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A90212 Speedy advice to all Roman Catholicks; especially, those concerned in Scotland and Ireland Oates, Titus, 1649-1705. 1689 (1689) Wing O56aA; ESTC R230350 17,548 24

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Better some men be Debauch'd than all the World Starv'd Better there be a possibility of some's wresting the Scripture than that all the World should lye in Ignorance Since Heresies must be that they who are approved may be made manifest as good they be by this means as other ways Yet Chrysostom saith Scripturarum ignoratio haereses peperit And again Barathrum est Scripturarum ignoratio Whence I may rationally infer that the Pope of Rome shutteth the Kingdom of Heaven against men and sendeth all the Rabble of vulgar Papists who dare not read nor know the Scriptures in a broad way to Hell. Certainly it is the just condemnation of the World that men love to walk in Darkness when they may walk in Light. And although the Scriptures be but a Riddle and Sealed Book to the Wicked yet are the secrets of the Lord with those that fear him They are a Sun which show themselves with their own Rays if within our Horizon giving light to the humble dazling the curious eye and striking the ambitious spirits blind A River wherein an Elephant may swim and an Infect wade and drink A Feast affording Milk for Babes and strong Meat for Men of understanding They are an inexhaustible Treasure to which God hath promised his immediate and continual presence Isah 59.21 The everlasting Gospel is convey'd with an Angel Rev. 14.6 This is that Light and Sun which the Man of Sin hath put under the Bushel of prohibition and as it is Prophesied Rev. 16.10 made the Kingdom of the Beast full of darkness Now it is the earnest desire of my Soul that the Church of Rome grant to all her Children the priviledge of reading the Holy Scriptures and shew her self the true Mother by feeding and not the Step-Mother by starving her Children lest her Flock go astray and perish in Ignorance and their blood be required at the Clergy-men's hands For if the Gospel be hid it is hid to them that are lost 2 Cor. 4.3 My third Objection shall be against the Doctrine of Venial Sins for though some sins be more heinous in the sight of God than others yet is no sin small or venial The Law of God is a fiery Law every spark burneth The wages of Sin without exception is Death God's Wrath and Curse hangeth over the head of every sin Gal. 3.10 But since all conclude that every sin by Nature is evil let us abstain from all filthiness both of the flesh and of the Spirit My fourth Objection shall be against the Doctrine of Purgatory which Papists term a Place or Pit of fire Ordained by God for purging the Souls of Men after Death from Venial Sins But this Doctrine nititur facto supposito for if there be no Venial Sins then is there no Purgatory But in few words there can be no unsanctify'd Saints God doth not pardon by halfs he forgiveth all thine Iniquities he healeth all thy Diseases Psal 103.3 The blood of Christ cleanseth us from all sin It were a ridiculous piece of Nonsense for a King to pardon a Malefactor of his Murder and yet cause him to be whipp'd at the Cart for his provoking Language God doth not forgive great heinous Sins and retain small ones he taketh away as saith the Prophet all our iniquities healeth all our back-slidings forgiveth us freely loveth us freely maketh us pure and clean whiter than the Snow and preserveth us spotless till we appear before him They that continue in sin in expectation of a Purgatory may be mistaken and fall in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone which is the second Death Rev. 21.8 My fifth Objection shall be against the Popish Limbus Infantum an imaginary place where the Roman Clergy bar up all unbaptized Infants eternally from the presence of God. This is an uncharitable Opinion and cannot consist with the goodness mercy wisdom and fore-knowledge of God who hath found out and ordained a sufficient Remedy for lost man which under some circumstances cannot be administred for frustranea est illa potentia quae nequit reduci in actum Now I hope the Papists will not deny that some Children are sanctify'd in the Mothers Womb Jer. 1.5 and if such a Child should dye without Baptism who dareth to affirm that he is separated from the presence of that God who hath promised to be both the God of the faithful and of their seed My sixth Objection shall be against Popish Baptism For what a brutish thing is it to adulterate the Water and Element of this Holy Sacrament with Oyl Salt and Spittle Is sensual man wiser than the Omnipotent God If he Work who can lett And who can say unto the King of Kings what dost thou Every thing ought to be done in decency and order but this nasty and brutish trick is the shame of Sacraments the blush of Babylon the impudence of Popery and the absurdity of abominations Will it not satisfie you to eat up the good Pastures but with the Idol-shepherds in old to tread down the residue with your feet Will it not satisfie you to eat God's Body Cancel the Scriptures and debar the people from the Word of God but must you also spit on his Sacrament Homologating the deeds of Judas and Pilate and of those Wicked Jews who served him so when they Crucify'd him Will it not satisfie you to drink all the Wine at his Supper unless you spit in this Element of Water because it doth not answer your drunken Appetites O wretched Hypocrites How can ye escape the Damnation of Hell. And what a ridiculous wicked thing is it to Baptize Bells Churches and other Ecclesiastical Necessaries in the Name of Christ Whether is it to mock or spite the Christian Religion Did he ever Dye for Metal Stones and Wood Were these the posterity of Adam Have Stocks and Stones Wood and Metal Immortal Souls And has Christ commanded some Stones such as are in Church-Walls and such Metal as is moulded in Bells and such Wood as is converted to Roods and wherewith we Roof Churches to be Baptized and not every Pot and Pan Stick and Stone we meet with If they have right to the Sacraments why not to the Word And why do you not Preach to them Why do you not Administer to them the Lord's Supper since he can eat and drink with the Priest's mouth as well as other Laicks My seventh Objection shall be against the Popish Eucharist wherein they pretend both to make and eat God as is affirmed by Innocencius in his Mysteries of the Mass lib. 4. cap. 19. Panis in Cristum transubstantiatur ita in Creatorem sic ergo Creatura quotidie fit Creator And Bonner in praise of the Priesthood saith The Priests are Creators of their Maker Truly it is most certain that at the Celebration of this Holy Sacrament Christ in a Mystery is more particularly present than at other times But to say that Christ at his last Supper did eat up all and