be sufficient for you to keep you single and without Stain and present you perfect before the Throne of God which is Grace God Almighty of Life and Glory be with you all my dear Brethren and preserve you all in the Arms of his living and eternal Power that you may all have Dominion by the Blood of God which is Life Eternal over all Sin and be cleansed by it from all Uncleanness and so receive the Eternal Reward the Inheritance with the Saints in Light which is the Inheritance of Jacob over which God reigns forever and blessed are they that come to witness this Forever the Lord of Life be with you all and preserve you under his Everlasting Shadow that so you may be brought to see the Lord and be ever with him who lives forever and ever and unto whom be Glory and Praise forever Amen Amen Dear Friends Glad would I hear from you that my Bowels may be refreshed for our Labour and Travail hath not been a little and our Suffering in this desolate Land my dear Brother E. B. whose Love I know is dear to you all I have not seen towards five Moneths I am in Hope I shall shortly the Work of the Lord prospers abundantly blessed be the Lord in such a wicked Generation as this is but Hell hath opened her Mouth against us and all is on Fire Councils and Head and Tail Rulers Officers Priests and all the Heathen are on an Vproar and so we must pass through Fire and Hail and Pillars of Smoak pray that we may be preserved for the Work whereunto he hath called us to gather the rest that are scattered and to turn them to the Shepherd and his Fold that they may lye down with you in the same Everlasting Fold and herein we war and strive and fight with Beasts but strong is the Lord who hath covered us and girded us with his own Armour and hath taught our Hands to War and our Fingers to fight in this the Day of his Power unto whom alone be Glory and Praise forever and ever Your dear Brother in the living Fellowship and Brotherhood which all that come to know must lay down their
should pay so much he that payed a sixtieth part was discharged but ●●me of better devotion payed the fortieth The Offerings spoken of in Ezekiel This is the Theruma that ye shall offer the sixth part of an Ephah of an Homer of wheat or of Barley It is the same as if he had said ye shall offer the sixtieth part of an Homer for an Eph●h being the same measure with a Bath that is near our common Bushel and after this offered to the Priests every kind being given in Season out of the rest were taken Tythes which are best divided into the first and second time The first Tythes were payed to the Levites out of the remainder at Jerusalem and out of this tenth received by the Levites the Levites payed another Ten●h to the Priests which is called the Tythes of the Tythes for this is to be taken notice of that Priests recei●ed Tythes of Husband-men● but now them that are no Levites neither of Aarons Priesthood they take Tythes of Husband-men and w●●re it is not offered ●reely they take it Violently and by force so now in these latter dayes in the Apostacy the late Priests from that Example have payed Tythes to the Pope being as they reckon him chief-Vicar upon Earth And also now since the Popes Supremacy hath ceas'd with us in England a late Law hath been made to pay the first-fruits to the Crown yet notwithstanding the Possessor was not to spend the rest till he had taken out of these nine other Tythe which he was the first two Years to carry to Jerusalem in kind or to Convert it into Money adding a fifth part of the value after these tenths thus disposed of the remainder was every way prepared fit for common use of the Husband man Some make a third Tythe but that was only the Tythe of the third year after the first was payed of every year which was laid up by the Husband-man within his own Gates for the Le●●ite that is within his Gate the stranger the Fatherless the Widdow not carryed to Jerusalem this Tythe bestowed every h●rd Year was called ●he Poor man's Tythe that third year the second years Tythe ceased to be payed at Jerusalem so then every third year the Levites at the Temple received not their second Tythe at their Feasts but according to the Law it was spent at home in the Gates of the Husband-man neither doth the second Tythe and the poor mans Tythe differ in substance but only in Circumstance 〈◊〉 place where the bestowing was makes only the difference as the Septuagint Translates it When thou hast ended the Tythe of all the Fruits of thy Ground in the third Year the second Tythe thou shalt give to the Levite and to the stranger c. But after the second Temple was destroyed and the dispersion of the Jews then the Laws of first Fruits Offerings and Tythes with them ceased for their Doctors determin'd that regularly or according to the Law no Inhabitants but of the Land of Israel were to pay any First Because they then wanted their Priesthood and Temple Secondly Because the Law did restrain the Paym●●● thereof to Cannan and herein they all agree Also Eusebius agrees with the Jewish Rabbin● herein That Tythes were only limited to the Land of Israel How the Payment of these tenths was either observed or discontinued partly appears in the Scrip●●●● and partly in the institution of more trusty Overseers in their great Sanhedrim or Court of 70 Elders wherein they agreed that the Overseers should be chosen of more honest men By which hath been said may be perceived the state of the Jews Tything by the Commandment of God and likewise the Judgment of their own Rabbins and Doctors of the Law which gives a clear Judgment of the Practice according as was in use or exercised among them and all do agree that they by a due right did belong to the Aaronical Priesthood and to the Levites and other officers in the Temple and Tabernacle and for the Service there according to God's appointment for bearing the Tabernacle and setting it up and for serving Aaron and his Sons and for the better ordering of things they were divided into three parts to wi●● the Levites as the Coathites Gershonites and the Marrarites and these did receive the tenths of the People and gave to the Priests their part which belonged to them according to the Law of God in that Covenant and after the Sons of Aaron grew and mutiplyed then the Priests were divided into 24 ranks or courses to serve at the Temple of which our ●●ehends Deans and Chapters take their example or imitation so to serve by their turns at Cathedrals as they are called or else from the Church of Rome but the latter I am rather enclin'd to believe because there was 〈◊〉 such name of any Minister among the Jews neither in the Primitive Church truly so called but the Priests of Aaron gave attendance to Execute their Office and to Burn incense as their turn and 〈◊〉 came And hereupon Zacharias is said to be of the course 〈◊〉 Abba The Levites that were singers were also divided into 〈◊〉 ●anks or courses of which I believe the present Quiristers of Singers 〈◊〉 Surplies men do have their imitation and bring the Lev●tes for proof● 〈◊〉 Christ. But how these things do agree with the Primitive Practice of Christ his Apostles and Ministers and the Churches planted by them 〈…〉 day is easily seen in that which is written in sundry places of the New Testament so called and how it comes to pass that they which 〈◊〉 another Priest-hood and to be Ministers of Christ should receive the tenth of all clean and unclean Beasts as Pigs Geese Eggs Fowls Turneps Wood and Faggots for the Fire all which things we do not find mentioned but some of them forbidden to be offered unto the Law and yet they pretend to be Bishops and Elders of the Christian Church so that it seems they cannot distinguish of the time nor yet of the ministration for if so then they would be ashamed to lay claim to Aaron's tythes and the Levites and yet do none of their Work which is contrary to all Reason Truth and Equity for that was given to them that had no Portion among their Brethren in the Land but these Bishops Presbyters and Priests have their Inheritances among their Brethren and besides have a great part of some Counties and Diocesses for their revenue and their inferiour Officers tythes of all things yea of such things as was never at all tythable in the Law as is said before so what damnable deceit and Hypocrisie is this is it any other but the Popes Yoak an absolute Apostate for hundreds of years and must this be received as Apostolick Doctrine and Practice and enjoyned O! for shame let it never be made mention amongst them that do call themselves Ministers of Christ neither any who do