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spirit_n heart_n pray_v prayer_n 13,124 5 6.7659 4 true
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A14319 Englands ioy R. V. (Richard Vennard), d. 1615? 1601 (1601) STC 24636.3; ESTC S101928 2,715 10 View Text
A78580 The character of a believing Christian. Set forth in paradoxes, and seeming contradictions. 1645 (1645) Wing C1962; Thomason E1182_2; ESTC R204910 3,614 13 View Text
A90761 The upright Protestant, as he was reformed from the superstitious errours of popery in the happy reignes of Edward the 6th. Qu. Elizabeth, and K. Iames of blessed memory. And for whom this (thrice happy) Parliament will live and die. Palmer, Herbert, 1601-1647. 1643 (1643) Wing P245A; Thomason E99_26; ESTC R20434 3,732 9 View Text
A10270 Certayne short questions and answeres Very profitable and necessarye for yong children, and such as are desirous to be instructed in the principles of the Christian fayth. 1580 (1580) STC 20558; ESTC S105680 4,202 18 View Text
A84076 A monstrous dispute: or, The language of the beast, in two men professing themselves ministers of the Gospel; both proved at a publike dispute in Lumber-street, Oct. 12. 1653. I. That they are no men, but beasts. II. That they are no ministers, but monsters. William Erbery. Erbery, William, 1604-1654. 1653 (1653) Wing E3233; Thomason E714_25; ESTC R207252 4,476 8 View Text
A01125 A most breefe manner of instruction, to the principles of Christian religion. By J.F. J. F., fl. 1587.; Foxe, John, 1516-1587, attributed name.; Fielde, John, d. 1588, attributed name. 1587 (1587) STC 11238; ESTC S113436 4,491 18 View Text
A09930 In the name of Almightie God 1595 (1595) STC 20190; ESTC S112948 4,726 1 View Text
A93426 A manifestation of prayer in formality, and prayer in the spirit of God. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1663 (1663) Wing S4314; ESTC R184395 4,756 1 View Text
A02183 Short rules sent by Maister Richard Greenham to a gentlewoman troubled in minde for her direction and consolation, also very necessary for euery Christian to be exercised withall: vvith directions for a Christian life.; Garden of spirituall flowers. Selections. Greenham, Richard. aut 1612 (1612) STC 12324; ESTC S116702 4,951 1 View Text
A94967 A True and perfect relation, of the most remarkable passages and speeches at, and before the death of His Excellence Iames Marques of Montrose Earle of Kincardin, Lord Græme, Baron of Mont-dieu, &c. K̓night of the most Honourable Order of Saint George. Lieutenant Governour and Captaine General for His Majestie in the Kingdome of Scotland. / Faithfully colected by an eye witnes; in Edenburgh as they happened upon the 18. 20. and 21. of May 1650. 1650 (1650) Wing T2561A; ESTC R185564 5,177 11 View Text
A84778 A declaration concerning fasting, and prayer. Of the true fast, which raiseth up the foundation of many generations; which is not the hanging down of the head like a bulrush for a day. Also; a declaration of the false fast, where is the hanging down the head like a bulrush for a day, and the bonds of iniquity standing, which iniquity seperates from God, while that is standing; the foundation of many generations is not seen. And sheweth, the prayer that God accepts, and what he hears, that which is from his Spirit, and sheweth what prayers he hears not, which is contrary to it, which God accepts not; and here you may see the difference between the true praying and the false. Fox, George, 1624-1691. 1656 (1656) Wing F1785; Thomason E885_4; ESTC R204830 5,737 8 View Text
A93686 A short scriptural testimony concerning the person, or humanity of Christ shewing the great necessity of believing in the Lord Jesus inseperably, as he is both God and man, according to the doctrin of the holy Scriptures / by way of epistle to all faithful friends and brethren. Spire, John. 1696 (1696) Wing S4989; ESTC R42876 6,162 15 View Text
A96119 The way to get rain by way of question and answer. Shewing the true cause both of too much want, and too much abundance of raine. With the onely remedy and means to remove either of these judgements when they are upon us. As also shewing what we must do upon the removall of either of these judgements. 1649 (1649) Wing W1168; Thomason E1375_1; ESTC R209220 6,238 16 View Text
A95584 Some small and simple reasons, delivered in a hollow-tree, iu [sic] Waltham Forrest, in a lecture, on the 33. of March last. By Aminadab Blower a devout bellows-mender of Pimlico. Shewing the causes in generall and particular wherefore they doe, might, would, should, or ought, except against and quite rufuse the liturgy or Book of Common-Prayer. Taylor, John, 1580-1653. 1643 (1643) Wing T513; Thomason E64_14; ESTC R16828 6,540 9 View Text
A52042 Meroz curse for not helping the Lord against the mightie being the substance of a sermon, preached on a day of humiliation, at St. Sepulchers, London, Decemb. 2. 1641 / by that powerfull and Godly divine, Mr. Stephen Marshall ; published in one sheet of paper, (not by the author) but by a lover of the truth, for their good especially, that are not able to buy bigger bookes ; being a very seasonable subject, wherein all that either out of policie or sloth, rfuse to helpe the Lord, may see their danger, and they that are willing are called, and directions given to them both what manner of persons they ought to be, and what they ought to doe to help the Lord ; wherein also every true Christian may see, that though they be never so weake or poore, yet they may, and ought to helpe the Lord, and by what meanes. Marshall, Stephen, 1594?-1655. 1641 (1641) Wing M761A; ESTC R12794 6,603 9 View Text
A57456 An appendix to Mr. Perkins his six principles of Christian religion by Mr. Iohn Robinson. Robinson, John, 1575?-1625.; Perkins, William, 1558-1602. Foundation of Christian religion. 1641 (1641) Wing R1691; ESTC R4813 7,049 17 View Text
A94125 A supply of prayer for the ships of this kingdom that want ministers to pray with them: agreeable to the directory established by Parliament. Published by authority. 1645 (1645) Wing S6191; Thomason E284_16; ESTC R200062 7,356 16 View Text
A43123 The skirmisher confounded being a collection of several passages taken forth of some books of John Cheyney's, who stiles himself the author of the skirmish upon Quakerism : in which is the baseness, wickedness, collected by ... Roger Haydocke. Haydock, Roger, 1643-1696. 1676 (1676) Wing H1208; ESTC R30759 7,849 16 View Text
A41648 The principles of Christian religion Proved by scripture, propounded by questions and answers: short for memory, plain for the meanest capacity, and profitable for all. Imprimatur Charles Herle. Gouge, Thomas, 1605-1681.; J. H. 1645 (1645) Wing G1370_CANCELLED; Wing H77A_CANCELLED; ESTC R9433 7,914 18 View Text
A62937 Annæ-dicata, or, A miscelaine of some different cansonets dedicated to the memory of my deceased, very dear wife, Anna Tooke of Beere. G. T. (George Tooke), 1595-1675. 1652 (1652) Wing T1892; ESTC R22656 8,136 30 View Text
A91890 A briefe catechisme concerning church-governemnt. By that Reverend Divine Mr. Iohn Robinson, and may fitly be adjoyned to Mr. Perkins six Principles as an appendix thereto. Robinson, John, 1575?-1625.; Perkins, William, 1558-1602. Foundation of Christian religion. 1642 (1642) Wing R1693; Thomason E1105_1; ESTC R208369 8,342 16 View Text
A37186 Feed my lambs, or, A small systeme of divinity minced into a catechism and fitted for the instruction of children and young beginners in Christianity it may serve also for an exposition of the catechism in the liturgy of our church, the greatest part thereof, being as it falleth into the method, with some little variation, taken into it / by J.D., M. of A. J. D. 1686 (1686) Wing D34; ESTC R40375 8,369 17 View Text
A39515 An Earnest exhortation from a minister to his parishioners to discharge the duty of morning and evening prayer in their families with a collection of prayers suited to those two seasons. 1700 (1700) Wing E97; ESTC R40391 8,417 18 View Text
A57416 The afflicted souls preparation for death The preparation of the heart in man, and the answer of the tongue is from the Lord. Prov. the 16. and the I. verse. With loving exhortations to every true Christian to prepare their souls for the hour of death, also many good instructions to every good Christian to beware of false prophets. Written by Tho. Robins, B. of D. And licensed according to order. Robins, Thomas, fl. 1672-1685. 1668 (1668) Wing R1647; ESTC R219694 8,571 27 View Text
B03540 A guide to devotion: or, The penitent souls dayly practice. Containing, godly prayers for several occasions; with heavenly meditations, and graces before and after meat. : Together with a short catechism for the better instruction in the Christian religion. Also the holy sayings of several of the ancient fathers of the primitive church. : Very profitable for all people, and useful for families. 1700 (1682-1700?) Wing G2184C; ESTC R177729 8,768 29 View Text
A41424 A cry of the just against oppression Goodaire, Thomas, d. 1693. 1660 (1660) Wing G1087; ESTC R28246 9,147 10 View Text
A56552 The door of salvation, opened: or, A voice from heaven, to unregenerate sinners Plainly shewing the necessity of opening your hearts to Christ, or else he will open Hells mouth to devour you. VVith many sweet invitations to come to him, that they might have life, and be hidden from the wrath of God, which is worse than death. Together with the dreadful condition of the stubborn and hard-hearted sinners. Dealing impartially with their souls, propounding blessing and cursing, life and death; salvation if you open to Christ, damnation if you refuse Christ. By T. P. Passenger, Thomas, attributed name. 1650 (1650) Wing P657A; ESTC R217112 9,224 27 View Text
A55615 A practical consideration of the saints sonship In a discourse upon the fourth chapter of the Galatians, vers. 6. 1656 (1656) Wing P3149; ESTC R221794 9,366 16 View Text
A76706 Gods glory vindicated and blasphemy confuted: being a brief and plain ansvver to that blasphemous book intituled, Twelve arguments against the deity of the Holy Ghost, written by Tho. Bidle Master of Arts, and now burnt by speciall command from the Parliament on Wednesday the 8 of this present September, by the common hangman. Wherein the arguments of the said book are set down together with proper answers thereto. And twelve anti-arguments proving the deity of the Holy Ghost. Biddle, John, 1615-1662. Twelve arguments drawn out of the Scripture. 1647 (1647) Wing B2883; Wing G954; Thomason E407_6; ESTC R13062 9,376 12 View Text
A76168 Englands warning-piece. To all sleepy secure sinners, Or, The true Christians subjection to Christ as their King and Saviour. Plainly and powerfully setting forth to the heart and conscience, of all careless secure sinners, their great folly and madness in refusing to submit to Jesus Christ as he is tendered in the Gospel. : With many cogent arguments and reasons to perswade all persons to come into Christ for salvation, now in the day of their visitation, before the fire of his wrath be kindled upon them, and the gates of Heaven be shut against them, and they perish for ever. : With some rules and directions how we may attain true happiness. / Gathered from the painful labours of Mr. Richard Baxter, being the substance of a sermon ; Lycensed and entred according to order. Baxter, Richard, 1615-1691. 1678 (1678) Wing B1258A; ESTC R172645 9,382 24 View Text
A91509 A Pastoral letter from a minister to his parishioners, being an earnest exhortation to them to take care of their souls; and a preparative in order to render all his future methods of instruction more effectual to their edification. 1700 (1700) Wing P674; ESTC R181511 9,457 16 View Text
A58775 A peaceable plea for union and peace in an expostulatory address to the conformist and non-conformist being an appendix to a late discourse of superstition &c. / by W.S. Shelton, William, d. 1699.; Shelton, William, d. 1699. A discourse of superstition. 1681 (1681) Wing S202; ESTC R184058 9,541 35 View Text
A97002 A sermon, preached in the Kings Chappell at VVhite-Hall, on Sunday last July 15. 1649. By Henry Walker cleric. author of the Perfect occurrences. Walker, Henry, Ironmonger. 1649 (1649) Wing W385; Thomason E565_18; ESTC R203995 9,933 19 View Text
A18925 A tract of prayer by He. Clapham. Clapham, Henoch, fl. 1600. 1602 (1602) STC 5346.5; ESTC S749 9,973 42 View Text
A05056 Mary sitting at Christs feet A sermon preached at the funerall of Mris Mary Swaine, the wife of Mr William Swaine, at Saint Buttolphs without Aldersgate. Declaring her christian life, and comfortable death, for the encouraging of all christian gentlewomen, and others, to walke in the steps of this religious gentlewoman already departed. By Lancelot Langhorne, preacher of the word of God. Langhorne, Lancelot. 1611 (1611) STC 15197; ESTC S105859 10,285 46 View Text
A93323 The two covenants from Sinai, and Sion, drawn up catechetically, and plainly. Together with a briefe appendix, directing about the use of the new covenant in a practicall way. Published for the benefit especially of the inhabitants of Eastham, Essex. / By Samuel Slater. Slater, Samuel, d. 1704. 1644 (1644) Wing S3978; Thomason E1185_1*; ESTC R204871 10,328 31 View Text
A26705 A companion for prayer, or, Directions for improvement in grace and practical Godliness in time of extraordinary danger by Richard Allein. R. A. (Richard Alleine), 1611-1681. 1684 (1684) Wing A985; ESTC R19955 10,781 17 View Text
A93269 The true Christians path way to heaven Wherein is shewed, the great afflictions which God imposeth upon His children in this life, and the assurance of their delivery out of the same. Being very profitable and comfortable for all those who are in any crosses or afflictions. Thereunto is added a prayer for morning and evening, and graces before and after meat. Dedicated to all those that desire to arrive at Mount Sion, the harbour of peace and joy. By William Simons. Simons, William, fl. 1665. 1665 (1665) Wing S3805B; ESTC R231571 10,852 29 View Text
A02034 A looking-glasse for Christians; or, The comfortable doctrine of adoption Wherein euery true beleeuer may behold his blessed estate in the kingdome of grace. By Thomas Granger, preacher of Gods Word at Butterwike in Holland in Lincolnshire. Granger, Thomas, b. 1578. 1620 (1620) STC 12180; ESTC S120398 11,980 38 View Text
A76058 A companion for prayer, or, Directions for improvement in grace and practical Godliness in time of extraordinary danger by Richard Alleine, author of Vinditiae Pietatis. R. A. (Richard Alleine), 1611-1681. 1680 (1680) Wing A984A; ESTC R228577 12,119 45 View Text
A66861 The rock of ages known, and foundation of many generations discovered after this long and dark night of apostacy, which shall never cover us again, because of the anointing, and though darkness may cover the nation, and gross darkness the people a little season, yet the Lord shall be unto his people and everlasting light, and their God their glory : also a prayer that the Lords people may be preserved to the end : also a few words to the King, and his council from the everlasting counsellor and Prince of Peace : also the Lords testimony against all persecutors of the innocent lambs of Christ, in whose light the nations of them that are saved must walk, and against all forms of worship whatsoever, taught by the precepts and commandments of men, which themselves are not led and guided by the spirit of the Lord : also a few words in answer to the last book of common-prayer / this is written in the fear of the Lord, and in the counsel of the everlasting counsellor, whose name is the Lord of Hosts, in Humphry Wolrich. Wollrich, Humphry, 1633?-1707. 1661 (1661) Wing W3298; ESTC R15328 12,166 18 View Text
A44508 A sermon preached in his Majesties Chappel at Whitehall on the eighth of February, 1684/5, being the Sunday after the death of His late Sacred Majesty, King Charles the Second of blessed memory by Thomas Horne ... Horne, Thomas, 1610-1654. 1685 (1685) Wing H2814; ESTC R4564 12,577 36 View Text
A08492 Short questions and answeares, conteyning the summe of Christian religion Openshaw, Robert, b. 1554 or 5.; Pagit, Eusebius, 1547?-1617, attributed name. 1579 (1579) STC 18816; ESTC S120717 12,788 37 View Text
A68162 Three sermons preached 1. In Whitehall, March 29. being the first Tuesday after the departure of King Iames into blessednesse. 2. In Christs Church, at the trienniall visitation of the right Reuerend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of London. 3. In the chappell by Guildhall, at the solemne election of the Right Honourable the Lord Maior of London. / By Tho: Adams. Adams, Thomas, fl. 1612-1653. 1625 (1625) STC 130; ESTC S122193 12,946 28 View Text
A09418 The foundation of Christian religion gathered into sixe principles. And it is to bee learned of ignorant people, that they may be fit to hear sermons with profit, and to receiue the Lords Supper with comfort. Perkins, William, 1558-1602. 1591 (1591) STC 19710; ESTC S105978 14,111 53 View Text
A51403 The clergyman's office, and the clergyman's due a sermon preach'd at the Triennial Visitation of the Right Reverend Father in God Edward, Lord Bishop of Gloucester at Campden, Octob. 7, 1698 / by Robert Morse ... Morse, Robert, 1660 or 61-1703. 1699 (1699) Wing M2815; ESTC R4155 14,141 25 View Text
A16925 Certaine briefe questions and answers, concerning chiefe poynts of Christian religion Gathered for the vse of the young people of the parish of S. Andrewes in Eastcheape: and may serue generally for all places. By N.A. Allsopp, Nicholas. 1620 (1620) STC 382.5; ESTC S116751 14,204 42 View Text
A88859 The wars of David, and the peaceable reign of Solomon symbolizing the times of warfare and refreshment of the saints of the most high God, to whom a priestly kingdom is shortly to be given, after the order of Melchisedeck. Set forth in two treatises written by J. Lead: and according to divine ordination publish'd in this present year of jubilee. For the service of all the children of the captivity, now watching and praying in many countries, for the great jubilee of the Lord to begin, and follow upon this very speedily. Containing I. An alarm to the holy warriours to fight the battels of the Lamb. II. The glory of Sharon, in the renovation of nature, introducing the kingdom of Christ in his sealed virgins, redeemed from the earth. Lead, Jane, 1623-1704. 1700 (1700) Wing L791A; ESTC R226473 14,453 20 View Text
A59765 The irregularitie of a private prayer in a publick congregation in a letter to a friend. Sherlock, R. (Richard), 1612-1689. 1674 (1674) Wing S3241; ESTC R25624 14,535 24 View Text
A35569 The use of daily pvblick prayers in three positions Casaubon, Meric, 1599-1671. 1641 (1641) Wing C816; ESTC R22950 14,570 31 View Text
A56796 A word in season being a sermon preach'd in the parish-church of St. James Clarkenwell, on Wednesday the 11th of December, 1695, being the fast-day / by D. Pead ... Pead, Deuel, d. 1727. 1695 (1695) Wing P966; ESTC R17740 14,716 42 View Text
A45690 Threni Hybernici, or, Ireland sympathizing with England and Scotland in a sad lamentation for the loss of their Josiah represented in a sermon at Christ-Church in Dublin before His Excellency the Lord Deputy, with divers of the nobility, gentry, and commonality there assembled, to celebrate a funeral solemnity upon the death of the late Lord Protector / by Dr. Harrison ... Harrison, Thomas, 1619-1682. 1659 (1659) Wing H916; ESTC R7212 14,766 24 View Text
A45691 Threni Hybernici: or, Ireland sympathising with England and Scotland, in a sad lamentation for the loss of their Josiah Represented in a sermon at Christ-Church in Dublin before His Excellency the Lord Deputy, with divers of the nobility, gentry, and commonality there assembled, to celebrate a funerall solemnity upon the death of the late Lord Protector. By Dr. Harrison, chief chaplain to his said Excellency. Harrison, Thomas, 1619-1682. 1659 (1659) Wing H916A; ESTC R221279 14,781 29 View Text
A32761 A discourse concerning unction and washing of feet proving that they be not instituted sacraments or ordinances in the churches by Isaac Chauncy ... Chauncy, Isaac, 1632-1712. 1697 (1697) Wing C3747; ESTC R6226 14,849 32 View Text
A53117 The fall of man by sinne delivered in a sermon preached at the late solemne fast, Aug. 28, 1644 : wherein these three positions are briefly handled : 1. That all men are miserably fallen from God by sin, and are in a lost condition, 2. That we must see ourselves thus fallen, and utterly lost in ourselves, before we can convert and turn to God by repentance, 3. That formes of prayer may, in some cases be lawfully and warrantably used : published at the request of that truly religious and vertuous gentlewoman, mistris Elizabeth Barnham, wife to the worshipfull Robert Barnham, Esq. / by William Newport, Preacher of the word at Boughton Monchelsey in Kent. Newport, William, Preacher of the word at Boughton Monchelsey in Kent. 1644 (1644) Wing N940; ESTC R3278 14,865 30 View Text
A96622 Cor concussum & contritum: or, A present for Jehova; shewing the [brace] nature, excellency, acts, [brace] of a broken heart; [brace] and also the marks to know, and means to procure a broken and contrite heart. / by George Willington ... Willington, George. 1670 (1670) Wing W2801; ESTC R186605 15,028 33 View Text
A60661 The true light shining in England, to give unto all her inhabitants the knowledge of their ways wherein they may behold things past, and things that are, and thereby come to repentance, and escape that which is to come : also, something demonstrated concerning the people of God (called Quakers) as to their principle and practice ... / William Smith. Smith, William, d. 1673. 1660 (1660) Wing S4339; ESTC R10265 15,081 24 View Text
A47179 A short Christian catechisme for the instruction of children in the grounds and practice of Christian religion being (for the most part) an abridgment of a larger, formerly printed, where many questions and answers that were in the larger, are omitted, and others shortened, to fit the capacity of children, and some new questions, with their answers inserted, on several heads, which were not in the larger / by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1698 (1698) Wing K212; ESTC R14138 15,116 34 View Text
A57286 A Rowland for an Oliver: or, a sharp rebuke to a sawcy levite In answer to a sermon preach'd by Edward Oliver, M.A. before Sir Humphry Edwin late Lord Mayor of London, at St. Paul's Cathedral, on Sunday October 22. 1698. By a lover of unity. Ridpath, George, d. 1726. 1699 (1699) Wing R1462A; ESTC R219686 15,209 25 View Text
A04151 Gods call, for mans heart in 1 Knowledge, 2 Loue, 3 Feare, 4 Confidence, 5 Singing of Psalmes, 6 Prayer, 7 Hearing the word. 8 Receiuing the Sacraments. Deliuered in a sermon, by Abraham Iackson, Master of Arts, and preacher of Gods word at Chelsey, neere London. Jackson, Abraham, 1589-1646? 1618 (1618) STC 14294; ESTC S119409 15,280 54 View Text
B04405 The Christian's companion under soul-exercise : or, A sermon preached at the Hole of the Gate-rige in the parish of Bathgate and shire of Linlithgow. May 26. 1678. By Mr. John Mosman. Mosman, John, ca. 1634-1693. 1678 (1678) Wing M2857AA; ESTC R180720 15,365 25 View Text
A17882 The third and fourth booke of ayres: composed by Thomas Campian. So as they may be expressed by one voyce, with a violl, lute, or orpharion; Ayres. Book 3, 4 Campion, Thomas, 1567-1620. 1617 (1617) STC 4548; ESTC S106662 15,441 46 View Text
A04377 Directions for the vvorthy receiuing of the Lords Supper with some few questions to the same purpose. By Robert Iension, Batchelor in Diuinity, and Minister of Gods Word, at New-Castle vpon Tine. Jenison, Robert, 1584?-1652. 1624 (1624) STC 14490; ESTC S119429 15,511 55 View Text
A43698 A sermon preached before the Right Honourable George Earl of Berkeley, Governour, and the Company of Merchants of England trading into the Levant Seas at St. Peters Church in Broadstreet, January, 25, 1680 / by Charles Hickman ... Hickman, Charles, 1648-1713.; Berkeley, George Berkeley, Earl of, 1628-1698. 1681 (1681) Wing H1896; ESTC R11269 15,523 36 View Text
A02597 King Iames his encomium· Or A poeme, in memorie and commendation of the high and mightie monarch Iames; King of great Britaine. France, and Ireland &c. our late soveraigne, who deceased at Theobalds. vpon Sunday the 27. of March. 1625. By Francis Hamiltoun, of Silvertown-hill Hamilton, Francis, of Silvertown-hill. 1626 (1626) STC 12726; ESTC S105969 15,621 34 View Text
A30287 Seasonable words for English Protestants a sermon from Jer. 51, 5, setting forth, 1. When a land is filled with sin? 2. What evidences we have that England is not forsaken yet by God? and, 3. What is required of us, that we may not be given up to destruction. Burgess, Daniel, 1645-1713. 1690 (1690) Wing B5717; ESTC R3911 15,773 37 View Text
A11271 A goodly dysputacion betwene a christen shomaker, and a popysshe parson with two other parsones more, done within the famous citie of Norembourgh. Translated out of [the] Germayne tongue into Englysshe. By Anthony Scoloker. Sachs, Hans, 1494-1576.; Scoloker, Anthony, fl. 1548. 1548 (1548) STC 21537.7; ESTC S117736 15,831 48 View Text
A09436 A graine of musterd-seede or, the least measure of grace that is or can be effectuall to saluation. Corrected and amended by W. Perkins. Perkins, William, 1558-1602. 1611 (1611) STC 19725; ESTC S113662 16,143 72 View Text
A55750 Plenitudo fontis, or, Christ's fulnesse and man's emptinesse a sermon / preached by Iohn Preston ... Preston, John, 1587-1628. 1645 (1645) Wing P3304A; ESTC R21068 16,290 23 View Text
A40945 The Quakers plea with the bishops at their ecclesiastical courts, or, An answer of the people of God, reproachfully called Quakers, to the bill of presentment put against them into the bishops courts, for not coming to the church as is pretended whereby it may appear, that the Quakers, so called, do come to the church, both according to the Scriptures, and Common-prayer books account, and ought not in equity and reason to be presented, or punished for that, &c. / by Richard Farnsworth. R. F. (Richard Farnworth), d. 1666. 1663 (1663) Wing F499; ESTC R9314 16,422 24 View Text
A47178 A sermon preach'd at the parish-church of St. Helen's, London, May the 19th, 1700 by George Keith. Keith, George, 1639?-1716. 1700 (1700) Wing K211; ESTC R18917 16,538 34 View Text
A38683 A dialogue betwixt a conformist and a non-conformist concerning the lawfulness of private meetings in the time of the publick ordinances, and of going to them ... published by N.E., for common benefit. Estwick, Nicolas. 1668 (1668) Wing E3359; ESTC R14691 16,643 22 View Text
A16730 Auspicante Iehoua Maries exercise. Breton, Nicholas, 1545?-1626? 1597 (1597) STC 3632; ESTC S109669 16,897 64 View Text
A02881 An exposition of the whole eight chapiter to the Romaines, expounded by Ihon Hedlambe, preacher and minister to the congregation at Braughin, and student of Diuinitie in Peterhouse at Cambridge, before Maister Doctour Squire, and the whole ministerie assembled at the laste synode, holden at Ware in Lent laste past 1579. Wherein is perfectly proued our iustification to bee by faithe onely, to the beatyng doune and ouerthrowyng of all erronious and false opinions to the contrarie. Seen and allowed Hedlambe, John. 1579 (1579) STC 13020; ESTC S112579 16,960 48 View Text
A51487 Aug. 7: 1670. A most useful sermon preached in London, By a most worthy and faithfhl [sic] minsiter and servant of Jesus Christs, most learnedly pressed from Amos 8. 11. ... From which text of scripture, he learnedly shews the dreadful and deplorable condition of that kingdom which a famine of the word of the Lord seizes upon; and further shews, that they are the greatest felons who would rob us of the word of God, and that there is more justice in hell then is here upon earth, for in hell they do not punnish the innocent 1671 (1671) Wing M2931BA; ESTC R213887 17,302 48 View Text
A26350 The duty of daily frequenting the publick service of the church recommended in a sermon preached in a chapel at Wragby in Lincoln-shire erected to that purpose by Sir Edmound Turnor, Kt., and consecrated by the Lord Bishop of Lincoln the 18th day of July, 1697 / by John Adamson. Adamson, John. 1698 (1698) Wing A500; ESTC R27093 17,308 34 View Text
A38615 The use of the Lords prayer maintained against the objections of the innovators of these times by John Despagne ... ; Englished by C.M.D.M.; Usage de l'Oraison Dominicale maintenu contre les objections des innovateurs de ce tems. English Espagne, Jean d', 1591-1659.; C. M. D. M. 1646 (1646) Wing E3273; ESTC R21607 17,444 92 View Text
A61245 An assize sermon preached August 3, 1685, in the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in York before the Right Honourable Sir Edward Atkins and Sir Thomas Walcot, His Majesty's judges of assize for the northern circuit / by William Stainforth ... Stainforth, William, d. 1713. 1685 (1685) Wing S5170; ESTC R34591 17,755 42 View Text
A31092 The Lord's arm stretched ovt in an answer of prayer, or, A true relation of the wonderful deliverance of James Barrow, the son of John Barrow of Olaves Southwark, who was possessed with evil spirits near two years the diversity of means used, with the way in which he was delivered / published by me, John Barrow. Barrow, John, 17th cent. 1664 (1664) Wing B965; ESTC R30215 17,813 22 View Text
A50303 Tri-unity, or, The doctrin of the Holy Trinity asserted in a discourse on 2 Cor. XIII. XIV / by Isaac Mauduit ... Mauduit, Isaac. 1694 (1694) Wing M1334; ESTC R32420 18,315 57 View Text
A39567 Fair warnings to murderers of infants being an account of the tryal, codemnation [sic] and execution of Mary Goodenough at the assizes held in Oxon in February, 1691/2 together with the advice sent by her to her children, in a letter sign'd by her own hand the night before she was executed, with some reflections added upon the whole : printed for the publick good. 1692 (1692) Wing F105; ESTC R31491 18,323 20 View Text
A30964 The speeches and prayers of John Barkstead, John Okey, and Miles Corbet together with severa[l] passages at the time of their execution at Tyiburn [sic], the nineteenth of April, 1662, with some due and sober animadversions of the said speeches.; Selections. 1662 Barkstead, John, d. 1662.; Corbet, Miles, d. 1662. Selections. 1662.; Okey, John, d. 1662. Selections. 1662. 1662 (1662) Wing B816; ESTC R305 18,945 39 View Text
A61800 The Bishop of Chester's charge in his primary visitation at Chester, May 5, 1691 Stratford, Nicholas, 1633-1707. 1692 (1692) Wing S5929; ESTC R17221 18,998 32 View Text
A45346 A sermon preach'd before Her Majesty the Queen Dowager in her chappel at Somerset-House, upon the fifth Sunday after Easter, May 9, 1686 / by William Hall. Hall, William, d. 1718? 1686 (1686) Wing H447; ESTC R30723 19,128 42 View Text
A18351 A sermon preached at Snarford in Lincolnshire at the funerals of Sir George Sanct-Paule, knight and baronet, December the 9. 1613 by Iohn Chadvvich ... ; together with a briefe and true relation of his vertuous life and holy death. Chadwich, John. 1614 (1614) STC 4930; ESTC S1548 20,059 34 View Text
A36217 The second part of An apostate-conscience exposed being an answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, dated the 11th of April, 1699. Written and published, by F. Bugg, intituled, Jezabel withstood, and her daughter Ann Docwra reproved for her lies and lightness, in her book, stiled, An apostate conscience exposed, &c. By Ann Docwra.; Apostate conscience exposed. Part 2. Docwra, Anne, 1624-1710. 1700 (1700) Wing D1780; ESTC R214990 20,559 50 View Text
A08940 A true patterne of pietie meete for all Christian householders to looke vpon, for the better education of their families, in the feare and seruice of almightie God. Collected out of the fountaine of holy scriptures, for the especiall vse of the faithfull in the congregation of Malpasse in Cheshire. By Iohn Parker. Parker, John, 1534-1592. 1592 (1592) STC 19217; ESTC S109979 20,560 64 View Text
A62896 An awakening voice to the Papists declaring to them the fallen state of the Pope from Peter's, and of the Church of Rome from what it once was : in love to the souls of those who have any uprightness in their hearts towards the Lord (but through ignorance are held in bondage) that they may be awaked, and see where they lie, and if any shall smother these things, lest they should come to the sight or knowledge of that people, let them take heed, that they bring not upon themselves the guilt of their blood / William Tomlinson. Tomlinson, William. 1673 (1673) Wing T1845; ESTC R10231 20,715 28 View Text
A00279 To the reader. To my faythfull brethren, we geue thankes to God for your constancie and upryght delynge in this gret controuersie now raysyd by packynge of enemys about the wearinge of popish apparell ... 1566 (1566) STC 10391; ESTC S111887 21,197 58 View Text
A00275 To my faythfull bretheren now affycted ... Whittingham, William, d. 1579, attrib. name. 1566 (1566) STC 10389; ESTC S111870 21,251 58 View Text
A00277 To my louynge brethren that is troublyd abowt the popishe aparrell, two short and comfortable epistels. Be ye constant: for the Lorde shall fyght for yow, yowrs in Christ Gilby, Anthony, ca. 1510-1585.; Pilkington, James, 1520?-1576. 1566 (1566) STC 10390; ESTC S111875 21,292 58 View Text
A17927 A sermon preached in Oxford-shire; by Nicholas Cantrel, Master in Arts. Published at the request of Sir Richard Blunt Cantrell, Nicholas. 1624 (1624) STC 4588; ESTC S118531 21,341 42 View Text
A11779 The Belgick souldier vvarre vvas a blessing. Scott, Thomas, 1580?-1626. 1624 (1624) STC 22071; ESTC S116965 21,486 44 View Text
A19432 A very short and pithie catechisme verie profitable for all that will come prepared to the Supper of the Lord: VVith a forme of confessyon, prayer and thanks giuing, very necessary and comfortable for all christian families. Made by Bartimeus Andrewes, preacher of the word of God at great Yarmouth: published at the request of the vvorshipfull and godlie magistrates there. Andrewes, Bartimaeus. 1586 (1586) STC 586; ESTC S108527 21,533 78 View Text
A36103 A Discourse of the lawfulness of compliance with all the ceremonies of the Church of England 1660 (1660) Wing D1605A; ESTC R15175 21,547 38 View Text
A28230 An epistle of love to all the saints scattered in these nations of England, Scotland, and Ireland, and the dominions thereunto appertaining exhorting them all to stand fast in the day of tryal that now is come to try all the inhabitants of the earth, and them (chiefly) and in particular / written from the spirit of the Lord in Geo. Bishope, that all may be warned and all may be left without excuse. Bishop, George, d. 1668. 1661 (1661) Wing B2992; ESTC R27211 21,738 28 View Text
A20185 A learned and fruitful exposition vpon the Lords prayer. By Arthur Dent, sometime minister of the Word of God at South-Suberry, in Essex Dent, Arthur, d. 1607. 1613 (1613) STC 6618; ESTC S113579 21,778 82 View Text
A17085 The mynd and exposition of that excellente learned man Martyn Bucer, vppon these wordes of S. Mathew: Woo be to the wordle [sic] bycause of offences. Math. xviij. Faythfully translated in to Englishe, by a faythfull brother, with certayne obiections [and] answeres to the same Bucer, Martin, 1491-1551. 1566 (1566) STC 3964; ESTC S112812 21,795 56 View Text
A39577 Honour the king a sermon preached on the solemn fast, January 30, 1672/3 : wherein the duty of subjects to their sovereign is opened and asserted, the principles and practices inconsistent therewith are directed and condemned, and the innocent vindicated from unjust censures : at Birmingham in Warwick shire at the publick meeting-place there licensed according to His Majesties gracious declaration / by Samuel Fisher, M.A., late preacher of the word at Thornton in Cheshire. Fisher, Samuel, 1616 or 17-1681. 1673 (1673) Wing F1059A; Wing F1052A_CANCELLED; ESTC R32432 21,867 42 View Text
A20270 A lecture or exposition vpon a part of the. v. chapter of the epistle to the Hebrues As it was read in Paules the. 6. day of December. 1572. By Edward Deryng. Prepared and geuen for a new yeres gift to the godly in London and els where, for this yeare. 1573. Dering, Edward, 1540?-1576. 1573 (1573) STC 6691; ESTC S110854 21,886 68 View Text